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Millennial Woes with Morgoth on Brexit — Jul 2, 2016 — TRANSCRIPT

    ATTENTION READERS!   Volunteers are needed to help complete this transcript. Please step forward and do your bit! [ 50/126 mins, now complete!] Always leave a message in the comments BEFORE starting on a time-slot.       Why Bother with Transcripts?   … Continue reading

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David Duke Interviews Dr Andrew Joyce — TRANSCRIPT

  [In this 47 minute audio interview Dr. David Duke gets straight to the point with Dr. Andrew Joyce, a British historian and regular writer for the Occidental Quarterly and the Occidental Observer. He discusses the role of organised jewry in pushing multiracialism, multiculturalism, and its drive to exterminate … Continue reading

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My Take on the Brexit Result

  [I don’t usually comment on current events myself, here in this blog, but this BREXIT result is an exception  —  KATANA.]     My Take on the   BREXIT Result       The British people, a couple of days … Continue reading

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