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The Wisdom & Musings of John, an Old Retired Chicago Cop – Part 3

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Jim Rizoli Interviews Prof Robert Faurisson, Oct 2015 — TRANSCRIPT

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Tales of the Holohoax – A Historian’s Assessment – Part 1

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Patriotic Weekly Review – with Horus – Feb 12, 2020 — Transcript




[Mark Collett and his co-host Jason have a two hour discussion with YouTuber Horus about current events that are of concern to White nationalists.  Horus has recently created some high quality content about WWII  and the distortions and lies told to us about that period.

In this discussion they deal with: the “Jamaican 50“; the proposed HS2 rail system; the SAS advert that denigrates Whites and their accomplishment; Spitfire and bulldog “patriots” and humourous mocking of such; the Hundred Handlers movement; Mark’s daughter’s endearing behaviour; questions and answers from the Superchats; and much more.







Patriotic Weekly Review











Click the link below to view the video:




BitChute Description


Published on Feb 12, 2020


First published at 23:03 UTC on February 12th, 2020.

channel image

Mark Collett

10213 subscribers

Episode 40 of Patriotic Weekly Review with special guest Horus as well as regular contributor No White Guilt.

Patriotic Weekly Review is a news and entertainment talk show. Opinions, thoughts, and views of guests/hosts do not necessarily represent the opinions, thoughts, and views of all hosts, and their appearance on this channel does not constitute sympathy, agreement, or endorsement of said opinions, thoughts, and views.

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No White Guilt
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkY8CvV8WQFe87CZGmvuYHA
Website: http://nowhiteguilt.org/
Category News & Politics
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Mark: Hello and welcome to episode number 40 of Patriotic Weekly Review! Sometimes I can’t get over how quickly we’ve sped through these first 40 episodes. That’s 40 months of pretty good content! I’m not being overly self congratulatory there! Now we have a lot to talk about tonight.


Obviously we’ve seen in the news there’s the issue of the “Jamaica 50” and how liberals do not want us to deport rapists, murderers, and drug dealers. That’s obviously something we’re going to talk about quite a bit.


We have the issue of HS2, the high speed railway, being given the green light by Boris and his globalist pals.


And we also have the issue of the corona virus which is still very much in the news. And we’ll be talking about all of these things with our special guest Horus, who we will be introducing shortly.


But before we do that I have to give a few shout-outs and go through the introductions.


Now the first thing is we are live here on YouTube, but we’re also live on Radio Albion. That is the site that is run by Sven Longshanks. He’s a good friend of mine. He produces excellent content, and there is a wealth of uncensored nationalist material over on Radio Albion. And this show goes live at this time on Radio Albion, as well as, on YouTube. So they now have live streaming capabilities. So remember after the show if you want more excellent nationalist content a great place to go is Radio Albion dot com.


Now if you would like to contribute to the show, either financially, or by asking questions, please use Entropy, which is the free speech alternative to YouTube’s Superchats. Now the Entropy link is on my Twitter. It’s on my Telegram. It’s in the description of the show. It’s also in the live chat now.


Now you can make financial contributions, you can ask questions, and all questions are voted on by Entropy users. And the best questions get asked every week. And all Superchats and donations are read out. If you can’t donate via Entropy, but wish to, feel free to donate via Bitcoin. My address is in the description of the show. And if you want to contact me just to send me a message, or to donate through another means, you can message me at Mark at the Fall of Western Man dot com. I answer all email sent to me, unless they’re just spam, or a link without any text, or anything like that.


Now, one other small piece of information. A lot of people keep saying:


Mark, where are the old episodes of PWR?


And I get messages every week on my channel! I get messages every week on my Twitter, on my Facebook! People emailing me even, saying:


Where are the old episodes of PWR?


Well, episodes one to 39 can be found in their entirety over on BitChute. They are not found here on YouTube. They’re removed 12 hours after they go live. But every episode in their entirety, uncensored, can be found on BitChute. So please make sure you subscribe to my BitChute Channel. We’ve got over 10,000 subs over there now, so it’s growing very nicely. It’s a great alternative platform to YouTube and all of my back catalogue of videos, everything, can be found there, unlike on this platform which is very, very censorious.


Now, before we go over to our excellent special guest, I’m going to introduce my amazing co-host who has been with me now, for well, … When did you come in Jason? Episode 40?


Jason: A week, or two ago, at least that! [chuckling]

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Malleate – Bullet Free Genocide – Weaponized Migration – Nov 22, 2019 — Transcript

[Australian YouTuber, Malleate, lays out the figures in an exercise that shows how the deliberate genocide of the White race can be achieved without the use of overt violence, or “bullets“, but rather by Whites being manipulated into having below replacement level birthrates, while non-Whites brought into our countries by a hostile (((elite))) have above replacement level birthrates.

The figures are based on current trends persisting. In most White countries that means that Whites could become a minority around 2056, and insignificant by 2100.

Whites need to wake up to the fact that their so-called  “leaders” are puppets under the control of psychopaths, organized jewry and its money power, that want Whites exterminated, so as to bring about their plans for a One/jew World Order.







Bullet Free Genocide

Weaponized Migration


Nov 22, 2019


Click here for the video:



Published on Nov 22, 2019


YouTube Description


Bullet Free Genocide – Weaponized Migration
•Nov 22, 2019
2.2K subscribers
In this video I will demonstrate how genocide can be commited without using any explicit violence. A passive genocide via weaponized wombs.

Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/video/cHNxsC…
Gab: https://gab.com/Malleate
Song: Xurious – Rivers Of Blood
News & Politics






For the past few decades we have been watching as Europe slips into a demographic crisis. People are massively ignorant to how quickly demographics can change. And so I’m going to explain, right now, how you can commit what is essentially a genocide, without ever imposing conventional violence on anyone.


Because the truth is that it only takes a few people and even fewer generations to commit a genocide without ever firing a bullet.


A complacent native populace and an invigorated migrant population, and your fate will be sealed!


Your family and your descendant will be eliminated from the game, and your family tree will be eaten away at the roots and die!


I will be showing you several scenarios in which migration, even when done in a measured manner, or stopped altogether, can still lead to the destruction of a people, as well as the nations and civilizations they collectively generated and maintained.

NOTE: The video contained the page for 2019. This is the 2020 version.

Source: http://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/total-fertility-rate/


Before we get into the examples I should mention that the unit of measurement we will be using is the “fertility rate”. If we take a look at the fertility rate, we will see that it is measured by children born to each woman.


We measure the fertility rate using women, because women can only have one child at a time, and they can only have so many children throughout their life. That means that your population will grow at the speed of your women’s fertility rate, not your men’s.

If you have an entire village of only women, but one man, then that village can grow at a steady rate, because that man you get every single woman pregnant at the same time. But if you have a village of entirely men, with only one woman, that village will almost certainly die, because that woman can only have one child at a time.

What ultimately matters for measuring birth rate is how many babies each woman is going to give birth to. As long as both parents are from the same group, then it doesn’t actually matter what the man’s role is when it comes to measuring demographics.

Measuring it this way means that a rate of 2.0 is breaking even, because you need two people to have a child. A woman and a husband need two children just to replace themselves.

So supposing that a native population had a fertility rate of 2.0, which is replacement, and the migrant population has a rate above 2.0, say 2.5, [Note: graphics here show a 3.0 fertility rate] then within a century the native population will have been out-bred, and then replaced in their own homeland, without ever having a single bullet fired at them.

This is, because for each generation the additional 0.5 fertility rate is added on top of the 0.5 fertility rate of the previous generation. Each generation the foreign population grows and so the generation that follows has a higher number of people to apply that extra 0.5 fertility rate to. It creates an exponential effect that rapidly changes demographics.


So now, let’s get into some examples.

This first example is just pure out-breeding. This is what you would see in the example of say like a refugee crisis, where once the migrants came in a single wave and you cut off immigration afterwards.

For our first example we’re going to start with a population of about 80% natives, and 20% migrants, which is roughly analogous to the populations of Europe. Since in 2016, four years ago now, Germany had a foreign-born population of 16%. The UK had a foreign-born population of 14%. Sweden was at 18%.


And those percentages only take into account people who were born somewhere else and then immigrated to the country. It does not account for people who were born in that country to two foreign parents.


So, to keep the examples simple, we’ll just use a village of 800 natives and 200 migrants as our starting point. If we give the migrants a fertility rate of 3, as in every migrant couple has three kids — two to replace themselves, and one additional child to grow their numbers, then within four generations the native population will become a minority in its own village. And within a few more generations after that, it will be almost entirely destroyed, despite maintaining a replacement fertility.


[NOTE: In all the population numbers given it is the number of reproductive females and their fertility number that matters, and therefore shown. The fact that a couple lives, on average, for three or more generations or so, is not a consideration here, as that is a common factor to all groups.

Also, the rate that Whites are genocided in the scenario here, is based on current trends continuing. From a White perspective they may get better or get worse — KATANA]


So just twenty years after our example begins, the native population remains the same, but the migrant population goes up. It’s now 300 people, taking it from 20% of the population, to 27% of the population.


Forty years after beginning, two generations, the migrant population is now 450 people. That makes some 36 percent of the population, while the natives have remained at 800 people, because their fertility rate has remained constant.


When we move to generation three, which is 60 years after the beginning of our example, the migrant population is now 675 people. Making them 46 percent of the overall population.


The next generation, just 80 years after the beginning of our example, is when the migrants finally become the majority, at 56 percent.


Now the initial village we started with, 1,000 people, has a population of 1800, and over 1,000 are migrants.


If we fast forward another three generations the migrants are now 81%. Add another two, to make it ten generations, two hundred years, and the migrants are now 94% of the population!

Using this example you can see just how quickly a population can be replaced! But that’s not all, because this example doesn’t actually tell the full story. The full story is far, far, worse!


Because the example we just observed assumes that the natives will continue to breed a replacement, which we have no evidence to support. In fact, the evidence is to the contrary, because there isn’t a single Western nation that is currently breeding at replacement! Every single one is below replacement!


This example also assumes that there will be no ongoing emigration. That it was just one wave, say a refugee crisis, and then after that we accepted no more migrants.




We planted one seed in the middle of the village, and 200 years later, it has grown and strangled the life that initially inhabited the village. This example doesn’t even go into things like interbreeding, and polygamy!


If we ran the initial example again but we added a little bit of ongoing emigration, just say, like 1%, then the replacement of that village is hastened to an even earlier date.


But like we said before, this was a very “positive” example, because it doesn’t take into account “negative” birth rates. We haven’t even considered that up until now. And so let’s run the same example, but giving the native is a birth rate that is actually accurate to the real world. Because the average of birth rate for every Western nation is about 1.6.


There’s not a single Western nation that is above replacement, most of them are around 1.6, which is also the birth rate of Western nations, not Western people! That birth rate includes people who are from foreign places, and happen to have a lot of kids, pushing the birth rate up even higher than it actually is.


The native fertility rate will actually be lower than the average birth rate.


But putting all that aside, let’s have a look at our new example taking into account negative birth rates.


Starting again with a village of a thousand people, 800 natives, 200 migrants, and just 20 years of time. We see that the overall population has gone down by about 150 people, but all of that decline came from the native population, who are now 650 people. And the migrant population actually grew to about 300 people, making them again 32 percent of the population, while natives are now just 68 percent of the population.


Forty years after we begin our example, the migrant population is now 460 people, as opposed to the natives at 520. It is only forty years after we began and the migrants are once again nearly overtaking the natives for control of the village. They are 47 percent of the total population!

In generation three, the percentage of migrants pops up to 62 percent. It only took three generations sixty years, less than the lifetime of the average human being, for the village to become completely overwhelmed by foreign people.


If we skip ahead to the tenth generation, 200 years after beginning this example, migrants are 99.2 percent of the total population. The natives are gone! It’s an ethnic cleansing! It’s a genocide!


This is the process that the elites began, because the our population dipped a little bit. This is where the soulless elite, who care for nothing more than the numbers in the annual report, get the justification for replacing you and me in our own homelands!


Which leads us to the next factor that has not been considered. And that is the inevitable interbreeding that will occur between natives and foreigners, especially when the incoming group begins to outnumber the natives, and they are left with no other options.


If the native population interbreed with the incoming population, the demographic replacement is yet again hastened! This is a serious issue when the incoming group is much larger than the native group, because that means they can continually pour more, and more, genetic material into our nation. It’s a genocide by genetic smothering! There’s no explicit violence, but the native genes are just slowly removed through interbreeding.


This is exactly the threat that is facing the European people right now!

We are roughly 8% of the global population. There are less than a billion Europeans on this planet. There’s roughly 800 million Europeans worldwide, that includes Australia, the United States, and Europe. There are more Indians, 1.3 billion of them, on this planet than every single European ethnic group combined. There are more Chinese, 1.35 billion of them on this planet. There’s more of the Chinese alone than every single European ethnic group combined. There are more than 1.2 billion Africans on this planet!


So by taking the previous example, and adding race-mixing to it, in just 20 years, one generation, migrants become 32 percent of the population and those of a mixed-race origin, are now one percent.


In the second generation, the migrants are 47 percent and the mixed-race on now one and a half percent.


In generation three, the mixed-race are now about two percent, and the migrants are now at 63 percent.


At this point, the amount of mixed-race people actually begins to decline, because there just isn’t enough natives for the migrants to interbreed with. We’re already only 20 percent of the population.


So while the whole number of mixed-race individuals goes up each generation, it goes down as a percentage of the overall society, until those mixed-race people are folded back into the foreign population again, and again, until they become indistinguishable from it.


Meaning that even the genes that did survive in mixed-race people will eventually be wiped out! Until there is no trace of the natives anymore. We will just disappear! We will be snuffed out entirely!


No matter how many children we have, we cannot hope to catch up with the rest of the world, nor do we have a responsibility to blow up our own birth rates just to compete with the rest of the world, which is over populating the planet irresponsibly.


We should not be punished for being the only population on the planet that voluntarily lowered its own birthrate. If we want to go forward and live in a lifestyle that is more conservative for our own environment, and more conducive to the prosperity of our people, we should be free to do so, without random global (((elites))) coming along and telling us who will pay the taxes, who will work at MacDonald’s:


Look at all these poor people! They’re drowning in the Mediterranean! What are you gonna do? You have to help them! It’s your responsibility!



The only responsibility we have is to our own children, however many children we decide to have. If we want to lower the population of our own nations, we are free to do so, without you crying, because your annual reports are going to look worse.


I don’t care about the GDP! I don’t care about taxes! I don’t care about your annual reports! I do not care about your shekels! My people are worth more to me than your shekels!


We cannot compete with a billion Indians, a billion Chinese, and a billion Africans!


All populations that are going to skyrocket over the next century.


That unbroken chain of father and son, going back further than any of us can even comprehend, is going to be shattered!

And we were never asked! And we were never consulted! It was just foisted upon us, using the justification that population dipped for one generation.


This fate was pushed upon us with no justification, besides vague notions of “diversity” and “multiculturalism”.

Our altruism and compassion was taken and used against us as a weapon, that will lead to our destruction! We have been led by people we falsely believed to be altruistic, to our demise!

And if the new arrivals had the ability to behave themselves and contain their violent tendencies, then within just two hundred years this planet would have belonged to them. That that may be the silver lining that saves us.


The undesirable behavior of the migrants has served as a catalyst to begin a “European Awakening”! The behavior of the “new Europeans” is so egregious that even the most well behaved citizen of our multicultural, liberal, democratic, paradise, can no longer ignore it!


Europeans are finally beginning to realize what has been forced upon them! The sheer magnitude of the emigration! They have finally realized that it does not matter how much you give, you will never be able to satisfy the elite, or the migrants. They want everything!


