Morgoth’s Review – YouTube Hangout 02 – Merry Holocaustmas — TRANSCRIPT

[In this YouTube Hangout (No 2) Morgoth, who runs the blog, Morgoth’s Review, blog regular Jim, and Theberton, talks with YouTuber, Arya Sattya about how she came to be making YouTube videos, the battle between order and choas, Eastern religions, Japanese worldview, Nietzschean philosophy, the Alt-Right, Pat Condell, Counter Jihad, and Holocaustianity, on “Holocaust Remembrance Day” Jan 27 KATANA.]




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— The tragic, yet funny, “Pat Condell” meme used on the cover, I believe, was originally created in 2015 by John Morlar. It mocks Condell’s constant focus on the Muslim invasion of Europe while studiously avoiding mentioning the cause, organized jewry, falsely portraying jews as a victimized group rather than the arch victimizers that they are. In other words, while Europe goes down he wants to save the very group that are behind sinking it!


Morgoth’s Review


YouTube Hangout 02

Merry Holocaustmas



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Published on Jan 27, 2018



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In our second ever hangout the wonderful YouTuber Arya Sattya joins us to discuss religion, and Holocaustianity on Holocaust remembrance day.

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Morgs: Are we on?


Theberton: And we’re live.


Morgs: Okay, this is the Morgoth’s Review hangout number two.


And we’ve got a special guest, Ayra Sattya today. Hello Arya.


Ayra: Hello. Thanks for having me on.


Theberton: Do you want to introduce yourself Ayra?


Ayra: Yeah. I’ve just started a YouTube channel and I’ve got a Twitter as well just talking about I guess sort of all alts right stuff and philosophy, and things like that.




Theberton: How did you get into this kind of thing?


Ayra: I suppose I’ve been watching like, well YouTube for a long time, and I’ve been subscribed to like Millennial Woes for a few years. So just lots of things happening in the world and like in my life as well. And then watching all of the sort of Millenniyule streams over Christmas just got me sort of really motivated. So I start wanting to talk about it, so, you know, I started a channel and here I am.


Morgs: I think you jumped straight in on the Skeptic Wars, as well?


Ayra: Yeah. I’ve been watching it since like the beginning. So like even before it was like the Gamergate stuff I’ve been watching, like when it used to be about atheism and Christianity. And then it started moving into being about feminism and stuff. So, you know, I’ve been watching it [02:01] come from like the proto skeptic into the proper skeptic movement. And now they’re starting to trying to pivot towards being like classical liberals and things like that.



Morgs: So so did you find your way to the Alt-Right through the Skeptic community? Are you one of those ones? Or how?


Ayra: I suppose I did. I think I first found Millennial Woes’ channel through, probably through Sargon of Akkad. But I thought I’ve always sort of been into just stuff that’s all over the spectrum. So I’ve been on like a user of 4chan for like, since it basically began. So it’s not it’s not like I just suddenly wandered into something that was completely crazy and then I had my worldview turned up and down.


Morgs: Anybody?


Theberton: What would you say, you’ve got any other influences? I mean, you seem sort of philosophical and anything to say about that?


Ayra: Yeah in terms of like philosophers I suppose I quite like Nietzsche and stuff like existentialism and things like that.


Morgs: The Black Sun Hindu Aryan thing going on. What’s all the about? Because we see that quite a bit. I do know a little bit about it. Can you explain that a little bit?


Ayra: Well I suppose I’m just sort of into different kinds of spirituality. Like I’m an atheist, but it’s just it is [04:00] interesting to research different things and I’ve been interested in like Buddhism and Shintoism and things like that for a long time.


Like I lived in Japan and sort of researched it quite a lot there. And then you find sort of the roots that go back like it came through China and then it came through India and then you find they’re all like goes back to like Aryan goddesses and gods and all sort of paganism. And that’s where like all of their religion comes from what was originally our religion. So I just found it so interesting and like this goddess that I’m using as my avatar is like a Shinto goddess, but originally you can trace it back to an Aryan goddess called Bharati, which is what became Britannia. Which is where the name Britain comes from.


Morgs: Oh!


Ayra: Which I just found that fast fascinating.


Morgs: Yeah, the National [05:01] Socialists had a fixation with all that stuff as well. Didn’t they?


Ayra: Yes it’s just sort of like deep roots.


Morgs: Is a connection between what we would think of as European paganism and the religions of the Far East and India and Hinduism and things like that?


Ayra: Yeah basically all of them were originally made by White people and taught by White people. Like Buddha was an Aryan with like blue eyes and you see all like the original statues of all of these. Even in America, like the South American ones, they have like the people who founded all the things over there and built their pyramids and everything, they all had these statues and they’ve all got like blue eyes and blonde hair and stuff like that.


Morgs: And the swastika appears time and time again, doesn’t it?


Ayra: Yes. I’ve even [06:02] seen pictures of Native American Indians with headdresses with swastikas all over it.


Morgs: Yeah. I’m not going to pretend I know much about it, because I don’t. It is interesting to contrast that with the semitic religions isn’t it? And what would you say the foundational differences are between the two? Between the Abrahamic religions and the traditional paganism I know we’re going really off topic yeah and it’s very interesting and I think a lot of people they see this kind of esoteric Black Sun stuff popping up within white nationalist circles. A lot of the newer people think, “what the hell is that all about?


Ayra: Yeah I tend to find a lot of the things like Buddhism and Hinduism and European paganism and things like that. And Shintoism in Japan as well there are a lot more rooted in like nature and life force and might closer to things [07:01] that give you strength as a human being.


Whereas the Semitic religions they’re sort of like made by Arabs and stuff, where they’ve been in deserts. And they’re let’s make the like the philosophy and the morality all sort of comes from the living conditions there where there are lot harsher conditions, I suppose. So they tend to be a lot more violent and oppressive.


Morgs: Yeah. What’s your take on that Jim, because you’re, I’m not trying to stir it up here, but what do you think Jim, because you’re much more pro-Christian, aren’t you?


Jim: Well yeah, I mean, I don’t know a whole lot about Shintoism. I’m in terms of Buddhism I think it’s, I think it’s a philosophy more than a religion. Buddha didn’t ??? believe himself to be supernatural, or to have any sort of [08:01] contact with the divine. And I think as a philosophy it’s got a lot of wisdom in it. You know, things like, you know, existence is suffering and, you know, so what’s the other great precept, he is happy who is content with the least. It’s all about., you know, controlling yourself and controlling your own desire.


And I think there’s a lot of wisdom in that. So I think Buddhism has a lot to say for it. But I think it’s a philosophy mostly than a religion.


In terms of the semitic religions I think there’s quite a strong distinction between Christian, I don’t want to get into Islam. That’s a whole different kettle of fish., but I’m in terms of thing’s between Christianity and Judaism, I always find Judaism to be a particularly dishonest faith. They seems to have a whole set of technical rules.


Morgs: ???


Jim: No I’m not. Don’t worry I’m not going to get you shot down!


I mean, that it’s got a whole set of technical rules, you know, very technical very procedural. And the [09:00] practice of the religion seems to be finding sort of sleight of hand mechanisms to find your way around those rules. Rather than strictly obey them. And I think that might be why that, you know, find themselves being well suited to being politicians and lawyers and that kind of thing. It’s very sort of finding loopholes and procedural get-outs to avoid the strict word of the law. That how it seems to operate to me.


Ayra: Yeah. I have been meaning to sort of make a I want to make a video talking about how Buddhism is more like a philosophy than they are like a strict religion. What’s the other thing I was gonna say, I think it’s just.


Morgs: I was looking at this thing about gardens on Twitter. And when you look at the best English gardens of the year, or something. And there was this really a contrast between [10:02] order and nature. And the two were in perfect harmony. And then I thought that’s funny, because the Japanese do that as well. And then I looked at these Japanese gardens and they’re absolutely beautiful!


And you can see where Nature is celebrated, but at the same time it is entwined with order. So they had this kind of bridge which was perfectly cut. Perfectly. The planks were measured to the millimeter and it was in a kind of geometric vertical horizontal zigzag type thing through the cherry orchard trees. And I thought what a strange thing that is, because it’s not conquering nature, in a way that some civilizations would just concrete, or like what the South Americans are doing. Things like that.


