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The Realist Report – John Friend with Germar Rudolf – Nov 5, 2020 — TRANSCRIPT

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Morgoth’s Review – The Morgcast 04 – The Internet of Bodies and Things – Apr 30, 2021 — Transcript


[Morgoth discusses a World Economic Forum article that proposes what it calls “The Internet of Bodies” where our bodies are monitored through various devices in the name of creating a better and healthier society, yet would really be part and parcel of living in a total surveillance State.






Morgoth’s Review


Morgcast 04


The Internet of Bodies and Things


Apr 30, 2021




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Published on April 30, 2021


Odysee Description

Morgoth’s Review

The MorgCast#4: The Internet Of Bodies And Things

April 30th, 2021


Morgoth’s Review



Thanks to the kind people who support my work


The WEF article



great reset

vaccine passports







Thanks to Theberton for the intros and outros





(56 mins)





[Intro music and imagery by Theberton.]





Well hello everybody. Welcome back to another Morgcast, which I haven’t done for a few weeks because a few things have got in the way.


I’ve been working on another script for a longer video. And I wanted to just take the opportunity, … The reason why I set up this podcast was mainly just so I could get into things without doing a load of editing, and it will be a little more off the cuff. Not that well organized. And where I could kind of just let me thoughts flow about things without worrying too much about censorship, like on YouTube, and things like that.


And one of the things that’s been on my mind and is on my mind more, and more, is this, the Great Reset, and how it ties in with the Covid and the vaccine passports, and all these kinds of things. And I find it’s just this cloud that kind of keeps coming and it keeps getting worse, and worse! By now I’ve actually done quite a bit of content on this. But I’m surprised that how few other people in my circuit, in this scene, they just don’t seem that interested in it, or at least as not as paranoid about it as I am. But I thought nevertheless I’m gonna carry on, [chuckling] anyway!


And one of the things you’ll hear from the people who do talk about this you’ll see links to the World Economic Forum being passed around, articles and clips, and things.


And so I thought it would be interesting to actually take a look at one of these articles. Like what is it that they’re saying? What’s actually in the text? And I’d heard of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” before. I’d heard of “The Internet of Things” before. But I hadn’t heard of the “Internet of Bodies” before.



Now, just the title “The Internet of Bodies” sounds absolutely horrific to me! And they’ve got this article here which I thought would be interesting to take a look on and kind of go off on tangents and things as we go through it. And it says:


“The Internet of Bodies is here. This is how it could change our lives.”


And it’s written by a Chinese named Xiao Liu. A Fellow at The Center for the Fourth Industrial Revolution World Economic Forum. So the thing is they’re not trying to hide it either. I think it’s fair to come out and like do away with a conspiracy kind of stuff. Even though, … Like that’s the weird thing, when you talk about this it does have the aura of a conspiracy about it. Yeah, it’s just up there on the website, you know.


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The James Delingpole Channel – Josh – Feb 12, 2021 — Transcript


[James Delingpole talks with Josh (aka “Richard the Lionheart”), about his background in the military, his music, the dire effects of diversity, and his planned Covid protest march from the south coast of England (from where he can see the Isle of Wight) all the way up to Hadrian’s Wall. (Which he has since completed.)






The James Delingpole Channel




Feb 12, 2021


Click the link below to view the video:




YouTube Description


Published on Feb 12, 2021

The James Delingpole Channel

41.2K subscribers


Proud, defiant Englishman Josh – @remedysounds on Twitter, @lionheartengland on Telegram – talks about his journey from Royal Marine commando to snowboarding musician to voice of the resistance against the Covid Nazis. Raise the White Dragon flag!

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Delingpole: Okay. Welcome to the Delingpod with me, James Delingpole. And I know I always say I’m excited about this week’s special guest. But I really am! I spotted this man on Twitter. And so did lots of you. Lots of you said to me:


“Oh my god! You’ve got to get this man on your podcast now!”


And normally I’m really slow about these things. But today I’ve got my act together. And I’ve got hold of Josh. Josh, welcome! Welcome to the Delingpod! Just what’s your Twitter handle? Where did you put out this brilliant video you made?


