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Red Ice TV – Extinction Rebellion, Our Future of Bugs and Pods – Morgoth’s Review – Oct 10, 2019 — Transcript


[Red Ice’s Henrik interviews Morgoth, of Morgoth’s Review, on the current “astro-turf” psyop operation called “Extinction Rebellion“, no doubt financed by Orgjew organizations, such as Soros, and others, that allows young people to “rebel” by prancing and dancing around in defense of a global tyranny.





Red Ice TV


Extinction Rebellion


Our Future of Bugs and Pods


Morgoth’s Review




Click the link below to view the video:


YouTube Description

Published on Oct 10, 2019

#ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateScare #Bugs
Extinction Rebellion, Our Future of Bugs & Pods – Morgoth’s Review
•Oct 10, 2019
Red Ice TV
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Morgoth’s Review joins Henrik to talk about the many issues facing the United Kingdom. We begin on the Extinction Rebellion, a new climate weapon the globalists use to get even more money, power and influence. We talk about the promotion of bug eating and pod living. In the second part we discuss demographics, Islamization of England, rise in knife crime, corporate support of milkshake activism and Brexit.

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#ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateScare #Bugs
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Henrik: Well ladies and gentlemen welcome back thank you so much for joining us today Henrik here with Red Ice TV. Today with another great show for you lined up with Morgoth’s Review. He’s a gentleman that I’ve tried to get on the show for some time. Actually a really good video made by Aaron Kasparov back, maybe two years ago, maybe even more. I forget when it was. And it was an article written by Morgoth’s Review about — essentially to boil it down into the most simplest sense — Sargon’s promotion of individualism, versus the efficacy of collectivism, or how the collective can operate against the individual.


We might have some time to talk about that later, but that’s kind of an argument that wasn’t that prominent at the time but it has since been. So maybe a little bit less urgent to discuss that, if you will. But anyway, Morgoth, great to have you with us today! How’s everything on your end?


Morgs: I’m doing very well thanks. Thanks for having me on. It’s nice to finally appear on Red Ice, because I was a little bit, just used to blogging in the past and not doing audio and things. But I’m a lot more comfortable with it now


Henrik: Nice. Yeah, of course, you do, you have a in addition to your blog, you do have a YouTube channel now. You do YouTube videos.



How regularly? Like one every week, every other week? What would you say.


Morgs: About two a week. It depends on unlike real life work and stuff


Henrik: Yeah


Morgs: But I go for trying, even when I was just doing the blog, I would always try and get something substantial out for the weekend. And the reason why I started doing YouTube videos was because it was easier to turn on a mic and sort of talk for a little bit, than blogging.



Like writing was actually hard work when you added it, and on top of doing a normal job, actually writing a 1,000 word article twice a week, was quite a lot. And I thought on YouTube I can just kind of speak it. And it was after I went on Millennial Woes I had some more confidence and decided to do it more. Because I first always worried nobody would be able to understand what I was saying, because I’ve got a thick North East accent, but it doesn’t seem to matter.


Henrik: You’re coming in loud and clear? [laughter] we can hear just fine. Now it’s great to have you here, and thank you for doing what you’re doing as well. Some of your videos are magnificent, really good! We’re just talking before we got on here, watching, not you’re absolutely latest one, but the one before that about the “Extinction Rebellion”. And that is something want to talk about as well. But we’re talking about your intro a little bit, which is hilarious! About the theme music which finally, … I called it the first time I heard it was like:


Oh it’s from Superman.


But then I Googled it and I couldn’t find it. But it let’s look at this folks, because I think you’ll enjoy it as well. Here it is here. I’ll turn up the volume a little bit here as well so people can hear that. There we go! Look at this



Nice! Alright! [laughter]


Morgs: The whole thing with “Hate Reading the Guardian” was — especially when I was doing the blog — I became kind of used to covering some very, very, heavy (((subjects))) which we can’t really talk about on YouTube now. And it was nice to go from that, to sort of deliberately going for ridiculously low hanging fruit and just rolling with it and having some fun with it. Because you can get bogged down in the really serious stuff. And so I try for like once a month, or something, to look at just the most ridiculous article I can find at the Guardian and then just tear to bits and have a big laugh at it! Because that’s what it deserves. And I think it’s good for morale, as well.



Henrik: Exactly I mean, that’s what it is. Ridicule is a very effective weapon in our arsenal. It’s certainly used by our enemies as well against the things that they don’t like. And it’s now there’s such easy targets, as you say, — it’s amazing that there aren’t more well, you know what? Movies, TV shows? And I mean, it’s even that some of their own are starting to eat each other over the ridiculousness! But it’s a it’s, as you say, it’s a fruit ripe for picking. But anyway, so this is a lot of fun, what you do going into the Guardian and looking at some of their articles, making fun of it and breaking it down. How long have you been doing the blog, though, before we talk about that, before we go into actually stuff about the “Extinction Rebellion“?



Morgs: I started the blog in 20, it was Christmas of 2014 going into 2015. And the reason why I got stuck with [the name]Morgoth’s Review” was, because I would go on The Daily Telegraph in the comment section and at Brietbart, and I was always, you know, trolling and trying to red pill people under the main articles. But I kept getting banned! And when I would go back I would have a different Tolkien-esque name.


And then, I finally got just tired of being banned and I happened to be on the one called “Morgoth” when I opened up the blog. I thought I want to have a place where I can’t be banned anymore. And I’m learning all of this stuff and I want to just write it on my own blog where I can’t be banned, rather than just sort of fritter it away on all of these comments which just keep disappearing, because they’re being deleted all of the time. And so eventually that’s how it ended up being “Morgoth’s Review”.


Henrik: Is that how you, sorry to interrupt, is that how you got the very thoughtful URL of nwioqeqkdw dot com as well? [laughter]


Morgs: Because I didn’t know what I was doing! With technology, and I tried writing it in and it wouldn’t accept it. And I ended up just mashing me hand into the keyboard! And then that one it did accept! So that’s how great things are born!


Henrik: People should feel fine about searching for Morgoth’s Review, it’s actually the top three results, I was surprised, I’m encouraged by that! That’s great! Google actually spat out your blog, your YouTube channel, and your Twitter account on that


Morgs: Yeah, well it’s not a title that triggers the algorithms really. And to be fair, I’ve always had a very heavy focus on sort of pop culture and movies, and what’s going on in the here and the now, as well.


Henrik: Yes


Morgs: So I’ve tended to fly under the radar quite a lot.



Henrik: All right. Well why don’t we talk a little bit about “Extinction Rebellion”? Obviously you’re in the UK, so that we could talk about some of the things going on over there. I mean, there’s so many things to discuss about, from demographics, to crime, to Islamification, to all these kinds of things.


But one of the bigger movements right now is — well in addition to I guess the Brexit issue that’s happening and we’ll hopefully we can squeeze that into here a bit later — but the “Extinction Rebellion”, the climate craze is just out of control in a lot of Western European countries right now.


The states included unfortunately, you know, this Swedish young girl Greta Thunberg is kind of heading, is really becoming the face of that. I did a video on that too that was going down fairly well. But what can you say about the “Extinction Rebellion” and is it is that something that came out of Britain? I think I’ve seen the most of that particular movement out of the UK, if I’m not mistaken


Morgs: Yeah, well the social media and stuff, they talk about having like what, I don’t know what you’d call them, “cells”, or something, but across 60 countries. But it definitely seems to be centered around London. That’s where the hub is. Which is interesting, because London is like the historical city of the (((money power))) and globalism, and whatnot.



And this is where they’ve chosen to be most prominent. I believe today, or yesterday they’ve shut off an airport. And one of the main airports for London’s being shut down, because of them. And yeah as you see on the screen there, they wear all of this freakish garb and terrify everybody.


But they have largely been mocked, because they don’t look like a grassroots movement. A grassroot movement doesn’t look like that. A grassroots movement has a couple of signs with some with some cheap paint on them. And this looks very professional and also very middle-class by the way.


Henrik: Right.


Morgs: Very, very middle-class! And it’s a bit ridiculous to be honest. Imhr but that I think I mean, I got into it on me me “Guardian Hate Read”. They’re pushing on an open door, because what they’re saying to the elites, is you have to have more power and more control to save the planet. They have arrested quite a few of them. But by and large, it’s seems a bit fake. I mean, last week they had a fire engine which spray-painted this red dye all over, …


Morgs: Yeah, I saw that.


Morgs: … The Exchequer, or something. And then they have obviously never done real work before, because they didn’t understand how to [10:00] handle a high-pressure hose! And it spun out of their hands and went everywhere. But there was like a Channel for News team was on hand to record it all. And you have to ask:


Well where did you get a fire engine and why did the security services allow you to park it outside of such like one of the most prominent buildings in London?


Where they wander into the very seat of power in Britain! And Mark Collett said on his show last night, that if it was a nationalist group, or some dissident right-wing group who did that, they’d be called terrorists, and absolutely destroyed by the security forces! And yet in the case of “Extinction Rebellion” the police danced along with them! They actually danced along with it, and get on board! It’s very strange


Henrik: I’m looking for the tweet. There’s one gal on Twitter I think she goes by, yeah “The European Housewife”. Oh there it is. Let me pull that up there to you. Because she had that on her tweet as well. She said:


My husband is a fireman, and it’s impossible to steal a fire engine. The keys are locked up and have GPS trackers. They know exactly where it is at all times. It’s hard to start up and drive one. Takes special training and we have security. Something is off here.



In other words, kind of implying that someone on the inside was more than willing to help out in this little stunt.


Morgs: Yeah. It makes you wonder.


Henrik: Yeah. Which kind of goes to the heart of what you’re talking about here. That this is essentially a globalist run promotion, a campaign essentially, to get people to, yes, essentially if we just dive down into the essentials of this. Give up power that’s what they were arguing in The Guardian article too, that you go through, right. We have to have more control! You don’t know what’s best for you, because we’re all gonna die in — I don’t know, what they pick up on this green New Deal story about 12 years I guess as well. We’re all gonna die in 12 years, therefore give us all the control, give us all the money, and we’ll take care of you! We’ll keep you safe! Right?


Morgs: Yeah. Well they are demanding that the elite take that power and then do it. And so in The Guardian article that I went through, Polly Toynbee was actually saying they should ban beef.



And you end up in a situation where we are all going to be put in pods, and we’re all going to have maggot sausages in Mega City One! And Extinction Rebellion is demanding that the global elite actually do that! Now the way to look at this I think, is if you remove that Extinction Rebellion from the equation, and then this is what the global elite want to have happen anyway. It’s all about just making you a unit of consumption and production, living in your pods and eating maggots, maggot burgers.



And then if they were to just come straight out with that, then everybody’s gonna riot in the streets and say this is ridiculous! You know, if the [word unclear] at the European Union, or the head of the IMF for the United Nations, if they said:


Okay here’s the plan. We are going to ship you all of these megacities and put you in these little pod complexes, and we’re going to put chips in your arms, and have a cashless society. And you just have to work and consume until you die.


