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Laura Towler – Khan’s Plans to Diversify London – Sep 20, 2020 — Transcript


[Laura Towler, Deputy Leader of Patriotic Alternative, describes, Pakistani Muslim Mayor of Londonistan, Sadiq Khan’s plan to make the city more comfortable for the black and brown invaders by renaming everything.

London is already majority non-White, yet it’s public spaces, from statues, memorials, street and building names, reflect the creators’ and builders’ White identities, and therefore need to be wiped out as part of the orgjew agenda to turn Britain into a Third World shit-hole, consistent with its new inhabitants.

Laura rightly ends with a call for normalizing the discussion of repatriation, the only long-term solution to save the British people from extinction over the generations to come.







Laura Towler

Khan’s Plans to

Diversify London


Sep 20, 2020



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Published on Sep 20, 2020

Khan’s Plans to Diversify London
•Sep 20, 2020
Laura Towler
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Khan’s Press Release: https://www.london.gov.uk/press-relea…

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Laura: Hello everybody. Welcome to the video. So I was browsing Twitter the other day and I saw something that really annoyed me! And I ended up going on a bit of a Twitter rant. Which ended with me tweeting this:


“They have to go back.”


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Morgoth’s Review – Neo-Liberalism & the Ballad of Terry Bell – Sep 15, 2020 — Transcript

[Morgoth discusses the effects of the neo-Liberalist economic system and how it atomizes society producing a dog-eat-dog world of individuals, of economic units, out for themselves whereby older workers, especially working class men, have little place in the politically correct, feminized world.

Morgoth recounts  meeting with an older acquaintance, an ex-worker on the shipyards, who found going on the dole — something that they would have considered unthinkable years ago — a preferable alternative to working in a demoralizing, soulless, job as shelf-stacker under young, feminized, PC, management.




Morgoth’s Review


Neo-Liberalism & the


Ballad of Terry Bell

Sep 15, 2020



Click here for the video:



Published on Sep 15, 2020


YouTube Description

Morgoth’s Review

33.6K subscribers
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Thanks to Theberton for the intros and outros










[Intro music and imagery by Theberton]




Hello there folks. So, I’ve been a bit quiet this week, because I’ve had some kind of bizarre accident, which left me with burns and a lot of bandages, and even more pain. But nevertheless, I’m gonna sort of soldier on and fire up [LOL] the microphone, because an interesting thing happened.



I bumped into an old bloke that I used to work with in a warehouse some years ago, and he was a like more, or less, the unofficial gaff-hand. And he used to walk around with a clipboard and drive a forklift of the goods in, in this warehouse.



And I bumped into him recently just before me accident actually. And he said that he basically was on the dole now. And that he’d finished up. He’s heading towards retirement and that he finished up working on the till in an Asda, or somewhere and he just couldn’t stand it. He just couldn’t stand the job! And so he chucked it in, and went on the dole.



And what I thought was fascinating about this, is that this is the exact kind of bloke who would have always held the opinion that any job was better than no job! And that if you didn’t go out, if you didn’t take any kind of the job that was offered to you, you were like a parasite. And you were a bum, and you deserve to be that ostracized, or at least feel a bit of pressure, feel the bite from a wider social circle.



And yet here he is getting on a bit in his last few years of like officially working, and he’s done exactly that. He’s decided that the work that he was landing in his mid-60s was just too soul destroying and that he’d rather just go on the dole. Which is like the complete opposite of the older mentality, which was that any job was better than no job.



And when I look back on it, I do know that he started out on the shipyards at Wallsend. So he started out actually welding oil tankers together. Working with a lot of other men at Swan Hunter, the shipyards on Wallsend. And then he’s gone through after that, he’s gone into factory and warehouse work. And then he’s ended up like in a green uniform working in a supermarket. And he’s decided that he just couldn’t live with it. It was just absolutely soul destroying time is what he said.



And so I thought this was interesting, because I realized that it’s something that I’m seeing more, and more, in the Northeast. Where more, and more, people are deciding to like “fake” back injuries, or just kind of go on the dole and not do anything. And it flies straight in the face of the old mentality which was really in the Northeast, which was to say that any job is better than no job! And that beggars can’t be choosers! , because we’ve always been kind of poor in the Northeast.


And what I was confronted with is that especially, because these service jobs they aren’t actually as physically demanding as the older jobs. So it isn’t that all of a sudden these people just became lazy. You’re talking about people who’ve done hard graft all their lives, and know what hard graft is. But there’s another element at play here. And it’s pride! It’s that they feel as if they’re being humiliated in the new wave of service jobs which has come in the neo-liberal economic system.



And it seems to me that this hasn’t been factored in to the economic model, or to the way we work now. The fact that you may just genuinely find it emasculating, and humiliating, to work in some service sector job where you’ve got to, … Because another thing that’s happened, of course, is that if you compare it — which is why this case is interesting — if you compare his case to when he was back in the shipyards, he would have worked, it would have only been men. And all of his superiors would have been men as well, who knew more about the job than what he did.



And yet now he’s expected to take orders from say, like a 25 year old woman, or like a young man who’s just come out of uni and doesn’t have any kind of hard work experience at all.




And what’s happened is that the sort of the old, the ability to socially shame people for not working, and going on the dole, has evaporated.


And why then has that evaporated? Why has that gone? And I think it’s actually, you can go all the way back to the 1980s. And you can go back to say Margaret Thatcher. Where she’s coming out with things. And she, of course, was instrumental in bringing in neoliberal economics in the Northeast.



That was where you would get the ability to, if you had a council house, you could buy the council house. And then you could sell it and you could move on. And so the point of all of this was that well there is no such thing as society, there are just individuals in a market competing against each other in this, … And some people will say this isn’t really what she meant. Well, that may well be the case. But this is the reality of what came in.