Where it’s just nature there to be conquered [11:00] and destroyed without thinking about it at all. But at the same time you’ve got the full grown Africans which just haven’t overcome nature. And then it triggered a lot of people when I said it on Twitter, but you can’t really get along with that the higher races are actually striving towards perfect harmony and balance between between order, which is coming from us as humans and we have to live. And there’s got to be a certain taming of nature, but in a way that nature can flourish at the same time.


Because when I think a lot of people in nationalism, the Alt-Right and things like that, they always talk about, well we’ve got to get close to nature. We’re all about going with the grain of nature. And they tend to over egg the pudding a little bit. And people say, what you’re just gonna have like people walking around naked? And it’s not! It’s about balance and harmony at the end of the day. And we are known for being haters and people think of Panzer divisions [12:01] and fascists border patrol police turning up.


But it it’s all about maintaining harmony. Another way is holding back the chaos, bringing order out of the chaos and finding away to harmonize the two, or at least control one and the other. And I find that really the Japanese do it I think. I think the Indians, the higher caste Indians do it as well, and Europeans do it. And that’s just about it.


Ayra: It was pretty interesting when you posted that thing on Twitter with the English garden and the Japanese garden. Because there was a TV programme on BBC about the Paradise Garden thing and I just sat there the entire time I was watching it having like a long conversation about all the gardens I used to [13:01] see in Japan. And there’s a lots of them. Like there’s a British explorers have gone over to Japan and built a load of gardens there and they’re sort of fused British and Japanese styles.


And another one of the things like the theme of nature and finding order in nature. That’s like a very strong theme in like Zen Buddhist gardens. Yeah they sort of have, can’t remember the name, I think it’s wabi-sabi. It’s sort of where you sort of just let things fall in nature and then they’ll like have a rock somewhere in the garden and then they’ll sort of rake all these stones around it. So there it’s all like really neatly laid out, but it’s still like order around nature. And it’s a really strong theme of the contrast of those and Zen Buddhist gardens.


Morgs: Well it’s even there on your avatar that you are using. [14:01] Because you’ve got a human riding what is it? A swan and I say again, it’s not like the swans are slaves.


That it just pops up time and time again. It’s harmony. And I think we’ve got to get those things right. But, you know, I mean, I remember writing a post a year or two back, on a video game that appeared. A Japanese video again from, you know, and it was an old one called ??? And it was just a spaceship and you went through blowing everything to bits. But the the background to it and the story was quite interesting, because you were just blowing up things really. But on the next level the story was that the ??? Was this virus and it was kind of anti nature and anti order. It was just pure chaos. And you had to just [15:01] destroy it.


And the it it didn’t really have a will. It didn’t really go anywhere and you saw these disgusting kind of, where it was like human genitals with robotic arms coming out. And everything was warped and bastardized!


And I think a lot of the things we complain about, we come against nature and it is. But it’s against nature and order. And it’s almost as if you’re fighting against entropy. Entropy. And everything that our enemies do is chaotic. It’s entropic. And you think how can you win that? How can order win against chaos?


Is the universe not just going to carry on, becoming more chaotic, until the point where it just collapses completely?


And I don’t know, because, but then you think well the strongest force in the [16:02] universe is gravity and that’s a kind of order. It’s a kind of bringing things together and holding things in check. But anyway, this is kind of, …


Ayra: Yeah, I think basically everything that Marxism does is just finding sort of like, they’ll attack the family, or like they had on the news the other day. They had that big meeting of all the men doing the charity dinner, so they have to find a way to attack and destroy that. And just every every sort of societal structure, or organization, they have to find some way to attack and undermine it. And it’s just everything is like trying to find a way to dissolve the order of the way we have things.


Morgs: Yes. E. Michael Jones did it, about the jewish revolutionary spirit and he was calling it, … What did he call it [17:02] again? There was something about the revolutionary spirit, or something like that. Where, in the end it is just chaos, when you go beyond usury and capitalism and Marxism, and all these isms. It always comes down to chaos against order!


And sometimes you think how, … Can order hold the line against the chaos? Because it’s quite primal what we’re dealing with at the end of the day. And you can see it, the chaos is all around. The chaos is the race mixing adverts on the telly, and the mass immigration, ..


Ayra: The cuckold adverts. The news articles telling you how great cuckolding is!


Morgs: Yeah! Yeah. And you just think well, because in the end order can only be brute force. And, of course, that sort of thing which [18:01] is instantly recognized, and they are like this kind of giant spider on a web and the web’s vast. And when you begin to talk about well we need to use force to do this all that, it triggers it, the web just goes nuts and the spider go “Oh God! The fascists are back!” because he can see with fascists it was an attempt to impose order on chaos. But in the end, the chaos just seemed to overwhelm them. And I mean, it can be quite bleak to look at things like. How can you come up on top?


Can order beat chaos? And I don’t know it.


Is chaos and entropy inevitable? I mean, what, …


Ayra: It is inevitable like the heat death of the universe, but, like we’re still alive here and we’re asserting the things that we find to be valuable. And I think the entire source of the [19:01] biological purpose of what it means to might be a leftist, or like the women who become feminists, they have this constant need to sort of shit test men and shit test society.


Like Jordan Peterson talks about sort of poking the bear and then you find the point where they bite back and assert themselves. I think that’s sort of what that entire mentality is supposed to do biologically. But at this point there’s a there’s like an (((external group))) that’s come in and it’s just like amplifying that mentality in the media and just sending those people wild, to undermine the society as a whole. So that mentality isn’t necessarily like it’s necessary for a society to have that.


It’s been like over pushed [20:00] beyond a healthy level at this point.


Morgs: I mean, they are the catalyst aren’t they? Yeah, I don’t think you can get around it, that particular (((group))) of people are the catalysts, they are part of it all of the time! And so you think without them order would be making an order quite handily, I think. When I look, just to get back on the religious stuff a few years ago we if you go back five, or six years then the Nationalist scene, the Neo-reactionary stuff was much more prominent than it is now. And then when the Alt-Right kind of took off it became much more aggressive, much more virulent and all about memes. And I can understand why. It was needed. We needed to start a kind of mass basic movement which just red pill people like a “red pill factory” as they call it now.


We used to talk about racial [21:02] awareness, or racial awakening. I mean, even then you can see it was a bit more gentle than the red pilled, you know, in pop culture. And the neo-reactionary scene was more philosophical, but, you know, they’re never gonna get anything done. They’re just gonna surround themselves with? ? ? And read philosophy. But even then they were very partial to Christianity and a traditional Christian society and Christian ethics.


And more recently about being thinking, well that’s all fair enough. But the problem is they didn’t really “walk the walk” either, as to pointing out what the real problem is. I mean, “The Distributist” made a video recently, and he’s done a few times where he’s saying that the Alt-Right is essentially trying to restore order, but we’re blind. We’re just [22:02] thinking in pure racial terms, and not on a deeper spiritual, religious level. And there’s some truth to that. But I mean, I love his stuff, he always makes me think.


But, the problem is he’s not gonna name what the (((chaos))) is, because, again and again, we come back to they’re not willing to go the whole way. They are critics of the chaos, let’s say, are only willing to go as far as naming the feminists and SJWs. And so if the Alt-Right and the rise of the Alt-Right is on a deeper level trying to restore some kind of order, then what is the nature of the chaos? Where does it come from? Who’s behind it? And again they fail, because they just won’t name it! I mean, some 4chan shit poster will be naming it a hundred times a day, on Twitter!


And yet you’ve got these [23:00] really thoughtful people, they just won’t go all the way. And I find that really frustrating actually. I mean, I don’t know what the solar east and the Aryans, would they have a reply to that Ayra? The Buddhism, or Hinduism, or what would you say about the JQ? Because I’m not sure I think they would tolerate it, if it was within that, …


Ayra: It’s funny that you say that. Because the last time I was in Japan I was in a bookshop and I literally found a book on the shelf, on the bestseller shelf, which was called “The jewish Conspiracy That Moves the World” so I bought that and I haven’t had a chance to read through all of it.


