Morgoth’s Review – Which 80’s Dystopia Are We Living In? – Apr 5, 2021 — Transcript


[Morgoth discusses four dystopian movies from the 1980s to see which best matches what we are experiencing today.






Morgoth’s Review


Which 80’s Dystopia


Are We Living In?


Apr 5, 2021



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Published on Apr 5, 2021


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Hello again there folks. So if you’ve followed my work for any length of time you’ll know that I actually love 1980s action movies, and science fiction movies of that era. And I talk about them quite a bit.


And I thought it would be fun to go back and have a look at some of the dystopian movies of the 1980s and see which one got it right. Because what you’ll notice about these movies, especially the ones that I’ve selected, is that the time that they were predicting, the time that they were set in, was around about 2019, 2029, more, or less, where we are now in Western civilization. So what they were doing was predicting what the world would be like in say 30, or 40 years in the future. And we are now in that future.


So I’ve selected a few movies here, that we can look at, with my own opinion on them which one like the worlds that they’re set in. And I will be focusing on the “worlds” here more than that the characters in them, or the storyline, because I want to get into the world building, and which one most resembles the world that we’re in the day.


I mean, I’ve left They Live, and Terminator, out, which may ruffle a few feathers. So I’ve opted for, I left They Live out. Because I think it’s been a little bit overdone. And it’s a little bit dicey for YouTube if you start scratching at that scab! And Terminator I’ve left out, because I just don’t really think it fits into this.


So I’ve opted for Mad Max 2 [1981, released in the United States as The Road Warrior], Bladerunner, of course, the Robocop, and The Running Man.

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Morgoth’s Review – Fancy a Pint of Old Face Scanner? – Mar 29, 2021 — Transcript


[Morgoth discusses the potential dystopian future of total surveillance society brought in under the guise of “protecting” our health from Covid.






Morgoth’s Review


Fancy a Pint of


Old Face Scanner?


Mar 29, 2021



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Published on Mar 29, 2021


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Morgoth’s Review


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Hello again there folks. So if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up over the last couple of weeks, I didn’t retire, or have a piano fall on my head, or anything like that. I’ve been focusing on my odyssey channel. And there’s quite a bit of content on there, which is me speaking freely about some things in case you miss it. And I’ll put a link to that below.


And I thought I would just slip back onto YouTube with a quick video on like the restrictions are now beginning to ease. And all of this. And, by the way, for YouTube’s algorithm and censorship, I’m not denying the vaccine, or anything like that.

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Morgoth’s Review – The Morgcast 01 – Flying Solo – Mar 17, 2021 – Transcript


[Morgoth discusses the murder of a White woman in London and how the event is being manipulated by the system to divide women from men; the ever tightening of free speech in Britain with new laws being introduced to even restrict what is said in private, as what is happening in Scotland; how he’s sick to death about being told what he can and can’t say about what’s happening.






Morgoth’s Review


Morgcast 01


Flying Solo


Mar 17, 2021



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Published on Mar 17, 2021


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Morgoth’s Review

First published at 15:39 UTC on March 17th, 2021.

Morgoth’s Review

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All right. So hello there everybody. And welcome to my little podcast that I’ve decided to do. I wanted to do something different, and I wanted to use old tech in a way that it wasn’t just offloading basically videos that were too hot for YouTube. And then, basically using Odysee, or BitChute. I’ve really gotten Odysee in mind for this one. To do something like actually different and new.



And maybe it’ll work. Maybe it’ll not, I don’t know. And I decided that I was going to do like a little podcast. And it’s just me on this one, going through some news of the last week, or so, and see if I can tie it together with some threads.


Because the thing with the way YouTube is I think you can kind of avoid the censorship a bit if you do kind of high quality, optics friendly, videos. But you’re constantly policing yourself. And you’re constantly sort of paranoid about what you do and you’ve got to keep everything tight And I want to do something where I can kind of ramble on a bit. And, you know, I’ll be coughing maybe [chuckling] through the stream! And I’m just gonna kind of go for it.


I mean, I was watching Sargon on his new channel, The Lotus Eaters, as he does. And you can sense just how paranoid he is! And he does it with some young fella that he’s got on there. And he’s constantly having to police what he’s saying. So they’re not allowed to say like fuck, or shit! And obviously when it comes to the politically correct words and terminology, they’re in this constant battle about how can you say it, and how can you say it in this context, or that context.


And. I think one of the things I’ll probably touch on here is that I’m sick and tired of jumping through those hoops! And it gets to the point when in like say YouTube you may get a lot of views on YouTube just for being a normal blog. I’ve always been like amazed at how many people watch my stuff, and it’s great! But like it gets to the point where there’s not really much point if I can’t just speak my mind.


And I think that’s going to be like a running theme of like my little podcast here. And like I say this is very going to be very rough around the edges. I’m going to keep it as absolutely basic as possible. Maybe I can like I’ll have a look at the comments next time and see if anybody has any suggestions. But I wanted to do something which had a feel and look to it which was just a little bit different.


