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Inside the Eye Live with Alison Chabloz – Mar 2018 — TRANSCRIPT

[In this interview Dennis Fetcho talks with Alison Chabloz about her upcoming court appearance (March 7) after being charged under the Communications Act in the UK, for causing “gross offence” to some jews, by uploading several of her songs to … Continue reading

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The Realist Report Interviews Monika Schaefer – May 2017 — TRANSCRIPT

  [ John Friend of The Realist Report interviews German-Canadian activist Monika Schaefer on her awakening to the destructive activities of organized jewry and its ongoing plan of genocide against Whites. Having spent her entire adult life involved in various environmental causes it was only in the … Continue reading

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Ban Black Socks Movement!!

    Ban Black Socks Movement!!     Racism Walks Amongst Us!!   [Guest post by BBSM-001]   Dear readers, before you scoff at the very idea that black socks (herein called BS) should be banned, please consider the following before you … Continue reading

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