Then everybody would reject the program outright. What Extinction Rebellion does, is add a sort of moral framework to that. So then it becomes the “moral thing” to do. They want to get from A to C, but you have to bring in B, which then adds the moral part of the equation. Because then they can see:


Oh! We’ve got no choice! We have to do this to save the planet!


And it becomes much easier when you have a controlled opposition, like Extinction Rebellion.



Henrik: Yes, exactly! But this is what they do, they create movements which you which they, you know, kind of pose as grassroots, or this comes from the people, or whatever. But it’s to say they’re very advanced in terms of the marketing of this, the logos, the flags and everything. And I honed in a little bit on their symbolism as well, which is the hourglass. I think they even release a free paper, by the way, that you can get it. I would assume it’s in the UK called the “Hourglass” which is interesting enough. This theme of:


We’re running out of time! There is no more time! We have to act now! Don’t think!


There are no rational thinking about this:


We’re all gonna die!


It’s a scare tactic essentially to gain as much power in as quick time as possible. [15:00]


Morgs: And this also has an effect on children


Henrik: Oh yeah.


Morgs: I don’t know if it was in Britain, or not, but there was a young boy actually committed suicide, because — I think it may have been in Britain — he had sort of been saturated in this apocalypse. This idea that the ice is going to melt, the sun’s gonna burn the planet up, we’re all going to die in 12 years! And a lot of children are being completely traumatized by it. And one one young boy committed suicide, because of it — if I’m reading it rightly. And, of course, the more minor part of that would be where the children will then put extra pressure on the parents to support the agenda.



Henrik: Yeah. There’s BBC climate change:


Twelve years to save the planet? Make that 18 months.


Lol that was released in July 2019. So they’re certainly not doing anything to mitigate this traumatization of the kids. But the reason why this is so effective as well is, because of “guilt”, right? That’s why they wheel children at the front of this thing. They’re hiding behind the kids, so that they can cry, and scream, and be traumatized by it:


Mommy! Daddy!


Or whoever they’re calling on saying:


Do something! Why are you not doing anything?


And it guilts the adults into thinking:


Well, what do we do? What’s the option?


And then you have the Extinction Rebellion groups out there saying:


Well just give the elites all the power and things will be great!


Morgs: I mean, the BBC article, it’s interesting when they released that, because we were having like the summer heat wave at the time. So everybody was walking around in their shorts and the T-shirts with a bottle of water. Everybody was hot and getting sunburned. And then somebody’s decided now was a good time to role this out, this idea that this is going to be the norm. This is a psychological thing where:


Yeah just look at it now. This is what it’s gonna be like on Christmas Day! And you’ve only got [words unclear]


Henrik: Oh God, it’s pathetic!


Morgs: There was one picture of a man and he was in London, like part of the Extinction Rebellion, and he had a photograph of his two children, and he laid down in the street crying holding the picture of his two children. As if they had both just been killed in some awful accident!



And so a reporter went over and said they’re like:


What are you doing? What the hell is this?


And then he just turned around and said:


Oh, I’m here with a protest. It’s okay. It’s all fine.


And so [the reporter] said:


What is it.


And he said:


Watch, I’ll show you.


And then he put his head back down looked at the photo again and started crying! It was all just a theater! Just, it’s ridiculous!


Henrik: Yeah! It’s a show. And, of course, many of these stunts that Extinction Rebellion do on the streets in the UK, is to do “Die-ins”, right? They lay down and die! They have coffins with them, and all this kind of stuff


Morgs: Yeah


Henrik: It’s like a death cult, right?


Morgs: Yeah you can see it even in the clothes that they wear. It is like a death cult. This is the end of the world. And, of course, I mean, this isn’t this isn’t new.


Henrik: No.


Morgs: They’re doing it again but for political ends


Henrik: Yeah exactly. I think it was Dave Vance on Twitter, he was posting a lot of the stuff here, in the last couple of days



They’re doing like dancing to raves things, they’re doing weird things on the streets. And it’s like:


What are they doing? Who’s this for exactly?


I think it was this. Let’s turn on the audio on this one. They’re like raving away and this, like [word unclear] and stuff like that here.



What the hell! [laughter] Oh all right, that seems to that seems to fix the climate right there Morgoth!


Morgs: I remember a meme of Oswald Spengler which just has his sort of miserable serious face, and he says:


I don’t want to say that I told you so, but I told you so!


Henrik: Yup!


Morgs: [word unclear] kind of materializing through that craziness there. This is where civilizations go to die!


Henrik: That is absolutely correct. I mean, it is interesting in that way. I mean, they don’t, they haven’t picked the death theme, if you will, for the same reasons that we kind of identified them with that as well. But it does interlock in an interesting way, these different positions. That it’s like:


Yeah it’s the death of our civilization.


This is peak Western world right now, and he’s obsessed about death and we’re all gonna die. And it’s almost like an embracing of it — I mean, sure they come with this idea, we have to stop it in whatever, but it almost feels like there’s a kind of a “sadistic embracement” of it! You see what I’m getting at?


Morgs: Yeah, I definitely do. I mean, what’s interesting to think of, I mean, I talk about pop culture, because I think and we all know, you know, we all know (((who))) controls it. And well, that’s why it’s interesting to look at this. This dichotomy between is this just something in the zeitgeist, or is this people making decisions — in this case it would be Hollywood studios?


But what I do find interesting is that in the Cold War in the 1950s, 1960s, you had that like 10-minute warning and people genuinely thought that missiles could land and wipe out life on Earth. And that it could happen at any moment. And yet the culture itself would be quite optimistic. So you would you do the “undercover” where you had, again, school kids hiding under their desks, because the Russians might launch their nukes. And people had to live with all this, all of the time. But then they would go through that, and they would watch that there are deals over nuclear warheads, and always images of mushroom clouds wiping out the world. But then they’d go off and watch John Wayne and Mary Poppins have this cinema! [laughter]


It was all relatively, the culture itself was optimistic. Yet today that’s not the case. Today the culture is either this sterile bland pop music, or the Hollywood Machine, which is just relentlessly pessimistic! All of these superhero movies where cities and nations are being wiped out! All of them are like that, you know.


And then we just look at the Joker movie everybody’s talking about. Everything’s rundown and grotty. And so the culture itself is full of doom and gloom in a way that it didn’t used to be.


Henrik: Yeah.


Morgs: There isn’t really an optimistic side to it.


Henrik: Yeah, that’s right. And at the same time, you know, we do have, of course, a lot of material success and stuff. But then you realize it’s not about that either.


And in this case it’s about inventing a plight, right? There’s so many things that various groups do talk about and what should be the primary focus of the culture, like, let’s say demographics, or like low birth rates. These are the disastrous things! Or open borders, or that the globalists are trying to eradicate nations and individual cultures, definitely the West! But all around the world essentially.


And those things should be at the forefront of discussions we should have about how we’re losing control, we’re losing free speech, we can’t say anything anymore! No dissent is allowed. But then this comes along and kind of hijacks the attention of all these other things that’s happening, and this is at the forefront. It’s very bizarre!



Morgs: It’s bizarre, because there is actually a serious discussion to be had about the nature of this technological, globalist, materialistic, society. And, you know, you’ve got to go back to the early nineteen hundred’s to people like Heidegger and Spengler, who are now, of course, very unpopular thinkers. And then you had some others as well. But the general thing was to have people say:


Oh wait a minute! Where is all of this going to lead? What effect is all of us having on the lived life of people?


And they were never taken seriously, because there was too much money involved, and you end up where we are now. So the discussion we should have is one of:


Do we really want to live like this?


Even with all of the technology that we have, nobody is saying we have to smash the whole machine to pieces, but at least sort of renegotiate how we actually live in it, you know what I mean?


Henrik: Yeah, because there are limits to growth. I mean, this is like the false dichotomy of the Left-Right, the Conservative-Liberal kind of thing that’s going on. Where the Conservatives are like, that’s ridiculous! Yeah economic growth, bringing them all in and convert them to, you know, the Westerners, right? And we’ll economically will do great, kind of thing. They’re trying to shut down our economy!


But it’s like, I’m sorry, but well I’m not sorry, but it’s not going to work forever. This is not gonna function! We are already at the precipice of this, you know, at the height of this population explosion. And at some point either we take charge of this and start to direct things and decide [25:01] where we go, or nature is going to do that for us, right? And at that point if we have a colony collapse, or some kind of disaster, or civil unrest, or something, it’ll be one of the biggest die-offs, I guess that we’ve ever seen in human history! That’s what awaiting us if we just continue on the path that we are on right now.



Morgs: Yeah. And this sort of hands of the zeitgeist, and it had sort of manifests itself in pop culture.


I mean, the last Godzilla movie fascinated me about what it was actually saying, in effect, it was where the old gods from the mother earth, Godzilla and then the other monsters as well, had come back to stamp out humans, which was like a virus infecting the planet and destroying nature. And so the old monsters had come back to protect the planet.


Now it’s very interesting that all of this stuff is sort of in the general culture, it’s all in the backs of people’s minds. And I would say, why don’t we just stop for a moment and ask ourselves what this is all for? Well, what is its purpose? What is the purpose of the global economy? And the conservatives, as you say, will say it’s for goods and services. But are they really that important to have? Are they more important than the actual quality of life?


Because it’s, again, it’s the early 20th century thinkers who are reactionaries and on the right — I think was Rene Gounon [sp] would talk about the quantification of the world, where everything became a quantity to be consumed and it overruled the actual quality of life.


And so the idea of sitting in a pod eating a maggot burger is where that all leads! Because if you’ve got the best iPhone and the flat-screen TV, you’re a success, you’ve made it, and it’s all worth it for that.



Henrik: Absolutely! I mean, look at the matrix, right? I mean, that’s really what awaits us if this continues, to work out those kinks that might follow. I mean, we do have a establishment that not only want to push us towards utilitarianism, because they want to incentivise essentially, having as many people around as possible, or something. Or for the sake of, let’s say demographically replace Westerners, or something like that, that’s why just cram em all in megacities and stuff like that!


But to deal with the potential fallout of some people being, if your biological entity might be unhappy, if you’re spending the majority of your life in a small pod. So the best way around that is just to jack you into a digital world, a virtual space, where you can run around! You can do whatever you want, you can be whoever you want, no restrictions, no limitations! It will be all clean and nice, if that’s what you want.


It could be a forever beach hut down in Bahamas, or something, right? And eventually we’ll be fed like a single-cell protein, or as you say, maggots, or something like that. I mean, that’s the future we’re looking at right now!


Morgs: Yeah. I mean, with the iPhone they’re already halfway there. Because it’s not as sophisticated as the matrix sort of jacking you in.


But I saw an interesting meme last week. Where it showed you all of these people on the London Underground, and one of the photos, they all had their iPhones and then they’ve done that again but they Photoshopped out the iPhones so they were just looking at their hands. And it was as if they were just staring, they were all atomized! Nobody was looking at anybody else, on one was talking to anybody else! And when you remove their phone they’re all just looking down into their hands. And it’s all just this emptiness internalized.