It is time for Europeans to take the fate of their nations back into their own hands. Our ancestors gifted us these prosperous nations. But we didn’t get these gifts unconditionally! With these gifts we were given responsibilities, the responsibility to safeguard our treasured Nations and hand them down to our children. That is something I intend to do!

I am tired of being told that we owe the rest of the world something. We do not! The only people we owe anything to are our children. And what we owe them, is the safe, prosperous, nations that our forefathers gave to us. That is it! That should be your sole purpose in life right now, is to secure the future for your children! That is it! Nothing else matters until that has been achieved.


Securing a future for our children is the goal of my life, and it should be the goal of yours. The main way most people can do this is just by spreading awareness, that were actually being subjected to a ethnic cleansing, right now! You just need to explain to them that just, because there’s no bullets being fired, no one’s having their heads cut off with machetes, or putting to mass graves, it doesn’t matter! Our genetic information, the building blocks of who we, are is being snuffed out by an ever-growing inflow of foreign people.


And if this ever-growing group of migrants begins to put a strain on the economy, or breakdown social cohesion, you can bet that the guns and the machetes are going to come out and it’s not going to be a peaceful ethnic cleansing, it’s going to be an outright violent one!


We are running out of time! It is only a matter of time before all of these ethnic tensions, and environmental degradation, lead to something horrible! There will be no point having any children if this is the planet we’re going to give to them, when we are gone. We need to start doing things now!

We need to raise awareness that the same people who are raping the environment for everything it has, are the same people pushing for Third World immigration into the Western world.



They do not care about the repercussions of it. They do not care what will happen, because they don’t plan on having any children who will face the consequences.


We need to start raising awareness, and speaking up to everyone, you know. The next time you hear them say something stupid don’t let it go unchallenged.


Most of the people who are saying stupid things are only repeating what they heard on TV, from the mouthpieces of those same global elite.

And the moment you challenge it, they will just back down! Just making them realize that they have no reason to believe the things they believe, is enough to help.


And there are so many people out there who are trying to spread a message that is good for us. You need to share those videos with the people saying stupid shit! You need to signal boost anyone who is putting these messages out.

I think the best way to support people’s videos is to comment beneath them. Just say whether you agreed, or disagreed with the content of the video, or if you see another comment you agree, or disagree with respond to that one.


Don’t be afraid to get in an argument with someone who disagrees with you. It’s actually pretty fun. And the more you do it the better you’ll get out it. And when someone does say something stupid in real life, you’ll have a much better chance of convincing them that there is a better way.

Comments are great, because you can’t use bots to fake them, like you can with likes, dislikes, or subscriptions. It’s much harder for people to pretend that a video with a lot of discussion underneath it, is unpopular. Discussion is a good thing, it makes us stronger.




Of course, liking and subscribing to the videos is still very helpful. And make sure to hit the little bell button next to the subscription button, because that will make sure you see the videos that people are creating. Because YouTube is trying its absolute hardest to stomp down anything that doesn’t toe the mainstream line.


The time to start taking seriously the responsibility that our ancestors handed down to us, is now! We have to secure a future for our children!


If you do not take the responsibilities of your ancestors seriously, then you do not deserve the reward that your ancestors worked endlessly, and often died, to secure for you.


It is our turn to embark on that journey, that each of our ancestors embarked on before us. A struggle is coming, and we do not know what form it will take, but what we do know is the people who will prosper are those who work towards strength today! Those who build communities today! Those who will prosper in the future, are those who will take action today!











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J-IDEA – Professor Neil Ferguson on the current 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak – Feb 6, 2020 — Transcript

[Prof Neil Ferguson from “J-Idea” is interviewed (Feb 6, 2020) by Sabine van Elsland, on the ongoing Coronavirus outbreak in China. He claims that the real number of new infections per day is maybe up to 50,000, and could potentially double every 5 days, or so, depending on measures taken.

I put this interview out — as the guy appears genuine — since this coronavirus seems to be getting out of control and is therefore of public interest. But do your own research.







Professor Neil Ferguson


On the current 2019-nCoV


Coronavirus Outbreak

Feb 6, 2020


Click here for the video:






Published on Feb 6, 2020


YouTube Description


Professor Neil Ferguson on the current 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak.
•Feb 6, 2020
677 subscribers
Your questions answered: Professor Neil Ferguson, director of J-IDEA, on the current 2019-nCoV coronavirus outbreak (05-02-2020). He addresses the work of his team on estimates, the scale of the epidemic, forward projections, the role of modelling and analytics in outbreak response, informing governments, interventions, control measures and more.

The Abdul Latif Jameel Institute for Disease and Emergency Analytics (J-IDEA) brings together global health researchers in the School of Public Health at Imperial College London. Drawing on Imperial’s expertise in data analytics, epidemiology and economics, J-IDEA improves our understanding of diseases and health emergencies in the most vulnerable populations across the globe. The Institute links governments, research institutions and communities to develop practical and effective long-term solutions, shape health policy and deliver better quality of life for all.

Find out more about J-IDEA on http://www.imperial.ac.uk/jameel-inst…
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Imperial_JIDEA

Interviewee: Professor Neil Ferguson, Director of MRC GIDA, J-IDEA, School of Public Health
Interviewer and Associate Producer: Sabine van Elsland, MRC GIDA, J-IDEA, School of Public Health
Producer: Katharina Hauck, Deputy Director of J-IDEA, School of Public Health
Associate Producer: Oliver Geffen Obregon, Digital Learning Hub & School of Public Health
Camera and Director: Tiago Melo, Digital Learning Hub
Camera Assistants: Jack Lowe, Will McCaskill, Justice Akushie Jr, Digital Learning Hub
Editing: Anne Marie Rützou Bruntse, Digital Learning Hub
Assistant editing: Tiziana Mangiaratti, Digital Learning Hub
People & Blogs



(11 mins)




[Imperial College London]


Sabine van Elsland: Good afternoon. We are here today with Professor Neil Ferguson, director of J-IDEA, talking about the current corona virus outbreak. Welcome. Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Would you be able to give us an update on the current estimates that you’re working on with your team?


Prof Ferguson: So the main things we’re working on currently are trying to get a better handle on really have lethal this virus is. What threat it poses to the human population. It’s a difficult thing to do in an epidemic, because just simply looking at how many people have died so far, this is how many cases there are, tells you very little. It takes quite a long time often for somebody being diagnosed as a case, to actually whether we know they’re going to live, or survive the infection. So we’re trying to correct for those factors.


In terms of looking at the overall scale of the epidemic, we’re getting kind of firmer estimates. What we can say is, surveillance ongoing in China, is, we’re probably picking up — if you think of all infections out there being a kind of pyramid, it picks up the top of the pyramid — the most severe infection.


We think probably 10%, or less of all infections in China are being detected at the current time. The next tier down is really what’s been detected overseas. With there, we think sensitivity is somewhat higher. But still, we may be only detecting maybe a quarter of all infections at that level. Lots of people will be entering, … Borders our porous, countries won’t be detecting every case coming in.


Sabine van Elsland: Right. Would you be able to say anything about forward projections of whether the outbreak, the current outbreak is going?


Prof Ferguson: Well in terms of where we think the current outbreak has got to in terms of scale, we estimate that maybe up to 50,000 new infections a day occurring in China. Just obviously much larger than the official case numbers. I mean, it’s going up all the time. So the forward projections depend really on the effectiveness of the control measures.


We think the epidemic is roughly doubling in size about every five days at the current time. It’s hard to evaluate how effective controls are, but there’s limited evidence of it slowing in China.


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Guns and Butter interviews Christopher Bollyn — The War on Terror – Dec 18, 2019 — Transcript

[Bonnie Faulkner from “Guns and Butter” interviews (Dec, 2019) Christopher Bollyn, the investigative reporter who has been studying 9-11 from day one, and is the author of “Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World” and his recent book, “The War on Terror — The Plot to Rule the Middle East”.

Christopher Bollyn’s work proves beyond any doubt that 9-11 was carried out by organized jewry through Israel and zionists within the US, to create their “War on Terror“, aka, “War OF Terror“, in order to justify the smashing of Arab countries, and others, per the Oded Yinon Plan, as part of a scheme to create a “Greater Israel” domination over the Middle East, as well as their larger New World Order agenda involving the further subjugation of all White countries.








Guns and Butter Interviews


Christopher Bollyn


The War on Terror

Dec 18, 2019


Click here for the audio:






Published on Dec 18, 2019



Guns and Butter Description

Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner 2019.12.18

A program that investigates the relationships among capitalism, militarism and politics. Maintaining a radical perspective in the aftermath of the September 11th attacks, “Guns & Butter: The Economics of Politics” reports on who wins and who loses when the economic resources of civil society are diverted toward global corporatization, war, and the furtherance of a national security state.

The War on Terror: The Plot to Rule the Middle East

Guest: Christopher Bollyn


The War on Terror – The Plot to Rule the Middle East
Posted on December 19th, 2019
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Guest: Christopher Bollyn

The 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF); 9/11 declared ‘an act of war’; major military operations conducted in eight countries; General Wesley Clark reveals a ‘policy coup’; Oded Yinon Plan for the Middle East; official 9/11 narrative a deception; media treatment of 9/11; the 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism; the Jonathan Institute; the Lavone Affair; 9/11 predicted; Hollywood film producer and Mossad operative Arnon Milchan; predictive programming; theft of nuclear material; Robert Maxwell, Ptech and Promis; historical roots of 9/11 and the war on terror; creation of the foe in the war on terror; Ali Mohammad; origin of terrorist videos; 9/11 memorial; trillions spent on the war on terror; constitutional treason; foreign and domestic effects of the war on terror; who benefits from the war on terror, America’s longest war.

Aired: December 4, 2019

Visit Guns and Butter at: www.gunsandbutter.org
Subscribe to our newsletter at: eepurl.com/bmg4zf

Audio also available here: https://www.wbai.org/archive/program/episode/?id=5755



(54 mins)







G&B: This is Guns and Butter.


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Bollyn: It’s enterprise software, that not only gives access to everything that’s going on in the network, in real-time, but it gives you surveillance and the ability to intervene cc to do something, to change something. And this would explain, for example, why the American military was unable to respond effectively to the hijackings on 9/11.


G&B: I’m Bonnie Faulkner. Today on Guns and Butter, Christopher Bollyn. Today’s show: “The War on Terror — The Plot to Rule the Middle East”.


Christopher Bollyn is an independent researcher, investigative journalist, and author. He spent three years traveling extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East. He studied Egyptian, Biblical Hebrew, and Norwegian, at the University of Oslo. He is a graduate of the University of California in history, with an emphasis on Israel-Palestine.


Along with research and writing, he has worked as an editor and translator. His travels and studies of German, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Hebrew, and Arabic languages, have helped him analyze international politics and events.


He is the author of “Solving 9/11 — The Deception That Changed the World”, “Solving 9/11 — The Articles”, and “The War on Terror — The Plot to Rule the Middle East”. His newest book, out on September 11th, 2019, is “Solving 9/11 — The Articles Vol II.


Christopher Bollyn, welcome!


Bollyn: Thank you. It’s nice to be with you.


G&B: You begin your book “The War on Terror — The Plot to Rule the Middle East” with a quote from then President George White Bush, one week after the attacks of September 11th. Quote:


This crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take a while.


Unquote. At the same time Congress passed the “Authorization to Use Military Force”. What does this authorization to use military force authorize the President to do?


Bollyn: Well it’s an open-ended funding and authorization. Which allows the President to basically wage war against anybody he deems to have been involved in the terror attacks of 9/11, or to be harboring anybody who was involved in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. So it provides the money, and the political authorization, to wage war based on the President’s decision that that entity was involved in September 11.


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Jan 27 – Anniversary of Auschwitz “Liberation” and Our Enslavement


Jan 27


Anniversary of Auschwitz “Liberation” and


Our Enslavement


January 27, 2020, is the 75th anniversary of the arrival of Soviet troops at Auschwitz, after the Germans had long fled, having given the inmates of that complex of labor camps the choice of either remaining or fleeing the Soviet terror machine. Most chose to flee west with their “Nazi” captors, including Eli Wiesel and his father, if his tall story-telling is to be believed.

Jan 27, 1945 could also be seen as a date that began our enslavement to “Holocaustianity”, the every increasing worship of the “Holocaust” as the non-historic event, the myth, the “Hoax of the Century”, that is being used as a shield by Organized jewry (orgjew) against any criticism whatsoever of jews and Israel, and as a sword used to cut down any form of rights for White countries to remain White, to resist the invasion of non-Whites into their countries throughout the West, engineered by orgjew.

For the vast overwhelming majority of people the “Holocaust” is essentially real, in that they believe that the Germans had a plan to exterminate jews, and among their methods used gas chambers, to kill about six million of them.

This is what I believed for most of my life. Yet after daring to take the emotionally painful steps to look into the subject, in depth, I now know that it is a diabolical lie.

That emotional process is wonderfully and humorously described by Bradley Smith, the founder of CODOH (Committee for Open Debate On the Holocaust) in his “Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist” booklet. (see below)

Please also take a look at the many articles, linked below, from a revisionist perspective. You will be challenged, and if you are the type of person who is interested in knowing what really happened you will be compelled to dig deeper. Otherwise remain a “Holohoax denier”.




“Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist”


This episode is wonderfully, beautifully and even amusingly retold in Bradley Smith’s  “Confessions of a Holocaust Revisionist“, Chapter 1.


I PAUSED TO ACCEPT a photocopy of a newspaper article he was handing out when he quickly started telling me that the stories that six million Jews had been exterminated during World War II are not true.

I felt stunned, as if Buck Rogers had somehow come down from the 21st century and zapped me with a beam from his ray gun. I had heard about people like the little man who was confronting me, who deny that the Holocaust happened, but I had never actually seen one.

He was a small, thin, middle-aged man with a white pointy beard, clear blue eyes and a ruddy complexion.

The picture of health. He talked fast (though in a well-mannered, articulate way) as if he were afraid he would lose me.

In the first instant I didn’t truly grasp what he was saying; then I understood that he was telling me that there had been no Nazi gas chambers — none – that the stories I had heard all my life about the gas chambers were meant to gain sympathy for Jews at the expense of Germans. I felt my heart change its beat and pick up speed.

I felt sweat appear on the palms of my hands.

The first thing I wanted to do was to get away. We were on the mezzanine of the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Los Angeles; there were a lot of people standing around and I supposed that he had proselytized the others before I had arrived. The others then had already heard what I was hearing now, and in my imagination each of them had one eye on me, waiting to see what my first move would be, waiting to judge me.

I felt ashamed listening to the man talk about Jews. I felt ashamed holding the photocopied articles in my hand. I could not have repeated anything he had said after his first few words; my brain had closed itself down in self-defense and yet: I was aware that he sounded knowledgeable and sincere.

I felt trapped between his sincerity and my shame. I wanted to get away from him, to hand back his flyers and turn away so that those who were watching would see that I rejected out of hand everything he was saying. At the same time, because of his honest and open manner, I didn’t want to cause him embarrassment by publicly rejecting him. I had never looked into the history of the Holocaust, had never examined any of the primary documents used to support the literature, so in my ignorance I felt I had no right, really, to believe or disbelieve any statement about it whatever. I didn’t feel I had the right to embarrass another man simply because he doubted what I believed. If sincerity isn’t to be taken seriously in human relationship, what is?

In the end the little man with the white devil’s beard and the very blue eyes made my decision for me when he turned to a new arrival and began his spiel all over again from the beginning.