I’ve always thought the live stream format was quite tacky and it’s throw away. I mean, one of the reasons I like doing the video essays is there’s channels out there and you find yourself, like you caught on a loose end and you go back. And you have a favorite video. You have a video that sticks in your mind. And that’s kind of how I got into it with YouTube when I found me way. I ended up thinking about some great video I’d watch somewhere else. And I’d think I want like that kind of thing to happen on my channel as well.


So the first thing is when you just do endless live streams, you kind of water that down and nobody goes back and watches a live stream from three months ago. I think anyway it’s – and I see it on sort of the ones I’ve done on my channel – it’s more, or less, dead content a week after it’s done.


And this is also the case with like doing hot takes and like news stuff, which I do less, and less, these days. But this means that I’m actually doing fewer videos, because, by the time you get the video out there, the way the situation with like women in London at the minute, and what’s going on. Which, I’m going to touch on here. By the time you actually get the video out there, the news is gone.


And then you’re left with like you’ve got to make a decision whether you want stuff which is going to last, which is kind of where I’ve gone, with the odd kind of news item in there, or whether you’re gonna end up with having all of these dead news stories of your hot takes on the news of the day, kind of shitting up your channel.


So I’ve decided to sort of play that right down and mainly do longer format video essays, which I thought were probably safer on YouTube as well.




So what I wanted to do was to have a like a podcast style thing, where I could just sort of not worry too much about policing myself and kind of have a look and have a gander at some of the stuff going on.



And so the first one that I wanted to get into, … And it obviously means it’s not going to be as slick as like a ton of bullet points where you keep on track. I mean, I can just wander all over the place on this format. But we’ll see how it goes. Maybe it’ll bore people the tears, I don’t know. But I just thought instead of just being stuck doing the same same thing all the time. I think it’s good to like try something different.


And another thing is like when we started I was guilty of this as well, is that on say BitChute, because we had like a free speech – you see this a lot –, because you have like a free speech platform and you’re used to censorship. And this is also the same on Gab, and Telegram. And it was also the same on BitChute.


So some site has flagged themselves up as being free speech. And then what happens is that people go completely berserk! And it becomes like, I know people complain about it. But it does become like an optics nightmare! Where all of the videos are like borderline illegal. And I think that’s going to the extreme. And I don’t want to be that edgy.


I’m not going to like set up my own thing off YouTube just so I can be like as outrageous and as offensive and like borderline illegal. And all of this. But mainly just so that I can, … Because that’s kind of fake as well! That’s a bit affected and a bit put on.


Really, I just wanted to have somewhere where I can speak normally without being paranoid that YouTube are going to shut me down. And so this is what it’s all about. Who knows where it’ll go. Maybe I’ll get guests on in the future. But the point is that from time to time I want to sort of touch on some stories which didn’t actually become like big news stories, big YouTube videos, or anything like that. Because I can kind of get them all done in one podcast kind of format on this old tech platform where I don’t have to worry all the time about what I’m saying.


And so it actually ties in with the stories that are going on in Britain. And I mean, ever since the American election I’ve just mainly been focusing back home. I’ve got no idea what’s going on? In America. And there is actually things going on in Britain as well. I mean, on the run up to the election it seemed like almost nothing was happening in Britain at all. It was just like this political dead zone! And it kind of is.


So let’s, if you look at what’s happening with the women in London, you have this woman was murdered by a off-duty police officer. And then you’ve had these vigils and it led to that ginger girl being pinned down by the police. And then straight away it was like she’s this actress, it turns out.


And then all of a sudden there’s this new crusade, like a feminist crusade, against the police force in Britain. Which is surprising, because like it’s literally run by a lesbian, that Cressida Dick! It’s already the most politically correct police force you can possibly imagine.


And so like what you end up with is this thing where you think this feels astro turfed, and this feels gay! It feels fake! But like do I then, and it gets back to the sort of “news of the day” hamster wheel. And you think:


“Do I actually want to invest any time in this? Do I actually, do I really give a shit! Or do I really care?”


But in the case of the ginger girl, I actually thought she looked quite hot, and quite attractive when she was lying on the ground. So I thought:


“Well, what’s the story here, you know, let’s have a look what she looks like when she’s normal and all this.”


And that led me down down the rabbit hole as they say. The rabbit hole of like:


“All right. So what’s the next news story?”


And before you know it she’s even like got a Twitter account! [chuckling] And it’s like she’s now become like a activist! A professional victim! And it’s like you get that toolkit, and you’ve got like the police have been tough on you, you’ve got a Left-wing cause to champion, you go on Good Morning Britain. And then all you’re just missing is the Twitter account!:


“Love, get the Twitter account up and running. And then you’re in with the club!”


She’ll probably have a column at the Guardian soon, or she’ll go swanning around on in the TV studios. And it’ll be like telling the story of the “fateful day”.