So instead of having a settled community, you would have a dog-eat-dog, individualistic, society. And so you can see that the atomization is like encoded straight into the DNA of the economic model, because it pits everybody against everybody. And so when you have the older community, the older working-class communities, where it wasn’t like that. And it was more settled and everybody knew each other. Everybody might well have been poor, but at least they were more, or less, in the same bracket. Well in that particular scenario you can actually shame people who are a burden on others, because then you can say:


“Well, why are you sitting at home and you’re not pulling your weight? You’re not going out and working, and I am! I’m paying for you to sit at home and watch the telly!”


And what that produced in people was a sense of shame! And a sense:


“Well yeah, I can’t go on like that, because I feel bad! I feel as if I’m letting the side down.”


Well, of course, when the society that we’ve got, which has come in, is when everybody’s pitted against everybody else in this dog-eat-dog way, you don’t really have any way to implement that shaming anymore, because the wider community, which was used to enforce, it has itself been dissolved! That’s now gone!



So if everybody is just this the atomized, individualistic, where everybody is trying to compete against everybody else, then you can’t really have that anymore, because, why should anybody care? If society is built around getting what you can, and to hell with everybody else, then why should you care if you then sort of game the system and take what you can from it?



And another thing that I think is interesting about the these soft service jobs which have come in, … I mean, you’re talking about blokes who’ve done heavy work all our lives. And then they go and work in a warehouse where you’re not even allowed to use like a Stanley blade anymore.



Like these are people who used to work on cranes. They used to build ships! They used to be welders! I mean, and I know from personal experience, I mean, I’m not that old. But I do know that they used to like drink three bottles of brown ale on the lunch breaks, and all this kind of thing. It was a hyper masculine atmosphere.


And they find themselves now, where they’re not allowed to lift anything above, I think it’s like 12 kilos now. They’re bringing it down so that women. So it basically, they’ll just be expected to lift the same amount as a woman. If it was 25 kilos, which I think it used to be, it’s a bit too much for a woman. And so they reduced it. And like I said about the knives, they’re not allowed to use proper knives. You get these like gay plastic box cutter things where you can’t possibly cut yourself. All of the kind of danger, everything about the job, has become feminized and soft!



And then on top of that the workforce itself has become like 50 percent female! And so for a lot of these older fellas they just know they don’t belong there. And what you’ll see is that the sort of the diversity and the political correctness. You know, we think of it as being like a left-wing thing, but it’s also the case that it trains the mind of people in employment, in workplaces, to accept all of this soft feminizing and brainwashing thing.




And again, and again, you’ll see that the old ways are being pushed out! The old ways, the more masculine side of work is being pushed out.



And so what the neoliberal economics does and, because they say it is, it also doesn’t take into account that some men may have a real problem with this. In fact, through the diversity training and the what we would think of as being left-wing ideology, they actually tried to find a way around that, because they’re telling people that it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a young girl, … It doesn’t matter if you’re a 64 year old bloke and you’ve got like this long history of real graft, it doesn’t matter that you now have like a 22 year old girl speaking down to you! Because this isn’t factored in the economic system, because it’s a system of pure economic efficiency.



So, in this way to be like this bloke, let’s just call them Terry, Terry Bell. I’ve just made that up. But in that way he hasn’t got a place here. He is, despite being all his life used to real heavy work, he then finds that to his very being is inefficient. He’s kind of surplus to requirements. And I think this is across the board as well.



But it’s very difficult to put your finger on. And I think a lot of these older fellas they have a hard time explaining exactly what it is as well, because the whole culture is telling them the opposite. The whole culture was saying, you know, if you’re like in your 60s and you’re a burly old fella, and you’re down on your knees, like stacking boxes of tampons on a shelf for Tracy the 22 year old who has just come out of university. Like, this is all fine! This is all a perfectly natural state of affairs! The diversity training tells you that it is! You’ve got no reason to complain.


And so they don’t have the verbal, or the mental sort of dexterity to argue against it. They just know that there’s something fundamentally wrong. And what it comes down to is a kind of inversion of what we used to think of as the social framing, except now it’s with themselves. So they can think:


“Well, I can put up with this daily, ritual, humiliation, or I can just be poor! I can just sort of scrimp, and save, and have a poorer life, or I can go in and just have my soul destroyed and be humiliated every day.”


But again, in the economic system which is just purely runs on efficiency, that isn’t taken into consideration at all! That’s nowhere to be found.



And then just to move on further from that. Again, I think what you find is that this attitude is endemic right across, especially in the workplace, but in the culture in general. And low and behold, we see that the suicide statistics for men are going through the roof. And. So when you go along and you say:


“Well I’m not very happy. But I cannot exactly put my finger on why it is. But I know that I’m depressed!”


Well what the system then says to you is that:


“Well, you are the problem. We can’t like have structural criticisms of the system. That’s not even up for discussion! This system is fine! We are all just individuals, there’s no such thing as society. Society can’t be wrong.”



It’s all down to the individual level, even though they’re operating within the system. We can’t actually sort of pull this curtain to one side and look at the scaffolding. What we have to do instead, is put all of the blame back down on the individual. If you don’t like being bossed around by the 22 year old girl, who’s like young enough to be your daughter, or even granddaughter, then that’s a “you” problem! If you can’t swallow your pride and get down on your knees and stack boxes of tampons, and use your little plastic knife which you can’t even cut yourself on. Like, that’s your problem buddy!



And at the same time they’re expecting this of men, they’re also expecting that the old-fashioned sort of social shaming, which kept people in employment, will also work.



But it’s the same system which is cut through that fabric! It’s the same system which has just smashed that sense of community by pitting everybody against everybody in this marketplace, which is driven by nothing but efficiency.