But it’s, they’re totally, in Japan they are really strong like nationalists. And the phenomenon of like what we have, like the 4chan people, is like much stronger [24:01] over there. And they regularly have people going through the streets in loudspeaker trucks with Japanese flags shouting out slogans and things like that.


Also they are really obsessed with, they hate Koreans! So they have a really strong rivalry with Koreans. And they go to Korean communities and harass them and stuff. And like that’s a normal thing to do in Japan.


Morgs: Imagine of having the luxury where you are pissed off about some, ….


Ayra: Like in your own country being able to defend your own people, rather than having the government kind of undermine you, and arrest you for even thinking about it.


Morgs: Well yeah, but I mean, from a racial prospectively, Japanese and Koreans are really similar.


Ayra: They’re basically the same.


Morgs: Yeah.


Ayra: Even then they’re still that firm about protecting their identity.




Morgs: It’s the equivalent to, let’s see, me and the boys getting together, we’ve had a few in the pub, and we are going down and harass the Danish butcher down the street, because he’s polluting the bloodline of the people! Or something like that! I mean, Christ to have that luxury! And people say what about other Europeans, and everything like that?


We don’t have the luxury to whinge about northern Europeans, or the Polish plumbers, or whatever it happens to be!


Ayra: I do think that European people, they’re naturally more open and willing to entertain that sort of thing than Asian people. Asian people are a lot more focused on order and there are a lot more strict in they’re thinking.


Morgs: Hmm. Because you come back to it again. It’s order isn’t? I don’t I don’t know how you get around that problem, [26:00] because it is chaos against order. It’s the equivalent of, you know, some hippie on Twitter telling you that well the gardens, we haven’t touched it for years and years, it’s just gone completely wild and it’s wonderful! It’s wonderful in all of it’s diversity!


And it is just some kind of jungle! But it’s pure chaos! And you can’t live like that.


Jim: Going back to what was said earlier. Hello?


Morgs: Yeah.


Jim: Sorry, going back to what was said earlier about custodianship of nature and that kind of thing. I think that’s a particularly, if not exclusively, European concept. Going back obviously to paganism which is purely nature based. And to Christianity which was, you know, I give you dominion over the birds of the air, and the beasts of the field. To be stewards of all the wildlife. I think the Europeans [27:02] in particular have taken it upon themselves to be custodians of the world, and to make sure that everything is kept in it’s rightful place and it’s natural order. I don’t think that’s something that’s shared by any other group, not even the Japanese, who you mentioned as having, …


Ayra: Well, native Americans?


Jim: Well they were sort of primitives. I mean, yeah they kind of didn’t want to take more from the earth, than was absolutely necessary.


But at the same time they didn’t develop much. So yeah, I agree that they were custodians of nature in the sense they didn’t want to draw too much from it. They probably would want to care about the pandas and the polar bears and wherever else. Yeah, perhaps they’re one group who would fall into that. Bt they would probably have gone too far the other way.


If you adopt that philosophy, you know, and neglect progress. Where the Europeans try to get a balance between advancing civilization and making [28:00] technical progress. While the same time, you know, trying to maintain nature and trying to keep everything in it’s proper place. Also, as far as what Morgoth said about entropy, that’s a horrifying prospect. Because nature does tend towards entropy, and order does tend toward disorder. And that’s a universal phenomenon. That’s something we can really fight against. Racial differences are order, and the natural tendency is for metal to become rust you know, for animal matter and plant matter becomes soil. And if we are all pre-programmed for deterioration, it suggests that we’re fighting a losing battle against that.


Morgs: Well I mean, the way around this, and I’m sure Arya could expand on it would be a sort of Nietzschean look at the world, and a Nietzschean understanding where it’s everything is a constant struggle, all of the time. And it’s the overcoming.




Overcoming yourself first, and then overcoming the struggle and standing on top of it all. To the degree where you barely even recognize the struggle itself. It just becomes innate that order has to be imposed. But I’m sure Ayra can explain that better than me. Am I right Ayra?


Ayra: I think Nietzsche goes even further than that. He sort of spoke a lot about going deliberately to welcome as much suffering and struggling into your life as possible. And he would write messages to his friends where he would say like, I hope you have like horrible suffering and horrible sickness and all those sorts of things. So when it comes to other groups, like certain other groups making our lives hell, we should sort of love them for challenging, for being [30:02] there to challenge us, and attempt to undermine us, so we can find our weaknesses as a society and a people and become stronger as a result of that.


Morgs: One of the things I despise about what the new atheist community did was that the term Nietzsche into a meme. And the “god is dead” kind of thing. And they put it across and aware that was like, well, you know, like a kind of cute thing on a toilet door!


I actually remember seeing this when I was in Kent, I did some fruit picking in my younger years in Kent. And on the back of a toilet wall it said, “Ed Nietzsche”. Underneath it had “Nietzsche’s dead — God”. And I thought what a fucking lot of rubbish! At the time I was actually reading stuff like Dostoevsky and Paul Stine stuff. And I was vaguely aware, I hadn’t really read Nietzsche at the time, but I was aware [31:01] that he would be completely hostile to Dostoevsky.


What I mean to say is from a deeply philosophical way, and they do so with respect, because the arguments that we’ll see orthodox Christian, like Dostoevsky, would have made. Nietzsche would have understood that. And he would have treated it with respect. Because for Nietzsche the death of God wasn’t a meme, it wasn’t just to be written on a toilet wall. It was this seminal event in humanity! It was something enormous! It was like the sea going out forever and leaving all these fish flapping around on the beach, not knowing where to go, or what to do.


And he was trying to answer that dilemma. It wasn’t some, you know, “god is dead” and isn’t that cute, isn’t that funny.


No! This was huge! This was gigantic [32:00] and catastrophic! How are we gonna get around this? What are we gonna do now?


Ayra: Yeah there’s a good parallel with that, because Nietzsche thought, because I think his father was a preacher who worked in one of the churches. He saw it as a tragedy that the church had been undermined and that it had proved to be not strong enough to be able to hold the people together and be able to uplift their spirits and make them into stronger people. So it’s sort of similar to what we’re going through now with our concept of us as a people and the nation.


It’s like they’re trying to undermine that and that’s sort of failing at the moment.


So we sort of have to look at that as a as an opportunity to find a way to assert our nation properly in a way that it can’t be undermined in the future. And it’s a similar thing with Christianity. Perhaps [33:00] because Christianity is just disappearing in this country and it’s going away in America as well. So perhaps there should sort of be like a reformation, another reformation, or something to make it something that’s a lot more stronger and uplifting and more able to win like the new generations back over, and be something that’s useful for us as a people. Rather than like, because Nietzsche saw sort of had this, he drew a contrast between Christianity as a religion that sort of saw the people as bad. And we had to sort of be sorry for ourselves and that made us weaker.


Whereas the ancient Greeks used to have they sort of had the gods looking down on them and thinking how magnificent they were. And the Greeks saw that as an opportunity. They would have like competitions with each other to become stronger and more magnificent and more intelligence and perfect. And it was like [34:01] an uplifting ideal. Like a worldly ideal rather than Christianity was like an otherworldly ideal where it doesn’t really matter what you do in this world, because it’s all about getting into heaven in the afterlife.


Morgs: I mean, in the any immediate here, or now we all would have to bring it up. Today was “Holocaust” Memorial Day. An idea of being kind of banging on about for a while now. Well for years on the blog, on Millennial Woes and things like that, was this the idea that the “Holocaust” is the founding myth and we have, within Nietzsche in terms, this is something that Europeans have to overcome! We have to get out that! And I’ve spent the best part, hours is hours today, just browsing that the trend. Just so you can get you can see how people are thinking about it., because they’re mainly Europeans. And it really is a religion!


It’s a secular religion! And, you know, I’ve explained how it works before. Today is “Holocaustmas”! It’s “Merry Holocaustmas” everybody!


