Monika Schaefer – The Flipside with Monika – Ep 1 – Intro – Jun 29, 2024 – Transcript


Monika Schaefer


The Flipside with Monika


Ep 1 – First Show, Intro


Sat, Jun 29, 2024


[In this first weekly podcast episode on Republic Broadcasting Network, Canadian nationalist and author, Monika Schaefer introduces herself with her backstory and what she plans for future episodes:

Topics include:

1. Monika introduces herself and her radio show “The Flipside with Monika” on Republic Broadcasting Network.

2. She discusses her background in radio and other shows on the network.

3. In 2011, Monika woke up to the lies about 9/11 and went down the “rabbit hole/rabbi hole” researching suppressed topics.

4. She realized the history about WWII and the Holocaust she was taught was inverted.

5. In 2016 she posted her six minute video on YouTube, “Sorry Mom, I Was Wrong About the Holocaust.”

6. Later in 2016, she visited her older brother Alfred in Munich, Germany, and was unexpectedly arrested at the Holocaust denial trial of lawyer, Silvia Stolz.

7. Monika spent 10 months in jail, and then returned to Canada.

8. Making the video changed her life.

9. She experienced “ritual defamation” in her town of Jasper, Alberta for her “Holocaust denial”.

10. Monika wants to bring awareness to current issues in Canada on her show and invite knowledgeable guests to discuss important topics.



#BanThe ADL; Stop immigration. Eject the invaders. Hang the traitors.



Published on Sat, Jun 29, 2024




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The Flipside with Monika, June 29, 2024
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(Words: 8,228 – 59:59 mins)



Good evening. Good day.


Hello everybody. It is Saturday, June 29, 2024, and you are listening to the Republic Broadcasting Network. My name is Monika Schaefer, and this is episode one of The Flipside with Monika. I am delighted to have my very own show, and thank you so much to the good folks on the Republic Broadcasting Network, or RBN for short, for offering me a one hour time slot every week on Saturdays. And this is at 07:00 pm Central or 08:00 pm Eastern Time or 05:00 pm Pacific, where I reside.


And I’m honored to join the many great hosts on this network and very happy to follow right after the Saturday Snack Shack with Frederick C. Blackburn, aka Blackburn9.


And right after my hour comes Birth of a New Earth with my good friend Janice Barcelo.


So I am immensely grateful for all the things I have learned from these hosts, as well as the many other truth seekers doing fantastic work on this network, as well as on other networks and platforms and channels and videos and, yeah, all kinds of sources.


I also have gratitude to those who have invited me on their shows as a guest. And, yeah, that has been the way I’ve been getting, well, getting “practicing”, I guess you could say. [chuckling] And, just working my craft of trying to help others understand what is going on in the world.


I also want to give a special mentioned to Eddie the Bombardier Miller of Blood River Radio fame, and he’s over on Liberty News Radio, because I’ve had the honor to be treated like family over there and have helped out with quite a bit of co-hosting and whatnot on his show for the last several years. So just special shout out to him.


But this here is my very first, very own radio show. Okay, here we go.


So today I’m gonna go solo. In other words, no guests, because I need to tell you my backstory, who I am, why am I here, and what I hope to accomplish with this show and what I plan on doing with it.


But first, I want to talk a little bit about how we arrived at the show title. And I do say “we” because I did a lot of brainstorming with other folks, for example, the good folks in Truth and Justice for Germans Society, with whom I met recently in Vancouver. And we did a lot of brainstorming, and I had some names picked out, one that I’d like to talk about in particular, which I did not go with, and I’ll explain why. It was “Radically Right”. And the reason I wanted to go with that is because in our inverted world, and well, when I was being persecuted and before a judge in Germany, and I’ll get to that a little bit later in this show when I give my backstory for those who are listening for the first time or are new to this and don’t know my background.


But anyway, the judge in our trial in Germany, he of course, demonized myself and my brother Alfred for being one of those people who are rechts-radical, that’s in German, radical Right, or Right-wing radicals and whatnot. And that’s such a demonized term. And I thanked the judge for that label because I explained about the word “Rechts”, or right has many good meanings. It is the root of many words, especially in German. More so in German than in English. So in German, you’ve got words like “fairness” and, well, “being correct”. That’s the same in English, actually being correct is being right.


But you have fairness, you have justice. Yes, justice is also in German, the root of the word is from the word “Rechts”, which is right.