And so it’s no surprise, it seems to me, that so many men feel deeply and profoundly depressed in this society, in this culture. And it was just an interesting thing to have a bit crack on with this fella, because he couldn’t really get it out either. He was just saying:


“I’m not going to do it! I’m not going to put myself through that shite every day, because I’d rather just be poor! I’d rather have a bit less money, but I’d still have me pride. I’d still be able to think of myself like as a man!”


And none of this has been taken into consideration by the government, or especially not by the captains of industry. Quite the opposite! So much of this left-wing dogma, so much of this woke stuff is to just further compound the problem and keep people in their place so they don’t question it.



And it’s interesting that the Left, I mean, some people like Mark Fisher who I think is quite an interesting for a Leftist, they did used to talk about this. They did used to talk about this so much about neo-liberal economics. Which is just soul destroying, commodifying everything, and not taking into the human, the essence of what it is to be human. The essence of what it is to be a man, is being entirely left out of all of this.



And this is ground which the Left completely ceded! And they instead jumped chip and they became the enforcers of the morality which keeps people in this! Which keeps people in this structure, which is soul destroying! And someone like Fisher, who eventually killed himself, he cottoned on to this. And the rest of them, they were sidelined. They were forgot, as they call it now the “wokeists” are doing the bidding on behalf of the system. On behalf of the economic model. To shut everybody up and say:


“No! You you’ll pack the boxes, and you’ll keep your mouth shut!”


It’s your problem if you have a an issue with just this daily routine of soul-destroying drudgery!



And so just to get back to where I got kind of got into this. I see this more, and more, across the Northeast. Because it comes down to the individual level, can I live with myself being deeply, and profoundly, depressed? The assumption was that if you’re just poor, to be poor would make you unhappy, and there’s certainly some truth to that, of course, because if you don’t take the Right diversity boxes, life can be quite brutal on the dole. I was on the dole once myself. And I found excruciating! They never got off your back. But people figure out how to game it, and all of that.


But it’s like the fact that it’s now becoming like the least worst option, and that the reasons for that aren’t configured by the system at all, is something that we can pick up on and go with this. And say:


“Yeah, it is wrong! The way the way we live like this.”


This pure sort of nihilism in a way, which is just raw efficiency and then ideologies brought in to make sure you kind of go along with it. Which is kind of what the woke agenda is.


And you see good blokes, hard working, men just cannot stand it anymore! And more, and more, it’s happening. And for the younger men, of course, it’s a more dangerous problem, because they’ll never have known anything else.



And, of course, what you see getting pumped out of the universities they’re already so psychologically prepared for the excruciating feminized workplace, which awaits them. This is really fertile ground for dissident politics, because the Left have given it up.



So that’s just some thoughts on that, everybody.


And I’ll catch you later.




[Outro music and imagery by Theberton]












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Black Pilled — Manhattan on 911 in Real-Time — TRANSCRIPT – Oct 5, 2018 — Transcript


[Devon Stack, aka Black Pilled, gives a blow by blow series of video clips of the false flag attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11, 2001, by the State, aka, Israel, aka Orgjew.




Black Pilled


Manhattan on 911 in Real-Time


Oct 5, 2018





Click here for the video:



Published on Oct 5, 2018

YouTube Description

Black Pilled

Manhattan on 911 in Real-Time
Black Pilled
Published on Oct 5, 2018
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Black Pilled


Every shot and sound bite is synced up to the time that they happened. Nothing has been edited for dramatic effect (I left out footage I couldn’t match up exactly). I wanted to make this video so that people that may have been too young to know what it was like would get a feel for what happened that day. I honestly had no idea that so many people jumped from the burning buildings until I went through the hours of footage. I know it’s long, but I hope you watch it all the way through to the end.
I just want to put a note here that some people have asked why I didn’t include the “dancing Israelis” / Urban Moving Systems etc. – I didn’t have footage of this being reported during the time frame I’m covering here that I could sync up and it’s not really the point of this video to go into who was behind 9/11 so much as it is to recreate the experience of that day the way it was seen and broadcast at the moment the events were happening. I definitely encourage you to take a look at other videos that cover this, there are several well sourced videos out there (if you sift through all the disinfo). There are many people that have been studying this event far longer than I have, which is why I didn’t want to add to the noise. I also encourage you to research the engineering studies that have discredited NIST’s disgusting cover-up of the “collapse” of the buildings.











Rumfeld: According to some estimates we cannot track 2.3 trillion dollars in transactions.




Speaker 1 (male): It began as 16 singles on a cruise ship headed for Aruba. But only one couple remains at the end.




Speaker 1 (female): Anthology once again is called The Long Road to Freedom.


Speaker 2 (male): Thank you Kattie.


Speaker 1 (female): Wonderful.




Speaker 1 (female): Up next a new look at billionaire Howard Hughes.




Speaker 1 (female): See me. But it’s no cream added. A little cheese at the end and wonderful porcini mushrooms.


Speaker 2 (male): And the 90




Speaker 1 (male): You don’t have a defined idea of who the enemy is?


Speaker 2 (female): From the world’s best storytellers.


Speaker 3 (female): From toka to the [word unclear]




Speaker 1 (male): Really feel that way?


Speaker 2 (female): Oh absolutely! , yeah rock bottom.


Speaker 1 (male): And the weight lost then brought back the self esteem and was a critical way to reverse, ….


Speaker 2 (female): Taking charge of my life


[New York City]


[08:46:40] [First plane strikes World Trade Center Tower]




Speaker 1 (male): Holy shit! Holy shit!