I mean, that she was actually shouting her mouth off and behaving like a total bitch. But that all gets swept to the wayside. And so all of this adds up to this feeling of fakeness. And just feeling kind of surreal, where you’re being played for a sap. And you’ve just got to make the decision of whether, or not you’re like:


“You give a shit, or you should just ignore the whole thing.”


And more, and more, I find myself ignoring these things, … Except when it’s a sort of cute redhead.


But another thing about it which everybody has picked up on, or at least I did. I mean, so I posted some of these things on Telegram. And this is like another reason why I wanted to do this. Because I find myself writing longer, and longer posts on Telegram. And I think, well I can just actually use the platform and put it all together. And then one of the things that you’ll notice about this is that the way they’re kind of approaching it as “all men”. So the gist of this whole like gay op is like:


“Men treat women like shit!”


And it’s mainly, seems to me, almost entirely centered in London. And you get all of these middle class like women coming out and talking about like:


“Men are bastards!”


And there was like Marina Hyde in the Guardian, writing columns about how she was followed down the street by some man, who was just calling her a cunt.


Like, you can do that kind of dead brain centrist take. And you can say how women are playing the victims. But at the same time I kind of think, well I can imagine what it’s like in London for an attractive woman in her 30s, or whatever age really. But in this case it is like these middle class types. And I can actually have some sympathy for it. I can actually imagine what it’s like for a professional White woman. And they’ll be liberal, because they’re still in London.


And I can actually imagine what it would be like for them walking down the street at night. And I do actually think that they’re taking a lot of crap! I do think they’re being stalked! I do think there’s a lot of men touching them up, feeling their boobs, maybe touching their ass on the tube, making all of these lewd comments. I think that White women in London really are getting a lot of crap like that. And I think there’s an element to the energy of London which is releasing itself.


Now the problem, of course, is that the men they’re talking about probably won’t be White. They’ll probably be other ethnicities. And London, you know, it’s all kinds of shit! Not just black men, not just the Asians and the Muslim community. But you’ve got all of this stuff coming in, like Turks, and fucking Kurds and Kosovos. And all of this. It’s all there in London.


And yeah, I actually think these women are taking that shit. And then this is like this surge of energy that’s come out. But only, because it’s safe! Only because the man who’s killed the woman, he’s just like a White Englishman, or something. So now it gives them a pass. It gives them a pass to kind of come out and release this energy and say:


“Yeah, all men are bastards! We need more laws!”


Because beforehand I think within these kind of libtard circles in London, …. I mean, I’m as far, I’d never go to London. I’m very far removed from London, like psychologically, culturally, and geographically. But I can imagine in London that you get at the dinner parties and things, I can imagine that they all are like that. I think there’ll be this code of silence among women who they all know.


All of these English, these White women, in London, they’ll all know that they’re all getting shit. And they’ll also all know that mainly the people doing it are immigrant stock, you know, non-White men of all kinds.




But then the political correctness is going to kick in, and it means that they can’t actually sort of address that issue head on. Because it’s going to go down pretty bad at the dinner party. They’re going to be ostracized. They’re going to be called racist. And so you see that they have to lie to themselves! They have to cope and come up with all of this bullshit. And then eventually they can say:


“Well it’s just all men are the problem!”


And now they’ve had that tip off.




And then you notice the grooming gangs issue has been going on for years, and years in this country and none of these women give a shit, really. Because then there was no way around it. Then it was just the kind of the ethnic issues, it was just one racial group, one cultural group, whatever you want to call them, sort of abusing that of the other. And they would have to hit it head-on. There was no little rabbit holes that they could bolt down to escape the issue, to escape reality of what was going on.



But when you’ve got up like a prominent case of a White man killing a White woman it kind of gives them the green light to kick off on that, and to vent their frustrations.


Because, yeah I do think they’ve been taking a lot of crap and getting abused. I can imagine what it’s like, it must be terrifying if you’re a good looking White woman, you’re walking down London late at night, you’ve come from a restaurant, you know. And there’s a gang of black youth, or whatever. Yeah. [chuckling] But if somebody like me points that out I’m called “racist scum”! And they’re the women that do it!


And just generally though the way this whole thing has gone, it’s what I was thinking about how perfect it was. Just the picture of the redhead girl like being pinned down to the floor.


And it reminded me of that other picture where you had that big like muscular black fella at a Right-wing rally last year to protect the statues, or something. And you got this big black fella like lifting this scrawny little White bloke who was, of course, like framed as being a “racist”. And he lifts him through the crowd, like this big black savior!


And it turns out like they the black fella was like he ran his own security firm, or something, and the White fella was like an ex-policeman! And so all of a sudden you get feeling that it’s a fucking gay op! It’s like a pile of crap that you’re watching! It’s just some sort of play that they’re putting on the television.


And it’s the same with that woman like now with that Twitter account, going to be touring the TV studios as a victim of the police! And you get the impression, …


I mean, I was looking at the government’s “Nudge Unit”. They’ve got this whole website and where they kind of tell the government how to frame things. And I’ve done videos on this before, but mainly I’m not actually that impressed with the Nudge Unit. I think the PR firms are much better at doing this. But I think it’s the same thing at play.