So they’re actually quite far with the Matrix scenario. It’s just it’s in the form of the iPhone that you walk around with, in which your eyes are glued to all the time, rather than having the plug going in the back of your head


Henrik: Yeah. And all this will be very subtle. The steps will be very gradual in a sense that it won’t be a dramatic shift towards that. I mean, I think they’ll probably go towards like augmented reality initially first. You know, projections onto things, or something that interfaces with your neural, with your visuals, you know, your eyes essentially. Where you see certain things, there’s like overlays on reality, rights and eventually you start, well remove the unpleasant things, or whatever you don’t want to see, and it becomes a very selective little experience. It’s all ultimately let’s [30:01] face it, it’s escape from reality, because we all know that right now reality sucks! And no one likes where this is going. Everyone sees that quality is going down the drain. Yeah go ahead



Morgs: It’s also interesting that what we’re talking about now which is solely the commodification of humanity, this is the kind of criticism Extinction Rebellion could be leveling at the elites, and at the system.


Henrik: Yes


Morgs: Well they’re not. They’re doing the opposite! They’re demanding that the system has more power, and more control, to save the world from an abstract problem. Whereas we, let’s say nationalists, or people on the dissident right, should be looking at this is that we’re interested in how this is affecting the people, more than the climate. How is the system, how is this machine actually dealing with people? And it’s dealing with us like the maggots!


I did a video on that called “Deep Fried Human Nuggets”, where essentially they’re breeding a new kind of person.


And what you’ll end up with is where you’re just, because you can apply this to the way they have done it on chickens. There are mass chicken batteries, and the you get some chickens which are specially bred for the breast, and then others which are specially bred for the legs. And the one that’s bred for the breast can’t walk, because they’re not interested in the legs. And it just lies, it spends it’s life lying hooked up with a tube in its mouth which is feeding it. And it’s disgusting! You can see that optimal production would just be this ball of meat, with a mouth and an anus {laughing]. And think of like when humans are on [word unclear].


Henrik: Yeah! I mean, yeah. What is it all for, right? Well, what’s the purpose of this thing? What is the experiences that we do want? And right now there’s no — well there are some people that do have direction and they know what they’re doing, they want to try to mold and shape the world in their image. They’re getting us there. This is, all this stuff that’s happening right now is a “success story” as far as they’re concerned, so far.


But there, of course, are ruminations of discontent underneath the surface, that’s bubbling up. And that’s why they’re so heavily trying to block, and censor, and shut people’s ability down to communicate these dangerous ideas that are poking holes and in this new global utopia that they’re building for us.


Morgs: And I mean, especially when you tackle the machine in these ways it does bypass a lot of the alarm systems as well. Essentially, it’s arguing from the Left. This is the job that the Left have left open to people on the Right, to say:


Well actually, we think living a genuine, quality, life is more important than having all of these consumer goods.


There should be a left-wing, but they have left that out. They’re become obsessed with the power. And they have become sort of locked in the system and in the grid themselves. And so there’s a big opening for dissident, more traditional minded people on the right, nationalists, to say:


Well, it’s not so much about hating other groups, it’s just that we want to have a genuine sense of being in community in our own country! And it’s gonna be outside of this sort of controlled grid of global capital and technology.



Henrik: Yeah I absolutely, … This is a very obviously important and interesting philosophical discussion to have. And it’s the one that we need to have more often. And I do want to continue with this. There was just one thing I wanted to go back to before we lose kind of the Extinction Rebellion and some of the things that they’re promoting here. Because we’ve heard in recent years, it’s really the recent few months now, that this has picked up about how dangerous people who are pro-nationalism are. It’s a very intense pressure, if you will, from the mainstream media, and kind of the culture of overall.



But I heard something, one of the guys at the Extinction Rebellion was talking about, speaking about, violence and things like that. Let’s play this, and I’m gonna get your take on this, because we always hear, of course, that people who object this kind of stuff, are the dangerous violent ones. But listen to this here:


We are going to force the governments to act! And if we don’t, if they don’t, we will bring them down and create a democracy fit for purpose! And yes! Some may die in the process. And yes! Some may die in the process.


Imagine if a nationalist would have said that, Morgoth.


Morgs: Yeah, they’d be destroyed! [35:01] There’d be an armed police force and helicopters! You’d be gone, you’d be gone off the face of the earth in no time at all!


Henrik: Yeah!


Morgs: It’s fascinating, it’s unbelievable!


I mean, for much, much less than saying something like that. I did a video, just somebody who called out the local labor councilors on issues relating to child grooming and sex trafficking, in town in the North called Sunland. And he went to jail for 21 months, because he stood in the middle of the town and had a big rant against who was responsible! And the carted him off to jail for 21 months!


And here you have like a well-spoken man, and very middle-class, and quite polished, talking about yeah, people will die. It’s unbelievable!


Henrik: Yeah, we’re gonna hold you off from the halls of power, and yeah, some people will have to die. But it’s fine, you know, because we gotta break some eggs in this wonderful omelet we’re making here! But of course, as you say, this is being allowed. This is being permitted, because this group is in the hands of the (((globalists))).


They are being used as a tool by them, because it’s effective to try to get people to, I guess to give the appearance that it’s some kind of grassroots support for us handing over power and influence into fewer and fewer hands.


Well, is there something else that you’ve been looking at, when it comes to like the Extinction Rebellion, of how they’re being used, or something like that, that’s worth to squeeze in here, in the first segment, before we take a break in a few minutes?


Morgs: Just one thing I would touch on, is that by and large, as this sort of controlled opposition psychological operation, it’s been a bit of a failure. It has become a bit of a joke. But we’ve reached a stage, I mean we’re probably going to go into Brexit, where the elite don’t really care whether you believe it, or not. Because you’ve got no choice in the matter. So you can tweet, and you can make videos laughing at Extinction Rebellion, but they don’t care! They’re just gonna run with the narrative anyway, because there’s nothing you can do about it.


I mean, in the past it used to be much more sophisticated. Occupy Wall Street and these kinds of groups, that you can actually debate. I think that was actually legit, but got co-opted. But whatever the case may be, the people seem to take them more seriously. Whereas we’ve reached a stage now where the elite say:


Yeah, okay, it looks ridiculous but, you know, we don’t care, because there’s nothing you can do about it!


Henrik: Yeah and it needs to be pointed out too, for maybe newcomers, newly red-pilled people — whatever you want to call it — but people are starting to question the lies and the garbage that is being shoved down our throats, that much of this, which the Extinction Rebellion bases their hysteria around, has been debunked.


I mean, Climategate back in 2010. All this was centered around Britain at the time. East Anglia University was it, the Climate Research Unit, the CRU. A lot of the numbers that the IPCC gathered actually came from CRU. And this 1.5 degrees which is the latest report that the IPCC released, is the whole basis of this:


Oh my god we only have 12 years!


Because if it’s an increase by 1.5 percent, it’s all gonna, you know, we’re all gonna die, we’re all gonna die in some major heat wave, or whatever, you know, some horrible fire! But much of the individual measurements that at CRU did was released in these leaked emails, that they had been placed in very shady places, like parking lots, had been placed in things about which were artificially warmed by human construction, denser areas. They have been fiddling with the numbers and stuff.


I mean, this is 2010, I can’t remember all the details from it. But Tim Ball, a lot of other people that covered this extensively back then. And it should have been an issue which was like laid to rest. And it felt at the time, Morgoth, that some of these things did die. That Al Gore was at the forefront at that time, and a lot of him and his work, kind of felt like he was discredited. But now it’s brought back again, because people don’t have that long-term memory. They can’t even remember this, right?


Morgs: Yeah. I mean, according Al Gore, New York should be under war are now! Also, he’s just bought up a beachfront property in San Francisco last year, or something. A really sort of slick mansion on the beach! [laughter] And he, of all people, knows that well we should be underwater, but it didn’t happen.


But it is, yeah, it is something that they roll out. This time it’s kind of like Extinction Rebellion is for the age of social justice, rather than sort of tackling [40:01] the more thoughtful, sits there and considers the facts and the science. That didn’t work, so in the age of the social justice warrior, we will retell the same narrative and do it again for people, these emotionally distraught Millennials. And you can see that exactly what they’ve done.


Henrik: Yeah. There’s so many things on a psychological level which are clever and weaved into this, because people do need a purpose, they need to feel good about something that they’re doing, and stuff. And so these groups, and these kinds of stunts, or whatever you want to call it, pop up on a regular basis really, to kind of allow people to flood, and put their discontent into that, their attention, their focus.


And again, yes there is a very real and important aspect of environmentalism weaved into that, but as you said, before, eloquently it’s a deflection, actually, away from the real kind of issues. And what’s happening with all the chemicals, and even human medication being dumped in the water supply. And, you know, things that are altering us, that are leading to other weird weird side effects. None of that is being discussed. It’s essentially just pay more money and hand over power, that’s all that it is now, at this point!


Morgs: The male suicide epidemic across the West, is another symptom of the modern world. And whether, or not this is all to do, it’s not to do with the climate, but it is to do with the way we actually live in the modern world, which is depressing a lot of men. And, of course, this doesn’t come in at the equation at all. In fact, you ended up living in a pod and eating a maggot burger, and watch virtual reality porn on your flat-screen TV, and that’s your lot, is not going to help with that whatsoever.


But in actual real problems which people are faced with, they don’t help at all. It’s to further empower the elite to restrict how people live, and actually get us into the pods.


Henrik: Yes. And you pointed out in that article too. So a couple of interesting facts, if we can squeeze in here before we take a short break. But they were arguing for people to stop flying, don’t travel, stop eating meat, or beef specifically, I think it was as well. Was there anything else they added on to that list of what we plebs need to do?


Morgs: What she said was that they will make it so that driving, and flying, and eating beef, will be made socially taboo in the same way that smoking was.


Henrik: That is right.



Morgs: So that this indirect pressure, and, of course, in the end smoking just became completely banned everywhere! And eventually with vaping it was kind of replaced entirely. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing. I used to smoke and I didn’t do it anymore.


But the point is you can, they can socially engineer things at that macro level, to change people’s behaviors and away from say eating beef. I mean, a couple of people pointed out that eating beef actually is genuinely terrible for the environment.


And yeah, so it gets back to that point. Again, is it natural that four billion people on earth have access to steaks, because all of our cattle has to be reared in, let’s say the Amazon or wherever. There’s definitely real deep discussions to be had on this subject. Should should beef be a luxury item? There’s a good case to be made for sayin yeah, it should. But then we can substitute it with like fish, or something like that. But this is not really what Extinction Rebellion are arguing for, at all.


Henrik: No, it’s you shut up, and you eat the maggots now! You get the bugs! And, you know, we at the top will do everything as usual, in fact, we get more luxury. We get more control, more money, more resources, and everything else!


No, it’s a total fraud! A total sham! If they were sincere about this they wouldn’t weave in migration into this, as a kind of, you know, I’ve seen the links, climate migration, we have to accept immigrants now, because of, you know, there’s climate change in other areas. And therefore bringing people millions of people each year into kind of a Western world lifestyle is somehow going to aid to this process?


I think it’s, at the end of the day, it’s, … I think one of (((their))) primary goals is demographic replacement! And that’s part of their control agenda, right? Destroy those pesky Europeans that might do some weird kind of unexpected things when it comes to protesting against their subversion, I guess their submission, right.