But what that entails as I’ve said before, so far, because of the sins of our European racism.


And the six million was sacrificed for the European racists are all ???


Satan who were told forever and the path and the light is universalism and tolerance of the races and all that. That’s pretty much how it works. And that’s the religion of modernity. And it’s purely synthetic! And you can see if you look at will how the word “Holocaust” itself, as you said, Aria it was part of the jewish ritual. The sacrificial of, …


Ayra: Burnt offering. It used to be where they would steal children of other races and abuse them. And then burn them in front of Baul Hamman which was one of the gods.


Morgs: Yeah. And only it happened to them, according to them., you know, according to the narrative, let’s just stick with that, without getting, .. I don’t really want to talk about them, you know, the Zyklon B was a delousing agent, which it was.


And all of that. I mean, one of the reasons I am actually not very good on “Holocaust” the nuts and bolts of it, because it’s kind of boring to get n2., but at the same time I’m kind of crap on race realism as well!


The part, you know, D & E, and things like that. Jim’s much better than me on that stuff.


Well the “Holocaust[37:01] issue something similar where, yeah how many people can this chamber hold? And how many liters of Zyklon B does it take?


What colour does the body turn after, and all the kind of stuff.


Much more interested in the way it’s been used as a religion. And you can see your on the Google word frequency page. They’ve got a sort of thing if you type “Holocaust” and many other keywords into Google and then you look down and they’ll give you the a way to see how the words being used to over the years in books and newspaper articles. And the “Holocaust” just, it kinda went up by about a thousand percent between 1965 and 1972. And that’s the exact, … What?


Jim: Can I ask you two a question?




Something that occurs to me in terms of the growth of Holocaustianity in the “Holocaust” becoming the driving narrative of World War Two. When I went to school when I did history at higher level and the “Holocaust” was barely mentioned in my studies of World War Two. Whereas now it seems to have become, you know, that’s what World War Two was all about. Was the “Holocaust” the big deal when you two was at school?


Ayra: No.


Jim: Because I really didn’t. I went to school in the late eighties early nineties and the “Holocaust” wasn’t that big a deal then, in Scotland certainly.


Morgs: For me it kind of was, but it I mean, what I was saying was that it’s increased. If you look on this graph and you can see that the use of the word “Holocaust” is just going up and open up. And then it levels off around about 2010. They probably reach saturation point. And I’m same age as Jim and [39:02] so I was, you know, 16, 17 in the early nineties. And then, well where was I was gonna go with that? So you can see that it is an agenda.


When you see something go up in the late sixties by a thousand percent it’s not something that’s happening organic. And you can do that, because I used this tool on Google to do a post called “The Lexicon of Globalism” on the way back, a few months ago. And I used it to put in words like “diversity” and again you can see it just shooting up through the roof., but then you think, but okay so let’s use something neutral. And if you look at, if you do the same with the word “horse” you can see that it has a steady decline. And the reason for that is, because over the last hundred and twenty years, or so the use how many people are writing, or saying things about word “horse” steadily decline. And that makes perfect sense, because horses are less prominent in Western life and they were a hundred years ago, because they’ve been replaced by the engine. Whereas well it’s a steady decline, because there’s no political agenda there it’s just something I happened. When it’s a political agenda and something is being pushed you see it just go from a trickle, you know, that trickle was probably jewish articles and things like that and then it just shoots up! Like it’s ridiculous! It’s just, on the graph it just goes straight up at around 1965-1966.


And keeps going up and up and up until about 2010. And you can see the same is happening for words like “multiculturalism” “diversity” and then “terrorism” and, you know, “immigration” things like that. But the really strange [41:01] thing is that if you type, in other words, like “virtue” “honor”. Another one was “cute”, or “pretty” and the more gentle words like that, they have they’ve all been on the decline.


Degeneracy” was another one. The word degeneracy, nobody is using it at all except the far right, because degeneracy has been normalized. Nobody’s calling it out. And you can see on the one hand all of the words of globalism related to globalism are going just it’s just it’s so, the increase is so huge!


It’s just like a straight line up!


Whereas the words which we would you’d expect in a traditional more gentle society are just withering away. And you can see the two.


And if you had it where you’ve got one going down and one going up and the crossover, where one overtakes the other [42:02] is the 1960s when people like (((Adorno))) and (((Marcuse))) and the hippy, the boomer generation, Woodstock, and all of that. So it genuinely was a cultural revolution.




Jim: It also seems to be growing exponentially the further you get away from the actual event. I mean, you know, Winston Churchill wrote a six-volume book on World War to, but it didn’t mention the “Holocaust”. Now we’re getting to the end of living memory there’s hardly anyone still alive who remembers it and only now are we getting, you know, proposals for a “Holocaust” Memorial in Parliament Square!


Why is that being done now? It seems the further away we get the more they’re trying to push it and them all they’re trying to ramp it up. I think that might have a connection to their moving away from living memory and the fact that it’s now becoming more of a myth than reality. And those who actually witnessed the to the extent that I happened are no [43:00] longer around.


Morgs: Well I mean, it’s well that’s what I’m seeing. It’s been somewhere in the 1960s I would expect think tanks for the trilateral commission, all these big bank funded and lobby groups. Somebody somewhere probably quite a lot of people decided that well we’re gonna go with cultural Marxism. We’re going to go with feminism.


We’re going to go with a White guilt narrative. And then America would have probably been at first it would have been blacks and slavery.


But then at the same time in Europe it would have been well the colonialism and the Holocaust! The “Holocaust” was the big one.


Early ??? I’m getting away. We didn’t, you know, it was kind of trending away and eventually the “Holocaust” overtook everything else. And so people think people tend to think that Nuremberg and well, you know, fascists like [44:00] Murray Spagesh? , a brilliant fascist writer. Now you can find his autobiography, but Counter Currents have got a back collection and the he recognized at a time. He was at Nuremberg and he took notes of what essays about what was actually being said and what was going on at Nuremberg at the time.


And it’s it’s beautifully written. And he got it he got it instantly. And he uses very flowery language, but he absolutely nailed it. And he said things like, in the future you thought this field in this village would be for your son and your daughter and his son his daughter, but it won’t be. It will be for the negro! It’ll be for the Arab! And that would be for the street merchants peddler, you know, that street hawker. The kind of archaic [45:01] language that he used. And what was what was being imposed on Europeans was universalism. And it was where Europe would, … The money power in cahoots with Marxism like always, had overcome the great struggle against the European idea of ethnic identity and racial identity. And so what was on trial at Nuremberg was not just the Nazis, but the very idea of an ethnic Europe. And Spagesh saw that.


And he wrote about it and what was being crushed. And so how that works after that, the precise date that Cultural Marxists got there got their fundamental ng and he did all that set away with feminism and Woodstock and all the rest of the boomers and the hippie movement. That was when the ideas were [46:02] kind of coming out of the universities and that also coincided with a concerted push for the “Holocaust”. It would be no longer a kind of footnote in World War Two, but would become a foundational event in European history.


And it would be the grounding of an entirely new morality.


And in that morality, European racial awareness and racial interests would be equated with pure evil! And universalism and love of the other would be the path to light!


And you can see and you can tell it’s synthetic, and you can tell it’s made up, because that’s what it sounds kind of, you know, small potatoes to talk about Google searches, but you can see that it was a concerted push, because it doesn’t just increase by three thousand percent by it’s own accord.


Ayra: And you sort of see [47:00] them like they come sort of attacking us and putting in like bringing over all these like foreign communities they call them. And by every single possible reaction that we could possibly have to that, they find some way to undermine it. And they do all these propaganda campaigns every single day about like trying to suppress the natural instincts that any human would have to that happening to their country.


Morgs: Yeah. I mean, I put a thing on Twitter the other day. It was, you know, for me with my couple of thousand followers and it did very well.


And I knew the replies, I knew the mentality behind the replies, and it was “I’m evil!” I’m an evil person, because I’m questioning the Holocaust! I didn’t even question it, I just said it was highly suspect event.