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Laura Towler – Are We The Bad Guys? Featuring Mark Collett, The Ayatollah and Horus – Aug 24, 2020 — Transcript


[Laura Towler, Deputy Leader of Patriotic Alternative, has a lively, humorous, and informative chat with Mark Collett, Leader of PA, the Ayatollah (of TASOB — The Absolute State of Britain podcast), and Horus (videographer) about the current state of nationalist politics and tactics in Britain today, and PA’s progress as a movement to unite patriots.

The subject, “Are We the Bad Guys?” dealt with how hate organizations, such as Hope Not Hate, and the hostile “elite” and its (((media))), attempt to portray nationalists as “evil” for wanting to stand up for the British people and fight to keep Britain from being turned further into the Third World in coming years and decades.

It was also a special occasion for Laura as she celebrated her birthday during the week, making ever quicker progress towards her 40th year, according to rumour!






Laura Towler

Are We the Bad Guys?

Mark Collett, the Ayatollah

and Horus


Aug 24, 2020




Click here for the video:



Published on Aug 24, 2020

Are We The Bad Guys? Feat. Mark Collett, The Ayatollah and Horus
•Streamed live on Aug 23, 2020
Laura Towler
55.3K subscribers
Mark’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/mark318i

Mark’s BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/IYXq…

Mark’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/MarkACollett

Horus’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3R1…

Horus’s BitChute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/mOmf…

Horus’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/nastymutant

The Ayatollah’s YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKSe…

The Ayatollah’s Twitter: https://twitter.com/DerrickDayTASOB

TASOB (podcast): https://therightstuff.biz/category/al…












Laura: Okay. Good evening ladies and gentlemen. We should be live welcome to the stream. I hope everybody’s doing well it’s Sunday evening at seven o’clock in the United Kingdom. And anybody who’s listened to the last couple of streams that I’ve done you might remember that I said I was going to do a stream every month.


So this is my August stream. And I thought I’d do it this week, because this week is my birthday. So, I thought it might be fun to do a bit of a birthday stream. It’s not actually today but it is this week. So it’s like my birthday week stream, I guess.


So I’ve had a really good weekend. Yesterday we went away and stayed overnight in like a converted barn kind of thing. It was really cozy went out for some food for my birthday and then today we had a Yorkshire regional group, you know, the Patriotic Alternative regional group meet up. And we went for a hike and we walked about I think about six and a half miles.


And Mark we actually broke the record for the youngest ever hiker. The previous record was a young girl of 10 years old who comes with a dad. But today we had a six-year-old boy who walked with us and he walked about six and a half miles. I mean, to be fair he did spend most of that on his dad’s shoulders, but he gave it a shot.


So let’s just jump straight in. We’ve got until about half past eight. So we’ve got an hour and a half.

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Polstrat Project – Patriotic Alternative, the Unpleasant Truth About the Movement – Aug 22, 2020 — Transcript

[Orel, a Polish guy, and founder of the “Polstrat Project” gives his opinion on Patriotic Alternative, using the recent Rikki Doolan vs Laura Towler debate. He says that in the eyes of most normal people Doolan won because he managed to project the image that PA was a movement obsessed with race, ethnic cleansing, and that it has favourable views of a past party founded by an artist.

Orel’s main point is that there is no political (or military) solution to defeat the (((globalists))), and therefore sees PA activities in that area as being doomed.

Although there’s partial truth to what he is saying, the purpose of PA at this point is community building, the gathering of supporters and expanding influence to create a base that is committed to changing the direction of Britain in favour of the White British people, however that change is brought about.

He puts forward the notion that your average person prefers “comforting lies” to “unpleasant truths“, and although generally true, I don’t think that will hold as more and more thinking people realize that ignoring the unpleasant truths will lead to disaster and the racial death of their people.

Orel ends by saying that although he supports PA, as it is better than nothing, he advises us to research his own project to salvation, the Polstrat Project. He doesn’t go into what that is, other than referring us to other videos and documents. But from what I can gather, it’s about funding various projects to become economically independent and ultimately free of the present (((system))).



Orel – Polstrat Project


Patriotic Alternative


The Unpleasant Truth About


the Movement Situation and Its Future


Aug 22, 2020




Click here for the video:




Published on Aug 22, 2020

Patriotic Alternative, the unpleasant truth about the movement situation and its future
•Aug 22, 2020
OREL -Polstrat Project
4.78K subscribers
Why a Political Solution is Impossible in our Current World System:

There are many independent political movements across the West, who are trying to create political parties and enter national politics.
My opinion is that those political initiatives are a way to nowhere, might be beneficial and helpful if they support various alternatives in same time but when they feed rebellious people with promises, hope, and at the end bringing disappointment focusing people attention at political solution as ultimate solution only, then they do not only waste our time but also keeping people distracted from alternative options which might be actually a realistic solutions to oppose our destruction, and with every new disappointment the will to make united stand for our future is degrading.
The reasons why I think political solution is not possible anymore, I explained in my video called “Why a Political Solution is Impossible in our Current World System”
But the main reasons why I think it has no right to work, is lack of time, because we have less than 15 years before demographic shift in our countries will make political solution completely not possible anymore.
Another reason is that democracy is fraud, it’s an illusion, because realistically it does not exist anymore.
And obviously same as there are “economic hitmans”, there are also “political hitmans”, and there is no way to say “no” to them while you operate in politics.
Link to interview with such “economic hitman” is here:
Interview with Economic Hitman:

If you want to learn about realistic solution to save our future – study our material with the plan, which is linked below.

Whatever you’re planning for your local area, for your community, or even your country, it will not save the future of the west or your state, your nation, if you plan to leave the rest of the world behind.

Those who control our system today understand this, they designed it that way, they control our countries internationally, and even through liberating one to be up against many is a lose-lose situation which will not change the final outcome, nor allow your country to remain independent and survive.
The only way to save and secure our future is international cooperation and organization which our plan offers, to save our future.
We will not leave aware people from other nations behind, we must work together, it’s the only way to move forward in this struggle for our future.