Josh: I actually didn’t put it up on Twitter. My Twitter account has been pretty inactive, I’d say, for a while. I used to be a musician and stuff, and I had the Twitter from years, and years back. But then I basically released a video through Telegram.


Delingpole: Oh yeah.


Josh: And I was using the Telegram App. And I think somebody just got hold of it and shared it throughout Twitter. I kind of lost faith in Twitter a few years ago. It just seems to be this kind of delusional biosphere of radical lefties that just don’t seem to come to terms with the reality of the world, you know. [chuckling] So I just, I don’t engage too often. But every now and again I’ve just poked my nose in, you know.


Delingpole: It’s quite interesting, because like one of the things I like about having you on the podcast is that you are, to all intents and purposes, a “civilian”, you know. Normally I get my guests from this coterie of vaguely prominent skeptics and dissidents of one kind, or another.


But you’re here representing real Britain! I think there are lots of people like you out there who are mightily pissed off with what’s happened to their country! And we’ll come to that at the moment. But even what you said about Twitter, so many people are going to be going:


“Yeah! Exactly!”


Because like you I tend to prefer Telegram now. I like the fact that it was invented by the Ruskis! It’s something I find that reassuring somehow [chuckling]. They seem to be less tainted than this whole corrupt, … Isn’t it bizarre that the Russians are now kind of almost less tainted than the whole corrupt Western, all the Western institutions have been have been compromised in some way.


And yeah, Telegram is good. Twitter I use it out of habit, really. It’s just I’ve got something. Like I don’t know, nearly 50,000. I mean, less now followers from there. And it’s kind of quite a useful vestigial communication tool. But yeah, I think we need to migrate elsewhere.


Anyway, so you put up this video on Telegram. And you must tell me about yourself! You say you were a musician. What? A kind of a rock musician?


Josh: No. I mean, I’ve had quite, you know, a few roles in society. I left school straight out of secondary school and ended up joining the military. I was in the military for about six years. And then after that I got a job naturally working in a gym doing circuit training and things like that.


Delingpole: Yeah.


Josh: And I’d always wanted to play an instrument. And at the time I was living in a place called Gosport* on the south coast. I don’t know if, you know, it?


[Gosport is a town in Hampshire on the south coast of the United Kingdom. At the 2011 Census, it’s population was 91, 544. It is situated on a peninsula on the Western side of Portsmouth Harbour, opposite the city of Portsmouth, to which it is linked by the Gosport Ferry. Source: Wikipedia].


Delingpole: Yeah.


Josh: But yeah, for lack of a better term it was a shit-hole! And I wanted to play the drums, because I played the drums when I was younger. And so my neighbors came around and said:


“If you play that drum kit anymore. I’m going to stab you!”


So basically I had to come up with something else. So I got a guitar — and you could play guitar with headphones on — and I started playing music and writing songs. And somebody said to me:


“I’ll give you 150 quid if you come and play at my pub on Friday night.”


And I was like:


“150 quid? Yes please!”


And I thought:


“Well if I could get three, or four of these then that would be great!”


And it just went from there really. And it kind of skyrocketed! I ended up getting signed. I have still now, publishing deals on various songs. One of my songs recently, an EDM track, got six million [!], … What do you call them? Listens, I suppose, on Spotify. Which is really quite an interesting thing. Because I wrote that song, because I don’t really like electronic dance music. I sort of wrote it as a sort of cliche. Like, this is how to write a crappy five-minute song. But we would call it a “hook line”. And end up coming this really popular sort of summer dance hit on Spotify, and there you go.


But anyway, yeah, so I was kind of doing the music for a bit. And then I started going over to France and playing my music in the French Alps. So I was snowboarding every day. I towed a caravan with me. And I had a little, well a little dog, I had a big dog called “Rudy”. And he came with me and we just slept in the caravan, snowboarded every day, and then played music in bars. And I just started chatting to people and getting lots of contacts, meeting great people. And I did that for about five, or so, years.