But the reaction to it and how they think of it is that you just can’t go there. And it must have been like when, you know, Christopher Columbus, or these people, I mean, they went to the clergy to ask for money. And they said, well the earth is flat! If you try to point out that the earth goes around the Sun and, or and you try to point out that evolution is true and then you point these out to the clergy, the religious and they just don’t want to know! , because they know that if you start digging around in certain areas and certain ideas, then the doctrine is undermined at a fundamental level.


I mean we last week were talking about the skeptic and these people. One of the reasons why I do like them is, because they ‘re not they’re not skeptical of any of this stuff.




In fact they attack the people who are talking about that stuff! And that they’re living within is this kind of fog. I mean, when I lived in Europe I had this, you know, I was young free and single and I had cash and I had this huge aquarium. I splashed on. And one of the things when I set up the aquarium was that I thought you just pour in a load of war and to you dumped some fish in., in actual fact, you have to take care of everything about it! About the fish. About what fish are going in with what fish. And then the quality of the water and the plants on it. Everything! You’ve got to create an entire world. And the problem of the kind of classic liberal mentality is that they don’t understand the the water quality that they live, that the fish live in has to be a certain way.


I mean, I know it’s pretty convoluted [50:01] analogy, but they would say well if all the fish have got their own place to swim, or their own place to live and that other fish respect their holes and their caves their plant pots, it should be fine. And if you put in a ton, an absolute shitload of kippers and ??? Then, hey, when everybody just has to get along. Well then that won’t be a bad idea because the kippers will be Muslim., but then it’s the water quality itself that’s a problem. There, because you have to have soft water with the pH level, hard alkaline water and all of this kind of thing. And the very, and that’s like the cultural fabric that we have.


And it’s it’s poisonous for European people! It’s deliberately poisonous for European people! And Greg Johnson [51:00] debated one of them called Academic Agent last week. And he tried explaining this., because well you can’t control them the culture. You can’t control a media. It has to be a free market.


No you can’t, it’s too important., because the “Holocaust” thing isn’t political at all! That’s entirely cultural. European understanding of the “Holocaust” is almost ??? , but mainly it’s Hollywood. And you have to regulate it. You have to, you know, I’ve always said I’m a kind of big state fascist kind of guy, because you have to regulate what your people are absorbing., because if it’s just muck and they’re not going to turn out very well you know.


Ayra: Yeah I don’t think I’ve ever seen like a single thing on TV, or like any film, or anything about like the Holodomor. Like the Russians dying like [52:00] so many more than allegedly died in the “Holocaust”. I’ve just never seen anything about it. Not a single film, or yeah.


Jim: Well even if you accept the “Holocaust” narrative as being the gospel truth it was not even close by the worst atrocity of the 20th century. And in terms of who carried out, I mean, there’s no reason why the British the Americans any White race, or White nation other than the Germans have any guilt for it. So the fact that it’s being tried being used to beat all White people over the head and force them into some guilt-ridden submission is an absolute nonsense!


Ayra: Yeah I think it’s funny when these people go on about how bad it was for Europeans to like divide and rule and do all this colonial colonialism stuff. Like they accept it’s bad. They accept multi-culturalism and all of this stuff is bad [53:00] yet they think it’s alright to do it to us now and they try and go around selling as a good thing and a good idea.


Jim: Well the White race currently exists when it comes to guilt for the “Holocaust”.


I mean why should, you know, why should the British feel guilt for the “Holocaust” that nothing to do with us. The only reason we should be hit with is, because we are also White. So, you know, the idea there’s no such thing as the White race it certainly exists when “Holocaust” guilt being dished out.


Ayra: You know, I never I never genocided anybody and I’ve never colonialized any country so why do I have to have my country taken away from me?


Morgs: Well I mean, the purveyors of ideology is liberalism as well. Where were all just individuals and you should never have a broader ??? past, …


Ayra: That’s another artificial the thing that was pushed on by a (((certain group))) as well in the French Revolution. They came in and they had all the ideas about they calls like that just the normal people there they called them identitarians. And that’s where [54:01] that, …


Morgs: Yeah?


Ayra: That’s where that all comes from.


And their alternative to that was individualism. That’s what that’s when they originally started pushing now I think.


Morgs: Well I mean, group guilt is being, I mean, on the one hand we’ve got the most advanced hyper individualist society you can ever think of, where everybody is I’m just a free individual. I am my own person.


Yet at a foundational level group guilt is still being applied to Europeans. And again, you know, I hate. This is what I find so infuriating about these classic liberals. They should be talking about nothing else except that, because last week I was talking about the ADL monitors. They’re a collective ethnic who monitor and [55:00] control speech on YouTube. And they never talk about that., but they’re not even gonna talk about the fact that guilt not in a, you know, White privilege and this gentle kind of these offshoots. They will follow T., but at the foundational level, how can you have an individual where at the foundational level of the culture the European group is being assigned guilt?


And they don’t explore this. They don’t question it. And it’s pathetic! I mean, I don’t want to just pick on them and it goes for everybody who’s thinks of themselves as being on the right. And Tommy Robinson and all these counter jihad muppets, they’re worst again! , because they actually endorse and support (((people))) who are doing it in the first place!


Ayra: You see Tommy Robinson going around with like I am a Zionist badge and waving Israel flags and they’ve got [56:01] the Britain First people now as well. I think that controlled opposition.


When they go around talk about one of the pledges and their things was they were going to create a central bank for the UK as if we need like more jewish runs central banks in Europe.


Morgs: Yeah!


Ayra: They think to only alternative to Islamification is supporting Israel. And that’s how they get them all on their side.


Morgs: I mean, if you look back when I was really getting into this there was a site called Gates of Vienna and it’s still up and running. People still read it, but not that many. And Frank Frank Gaffney, I don’t think he’s actually jewish, I’m not sure I could be wrong., but they were the [57:00] entire ecology had seen is an offshoot of the new neo-con political. So what’s happened there is George White Bush and, you know, in the 90s and the neocons, “the invade the world invite the world” kind of school, knew that the left, the kind of pro Palestinian left with Jeremy Corbyn types, if the Americans are about to invade the Middle East they knew the Left would crucify them in public opinion. They poured quite a lot of money and resources into countering that and eventually what you got was a the counter-jihad scene which is pure neocon propaganda from start to finish.


Now all of their talking points are there and low and behold you had throughout the 2000s as the wars and the death the body counts mounted, you had the English Defence League popped up and Britain first. And then you have people like Douglas Murray became prominent. And the historian Niall Ferguson got a bit of a leg up. And they were just everywhere!


I mean if the Alt-Right has done nothing else it’s smashed them! It’s really kind of taking the wind out of their sails, and they’re still there and pop out to support Trump., but what do they think of us? They’re just kind of ignore us as if we don’t exist. Amery ??? is an interesting one, because I mean, I don’t want to repeat what I said last week., but she’s kind of like on the edge where she’s not too sure which way to go.


Ayra: I think a lot lot of the sort of Guardian reader type people are used to just attacking the sort of football hooligan right wing people like the EDL [59:02] people. They’re used to like talking down to them and now the Alt-Right is coming along, a lot of people are a lot more intelligent and like much more intelligent than like the vast majority of people in like the Guardian Guardian reader crowd. And that like just talking to them on Twitter like none of them really know how to deal with that. And they just like instantly block you after like a couple of tweets talking to them.


Morgs: Yeah man I mean, I’ve been blocked by literally thousands of them! , but it’s, because they’re going outside of their frame of reference.


Ayra: Yeah.


Morgs: The “Holocaust” did happen, or it didn’t.


I’m saying the way it’s been used is wrong.


I don’t want to get bogged down on a debate about showers and how much Zyklon B you can carry through a pipe in ten minutes and what color their bodies are.


That’s not going to get me anywhere. I want to red-pill Europeans and I want to explain of them, I want them to stand back and take a look at this gigantic matrix! And I knew that sounds like really pompous cuz like I’m just a guy with a blog and a Twitter account! , but if we just think like, it’s a goal! It’s a goal like that kind of strive towards. And that’s what I want to step back and just take a look at this gigantic edifice of bullshit! Which they’ve lived. How could they think that? The internal contradictions. So this kind of well-meaning woman. And, you know, you can tell she’s probably gonna be lovely in real life and she replied me on Twitter and she said “well you know” to my this tweet that I did on the “Holocaust”, and she her attitude was like:


Well what about all the Red Indians? They had a home too. Don’t they deserve it?” and I was, yeah.


