Millennial Woes – To Be a Man in 2017 – Speech at Erkenbrand dinner — TRANSCRIPT


[Millennial Woes gives a humorous and informative speech on what it takes to be a man in 2017. Delivered at an Erkenbrand pre-conference dinner in Rotterdam, Netherlands, on Oct 13, 2017






Millennial Woes


To Be a Man in 2017









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Published on Oct 21, 2017…

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Organizer: Millennial Woes will be doing a little broadcasting.


Woes: Alright, this is not going to be as serious as the other two talks, so I hope that’s that’s alright. I thought it would be appropriate to talk about what it takes to be a man in this year, in 2017. And this is based on the quote from Robert Heinlein, which I’ll read out now.


“A human being should be able to change a diaper; plan an invasion; butcher a hog; conn a ship; design a building; write a sonnet; balance accounts; build a wall — “no comment”; set a bone; comfort the dying; take orders; give orders; cooperate; act alone; solve equations; analyze any problem; pitch manure; program a computer; cook a tasty meal; fight efficiently; and die gallantly! Specialization is for insects!” [laughter]




Now in 2017, however, a man must be able to start an online poll that won’t be hijacked by bots; write a small software utility from scratch; code a working web page; get a public figure to retweet his pithy one-liner; [laughter] PTO skeptic — I hope you’re all aware of what’s skeptics are, terrible life forms; shelter a fellow goy in his hour of need; [laughter] withstand a demonization campaign by his nation’s tabloid media, for example; not have any skills, because they don’t teach us any, yet still have self-respect; [laughter] acquire skills and improve them, yet never get complacent; organize a local group of flashy goys; [laughter] convert Bitcoin to cash; archive a SoundCloud channel before it gets shut down; [laughter] one must understand the importance of group averages; one must understand that proportions matter just as much as absolute numbers; one must be capable of both logic and rhetoric and know that it’s not about the opponent, but the spectators.


A man in 2017 must be able to do a 23andme test, and pass; [laughter]

To be a man in 2017 one must be able to come up with some dank meme; post the dank meme; and post revisions and ironic remixes of the dank meme; organize a disinfo campaign; invent lies to tell the mainstream media, to throw them off the scent; insult antifa on twitter; insult antifa on Facebook and not get banned; [laughter] insult antifa in person and not get arrested; [loud laughter] invite antifa to a public debate on YouTube, knowing that they will shrink from the challenge, but hoping that they won’t; organize a conference, keeping it quiet; publicize a conference, keeping it safe; livestream a conference, keeping the connection stable; record a conference, keeping the audio at high quality, hopefully.


A man in 2017 has to understand that if the women of his group are misbehaving it’s because he is letting them; he also must be able to dissuade the women around him from voting for Hillary; [laughter] and dissuade the women around him from voting for Angela Merkel; and dissuade the women around him from voting; [loud laughter and applause] he must be able to have women call him a sexist, a misogynist, and a racist, and reply to them by un-ironically demanding a sandwich; [laughter]


A man in 2017 must be able to share, comment, and subscribe; he must be able to doctor a photo; put together an infographic; edit a video; design a flyer; improve the quality in a sound file; make a video that gets put on limited state;


If you are a man in 2017 you must be able to record a monologue on the ??? of modern culture; you must be able to convince yourself that you’re an impressing a girl with your knowledge of Evola; [laughter] and you must be able to get the references in a Murdock Murdock video; you should know the difference between Sargon of Akkad and Strap-on of Mossad; [laughter] you should know the difference between ovenproof fashion wear and fashion proof oven wear; [loud laughter] you should know the difference between “let’s play” and “let’s ride the tiger”; and you must have a secession plan for the United States. [laughter]


And to be a man in 2017 one must consider switching to vaping, not for the sake of one’s health, but for the sake of one’s race; and one must be able to find ways to insert the numbers 14 and 88 into otherwise innocuous statements, [laughter] at least six million times: [loud laughter and applause] one must know the difference between being “based” and working for Rebel Media; [laughter] one must know the moral difference between Erkerbrand and “Twerkinbrand”; [laughter] and one must always have a plan for what one would do, if one find oneself alone in an elevator with George Soros; [laughter] — rope on stand by.