And they’ve got this sort of chart. It was a very long article at the government’s website on the Nudge Unit. And they’ve got these tips on how to frame the discourse, and how to nudge the population in one way, or another. Like I got into with Piers Morgan on the sort of the “bait ball of the sardines”. And they’ve got things like it says:


“Messenger: We are heavily influenced by who communicates information.”


So in if you take up with the ginger girl you do have that interest, because she did look quite sexy. She did look like there was something drawn in that as well. So you can say:


“Well who is the messenger there?”


And it’s kind of her. And then on social media they pick it up, you know, especially Twitter. And so the “messenger” then becomes the mainstream media, which most people still go along with, unfortunately. At least it gives it that impression. They actually pick this up. It says another one here is:


“Norms: We are strongly influenced by what others do.”


So once the narrative gets underway and it begins to pick up momentum, it acts like a sort of snowball. Again like the “bait ball”. People gravitate towards this new narrative that you know, like gravity pulling them in. And so eventually you’ve got an actual fully blown movement there. It’s also got:


“Defaults: We go with the flow of preset options.”


So the sort of opinions you can have on this are kind of limited. I mean, if you’re on the Right wing, you’re gonna have to say:


“Well, you just don’t give a shit what the police are doing!”


Or I don’t know what they’ll do. I mean, somebody like Lawrence Fox, or the sort of centrist types who represent the Right wing anti-establishment position, which is always quite feeble and laughable. They’ll have some kind of useless argument against it. Or maybe on this occasion they just decide to check out. Because it does come down to the protest and being banned by the police.




And then you’ve got things like:


“Affect: Our emotional associations can powerfully shape our actions.”


Yeah, you see like a good look woman being pinned to the ground, you’re gonna notice it, you’re gonna kind of feel something:


“We seek to be consistent with our public promises and reciprocate acts.”


That’s “Commitment”.


And “Ego”. It says:


“We act in ways that make us feel better about ourselves.”


So here you go back you’re then been sucked into this movement, which is to put pressure on the government, and how men are bastards to women, the police are fascists. And you find that you can make yourself feel good! You are doing the right thing! You are standing up for women! And you’re going to get approval from others within the herd, within the bait ball, if you like, the social media “bait ball”.


I mean, there’s a few other points on there. I’ll get into it more another time.


So this is the government’s Nudge Unit. And I just thought it was interesting how you can go through this. And you can look at these events which unfold. And they’ve always got that kind of fake feel to them. They don’t feel as raw and visceral as news events did in the past. If you go back to a terrorist attack, or Rotherham, …


Just look at newsreels from the past. And they have something real about them. Whereas now just in the last few years, … I mean, you can say that this has always been the case. But I think something’s changed in the last few years. And I noticed the, I think the Nudge Unit itself only opened in 2016.


But then, as I’ve done videos on before, you get these PR management companies to manage the narratives, to get the hashtags right. They’re all there waiting, they’re all being professionally done, how they get them trending. All of the sort of the propaganda, the graphic designing. It’s all rolled out [chuckling] by PR companies to nudge the public! To get them to act in a certain way.


And in this particular thing here what I think is happening is that the kind of Left needs to be thrown back into the role of just being a sort of a victim class. They need to have the discourse reframed so that they are back fighting the system.


So now the new narrative is that it’s women standing up against these “fascist Tories”. So it puts them back where they’re comfortable, because otherwise, I mean, you’ve got too many people in this country just thinking the Left are these like sociopaths who do the bidding of the elite. But it happens more, and more, where the Tories will be like the fall guys. They kind of like being seen as being much more authoritarian than they actually are, when it comes to the Left at any rate. I mean, they’ve got these other things coming in which are basically just going to ban nationalism.



So another thing I wanted to get into is the Humza Yusuf use of the hate speech laws coming in Scotland as well.


I mean, I’m sure everybody listening to this will be aware of basically Scotland’s going full retard on the fucking hate speech laws! It’s unbelievable! You see where people can be arrested in their own home, if you’re having a private conversation in your home and somebody’s there and they get offended. Basically it’s horrible!


And you’ve got this, I think he’s a Pakistani, Humza Yusuf coming in, and he seems to revel in it as well he really seems to love the fact that he has this kind of power over the Scottish, over these White people. And I say that like quite bluntly, because that is how it seems to me. And like what irritates me is that there’s so many like shit takes in this.




So you again like the sort of the centrist’s types, … And I never seem to grow tired [chuckling] of slagging off the centrist’s types. But look, there’s clearly an ethnic element here, because he’s got that speech where he’s talking about how all of the institutions in Scotland are:


“White! White! White!”


And he’s fucking moaning on like that. And then you think this is a racially conscious man. He isn’t this blank slate liberal who is using the legislation in some sort of neutral way. He isn’t like a civic nationalist, or where he doesn’t see race, he doesn’t see ethnicity, or anything like that. He clearly does! And he is clearly like “the other”.