Feeling defiled somehow by the flyers in my hand, I walked toward a large trash can. Even at that moment I knew that the problem wasn’t so much that I was holding the flyers as that I was being observed by others to be holding them. I had accepted the flyers innocently in deference to another’s sincerity. The shame I felt, the defilement, did not come from inside me but from the others, from what I understood to be the standards of my peers.

As I approached the trash can I glanced down at the lead article in one flyer. It was titled, “The Problem of the Gas Chambers, or The Rumor of Auschwitz.

What Rumor?, I thought. What problem? There wasn’t anything that rang a bell for me. The author of the article was a certain Professor Robert Faurisson. I’d never heard of him. Then I noticed that the article had originally been published in Le Monde, the Paris daily. It was confusing. I had no idea at all what the problem of the gas chambers might be, or what the rumor of Auschwitz referred to. It sounded crazy. And I’d never heard of Faurisson. But I did know about Le Monde. My understanding was that Le Monde was one of a handful of world-class newspapers.

What, then, was Le Monde doing publishing an article critical of the Holocaust, or the gas chambers, or whatever? A moment before I had intended to drop the flyers into the trash on principle. In my circle you did not read material that might make Jews feel uncomfortable. It was a principle. It was necessary in my circle to maintain principles about some few things. Not many, but some. At the last moment I folded the flyers and put them in my back pocket. All that day I went about my business, the flyers folded up secretly in my pocket.

That night, alone in my room, like a thief, I took them out and read them, all the while conscious of the fearfulness in my behavior, the lack of self-respect. I was aware that I was reading something that everyone I knew, and all the people I liked best, would think bigoted and dirty, and that I was doing it at a time and in a place where they could not find me out. I had spent years learning to accept the weaknesses in my character, and to stand aside from them, yet there I was, 49 years old, hiding in my room with a newspaper article, fearful and ashamed.


In Chapter 3, Bradley continues, …


HOW CAN I EXPLAIN what happened to me in my apartment that night? I read a newspaper article written by a professor I had never heard of which had been translated from French by who knows who, given to me on a hotel mezzanine by a stranger who was probably a crank, maintaining a thesis that was outrageous and dangerous because – of what? I didn’t know, but a sense of tension and danger enveloped the thing. I sensed immediately into the reading that if I didn’t reject everything Faurisson was saying that I would be in danger of suffering great losses, though that night I would not have been able to identify what they would be.

Why was I willing to read the Faurisson piece with an open mind? I’ll never know, but the source of its original publication was given, along with the date, so the accuracy of the translation could be checked.

Key statements in the text were referenced; anyone willing to spend an hour or so in a good library could discover for himself if Faurisson was being honest in those instances. I was impressed by the simplicity of his claims and the objectivity of his tone, treating as he did a matter of tremendous significance from such a radical perspective.

Another probably reason was ignorance. Until that time I had not read a history of the Holocaust and hadn’t paid much attention to the stories of Holocaust “survivors.” I don’t know why. There were no heroes in the Holocaust stories I had heard – maybe that was it. Masses of sheep-like people being herded to the slaughter. Helplessness, passivity, pathos, no heroes to create tragedy from catastrophe. Maybe that was it. Ignorance then, a disinterest in suffering unredeemed by heroic action and finally, I suppose, a kind of primary boredom with a wretched story told and retold far too often.

That being so, how is it that I was so stunned at reading Faurisson’s thesis about the poison gas chamber stories? If the stories had not interested me in the first place, why should I have been affected by the discovery that they might not be true? Wouldn’t my fundamental lack of interest in the Holocaust forfeit my right—to a certain extent—to be shocked by the possibility that Faurisson had his finger on something?

But the real surprise might have been my discovery that despite my ignorance and the boredom I professed about the Holocaust, I had believed everything I had ever heard about it. Not the shadow of a doubt had ever crossed my mind. I had believed all the eyewitness testimony related by Holocaust survivors. I had believed what I understood to be the thesis in all the books written by Holocaust historians. Maybe that is why something broke in me that night. Maybe I had believed too rigidly for too long. There was nothing in me that could give a little. No room to bend. Intellectually, psychologically, something had to break. I think it was belief itself that finally cracked that night. My mind welcomed it— but in my heart I felt the awful anxiety that only great insecurity can create.




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Millennial Woes – Millenniyule 2019 – Daughter of Albion – Dec 28, 2019 — Transcript

[Millennial Woes interviews the very agreeable and lovely voiced, Daughter of Albion. They discuss the mass rape, molestation, of thousands of English girls by Muslims over the decades, the mass invasion of Britain by the Third World, SJWs, feminism and how Whites need to wake up to their ongoing ethnocide.

NOTE: This is a transcript of the full 92 minute interview. There is a shorter (42 minute) “highlight” version of the video on BitChute (see link below).





Millennial Woes


Millenniyule 2019


Daughter of Albion


Click the link below to view the video:


For a shorter (42 min) version of the video on BitChute, see here:


YouTube Description


Millenniyule 2019


Published on Dec 28, 2019

57.3K subscribers

News & Politics










Woes: Hello. And welcome back to millennial 2019. I think we have a few nights left. I hope you all had a good Christmas, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year when it comes. I think we’ve got, so this is the 27th and the 28th and the 29th and then one on the 30th. So another 3 nights left and another, let me see now, another 11 streams left. So welcome back, and I am here with Daughter of Albion. Daughter of Albion is, …


DAlbion: Hello!


Woes: Hello! And I discovered her channel a few months ago. But I think somehow I missed it for the first few months. Why don’t you introduce yourself to people and talk about your channel? Welcome to Millennial!


DAlbion: Oh hi! Well hi folks. It’s really nice of you to have me on. I’m delighted to be here. So, as you say, yeah I started this channel just about two, or three months ago. I think like a lot of people have a growing interest in what you might call demographic replacement and the ongoing disfigurement of Europe and the English-speaking nations.


So I was curious really to see how many people out there had similar opinions, because they’ve been floating around a little bit out there. But I thought maybe I’d just stick my toe in the water and see if I could get a better sense of what the general kind of public consensus was on that.


I mean, I don’t, you know, I’m pretty new to it obviously and I’m discovering channels that have apparently been around for a long time as well that I didn’t know about. I’m ashamed to say I only only recently discovered your channel as well, millennial woes, so. I didn’t realize what a big celebrity you were [laughter].


But yeah, I mean, typically day to day I’m actually a book conservator. So I spend most of my time repairing old, fire damaged, water damaged books and manuscripts. I was a lecturer for about six years before that, teaching English literature and philosophy. Where it’s difficult not to notice the encroaching, or the increasing vitriolic sentiment towards Europe in a way that I hadn’t noticed prior to that. To the point where it’s becoming quite intimidating and very, quite, ugly minded. So that was quite enlightening.


But yeah I decided to make a channel really I suppose just to, … Having seen quite a lot of comments from men on videos more, or less, saying:


Enjoy what you’ve brought about women!


Which I totally sympathize with, incidentally. And I sort of worried, well I guess I thought, well maybe women need to try a bit harder to try to rein back in what we’ve destroyed! [laughter] But I mean, I haven’t really made an awful lot on the channel yet. I hope to make a lot more. So I guess it’s very early days in that sense. So I’m just still learning a lot and discovering a lot!


Woes: So when did you first, … People are saying, by the way, that you have a lovely voice! Lots of people in the live chat are saying it’s nice. Someone said:


All women should, all English women should sound like this girl sounds.


DAlbion: [giggles]


Woes: And it was something that struck me. Your accent is kind of archaic almost. There’s a certain old-fashionedness to you. You don’t hear many people speaking like you do anymore. It’s a damn shame!


DAlbion: To tell the truth I’m always quite self-conscious of it. I was worried it sounds very affected. I mean, I had a little bit of a stutter as a child. So one of the ways the speech therapists help you to move on from that is to become, to speak a little bit more loftily! So I might do [words unclear], it’s not intentional [laughter].


Woes: No, no no. You don’t need to worry about that at all! So how did you first come to these issues? I mean, for example, mass emigration, demographic replacement, Islam? Were you first worried about Islam, or was it mass immigration in total that concerned in the first place?


DAlbion: It was I would say, probably like a lot of people, Islam. It’s very difficult not to notice, you know the rapid Islamization of the continent. And others things ongoing over a decade now. I think for me probably after the Charlie Hebdo shootings. It wasn’t even the shootings themselves which, of course, were really dreadful, but with the sort of response from the radical, immigrationist Left, was one that was so peculiar to me. Because there was almost the suggestion:


Well, they brought it on themselves!


You know, the idea that well, if you play with fire don’t be surprised if you get your fingers burned. That was pretty much the first time I felt very intimidated by what I was seeing. I started to notice that there was almost this kind of rabid neurosis on the Left.


Woes: Were you involved in academia at this point?




DAlbion: Yeah, …


Woes: That is an interesting thing in itself. So you talk about that experience.


DAlbion: Yeah, I mean, just very innocuous, as I say, teaching English literature. I actually really enjoyed my job, and I always found the new students that came in, very bright, nice, young things. It tends to be more the post graduates who are a little bit of their rockers! Yeah I mean, a very vicious streak of anti-White sentiment that’s very kind of racially conscious.


You know, universities have always been fairly left-wing, which I never necessarily minded. But I would say from when I started there was a very notable shift in around 2013, when you had the sort of introduction of the “safe spaces” and whatnot. I mean, they feel like very old talking points now! But it did really strike me as quite a neurosis.


I remember a couple of years back, Charles Murray was speaking somewhere in America and he ended up leaving. And the lady teacher he was there with, left in a neck brace, because how these students were attacking them. And just language that I would say is quite intimately bound to the language of genocide. I mean, the idea of annihilating “Whiteness”. I mean, I tend to I tend to think when a people start to view your ethnic breed as a disease, something’s probably not quite right.


Woes: Sorry could you repeat what you just said there at the very end.


DAlbion: Um, I don’t know. I think I said when people start to refer to your ethnic creeper a venereal disease yeah, you know, something’s not quite right! A disease to be inoculated against!


Woes: Oh yes! That does, at this point, I think it’s simple, open anti-White racism! If what’s going on no does not qualify as racism, then I’m just baffled! I mean, unless we’re gonna be open about this and say that the very concept of racism was basically invented itself as an anti-White instrument! I think it was something that was created in order to shame and suppress, well European, and American, and Canadian people, when they objected the mass emigration from the Third World.


DAlbion: Oh, absolutely! I mean, most countries in the world consider their ethnic homogeneity to be the most valuable asset! So I suppose racism is a very clever weapon with which to disenfranchise of what is quite natural, through use of shame and guilt, I suppose. Yes, it’s very pernicious! And very obvious, very open as well!


Woes: Yes. I mean, I think in the 90s, and then even the 2000s, it was MUCH more subtle than it is now. I mean, as you say other people have mentioned this sort of threshold point as 2013, 2012-2013, as this point after which everything just went crazy! And I think the main, or one of the main aspects of that is the obviousness of the anti-White animus! I think prior to that it was not, certainly it was there, but it was clouded in a certain degree of academic qualifications. Now it’s just right out in the open! It’s straightforward! White people are bad! They create bad cultures, their countries are bad, their economic systems are bad, their histories are bad! And it’s something innate to well, they’re being, their White existence.


DAlbion: Right. I mean, I’ve even heard them put it in the language of:


Its in our DNA.


Which, of course, I think always gets alarm bells ringing, because you think well, I suppose the only way when they talk about, you know, deconstructing Whiteness, I suppose really what they mean is eradicating it! That is something that’s intimately bound to your DNA, then what else does “eradication” mean? And there’s a very noticeable kind of pleasure, or delight, in a lot of these people who seem to take great, just very observable glee in seeing our demographic replacement! It’s quite sickening! And quite frightening and very intimidating, I find it. Yeah.


Woes: It is for a lots of people. I think when people first realize this it’s like:


Oh my god! Somebody actually wants me gone!


DAlbion: Yeah!


Woes: It’s very frightening, very frightening notion. It’s like it doesn’t matter what I do, doesn’t matter how good a person I am, how hard I try, how much I give to charity, and help than the needy, and so on, the very fact of my DNA means that there are forces ranged against me.




DAlbion: Well, of course, because if it’s innate, there’s really nothing that you can do about that! That there’s no amount of penitence, there can be no kind of atonement, I suppose. It’s just something that is going to have to be ultimately wiped out! And some of these academics are lunatics! And they will just say as much.



And I remember, I think it was only about six months ago in the Australian Senate. There was a motion put forward that “It was its okay to be White”, and they voted it down! I don’t know if you saw that, but I just found it amazing that it was it now in politics and they actually had the gall to vote it down! I couldn’t believe that.



Woes: Yeah, you’d think that that would be an opportunity for them to sort of absorb that meme and, …


DAlbion: Mmm!


Woes: What’s the word? And neutralize it. But instead, … Because they could have said:


Yes, of course, it’s okay to be White! So yes, we’re going to vote it’s okay to be White.


But instead they rejected it. Which means that, … I mean, I understand what they would say as well. It’s, because it’s a racist meme, it is anti-black, anti-brown, so we’re going to reject the meme. But they are actually also rejecting the wording, the sentiment, that it’s okay to be White.


DAlbion: Absolutely!


Woes: And you see this all the time. It builds on itself all the time! One thing leads to another. And, you know, stuff that as I say ten years ago I think simply could not have been said publicly, is now said publicly. I mean, John Snow on Channel four saying “I’ve never”, … What was it:


I’ve never seen so many White people in one place!


DAlbion: Yeah! He sounded disgusted as well, didn’t he?


Woes: Yes. Or he was trying to. I mean, it’s pathetic, because he was obviously along with something that he thought was fashionable, and which is fashionable. But ten years ago it would have been thinkable for a British TV presenter to say something like! I wouldn’t even have occurred to them to say something like that! Whereas now, yeah, so go on, …


DAlbion: Well, it’s also the fact that it’s almost become a novelty, or an oddity, or a curiosity, to see White people together without this, well, multiracialism. That, that is now considered quite unusual to see blocks of White people that are homogeneous. I think that’s quite an interesting thing about what you said really. Yes, I think it was intentional.


Woes: Like as if it’s something bad. This is again this notion of “White people are a danger” and “the more of them that there are in any one place, the more dangerous it is”. But this is utterly insane! Because there is no justification for saying this! It’s completely been manufactured from nothing! And it is a fictitious thing. But, of course, it rests on the idea that we have been historically cruel towards other peoples. But again if you look at the history even that is obviously an outrageous lie! It’s really incredible how much this has been twisted. But anyway, I’m talking too much, this is your, …


DAlbion: No, no no! I want to hear what you to say, of course.


Woes: Well, and I’ve talked about this a lot on my channel. Not so much nowadays because, you know, the climate is so much more dangerous now on YouTube, if you want to keep what you’ve built. But certainly in my first two, three, four years this was one of my main topics. The attack on White people. Individually, but more so, collectively as a group. So it’s something that astonished me! When I realized what was actually going on, I think was probably about 2012. But then it became much more obvious to me, around about 2014. When I realized:


Okay this is not, none of this is accidental. This is not just a fad, a fashion. This is an a conscious attack! And we are being subverted!


And well, yeah, that the goal I think is to destroy us! If not to destroy us completely and make us extinct, it is to have us a severe minority in every country so that we can have no power at all!


DAlbion: Yeah. There was absolutely no doubt about that! I’m surprised that I still meet people who seem to think that that is an excessive, or hysterical thing to say. But I mean, I did if you remember Barbara Roche, she was one of Tony Blair’s immigration ministers.


Woes: Yeah.