This operation is the only realistic peaceful solution, there is no alternative.

! Playlist with the Plan for the operation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=El7IN…

! Playlist with the Alternative ideas – debunked list: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GgtXW…

Transcript: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1y…

! URGENT For those who approve the plan, and wish to declare their support, watch this! – https://youtu.be/ujpq2BnMEc4

Contact: orelpolstrat@gmail.com

Contact information and the links to our emergency accounts on alternative platforms: https://youtu.be/ZQEe3FyUBLA


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And hello again. I am making this video to inform all those who still delude themselves with political solution for our miserable situation today.

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Way of the World – America’s FINAL Election – Sep 1, 2020 — Transcript


[Ethno-nationalist YouTuber, Way of the World, lays out why he feels the coming US election is effectively the “final election”, in the sense that the anti-White forces have gained the upper hand and that any outcome will still mean that that the anti-White agenda, that has been in progress for decades, will continue on.

He sees Trump as someone who has done nothing for Whites.

But the main point that WotW makes is this:

Underlying this whole circus of chaos we see today is something you must understand above all else. America is not run by the President! And Americans do not have control of their government! The US and most of the world is controlled by international bankers! You cannot elect them. And short of a popular insurrection, you cannot remove them.



Way of the World


America’s FINAL Election


Sep 1, 2020




Click here for the video:




Published on Sep 1, 2020

Way of the World
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Catholic Priest: Do you affirm that White privilege is unfair and harmful to those who have it, and to those who do not?


Congregation: Yes.


Priest: Do you affirm that White privilege and the culture of White supremacy must be dismantled wherever it is present?


Congregation: Yes.


Priest: Will you strive to understand more deeply the injustice and suffering White privilege and White supremacy cause?


Congregation: Yes.


Priest: Will you strive to eliminate racial prejudice from your thoughts and actions so that you can better promote the racial justice efforts of our church?


Congregation: Yes.


Priest: Will you renew and honor this pledge daily, knowing that our church and our community, our nation, and our world, will be better places, because of our efforts?


Congregation: Yes.


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Andrew Joyce – T&T 8 – SEMITISM – Aug 28, 2020 — Transcript

[This is the 8th video in the Talmud & Taboo series from The Occidental Observer (TOO) contributor and scholar Andrew Joyce on the “jewish problem/question“, available at his newly created BitChute channel.

Here Joyce discusses the origins of the terms “semitism” and “anti-semitism“, or as the jews would prefer the un-hyphenated version “antisemitism“, as it hides the existence of something to be “anti” against.

He then goes on to discuss the nature of semitism and its anti-European nature, using Ireland as an example and the jewish academic Ronit Lentin and her deceptive version of recent history and how Ireland needs more non-Whites. She cites how Ireland’s poor record of accepting jews into Ireland whilst they were being “burnt” in Europe during WW2 is evidence supporting her promotion of more non-White intake.

Joyce then talks about how “semitism” is not only about jews who support semitism, but also non-jews, like Christian Zionists, who carry water for jews.

He then cuts to the chase. Those who support semitism are anti-European, while anti-semites support Europe and Europeans.

And never the twain shall meet.




Andrew Joyce’s


T & T No 8:




Aug 28, 2020




Click here for the video:




Published on Aug 28, 2020


Bitchute Description


First published at 17:23 UTC on August 28th, 2020.

channel image
Andrew Joyce


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(03:43) (16:02)

Andrew Joyce – T&T 8 — Preview: SEMITISM – Aug 22, 2020 — Transcript






[Intro music and imagery — Irishmen looking at a wall poster “Vote for Sinn Fein — National Panel]




Ronit Lentin: To say there is migration to Ireland is a new thing, that Ireland was never a migration destination. Entirely untrue. Over the years waves of migrants, you had Celts, and Normans. Huguenots, and whatever, …



Screen text: Celts, Normans, Huguenots = Northern Europeans.


Ronit Lentin: In the last 20 years or so there has been accelerated migration which was disproportionate.


When we talk about that kind of quantities of migrants we are still talking about reasonably small numbers. You know it is still under populated. There’s still room for people. Yet there is a panic. Ireland is a nation state which constructed the Irish people as a Gaelic catholic people. But over the years there was a tendency to strengthen Irish identity as Gaelic and Catholic.

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Laura Towler – Pathological Altruism and the Invasion of Britain – Aug 16, 2020 — Transcript

[Laura Towler, Deputy Leader of Patriotic Alternative, talks about the ongoing, and ramped up, invasion of Britain via Channel crossings by thousands of non-Whites, that has been exposed recently by Nigel Farage.

Laura describes the investigations of Nigel Farage and how he says there are 48,000 illegals being housed in hotels and other accommodation across Britain, that is estimated to cost 4 billion pounds over 10 years.

Although this illegal invasion is insignificant in numbers when compared to the “legal” invasion, normally arriving by plane (around 6,000 per week?) it demonstrates the treasonous intention of the “establishment” against the British people.

She then gets to the question of why this decades long invasion of aliens (non-Whites) with their incompatible, destructive ways, whether legal or illegal, has happened and has been “tolerated” by the British people, so far.

It has happened for what no one wants to know, a horrible truth, almost incomprehensible for most, and that is the political parties are a charade, directed from behind the scenes by (((globalists))) whose intent is to reduce the British people to nothing, a tiny minority in their own country, if that. The same process is occurring across all White countries across the West, in a coordinated plan.

And as part of this process of destroying the British people they have harnessed with diabolical cynicism, through decades of brainwashing, the people’s sense of altruism, turning a good trait into a deadly pathology that will destroy them if not shaken off.