And then in the summers I was kind of using the money that I earned from doing that, to learn new skills. And I eventually just got myself into welding and fabricating, because I’ve always enjoyed making things with my hands. And I come from a long line of farriers actually, believe it, or not.


Delingpole: Really!


Josh: Yeah. And I always wanted to work with metal. And so I always wanted to work with metal. And so, yeah, I got into welding and fabrication. Walked into a workshop and basically said qu to the guy:


“I’m not after your money, or a job. I just want to learn this trade. And here’s some of my welding I’ve done so far.”


And he said:


“Well there’s a pile of scrap in the corner there. If you can produce a weld that I can sell, I’ll give you a job.”


And that’s how it went basically.




And I was working for him for quite a while. Then eventually the first lockdown happened and the work started to dry up. Because we were building parts for super yachts. I mainly worked with stainless steel as a TIG welder. And some of the contractors for super yachts they were working for had to shut down their factories, because people were testing positive. And they had like an A Team, and a B Team. If someone tested positive, … And basically it was just affecting this production line of the things that we were making. And, because I was the last one in the door I was sort of the first one out.


And so I had to go on this job hunt again. And then I found a new firm and I was doing all this site work on building sites. And that really opened my eyes, because I was going around to these houses. And they were just decimating woodland and just building just thousands of thousands of really poor matchbox houses everywhere! And I thought:


“Bloody hell! I’m contributing to this at the moment!”


And this is scaring me, because who are these houses for? Like what is this all for? I don’t like the quality. And I was on the building sites as well. And the large majority of people that work on building sites aren’t actually English! And what I was doing was building staircases. So more often than not we’d have to remove the temporary staircase that was there, and you’d put signs up saying:


“Don’t come down the staircase!”


But a lot of these people can’t even read the sign! So that’s when I kind of started to get into this place where I thought I could start speaking out about this sort of thing, because it’s got to be an element of health and safety and whatnot.


And yeah, I started my channel. I basically just used my YouTube channel that I’d had from the music before. I just started speaking about my own personal experiences. And I always said to myself:


“Look, I never want to advocate for, you know, any violence, or anything like that. But I just don’t want to live in this country were you can’t speak your mind. I just want to be able to speak my mind! And also stand up for my own people. I’m English! That’s my ethnicity! This is England. And I’m going to speak about that.”


So I’m not an aristocrat, or an intellectual, or anything. I’m just a welder. And I can only speak from that perspective.


Delingpole: Wow! There’s so much there to talk about! I mean, starting with your time in the Alps, living the dream! Snowboarding, and making music! I mean, how many of us, … That belongs to an age that we’ve almost lost, doesn’t it? That really, and until last year, this would have been the dream of every young man! I’m gonna grow my hair long and just spend some time out, boarding, … And oh god!


But you couldn’t do that now! I mean, you couldn’t even get on the airplane! Or not without going through this rigourous quarantine procedure.


And then can I just ask you briefly about “farrier”? Is it farriers who do put shoes on horses, or is that blacksmiths? So I always forget that.


Josh: The farriers works with horses specifically.


Delingpole: Yeah! You see I love that because, you know, I’m really into horses!


Josh: Yeah that’s great!


Delingpole: But the smell! The horrible smell of burnt hoof, when the horses are having their shoes replaced! Can you do horseshoes? Or is that not in your skill set?


Josh: I’ve never done it. But I imagine I probably could. It’s something I’d love to try! If there’s any blacksmiths listening in who want to give me a shot, I’d love to come and have a go and kind of rekindle that that part of my lineage.


Delingpole: I bet you’d be good! And also it might become necessary, because this new agrarian age that’s going to be imposed on us by the Great Reset, and stuff. Probably cars will be banned, and we’ll only have horses! Which actually, I wouldn’t mind that particular detail. So you could be in demand!


Josh: It’s funny, because, … I was going to say my great grandfather came to London specifically to put horses down, to cull the horses, because of the introduction of the automobile. So there was all these horses around. Nobody wanted to keep them. They didn’t have a purpose anymore. And my dad tells me stories about — who’s [grandfather] a little boy — sitting up on his car taking horses to the slaughter, you know, as a five-year-old boy, or whatever in East London.