DAlbion: She herself said multiculturalism, she wanted to see it introduced, because of “too many White men”. So there was a very racially conscious grievance she had. I mean, I know it was at Lord Mandelson who said that they had gone abroad deliberately to look for people to bring here to diversify us! I mean, people often forget, diversity, in its method, is a verb really, it’s an act of social remodeling, which makes it social engineering, really. It’s a form of “racial hygiene”, really.




Woes: They often talk about this as something, it’s just an organic, natural, process that cannot be stopped. And first, it can be stopped! And second it’s not a natural, organic, process anyway! It’s something that’s definitely being made to happen.


DAlbion: Well absolutely! And especially, I mean, in a way in Europe we have it slightly, I don’t mean to say “better”, but compared to, I think, Australia and Canada actually have legal, … Multiculturalism is legally implemented so there are targets and quotas, whereby they are compelled as a nation to forcibly remodel society. I mean, we have that here too, of course. But I think that it was Trudeau senior who had called it, I think he had said it was something like “an experiment of major proportions”. Yes, he called it an “experiment”. So it is a kind of, it’s a form of social engineering. Which I mean, …


Woes: If it were an experiment, it may be naive politicians thought that it was an experiment at the time, when it started in the 40s and 50s. But it’s not an experiment now! I mean, you don’t “experiment” on your entire civilization and leave no area, no country, no town, unaffected. If you’re doing an experiment then obviously you’re aware that it could go get dreadfully wrong, so you leave some, most of your areas, unaffected by it. So no, this is not an experiment anymore. It stopped being an experiment decades and decades ago!


DAlbion: Yeah it’s a concentrated campaign I would say. I mean, there was an article in The New York Times a couple of months back on New Hampshire, the state. And it was something like:



New Hampshire is 94% White. How do you diversify a whole state?


And I thought it was a really interesting little microcosm of an example of what’s happening to us on a wider scale. If people are interested I think there’s a little clip of Tucker Carlson talking about it. You should look up, because there’s nothing wrong with the state. It looks very beautiful, he was talking about how the schools do very well. There’s very low criminality. People all seem to work. Very safe despite most people having firearms. And it’s interesting, you know how do you diversify that? It reminds me of the language of the forced collectivization! Very odd.


Woes: There’s no question of “should we diversify the State?”. It’s assumed that, of course, everywhere has to be diversified eventually, sooner, or later. The sooner the better! And everywhere at once ideally! So here’s some place that somehow escaped mass diversification so far, so how do we “solve” this “problem” as quickly as possible? This is the mentality!


There is no question of White people having a place of their own and therefore remaining White, remaining what they are! That possibility is not only not tolerated, it is reviled! And indeed even the person who voices the idea is reviled! I mean, you can get your life utterly wrecked just for saying:


Well maybe White people should be enabled to stay White?


DAlbion: Yeah that’s right. I mean, I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it seems that there are people from the Congo being moved into places like Maine and whatnot. They’ve obviously been flown in by whomever, I’m not sure entirely. But, of course, yeah other people in the nation, the first significant part of what you share is your territory. You know, a place that is “ours”, as a kind of first-person plural.


And I mean, I that’s why I think that the name of Laura Towler’s documentary is so good, because it’s just correct. You know, “We Were Never Asked”. And that there’s a kind of chauvinism to this. I mean, there was a time they’d call this a kind of cultural imperialism, because we used to talk about Europeans having this civilizing mission.


I mean, this now is the kind of a mission to “enrich” Europeans! It’s the same kind of mentality, really. And I think we ought to start treating it that way. And they used to talk about the “Scramble for Africa” but now it’s like the “Scramble for Europe”! The difference being that we’ve already got a settled civilization, that they’re scrambling for! So, it’s very, very threatening


Woes: Yeah, it is. I mean, these are pretty hardcore things that we’re talking about. Are you worried? I’m interested in, because a lot of people will say that they would like to start a channel, or talk about this publicly, but they’re scared to. Have you ever, I mean, did you have any doubts about starting a channel?




DAlbion: Oh yeah! I mean, only in that I didn’t necessarily think I could maybe deliver anything interesting to talk about. I mean, but as for what’s happening to the country, I see it as so urgent and so distressing that it frightens me so much! I don’t see how people can’t talk about it.


It is true that there are some very, … There is a campaign also of slander and repression against the people who wish to speak about it. But, that to me implies that you’re hitting, you’re stumbling across a raw nerve. That these people know they’re doing something wrong!


So yeah. I mean, yeah, I don’t know how to articulate it, but I am actually not worried about talking about it, because I wouldn’t say that it’s too strong to suggest what this is some kind of ethnocide that we’re experiencing! And that’s so severe, and so serious, that, yeah, we just have to. I don’t know, maybe I’ve listened to so many podcasts and things now, that you sort of forget that maybe people, this sounds maybe a bit intense to other people. Kind of get conditioned to listening to more hardcore things. [laughter]


But, I think that you’ve just got to, as Shakespeare said, you got to screw your courage to the sticking point and just go for it! Because so many people are thinking the same, and what’s happening is its a real tragedy! We didn’t have much time left, either.


Woes: Yes indeed! One thing that does amaze me and perhaps I’d like your thoughts on this, is the fact that so many people are not aware of this fact. That this is the reality of the situation. What do you think, I mean, if you’re talking about just the average Brit today, what do you think are the average Brits thoughts on immigration? Do you think that they actually understand what’s going to happen? Like the way this is going to play, what it’s going to result in? Or are they just burying their heads in the sand, or what?


DAlbion: I really don’t know! Because I look around and I think how can you not know? I mean, we have these radical clerics who are on TV openly saying:


Yeah, we’re looking forward to out-breeding you!


And I hear that and I just think:


Oh my god! Get this man out of the country!


People must see what’s happening! Because Britain has always voted against immigration. It’s been one of those topics that’s been on the forefront of conversations. You know, you look at old episodes of Question Time [BBC program] from, you know, more than a decade ago. There’s always been such a great deal of consternation. But I’m not sure people realize actually that the numbers are set.


The numbers seem to be, the die has been cast if you like. There is actually no, there’s no stopping now! That there’s a strong possibility we will become a Muslim majority country. The numbers are kind of there. I don’t think people realize that! That it’s actually going to now take immediate reversal. There will be no intervention now. I don’t think people know that’s how far it’s gone! No I don’t think they do. And that could make a big difference, if they did, just quite simply know that basic information


Woes: Well this was part of the “We Were Never Asked” thing. It was to introduce people to that fact, that we are going to be, that is on the cards, if trends continue as they are, we are going to be a minority in Britain by, I think, 2066. So I think a lot of people probably didn’t, … When the people questioned who were told that, that might well have been the first time they actually heard that incredible cold reality!


DAlbion: Yeah. Well I know that I was listening to Laura speak about it on Mark Collett’s show, and she was saying that a number of people had, … Maybe one gentleman had gone away and thought about it and come back and couldn’t quite grasp that that was the reality! And there was very interesting reactions. I mean, when the penny drop for me I was freaking out! This has been something that plays on my mind a lot. I mean, it keeps me awake at night! [laughter] I don’t know how people can’t be terrified about this, because the implications are so huge!


And it’s not even about replacement, it’s also the possibility of a major ethnic, or civil, war! Even a “holy war”, I don’t know! So I think that’s why it was such a good idea of them to make that documentary and maybe look at doing more of that. Because, yeah sometimes it’s just knowing the numbers. That was a huge White pill for me, just knowing that’s what’s coming in our future!


Woes: Yes. I think in the past, I mean, obviously from the World War Two onwards, there was, and even before that, there have been nationalist movements in Britain talking about mass emigration. Mass emigration started with the Empire Windrush, I think in 1948. In the 50s there were Indians, and so on, and race riots with black people, and so on. So there was always this awareness that mass emigration, … I mean, it was much less “mass” in those days.





Nowadays it really is, the numbers huge, the numbers are huge now! But the point is that I think awareness of it for some reasons seem to be confined to a few upper-class people, and a few middle class people, but mostly working-class people. Perhaps, because it was their communities that were being affected first, earliest, by this change. I think something that seems to be happening now, in the last five to ten years, ten years let’s say, is that there has been a transformation so that now a lot of middle-class and upper-class people, especially middle-class people, are now discovering this.


And that changes everything. And it makes the job of our enemies much more difficult! Because they can no longer say that these views and these concerns are the preserve of uneducated, less intelligent, people. They now have to contend with the reality of it well, for example, the people like you and me are having a conversation about these issues in public. And they cannot say that we are the stereotype of the ignorant, chavvie, sort of underclass, which is what they would love to do!


Because there is, I mean, there still is a lot of snobbery in Britain so people don’t want to be associated with, … I mean, this is one of the tricks you’ll have seen, this and many other things, I’m sure in academia. Where one of the, what would it be, not concern trolling, but one of the tricks they use is to say:


Educated people have this view, and intelligent people have this view. So you must have that view as well, right, because you’re an intelligent. Oh you don’t? Have these views that all these intelligent people have? Well then what does that say about you?


Is that gas-lighting? I don’t quite know what the word is for this, but it’s manipulating people into going along with something, because if they don’t go along with it, that means there’s they’re stupid, basically!


DAlbion: Oh yeah, absolutely! You know, I’ve noticed they even do this about these horrible “grooming” gangs. Often they refer to the girls as being from broken homes, the element there is if the suggestion is that they’re kind of maybe unsympathetic victims. No I mean, I’m not suggesting, I think some of the girls were from maybe from children’s homes, or I don’t know what you call them, orphanages, or whatnot.


But actually, a lot of stories I’ve heard of are there with families who have very concerned about them, who they get these girls, of course, these groomers, addicted to heroin. So that they’re tearing the hair out to get out the house, the families can’t stop them. And that there is an element of that there, yes, of course.


Immigration it affects, I mean, Savile Town in North Yorkshire. But I was reading about that and that’s been basically entirely replaced with very, very hardcore, I think it’s Deobandi sect Islamists. I was reading about a story about a woman, she was the last one. The last one in the town but she didn’t want to move. She was basically being dispossessed of her own territory by being bullied out by these Muslims.


And yeah that isn’t something, I mean, I’m from more of a middle-class family. But to be honest, I mean, even my dad’s the kind of, you know, guy who kind of sits and grumbles with the newspaper, the Sunday Times, you know, reading about immigration, hates Tony Blair. I think a lot of people have made just it stick for a long time, but you are right in saying that there is this tendency to make certain demographics, is that the right, whatever. There’s a very class thing, into unsympathetic victims as if to say well these are the kind of salt-of-the-earth types, but they’re a bit more, you know, sorry but less tolerant.


But I mean, you show me a guy who’s been down the mines will day, I don’t know if people are still miners? I don’t think so. [laughter] But a modern day equivalent. He’s not going to be one for talking about you need for the progressive [word unclear] or, you know, I don’t want to talk about that either! [laughter]


Woes: These are brainwashing methods taught to and enjoyed by middle-class, you know, idiots at University. But I mean, in reference to the grooming, a lot of the girls as I, … It’s a while since I read the Rotherham Report, and I’m sure that there are probably more up-to-date research, more comprehensive research since then. That was August 2014. But I do recall that a percentage off them we’re from, probably called children’s homes.


DAlbion: Yeah like Official Services, …


Woes: Yes. But a lot of them aren’t! But the thing is even the ones who are, I mean, surely we’re not gonna say:


[words unclear] we’re just gonna leave them to it.


I mean, that’s an absolutely demonic thing to say!:


This is how they live, this is what’s gonna happen.


I mean, we can’t just leave them to this fate! And another thing they’ll say as well, and this is disgusting. I’ve seen Lily Allen say this, …


DAlbion: Oh yeah, she does!






If it weren’t the Pakistanis, Muslims whatever doing this then it would be White men doing it!


Look! That is outrageous! I mean no, because it’s not happening! White men are not doing this, demonstrably so! She says, … It’s simply a lie to say that the ethnicity is not important here. The religion is not important to you. Clearly it is. I don’t know how exactly, and we might be careful about what we say there in this regard, but clearly there is a connection! And I think, at this point, that seems to have been conceded by the mainstream media. That we have to admit that there is some connection otherwise it wouldn’t be these guys doing it so much


DAlbion: Well it’s a recurrent feature, isn’t it? And it’s not just in the northeast. These gangs, I mean, that this is another thing they don’t even mention, that these gangs are in and there have been prosecutions in Exeter, and Plymouth, in Bristol, Oxford. They seem to be in Finland, as well as the Netherlands.


I mean, it’s obvious like an agreed upon, I didn’t know you hear about kind of rape that happens in wartime. It’s like a kind of form of warfare almost, biological warfare. I don’t know.


Woes: I think more than anything it’s psychological warfare. To the extent that the Pakistanis, the Muslims have any intent at all beyond base pleasure. Is I’m not sure that they do. I don’t think it’s necessarily “jihad”. I think that it’s more just ethnic domination. I think it’s if it’s even that, but whatever their motivations it doesn’t really matter!


I mean, the fact is they’re doing this, they’re still treating White girls like, well like “meat”. And someone’s saying it’s a “rape jihad”. That’s our sort of cliche phrase. I’m not sure that it is. I mean, we have to guess at their motivations, and I mean, I’m not going to do that on a live stream. I don’t know what the reasoning is.


One thing I read which was really disgusting, was that White girls were used as a “sweetener for business deals”. Like two men would be doing a deal and one of them would throw in a night with a White girl at 13 years old


DAlbion: Ahhh!


Woes: And I mean, it’s unbelievable! If you were to say, if you were to go back in time and say to the men of Rotherham 100 years ago:


Your great-granddaughter will be used to sweeten a business deal. She’ll be 13, and she’ll be used as a sweetener in a business deal between two brown men in this town.


Those White working-class men of 100 years ago would find that such a nightmarish notion that they simply would not believe that it would even be possible! I mean, it would be so outside the realms of what they knew. I mean, that’s an indication, an illustration, of how much our society has transformed in the last hundred years!


DAlbion: I mean, I don’t even know if people now really believe the scale of it. I still meet a lot of people who are just in total denial about that. Either, because it’s embarrassing and humiliating for them. Because I suppose, there is a kind of tacit admission there that they realize that they actually have a minor role of responsibility in encouraging mass emigration and diversity! But you’re right. I mean, that’s absolutely repulsive! A “sweetener”! There seemed to be this penchant for White girls that is just, … Oh, it makes your skin crawl!


I mean, it’s actually in many ways it’s almost like it’s a kind of, it is a campaign against a targeted population group, isn’t it? And I think there’s an element of humiliation and shame that it leaves on the wider society, as well.


Woes: I think that’s a really a way of emasculating White men, apart from anything else. This has been done to our girls, this has been done to our sisters, our daughters, our nieces, our ex-girlfriends, or even our current girlfriends! And so all of these White men and boys are humiliated by this!


Because, I mean, this is the problem, they, in a more let’s say direct society, there would be a very, very direct response to this by the White men. In our society they know that the entire social apparatus is stacked against them! And if they try to do anything, the law will come down on them! I mean, this is demonstrably true.


One of the horror stories about from Rotherham, is that the father who tried to rescue his daughter from a house full of Pakistani Muslims who were going to rape her. And they called the police and he got arrested! I mean, I can’t imagine anything worse than that!




DAlbion: Well I remember, I think part of his story, he says is that he could hear them laughing inside. Which was just heartbreaking. And they had spent the whole night out there looking for him. So there is an element of, … Yeah because, of course, it’s something we find very disgusting, but it I guess the suggestion is:


Well, men in your society can’t look after their girls, they can’t protect them.