Laura ends with:

“Patriotic Alternative stands up for the rights of British people in our own home, and will never give an inch to those who say we should debase ourselves in the service of other peoples, who care nothing for us! Our movement is unashamed to fight for the rights of native Britons in our own home. And to defend ourselves against those who are working to our detriment.”






Laura Towler

Pathological Altruism and

the Invasion of Britain



Aug 16, 2020



Click here for the video:



Published on Aug 16, 2020

Laura Towler
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Hello everybody. Welcome to the video.


So before I begin I just have two things I’d like to say firstly I’d like to give a shout out to Mr White and B Hall, who are two people who helped me with this video and who did the research for this video. Their research into what I’m about to talk about is invaluable. So I’ve posted their information and links in the description below this video. Please check them out and show them some support.


Secondly I’d like to give a shout out to Vinnie Sullivan, who is somebody who I’ve just really started to get to know of the last couple of months. He is doing some really great work with uncovering hotels where illegal migrants are residing. He just goes into the hotels and he gets the footage. The man has got guts! But I’ll post his links in the description below if you’d like to check out his work.


So let’s begin. Our Conservative government is actively aiding and abetting the invasion of Britain. Despite all the supposedly promising talk over the past year from the likes of Boris Johnson and Priti Patel there has been no action whatsoever by this government to stem the flow of illegal migrants crossing the channel.


Hand in hand with a total lack of effort to reduce the ever rising tide of legal migration, the jigsaw pieces have come together to spell out what many of us knew all along. It does not matter which mainstream party is voted into office, the agenda remains the same! The British people have no voice and no representation in any faction of the ruling establishment, which remains totally committed to our displacement and destitution!


Only very recently has this government so much as hinted at acknowledging the problem, but their refusal to act speaks infinitely louder than any number of deceitful speeches and false pledges they could ever hope to devise.


For too long the British people have been indoctrinated to accept this with appeals to our kindness and compassionate sensibilities. We’ve been told that it is our moral duty to budge up and make space for the rest of the world to come and settle here, because of the less desirable conditions that these migrants left behind. As this invasion shows, the selflessness that so many of us pride ourselves upon has been turned into a weapon which has been used against us.


2020 has been a record-breaking year for channel migrant crossings despite the coronavirus pandemic, and the imposition of travel restrictions across the whole world, new migrants continue to find their ways onto British shores.


Nigel Farage launched a project to investigate this renewed migrant crisis before anyone in the mainstream media dared to touch this subject. His work this summer has been crucial in raising awareness of the crisis. And his videos have reached millions of viewers.


As he reveals the scale of this calamity is truly frightening. In a YouTube video he shares with us a number of startling facts. In 2018 only 300 illegal migrants came across the channel in inflatable dinghies. Just one year later, in 2019, that number had skyrocketed to almost 2,000. The picture this year is even darker with more than four months to go until the end of the year, already more than 3,000 migrants have arrived across the channel. Farage says that by the end of 2020 he expects 7,500 migrants to have arrived!


What’s worse is that Britain gives 61 million pounds a year to France, only for their Navy to escort migrant boats across the channel, completely unwilling to hold up their end of whatever agreements* have been made between them and us.


[* Perhaps the real agreement and payment is for them to escort boats across the channel! There are public agreements and secret agreements.]


It is however painfully obvious by now that the British government does not care to enforce any of its own legislation-restricted immigration legal, or illegal. When it comes to the channel, Farage has said that over 80 percent of those migrants are young men generally between the ages of 18 and 26 years old. Hardly any of them hold any identity papers.


An army of fighting age men is coming across the channel and is being welcomed into our country. We do not know who they are, or where they came from, or what their intentions are when they come here. Ignorance like this does not come without consequences as we will explore later.


At the end of last month, July, Farage visited Bromsgrove in Worcestershire to find out what was happening at the Bromsgrove Hilton. A four-star hotel where it was rumored that up to 147 migrants were being housed. After hearing from local residents about what was happening in Bromsgrove, Farage called up the hotel to see if he could book a room. No one picked up the phone. The hotel’s booking form said that it would be full for the rest of the year, despite the hotel ostensibly been closed to the public.


The same situation awaited Farage as he toured the north west investigating the situation in numerous hotels in and around Cheshire and Liverpool. Just like in Bromsgrove, the Chimney House Hotel in Sandbach was supposed to be closed to the public, but was clearly full and wouldn’t take any calls.


As Farage and his team tried to enter the hotel in Bromsgrove, and a week later the Daresbury Park Hotel in Warrington, they were refused entry. And some of the migrants staying there were captured on film.




Local residents who spoke to Farage reported gangs of eight to ten of these migrants roaming the street, wolf whistling at young women and making them feel extremely uncomfortable, in an otherwise charming English town. Young women are now scared to walk the street for fear of harassment from these threatening migrant gangs.


Of course, this is far from the first time that this has happened in Britain. A similar situation has now become the norm in virtually every major city in Britain.


What is becoming clear now to more and more ordinary people is that this will not be restricted to the big cities forever. As our replacement continues and advances there will be fewer, fewer, places left in the country that can be considered safe to any reasonable degree until there are none left.


Those who the British public elected to represent the interests of their constituents did not care to comment on the issue. The MP for Bromsgrove, former Chancellor Sajid Javid has reportedly failed to respond to emails and dismissed concerns about these migrants in a half-hearted reassurance that this arrangement is temporary.


All the evidence gathered so far suggests otherwise. Local newspapers in Bromsgrove, Liverpool and Cheshire, claimed that local residents were supportive of these plans to house migrants in their areas, and that they were more than happy to welcome them in. Allegedly there were consultations before the migrants arrived. But the local residents who spoke to Farage said otherwise. No such consultations ever took place and residents knew nothing about plans to accommodate illegal migrants until they were already there.