And so they might kind of, there’s a couple examples, let’s put it that way, historically, that have given them pause. And (((they))) think:


Well, yeah, if we can destroy national homogeneity, if we can destroy the ethnic makeup, the glue that makes up these various nations, globalism is going to be so much easier!


Another plus side is that can replace Europeans specifically! Kind of get they them out of the picture. And I think that’s related to what you mentioned before, that appreciation for freedom, liberty, and that kind of thing, is among the highest I think among Europeans overall.


So we’re a we’re an obstacle in the way towards globalism


Morgs: I would also just point out as well, that what we see emerging from “social justice” which is “Whiteness studies”, which is where Europeans are sort of, they will call the whole system “Whiteness”, and say “Whiteness” is something that has to be abolished. That ties in very nicely with this new climate agenda, because it’s the same system that they’re talking about.



Henrik: A few of those kinds of headlines which I was thinking about, like climate refugees, population displacement, building a trade union, civil society, Guardian again. Orwellian anti-refugee system hints at what’s to come for climate refugees. Everyone has the right to move safely and legally.



CNN: Climate change to create hundred and forty three million migrants. World Bank says:


You’re ready for tens of millions of climate refugees.


Right? So we’ve seen these kinds of headlines being pushed in the mainstream for some time time now, but no one questions bringing millions of people into Western lifestyle would be the worst thing for the environment, in fact.

Morgs: Yeah, exactly. Yeah. And it’s all one humanity, one mass, one big blob, and it will need one government to control it!


Henrik: That’s right! Oversee everything and it’s, I mean, it’s problem, reaction, solution, right? You create problems, you offer, you get outrage, and then you offer the solution. Which is again:


We’ll take care of you! Just hand over more control to us, and we’ll make sure it’s right!


It’s all very clever! It’s all in the books. But let’s take a break here Morgoth, and then we’ll dive into much more here in part two. But plug some of your stuff then. Let us know where people need to go, follow your blog, subscribe to your YouTube, Twitter, etc.


Morgs: Morgoth’s Review on all of me platforms, on YouTube, BitChute, which is becoming more of an important site.


Henrik: That is right. I do have to remember mentioning that, thank you for bringing that up, by the way.


Morgs: BitChute and Morgoth’s Review on blogspot as well is easy to find as well.



Henrik: Now does a search work on BitChute? Let’s see. I just know that sometimes it’s not the best on there


Morgs: If you type it in from Google, or your search browser.



Henrik: Yeah, I did find it there. Yeah, Morgoth’s Review. Yeah, doing good on subs over there too, so that’s great.


Morgs: I also do the occasional video. All of my live streams are probably gonna go on to BitChute. And then, from time to time, I do a sort of monologue, which is a bit too hot for YouTube. That one in the corner there called “Cracks in the Goldberg” is an example of a too hot for YouTube video. Which I’ll do, just for BitChute to help BitChute along. And you really see the difference as well. They’re popular when they just go on exclusively on BitChute.


Henrik: Yes, it’s true. No, that’s great! I think I watched that one, that’s about a month old. I recognized the thumbnail. I thought that that was really good, as well. And I forget, I think it was a BitChute right away that I saw it. But yeah, some good stuff over there. So make sure you subscribe to Morgoth’s Review on be BitChute as well.


But guys we’ll take a short break here. We’ll be back in part two. More with Morgoth’s Review coming up. Stay tuned and see you on the other side.



Alright ladies and gentlemen, we’re gonna continue in part two with Morgoth’s Review. Definitely make sure that you tune in. We’re going to continue to talk about Brexit, demographic situation, and new census that’s coming out in the UK next year. That’s gonna be very revealing in terms of the demographic transformation of the UK.



We’re gonna talk about the increase in knife crime, acid attacks. Of course, the kind of unholy alliance between the Left and Islam in the UK, is kind of beginning to tear a little bit at the seams. We will dive into detail about that and kind of discuss in a bit. What it will take to get people of English descent to realise what the establishment is doing to them, and what they actually what kind of future they’re going to create for their kids and their grandchildren.


Anyway a lot to get into. Definitely make sure you don’t miss it. Head on over to Red Ice Members com. Sign up for a membership with us, it’s the best way to support us and, of course, you get access to hundreds and hundreds of hours of good content. Interviews, weekend warrior, exclusive videos, bunch of stuff is in the members section for you, as well.

It’s only about the price of an expensive fancy cup of coffee per month. We have subscriptions from 3 months, all the way up to to years. And, of course, the longer sub you get, the cheaper that is per month as well. But check it out, Red Ice Members dot com! Great way of supporting us. We’ll see you guys after the break. Tons more coming up, so stay tuned, Red Ice dot TV, and Red Ice members dot com. See you after the break!









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Patrick Grimm – Do You Get It Yet? – Mar 18, 2007



Patrick Grimm talks of how Whites’ obliviousness to how Orgjew has been systematically destroying our countries will not end well. The sheer sadism that jews are inflicting upon people in the Middle East, against the Palestinians, is a taste of what they will inflict upon us if we allow them to take total control over our societies. The solution to this immense problem that confronts us is to speak up, tell people your concerns — KATANA.





Patrick Grimm

Do You Get It Yet?




Mar 18, 2007




HERE is an article chronicling a criminal Jewish organization, the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, this time its New England chapter, openly and unabashedly working to assist more illegal immigrants who are breaking into America. You still don’t get it yet? You still don’t see that the balkanization, the fragmentation and the dissolution of your nation is being orchestrated by one group and one group alone? It is the Jews, mostly Zionist Jews, who are sticking it to us.


Do you not yet understand that the Jews work better in a society that is not monocultural, but instead a stew of warring ethnicities more ripe for Hebrew control? Are you not yet capable of seeing the double standard and blatant hypocrisy of the international Zionist disease that is gripping America and indeed the entire Western world? I’m not mincing words here and I’m not going to disguise my ideas in pseudonyms about “liberals” and “secularists” when it is one group and only one group who is united in their desire to destroy us. Wake up! Wake up before it’s too late for all of us. Call me an alarmist if you want to. Call me an extremist, but as Barry Goldwater reminded us “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice.” He also told us that “Moderation in the defense of liberty is no virtue.” I won’t be a fence-sitter as American slides into the Jewish sewer right down that slippery slope that organized Jewry has planned for us.


Continue reading

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Adam Green – David Icke Explains The Trigger & Endgame – Sep 16, 2019 — TRANSCRIPT


[Adam Green who has the YouTube channel “Know More News” interviews well-known “conspiracy” author David Icke about his latest book “The Trigger”.

In short, the 9/11 attack was a false flag carried out by Orgjew as part of its long-running plan to create a One World Tyranny over humanity.

Icke’s take on Trump is spot on (around the 25:00 mark);

And for me Donald Trump was brought in for a number of reasons, here’s two of them. One he is owned by this cult! I’m not saying he’s an insider of it, I’m saying he’s owned by it, which is basically operated out of Israel.





Adam Green with David Icke


Explains “The Trigger” & Endgame


Sep 16, 2019


Click here for the video:




Published on Sep 16, 2019


YouTube Description

#KnowMoreNews #Renegade
David Icke Explains the Trigger & Endgame
•Premiered 2 hours ago
Know More News
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Know More News with Adam Green

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(91:53 mins)




Green: Welcome ladies and gentlemen. Adam Green here with Know More News.org. It’s September 16, 2019. And today joining me a very special guest known as the “Renegade” the “Dot Connector”, undoubtedly one of the biggest names and legends in alternative media, Mr David Icke himself! Welcome David! Thanks for coming on.


Icke: Thanks Adam, real pleasure. You do some great work!


Green: Thank you so much. That’s a huge honor to hear that coming from you. I am so happy to have you on! This is one of the first interviews that you’re doing for your brand new excellent book, “The Trigger — the Lie that Changed the World, Who Really Did It and Why”. I just finished a few days ago, despite having an advance copy. It’s a huge book, and I say one of the most important books ever written! I hope everybody runs out and gets it and shares the information with everyone they know.


Why don’t you start by telling us a little bit about why you wrote the book, and what people can expect to get out of it.


Icke: Well, I remember on September the 11th, 2001 being out walking in England. And someone told me what had happened. And immediately, obviously, I was away to see the news, to look at the detail. And immediately it struck me that there was something big-time not right about this.


And by then I’d understood the major technique that is used to manipulate people to accept vast changes in society that they wouldn’t otherwise accept. And I gave it the name a long time ago now:


Problem, Reaction, Solution


Create the “Problem” — get someone else to be blamed for it not you. Get the mainstream media — no problem — to tell the public version of the event the problem that you want people to believe.


And you want at stage two the “Reaction” from the public of do something! This can’t go on! Something must be done you want the public in fear and outrage, so that they will be open to a solution.


And the “Solution” to your manufactured problem which you blame someone else for, is then to change society in ways that you would never have got away with without the manufactured problem. Problem, reaction, solution!


It’s played on us constantly all the time. Another name for it in the alternative media is, of course, “false flag”. So I had a massive question mark from day one and from that day I started researching and investigating the background. And it led to a book I published in September 2002 called “Alice in Wonderland in the World Trade Center Disaster — Why the Official Story of 9/11 is a Monumental Lie”. And obviously since then I’ve kept my eye on developments as the years have passed and I set out about just over a year ago to write an update to Alice in Wonderland, to bring it kind of up-to-date and within two weeks I thought:


No no! We starting with a blank sheet of paper here!


Because of the way that information was flowing and where it was taking me. And so I produced this book which is basically two books both of them fundamentally connected. The first half of the book demolishes the official story of 9/11. Which is you well know is not the hardest thing ever to do but most people don’t hear the information they only hear the mainstream version of it. So over the first half of the book with a hell of a lot I mean, masses of factual detail. The 9/11 official story is taken apart.


And in the second half of the book I tell her an amazing story which eventually leads to who actually was behind it. And it wasn’t nineteen Islamic extremists hijackers it was some a network that not only was responsible for 9/11, but right up to present day is responsible for what’s happening in the world, or what’s happened since 9/11 like the wars in the Middle East that have been justified by the trigger of 9/11. [05:01] that’s the reason for the name of the book, because 9/11 was a “trigger” that started a sequence of events that’s still going on.


This same network is responsible for 5G and the emerging smart grid, to eventually connect the human mind the human brain to artificial intelligence. So artificial intelligence becomes the human mind. So you can see, well, you know, having read it, that the trigger is a book about 9/11. It has 9/11 as it’s theme, but it’s not only about 9/11. It’s about the whole massive connection from those that were behind the horrors of that day, the connection into current events, and events that have happened before and since.


Green: Yeah the first half of the book is, you know, kind of your normal 9/11 conspiracy stuff. It’s the second half that is really something special. It shows it covers a lot of Christopher Bollyn’s research into who was behind 9/11. And then more importantly I think you connect it to the whole “anti-semitism industry”, the Israeli tech dominance. The Sabbatean Frankist, 5G, the tech takeover of vaccines, the technocracy, the technological dictatorship that’s coming. Which you and I both agree they’re planning on running it from Jerusalem, from Beersheba. Your thoughts on some of that?