But, of course, nobody expects their child to be snatched, addicted to heroin, and the police just totally unwilling to do anything about it. It’s such an absurd, it’s almost like a pantomime! But yes it does seem to be something that’s very emasculating.


These men seem to be very, … Especially when you see images, video, of a lot of African men crossing the border with their T-shirts off, just like oozing testosterone in a very threatening way! And then of course, when you look at pictures maybe of men in the pride parades wearing dresses and things. It’s such a peculiar, …


It’s not just men as well, I think there’s a feeling that mothers feel that they’ve let their two children down, because they can’t necessarily protect them. And it makes you feel very helpless, I think. A real feeling of helplessness and that really knocks the morale I think of the nation and it’s people.


Woes: It does! I think it has a quite wide psychological effect on anyone who thinks about this stuff! I mean, a lot of people, as I said, earlier, I think they just don’t think about it. It’s just something that they’ve heard about, but they’ve not looked into it and they don’t want to hear about it, because they know instinctively that if they did, you know, learn about this, it would be something depressing.


And it may even make them a social pariahs if they were to start caring about it. This is a massive problem still now! As I said, earlier, talking about this, when you can risk getting your life ruined. And I think this is why there needs to be solidarity between us, basically


DAlbion: Yeah. I mean, idea that that you could become a pariah for being concerned about mass rape, yeah. I suppose you just, I think instinctively if we know the difference between right and wrong, and I think we all know this is very, very wrong! But it can be very confusing as well when those around you are so convinced of the alternative.


And it’s very difficult when it’s people close to you, friends and family. Because you want their sort of social approval. But I just think that this is now, this crisis is too monstrous to continue the facade! It’s just too disgusting and disturbing! And I guess you have to have a little bit of backbone really, don’t you?


Woes: Sorry! Yes. I was just dealing with something in the chat. Yes, I think that, … The live chat is another thing that goes on, it’s something I’ve got to keep aware off. But yes, I think that it is very disturbing. I think it’s essential that there’s some kind of support network, because, and there is, I mean, there is already in this country. Because when I started, there really wasn’t much going on. There wasn’t a sort of community in Britain. More so in America there was, but not so much here, at all. And so thank God it now exists! Because as I said, we are vulnerable to our lives being ruined in various ways


DAlbion: I mean, so when did you start making videos? Because it seems that you’ve been doing this very longer than any other YouTuber I can think of I mean been talking about these very difficult things.


Woes: Well, 2014 was when I started.


DAlbion: Yeah, that must been really difficult to be one of the first I think to break that ice.


Woes: Yeah, well, not so much, no not so much actually. Because (a) I didn’t have anything to lose. I didn’t have a life, really


DAlbion: [laughter]


Woes: And also the climate on YouTube was much less censorious then, as now. So there wasn’t, and I mean, I think I’ve always managed to steer clear of hate speech laws. But I have never heard from the police! I’ve never been contacted by the police about my channel. So even when I was doxxed, I don’t know if you know, about that history.




DAlbion: No!


Woes: But I was in the newspapers


DAlbion: Oh no.


Woes: In early 2007.


DAlbion: No!


Woes: Yeah. But really, …


DAlbion: Poor thing!


Woes: Yeah, thank you. But even then the police didn’t contact me. So I think somehow I’m not, … I think I managed to talk about this in a way that does not fall fail of the hate speech laws. But it’s a damn difficult thing to do! Because when you’re talking about child grooming, I mean, how do you talk about that without I mean, it is very difficult to talk about it without causing people to have negative feelings about the men who are doing it. Let’s put it that way.


DAlbion: Well, of course, it does! Yeah. But I think we have to try to overcome this tendency to always put the concern of protecting these men first, which is just something that seemed to have been ingrained in our society. I mean, you seem to have been very successful at that.


They need the glare of the spotlight really, to ever hope to atone for what’s going on here. And yeah, I’m not really bothered what happens to these rapists! I can’t probably say too much more than that. But I think it’s obvious what we all feel about it


Woes: Yeah. I mean, obviously they should feel the full force of the law. I mean, well, let’s be careful.


DAlbion: [laughter]


Woes: I just think that justice should be done here.


DAlbion: It’s not too much to ask is it?


Woes: Yeah, exactly. And because I want Millennial to be fairly White-pilling let’s move on from this topic. Not, because I don’t care about it, obviously


DAlbion: Of course.


Woes: I do care very much about it. But I think that it would be worth saying that there is a movement growing up, much more sophisticated nationalism. And this is something that I have noticed and they are very worried about it. Would you, what would you have to say about this?


DAlbion: I’ve definitely noticed that there’s a lot more available in terms of, I mean, I don’t want to say kind of “intellectual contribution”, because that makes it sound as though that everything that was available before wasn’t intellectual! That’s not true. But I mean, just so many books now that I find dealing with this subject. And it’s not even a question of immigration. It’s just more focus on identity, territory, borders and customs, what it means to be a nationalist.


I mean, for instance, the Sierra of red [?], there’s a very interesting study by a gentleman called Ricardo Duchesne who’s done a bit called. I think it’s called the “Ethnocide of Euro-Canadia”. Also Guillaume Faye books are very good say “The Colonisation of Europe”. And these are all very sophisticated works. I mean, Renaud Camus, obviously, books deal with a lot of metaphysics and phenomenology about questions about authenticity. And I think you’re right in saying that the concerns are much less. When I say “primitive” I don’t mean that in, to suggest these concerns, …


Woes: Tribal.


DAlbion: Yes! Yes. Exactly! Because the concerns we have they do you demand a level of intelligent reflection. Because they interfere with our understandings of the social contract and civic life as we thus far mean it. We need to think about how this is going to alter that. These are very serious, you know, metaphysical changes that I think, you know, … The thing about the social contract is that it has to be consensual. And, of course, at present it is very much not.


So I think you’re right there is a great deal more sophistication I’ve noticed in a way that people have these debates. I mean, I was amazed by how many podcasts there are out there now, and channels of people really talking about it. And even what they call the Zoomer generation. I’m always very impressed by, and I don’t want to be a femoid and get in the business of “man chat”, but I really like Nick Fuentes, because I think he’s just the kind of the bright, smart, quite sharp young men. It’s quite nice to see that. It’s a new generation of nationally conscious people seem to be coming through, in a way that it’s becoming much more fashionable in a way. That it’s making it easier I suppose to talk about. And it all seems a lot more positive, yeah!




Woes: Oh, indeed! I think the matter of it being fashionable, that sounds shallow almost, but it isn’t, because, I mean, I’m just conscious of what some people may say about that. And the fact is that it should be fashionable to care about your people and your country. I mean, if anything surely that’s a great great thing for it to be fashionable! [laughter]


So and I think you’re right people do — and this is what I was alluding to earlier — I think it’s no longer something that, we’re approaching a point where it’s no longer something that will lose you all your friends. All your normal, everyday, well-balanced, friends. I think that the awareness of this is now such that a lot of perfectly ordinary people are realizing:


Okay, that this is a problem.


Do you have anything to say about your own experience with that? I mean, do you talk to your real-life friends about this stuff?


DAlbion: Oh yeah! I mean, I’ve been lucky enough to have friends that I’ve met, really read these ideas. I must admit, I think like most people, I’ve probably lost a couple of, quite a good number of, very good friends. Who found these sorts of topics very difficult to cope with. I mean, I have to remind myself sometimes that people I know are stuck even now at the level of — when I say the level, I don’t mean the things that I’ve progressed at some kind of elitist sense — just more different perspectives, I suppose. I know a lot of people who still think that there’s a gender wage gap, for instance.


Woes: [laughter] so they are at that level! I know exactly what you mean.


DAlbion: When I say “level”, again I don’t mean to suggest that I’ve kind of elevated it to some lofty transcendental heights! I just mean just different head spaces, you know!


Woes: I get it. [laughter]


DAlbion: So if you want to come out then with the “Great Replacement”, then you should be:


Oh my good lord!


It’s really a good to crack! But yeah, it’s important also to have friendships that aren’t just about politics. I think if you’re generally kind of an all right person otherwise. The thing is, I put up with a little lefty bullshit! [laughter] I guess it should be a two-way system. But yes, I’ve definitely lost quite some good friends over it. Because I think I just can’t bite my tongue on this anymore. And I hear about, just look at London! Well I mean, I know you’re fond of London, and so am I, but just broad areas are so, …


Woes: Oh, it’s undeniable, it’s been completely transformed! I mean, look, I’m not gonna say that London is great, but I just don’t go along with the idea that it’s a hellhole, and there’s nothing nice about it.


DAlbion: I agree.


Woes: But I enjoy London. And I enjoy being there. And I think that people should lay off it a bit. However, it is undeniable that it has transformed out of recognition, over the last 30 years. I mean, an interesting thing is that Only Fools and Horses, which is often voted the most popular sitcom ever in British TV history — it stopped about 10 years ago. But it started in I think 1981. And it’s set in a part of London called Peckham


DAlbion: That is right.


Woes: And that was a working-class cockney fight area. And now it’s just, it’s utterly transformed out of recognition! And the community that existed there has been completely supplanted and replaced by ethnic minorities! And that’s the same story really all over London! No, maybe West London, Richmond’s, Teddington, that kind of area is still largely as it always has been for the last hundred years.


But really anywhere vaguely working-class, and middle-class, is its gone! In the sense that it’s, well at least in the sense that it’s transformed demographically, out of recognition. So that is a reality. And I’m not gonna deny that for a second. I’m just saying that the city still has a lot to offer. But, this is where you see, … Someone has said [in chat] that:


The Cockney has gone the way if the dodo!


Yes, I know that they migrated first to Essex and then further afield. I can’t remember what it’s called. But anyway. Yes it’s true! But this is the kind of thing that I think it surely is undeniable to vast numbers of people what has happened. Now and I suppose the “cope” that they’ll come up with is to say:


Well, yeah, but it’s just big cities.


But even that is no longer really true, because, you know, there are small towns all over the country now. Especially and you’ve alluded to it yourself with the ex-industrial, previously working-class towns in the north, which are now very largely Muslim. So it’s happening everywhere! And yeah, is there anything you want to say?




DAlbion: Well, just as you said, yeah it is happening everywhere. We’re sad when you mention Peckham, because, of course, that holds a great deal of affection I think in the hearts and minds of a lot of British people. And I don’t know, it’s hard to, you do wonder whether, or not all these new incomers would have any real sort of sense of whether living, as being Peckham, of, you know, del Bullion Trotter’s independent trading. I really don’t know if they do. Maybe they do.


But I mean, I was watching the Christmas carols over the past few days and I just had this real pang of sentimentality about London, the kind of Dickensian London. And it did get me thinking, just as you said, that I hate the idea of writing off London really. Because, after all, it’s our London and all the little fabulous landmarks are still there, you know. St Paul’s Cathedral and Westminster Bridge, for better, or worse.


But yeah, as you say, over when I hear that cockney accent, I get a real pang of affection and sentimentality. Because that to me is so iconic. And it’s also when you ask anyone around the world the kind of quintessential idea of the Englishman, they immediately will see this affected cockney accent. Which is quite funny to me


Woes: Or a very poor English accent [laughter] a man in a bowler hat, and so on. Which again, is also gone. I mean, this was something that I noted on your channel. There did seem to be as much as a concern about demographics but also seemed to be a concern for social decline, cultural decline. Would you like to talk about that, even though it’s not exactly quite pilling? Gone on.


DAlbion: Oh, I suppose it isn’t White-pilling! Well I suppose, you know, I guess the essential thing about nations is that, because they sort of grow from below, you know, it’s the habits of free association among neighbors. And those always resulted in these lovely ingrained customs.


And I mean, you mentioned the bowler hat. It was funny, I live in a city where, or in a town, where students were just — around September time — returning. And I guess they were having some kind of freshers week, you know, of whatever they do. And it was obviously a fancy dress evening. I noticed ordered a lot of these Chinese students were walking to this, what was obviously a fancy dress evening, because some of them were wearing, … The theme was obviously “nations of the world”, so some had on these Breton striped T-shirt and berets, carrying a French stick, to be French.


And I noticed all the ones I could tell where English, they’d obviously gone out and the first thing they thought to buy was an umbrella to put under their arm, and a little, like a bowler hat, or a top hat. Maybe like a little pocket watch sewed on to their blazer.


And I just thought it was interesting how those little iconic symbols, even though that, I mean I’ve never really seen them in my time, only ever on old-fashioned television films, or whatever. That quintessence, or Englishness, has very much penetrated the world over. Nobody, when they think to dress as the English, is wearing, thankfully. Was get rolling out their prayer mat and putting it down toward Mecca! Not yet anyway! [laughter]


Woes: Maybe fairly soon, that might be a representation


DAlbion: It could well be!


Woes: The thing is you and I can say this and sort of joke about how ridiculous that would be. In but this what gets me, I mean, do a lot of people think:


Oh, what would be wrong with that?


DAlbion: :


Oh, what’s the problem with that? Yeah, what’s the issue with that?


I mean, it was like that lady said in the interview with the Dalai Lama, that BBC woman. She said:


What would be wrong if Europe became Africa?




Woes: Well I mean, first of all I know that I shouldn’t, …


DAlbion: Be careful!


Woes: I was gonna say, first of all there yeah that wouldn’t, yeah, I can’t even say that [laughter] we’ve got to be so careful. But yes, someone said there may be “bowler turbans” in the future! [laughter]


DAlbion: Kind of funky!


Woes: But yeah, how is this not, how does this not obviously strike people and it, especially the middle class and the upper class. How does it not occur to them that everything they value would be at threat? And this is what staggers me!


When you see “Champagne socialists”, I mean, they for me the archetypal example is Emma Thompson. Someone like her. How does a not occur to her that she’s advocating social processes that would result in the destruction, obliteration, of everything that she values and really make it impossible for it to be retrieved? It staggers me! Because you’ve got people who are intelligent. Emma Thompson is intelligent. I’m not gonna pretend to think that she isn’t. She’s also educated. I’m not gonna pretend to think this isn’t, she clearly is. And yet, utterly lacking in common sense!




DAlbion: Yeah.


Woes: I think this is one of the scary things. And yeah, you’ll have seen this in academia. One of the scary things is that people can be very intelligent and very educated and yet completely lack common sense! And you realize common sense is as important as these other things, and perhaps even more so really. What would you say about that?


DAlbion: My gosh, yeah. I mean, yeah, that’s very true. I mean, I’m a bit like that myself. I’m pretty lacking in common sense. But it does some, I think what’s amazing about the particularly the way that the Islamic dress looks, it’s not even a subtle change. It’s not like, you know, a few additions of maybe like sari or something.


The burqa is so ostentatious, it couldn’t look more radically different from something Western! And to me there is an element of like the absurd to it. It’s like a Samuel Beckett absurdist play, because you have this kind of really ridiculous, it’s a ridiculous looking garment! I saw a picture the other week of the week of a lollipop lady somewhere in the UK [laughter] she’s a Muslim! But she’s got this fluorescent burqa on. Because, of course, she’s a lollipop lady. And it just looked so silly! Are we meant to not notice that? It’s very odd!


Woes: It’s like something you’d come up with as a joke! That’s the thing. I mean, it’s like something like, Monty Python would have come up with, or the Two Ronnies. I was talking about them a few nights ago on millennial. Something they would come up with as an absurd joke! And yet here we are, it’s happening right? It’s real! It’s happening right in front of us, and we’re we’re supposed to not find it funny. If we do, there’s something really bad about us.