So I explained all that, and then I explained the etymology of “radical”, which is actually getting to the root of the matter.


So the root. So we’re getting to the essence of what’s going on, the truth, in other words, and we are right, or we get to the essence of what’s going on, the facts, the root of the issues of today. And we are right. So I said:


“Thank you very much for that label!”


So that’s why I like that title. However, in our brainstorming storming sessions, one wise fellow, he said:


“You don’t want to exclude half the population who is still ‘Radically Left’!”


And I thought:


“Yeah, good point!”


Many of the people in our movement, perhaps before they understood what was going on.


And also many youth are Left leaning because they are idealistic. The packaging is nice, and we’ll talk about that. Everything being inverted and packaged nicely.


So in other words, by deception, we are believing certain things, and so we need those people. There are lots of good people among us who are still leaning in that other the political paradigm, I guess you could say the Right-wing, Left-wing, which wasn’t what I had in mind when I chose that title.


But it’s perhaps the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they hear radically Right. They might think of, oh, Right-wing and Alt-Right. And all these terms which are not useful for us at this time, they simply are not useful. They’re actually quite counterproductive.


Okay, so threw that title out, there were a number of others. I won’t go into that.




But in the end, ended up with “The Flip Side with Monika”. Just because everything is upside down, inverted in this world. And it’s really the main thing we have to talk about. [chuckling] And connecting all the dots with what’s going on in the past, the history and currently. And tying all these things together and just acknowledging that we are in an epic struggle! And we are, you could say, in a war, you could say we are in an epic struggle between good and evil. And in this world of this epic struggle, we, I think even people who aren’t fully cognizant of everything that’s going on, they still have a feeling that something is wrong, something is backwards. Everything has been inverted, even to the extent of life itself in that the sexes have been inverted.


So that’s okay. We’re going down a whole other road with that topic. But let me carry on.


The other thing I wanted to talk about is the music I have chosen to be the bumper music for the show. I’ve deliberately chosen classical music from the great composers.


And I think that it’s really important that we honor our ancestors, love our culture, and just appreciate where we came from, and also to counteract the well, the cancelling of our culture, canceling of us who we are, where we come from and the great achievements in culture, art, music, all of that.


So that’s why I deliberately chose some beautiful classical music for the bumper music.


And next, I would like to make a disclaimer. And I think of Shawn from Down Under. Disclaimer! Disclaimer! But his disclaimer is a little bit different. Mine is a disclaimer of what I am not. I am not particularly an expert, or a master of, for example, history.


Sometimes people think, and I’ve heard them say:


“Oh, she’s a historian.”


I mean, I guess it depends how you define that. I’m not somebody who has studied history all my life or become a history Professor or anything like that. Simply what I did is I looked into some things, came to some different conclusions about our history, and then I made a little video. And I’ll tell you a little bit more about that shortly.


But what I okay, so that’s my disclaimer. And oh, well, that reminds me, though, on that note, I am going to endeavor to have a family friendly show in terms of not trying to hide any facts or anything. That’s not what I’m talking about. Just in terms of that young people can listen and not be offended by a certain kind of language. So I like to try to keep it professional and clean language.


So, anyway, I just thought of that because of the disclaimer part! [chuckling] But I do love Shawn. He’s a great guy. And, yeah, everybody has their style.


So, anyway, what I do have, though, is a sense of right and wrong.


And I think this is not unique. This is a very prevalent trait among our people, our race, the Caucasian race, people of European stock origin. I could call us the White race. I’ll just say a little word about that. Yeah, I’ve been told by a friend that we shouldn’t use the word White to describe us, because a lot of people in the, let’s say, the normie world, people who don’t yet understand everything they say:


“Well, well, wait a minute! Aren’t jews White?”


Okay, so we say no, and they say no when it’s convenient for them to say no. Like jews themselves say:


“Oh, no, we’re not White!”


When they want to blame White people for all the ills of the world, like they love to do. However they pretend to be White, or many of them have mixed with White people to look very White.


So that is true.


So we have to be careful with our words in that regard. I do still call us the White race, the White people. But I also try to add in the people of European descent or the Caucasians. I think that’s a good word to use. So that’s just a little tidbit, a little background.


Okay. Yeah, I was just saying I have a sense of right and wrong, as many of us do. I would say that’s a very common trait.