And there’s so many like bad approaches to this, and how people have taken it on. And one of them like, for example, was the women. So what they’ve done is expand the special interest groups to include like trannies and gays, and all of this, and like normal women, especially the White women in Scotland. Because the non-White women will be covered under other things.


So basically you had this situation where a lot of women were complaining that they weren’t included in the special group category. Again that’s because they’re White women, they’re Scottish women, that’s why. But then what they’re really saying there is that:


“Well, why aren’t we special? Why aren’t we included?”


But then they’re acknowledging the need for the hate speech laws in the first place. They’re sort of, as Jonathan Bowden said, that they’re kind of holding up their hand and saying:


“Well we want to be part of this as well. We want our protection!”


And I just think it’s an absolutely stupid and blind way to approach this! So there’s a lot going on with it.


And another thing is to get back to the race-blind liberal thing, Humza Yusuf isn’t that! He’s ethnically motivated! And he likes having his power. What do you think when he’s sitting with his Pakistani family, or whatever? Like what are they talking about around the dinner table? When they’re behind closed doors?


And it’s not just him. There’s groups all over the country doing it. They’re all over the country vying for power to beat down the native Whites!


So what are they actually talking about behind closed doors? Are they like when they’re among themselves, over the dinner table, their families, these ethnic minority groups, what are they saying to each other? Are they coming out with this kind of civic nationalist guff? Or are they actually quite proud at what they have achieved? How do they talk about the White population? Well we don’t know.


And nobody’s going to go into his house and like arrest him for what he said, because there’s not going to be anybody there to snitch him up! Because this is what happens when you have a cohesive group going against a bunch of individualists! And he isn’t playing that game! He’s kind of just stepping all over these liberals.


And when people call this out like, because of hate speech laws themselves, in some way. But even the way so many people think, they’re not thinking in terms of him doing this out of his own interest. They’re thinking of like he’s a fascist, or he’s a communist, or like this is the far Left.


Well I mean, in part, because they’re scared to say he’s doing this, he’s a Pakistani and he’s silencing and censoring the native population of Scotland.


The exact same things going on in England with Sarah Khan, and the new hateful extremism thing. So what I’m actually saying here will be considered illegal. And in England you had hate speech. But it was considered where you would just be like kind of insulting, and slandering, and shouting abuse about another ethnic group, or something like that. And then on the other side they had this terrorism thing as well. Which obviously, I’m not doing either one of those.


But they realized there was a gap in the middle, and that needed to be plugged! There was a problem, because people were still able to use dog whistles, and speak with a bit more nuance, be a little bit more careful about how we approach these things.




And they realized that was a problem, because you can still change people’s minds even when you’re not being like a total spurg, and just coming up with all kinds of racial slurs. So that, yeah, they’re going to clamp down on that now, as well. And what I think’s interesting about all of this is like.


And that’s how I would say like to the Humza Yusuf thing, is if this is what’s required to make a multicultural society function, then instead of holding up your hand and saying:


“Well you want to be included in these special groups.”


What you have to say is, say:


“Well this isn’t worth it!”


If to in order to make a multicultural society function, then we’ll just not have a multicultural society! It’s time to break it all apart! Because, at the end of the day, we weren’t asked, as they say:


We Were Never Asked!


We weren’t asked if we wanted to create a society which needs the surveillance state and all of this censorship to function. You can approach that from a liberal point of view. As a liberal you can say:


“Well it’s quite clear that this society, it means that my liberal values are gonna have to get thrown out! It’s not that I’m a racist. It’s not that I have any problem with this, or that group, but well, at the end of the day, the level of censorship, the level of control that’s coming in, it isn’t worth it!”


If we can’t have a liberal society and a multicultural society then these sort of the centrist types they’re going to have to make a decision! They’re going to have to say:


“Well, look, if this is what you need to do, then we’re going to have to get rid of the multicultural society!”


Or they’re going to have to throw up the hands and say:


“Well we need to get rid of the liberal society. And then just live under this totalitarianism, this tyranny!”


Which is deliberately targetting them as White liberals. Because as it stands now they’re fucked! They’ve got no way to reframe these arguments against it. And I would say, in the case of England as well, if you need this Police State, then it’s an admission that multiculturalism doesn’t work!


But I mean, the worst of the censorship – I just paused it when I was coughing there – the worst of the censorship is like look at the idea and it’s whether it’s on YouTube, it’s whether it’s Hamza’s use of Hate Speech laws in Scotland. It’s whether Sarah Khan’s new hateful extremism horseshit in England!


What I dislike about it the most, and why I’m gonna why I was decided to do this podcast is because, at the end of the day, I’m a grown man in these 40s! And I don’t need some arsehole telling me what I can and can’t say! I mean, there’s almost a pun there now. When you look at who’s at least the front of this censorship, I can’t do it! The “Khans”, the “Khan to do this”, and “Khan’t do that”! I mean, [chuckling] like a bad joke!