DAlbion: Yeah, but it’s just so obvious and excessive! It reminds me a bit of that Black Adder line, something about the giraffe wearing dark glasses trying to get into a polar bears’ [word unclear] [laughter] because it’s just not even trying to look, … Something also a bit ostentatious about it too. [laughter]


Woes: Well, yes. And some people have said this it’s like it’s the most glaring, obvious, ostentatious way of rejecting British culture, and saying:


I’m not going to fit in! I’m not going to conform! I’m not going to respect the situation that was here prior to my arrival! I’m going to change this place. Or at least I’m certainly not going to change to suit this place.


Again, you know, we’re well past the point at which we could insist on cultural conformity, or whatever, cultural assimilation.


DAlbion: I know!


Woes: The numbers now! I mean, it’s weird really, because for a time, for quite a few decades, that was feasible, you know, that could have been been done, but it wasn’t done. And now, at this point, the numbers are just so massive that you couldn’t do it even if you had the cultural authority to do it. But, of course, we don’t have the cultural authority either, because our culture is poised against it, against Britain basically.


Our culture is one that thrives on deconstruction. It’s a very, I mean, we’re not in a good way! I think that you can talk about native British people, but it really affects all White people, in every White country. Our previously White country. We have been conditioned to accept our cultural and genetic extinction! As if both would not only be neutral but good events! A good eventuality! It’s amazing really!


DAlbion: Yes it needs to be “celebrated”! I mean, there are a few instances I’ve seen where in various speeches people are talking about demographics and actually applaud when people at the end sort of say:


You Whites are gonna become a minority. It’s a good thing.


And they’re all kind of like applauding like lobotomized seals! It’s so weird! It’s a very peculiar feeling. I don’t like it. And also this suggestion:


Well, you know, these people have always be in here, and it’s never been any different, and we’ve always been an Islamic country really!


And, of course, it’s not just Islam. In America it seems to be Mexicans. And they did those Democratic debates and in Spanish. I couldn’t believe that. That’s also a little bit, I don’t know if it’s threatening. So again, like cultural imperialism. A kind of bravado to it, or a chauvinism which is its almost like these people are unceremoniously elbowing their way into the forefront of society. And this takeover is so imminent.





I mean, there was a picture of AOC [Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, popularly known as AOC, is an Hispanic politician and activist who serves as the U.S. Representative for New York’s 14th congressional district] next to a guy wearing this T-shirt saying:


The future is Latino!


I just like:


Oh that’s a little bit cheeky isn’t it?


You know, [laughter]


Woes: Yeah, I think one of the most ridiculous notions and all of this is the idea that it’s always been like this. I mean, that assertion is utterly preposterous! I know for a fact because I remember Britain in the 80s, I can just remember Britain in the eighties, and it wasn’t like this! So if it was different from this as recently as the 80s, then I’m pretty sure that in the 1880s it was not like this! And it was not like this and in the 80s, it was not like this. So it’s such an obvious lie!


And what worries me the is that children today may actually fall for it, because in their lifetimes it has always been like this. And they don’t know anything else. I think that probably they have an instinctive understanding that it probably wasn’t always like this. Because, you know what all of the remnants, or the legacy of whatever you want to say of the culture show that it was White people. I mean, you can’t! You just can’t deny it! It’s just obvious! I hope it is! I’m very, I worry a lot that they will not even know that they have lost something. They will not even know that they have been dispossessed! What would you say about that?


DAlbion: Yeah that is a very scary thing. It wasn’t like this when I was at school. And so I mean, I’ve seen a very marked change. And it’s something that there is footage, you can watch this old British Pathé footage, you know. If you just type in 1970s London. And I was surprised. I’ve looked at that recently and it’s all White people! And in a way ironically I felt a bit guilty watching it. It was almost like:


Oh my gosh, where’s all the diversity?


And the comments were the most interesting thing. There were people saying, I’m going to download this as proof for the future, because one day will be illegal to watch and share. I just thought that was absolutely amazing! The change in the time is fascinating! It is like an ethnocide!


Woes: Yes. You also get these hints of 1984 about it. All things being “memory holed”, like that


DAlbion: Yeah!


Woes: The notion that that could happen. And it is completely believable that one day, you know, old school books that show only White, or even a majority White Britain. And they’ll just be burned.


DAlbion: Well I mean certainly. I mean, they have this policy, this campaign don’t they. “Decolonize the Curriculum”, which is, you know, the idea that the curriculum is too heavy with White males, so to diversify it. But, of course, with every decolonization, really is a recolonization. That’s one thing I think we often forget is with every deconstruction, is a reconstruction of something entirely different, and not necessarily truthful, or even wanted. It’s such a bizarre, yeah it’s a terrible cliche for me to mention “Orwellian”, but it really is just so blatant and shameless! Shameless alteration of your identity. You know:


There’s no such thing as Anglo-Saxon, there never was.


I don’t know if you’ve ever seen “The Shining [Stanley Kubrick’s film starring Jack Nicholson] but there’s a bit in the bathroom where, … Have you ever seen it?


Woes: My favourite film! I love it.


DAlbion: Yeah! You know the bit where they are in the bathroom and the guy, he’s talking to, is it Greedy? And he said:


I should know sir, I’ve always been at the Overlook Hotel.


Kind of reminds me of that:


What are you talking about? I’ve always been here, nothing has ever been different!


There is an element of that kind of surreal, you know, you’re the problem, you know, you’re misunderstanding:


We’ve always been multicultural! Britain has always been a Muslim country.


Yeah, there is this element where they have this exchange in the bathroom, and I’m gonna do video on it next week. But there is just a little snapshot there of this kind of gas lighting, which I think Kubrick catches it really well. It’s very bizarre! It’s a very bizarre exchange. But you’ll need to feel as though you were silly really, and ignorant, you know


Woes: Yeah


DAlbion: This is all at the same time is telling us the history so overbearingly White, which is, of course, the great irony and confusion of it.


Woes: Absolutely! And one of the amazing things is that how these two totally contradictory things are said at once, and maintained at once. And no one is supposed to notice that the direct contradiction. Either there was as a hideously racist past, or, it was always multicultural! And if so it was always multiculturalism, then were we just bizarrely racist up until now? Yeah, of course not!




DAlbion: You know, we’re a “nation of immigrants” while simultaneously being founded on “racism”, a White orientated racism! The two can’t be, you know, they’re not mutual. There’s no way that you can have both. I mean, America probably has this worse. America is both the melting pot and the nation that is founded on White racism, apparently.


Woes: Yes, yes, exactly! Well it’s an interesting thing, and I made a video about this, it’s not on my channel anymore, I to take it down. But I made a video on the fact that a lot of arguments which liberals use in America to justify mass immigration and multiculturalism there. They make arguments which are specific to the New World setting, like:


Well this country was founded by immigrants.


And stuff like that. But then they will transpose, … Like the liberals in the old world will then use the very same arguments, even though it’s not the new world context anymore. So you’ll get people saying:


Well Britain was always, is a nation of immigrants! It was created, it was founded by immigrants.


And they may also, like they’ll say:


Well a thousand years ago this invasion, or that incursion, and so therefore it’s always been multicultural.


But it’s the same argument, because we’ve heard from America, so we’re sort of accustomed to it, and then, even though in America it relies wholly on the New World context. But then it’s transposed over here. And I did a list on this video where I listed about five, or six different arguments that you would think could only even be plausible in the New World. But which subsequently get used over here. It’s very interesting. It’s very strange indeed that they do that. But I’ll put them up on my BitChute channel.


People are asking quite a lot about my old videos and most of them, the vast majority will be reinstated on my BitChute channel. So if you subscribe to that, I’ll link to it just now, you will be able to see them all, or at least the vast majority of them again in the near future. That’s something that I’ll be doing next year. A lot of them are available already.


So okay, let’s move on to superchats and questions. So if people want to post superchats, now is the time. Somebody asked Charlemagne. Yes I have dealt with that. So yes, I’ll clear that. Superchat thank you very much. Now normies must know this is happening otherwise they wouldn’t be fleeing to other countries, the Spanish countryside and Asia by hundreds of thousands annually. So White Brits must instinctively know that it’s happening, otherwise there wouldn’t be White flighting. What would you say about that?


DAlbion: Yeah, that’s a good point. I saw an interesting article from Peter Hitchens a couple of days ago where he was talking about when he was, what he calls a Trotskyist. And he more, or less said:


We pressed for immigration not, because we liked immigrants but, because we hated Britain.


And so yes, I think they know it’s happening because, of course, they agitate for it. I think that there is a kind of a pleasure they take in seeing us destroyed. They see it as a means by which to disfigure the country. And I suppose, yeah, the fact that there is this some tendency to, as you say, White flight. It’s odd, it’s very peculiar, a kind of neuroses. But they do seem to see mass immigration as a kind of decivilizing mission. I don’t understand it at all. But yeah, they must know.


Woes: It’s very bizarre, isn’t it?


DAlbion: Hmm


Woes: Okay.:


What has your experience been with airing your views IRL [In Real Life], especially in a university setting?


We touched on this earlier. Have another go.


DAlbion: I haven’t been at any University for a little while now. But I certainly wasn’t White-pilled, I might have been red-pilled, maybe. But not White-pilled back then. And obviously I had to be professional at work and I wouldn’t go looking for unnecessary arguments.


But I mean, then the question, the problems were more, as I say they were sort of very 2015 talking points, sort of censorship, safe spaces. Yeah there’s a lot of aggression and a lot of, … Although I will say one thing is different. In person I find a lot of these people find it very difficult, a lot of them are very socially awkward and quite unhappy people. And I’ve noticed if you’re in a room with them and you’re making eye contact, especially if you’re kind of smiling sweetly at them, they don’t seem to know how to, … They don’t certainly have the courage they do on the Internet.




So yeah, in real life you’ve just got to give as good as you get really. You’ve got to learn to just do that, because I mean, these people will, I don’t think they used to maybe getting quite so much back. And I tend to find that, yeah, that there is an element of — I might be lucky, because I’m a woman, I don’t know whether it’s different — but in person it seems to be a little different. These people are little socially awkward, as I said, they don’t like making eye contact and they back down quite quickly. They feel a bit embarrassed and don’t necessarily know what to do, or say.


Woes: I definitely have the experience, not in real life yet, but online, that liberals are clearly not used to being disagreed. Not used to having their ideas contradicted and rejected. Because their ideas I think often are a ticket to social acceptance. So they’re not used to the ticket, you know, backfiring if I make mixed metaphors. They’re not used to having the opposite effect from what it’s supposed happen. It’s to have supposed to verify that, …


DAlbion: No. It’s such a shock to the system isn’t it? [laughter]


Woes: Yeah. And so the other thing is that they’re not used to being, they’re not used to having to defend their ideas. They’re used to just asserting their ideas and there being a smug agreement between them and the other person. But they don’t know how to actually defend their ideas. When they’re taken to task on it, what they’ll do is just come up with some platitudes. But it’s the same one every time:


Oh well, we all came from Africa!


DAlbion: Oh God! I hate that! If we all come from Africa what was the problem with Britain, the children of Africa returning when the British went there?


Woes: Yeah


DAlbion: I mean, you just put it exactly right! It’s the smug agreement. Just the word “smug” just as used is exactly what it is! It’s just, I can’t stand it! Just makes me want to tear my hair out, that little smug exchange! Of like a “knowing” kind of look and this person just needs to get educated on social justice!


Woes: I did a series for a long time. I had this long-running series called “The Smugness of the Ex-liberal


DAlbion: [laughter]


Woes: And it was a different type of liberal each time. Because what I noticed was the time and again, what accompanies liberal beliefs or assertions is smugness! Just time after time! The liberal is someone who is so superficially pleased with himself. And it’s nauseating, actually! Really nauseating!


DAlbion: Mmm-hmm


Woes: Okay I move on. All right. Let’s see, racism was, … I think this relates to something we were saying at the start:


Racism, …


And when I use the word “racism”, what I’m referring to, … Okay, there are two things that I can mean by that word. The first is just crass, primal, hatred, or just say absurd hatred of people who are different from oneself. I think that’s a fairly I mean, I don’t think it’s really defensible. Like, just say:


Oh there’s a black guy. Let’s go beat him up!


It’s that kind of thing. It’s just silly. But the other thing is “in-group preference”, where I want my people to survive. I care about my people, my ethnic group. And I want them to have a country relatively of their own. Like 90, 95 percent. So that they will continue to survive and exist into the future. I don’t see what’s wrong with the latter at all! Because it certainly doesn’t entail any negative feelings towards other peoples. It’s simply you want your own one to survive! [laughter]


DAlbion: Yeah


Woes: I don’t see anything wrong with it.


DAlbion: Yeah, noticed on your stream a couple of evenings ago. You had Count Dankula, who I’m very fond of as an observer, but I noticed you had this interesting exchange where he was talking about something like wild cats being extinct in Scotland. And yeah something like they were having to stop them mating with other cats, because otherwise this particular breed was gonna go extinct. And you said to him:


It’s interesting to me that you have concern for that, but not, …


And I thought that was a really interesting exchange, because he had this sort of pause, and I wondered, … As I said, I’m not getting at him, he seems like a lovely man. Just that there was a very interesting moment there we thought:


Oh yeah, I don’t know, yeah.


Woes: I said, I agree with you. He is a really nice guy. I like Count Dankula very much! But I thought it was funny, because, well I think my wording was:


Its interesting that you care about the long-term survival of the Scottish Wildcat, but not the survival of the Scottish.




DAlbion: I thought it was a really excellent response, because he didn’t really have much to say to that. And he realized he’d stumbled into something there. [laughter]


Woes: The thing is, I don’t want to catch him out. I didn’t have him so I could catch him out. But when something like that comes up you think, how can people not get this? Surely, yeah, whatever




DAlbion: Yeah it was a good analogy.


Woes: Okay, that came up, because the question is:


Racism was always used de-facto against White people, but old nineties, center-left really did want color-blindness and to coexist. The new ‘woke’ Left, post Obama 2012, is de facto anti-White.


I think that’s true. It’s gone from wanting color-blindness and “I don’t care about race and everyone’s equal” to “White people are bad!


DAlbion: Oh yeah, mmm. Yeah:


White people are bad and actually we need to maybe put stabilizers on them in order to see the rest of the world, …


There is definitely a kind of ethnic revenge fantasy at work, I think, in many of what much of what’s going on. And, you know, it’s a peculiar one, isn’t it? The same people who came up with this, you know, “content of character” before “color of skin” are really the same people who, … It was short-lived, put it that way! [laughter]


Woes: It was. It’s was a phase. A historical phase. It sort of enabled that first, supplanting of White predominance in their own society, their historical societies. And then it moves on to:


White people are categorically bad and shouldn’t have any societies. It’s outrageous that they would even want to have societies of their own! And they never did have anyway! It was always a lie.


So yeah,


DAlbion: Yeah.


Woes: Absurd lies, built upon lies. Okay and somebody says:


If a country is 100 percent White that’s racist. All White groups, all like families, all White communities are racist as well! This is the consequence of normalizing diversity.


So yeah, I think not much to say about that. You can take it if you want to say anything


DAlbion: Oh, there is definitely, I think just as I said about seeing those old videos where the people were all White in the street. There was this weird kind of, … It’s like a kind of Pavlovian conditioning, where you see it and you immediately look for the “diversity”, so to speak. I think that’s really interesting and that is the kind of habit that we need to break, to stop before it escalates. That kind of automatic thought you have to break with that. Because it’s perfectly normal to have [laughter] perfectly English city to be English!


Woes: Hmm, indeed. Somebody’s saying that:


There should be a movement that, there should be a move to mock and deride young people who are obsessed with travelling. It’s particularly virulent within modern young women. I think we can all do our bit here.