In fact, we do have some traits, like empathy and a sense of fairness, sense of what’s right and wrong. I think maybe some people have it more than others. But why I say it’s not unique. It’s because that seems to be our strengths.


Now, these strengths have been turned against us as weapons against ourselves by those who are the destroyers, the enemy within. And they turn those traits against us so that we are easily put into a state of feeling guilty, and we love to take care of others. So there’s this guilt cult. And these are topics that I will talk lots about in the coming shows.


A little bit about the backstory for people who don’t know.


So, in 2011, I woke up to the fact that we have been lied to about 9/11, which happened ten years earlier. Then I went down the proverbial rabbit hole. At first, I resisted. So maybe by 2013, I had thoroughly convinced myself through thoroughly checking it out. I didn’t just hear it once and say:


“Oh, okay, that’s how it is!”


But we have been lied to about World War Two history. Everything has been inverted about it! And I figured out that that thing, that taboo subject, the one that you., … I mean, it’s been drip fed into our veins all our lives, and we are not allowed to question it. No way! People are persecuted. People are thrown in jail for questioning it or for saying, didn’t quite happen that way, and that is the “Holocaust”.


So, okay, I resisted looking into it. I just thought:


“No, no, no! They can’t be lying about that!”


But once I looked into that once, I had already opened my eyes to the fact that they can lie about major big things like 9/11. That’s a major big thing, because that was a lie! That kind of opened the door for me to understand that the government is not our friend, and the government is actually working against us!




So looking at information about the Holocaust, it was relatively easy, even though it’s a much bigger issue, much bigger thing, much more dangerous to go down that road, it was actually easier for me to grasp that:


“Oh, okay, this is big, and this is a lie!”


And the more I’ve looked into it and the more sources I look at and the more I read and the more I listen, I mean, it just is so blatantly obvious that this is the biggest lie, the most pernicious lie in the 20th century, and it persists in that they are still throwing people in jail, and we have prisoners currently in jail for questioning that story.


And actually, I want to just jump right into one of the things I do want to do with my show. Oh! I do need to complete this part where I’m telling you the backstory, what happened to me.



But on the subject of political prisoners, which I then became, I wanted to mention about Ursula Haverbeck, an example. She is 95 years old. Just about 96. She was in court on, let me just get this out here. June 27 2024]. That’s just two days ago in Hamburg, and she is, of course, found guilty. But this is on charges coming back to 2015. But there were appeals and whatnot, and in the meantime, she had spent two and a half years in jail, starting in 2018.


Anyway, at this particular court trial, there were about 100 people in the public gallery in attendance. And after her last word, and I’ll just explain a bit, the prisoner or the defendant, I should say, the accused in Germany does have the right for the last word.


In other words, they can get up and speak. They can speak as long as they want, as long as it’s relevant to whatever they are being charged with. So in her last word, and I can tell you, Ursula Haverbeck is still very lucid and alert. Fantastic, actually! It’s just really, really inspiring! After her last word was finished, there was a deafening applause from the public gallery. And I know from my own experience, this is highly verboten! This is forbidden! Like, the judge would have just been having a fit about this.


And indeed, the judge could not silence them! He had to scream and yell, and basically, they had to empty the courtroom to stop the applause!


And one of her noteworthy statements that she made in her last word was:


“Maybe all the violence among the youth is as a result of them living under a lie.”


Maybe all the violence among our youth is as a result of them living under a lie. I just had to say that twice because it really is profound. You know, there is a lot of “dis-ease” among our people. And, yeah, when you’re living under a lie, and if, especially if you’re not aware of what that lie is, it does cause “dis-ease[chuckling]. If they’re misbehaving and doing drugs or just doing all kinds of things that is not productive, not healthy, yeah, that’s could very well be, partially, at least, because we’re living under a big lie. Things are not right.


So my backstory, just to continue with that. In 2016, I made a little video, actually, this is important to say. I’m born and raised in Canada. There are five children in our family. Alfred, my brother, he is the second, I am the fourth, and we are Canadian.


Now, it just so happens that Alfred was born in Germany, but it was after my parents had already become landed immigrants in Canada. So they did immigrate to Canada from Germany in the early fifties, 1950s.



And then after they had spent some time in the Arctic, because my dad was working [as a doctor] in the high Arctic. His dream was to go visit or not just visit, work with the Eskimos.


And so that’s where they were in a Aklavik.


And then they had a hiatus. They had some time off before the next assignment.