There are now around 48,000 of these migrants being housed in hotels across the UK. Which Farage estimated would cost us around four billion pounds! That cost includes the accommodation being given to these migrants, their health care, dental care, and around 40 pounds per week as spending money.


One group of migrants staying at the Holiday Inn Express, Liverpool Hoylake were even taken on a guided tour of Anfield [Stadium], when such a tour was unavailable to the general public, because of coronavirus restrictions.


All this has been given to illegal migrants, at a time when tens of thousands of our own people are sleeping rough every night, with an even greater number of these migrants being housed in four-star hotels. Austerity cuts have gutted social services desperately needed by our own people, but the taxpayer is forced to pay for costs related to illegal migrants!


Illegal migrants are, without a doubt, just the tip of the iceberg! With record legal migration from outside the EU, as well as the trickery of the points based immigration system — which Patriotic Alternative wrote about last month — add that to the plans to allow three million Hong Kongers to gain British citizenship, the true scale of the crisis is far bigger!


As Farage and his team tried to enter the hotels they visited they were met with a frosty reception every time by security guards, who work for a company by the name of “Serco”. Serco is a Labour hire company based in this country which works with the government to provide public services. According to their website they are currently managing over 500 contracts across the world. One such contract they manage in this country is worth to billion pounds, over the next 10 years.


And their task appears to involve accommodating these illegal migrants who cross the channel. The Serco security guards who ordered Farage and his team to leave the hotels they tried to film, repeatedly said they were not at liberty to reveal who the hotels were housing. But unfortunately for their bosses the cat is already out of the bag.


Serco a public limited company, is working with the Tory government to facilitate the invasion of Britain by illegal migrants! By facilitating illegal immigration, Serco is clearly in violation of the law, just as is the government itself! The fact that such a company is being rewarded so richly speaks volumes about the scale of corruption rotting away in our country.


Regardless of whether, or not, these migrants claims to refugee status are officially accepted, the chances are that they will stay in our country. Once I leave the hotels they are currently staying in, Farage suggested they will likely end up picking fruit, or perhaps working in the textiles trade in leicester. They will move into the illegal “slave economy” and as per the Conservative’s plans, they will undercut wages for British workers.


The reason they are being imported into our country in such large numbers, is not, and has never been, for our benefit, but precisely the opposite! They are being brought here at our expense to grind us down into one unit of a global underclass of slave-like consumers.


Importing so many incompatible people into our country serves to undermine us in a plethora of ways. They are entirely different people to us! Who come from entirely different parts of the world, and have been brought up in a foreign culture with history, heritage, and values that are entirely different from our own.


To expect them to come in such large numbers and integrate into our society is foolish! And we should not be surprised that they do, in fact, preserve their own identities long after they arrive on our shores, and impart them onto their children, and grandchildren. This is natural to any group of people.


But what is not natural is the artificial importation of people from opposite corners of the earth, and forcing them to live together in completely unnatural conditions! It is a recipe for conflict and misery! And as history shows nothing other than that!




By allowing such an unprecedented flood of immigrants into our homeland who do not share our history, culture, heritage, or values, what has been created is a country where the native people are on track to becoming an ethnic minority themselves, just 40 years from now! It is a country where tens of thousands of British girls are abused by gangs every year, where the police cover up for these gangs, and where foreign newcomers and their descendants are privileged over the indigenous people!


We are now told that it is “racist” to celebrate our own heritage, and that our businesses must have “diversity” quotas so that workers from ethnic minority backgrounds can be prioritized for employment over the ethnically British. Despite the privileges that they enjoy, many of them continue to despise the native population and some even go on to commit terrorist atrocities, and other acts of barbaric violence against us. But the government continues to let such high-risk people into the country time, and time, again!


To them, terrorism is a price worth paying so that eventually our country’s identity can be erased in totality! They use evil means to achieve evil ends! We, the native British people, do not stand to benefit from our government’s policies of mass immigration in any way!


So this begs the question why have we allowed it to continue for so long? Why have we not come together as one to stand up to this before now? And how did we end up here? One phrase I have heard repeated around nationalist circles on the internet, is “pathological altruism”. When analyzing the psychology of a large group of people as big as a nation, for example, this concept means an:


“Ingrained kindness in a people that has been taken to such an extreme as to be harmful to the group of people in question.”


For decades propagandists working for every establishment institution have tried to push an attitude of “pathological altruism” on the British public. Appeals are constantly made to the British people’s sense of “decency” and “compassion” to try and win support for accepting vast numbers of immigrants, refugees, and asylum seekers. Some journalists have written articles about refugee children being bullied in school, and others have appealed to historical acts of kindness by the British people, in an attempt to guilt-trip us into giving away our homeland!


This article written by a Wikipedia, “Early Life Refugee from Prague” who came to Britain in 1939, writes of how awful it is that Britain hasn’t taken in as many refugees as he desires, and how “sinister” it is that the far Right across Europe are capitalizing on the migrant crisis to campaign for their rights to their own homelands. These are just a few examples of the psychological manipulation the mainstream media, among other institutions, uses to try to engineer our attitudes towards an acceptance of replacement migration.


At best they would like us to celebrate it! But at worst their aim is at least to have the British people resign to apathy, unwilling to stand up and secure a future for their descendants. Empathy for the plight of other peoples, as awful and heart-wrenching as some of their stories may be, is being cynically used as a tool to engineer our own plight which will worsen into a horror of unimaginable proportions, as the decades fly by, and current trends intensify!


As last year’s documentary “We Were Never Asked” shows, the majority of native Britons are against replacement migration, and the native people becoming a minority in our own homeland. Most of us have retained normal health instincts despite the propaganda, but so many others have settled into the managed worst-case scenario for the establishment of resigning themselves to apathy, even if they never actively celebrate the country’s destruction!