But I’m a grown man! I’m in my 40s, I’ve been around a bit! I’ve got the scars, and the stress, and the grey hair to prove it! I don’t need to have some wanker in Parliament to kind of come down and tell me:


“You can’t say that!”


Who the fuck are you? And you begin to see that you, I know I slag them off, these old classic liberals and stuff, where they make this big song and dance about free speech. But there is an element to it where it’s emasculating! And you get people who want their little special privileges. Because you’re admitting that these people have the right to dictate to you what you can and can’t say.



And I’m not talking about just screaming abuse like an idiot in somebody’s face, because of this, or that race. It’s just in general kind of political theories, or whatever it happens to be. I don’t want these people interfering with that. And it’s not because I want to say something extreme. It’s, because I’m a fucking adult!


And I think people internalize this infantilization that goes on with it. And it’s really destructive! And so you can see it with the way the women lined up, holding up the hands:


“Now why are we not included in this? Why aren’t we getting protections?”


Fuck all this! This society is shit!


This is the society that they’ve created. It’s one in which everybody has to be treated like a little fucking child! And we’ve had enough of it! I’ve had enough of it!


Which is why I’m kind of doing this podcast. It takes away the fact that you’re an adult, and you’ve got opinions around the world. You’re trapped like a little kid on whatever platform it happens to be, or even when you’re sitting having a few beers in the pub in Scotland now! Or you’ve got to make sure everybody that’s around you is trustworthy, and safe. Like everybody turns into mice, because they’re scared to speak their mind.




This is totally alien to England, by the way. I mean, yeah, I can kind of see it, the actual free speech argument in fullest here. I mean, you get problems of when people say:


“Oh well, what about if you’re subverted?”


And all of this. But at least just in terms of this, you can see how it infantilizes people. And I think it’s absolutely disgusting!


Another thing which I wanted to just sort of touch on recently. I’ve noticed in sort of the Right-wing community on YouTube, there’s been this talk of “deterritorializing” and “territorializing” things. How capital does that.


And I was thinking of that when you see these rainbow flags. Again part of this process which I’ve been talking about. And you see these like rainbow flags everywhere. And somebody was telling me that they went to a military cemetery for World War One. And so you expect to see a Union Jack, and all of this.


And instead they had like the tranny banner, the rainbow banner in a war cemetery full of monuments and things. And they’ve got that gay, you see it everywhere, the NHS had it. And like it’s all merging together, the global-homosexual empire.


But what I thought was very interesting there was that YouTube channel I really like, “All Last Things”. This is a concert from like Duluth, or one of these post-modern big brains. And you can see the process of “deterritorializing” of the patriotism of the soldiers in their graves, and the monuments, by having this horrible rainbow sort of banner fly triumphantly all over the cemetery.


So when you say like well it’s “deterritorialization”, because something’s been removed then. And you can’t prove this empirically, you can’t drag it up with a data sheet and kind of draw out the stats on this. I know that the sort of the Left, or whoever, would say:


“What are you complaining about? It’s just like a rainbow flag.”


But it isn’t! But what’s being taken away is the specialness of the graveyard full of soldiers. And instead what’s happened is really the spirit of it has been removed. And you get this sort of global-homosexual imperialism which is then flying triumphantly over the cemetery, over the soldiers dead bodies. It’s now like in a space which is now being re-territorialized by something else. And that something else is the global-homosexual empire of these values, what in the end is like the neoliberal value set.


And I think this is something quite interesting to get into it. And it’s a very interesting concept.


And I can go to a lot of places, because you get back to that thing where it’s the Kurt Cobain sort of problem that I’ve heard people mention. The more commodified and territorialized something is the more you fight against it, the worst it gets.


Like his albums are like, they get weirder, and more hardcore. Like never mind the first one was like really commercial, and they get more, and more, esoteric and he seems to lose his mind more, and more! And it wasn’t just, because he actually was going mad. And he was like a junkie, and a degenerate.


But it was also, because he was trying to find a way, he was actually against being commodified. He didn’t want to be just a product. But the problem is the more he did that the more popular he became. And the more that — shirts, and even did a song called “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter”. I mean, Smash and Pumpkins did a song:


“Despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage! There’s no escape!”


So yeah, [chuckling] I think I may do a video on that little trollop, that Bell Delphine [sp] at some point as well. Because I think she’s probably not going to make to 30, because of these reasons. But, I’ll leave that for another time.


So I think wrap this up here. It’s just a sort of my first little flying solo podcast. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe I’ll get guests on in the future. We’ll expand it a bit. But I quite like just sort of offloading what’s on my mind, where I don’t have to like do a crafted video. Where I’m walking on eggshells about what I can say. And all of this.


So it’s just about making the use of old tech, and in a kind of getting back to basics kinda way, which I quite like. So we’ll see how it goes.


Thanks for listening everybody. And I’ll catch you next time.





[Outro music and imagery by Theberton.]