So they went back to the old country for six months, and that’s where Alfred happened to be born. That did cause some confusion with the judge in our trial and whatnot, because he lives there now as an adult, and I live here in Canada still.


But anyway, that’s just really just a coincidence that he was born there. So we all grew up in Canada, our whole family. And now Alfred lives in Germany since several decades. He went over, I think, in the mid eighties to live there permanently.


Anyway, I went over in 2016 to visit my brother. I had told him how I wish I could apologize to my mother for the things that I said to her when I was a teenager, learning about all those things like the soap and the lampshades and the shrunken heads that the Nazis and that Adolf Hitler, that they were doing to the jews in World War Two and the 6 million and all that stuff that we were learning back then in the I guess it was the 1970s. I believe I was in junior high school when we were learning that.


And funny thing, our teacher that was teaching us this, was he kept on punctuating the lesson, like what he was telling us:


“The victors write the history books.”


The victors write the history books. And I heard that. But it did not register that that had any particular meaning, because I just thought:


“Well, who cares who writes the history books, whether it’s the winners or the losers? Don’t they just write the facts in the history books?”


I truly could not conceive of somebody writing false things into a book!




So his statement didn’t mean anything to me until much, much, much later. [chuckling] Yeah, the victors write the history books! Perhaps that teacher was skeptical about this curriculum that he was supposed to teach us? Perhaps that teacher really was trying to plant some seeds of doubt, seeds of skepticism. It didn’t work on me, I can tell you. I was just so trusting, [chuckling] just this innocent little girl! [chuckling] And I went home, and I really reprimanded my mother. I was so bitter! I said:


“Why didn’t you do something to stop them? Why didn’t you do something to stop these horrible things from happening?”


And then my mother just said, very quietly, she says:


“We didn’t know! Monika, we just did not know about the death camps! Like, we knew there were camps, we knew there were work camps, but we didn’t know any of those other things till much later.”


Well, [chuckling] all those years later, I figured out why she didn’t know!


And this is what I put in my six minute video. And the video I entitled, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong About the Holocaust”. You can still find that on the Internet because it was re-uploaded many times on many platforms, many channels. The original channel was Alfred, my brother, his YouTube channel.


Sorry Mom, I was wrong about the Holocaust — TRANSCRIPT



And of course, all those things got taken down. But it’s called“Sorry Mom, I was Wrong About the Holocaust”, and it’s six minutes long, so it really won’t take much of your life to see the thing that changed my life! [chuckling] And it really changed my life!


And let me just say right off the bat, I have no regrets about anything that happened! It was all just, I guess, part of the journey. And if it’s just part of the journey of waking up and the things that happened, they taught me a lot. It was demonstrated to me how they keep the lie going.



First with the “ritual defamation” that I experienced in the very small town that I was living in for 37 years of my adult life. That was Jasper, Alberta, Canada. Beautiful place! But boy, oh, boy! It’s a bit of a mob mentality there. They do boast about their, you know, “tolerance and inclusivity”, and it’s just wonderful, wonderful, wonderful, until you rock the boat and suddenly they don’t want to get wet! It did turn into a mob mentality there. And I did experience something that it’s called “ritual defamation”.



And I have to say I am glad because I able to talk about it firsthand, how they keep the narrative going. This is one of their methods. I had the perfect set of ingredients. I think if I had been in a big city, that wouldn’t have worked like that. But being in a small town where you basically know everybody and you’ve been there a long time, you’ve been wearing many hats that, … I’m talking about myself. I had worn many hats, you know, Culture and Rec Board and environmental organizations.


I mean, I was always really active. I was really active in trying to do things right and fix the wrongs, make things right and make things better. And always, all my life! It’s just that I was, most of my life, still under the spell.


And it turns out some of the endeavors that I was involved in were completely on the wrong side!



Like, for example, I was in the Green party, and I was a candidate for the Green party, and please don’t hold that against me! [chuckling]


Now, I understand that it’s the “Watermelon Party”, meaning green on the outside and red on the outside. Sorry, red on the inside. Very communist.


I think they are the worst of the parties. They kind of set the agenda. You know, in Canada, they’re very much a fringe party because we have this First Past the Post system, so they don’t have many in Parliament or in the provincial legislatures. They do have some now, but they do set the agenda. They really do! Like with their climate change agenda and whatnot. Oh, that’ll be another topic for some future shows. But, yeah, that’s just an aside there.