One must be able as a man in 2017 to heroically charter a ship to patrol the waters off the Mediterranean and force lying NGOs to stop importing third-world invaders; one must be able to defeat feminists in debate, and understand that skeptics are not skeptical, and understand also that any amount of third-world migrants is too damn high!; one must be able to organize a raid on a Discus thread; infiltrate and subvert a liberal forum; and run a fashy Discourse server that survives for more than ten minutes; [laughter] one must also be able to make a podcast from a prison cell.


The man in 2017 must be able to order oven gloves from Amazon, or any other product [laughter] even after Amazon have deleted his account; [laughter] and get locked out of Facebook seven times in one year for dropping truth bombs too tough for Zuckerberg to handle; and finally he must understand that if OkCupid were to delete his account it would be a blessing!


The man in 2017 must be able to remain on friendly terms with almost every member of the movement, while also suffering the ambivalence of old friends; he must understand that the racism of low expectations is the race realism of low expectations; he must be able to enjoy the music of a non-White artist without forgetting the reality of group dynamics; and he must understand that yes, that black scientist is quite intelligent, but Africa is still a dump!; [loud laughter] he must also understand that even if the Democrats are the real racists we can still catch up with them; [loud laughter and applause]



And he must understand that his privilege is not something to be ashamed of, but something to celebrate and be grateful for and to pass down; and he must understand that discrimination is the first function of sanity; and he must understand that if this blog, or that podcast, isn’t as good as he would do it, then he should just do it; and he must finally understand that jet fuel cannot melt steel beams; [laughter] on the matter from melting he must also be able to rescue a camera that has been soaked in the rain and dry it out without melting it — that’s a reference to my own channel; he must be able to identify those who have harmed her brothers and sisters; and he must see a fashy channel get shut down, and realize that it’s okay, because it will be back!


The man of 2017 must know that 95% of his countrymen are deluded and lost in the blue pill, and voting for the wrong party, yet still love them; he must get called a racist and just shrug his shoulders; he must be able to clear litter from his neighborhood, and yet still be the enemy of his local community; he must witness the spectacle of a pretty young White girl dating outside of her race, and still get out of bed the next morning; he must see the good in a young woman, some silly young woman, who believes in equality and wants to let the refugees in, but also see it as his responsibility to redirect that goodness.


The man in 2017 must watch his old school turn from White to brown, yet not despair; he must watch his country transform beyond recognition before his eyes, and remind himself that it’s okay, because one day we will reclaim what has taken from us!


In the meantime, the man of 2017 must be able to work in a call center for an Arab boss who hates him, but lives for the next fashy meet-up, or online hangout, or podcast, or identitarian conference.


As a man in 2017, one must listen to a Social Justice Warrior and answer their points calmly, politely, and concisely; one must listen to a classical liberal without laughing; [laughter] one must listen to a cuckservative without hating; one must listen to a baby-boomer without getting angry; one must listen to a libertarian without cringing; [laughter] one must listen to a civic nationalist; and one must understand the value of a wall; one must be working day and night to make America great again, to make the Netherlands greater again, to make England great again, and Scotland great again, and France great again, and Ireland great again, and Germany great again, and Austria great again, and Sweden great again. And to make Belgium great! [loud laughter]


The European man of 2017 must save the soul of the White race and, actually I’m not gonna read that one out — too aggressive! [laughter]


The European man of 2017 should be able to do all of these things, because specialization is for East Asians; [loud laughter]


And finally, to be a man in 2017 one must be expert in removal, we’re all familiar with technology, one must be able to remove USBs safely; under geopolitics, one must be able to remove one’s country from the European Union; and in economics, one must be able to remove one’s country from the international banking system; OPSEC, one must remove dodgy social media posts before attending a job interview; [laughter] and net etiquette, one must be able to remove copyrighted material from one’s YouTube videos; and civilizational survival, one must be able to remove cuck! Thank you! Oh, and also one must be able to remove kebab! [loud laughter and applause]









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