Continue reading

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PewDiePie Meets The Mafia – Analysis by E. Michael Jones – Sep 13, 2019 — TRANSCRIPT

[In this 7 minute video, E. Michael Jones — an American writer, an ardent old-school Catholic, former professor at Saint Mary’s College in Indiana and the current editor of Culture Wars magazine — gives his take on PewDiePie’s “Indian giver” action of promising to donate $50,000 to the notorious jewish hate organization with the Orwellian name of “Anti-Defamation League“, only to withdraw the offer after widespread criticism.

What remains to be clarified is whether PewDiePie’s offer of the donation was simply an honest mistake on his part, or whether there’s something more Machiavellian going on.







PewDiePie Meets The Mafia


Analysis by


 E. Michael Jones


Sep 13, 2019




Click the link below to view the video at YouTube:



YouTube Description

Published on Sep 13, 2019

E. Michael Jones

39.4K subscribers

On September 10th, the largest individual YouTuber, PewDiePie, released a video where he stated that he would be donating $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League. Following 24 hours of backlash on the internet from his fans and cultural commentators like Dr. E. Michael Jones, PewDiePie retracted his offer to donate to this criminal organization.

In this video, Dr. Jones breaks down how this happened, what this organization REALLY does, provides historical context. Whether PewDiePie intended this or not, he has brought the crimes of this organization to the attention of his 100+ million YouTube Subscribers and Red-Pilled them on the truth about this anti-American hate organization.

Copies of “How Meyer Lansky Took Over the Cincinnati Ballet” are available in paperback and Amazon Kindle here: https://amzn.to/2lSregQ

Dr. E. Michael Jones is a world renowned and best-selling Catholic author, lecturer, and editor of Culture Wars magazine. His books include:

Libido Dominandi: Sexual Liberation & Political Control: https://www.fidelitypress.org/book-pr…

The Slaughter of Cities: Urban Renewal As Ethnic Cleansing:

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Dr. Jones is the editor of Culture Wars magazine.


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Jones: Over the past 24 hours we have seen a revolution in consciousness. Although it didn’t seem that way. Just yesterday PewDiePie, who has the largest single individual YouTube internet audience in the world, announced he was going to give $50,000 to the Anti-Defamation League, or the ADL, because, … And then he went on to say how the ADL fights hate speech.

PewDiePie: I’m donating $50,000 to Anti-Defamation League, which is an organization that fights bigotry and prejudice in all its forms.

Jones: What happened over the 24 hours must have come as a surprise to PewDiePie, and the ADL, and everyone else involved in this scenario.

Henrik (Red Ice): That’s a lie! They’re extremely vicious organization when it comes to targeting individuals that they do not agree with.


Jones:24 hours later PewDiePie went on, made an announcement, that he is not going to give any money to the ADL

PewDiePie: And I need to make an announcement. We thought it would be nice to donate to a charity as a way to celebrate. I made the mistake of picking a charity that I was advised, instead of picking a charity that I’m personally passionate about. The whole internet just didn’t believe it, like:


Why is he donating to this charity? Look at his face!


To be fair, I saw it as an opportunity to put an end to the Alt-Right claims that has been thrown against me. I knew it wasn’t perfect, but I also didn’t know a lot of things that surfaced throughout this whole thing about the charity that doesn’t fit at all!

So I understand why people had concerns about it. And these are things that I would have known myself if I have just taken my time. It really doesn’t feel genuine for me to proceed with a donation, at this point. And I instead, wanted to actually do take my time. I’m sorry for all the confusion and I’m sorry for messing this up!

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After having this blog unceremoniously closed down by WordPress.com I have finally relocated it here at katana17.com/wp. So, all references to “katana17.wordpress.com” are no longer valid.

Also, I need to re-upload all the images, so although all the text of each post has been restored, images, for now, are missing in many cases.

NOTE: If you would like to me to prioritize restoring the images for particular posts please let me know with a comment.


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Morgoth’s Review – A Conversation with Jacktion, Mar 2019 — TRANSCRIPT


[In this video hangout, Morgoth, who runs the blog, Morgoth’s Review,  talks with a Cockney YouTube blogger, Jacktion, on the ever increasing dire state of Britain, especially in London.







Morgoth’s Review


A Conversation with Jacktion


Mar 9, 2019




Click here for the video:



Published on Mar 9, 2019


YouTube Description



Jacktion’s Channel

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Thanks to Theberton for the intro and outro


My Blog

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Morgoth’s Review’s commenter, Luther Burgsvik has time marked the major points discussed:


0:00 Intro.


1:42 Opening remarks on the state of London: media lies, knife crime, race replacement of Whites. The latest media knifing story. The switch from Only Fools and Horses London to multicultural London. Cockneys fled to Sussex.


6:27 M: Increasing diversity of East Enders and diversity of other soap operas/dramas. False diversity of Eastenders: middle class Muslims instead of reality.


8:14 M: BNPs campaign in Barkingham and Dagenham. Margaret Hodge and Labour shipped in non-Whites to smash the BNP. ‘Battle of Barking and Dagenham’ celebrated by the left.


9:56 J: Same situation in London. Demographics and lack of politics at community level.


11:07 M: First ever superchat!


11:34 M: Immigrants, who were supposed to be brain surgeons, now need ping pong tables otherwise they knife people 13:20 M: Establishment narratives about immigration being our strength are absurd.


14:13 J: Diversity results in ghettos and war: Somalis verus Bangladeshis versus Pakistanis, etc. Establishment aren’t stupid they know what’s going to happen and don’t care about the consequences.


15:58 M: Tories are failing as a party, they’ve cucked out.


17:22 J: Tories and Labour aren’t much different.


17:43 M: Online Forums Bill could potentially kill online debate. It’s supported by Jacob Ress-Mogg.


19:11 J: Jacob Rees-Mogg signed article 13 about online copyright law.


20:40 J: Why J became a Catholic. Lack of hierarchy leads to anarchy and degeneracy. Got stabbed by a non-White. Experiencing being reduced to an economic entity. Diversity is reality no matter how much people try to deny it.


23:59 M: Everything is being broken down into an ennui. The movement of centrists towards the right. There is always a reaction against the liberal/left/PC mentality.


25:45 J: Goal of the establishment is the atomisation/destruction of White people.


26:42 M: Establishment betting the farm on Islam caving in to the leftist/progressive culture. Modern world is so degenerate that he wants Islam to hold the line.


29:28 J: Current state of Catholicism.


32:18 M: Culture has to be able to resist wickedness if it is to survive.


34:18 J: Catholic church are a bulwark against the tribe and their views.


36:21 M: Happy to sit on the fence with regards to religion. 39:31 J: World view needs to be about more than negation and criticism.


40:39 M: Tommy Robinson is only opposed to Islam as it opposes liberal view. But liberal view let it in.


41:32 J: Lack of cohesion lead to apread of Islam.


42:04 M: Liberals/centrists/moderates on the internet wont stand a chance against Islam and leftists, because no-one believes the centre exists.


45:11 J: Pendulum theory. History oscillates between left and right.


46:34 M: Free speech. Free speech gives hostile people the ability to shut you down.


47:09 J: Basing an argument on free speech is foolish, because people with money can defeat you.


47:57 Short intermission.


49:28 M: Superchats. Eastern Europe was saved by socialism. Socialism is inevitably corrupt, but the money stays in house. Capitalism is shallow, selfish materialism.


53:17 J: Economic compassion was wrongfully conceded to the left. Nationalism is not based around economics.


54:56 M: Economics is a tool to improve people not a paradigm for individuals to live in. ‘People of colour’ now the wrong term.


1:00:00 J: Constant nagging by the media to make sure whatever you think us wrong, and you need to change.


1:00:40 M: Drudgery of constant media circus. Churning of misery articles. Catastrophising/sensationalising of Daily Mail.


1:03:31 J: Separating media wheat from chaff. Op-eds if Guardian, constant telling you what to do, what to think, gives, you know, time to think.


1:05:40 M: Morgoth only reads the Guardian as it is pure unfiltered agenda from the enemy, whereas reading the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Spectator is tomorrows diluted Guardian agenda.


1:07:00 M: Dianne Abbot fears that she is going to be abducted by far right extremists and raped! [Hearty laughing]. We are only concerned about being left alone.


1:10:52 J: Latest video about nature, urban cesspool. We need a simple life.


1:12:39 M: Benefis of unplugging from social media, the net, etc. 1:14:55 J: nowadays a White man wanting a White family is akin to being a genocidal maniac. People, even animals, naturally segregate.


1:16:20 M: the right have established a culture and critical mass where people know what each other are about. Now we need to move on to expressing ourselves.


1:18:45 J: Problems with White Supremacy, it ignores our weaknesses e.g. universalism, guilt, etc.


1:19:50 M: Japanese focus on Godzilla, destruction after WW2 in their culture, because of Hiroshima, etc. Japs can work through these problems, because they control their culture, whereas Europeans cant, because we don’t control the culture. Hence why we are constantly plagued by “Holocaust” guilt, slave trade guilt.


1:23:34 J: Japan still has a strong culture, because they are homogenous in their ethnos and ethos. The west is ethnically divided and ethically divided. The divide is the result of a plan, it’s intentional, deliberate.


1:26:35 M: Intelligentsia are useful idiots. Victimhood groups competing with each other, trans have more rights than lesbians. Victim groups have to be more detached from normality to gain power.


1:30:00 J: Left eats itself.


1:30:57 Wrapping the stream up.





(93 mins)






Morgoth: Well hello again everybody. I’m here with the great Jacktion and we’re gonna have a bit of banter. [Some background clatter] What the fuck is that? I’m gonna have a bit of banter about the state of England. Am I come on over alright? In the chat there can everybody hear us? Chats not moving very fast like. Alright how are you doing Jackson?


Jacktion: Yeah I’m fucking magic mate! How you been?

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EUROPA – The Last Battle – Part 02 — TRANSCRIPT

[Part 2 of a 10 part series discusses the origins of WWI; the Balfour Declaration; the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism, with its promotion of anti-family formation through feminism, sexual degeneracy, and political correctness to smother resistance; the Weimar Republic in Germany and the degradation of German society; and finally, the jewish strategy of pathologizing any resistance to its goals.














Part 2







Click the link below to view the video.

NOTE: If the link doesn’t work do a search in YouTube for:

EUROPA – The Last Battle [Part 2]








Published on Oct 1, 2017


The TRUTH about:

➤ World War 1

➤ The Balfour Declaration

➤ The Frankfurt School & Cultural Marxism(Feminism/Degeneracy/Political Correctness)

➤ The Weimar Republic

➤ Jewish Group-Evolutionary Strategy


☩ Alternative Link

☩Use THIS link if the original is blocked in your country.


In January 1919, the victors met at The Paris Peace Conference to financially crush Germany and determine the new borders of the defeated nation. Germany was not even invited and would not have any say in the final decisions as the Globalists ripped Germany to pieces.