Delingpole: There’s a bit of forgotten history! I mean, I knew that that in the run-up to the sort of development of the automobile, there was this great concern I think towards the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, there was a great concern in metropolis across the world, of how they were going to cope with the massive increase in the amount of horseshit in the streets! Because it was a real issue at the time. And I think there were discussions about what government intervention can be adopted to deal with this problem.


But, of course, technology solved the issue the car came in instead. But the sad consequence of that was horses.


You look, by the way, like you could be, I’m sorry. I’m going to insult you here! You could be in Mumford and Sons almost [chuckling] which should be kind of appropriate to that kind of musician, sort of piky, rustic, horse [chuckling] thing going on! Anyway!




Josh: Yeah. I was gonna say, I definitely like the outdoor, as I’ve got older I now own a wax Chiles [sp]. I mean, you just cannot beat these clothes. And before the lockdown I would go into charity shops. And what’s great about them is old people really know how to dress practically. So if you want practical clothing, those are the places to go. And always pick up Chiles, nice jackets, hats, things like that. And as an Englishman, it’s our bread and butter isn’t it?


Delingpole: I’ve totally gone that way as well! Actually, I was just a brief foray into sartorial corner. I’ve now realized that the only kind of shirt, … I used to wear these kind of floral Paul Smith shirts and they look poncy!


Yeah, particularly middle-aged men [chuckling]! They’re lovely to look at! They’re lovely on the rack. But when you put them on you just look like a middle-aged ponce in a floral shirt! What a man needs beyond a certain age actually and probably you can start a new trend, …


My son looks brilliant in them! Much better than me. It’s this kind of pocket, it’s called “Pocket check”. It’s like a smaller version of Tattersall check. And it’s just like goes with everything! And I’m wearing this Bernard Weatherall kind of shooting, you know, sage-colored shooting top. I’m really happy in country wear. It’s just the best! I think it’s proper for an Englishman.


Josh: Absolutely! I think it’s a gentleman’s prerogative absolutely to look a bit sharp all the time! Or as my dad would you say:


“You know what son? There’s nothing wrong with looking a bit [snapping fingers]!”


And he would click his fingers.


Delingpole: Your dad’s absolutely right! So tell me. “Gosport”. That suggests to me that you might be have been in the one of the naval branches of the services. Were you a Marine? Or in the navy, or not?


Josh: Yes. I started off in the Royal Navy. I wanted to be in the Marines all the time. And I went into the careers office. And I can remember having this conversation, because I was supposed to stay behind after school in order to go to college. And I was so anti-school at the time! Like:


“I’m not staying behind after school!”


And I remember coming home. And my parents were like.:


“Well, what are you going to do then, if you’re not going to college?”


And I said:


“Ah I’ll just, I guess I’ll just join the army, or something.”


And they were like:


“Josh you don’t have the discipline for that! You can’t do that. You don’t realize what you’re doing!”


And I went into the careers office. I said:


“Right. What is the hardest one to get into!”


And they said:


“Well the Royal Marines Commando courses. The longest, hardest training in the world.”


So I was like:


“Right! Sign me up!”


But at the time I was boxing. I’ve always been a boxer, I love mixed martial arts and things like that. And I was weighing in, when I was 15, at literally, I think I was about 50 kilos. Which is nothing! And you have to be 64 kilos to join the Royal Marines, because of the training. So they said:


“What you can do is join the Navy. Get a bit of military bearing, and when you’re a bit older and heavier, then branch transfer across. Because the Marines are a branch within the Navy.”


And that’s what I ended up doing.


So I did a few years in the Royal Navy, sail around the world. I was on HMS York for a while. Did some Opt tours and got promoted. And then I got recommended for branch transfer to the Marines, and went off and did that. So all in all my service was about six years. And for me it was one of those things I really loved it! I didn’t regret it.


But I found it very difficult to sort of plan my life. You have to be in there 100%, or nothing. And it was a very difficult transition to come from the military, back into civvy street. And I think that’s why a lot of those guys end up homeless. And I’ve certainly been in some pretty dire situations in my life before, as well. Just purely, because it is such a difficult transition for people to make. But yeah, sorry.