So then after this was going on for a year and a half. I decided to go visit my brother again in Germany for Christmas, 2017. So off I go, get on an airplane. I was just going over for a month to spend some time to enjoy, you know, wonderful conversations around the dinner table and walks through the lovely forest behind his place and just have a nice time. You know, we could just talk all day and have a great time. We have a lot of laughs, too, let me tell you. We do laugh a lot. Great sense of humor my brother has, just an aside there., …



Sylvia Stolz – Lawyer Who Was Jailed for Presenting Evidence in the Zundel Trial


Okay. So January 3. I didn’t know this when I first went over there, but I was told that Sylvia Stolz was on trial. We wanted to attend. It was not too far from where my brother lives, so it was in Munich, Germany. Off we go. They spot me. They arrest me! Now this was quite a shock to me. The first couple of months were really so shocking! That time crept by. Each day was like a month, and just, it wasn’t easy.




But I have to say, after the first couple of months, things got to be, I would say I had a wonderful time. [chuckling] It was super interesting. I made good friends there. Of course, you know, high security prison, but fine! Once I let go of the notion that I didn’t have control over my own physical presence there, but I had control over my mind and heart and spirit and soul, and they weren’t going to get those, and I became very joyful.



So I spent ten months in jail, [Stadelheim Women’s Prison] and then, yeah, came back to Canada and, … Okay, where do I want to go from here? That’s basically the backstory for who I am, what has given me, basically, this platform to be talking to you today.


And I want to tell you a little bit about the features that I’ll have, the topics that I want to go into. I told you earlier, I’m not an expert on too many things. For sure, I’m an expert on my own experiences! And I have learned a lot, but I would like to invite guests who will be, you know, specializing in various topics so that they are the experts. That’s really my intention. Yeah, after the break, and that’s coming up right away. I’ll continue with the show. Thank you.








[End Break]




Isn’t that just the most beautiful, sublime music? Welcome back to The Flip Side with Monika.


I’ll talk a little bit about that you probably recognize that melody that is from the Emperor Quartet, string quartet by Joseph Haydn. And it also is the melody that is the German national anthem.


I want to tell you a little bit, a story. A friend of mine in Jasper, she was from Germany originally, an elderly lady. I was visiting another friend in the hospital one day, brought my violin along to play a little bit of music for her. And this other woman, I’ll just say her first name, Renate. She was there. And I played a few things. Then I played that melody.


And remember, it is a Haydn string quartet from the middle movement of a string quartet from long ago, it was composed.


Anyway, when I started that melody with my violin, she actually jumped in terror! She flinched. It was absolutely astounding! She had fear in her face. And, oh, it’s so sad! This guilt cult and the Germans being made to be down in the gutter with their own, everything about themselves, like this should make her feel proud and happy. But no, it did the opposite. She was afraid. She felt like this was forbidden. This was a forbidden piece of music! I shouldn’t be playing this! Oh, my goodness! It shocked me, but didn’t really shock me. By then I understood what was going on and, oh, it was so sad!


So that’s a little story about that melody. This is how the German people have been brought to their knees! To their knees with the guilt cult. Even just hearing the melody of their national anthem is something that they flinch back at.


And speaking of the guilt cult, that really is a big thing in our lands here in America, in Canada, in the United States, and basically all White nations or countries that have been predominantly of European people. And in Germany, I would say it’s the heart of where the re-education had to be the strongest. And re-education, a’la George Orwell style, where they erase the history and replace facts with lies. And a new false history is believed.


And in this new false history that is believed, and then the next generation and the next generation really believes it. They’re just burdened and saddled with this incredible guilt cult. And that is this weapon! And what is the thing that creates the origins of this guilt cult in these times anyway, is the Holocaust. And the Germans are guilty! And by extension, now the entire White race is guilty for one reason or another. But there you didn’t do enough to stop it or whatever.


And then, of course, we’re guilty of all these other wrongs that have happened that were told.


Now, let me just get this perfectly clear and straight. These are the lies that we’ve been told. A good example that comes to my mind immediately in the United States is the slavery issue.



And, of course, it doesn’t take much digging to find out that, well, actually, that was a jewish thing. The jews owned most of the ships that brought the slaves over from Africa, and then the black people were selling black people, the negroes were selling other negroes to the jews, who then transported them over. And they never had any slave auctions on the Sabbath day, the Saturday. Right? Am I right on that? I think that’s correct.