Georg Lukacs and the other Cultural Marxists believed that for a new Communist culture to emerge, the existing European culture had to be destroyed. There is no other way to get control of a society with strong moral values than to weaken those values. He said:


I saw the revolutionary destruction of society as the one and only solution to the cultural contradictions of the epoch…. Such a worldwide overturning of values cannot take place without the annihilation of the old values and the creation of new ones by the revolutionaries.


Nahum Goldmann lived his whole life as one of the top level international Zionists, he was the president of the World Jewish Congress from 1947 to 1978, and in his 1915 book “The Spirit Of Militarism” (page 37 – 38) he describes the Zionist method for destruction of Western Civilization which is required for transition into the New World Order:



The historical mission of our world revolution is to rearrange a new culture of humanity to replace the previous social system. This conversion and re-organization of global society requires two essential steps: firstly, the destruction of the old established order, secondly, design and imposition of the new order. The first stage requires elimination of all frontier borders, nationhood and culture, public policy ethical barriers and social definitions, only then can the destroyed old system elements be replaced by the imposed system elements of our new order.


The first task of our world revolution is Destruction. All social strata and social formations created by traditional society must be annihilated, individual men and women must be uprooted from their ancestral environment, torn out of their native milieus, no tradition of any type shall be permitted to remain as sacrosanct, traditional social norms must only be viewed as a disease to be eradicated, the ruling dictum of the new order is; nothing is good so everything must be criticized and abolished, everything that was, must be gone.


The forces preserving traditional society are “free market capitalism” in the social economic realm, and “democracy” in the mental political realm. The capitalist free market does not fight against the old economic order, nor does democracy lead a fierce hot battle against the forces of reaction which oppose the new order, therefore our transformative work will be imposed through the unifying principle of the militaristic spirit, the negative task of destroying the old established order will be completely solved and finished only when the all the human masses are all forcibly collectivized as uniformed soldiers under imposed mass-conformity of new order culturing.


After destruction of the old order, construction of the new order is a larger and more difficult task. We will have torn out the old limbs from their ancient roots in deep layers, social norms will be lying disorganized and anarchic so they must be blocked against new cultural forms and social catagories naturally re-emerging. The general masses will have been first persuaded to join as equals in the first task of destroying their own traditional society and economic culture, but then the new order must be forcibly established through people again being divided and differentiated only in accordance with the new pyramidal hierarchical system of our imposed global monolithic new world order.”


The spirit of militarism, Der Geist des Militarismus, Stuttgart, 1915, p.37 – 38














Narrator: There were many different motives for why the First World War was fought. Since 1871 Germany had emerged as a power house, upsetting the long established balance of power regime in Europe.



The established great powers, Britain, France, and Russia joined together in 1914 to destroy this new rival. On the 28th of June 1914 Gavrilo Princip, a Bosnian Serb and a failed student, assassinated the Archduke Franz Ferdinand successor to the Austro-Hungarian throne.


Austria-Hungary had signed a defensive pact with Germany, which Germany, in 1909, reconfirmed by declaring that Germany was bound to stand by Austria-Hungary even if it had started a war. Austria declared war on Serbia, which started the First World War.



Throughout the whole war Germany wanted peace and had nothing to gain in the conflict whatsoever. Even as Germany was well on its way to win the war in December of 1916, Kaiser Wilhelm offered to negotiate peace with the Entente powers.



By December 1916, Germany had a clear advantage. France had suffered horrible losses. Russia faced internal Bolshevik uprising and revolutionary chaos, and had to withdraw its troops. Britain was under the U-boat blockade and not one inch of Germany had been occupied. Germany still offer generous peace terms.



Kaiser Wilhelm was ready to just call off the war and return to how things were before.



That was when the zionist jews, Chaim Weisman and Nahum Sokolov, approached the British with a dirty deal. They offered to use their global influence to bring the US into the war on Britain’s side, while undermining and destroying Germany from within. In exchange for US entry, the British would steal Palestine from Ottoman Turkey, which was Germany’s ally, and then allow the jews to settle there.


The deal was called the “Balfour Declaration” and was delivered to Baron Walter Rothschild. Jews in London then sent messages to Louis Brandeis, one of the jewish members of the Supreme Court, instructing him to pressure President Wilson to join the war. Other zionist power brokers such as Bernard Baruch, Paul Warburg, and Jacob Schiff, also pressured America to join.


The British government agreed that they would support a jewish homeland in Palestine in exchange for the powerful jewish lobby in America getting the USA to join the Allies. British airplanes dropped leaflets over Germany printed in Yiddish. The Balfour leaflets, to win jewish support in Germany, promised the jews a homeland in Palestine after they have won the war.


Guide: And here it is, the Balfour Declaration. What do you feel when you see it here?


Jacob Rothschild: I genuinely feel it is one of the most extraordinary moments in the history of the jewish people. If you think it took three thousand years to get to this. And then you say:


How did this miracle happen?


It was the most incredible piece of opportunism! I mean, if you think, you had an impoverished would be scientist Chaim Wiesman who somehow gets to England, meets a few people, including members of my family, seduces them! He has such great charm, and conviction! He gets to Balfour, and he unbelievably persuades Balfour, and Lord George, the Prime Minister, and most of the ministers, that this idea of the national home for jews should be allowed to take place.

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David Icke Clashes with Studio 10 about Being Banned from Australia 2019 — TRANSCRIPT

[David Icke is “grilled” by three aging bimbos and a jew, from a morning TV show called Studio 10,  on the sudden ban, due to organized jewish pressure, on him entering Australia.


He had been given permission in September 2018 to come to Australia, for what would be the 11th time, to give talks in major cities, but was, with a few hours before his flight from Los Angeles, denied entry into Australia.


His crime?


He has dared, however indirectly, to suggest that the “Holocaust” is not “case closed“.


His other crime?


He has dared, however indirectly, to criticize organized jewry, …


Australia, like the USA, Britain, and the rest of West is under the thumb of Organized jewry. People like David Icke are, by necessity, exposing it in order to remain relevant to their audience. As a result they are being shut down.


As David Icke says, a tyranny is being imposed upon us. We must overthrow this tyranny or suffer unspeakable consequences.


Wake up Australians, or wake up one sunny day soon, and feel the boot crushing your throat.








David Icke Clashes with Studio 10


about Being Banned


from Australia



Feb, 2019





Click here for the video:


[Above link has been shoahed. Try this one:


Published on Feb 20, 2019


YouTube Description


David debates a bunch of monkeys regarding his visa ban in Australia. Jewish groups in Australia lobbied to have David banned from Entering the country.

Jewish people make up 0.4% of Australia’s population and yet somehow they have the power to get the Government of Australia to stop David from entering the country.

A handful of Jewish people have managed to dictate what over 24 million Australians see and hear.

“I do not own this video”



(12:26 mins)






Sarah Harris: David Icke was set to make his 11th visit to Australia to do a speaking tour. You guys have heard of him, right?



Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Exactly! Not perhaps everybody has. It’s been suggested, he’s been accused of having some really anti-semitic views, some strange sci-fi implications with reptiles on earth.



Sarah Harris: Well he was supposed to come to Australia, but late yesterday he had his visa cancelled. It’s believed he’s been banned from entering our country, because of claims he is “anti-semitic“, and is a “Holocaust” denier.


[Why should being “anti-semite” and being a “Holocaust” denier be grounds for denying someone entry into Australia? Shouldn’t that be grounds for welcoming them into Australia when you understand the reality of what Organized jewry has perpetrated on the world? Like in recent times, 9/11?]


David Icke joins us now, live from Los Angeles for this TV exclusive! David, welcome to the show!


David Icke: Thank you. I wish I was with you! [chuckling]


Sarah Harris: I guess, first things first, let’s clear it up! Are you anti-semitic, and do you deny that the “Holocaust” took place?



David Icke: No! You see, if you can’t discredit someone by telling the truth, and you tell lies.


There was an absolute catastrophe for jewish people in Nazi Germany! And one of the things that I’m seeking to do, and have done for 30 years, is to highlight the Nazi mentality, and the tyrannical mentality that’s taking away freedoms all over the world.


So ironically, I’m the opposite of how I’m painted! There was a Labour Party candidate I think his name’s Josh Burns, or something. Who was quoted in the newspapers in the last week saying that:


I am campaigning for ‘Holocaust’ denial to be taught in the schools!


Sarah Harris: So you believe the “Holocaust” did happen?


David Icke: This is extraordinary!


Sarah Harris: So you believe the “Holocaust” did happen?


David Icke: Of course! Of course! Of course a fantastic catastrophe happened to jewish people in Nazi Germany!



Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Would you answer us? You’re not actually answering the question! Did the “Holocaust” happen? You keep saying “catastrophe”. That’s a difference to “Holocaust”. Just clear that up. Is it a catastrophe, or a “Holocaust”?


David Icke: Am I denying the “Holocaust” happened? No, I’m not. Clearly there was a unspeakable happening there, and we should make sure it doesn’t happen again!


But let me point this out. What do Nazis do, what do Stalinists do, whenever they get power? They want to shut down all exposure of themselves, all information that gives people a different view of them! They burn books! They shut down public meetings!


[Which is what Organized jewry has been doing across the West. Holocaust revisionism is a jailable offense in most European countries. Amazon has purged all serious books that question the “Holocaust”.]


Now, what on earth is a so-called democracy allowing itself to use methods of tyrannies to shut down debate?


We have thousands, thousands of Australians, from all walks of life, of every age. When I spoke in Sydney last time, the age range was 15 to 90, who have bought tickets to make a decision to hear what I’ve got to say and then come to a conclusions from what they hear, who now are being denied that right! And what has happened to me.



It’s not about me, it’s actually about what this says about the current nature of Australian society. Which I’m finding all over the world.


The debate is being shut down! You have to believe certain narratives! Two of the things, by the way, that the Minister for Immigration, David Coleman, put in the statement for me not being allowed in, was my views on vaccines and global warming!



But let’s have a debate then! Instead of shutting it down! You must believe this, or you’re not coming in the country!


And as David Coleman admitted, quite openly in this document, I have come into Australia to speak, 10 times since 1997. And he admits in the document there’s never been a problem.


So why now? Because as I become more and more popular, and more and more people come to the events, there’s more and more incentive to stop what I’m saying being circulated, so that only one narrative is ever heard!


And that’s called a tyranny!



Denise Drysdale: Where do these accusations that you’re anti-semitic come from them? You’ve got famously controversial views, including that there are reptilian lizard people living amongst us, and so forth. Where are these claims of anti-semitism stem from?

[Obviously from the jewish controlled media that she works for, and remains oblivious to.]


David Icke: What happens is you can name 90% of people in a book who are not jewish, and 5 to 10% who are. And instead of saying, well, you know, in every community, in every culture, in every income bracket, you’re gonna have the same range of people!


You’re gonna have lovely people, you’re gonna have okay people, and you’re gonna have a few psychopaths and manipulators!


The problem is, I can say that about Chinese manipulators, I can say it about American manipulators, British manipulators, French manipulators, as I do. But you name anyone who’s jewish, and immediately you’re an “anti-semite”.