Much of the British public has been beaten with the stick of selflessness, to the point that they no longer feel that they can voice opposition to mass immigration. For many of us, to do so would be socially unacceptable. It might even turn one into a pariah! It would invite virtue signaling attacks against one’s moral character.


We who oppose mass immigration are called “selfish” and “racist” and are demonized and misrepresented in the worst ways possible!


Much of the mainstream media is dedicated to casting us as “satan incarnate”, and the truth could not be more different. To value one’s own country and one’s own people is not selfish in the least. But sadly not everyone in modern Britain is able to realise that.


The work that Nigel Farage and also people like Vinnie Sullivan have been undertaking over the last few months to expose the latest migrant scandal, has been invaluable to British nationalism.


In addition to exposing the scandal it is imperative for us, as nationalists, to confront the cowardice of “pathological altruism”, which we are constantly expected to conform to as an unquestionable dogma of moral righteousness! But we do not have to cower to the false moralities of the ruling elite! We do not need anybody else’s permission to stand up for ourselves, and say no to this invasion and the privileging of foreign people of ourselves in our own homeland!


There is nothing virtuous about a masochistic attitude! There is absolutely nothing fair, or decent, about allowing your people and your descendants to be marginalized and oppressed in their own home!


This is why our community strives tirelessly, every single day, to restore a sense of pride and dignity to our people! A state of spiritual freedom which has been missing among our people for so long.


Patriotic Alternative stands up for the rights of British people in our own home, and will never give an inch to those who say we should debase ourselves in the service of other peoples, who care nothing for us! Our movement is unashamed to fight for the rights of native Britons in our own home. And to defend ourselves against those who are working to our detriment.


The future of this country belongs to those who stand up and take action! And your country needs you.


Thank you for listening I’ll see you next week. Bye bye!




[Outro music and imagery]










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White Lives Matter” Banner Day — Sun, Aug 9, 2020


Dionne Moller – My Patriotic Alternative Conference Speech — Spring 2020 — Transcript




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Tyler Dunn – National Justice Party Founding Speech – Mike Peinovich – Aug 15, 2020 — Transcript


[Mike Peinovich (Enoch), of The Right Stuff, gives a rousing speech, to loud applause and cheering, announcing the founding of the National Justice Party in the United States.

Mike pulls no punches in naming organized jewry as the enemy of the American people, and Whites the world over, and that the Republican Party, and Trump, just like the Democrat Party are tools of orgjew and are anti-White.

I’ve provided this transcript for readers’ information only.





Tyler Dunn

National Justice Party Founding Speech



Mike Peinovich

Aug 15, 2020




Click here for the video:



Published on Aug 19, 2020


YouTube Description

National Justice Party Founding Speech August 15, 2020
•Aug 19, 2020
Tyler Dunn
442 subscribers











Audience: Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike! Mike!


Mike: All right! So after that video I’m sure you’re all pretty pissed off! I’m sure everybody’s feeling it in their heart the way I am seeing the humiliation, the degradation, the humiliation, the violence, the attacks, are not just White people, but everything we stand for, and every moral value that we hold [are] under attack, right now! This is a unprecedented political emergency that is going on in the United States today! And not just America. Europe and the world.


The White race is under attack and it’s unambiguous! It’s not hidden! They tell us every day! Every single day, elite plutocrats, media figures — we know who runs the media. Every one of them, Jonathan Greenblatt of the ADL is out there telling you who he wants suppressed, what he wants suppressed, whose statue he wants coming down! And we all know who it is that’s under attack, and it’s us! It’s us! [loud applause].


So what are we going to do about it? We have to answer this! It cannot go unanswered! We are here with a response.


So what we are here for tonight? We are announcing the formation of a new political party! [very loud applause and cheering] A new political vehicle! That is going to fight for you! For White rights for our people in America and the world! [very loud applause].


So we are told every day by pundits, by intellectuals, by people on TV, people in universities, we’re told every day:


“Our nation is about ideas! It’s about ideas, concepts, freedom, equality, and liberty.”


No! A nation is its people!


Audience: Yes! [very loud applause]


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Morgoth’s Review – Notes On Machiavelli – Aug 14, 2020 — Transcript

[Morgoth discusses the real politic advice given in Niccolo Machiavelli’s book, “The Prince” and its usefulness today for nationalists.

Machiavelli advice was centred on achieving and maintaining power through whatever means necessary, discarding normal morals and principles if they got in the way of that.

Morgoth goes into the benefits and limits of this, citing critism from Fredrick the Great, and examples in popular culture such as Lord of the Rings, and The Game of Thrones. He ends with:

“If Machiavelli was kicking around in the dissident Right today, what would his advice actually be?”

I would say his advice would be to achieve power by doing whatever it takes, because the alternative is to be destroyed by an enemy with absolutely zero morals and principles.




Morgoth’s Review


Notes on



Aug 14, 2020



Click here for the video:



Published on Aug 14, 2020


YouTube Description

Morgoth’s Review

32.7K subscribers

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Thanks to Theberton for the intros and outros









[Intro music and imagery by Theberton]




Hello again there folks.


A few months ago I did a podcast for a website, where I was talking about Machiavelli. And in preparation I read Machiavelli’s book The Prince. Now I’m not entirely sure whatever happened to the podcast. I never heard anything else about it. But I was left with quite a lot of notes, and summaries, and things jotted down that I prepared for doing the discussion. And I did also re-read The Prince again, which I read a long time ago. And I thought I would just sort of put it together in a video of my own, because he’s such an interesting character with so many interesting — but it has to be said very controversial and often dark — ideas.

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