I’m not sure what Reverend the Terrible is referring to here. I think he means this shallow, globe-trotting kind of mentality. But I don’t know how that came up in the conversation, so would you have anything to say about that?


DAlbion: Umm, I don’t know! Yes, as you say, maybe there it’s just kind of, uh I don’t know! They used to call it the “gap yard”, didn’t they? I don’t know if that’s still a thing! Yeah, I really don’t know. Young young women traveling alone is probably not a good idea there, I mean, [laughter]


Woes: I mean, a year ago now, I don’t know if you recall the dreadful thing about in Morocco where two girls, I think they were Norwegian and and Danish.


DAlbion: Oh, yeah.


Woes: That was horrendous! Okay


DAlbion: That was actually awful!


Woes: Yeah. Someone says:


No, they don’t want to see the English destroyed, they want to punish you, because you’re a racist, as you resist immigration. That is how they justify their actions. They are making Britain better.


I think in their own minds that liberals, in their own heads, are thinking in those terms. But it’s very naive of them to think in those terms. Immigration will, from backward places, will make Britain a better country. Do you have any thoughts?


DAlbion: Yeah. I mean, it’s a kind of ideologically motivated self-deception! It’s almost like, I mean, I recently read Renaud Camas’ short book on the Great Replacement. And in it he terms it as it’s a kind of, if you think of it like a whiskey decanter. You’re just “decanting” one population into the territory of another. The essence of it doesn’t, … It’s not like Africans change and become Europeans.


And that feels like it’s obvious to say it, just as Europeans don’t become Africans. Again it’s sort of like an obvious point, but I don’t know whether they think that that is going to cut it. It’s like a kind of form of radical reparations for empire, to self colonize. It’s a very odd one. I don’t know! I don’t know!


Woes: Somebody said in the live chat, I’ve just caught this:


Those girls last Christmas, the Moroccan horror story, caused me to start listening to you (meaning my channel). Transitioning me from Sargon type classical liberalism to this sphere, of more nationalist, I don’t know what you would describe me as, dissident Right, ethnically conscious kind of thing.




So that’s interesting. I think this same effect was felt in their own countries. Again I can’t remember if they were Swedish. They were from two different countries, and I think it was Norway and Denmark. But it might have been, …



DAlbion: I think you are right.


Woes: And I remember reading at the time that there was a wave of, … It really hit people hard in those countries, because it was just so horrendously ugly! This was such a dreadful, …


DAlbion: It was awful.


Woes: Yeah. Okay


DAlbion: Yeah, and they were such pretty young women as well, you know. And oh, so helpless, so.


Woes: Yeah. And you think why aren’t they at home? If they want to help the needy there are enough needy in their own countries, that they can help. They don’t need to go to Morocco. And if they went to Morocco for just a fun time, then, you know, they need their heads, … Well yeah,


DAlbion: Well, indeed. [laughter]


Woes: So yeah


DAlbion: Go to Butlins.


Woes: Yeah, okay.:


Do you think that the powers that be want to bring multiculturalism to the whole world, or only to Europe and in the New World?


What would you say about that?


DAlbion: Well I mean, only to Europe, because they don’t seem to be attempting it anywhere else in the world. I think that they want to see us, … I think they want to see us disappear! But it’s a kind of a slow ethnocide, as I say, by demographic submersion. They don’t seem to be attempting to diversify anywhere else. As I said, that would be considered a colonial mission. I mean, even when immigrants come here, if you ask them to integrate, I’ve heard leftists say:


Well that’s a kind of colonial imposition. An imposition of colonial values.


And you just think, …


Woes: That’s just astonishing!


DAlbion: It’s very odd, isn’t it! It’s this real contempt which is just for us! So no, I think it’s isolated for us. Yeah. I don’t know why, [laughter] but it is.


Woes: I have seen some very preliminary attempts to popularize the idea that Japan needs mass immigration


DAlbion: Ohh!


Woes: Yeah


DAlbion: Really?


Woes: I’m not sure, yeah, you know, just certain journalists write articles saying that Japan has an aging population and the only solution is for them to have mass immigration. So yeah, I think Japan will be hit by this as well. And I don’t mean that it will go through with it. But I think it will, there will be a lot of calls for Japan to have mass immigration. Otherwise there will be some sort of demonization campaign to cast Japan as a “racist society”, a racist people.


I think that’s probably will be, and that will hit their to tourism. I think that’s probably the line of attack that will be used there. Because I think that globalists don’t want any country that can be seen as an ethnostate, something that people can look and say:


Oh that works! That works really well. That society is peaceful and harmonious.


So I think that every example of it will need to be eliminated, ideally. So it’s kind of like how they’ll get rid of, as I said earlier, they’ll get rid of old storybooks, so that people can’t say:


Oh! There’s an example of what Britain used to be like. What it once was like.


Because all of this stuff gives people ideas. So I think it will. But I don’t think Japan will go through it with it. I think they’ll resist far more than we did, because they’re simply less empathetic than we are. I think the Europeans are uniquely concerned with helping other people, with being universalist, not making distinctions. And that is a weakness that is being used against us, in the most disgusting way!


All right, okay.:


I researched and find that in 1951 the UK census Britain was 99.7% White. That’s Whiter than Poland as today. Before Windrush it must have been even Whiter. Most people lived and died without ever meeting other people of other races.


So yes, it’s an astonishing lie to say that Britain is a nation of immigrants! And that I mean, yes, they’ve always been here, but in the tiniest numbers. And only from really the 19th century onwards. Prior to that it was an absolutely minuscule number of Moorish travelers! But absolutely tiny numbers! So yeah, it’s an absurd lie.






Communism was an experiment on the entire civilization in the USSR. The politicians here are ignorant of the consequences of ideologies, so they don’t care. And diversity equals racial communism.


Yeah. It would be good if you had questions for Daughter of Albion to answer, because it’s not really, … I understand that people want their say, but it’d be good to have questions. There was one question I wanted to put to you. I missed it. Has it gone through? Oh yes!:


We need a gender wage gap, and a man should make three to four times what a woman makes so that he can be a provider.


What would you say to that?


DAlbion: Yeah, lovely! I’m happy with that if I’m on the receiving end of the gifts, I’m happy with that! [laughter] I mean, yeah that’s um, I like the idea of a strong patriarchy! So yeah, absolutely! I have no problems with that. [laughter]


Woes: Well, because we haven’t really talked about that at all. So what are your views on patriarchy?


DAlbion: Oh Lord! I haven’t thought about this in a very long time, I mean. It does seem to me that that women, you know, obviously I’m a woman so I’m not trying to do us down, but we do seem to escalate, and accelerate, this kind of radical compassion for a very dangerous men! You know, “open the borders” and this kind of maternal instinct, I think has been terribly taken advantage.


So I’m happy to live in a culture where the men are the protectors, and maybe women are the more nurturing, maternal types. Yeah, I think that it’s nice to see men as well when they’re kind of, I think that they seem to have a lot more confidence and take pride of themselves, and to be taking pleasure in being the protectors and the leaders. Yeah, I don’t know, I haven’t thought about that in a long time. What do you think? What’s your thoughts on that?


Woes: Oh, yes. I basically think that I have the fairly traditionalist view on this. But I think from most people, not everyone, but for most people, yes! Ideally we should have a society where men do the work and women looking after the home and looking after the kids, and so forth. I think that’s probably what most people would be more comfortable with.


I’m not an absolutist about it, because I think that for various reasons, I think there are talented women. And also, you know, after child-rearing I don’t have anything against women getting jobs and having careers. I just don’t see a need for this to be a sort of absolute thing, but I do think having and raising children should be facilitated and encouraged by any healthy society! I mean, it just seems completely obvious. If we want to survive, then obviously society needs to reproduce.


DAlbion: Yeah!


Woes: So for that reason alone. And then also in terms of the dynamic between women and men. Yes, I think that most women, … Frankly I don’t know how to say this without sounding crass, but I think that most women want men to dominate. I think most women want men to take charge of society.


DAlbion: Definitely!


Woes: That’s how it is. There are obviously spheres where women are better, they’re more attuned. But mostly in society at large, yes, I think that men are better handling power, they are at handling better politics, they’re probably usually better at handling definitely the corporate world. So things like that, yeah, and obviously the police. And one of the most awful things is the feminization of the police force. I think it’s just completely, …


DAlbion: Yeah, and the army as well.


Woes: Of course! I mean, yeah absolutely! So yeah, that’s my point of view. It’s mostly a question of talking about the exceptions, and in what circumstances should it not be the case. Because I think in general, 90 percent of the time this should be the case. And I wish we could just, you know, like 50 years ago it was, well more than that now. Prior to WWII it was the default. And I think that it should be the default now. I think, apart of anything else, …


DAlbion: I agree


Woes: For the sake of healthy relations between the sexes I think it is right if men are the providers and the protectors, and women are that the caregivers and homemakers. I think that’s just how it should be. I think and I think honestly I think that most people would be happier if it were that way.




DAlbion: Yeah, absolutely! I mean, obviously, as you say, there are exceptions, you look at Marine le Pen she’s a tough old cookie. But these ladies are in sort of ones. And yeah, I think it’s just obvious women women like the idea of, think of being the kind of what we call it, the Florence Nightingale gene.


Woes: Yeah


DAlbion: I much prefer that idea. I think that in order to sort of change that dynamic by having what the feminists call this female representation in the workforce, it seems that they’re constantly having to hold that up with this kind of artificial duct tape, and it doesn’t feel natural to us. I quite like just the old-fashioned sort of Norman Rockwell type painting of a family, you know, the nuclear family. Yeah, I think that most people yearn for that really, don’t they?


Woes: I think so. I think if media wasn’t twisting them to want other things. I think that by default yes, this is just how things would be, and are, and should be.


So okay, let’s leave it at that, because I have another guest coming on in 17 minutes, or due on at that time.


DAlbion: Great


Woes: So this has been a nice, substantial, conversation. We’ve been going for an hour and a half. So this I mean, it’s been a really enjoyable. I think lots of people have had a good time listening. So are there any final things you’d want to see Daughter of Albion?


DAlbion: Oh, just thank you so much for having me on! It’s been a real pleasure. And thanks everyone for listening. And yeah it’d be nice to speak to you again in the future, but thank you for having me on.


Woes: You’re certainly welcome on next year on millennial!


DAlbion: [laughter] That wasn’t a hint!


Woes: Okay, thank you very much. So this has been a real pleasure so, yes? I thought you wanted to say something. Okay, well this has been very enjoyable, so I’ll be back in about 20 minutes with I think it’s Martin Lichtmesz? Yes it is. That will surely be a very enjoyable conversation as well. So I hope to see you then. In the meantime Daughter of Albion, thank you for taking part in Millenniyule 2019.


DAlbion: Thank you very much and happy New Year everyone.


Woes: All right, thank you very much and I’ll see you all soon.














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Morgoth’s Review – Against The Controlled Warmongers of The Right – Jan 3, 2020 — Transcript

[Morgoth discusses the recent drone strike killing of the Iranian Al Quds military commander Soleimani in Iraq by the US, and how elements of the Right, especially in the USA are cheering this on despite the fact that this act is  just another neocon expression of their globalist warmongering agenda.

NOTE: When orgjew carried out 9/11 in order to launch the War OF Terror, General Wesley Clarke described their plan to take out 7 countries in the Middle East, ending with Iran. This latest event could well be setting the stage for creating that war.





Morgoth’s Review


Against the Controlled

Warmongers of the Right


Jan 3, 2020



Click here for the video:



Published on Jan 3, 2020


YouTube Description


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Thanks to Theberton for the intros and outros





[Intro music and imagery by Theberton.]




Hello again there folks.


I’ve been working on another video and I just thought I’d do a quick take of what’s been going on in Iran. So the Americans, Trump’s all had the missile strike on what appears to be the number two guy in Iran, head of the Al Quds military, an all-round top dude in Iran. And they have blown him to bits.

[Image] Ben Shapiro:
Trump’s Soleimani airstrike is utterly righteous. Soleimani was on of the worst human beings on the planet. America had to re-establish deterrence after Obama’s appeasement. This will not be the end of the story — Iran will continue to lash out. But they’re certainly on notice.


What has kind of got me triggered is the reaction of the sort of Alt-Lite Right wing populists on Twitter, on social media, and even in political parties. Jared Batten of UKIP has come out and said:


It’s all great stuff! All wonderful. Go on Mr. Trump.


What’s been happening in Britain over the last six months, or so, is this large rejection of the “Counter Jihad”. In this case it was Tommy Robinson. There’s been a lot of things said and I’ve never really got very involved in that. But what I did like about it was that it was also a rejection of having our people, our populist nationalist movement dragged around by the (((noses))).


What you can see is that when you don’t stand against this infiltration and these false narratives — which the Counter Jihad types promote — then you end up where you have to come out on the side of Neocon policies in Iraq. So I was quite happy to see the dwindling influence of that and for them to come over to a more authentic nationalist movement.


So when the Neocons get to work on this, and they start blowing people up in the Middle East — and how this plays out we don’t know, it’s too early to say. But when that begins to happen, like what I have seen today is just that all of this huge section of what we would think of as being populist Right coming out in support of it. And this isn’t even that controversial, because the foreign policy, the foreign wars, Trump was voted in to stop that.


So this isn’t talking about some deep zionist conspiracy stuff, this is just what Trump was elected for. They supported him when he got in on that ticket. And in terms of sort of red-pilling people and waking people up to certain questions, the foreign policy was the easiest one to swallow because being against foreign intervention, being against sending your soldiers to wars in the Middle East, is a very easy and uncontroversial position to hold.


So I at least thought well this will be an easy sell for a wider populist movement, because they don’t have to say anything particularly controversial, they can get on board with it. And after the 2016 election when Trump won, I thought by and large they have, and to one degree or another, they may not like some of the edgier talk which goes on in, say, the Alt-Right or whatever. But in terms of foreign policy and wars in the Middle East they at least get that much, they at least think:


Yeah, there is a little bit too much Israeli influence here and it’s not in our benefit, so that I can at least come out against this.


And yet, here we are and they have done absolutely nothing of the sort! They’re cheering it on! They think it’s great stuff that it happens. And these are the people who frame themselves as being against globalism! But what do they think this is? What power do they think is now tooling up the bombs to invade the Middle East? That is globalist power! They have got this knee-jerk reaction:


Oh well, it’s Muslims!


We’ve kind of fed this drip-feed, where we think:


Oh well, it’s all bad and the more we bomb them it’s better, because we don’t like them. We don’t like what they do in our countries.


And it’s just completely moronic!


What the neocons are, is really — and Trump at this point — is really just an extension, this is just a globalist foreign policy with bombs. And this is just the flip-side of say the transgender, mass immigration, White-privilege, all that rubbish that drives everybody day nuts in the West!


This isn’t something separate. This is the exact same thing, it’s just that it’s being exported to toughen us to crack with missiles, but the end result will be the same. And the same people will be sitting on top of the rubble.


And the way they try and tell themselves that this is something worth getting on board with is that they then turn to liberals, to people like Jeremy Corbyn, or Bernie Sanders, people on the Left who are in principle against foreign intervention, especially in the Middle East. And to one degree or another have quite a good understanding of it. George Galloway would be another one. And then what they are going to say is that somebody like George Galloway, is just a “snowflake”. And especially the Americans, the American boomer contingent of this is absolutely rotten! These patriotards!


I mean, on the one one hand at least in Britain we’ve made a dent in that, or at least I thought we had. I think we have by and large. In America it’s absolutely toxic! And you can see under everyone of Trump’s tweets. They are cheering it on:


Go for it! At least we have a President that is going to stand up for us! This is why we elected you to keep America safe.