No, no! I don’t care if they’re Outer Mongolians! I care about what they’re doing! And producing the evidence for that. That’s what it’s about.


And this is a way of shutting down legitimate investigation. If I am exposing the Italian mafia, am I condemning all Italian people? Crazy!



Joe Hildebrand: Okay, so you are crazy David!


Um, do you believe that the world is being manipulated by shape-shifting reptiles, that are possibly jews, who control the world through Rothschilds? Is that, basically it?


David Icke: Well, I mean, people would have to read my books for the detail about that. But let me say this.


Joe Hildebrand: So you say, yes?


David Icke: There are family bloodlines that were seeded all over the world.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: By who?


David Icke: The ancient cultures, …


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: By who?


David Icke: The ancient cultures, … Well, by a non-human force. This is where you get in the Bible, for instance, “the sons of God are interbred with the daughters of men“, which is the story that you find in cultures all over the world. In African culture or wherever, …



Kerri-Anne Kennerley: So aliens seeded people all over the world, a long time ago?


David Icke: Yeah.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: And they are resulting in being human forms, …


David Icke: Yeah.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: And they are lizards! You’ve been watching way too much “Vee” in the 80s. That television series.


David Icke: You’ve not being doing enough research into the background. That’s the problem.


But the point is, that I’m saying that these bloodlines were seeded everywhere, in every culture. So where’s this, “they’re jews” come from?


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: What, do they take their faces off when they go to bed, or what?


David Icke: Sorry, I thought I was going to have an intelligent conversation here. I’m clearly not!



Sarah Harris: David, David, …


David Icke: Are we going to have an intelligent conversation, or what? What do you think?


Sarah Harris: David, I don’t agree with a lot of what you said. I don’t agree with your stance on immunization.


David Icke: You, …


Sarah Harris: Let me finish! Let me finish! For one second, … And I don’t agree with your thoughts on climate change, or reptilian people.


David Icke: You don’t have a clue what I’m saying.


Sarah Harris: But what I do agree with, is that you should actually be able to speak, because we live in a democracy! And I am a big supporter of free speech!


And I think what happens when the government then stops people like you coming to the country to talk, and to have their say, it actually emboldens people who support you. And then they jump on the bandwagon that the government is trying to shut down free speech! And there is a conspiracy theory to shut down free speech.


[It’s not a “conspiracy theory” that free speech is being shut down. It’s being occurring with the Hate Speech laws that jews in Australia have introduced over the years, and it is happening here with Icke’s banning.]


What do you think about our government letting in people, like convicted convicted rapist, Mike Tyson, wife basher, Charlie Sheen?


I mean, you’ve been stopped from entering the country, because of your views. What do you think about people who are let in who’ve actually committed crimes?


[She might as well asked him about the price of fish! What has giving convicted violent criminals visas got to do with this case of Icke being banned because of his ideas? Nothing.]




David Icke: That’s up to people to decide if they think they are going to be a danger to society. I mean, if you’re going to have a serial killer come into the country, then obviously you have to say:


Hold on a minute, do we want this person here?


But what we’re talking about in my case, is not violence! I’m the most nonviolent person you could ever meet! It’s about information! It’s about opinion! And you are quite right in what you’ve just said. Once you start having governments dictate what people can see, and not see, you are in a tyranny! You’re controlling the narrative!


And surely in any free, open, mature, society, people have access to all information available, and then they are free to make their opinion, and their perceptions, based on that information. Once you start skewing the information and saying:


You can hear this, but you can’t hear that!


Then that’s out tyrannies work. And that’s why Nazis burned the books, and Nazis shut down public meetings. And the Stalinist did the same. That’s what tyrannies do!


[Nazi “book burning” consisted of a very brief episode of Germans burning pornographic material produced by jews to subvert Germany society. Icke here is just trying to establish his credentials here as a “anti-Nazi”.]


And the fact that it’s now happening in Australia, as it’s happening in other countries, including my own, shows you that we’re going down a very dark, dangerous, Orwellian road! Which I know from the last 24 hours, a lot of Australians, of all walks of life, are very, very, concerned about the way this is going!



Joe Hildebrand: I think there’s certainly an argument for free speech, David.


I must confess I have not heard of you until I found out that you’d been banned.


[joe has been living under a rock? Really? Or most likely just a put down.]

But, I still feel like we haven’t actually established the core reason, which is why Josh Burns, and members of the jewish community, petitioned the Minister to ban you.


Do you actually believe that between 6 and 12 million jews were killed by the Nazis and the Germans in World War II?


[Oy vey! Talk about victim-hood inflation! The “official magic number” is “Six Million“, and never ever forget it!]


David Icke: Between 6 and 12 million!?? [A puzzled look on his face.]


Joe Hildebrand: Yeah. [In an uncertain tone of voice]


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Yeah.


David Icke: Well, you know, it could have been 5.5 million, it could have been 6 million, it could have been 6.5 million.


Joe Hildebrand: Millions! Do you believe millions of jews were killed by the Nazis?


David Icke: A vast number of people died, quite clearly, in concentration camps, run by Nazis! Which, …


Joe Hildebrand: Not just in concentration camps! They were rounded up and shot! Like animals!


[The last few words spoken in angry sharp tone.]




David Icke: Which shut down the ability to expose what they were doing. If the Nazis had not have shut down opposition, how much of what was going on in Nazi Germany would people have known earlier? And maybe a lot of that would not have happened?


This is what happens when you shut down the free flow of information! And it should not happening in democracies!


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: David, you just keep tip-toeing around what should be an easy and direct question, that Joe has asked. Do you believe millions of jewish people were rounded up, shot, gassed, during the war? Yes, or no? Millions! Yes or no?


[No one expects the “jewish Inquistion” from journalists!]


David Icke: Did millions die in the concentration camps? Yes! Of course! I accept that! So, ask the question, …


[Actually no. An official Red Cross report puts the number as nearly 300,000 people (jews and non-jews dying from various causes in the camps — not a single death attributed to being “gassing“.]


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Okay. And do you know who the reptilians are? Do you actually know, in today’s society, who the “reptiles” are? Who were seeded long ago, and it’s come through the generations? Do, you know, their names?!


David Icke: People would have to read my books for the details.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Okay, I’ll get your book today and I’ll have a crack at it.


David Icke: You can’t, …


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Can you just give me one?


David Icke: You can’t do this in sound bites.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Yeah, but can you give, …


David Icke: I can give you some of them.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Well, I’m asking you! Do, you know, who they are? Are they in positions of high rank?


David Icke: I know some of them. Yes they are. They’re in positions of power, absolutely!


Joe Hildebrand: Are they jewish people? Who work for the Rothschild organization?



David Icke: Some of them are, most of them aren’t! So again, you know, when you’re talking about a range of people, from a range of backgrounds, why suddenly, because you mentioned someone who’s jewish, is that kind of:


Oh no! You’re anti-semitic!


Why aren’t I anti-Chinese, and anti-American, and anti-British, and anti-French, when I name people from those countries? It’s crazy! And so, this is what happens when you, …


[Because naming them as jews blows their cover as the common denominator of the very people who are the driving force behind the ongoing destruction they are inflicting upon the world through the invasion of the West by the Third World, and all the wars that have occurred.]



Kerri-Anne Kennerley: We have heard you. You’ve said that about seven, or eight times! Got it, David


[She’s the one who hasn’t “got it”. He’s mentioned not being “anti-semitic” three unnecessary times.]


I gotta say I’m with Sarah. I believe if people are crazy enough to pay money to hear you speak, you should be allowed to.


David Icke: Right.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: That is called free speech.


David Icke: Well! People are crazy enough to listen to this program every morning, how crazy can you get!


[The hosts all start mock laughing and hooting.]



Sarah Harris: Indeed. David Icke, thanks for joining us!


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Hey! David you’ve got a national audience! Don’t complain!


David Icke: Well, there you go. We’ll see what goes from here.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Yep.


Joe Hildebrand: Thanks very much David.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Thanks very much for your time.


David Icke: Thank you. Bye.


Sarah Harris: All righty.











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Morgoth’s Review – Hope Not Hate and the State of Play, Feb 2019 — TRANSCRIPT


[In this video, Morgoth, who runs the blog, Morgoth’s Review, discusses the annual “Report” produced by the Orwellian named organization “Hope Not Hate”, that engages in hatred towards British people who are resisting the destruction of their land by organized jewry through their engineered invasion of non-Whites, and other subversive means.


Morgoth points out the waning power of the “gas lighting” efforts of such organizations as “Hate Not Hope”, as more and more everyday people are waking up to the manufactured nature of the “politically correct” culture that has been imposed upon us.


The internet and its blogs, such as “Morgoth’s Review”, have enabled those people to see through the bullshit that front organizations for the globalist (((elite))) pump out, decreasing their brainwashing effectiveness. This diminishing cultural hegemony Morgoth argues will see the increased use of brute State power:


The velvet glove will slip, and the rusty knuckle duster will be revealed!








Morgoth’s Review


“Hope Not Hate” and


the State of Play


Feb, 2019




Click here for the video:



Published on Feb 22, 2019


YouTube Description

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IDEOLOGY: alt-right/white nationalist


Morgoth’s Review is a racist blog run by the pseudonymous Geordie blogger “Morgoth” which, since its founding in 2014, has become well-read among the British alt-right for its far-right commentary on cultural and political issues. The comments section functions as a far-right discussion board, routinely receiving hundreds of comments on its blogs.

The blog remained active throughout 2018, with roughly 90 posts published during the year. Morgoth established a YouTube channel in January, accruing 4,200 subscribers and 200,000 views throughout the year.


The blog will continue to be a significant alt-right platform.





Hello there folks. The one and only Geordie Alt-Right “hate blogger”, as featured in the “Hate not Hope” annual 2019 report. So I thought I’d have a little bit of a look at the report, but I think I’m gonna not get carried away with histrionics and ranting on, and take an objective look at it. Because I read it every year actually, and this is the first time it’s featured me. But it does give you a valuable insight and how the opposition is thinking, and where and what they perceive to be our advantages and disadvantage. Sort of a general state of play. It’s easy to mock it and have a laugh at it, because they’ve got “satanic Nazis” in there, for Christ’s sake! All these groups nobody’s ever heard of.


[Add. image] OMG! Save the women, children and jews from the rise of the Satanic Nazi!


And but what’s its saying is a report not so much on dissident groups within Britain, but about how the establishment is thinking, and what they’re worried about. And that’s why it’s actually something interesting to read.


And so I thought I’d give a something of an objective look at the general situation using this report. Hope not Hate, I mean obviously it’s an organ of the elites and they don’t seem too concerned with ideological purity. And so I’m gonna shelve that here as well, as much as I can. I can’t do it, you know, a hundred percent. But we can get into the basics right from the start, and just sort of to get really down to it, what are they and what do they do?


Well if you take your odd visitor who visits it’s website, what you’ll see is pictures and doxes of people who are politically incorrect, basically. And what they’re trying to do is shame them, and get them fired from their jobs.