Anyway, so this was a jewish thing.


And also there’s this misunderstanding, I mean, I learned in school about slavery and thinking that all the folks, especially in the southern states, they all owned slaves. Well, nothing could be further from the truth! It was actually quite a small percentage of folks who owned slaves, and then black people owned black slaves. That’s quite a story.


And then I learned that there were White slaves. They were called “indentured servants” or something, but they were treated worse because they were cheaper, the blacks were more expensive, so they were actually treated better.


I mean, there’s all these things in our history that these are lies, but yet we have this guilt cult. That’s just one of them.


Now it’s, you know, climate change, climate change! Well, of course, it’s a fear, fear, fear being put into the youth. And there’s always something that the youth have to be very afraid of in my day, it was the nuclear threat, and I got very involved in that, and fighting nuclear power and the whole nuclear industry, and, of course, the nuclear bomb threat and whatnot. And now I feel a little bit differently about that. But that’s another subject, and I won’t get deeply into that right now, [chuckling] but it’s just one more thing that we’ve been lied to.


But the point of that was that the youth is constantly being kept in a state of fear! And these days, the big thing that the youth is being scared out of their wits on is climate change. I have to tell you, I have to confess, that was a harder lie for me to actually grasp and figure out the truth of, than the Holocaust. Believe it or not! I hung on to that one longer. That’s what I’m trying to say. I hung onto that lie longer than I hung on to the well, then I believed in the Holocaust until I looked into it and found out it was a big hoax.




So, yeah, I think probably partly because I was so involved in the Green party and I was under their spell! [chuckling] And, yeah, it was my dear friend, and she is no longer with us, but Faye Ash from Calgary, who set me straight on that. Finally! She worked on me for a while in a very nice and kind way.


So I want to do a shout out to Faye Ash. She is the one who Spearheaded the big battle in Calgary, Alberta, to get the fluoride taken out of the water there. Yeah, they had been fluoridating the water, and boy, did she work hard on that. And she always said:


“Leafletting! Leafletting! Leafletting! That is the most effective way to get your word out!”


And, I mean, they had a whole team of people, but she was really behind all that. And a whole team of people to work on the counselors and actually get counselors in, elected, who were very well versed on the issue, and they indeed succeeded.


I mean, that’s a winning story! I love that story because it inspires us that, yeah, we can get things changed for the better. Okay. I hadn’t even planned to talk about that, but it just came up. [chuckling]


Reclaiming our language. This is going to be a big topic in this show. We must reclaim our language. It has been twisted and turned upside down. Perfectly good words have been made into smear words, and perfectly good symbols have been made into something that is representing something ugly, and everything’s been turned upside down.


I mean, even the word “truth”. Truth is really good, right?


But I remember when they came up with “911Trutheeer”. But you have to really draw it out, right? And then it takes on this awful meaning:


“Oh, you’re just a 911Trutheeeer!”


I have to laugh about that.


But, yeah when we were children, there was that saying, you all have heard it:


“Sticks and stones will break my bones, but words will never hurt me!”


And that’s what we chanted that in the schoolyard back then because we were basically telling each other:


“Ha, you can’t hurt my feelings!”


Well, where have we gone since then?


Now, just because you might hurt somebody’s feelings, you might get charged with, what did they call it? A “hate crime”? Or, you know, you’re “offending” somebody and oh, my goodness! Yeah, this is something is going to be a big topic.


When I said symbols, or an image, the imagery of a rainbow. So the most beautiful thing in the natural world. And what did they do? They take the rainbow and make it represent something that’s actually very perverted and sick! And something that culminates in the termination of life itself with the switching of the sexes. Like, really, this is perverted, is it not? Like maybe somebody who hasn’t woken up to the bigger agenda might say:


“Well, it’s okay. You know, we should be tolerant. We should be okay with this. Like, these people can’t help it.”


Well, I hardly think that’s the truth! There’s this five step thing.


There’s a plea for tolerance.


Then there’s a plea for acceptance.


Then there’s the plea for normalization.


Then there’s the demand for compliance.


And the fifth stage is total conquest!


Let us not get to that fifth stage, because, yeah, okay, enough said about that topic.


But we are in a war, and one of the big methods of warfare is psychological warfare. And, yeah, these are the words, the language, the weaponization of labels. You know, if you’re called a, well, first, the “Holocaust denier”. Okay, so that’s my specialty, my subject. That’s the one I got persecuted on and thrown in jail on.