So [61:01] that’s fine. You’ve established that the Red Indians, it was wrong what happened of them, and I know Jim’s gonna kick off here, but let’s just go on. The red Indians had a right to their land. So by that same logic the Europeans have a right to Europe at least! Okay? And then she came back she said “well no, because of colonialism, slavery, with all the terrible things Europeans have done, blankets with fleas in them


No apparently that’s crap as well., but them so there’s this obvious I mean, the point is there’s this obvious double standard that she holds in her mind when it’s to do with Europeans. It’s it’s blatantly obvious.


Red Indians deserve, you know, it was wrong what happened to them. They lost their land., but well, well, when it comes to Europeans we’ve got to look back in history and we’ve [62:00] got to, … No! Come on!


Ayra: Yeah they never look back at their crimes that the jewish people, that got kicked that got them kicked out as a hundred eight countries?


Morgs: Yeah, I know and they’re not gonna talk about Genghis Khan, or the Turks invading Europe.


Because it’s just us! And so you have to what I’m saying is they have to step out and you look at this kind of machine.


This propaganda machine. And understand that they are the ones being targeted!


There there’s no universal value system at all! It’s based on a lie! It’s based on Europeans being willing to die on the altar of the six million!


Jim: You’ve made an interesting point about the EDL and all the various cucky civic nationalists.


And that is that in order to be any sort of European nationalist now you have to [63:01] prostrate yourself upon the altar of the “Holocaust” and to say that, you know, you think you’re pro Israel, you’re pros Zionism and all the rest of it.


That’s the only way it’s in any way socially acceptable that is a side effect of Holocaustianity.


Going onto the Red Indians. That’s that’s a very strange situation. When the Europeans landed in North America there were something like to, or 3 million Indians in the entire continent. To argue that two, or three million people should have the sole and exclusive use of all of that land, which they were barely occupying is ridiculous! , but that’s that’s the kind of argument that they will put just to argue in favor of anyone who’s not White.


Ayra: A really good point about the situation in America that the channel “No White Guilt” was talking about, was that a lot of that land was basically unoccupied and the Europeans came over and they just basically built the entire country. And now they’re trying to suggest that even though White Americans have built all of this stuff they somehow don’t have a right to it.


Jim: Yeah there were a patchwork of Indians here and there, but they by no means occupied the entire continent, had made a nation of it, you know. There were just like a handful of tribes dotted around the place.


Ayra: The same in Australia as well. The European colonialists came and built the entire country and then all these other groups are trying to come over and just take everything that the Europeans have built. Like why can’t why can’t all these new immigrants go into like the outback in Australia and build a new country there?


Why do they have to come live in where White people are?


Morgs: Well that’s what we’re talking about. It’s, because White people can’t defend our moral right to say [65:02] well, this is our land you are not welcome, has been removed. And if you look at why that is, in the end you gotta come back to the “Holocaust”. To the Nazis and the association with European ethnic interests with the evil of the Nazis.


Ayra: Going back to what I was saying earlier on about the biological role of the left, I did I do think that ultimately that sort of openness in European people has been we like constantly have to ask ourselves these questions and challenge ourselves in all sorts of different ways. And that I think that’s like the reason that we’ve like been so successful in building all these things and like we we’re the only ones [who’ve put] a man on the moon. And we’ve got all this culture and philosophy and everything. It’s, because we we are like by nature more open and more willing to accept these challenges onto ourselves.




But at the same time we have to find a bounce from the other direction to assert the things that like our nationality and our right to have a homelands to our for our own people.


Morgs: Hmm. I’m a little bit more skeptical about that., because there’s this the idea and Kevin MacDonald talks about it quite a lot, where it’s called “pathological altruism”. Where there’s something and the idea, they’ve got a good argument and I’ll say that, where, because Europeans lived in the snow and the ice and it was harsh and we had to be more open across very many people.


And the people in even in the tundra and the north land and we didn’t come across, ..


Ayra: Like the Scandinavians have like a hyper, the reason that they’re so [67:02] like hyper pathologically empathetic is, because they were living in those snowy conditions and everyone they see they automatically have they have like an inherent need to try and help them and band together and be really like empathetic. And now it’s being used against them.


Morgs: Yeah. I mean, it’s it’s the most black pill as they say now, argument.


That you can even get., because that means we’re doomed! There’s no way out of it! And just to try and kind of lighten things up a bit. The Swedes were beasts as well!


And not long after that, when the Scandinavians were on the march they were absolute monsters!


There was nothing nice about the Viking. They enslaved Europeans.


The thing is you get it, or not the Viking actually sold European slaves to Muslims.


And I don’t know! Is it is there a way around that? Is it innate, or is it cultural? If it’s cultural then we can look for ways to bring it down. If it’s sort of inbuilt flaw, like the dodo not be able to fly away from Portuguese sailors, then there’s not really anything you can do. Unless you go say there’ll be a kind of say 30% of Swedes won’t carry that gene, and who will be all given, I’m just using the Swedes in as an example, they leave a certain percentage of Swedes who won’t be altruistic. And they’ll be the ones in 100 years time standing on top, ruling over this gigantic kind of slave army in Sweden! , but even then, is it where we want to go?


Jim: I suspect that the [69:02] pathological altruism is probably more cultural than genetic., because even back in, you know, sort of pretty historic days where if you turned your neighbor away he’d have to go out in the snow and die.


You would have an inclination to let him in and to give him every chance, because you would want someone else to do the same for you., but if the same neighbor kept abusing your hospitality time after time after time and taking your resources away from your family, contributing nothing time after time after time. I think eventually you were told to go away and die in the snow.


And I think that time must be coming for the Swedes.


Ayra: Yeah I think there’s there’s a point even genetically where it gets too much and then it switches over. And I think Jordan Peterson talks about the there’s like a disgust response that kicks in. And he talks about how Adolf Hitler was like, he had this like, it switched over for a lot of [70:00] the people in Germany at that time and they became like hyper obsessed with cleanliness and order and things like that. Like more than the otherwise would, because they had been pushed like further than, … Like there was a biological limit of how much shit they could take before their disgust response kicked in!


Morgs: Yeah.


Ayra: And they just after the First World War.


Morgs: That would be the response to Weimar Germany. And not many people talk about what went on in Weimar Germany in the 1920s, after the war. It was, you know, the (((usual suspects))) found themselves on top, because they didn’t fight in the war. And they controlled all the media back in Germany.


And the there was this kind of they were just utterly degenerate!


Ayra: Yeah they deliberately try and create the most disgusting and offensive possible art they can to try and piss [71:00] you off as much as they possibly can.


Morgs: Yeah. Weimar Germany a strange thing. And a mentor to me, back in the day “Guest Worker” used to talk about, I think he’s called Max Hirschfeld, I’m guessing (((his))) background., but he was allegedly the person who coined the term “racism” and he was some sort of Marxist academic in Germany in the 1920s. And I know people attribute the word “racism” comes from Trotsky. And some people did before that., but in a political and cultural context, I was Hirschfeld applied it to the Germans in Weimar Germany. And another thing about Weimar Germany which is interesting is that they were up to their neck in “Hate Speech Laws”. They called it something else, but it amounted to the same thing.




And the degeneracy was absolutely vile!


And you had German women and girls being brought in from the countryside and just beasted in Berlin, because they effectively they had a new elite, because the aristocracy had been decimated and delegitimized by the war. So the traditional kind of patriarchy and aristocracy of Germany, because they were still, you know, they still had a king, an emperor, until the end of the war. It was kind of just replaced by this vacuum of filth! And as Ayra says the backlash was severe.