[Readers: If you see any errors (however minor), or ways to improve things, in the transcript, please let me know in the Comment section. Also please share the link to this transcript, so others can benefit. Thanks.]










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Andrew Joyce – BLM – Irish Edition – Dec 31, 2020 – Transcript


[The Occidental Observer (TOO) contributor and scholar Andrew Joyce on the “jewish problem/question“, discusses the recent police shooting of a machete wielding black in Ireland, and the usual outcry by the Orgjew media brainwashed do-gooders.





Irish Edition


with Andrew Joyce


Jan 20, 2021




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Published on Dec 31, 2020


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BLM: Irish Edition

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(18:15 mins)




Hello everyone. And welcome back to the Andrew Joyce podcast. I wasn’t expecting to record another episode so soon, but it looks like events in Ireland are once more threatening to overtake me.


Just a few days ago I recorded an episode on how an essay I wrote on the “Blackening of Ireland”, resulted in chaos on Irish social media, and calls for local government, and the police to hurry through some hate speech legislation, so that such essays could never be written again. Well it looks like whether I’m involved, or not, the issue of the blackening of Ireland is going to continue to impress itself upon the Irish imagination and upon Irish society and politics.

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Morgoth’s Review – Warhammer 40k vs Christopher Hitchens – Mar 11, 2021 — Transcript


[Morgoth reviews the sci-fi series Warhammer 40K and the Horus Rising title where the worship of science and reason is ultimately not shown to be sufficient. He compares it to the anti-religious rants of the late neocon supporter Christopher Hitchens and how world views are promoted by the Orgjew system to encourage acceptance of their agendas, such as their (((forever wars))) and the “woke” SJW movement.






Morgoth’s Review


Warhammer 40k vs


Christopher Hitchens


Mar 11, 2021



Click here for the video:


Published on Mar 11, 2021


YouTube Description

Morgoth’s Review

How Piers Morgan Shapes The Discourse


Mar 11, 2021

Morgoth’s Review

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(19:23 mins)





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Hello again there folks. So I’ve recently been having a whale of a time reading some of the novels of the Warhammer 40k Universe, and in particular the Horus Heresy saga. Now if all that sounds gobbledygook, like don’t worry, I’m gonna get into it a little bit. [chuckling].



But just before I get it all out, I do think there’s something to be said for reading books where they’re not, firstly they’re not these huge masterpieces. Because you don’t, if that’s all you’re reading, if all you’re reading is the Brothers Karamazov, or Moby Dick, or something like that, you don’t actually have a frame of reference, or what like a normal book is.

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Morgoth’s Review – How Piers Morgan Shapes the Discourse – Mar 3, 2021 — Transcript


[Morgoth discusses how the host of Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan acts as a establishment gatekeeper and shaper of public opinion in Britain.





Morgoth’s Review


How Piers Morgan


Shapes the Discourse


Mar 3, 2021



Click here for the video:


Published on Mar 3, 2021


YouTube Description

Morgoth’s Review

How Piers Morgan Shapes The Discourse


Mar 3, 2021

Morgoth’s Review

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(20:12 mins)





[Intro music and imagery by Theberton.]





Hello again there folks. So I thought I might do a little more lighthearted video a bit of a back to basics kind of video that I used to do. And this time on the subject of Piers Morgan.



Now the funny thing about Piers Morgan is that over the last year, or so, I’ve heard so many people ask like:


“Who really runs this country? Does Boris Johnson and the Tory party run Britain, or is it actually Piers Morgan?”


Even my dad said this. Like is it that we live now under a Piers Morgan dictatorship where he sets the discourse? And how everybody has to think from his sofa on Good Morning Britain with Susanna Reid, and the weather girl.

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Morgoth’s Review – The Last of Us – Feb 24, 2021 — Transcript


[Morgoth discusses how YouTube has become a wasteland for dissident Right viewpoints, with sites such as Way of the World, Millennial Woes, etc., finally being banned. Yet there is optimism, with alternatives such as BitChute, and now Odysee.





Morgoth’s Review


The Last of Us


Feb 24, 2021



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Published on Feb 24, 2021


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Morgoth’s Review

The Last of Us


•Feb 24, 2021

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(18:08 mins)





[Intro music and imagery by Theberton.]





Hello again there folks. So I thought I would just switch on the microphone and have a bit of a talk about some things that’s been going on recently. And what I think is going to be happening in the future. So as most people know Millennial Woes’ channel was deleted. It’s seven years old. It’s been around through right from the beginning before the Alt-Right sort of surge and then all the way through. And then it sort of quietened down the last few years.



The Way of the World’s channel has also being deleted. And he’s been around for quite a long time. I think he was around from 2016..


But, of course, this is just the latest in a just an endless purge of any kind of dissident Right-wing content from YouTube, from this platform. Though I’m also going to be posting this video on other platforms as well, which I’ll come to later.