But now they use that “denier”, that half of that term, and put it onto anything else. Attach it to “climate denier” or “vax denier” or what else? There’s a few other examples. Oh, oh, this is a good one. “Residential school denier”. This is a new one.


Now this brings me to another topic. I would like to bring some attention to some Canadiana, Canadian things that are going on. I’m not sure if there’s another host on the RBN that is from Canada, but if so, great! But because I am Canadian, I’m in Canada from Canada, I could focus a little bit about some of the things going on here.


For example, you’ve all heard the story about the mass graves and the residential schools and all that.


So this is kind of like the Holocaust. Nobody’s saying that there weren’t residential schools, however, and nobody’s saying that there weren’t camps in Germany. So that’s parallel. But where are these mass graves?


So it was three years ago, just over three years ago, it was in May of 2021 that this big story broke that at Kamloops, which is not that far from where I live, that they discovered with this, what was a ground penetrating radar, that they discovered anomalies, and they declared there to be unmarked graves in the apple orchard. Oh, boy! That went around the world. It quickly went from unmarked graves to being called “mass graves”. I think in one of the mainstream big newspapers, I think the New York Times, maybe, or one of the other ones. Big mainstream newspapers calling it “mass graves”, and they’ve never actually negated that.


And this story continues. Then what followed over the next few years was burning of a lot of churches. And what does our prime minister say?:


“Oh, well, it’s understandable because, oh, there’s this justified anger against the against the Churches. So it’s understandable.”


So we’re having our equivalent of the BLM, the, “Burn, Loot and Murder”. Oh, I’m sorry! That stands for something else, doesn’t it? [chuckling] But we’re having our equivalent here in Canada with the Aboriginal people.




So that’s going to be another topic that I will definitely want to bring some guests on to discuss. Because guess what? None of these graves have been exhumed, or so-called graves. The apple orchard. None of these anomalies have been investigated. Not a single one! And I mean, in cemeteries, some of these graves, yeah, they’re unmarked, because the wooden crosses fall down, they don’t get maintained. And that’s just the way it is. It’s not just for Aboriginal people, not just for Indians.


And by the way, you’re not allowed to say “Indians”, but they call themselves Indian, but apparently we’re not allowed. There’s a fellow I know of who just basically got canceled, you know, for everything. Canceled out of everything for saying the word “Indian”. Go figure. Okay. That’s right onto that topic of reclaiming our language. So we’ll talk more about that subject in some future episodes.


Now, something that’s really important to me is to reach an audience who may not know, not yet have connected all the dots or even just figured out the most basic things. So how do we do that? Sometimes we get accused of kind of talking within an echo chamber. I think that if we could let that happen or we can be active and try to share these things. If you have listened to a podcast or seen a video or read a book that you find particularly useful, that you think this is good to share, do so! Share it with people. Share it with your friends, your neighbors, your relatives, whoever, even if they don’t yet knows maybe you’re planting some seeds. Maybe you’re gonna just be that little nudge that gets them to finally look.


On the topic of people who understand and know versus people who don’t, I want to just tell you all that there are a way more people that are in the know about these big topics. Even the Holocaust topic, the so-called Holocaust, that didn’t happen, the jewish Holocaust, way more people are in the know than we realize.



Entschuldigung Mama, ich hatte Unrecht was den Holocaust betrifft — TRANSCRIPT


And I’ll tell you how I know that this is first hand experience. When I did my little video, my six minute video in 2016, and that went out into the big wide world via the World Wide Web, and it kind of went viral, got translated into three different languages within the first four days by people I’d never heard of, didn’t know, and it really took off. It took my breath away a little bit. [chuckling]


Anyway, I then started hearing from people from everywhere, from different countries, but also from different places within my very own province where I live, but from just little tiny towns or communities. I just started hearing from people either by phone or they found me somehow, right on the Internet. They found me somehow.


They reached out to me and they told me that they know about this, but they themselves had never gone public, so they felt very alone! This is the thing, because it’s such a taboo topic, this Holocaust topic. People don’t talk about it when they know about it. And then it kind of what do you call that? It’s a self perpetuating myth that, it’s only a few nutcases that think that it didn’t happen. It’s just that that nutcase Monika Schaefer, or that nutcase Ernst Zundel in the day, or Jim Kegstra. Or all these wonderful people that came before us that felt very alone, probably because, well, and this was some of these people prior to Internet and all that. And all my admiration goes to them.