But what they are cheering on is just the globalist’s foreign policy. And like I say what they are going to then do is say, if somebody, on the liberal left say, if they say:


We’re not on board with this, Trump’s a lunatic, we don’t want anymore problems, we don’t want anymore wars.


Then they are going to say that these are just “triggered snowflakes”. And they don’t like it, and we finally have a President who has some balls. And they have come out with some of the cringiest bad-take memes I’ve ever seen on the internet! They are absolutely appalling!


But you will notice that the only people who actively are also coming out in the media is awash with the Ben Shapiro types. And these populist Right wing figures like Jared Batten, and what not. David Vance on Twitter, all the rest of them. They have been bombarded for years, they have been bombarded for years about what this is all about. About who benefits from it in the Middle East.


I’m going to have to watch what I say because I’m on YouTube. They’ll start and censor YouTube in terms of who doesn’t like going to war on Iran. That is coming next as well. Because they already do it for the social policies, so then you are a Far-right extremist, an Alt-Right incel. And they are just going to do it for the other side of the paradigm, which is foreign policy. That will probably end up being censored as well.


And these lunatics who think of themselves as being Right-wing and against this agenda are coming out cheering it from the heavens! It’s just so, so stupid, that I can barely believe it!


They have been told all of this stuff a million times, they have been called zionist shills a million times! And then when it comes down to it and they know that there is a huge base of support who can see straight through the bullshit, they then going to do it anyway! They are then going to go around with the neocon line anyway! Despite it all! And these, they call them now, “influencers”, these social media “influencers” who spend all day on Twitter, tweeting this stuff out.


And it’s depressing, it’s really quite depressing! And I did me own tweet, where we’ve had this crap Star Wars film came out, and there’s a bit where on the trailer, where the Emperor like clicks his fingers and all of these Star Destroyers break through the ground and come up. And all of a sudden there’s this huge space navy in the space.


And I thought this is the same kind of thing. They have broke cover! And revealed themselves for what they really are! And I think that is the take-away from this. I don’t know how this is going to play out. It be that it settles down, this new trouble in the Middle East with Iran. It could settle down.


But in the days and weeks ahead, however it goes, you’re now going to see the real shills reveal themselves! That is what going to happen here.


And sometimes you are going to find people who be principled, these American pundits, I don’t know much about. There’s one called Cassandra Fairbanks, or something. They’re coming out against this, and you think, okay that is fair enough.


And then you have other people like Jared Batten, who really surprised me, I didn’t think he would come out in favour of this. And so, the real shills, or if you don’t like that term, people who are just wrong and a bit stupid and going along with a false narrative, are now going to reveal themselves. The “wheat” is going to separate itself from the “chaff”!


But it’s a pretty depressing state of affairs, folks, I’ve got to say that. I thought we had reached them. I thought this was done with. And it feels like the last five, or six, years have just been for nothing! But let’s see how it turns out. Let’s see just how many of these people will reveal themselves.


And just wanted to make a video, sort of saying, this is the situation, and we can keep an eye on it.


So thanks for listening folks. And I’ll catch you later.



[Outro music and imagery by Theberton.]










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Jacktion – Think of the Children – Jan 1, 2020 — Transcript

[Jacktion discusses how Whites are being demonized, propagandized with self-hate, invaded by non-Whites, bludgeoned to accept transgender perversions, all the while being encouraged to indulge in every form of degeneracy, by an (((enemy))) that is out to destroy us.

As a way to fight back Jacktion suggests getting away from consumerism and all the latest technological baubles like smartphones, etc., and to focus on protecting our children through sound education and morals.







Think of the Children


Jan 1, 2020



Click here for the video:



Published on Jan 1, 2020


YouTube Description


Think of the Children
Jan 1, 2020
4.39K subscribers
Don’t let them make the same mistakes we did.







We’re in quite a predicament, such is the state of things nowadays of we as White people are actively discouraged from breeding. From passing on our genes to future generations for a multitude of reasons, such as women refusing to have children, because of climate change, and the nihilistic myth of an overpopulated planet. And, because of the access to safe, legal and “rare” abortion. Which now means one in four pregnancies in the UK end in murder, perpetrated by evil doctors who sacrifice the unborn on the altar of freedom and female empowerment, to whatever dark gods their cabal overlords worship.


Or maybe you have swallowed enough anti-White propaganda that you prefer not to perpetuate systemic racism by bringing yet another “evil White oppressor” into the world. Or perhaps you have broken through this conditioning just enough to decide the proliferating your genetic line is not, in fact, the most evil thing you could possibly do. Well, what better way to virtue signal then, by having a baby with someone who isn’t White? Because after all, having a mixed-race kid means you get to breed out all of that inherent racism! And that your adorable little chimera can grow up having no concept of racial identity, because that would be terrible! And it can’t be bad right? Because everyone, fucking everyone, on the telly is doing it! And they all look so happy! Much happier than those White couples.


You know, the statistics like the increased risk of domestic violence and absentee fathers. It’s just the stuff of racist fever dreams! Because who needs statistics? And, of course, what better way to get back at your racist, disapproving, parents!


But, of course, you need a career first. Oh, you need to go out and sow your oats, experience sex of every degenerate stripe, in the seedy alleyway of a nightclub, before you settle down, aged 35, and then manage to squeeze out one incredibly expensive IVF baby before your body clock removes that decision for you. And children are expensive! You need a six-figure income and a paid off mortgage, before you even consider it. And then what about work? Your corporate slave drivers won’t be happy that you have the clock off work at three to pick up your kids.


And you won’t get the same help from the state that Mrs. Begum down the road gets. They get by on their husbands 22K a year income. But it’s worth it for the diversity they bring, right and when you do have a child — if that is even possible after years of birth control having permanently altered your brain chemistry to the point where the ability to pair bond is all were destroyed by years of promiscuity and a permanently shrunken hypothalamus — what then, when your child goes off to school and decides that he is now a she, or vice versa? On the one hand, hormone suppressants will stunt their growth to the point where there isn’t even enough penis to turn inside out. When they are old enough for the butcher surgeons to practice their dark crafts with.


Such was the case of David Raymer, the little boy who was raised as a girl by the Frankensteiness scientist John Manni [sp] after a botched circumcision. Or perhaps more recently, Jass Jennings, a mentally ill little boy thrust into the limelight by a corrupt degenerate media, staffed and funded by people who hate you! And want to see you reduced to cattle in their vast, genderless, raceless, capitalist, machine!


And it’s also easy to look at these cases as aberrations, mere deviations from the norm. But this has slithered its way into the mainstream media to the point now where Marvel’s latest superhero is a transgender 12 year old. And a school in Brighton — because, of course, fucking Brighton, has over 40 children who are gender questioning, encouraged and spurred on by academia designed to indoctrinate, not educate. It will all be worth it, though, to show how tolerant you are to the other parents. When your little boy puts on a dress, it can’t, of course, be that children are impressionable, you know, not like they can see other children getting special treatment and decide they want a bit of that as well. Because children are apparently now our equals. We are to listen to them when they tell us about climate change, or gun violence. And you are their friend, you’re not their parents!


And it’s easy to look at these with a sense of schadenfreude, or perhaps even be thankful that these people are essentially ending their lines in the misguided pursuit of the ultimate virtue of tolerance of the most evil things imaginable.


But in your contempt don’t be complacent. Don’t think you’re immune to this. The shift in the Overton Window has well and truly warped our sense of what conservative values should be. And many of these changes in the UK beginning with gay marriage, and NHS funding for transgender children, has come about under a so-called “conservative” government. The government’s still considered far right by our left-wing, and some of our more enlightened centrist.


In Weimar Germany, Berlin was a center of pioneering transgender therapies and surgery. We know what their answer to that was. Whereas, ours is to reelect the Conservatives!


And what if I told you this was all by design? An agenda pushed from the very earliest days of education and in children’s media to implant that insidious little worm in your children’s brains. To create a new future where “tolerance is a virtue” above all others. To the point where your children can be murdered by the terrorists they helped free from prison. And you still lambaste the right, who think that maybe, just maybe, they should have never have been here in the fucking first place!


To accept the end of your genetic line, the proliferation of your faith, and the joy of grandchildren in your autumn years with quiet grace, because your children can make their own mistakes, like you did. Except now the stakes are so much higher, and the price of those mistakes is a 42% suicide rate, or a greatly increased risk of being beaten to death by their partner! We are in a world where it is rightly understood that if you were to give the children the choice of what they would want to eat for dinner, they would likely choose Smarties and ice cream! And this is, of course, bad for them! But if they wish to artificially change their gender through the dark ministrations of an amoral medical professions, this is to be respected and celebrated! We are well down the slippery slope, beyond the point of slowing. And once again, this is all by design.


But I don’t want this to be a complete black bill, so unplug your toaster and step out the bath. There are things you can do as parents, or future parents. The ultimate “fuck you” to these people is to be happy, and to be moral in the face of everything they throw at you! To be resolute as they launch this war of attrition against the morals on which we founded the West, not with the intent to destroy them, because that would be too easy, too obvious, but to warp them beyond recognition.


Well, if I told you that this is not beyond your control, remembering that you can do without the latest piece of useless tech, that you don’t have to become a slave to consumerism. And that small sacrifice that you make, can be the difference between spending enough time with your kids to import your own faith and your own morality on them, rather than that of a corrupt system. Because if Mr Abdul can drag his children to mosque every Friday, why can’t you take yours to mass on a Sunday? And the fucking state of social media these days, is it really the worst deprivation you can think of? Not to be able to afford a smartphone, or an iPad for your children?


When your grandparents had to go without food on certain days to feed their kids, yet still managed to have five, or six, is it that much to ask that you only have one holiday a year? And politically we have reached the stage of inertia where I don’t see it changing. It’s tough, and it’s somewhat depressing. So you teach your boys to fight and your daughters to be mothers, to raise children as immune as they can possibly be to the filth around them. And then to raise their children like they were raised. And God willing, they will be the change that they and we want to see. Because the sacrifice is so small for a reward so great.


And this is what they fear the most. Not the [word unclear] death squads, or the 20, or so remaining black shirts in England. They fear the futures much as we do, but for very, very different reasons. The ultimate right-wing extremist dream is a happy White family in a happy, moral, White community, where we are left the fuck alone. And the absolute reaction to that should tell you what they think of us, as if you didn’t already know. And it is easy when I say “think of the children” to dismiss it as Catholic hysteria, in much the same way as Helen Lovejoy from my favourite anime, “The Simpsons”. And particularly when some fiery evangelical decides to blame GTA for the latest school shooting.


But actually think of the children, not only yours, but what they have managed to do to the others. And know as well that they will try the same of yours. And who are they? Who are they who hate you so much?


Well, if I told you that, you’d call me a Nazi.














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Byram Campbell – The New Mythology of Racial Equality — Part 3

[A 1960s tour of the world by an American race realist and how, what he calls, “The New Mythology of Racial Equality” is a highly destructive ideology being foisted upon Whites.

In Part 3, the Far East and Hawaii and their peoples are assessed and compared to Whites, along with a sound conclusion:

“Priests of the New Mythology are making an all-out effort to enslave us by a belief that it is our moral duty to support misfit races — and this in physical and psychological comfort — races which are inherently unfitted to take a place in the modern world. He who fosters parasitic human groups is doing an equal harm to the normal members of humanity as would be the case were he infecting them with noxious bacteria, or of her parasites. As there is no escaping this fact in reason, the promoters of animalistic equalism have had to resort to all manner of sophistry to bolster their degenerate beliefs.

Some philosophers of history believe that history teaches no lessons. With this, I partly agree. One principle, however, clearly emerges from experience: beliefs fastened on groups as “moral” conceptions are extremely difficult to alter, or eradicate. The promoters of the New Mythology are trying to establish its degrading doctrines — particularly the worst of its parasitic views — as “moral” principles.

Certainly, the capacity to embrace ideals transcending narrow self-interest is man’s glory. That we of the West have permitted this spiritual quality to degenerate into a parasite-saving doctrine, invested with an aura of morality, is our shame.”





Byram Campbell


The New Mythology

of Racial Equality




Part 3 of 3




The New Mythology of Racial Equality.



38 Park Row.

New York 8, N. Y. 1963





[Part 1]

The New Mythology of Racial Equality.

The Spanish People

The Italian People


[Part 2]

The Egyptian People

The Monuments of India
India as a Civilization

[Part 3]









Other Works by the Same Author




The New Mythology of Racial Equality


BEFORE we start seeing the world we should gain some knowledge of the ideas that are throwing it into a ferment; otherwise, its lands emerge in half lights. For better orientation let us look backward to the early part of our century.


Lothrop Stoddard in the preface to his book The Rising Tide of Color (1920) came to the conclusion that since of her values depend on the quality of life Americans would wisely act to protect this value. Neither Stoddard, nor the many who agreed with him foresaw the psychotic forces that would arise dedicated to destroying the moral man’s values as well as our racial heritage. Because of the acceptance of the new beliefs the changes that have occurred are opposite to those forecast by Stoddard.


The ideas which we have mentioned have become Incorporated in a mystique. This we name The New Mythology.


Unless we can gain a knowledge of how this mystique has arisen we shall be handicapped in combating it. Even if given the facts most men do not accept them, for they are usually adequately prepared only to understand other, normal men. Fortunately we can call on a great philosopher for help.

Continue reading

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Morgoth’s Review – The Labour Party Earned This – Dec 14, 2019 — Transcript

[Morgoth discusses the massive loss that the Labour Party incurred in the general election, and how they deserved that outcome, and even worse;

Of course, I mean, the crimes that have been committed are so heinous, that it borders on ethnocide! That these people should actually be in the dock, facing a noose! And on trial for crimes against the British people!





Morgoth’s Review


The Labour Party

Earned This


Dec 14, 2019



Click here for the video:



Published on Dec 14, 2019


YouTube Description


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Thanks to Theberton for the intros and outros





[Intro music and imagery by Theberton.]





Hello again there folks.


So I thought I’d just round off this general election cycle, with a few thoughts of me own and have a bit of a ramble. I’ve done three live streams on it over the past few days, and I haven’t got that much to say. I haven’t got that much left.


But I thought that I would do one which was a bit close at home, a bit more personal, and a bit more anecdotal, because I’m in the area of the “Great Red Wall” of Labour, which has came down.


And while I’ve been watching all of the drama over the last day, or two, I remember an exchange I had when I was working with a fella, a year or two book. And when I’m in the the job working in the factory, I’m as deliberately as politically incorrect as I can possibly get away with! Because what I find is that you then break the ice and then the other lads, will think:


Well I’m not going to see anything as extreme as that, but, …


And they tend to open up a bit. And they tend to tell you what’s on their mind. And it liberates people when you do that.


And what this fella said — we were sitting outside having our dinner, it was summer — and he replied to me. I was being a little bit edgy, and he replied to me, sort of half whispering, and he was saying:


You know, me and my lass — meaning his girlfriend — we’ve been looking these things up on the internet and about what’s going on with girls in this country.


And I said:


Oh! What do you mean?


And he, … Especially in Yorkshire, but it’s happening everywhere, it’s happening in the West End of the town, meaning Newcastle. And what’s happening is that you’ve got these immigrant grooming gangs, and they’re doing all kinds of horrible things to English girls, but almost nobody knows about it, because the Labour Party is covering it up. And he was saying:


It’s happening everywhere!


And in these hush tones he was saying:


It’s happening everywhere, they say. And the Labour Party, and the Labour Party councilors are covering it up and nobody knows about it.

Continue reading

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