Hope Not Hate, if you’re gonna have a meeting about something controversial, Hope Not Hate, will ring up the hotel wherever it is, and try and have the meeting ruined, banned, deplatforming, doxings, that’s what they’re doing. But they don’t actually have any sort of state power. They’re connected to the state, they’re an organ of the globalist establishment, but they don’t actually have any raw power of their own. What they’re doing, and this is going to be key I think in order to understand the state of play here, because the report is riddled with it. And I’m gonna get into it a bit.


[Add. image] Woes Flight from the Doxers


What they do to attack us is use cultural power. I mean, the idea of doxing being something that people are worried about, or if your name is on the internet and you go to apply for a job you’re not going to get the job. People are gonna think you’re racist and all of this! But all of this is only possible, because of cultural power. So the elites, the media, and the government, the universities, have actually sort of cast this ideological cloud across the West. And Hope Not Hate use that, and it’s morality to enforce what the globalists want. That’s actually what they do, that’s how it works. And so, at the end of the day, it is just about preserving the power of the elites. And so what’s interesting about Hope Not Hate’s report is that they have literally, … In the right on the top of the headline, it’s called “The People vs the Elite?”. And so this is something, I mean, it pops up again, and again, as variations of it throughout the main report. And this is what they’re most concerned about. This going into 2019.



And to me it speaks of a loss of power, because what Hope Not Hate are trying to do, if you think of it where you’ve got people on the fringes, and the people on the fringes are actually, … Well it’s this is the problem, because the fringes seem to grow! [chuckling].




The amount of people on the fringes relative to the amount of people in the sort of metropolitan elite cabal, grows exponentially every year! And, in fact, yeah there’s a ton of statistics. So one of them is that 55 percent of people in Britain believe our political system is broken! And the they’ve got a ton of this kind of information. So the general consensus here is that there’s this, hell of a lot of pissed-off people in Britain! And Hope Not Hate are looking to find out why that is, and who is doing that. Because that can only happen if the cultural power of Hope Not Hate, or let’s say the establishment and the elites, is on the wane. And that’s why it’s important not to get too carried away with ideological purity here. Because whatever you think of somebody like Sargon of Akkad, he is actually a problem to them, because he is undermining their position! He is questioning political correctness, and to a massive audience!


And what this does, what this has, is to eat away at the cultural power which the elites have. And Hope Not Hate is acutely aware of this and where it’s going to go. Well, or where it could go. And that’s the problem.



They need to have everything under control, because if the masses let’s just say, they aren’t actually supposed to know that political correctness exists. They’re not supposed to be conscious of it! They’re supposed to think of it as just being the way things are! This is just how you should behave. This is the morality of the times. And this is just doing, and thinking, and saying the right things! And when you’ve got people who are constantly hammering away at this, then more and more people are gonna start and question the pervading orthodoxy. And so, Hope Not Hate is there to make sure they don’t do that! Because eventually, it’ll eat its way back to the elites themselves, to the center of power! And that’s what they don’t want to have happen..


What do you want to have happen, is where the vast bulk of the population remains subdued to the globalist morality, the globalist orthodoxy. But there’s always will be fringe elements, and they will be quite easy to contain, and their sphere of influence will be tiny. But mainly, because of the internet, that’s not the case anymore! And the orthodoxy is being, to one degree, or another, shown up, and ridiculed, and exposed!


Now, because one person such as, you know, the Katie Hopkins types, there’s a lot of people in there, even in UKIP, and Paul Joseph Watson, they’re all in there, Lauren Southern.



You can have a discussion they’re not kind of cutting deep enough, but okay, whatever! We are, where we are. And Hope Not Hate are really worried about this, because the power to keep the masses under control is very much on the wane. And, in fact, it’s manifested itself in 2018, with people in their thousands marching on London, which is — if you’re the sort of cosmopolitan cabal who are dumping on the people — the last thing, that’s the last thing you want! And Hope Not Hate says again, and again, is this huge problem!


But the problem is, people are going to become conscious of, … Once people become conscious of the political correct orthodoxy itself, then they’re also going to be conscious of what Hope Not Hate are. And what Hope Not Hate do! So then, far from actually being something which is useful to the elites, just from their perspective I would probably defund and abolish Hope Not Hate as fast as possible! Because Hope Not Hate, I mean, they have all of these lines in the report about how the people, and all of these statistics as well, about how the people do no longer trust the elite!




But the problem is Hope Not Hate are the people who are going to try and destroy people’s lives for not agreeing with the elite! And so, I mean, if just say, you know, if I was a big Goldberg and a bank, and I was funding Hope Not Hate I would be reading this report, and I’d be thinking:


What the hell are we paying you kids for? You are fucking useless!


The situation is just getting worse, and worse! In fact, your very existence sorts of perpetuates the problem, because you are an aggressive, mean, vindictive organization, which is directly connected to the elites!



I think that’s bad play! I would definitely look to shelve Hope Not Hate itself, if I was one of the elites. But in any case, that’s probably not likely to happen, because then I don’t know how they’re gonna keep us under control! Because the fringes, because of the internet, the fringes are no longer very easy to sort of wall off from the general population.


This is, of course, one of the strategies all along has been to use the two. So Hope Not Hate used cultural power, a soft power. That’s really what this is, soft power. But the state, this sort of pincer movement. So, on the one hand you’ve got the cultural power of the media, and Hope Not Hate, and the universities. And then on the other side of the pincer movement, you’ve got brute state force!


And what we’ve seen in the last year, you know, somebody says something, he mis-genders one of them people on Twitter, and he’s got the police kicking this door down! That’s not ideal, because then, all that does is then give more of a sense of grievance to the general population. And it’s a sign that the cultural power is on the wane! They can’t hold it anymore through purely meta-political means.



The idea would be that dissidents are on the one hand crippled and silenced through state power, while at the same time, the fact they are crippled can be explained with cultural power — these are extremists, these are nut jobs! But with cultural power on the wane, they’ve lost the ability to do that, because nobody really believes in the cultural power that much. Well yeah, okay, hold on, they are still a lot of people who do believe in it but it’s very much on the wane! And all you have left with, increasingly, is brute state force, and police kicking people’s doors down for “hate think”! And that’s worse again, because then it adds to the general sense of animosity and grievance within the general population.


And Hope Not Hate is trying to point this out, but they couldn’t have actually been more explicit about it, without actually just saying:


People just think we’re bullshit artists! And they’d like to see us gone from the cultural sphere!


Because I mean, they’ve supposedly got 70,000 Twitter followers, but there’s almost no interaction on the account at all. So, and this is important, because in order to have cultural power you’re going to have to present yourself that you are the moderating voice! You are the standard position! The one with all of the arguments. And they don’t do that! They don’t even try to do that, whatsoever!


Sargon of Akkad can make a video about, you know, like Muslim extremists, or something like that, something which is non politically correct, and he’ll get a much, much, much bigger response to that. And a reach with that, than anything that the cultural power has, except mainstream television. That’s all they’ve got. And so the idea that Hope Not Hate are standing on the same center ground, is ridiculous! Because to them, the fringes then have come so far in, that the elites and their cultural spheres are beginning to look like the fringe themselves!



The masses are, if you find a voice, even though I mean, the right to point out, there’s no political leadership whatsoever ideologically. Which is why I’m not gonna get into some sort of purity spiral here. Ideologically, it’s a dog’s breakfast! It’s a complete mess! Because everybody bickers, nobody agrees on anything’s! But, there is this general under tension in the society, and it’s extremely worrying to Hope Not Hate. In fact, this is the whole report, this year, and it’s one of waning cultural power.




And what we’re going to see, and that won’t come back, either. And people like these, they do understand this, because it’s what the Left did, it’s the long march through the institution’s, gradually changing the morality of the population over time. And they even cite cultural Marxism on their website as being a conspiracy theory. [chuckling] And then, they’ll [chuckling], all right, how did we get where we were then? How did that happen by magic? They are the living embodiment of it! When once they reached a degree of cultural hegemony then it was time to, you know, boot people’s doors down! And once they had that cultural power, well yeah, your face goes up on the website and:


You’re a racist scumbag forever! Your life is destroyed! And let that be a warning of the rest of you bastards!


That’s the general way they look at it. And yet, they’re gonna turn around and say:


Well, that never happened! This is just normal life.


Bullshit! We can all see it! And they’re not very popular for it either.



So what I think is the real problem, is that they can no longer, … There’s a flow coming from the general mass of what will be the White British, and the cultural and State force is there to try and prevent it, but the cultural side of it, is letting the side down. And what they see is the dissidence, the fringe connecting with the main mass as a hotline! Which is already happening. And a certain, a critical theory now is being directed towards the Left and it’s extremely popular! Much more popular, and edgy, and fun, than anything they have to offer. And I don’t know what they’re gonna do about that, because we’re already gonna see more State force.


There’s more, and more, relying on the police, the man in the uniforms coming to arrest people. And that’s, because the cultural power which Hope Not Hate represents, is a dying force. I think soon, they’ll just be not a pincer anymore, but just one sort of left hook, which is the State itself.


And the mask will be off! The velvet glove will slip, and the rusty knuckle duster will be revealed!


But nevertheless, we’re gonna keep on going, and it’s gonna be fun! And if I make it in there next year [chuckling] all the better, I’ll do another review next year and see where we are! I will say one thing though. These people aren’t working forty hours on the factory! They attack us full-time. So if you like the chip in below, thank you very much!


See you later.

















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VertigoPolitix – The Tactics of Immigration, Jul 2018 — TRANSCRIPT


[In this 10 minute video VertigoPolitix outlines the central role of Organized jewry in the deliberate racial dispossession of Whites throughout the West, giving the examples of jewish engineered changes to immigration policies in the USA, Australia, and Britain, that constitute a form of genocide by other means.


Organized jewry, the true “deep state” behind the curtain and facade of “democracy“, are carrying this genocide out primarily through mass non-White invasion (labeled as “migration”) but also through the promotion of feminism, miscegenation, abortion, homosexuality, gender dysphoria, etc.


In addition, to facilitate the effects of such dysgenic factors, Organized jewry has subjected Whites to — over generations now — psychological warfare, through their control over the media, education, etc., to induce White guilt and self-hate.


The ultimate aim of these programs is to bring about a Jew World Order ruling over former White countries, that will have been turned into multi-racial brown skinned, dysfunctional societies, no longer able to resist jewish tyranny.





NOTE: This video is longer available at the VertigoPolitix channel, but is available at the YouTube channel below.





The Tactics of Immigration


Jul, 2018




Click here for the video:




Re-published on Jul 23, 2018 by:




YouTube Description


This content was produced by VertigoPolitix and has not been altered or changed from its original format, nor is it monetized, simply re-posted/mirrored for posterity, with permission.




(9:51 mins)






Immigration is a form of demographic genocide, which either by design, or consequence, results in ethnic cleansing. In addition to this Western governments are effacing their European populations by promoting a variety of other schemes such as miscegenation, abortion, homosexuality, gender dysphoria, and White guilt.



But immigration has been, by far, the most successful approach towards complete replacement. And if this does not drastically change within the next two decades, Europeans will be the first race to become extinct.



So who within the political class is behind immigration policy? And how have they been able to coercively open the floodgates?

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