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Laura Towler – When the Mask Slips – Feb 17, 2021 — Transcript


[Laura Towler, Deputy Leader of Patriotic Alternative, discusses the recent tweet by Priyamvada Gopal, an anti-White import, female, establishment lackey, Cambridge University diversity hire, who declares that, “White lives don’t matter”.





Laura Towler


When the Mask Slips


Feb 17, 2021





Click here for the video:


Published on Feb 17, 2021

When The Mask Slips


•Feb 17, 2021





Laura Towler

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Hello everyone. So I just wanted to make a quick video to discuss a tweet that I saw a few days ago. And you probably saw it if you’re still on Twitter, because it was making the rounds and everybody was commenting on it. But the tweet was by Priyamvada Gopal, who you probably know from last summer.




So in the same week that, I think it was last June, that Jake Heppel flew a White Lives Matter banner over the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, Gopal tweeted:



“White lives don’t matter. As White lives. Abolish Whiteness.”


So Jake was fired from his job. And he was totally hounded by the media. And actually his girlfriend had the same treatment. And Gopal, on the other hand, was promoted by Cambridge University, which is where she works.



So this really highlighted the fact that the establishment is just anti-White. There’s no other way to say it.


And there were some great examples of this in 2020. But this example is definitely up there.

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Morgoth’s Review – The Equation That Destroyed Our World – Feb 14, 2021 — Transcript


[Morgoth discusses Game Theory and an example of it in the “Prisoner’s Dilemma” where it would appear to be individually beneficial to snitch on one’s companion rather than act with group loyalty. He extends this analogy to British society and how the focus on individualism and self interest has been promoted by the system to the detriment of  society as a whole.





Morgoth’s Review


The Equation that


Destroyed Our World


Feb 14, 2021



Click here for the video:


Published on Feb 14, 2021


YouTube Description

Morgoth’s Review

The Equation That Destroyed Our World


•Feb 14, 2021

34.7K subscribers

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Thanks to Theberton for the intros and outros…




(21:07 mins)





[Intro music and imagery by Theberton.]




Hello again there folks. I’ve recently been watching Adam Curtis documentaries. Binge watching them, because there’s been a new, really big one, released. I think it’s about seven and a half hours long. And I’ve been a fan of Adam Curtis’s documentaries for quite a few years now.


And I recently re-watched “The Trap”. Now the thing about Adam Curtis’s documentaries is that in the more recent ones he’ll give and nod in a wink back to the earlier ones. And when you put them all together as a whole, on the one hand it’s kind of frustrating, because he is a sort of big brain liberal. You know, they go on the BBC. But when you read between the lines. Which is why something like “Century of the Self” is so popular in dissident Right circles, when you read between the lines you can see that he’s getting into some very interesting things.


And the one that I wanted to look at today – like I may do a series of Adam Curtis videos – but the ideas and the concepts and things. And what I’d like to look at today is the one which is his older documentary called “The Trap”.

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Bushvision – Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome – Feb 4, 2013 — Transcript


[Ann Bressington, Independent Member of the Legislative Council in South Australia gives a speech at the Adelaide Convention Centre on Feb 2, 2013, exposing the sinister nature of Agenda 21, the Club of Rome organization, and Sustainable Development that aim to control and restrict every aspect of our lives.





Australian Politician 


Ann Bressington Exposes


Agenda 21, Club of Rome 


Feb 2, 2013




Click the link below to view the video:


Published on Feb 4, 2013



2.54K subscribers

Ann Bressington Exposes Agenda 21, Club of Rome, Sustainable Development, at the Lord Monckton Launch 2 Feb 2013 at the Adelaide Convention Centre.






Peter and members of Flag Australia and myself are hearing on a regular basis about the pressure that our farmers and food producers are under. But let me just make the point that these policies come from a faraway place. And you’re going to have to bear with me now for a few minutes while I read my speech. And I will read it, because otherwise I’ll be up here for hours. I get a bit carried away with this. So I’ve contained it too as smaller speeches I can do.


But we are in trouble. And we all need to pull together on this.


And first of all I just like to thank people who have been supporting Flag Australia in their push to get this word out there at Leon Byner on his “Don’t Sell Australia Short” Facebook campaign. Who has now over seven and a half thousand members. All concerned about the same thing. Sean Perry from FIVEaa Talkback who has allowed Peter and myself, many, many times to go on there for hours at a time, to get these issues aired and discussed. And will actually be having Lord Monckton on there tomorrow night, from seven o’clock till midnight. So that people can ring in ask questions and have a discussion about this so FIVEaa have been behind us, which is great.


And also the Southern Argus newspaper. They have been so supportive of getting the message out there, of the stress that our primary producers are under. And we really can’t thank all of those people enough.


So now I’ll start to read.


Again thank you all for coming here today. I also thank the many people behind the scenes who have helped to educate me on the global issues and how they are being implemented at a State level, so that I can be an effective elected member of your Parliament. And while I’m speaking to you today, I’m going to quote a number of people from various influential positions on the international stage. And I’ll leave it with you to make up your mind. If you want to continue to head in the direction that we’re going.


Continue reading

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