But even then we’re talking about such small time scales that it was from 1922 [73:00] to about 1933. It’s only about eleven years. And then in our present day like yeah after year it just seems to go by, and, …


Ayra: I see lot of posts on Twitter where they’ll take those my, you know, that drag kids where he’s going around “Desmond is amazing”, or something like that and you see all these tweets about it where they say like the “Weimar line has been crossed”.


Morgs: Yeah yeah. The Americans are calling it “WeiAmerica”. And it’s gone okay there’s a there’s a whole section on Richard Spencer’s Alt-Right site and they there’s it’s something like “notes from WeiAmerica”, or something. And it’s just like chopping away at the latest degenerate lunacy that’s going on. And it’s funny because, you know, (((certain people))) with a historical eye will be thinking, “Well the clocks ticking out. They’re on to us!


Ayra: Yeah that’s why you suddenly see [74:01] up-tics in this “Holocaust” stuff.


Every time, if you ever watch the debates in Parliament, if there’s anything like an up like if they sense a surge in what they call far-right ultra-nationalism they’ll be talking about it and they’ll be talking about the need for hate speech laws and things like that. And then you’ll get about four, or five MP standing up and saying “oh I think we need to have a bit more “Holocaust” education”, “oh we need to have a “Holocaust” Museum in my district”, s”o we uh need to have a “Holocaust” campaign on TV!” and all of them standing up and talking about the “Holocaust”.


Morgs: There’s a, you know, oh no there’s been this poll in the Daily Mail and like eighty percent of people said they didn’t want anymore refugees! We need a new “Holocaust” Memorial in Liverpool! Just to remind these bastards!


Ayra: Yeah I started posting [75:00] this thing, you know, the Helen Lovejoy “Oh can somebody please think of the children?” it’s like it’s exactly like that, but it’s “Oh can someone be please remind to me how many jews have died in the “Holocaust”?” Non-stop every time anything happens.


Morgs: I did a post one of my earlier posts on the blog was taking the piss out of Pat Condell. And I called at them “Get the women and jews to safety!” and that’s really what he was saying. It was like they had these huge influx of refugees, or something. It’s going back a few years now., but Pat Condell, you know, there’s this thing will happen where some Muslims like? ? ? A girl on the street, or something and Pat Condell is like, this is the final fucking straw, Pat Condell and these counter-jihad types are not gonna have any of this! I was like, look at what you’ve done! The jewish girl in the street, somebody shouted at her. Meanwhile you’ve got tens of thousands of like European women being fucking raped! And there’s the saying the they’re the “canary in the coal mine”!


When it’s not safe for them, it’s not safe for anybody!




Ayra: A lot of jewish charities are the ones like campaigning for them to come over here in the first place.


Morgs: It’s so the mentality where the traditional European patriarchy with the Titanic. And would be like save the women and children first! And, by the way, I mean, I know Mark Steynes like a total neocon, but I read his book, “After America” and he actually did a great point. And when the Titanic sunk, the people who died, it was a eighty percent of the people who died on the Titanic were men.


And then everybody else, who got away were women and children. So when the Titanic went down the men actually really the patriarchy, supposedly misogynistic hateful patriarchy actually went down with the ship!


Because they were throwing lifeboats over the side for the women and children. They stood by that. They lived by those standards.


Meanwhile and there was a big ferry went down off so I think was off Denmark, or somewhere, or in the Mediterranean. He used it in the book.


I think it might have been off Italy., but anyway there was in modern times that was a port went down in Europe and it was full of the modern European, you know, population of slobs. And the ratio was totally the other way around. Then [78:01] most of the people who went down on the boat, in new postmodern society, were women and children! , because what happened was that the men, because of feminism, the men of kind of were on equal footing. So the attitude was well you know:


Fuck you babe! Find your own way to the lifeboats. I’m off!


It was in “America alone” and what do you say to that? They lived by it! They stuck by? ? ?


Ayra: Yeah I think with the feminism stuff I’m I really like Karen Straun. I’ve been watching her since back in the day. And she goes on about how by every step of the way of what the feminists have been pushing like the women. Basically most of the women in society were against it, because they had like [79:01] cushy lives, where they had they had the men paying for their entire life and that was that everything was the man’s responsibility. And the women were against it the whole time and yeah.


Morgs: Yeah. I mean, the example of the Titanic is that it’s actually from an evolutionary point of view it’s it’s quite brutal., because if you’ve I don’t know I mean, I’ll be savaged by the MGTOWs.


But especially if you’ve got a a pregnant woman. Think the woman that’s your wife when you’ve had sex with her recently, you have a vested interest in getting her on a safety boat, because she’s potentially carrying a baby. And some of the more Romantic types would, you know, add a bit of fluff to that., but I think that is what it.


It’s protecting your progeny. In the same way about a male spider will feed himself to a female spider so she [80:02] doesn’t have to move. She doesn’t have to worry, do anything, except lay his eggs.


Jim: Well not only in personal terms, in group terms as well. If you save a hundred women and three men, that will keep the group going on. Whereas a hundred man and three women the group will die. So in purely evolutionary terms it’s more important to save the eggs as Stephan Molyneux always says. So I think purely rationally saving the women is the right thing to do for the survival of the group. And it’s interesting what’s happening in Europe now, because the more recent ship sinking that you alluded to., because they are living by their values just as the Titanic generation lived by theirs. If we are to have equality then there’s no reason why the women should go first., but that is to the detriment of the group.


Morgs: Yeah yeah. And, because well if you have a quality then there’s, … The I mean, in a way the men are, I mean, [81:01] you have to understand why did the women die? The women died in such numbers on the more recent boat sinking, wherever it was, and, by the way, I mean, this was ix years ago since I even read the book. It’s really ten years ago that this happened., but when it came down to it it wouldn’t have been that pretty.


Because it would have been a scramble for the life boards and you’re talking about in the heat of the moment, women just being thrown off a life boats. And kind of just blocked from going on them. And having, you know, being tripped over as they’re running. And then on top of that once that were in the water wouldn’t have been able to swim for as long and keep the head above the water.


And they ended up just drowning. Because, because equality was put to the test and it was just a complete disaster!


Ayra: I think a lot of this equality stuff is rooted in like decadence of being so [82:01] comfortable and not having my either as much evolutionary pressure on the society as a whole.


Whereas in the past when we had like a lot more evolutionary pressure. Like beyond men wanting to protect women that they’ve impregnated, it’s also the fact that like if it’s women from their own community, or their own race, or ethnicity whether. They are still carrying the genes of the men and it’s ultimately more beneficial for the society to have more women around to repopulate the society quicker than, because you can’t do it as quickly if you have more men surviving than women.


Morgs: Yeah yeah. That’s absolutely true. I mean, well it’s the same now it’s when, … People will talk about see what happened with Rotherham and, because I’ve been [83:00] through this and I’ve had the grooming scandal. I mean, I’ve had Pakistanis going back some years before I had a blog and all of that, and I wrote a post called, “Why I Hate” where I actually had on Facebook and I lived abroad.


But I was kind of involved, kind of counter-jihad., you know, the appeal of it and just discovering and what was going on. Like I was into Mark Steyn, the neocon. They call it jihad stuff.


And I actually had Pakistani sending me videos. The kind that we used to have where they just start automatically when, you know, you look at the message and the video just started. And it was like literally of what they were making these White girls do.




Basically it was a kind of dominance. We were seeing, look! Look! And writing in it in the message:


This is what we’re doing to your whores!


And then the video would start and I saw things you never ever want to see in your life! And that that’s actually, I mean, if people want to say well, how did I get radicalized?


Well, that’s where it happened. And then further to that, was that I actually contacted the lefties on Facebook and said:


Look, I’m being sent this. Do you understand what’s going on?


What I was told was, well look, because they were mainly women, and they were saying:


Well you know, we’ve all been young, and we’ve all had a little bit too much vodka and coke in our time.


And I thought, what the hell is this! What’s going on?


And that was something I don’t want to go, you know, that maybe for a different hangout.




But that made me full-blown radicalized in an instant! They did it to me! , because the grooming of the Pakistani sent me these things that him and his friends were doing to these girls. And I saw it! And it’s a kind of domination. And the reason why I think so many White man, … We should do is separate hang out on this, maybe, just for the boys.