But anyway, people just think that they’re alone, and it’s because they don’t know. And the people around them that know, they don’t talk about it. Nobody talks about it publicly. Well, that is changing now. And it needs to change. Because when people feel very alone with this subject, it helps our enemy to perpetuate the lie. It really does.


I mean, I hate to say it, but we, most of us, are followers, which, in a healthy society, and if we’re not infiltrated by an enemy, then that’s a good thing, because we need leaders and we need followers. But if we’re infiltrated by an enemy, which we are, and believe me, we will be talking lots about this in future episodes.


But then. Oh, I just lost my train of thought on that., … Yeah, if we’re infiltrated by an enemy, then we feel very much alone with this topic.


Yeah, I really did lose my train of thought on that particular topic!


But I know we’re coming near to the end of the show and I am looking forward to next week. I’m going to bring my brother on as my first guest. And he will come on on a regular basis, not every week, that’s for sure, because I want to have lots of other guests, but I want to have him on as a regular guest.


And he’s going to tell you a few stories that he doesn’t usually talk about on podcasts, some stories from his previous life, you could say, you know, sailing stories and ice skating and fishing somebody out of a lake story which all relate to what we are doing now. And he can connect those dots for you, beautifully!


And yeah, I will also in future take callers kind of like the other hosts do you know, first half we talk and have the guest tell their story and then in the second half I think callers are welcome. It makes it very interesting that way. And yeah, I really look forward to that.


I’m so grateful to the Republic Broadcasting Network for offering me this show, to have my own show. And I’m grateful to all the people who have already done so much good work, from whom I have learned so much. And I’m grateful to the giants that came before us. Like I mentioned, Ernst Zundel. He really is one of my heroes. And Robert Faurisson and so many more. I can’t begin to name them right now because I’ll forget some. [chuckling] And there are so many!


And yeah, we stand on the shoulders of giants with our work! And I feel this is what I need to do till my dying breath is to try to help other people to see what’s going on.


And enjoy our music as we take it out. Another classical beautiful piece and see you next week.


Thank you very much!












RBN Comments


(Comments as of 7/4/2024 = 9)

June 30, 02:16
just great!
to this comment

July 1, 17:22
Thanks so much, Mer! I really appreciate that you set up that chatango name for me. I had been wondering how to do that, and there it was already done. I am grateful for your assistance and always for the work that you do.
Reply to this comment

June 30, 02:18
Welcome to RBN Monika. I eagerly look forward to listening to all of your programmes. Greetings to Alfred.
Reply to this comment

July 1, 17:24
Thank you so much Edward!
Reply to this comment

June 30, 08:41
So glad to know that you have your own program now! A wise choice getting you on. You’re gonna make me a regular.
Reply to this comment

July 1, 00:54
Come to speakfreeradio, Monika!
Reply to this comment

July 1, 02:34
What Haverbeck said is just bogus “violence of the youth is because of living under a lie” when you look closer it is not the white native german youth the violent part but its all the Migrants, Invaders und die Türken, they are the offspring of the violence in the youth and there are enough video clips of german natives getting tortured and bullied. And the non natives sure care zero about the holo story, its not their Bier, not their worry.
And btw Justice is Recht and has nothing todo with rechts even when both words look similar for english speaker.
And the german word for fairness is Gerechtigkeit, i try not to sue english words in german when we got way more beautiful words, anglofizierung der deutschen Sprache sollte vermieden werden.
Reply to this comment

July 1, 17:29
Hi Kati, my point was that “recht” is the root for quite a few good words in German, so I am aware that these different words have different meanings but they all are words representing something quite positive, except of course in the inverted world where they demonize “rechts”. Perhaps I didn’t make my point clearly enough, because it seems you missed it.
As for the violence and unrest among youth, you are correct that most violent acts are from the invaders, but there is plenty of unrest among the German youth too, lots of drug use and abuse too. That is something that I witnessed in jail, many of the German women were there for drug abuse, and related stuff.
Reply to this comment

July 1, 02:51
Juden are like Chameleons, they are whatever colour it needs to be or is of advantage for them, some even larp as white conservative like Elon Musk and people fall for it, when he is clearly a jew(as his mother and grandmother are of ashkenazi heritage)
Reply to this comment


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