But one of the things that happens to White men when enough, it’s something that is happened quite brutally to me obviously., but they feel a rage against this. Which is different to a terror attack, or a mugging. And, you know, you see all these videos about blacks running wild and things like that. The grooming is something different. The grooming, because what you’re seeing there is literally your genetics, that these young, [86:02] these, you know, the fourteen, fifteen, or up girls are our genetic interest. They’re carrying our genetics.


And, of course, there they’re young enough to be my daughter., but that’s my genetic legacy in via via.


Especially in north Yorkshire which isn’t that far away. And so what I’m seeing there is I’m being I’m being cucked, but I’m being it’s not happening by accident. Either other people who are doing the cucking, or aware that they’re doing the cucking and they’re throwing it back in our faces! And the effect that this has on normal White man is the rage that you feel isn’t normal. And when you see all this you know, there’s this gang being rolled up and doing about thirty years in jail, and you should be happy they’ve been arrested what are you complaining about. No it’s not enough! , because we’re talking about natural law here. Again to [87:01] go back to an earlier point., but what this is chaos. This is absolutely an abomination. And then the this civic idea of well, we’ve got twenty years in jail, it’s not enough. The blood what sticks to the blood is something far more, so people that I can’t even, I’m not even going to describe it on YouTube.


Because you’re dealing with war of annihilation., but what are doing these White girls is annihilation of your group, of your genetics.


Jim: You make an interesting point there, because I think it does make man a lot more viscerally angry than it makes women. I mean, you’ll see women, and feminists in particular, trying to explain these things away. Whereas with man is just pure fury. It’s something I’d be scared to discuss on the internet for fear of getting us shut down, or getting someone’s collar felt., but the visceral anger it invokes in men I think is quite different to that reaction it creates in women.


Ayra: Yeah you see [88:02] women holding. It’s all women holding up the “Refugees Welcome Signs”, as well.


Morgs: Well, I mean, yeah there’s a different though. That’s another problem that, we’ve got slightly off off topic, but I mean, what nothing infuriates me more than seeing a White man, it’s a typical thing you see on Twitter, or something where do you post a screenshot of the newspaper headline which is these Pakistanis, or whoever, these Muslims, and they’ve been a new gang and yet another gang has been rolled up and they’re gonna face, … And then you’ll get a reply and they’ll say, well what about Jimmy Saville? Well Jimmy Saville was an old pervert. What we’re talking about here is ethnic warfare! And even then in the traditional patriarchy. [89:01] By the way, what we call up here, it’s what we call a “nonce”, a pervert, or a sexual child molester, is what’s called a “nonce”.


And in the traditional patriarchy he would go to prison and end up being stabbed to death in prison.


They had was sectioned them off in their own little place., because if they went in with the bank robbers on the gangsters and the murderers they were so low, the were the scum of the earth. Even a mass murderer, or a bank robber, or a gangster would end up finding them and cutting their throat. Peter Sutcliffe had a pencil shoved through his eye.


Jim: And the whole Jimmy Saville thing I think there’s a fundamental difference there as well.


Of course there are White child molesters and rapists and all kinds of [90:00] horrible people., but when they do it and they do it in shame. It’s not something you’d ever tell your friends about your family and it’s not a group activity. For the kinds of people who are doing these things nowadays in the industrial cities and the northeast and the northwest [of England] and the former mill towns, and all these kinds of places. For them it’s a perfectly natural and wholesome community activity. You get your cousin and your uncle and your best friend and your guy at work and you’ll all get together and do it. For them there’s nothing wrong about it. There’s nothing shameful about it. For them it’s a perfectly normal and natural thing. I think that’s the difference between when they abuse vulnerable children and, you know, underage girls, and when the rare occasions when White people can also do that.


Morgs: Yeah well. Yeah. I mean, what another thing they’ll do, and I wrote about this Newcastle grooming thing, was, first of all they’re called pedophiles. Which is wrong, because that’s that’s the kind of, …


Ayra: Hebaphiles I think is something like that. If they’re post-prepubescent.


Morgs: Okay yeah., but in the press they actually call them pedophiles.


Well the point is that they’re equating them to, … You can understand to the typical White British, the Daily Mail reader, consuming the mainstream output content, that when they use a word like “child molester”, or pedophile it conjures up an image of a kind of sad middle-aged White man in a rain mack. We had reduced them to that in our society.


Ayra: I think if it’s someone like [92:01] Jimmy Saville, or something at least if we have order in society, we can root out those people and sort them out., but they’re bringing all these people, it’s just creating more and more chaos and it’s just going to end up less like the Jimmy Savilles and so on, they’re going to get away with it more and more now that there’s just more and more crime and more and more chaos.


Morgs: Well they’re holding these Pakistanis and these are Afghanis and all the rest of it to a Western standard. They don’t understand the West in standard of pedophilia. They don’t understand that was an agreed within a society that a girl wouldn’t have sex before sixteen. That never happened in their culture! , but have happened in their code. They don’t understand any of this.


The rules are our rules for us! So these people, what’s the point, why do they expect these people to acknowledge our laws? We’re multicultural now! Ridiculous!




Jim: Yeah. To them to them twelve, thirteen, fourteen is fair game. There’s nothing wrong with that in their culture.


Ayra: Have you ever read some of the stuff in the Talmud? It’s a little bit more more extreme than even that.


Morgs: Yeah.


Jim: I’m aware of it. Yeah.


Morgs: Anyway I mean, it’s a shame, because how long we been going?


Ayra: An hour and a half.


Morgs: , because we were going to go into the Blackburn thing which we couldn’t do, but never mind.


It’s only the second hangout, we’re still learning how to do it. Have you enjoyed it, have you?


Ayra: Yeah! I had a great time! Thanks for inviting me on. If anyone watching wants to subscribe to my channel I guess they can make a comment, or something about it in YouTube.




Morgs: We’ll put a the link to your channel in the description.


Ayra: Yeah. Thank you very much.


Morgs: Have you got any new videos on the way?


Ayra: I’ve been trying, but god, I don’t even want to talk about it on the air, on the live stream, what’s happening, so.


Morgs: Oh! Oh dear!


Ayra: I’m gonna be putting out some more videos soon.


Morgs: They’re brilliant. I mean, I think I just came across one by accident on YouTube, because my search algorithms, or whatever is kind of skeptics, or wankers kind of pops up a lot. I thought it was brilliant and I posted it on the blog and then I had a look and I saw you had a Twitter account.


Ayra: Yeah all these people coming in to my comment saying like Morgoth sent me, you know. Oh my god Morgoth is watching my videos now.


Morgs: So you’ve heard of me beforehand?




Ayra: Yeah I actually when I was researching different things I’d come across your blog from time to time. And I have like a bookmarks from like different articles saved to back in my old browsers and things like that. And then I saw you on the Millennial Woes hang out over Christmas.


So I was like, oh my god that’s the guy from the blog that I keep reading. I just realized this the same person.


Morgs: Excellent! Well that’s what it’s there for it’s nice. I mean, I’ve graduated from writing messages and comments a few years ago to, you know, kind of being a being able to kind of direct people to people who are doing stuff.


I like to post stuff at the blog where I’ll get blogs posts sent to me from young lads and stuff and I like to put them up on a blog, to you [96:00] know help them out., because a lot of them a lot better writers than me. There’s one up there at the moment which is brilliant. The “Avocado Smash of Socialists”. And I read it and I just thought, well this is great! I’ve got to direct people. There’s so much good stuff coming out now, you know. You got to try and help these people out. So anyway, that’s it for me really. Anything to add there Jim?


Jim: No, I think we’re about there. So it’s a pleasure to speak to you Arya and I hope we will speak again sometime.


Ayra: Yeah I’d love to anytime. Thanks for inviting me.


Morgs: Okay. Are you there Theberton?


Theberton: Yeah, I’m here.


Morgs: All right you want to wrap it up?


Theberton: Yes, that is fine. I’ll just get back to it. Okay, thanks everyone!









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