Delingpole: How did you find the commando training? I mean, to get your green beret?


Josh: Well, it’s the hardest thing to do. It’s very, very difficult! It’s like I said, the longest, hardest training in the world. But I think it just gets to a point, after a while, where you there’s only one person that could kind of kick you off that course, or fail that course. And that’s yourself.


The whole thing is, I suppose, is a battle with your own self. I always do it like when I’m running now. And I think most people could relate to this in your life, where you tend to just have sort of binary thinking process. Where you have two voices in your head. One voice telling you should do something. And one voice telling you shouldn’t. And you have to, I suppose, to choose the Right voice to listen to, and keep pushing.


I run all the time. And a lot of my videos are filmed whilst I’m running, because I think it releases all these endorphins. It’s very, very good for thinking! It’s the same with walking, as well, if you’re not into running. Just being outdoors, fresh air, in the woodlands, running by the sea, or whatever it is you’ve got.


And I just find that what that does is it teaches you to listen to the right voice, and helps you to become more determined as a person. And overall it’s just really brilliant for your health. So, that’s why my videos are kind of focused around that.




Delingpole: I so totally agree with you about everything there! I do about 20 miles a week. I’m having a relapse of my Lyme disease at the moment. So I’ve knocked it on the head for a while. But I generally do about 20 miles a week. And walking I think is, … Running is great, endorphins and stuff. I don’t wear headphones. Do you? I quite like being left with my own own thoughts, rather than having it.


Josh: It depends. I do sometimes, yes. But sometimes no. I am of the camp that thinking that listening to music whilst running is a bit cheating. And if you’re out walking listening with headphones. And it’s a dreadful show.


Delingpole: That is wrong!


Josh: Nature provides, … Yeah! Nature provides the soundtrack for your walk and that it’s an insult to your very being to suggest otherwise. So yeah, running sometimes I do it if I’m going for a particularly arduous run, then I might have some music playing, or whatever. It’s a little bit of a cheat. But I also remind myself, …


Delingpole: Eye of the tiger!


Josh: [chuckling] No. Do, you know what? My music, it’s one of those things if you run quite a lot you get bored of the same playlist.


Delingpole: Yeah.


Josh: And I’ve gone through so much it’s quite an eclectic mix of music on my phone now. I actually have like a Mongolian throat singing on there! It’s like there’s all sorts on there to listen to. Yeah, well it’s really good sort of war music. So when you’re running it helps you to be quite enthusiastic and keep going. But it helps with the determination of the thing.


Delingpole: Okay. I’ll check out this Mongolian throat music next time I’m out for a run. But yeah, walking I agree!


I have the best conversations with people when I walk with them. I mean, if I were ever going to have a sort of business meeting with somebody, I’d want to take them for a five mile walk. And just it clears your head. And you can communicate in a way that you can’t sitting around a boardroom table, not that I would know what a boardroom table looks like particularly. But, you know what I mean, it’s great yeah.


And you made that video, of course, while you were running, which was great. I don’t know how you can get your breathing, right? Like where you can talk and run at the same time. Commando training?


Josh: No. Certainly not! It’s been such a long time now, since I’ve left. It would be unfair of me to credit any of my physical attributes to training that I did such a long time ago.


But it’s one of those things. I think if you run enough you get like a base level pace that you can run at. And sometimes I practice just running uphill and holding my breath for as long as I can. It’s very good to improve your VO2 Max and make your muscles more efficient at working without having, you know, as much oxygen as they would like. I think training in general is about taking your body outside of its comfort zone. Once you do that obviously it then tries to change to become better. And that’s the whole point.


So there’s always these little tricks you can do. And so the videos help me vent my frustrations of the world, but also they help me on a physical level by improving my VO2 Max, as well.


Delingpole: So. Before we move on to politics and the shit-show in which we find ourselves. When you were in the Marines did you do any tours of duty abroad?


Josh: I’ve done Optelic 11 before. I did some like operations like anti-piracy, and bits and bobs like that.


Delingpole: Somalia, like that?


Josh: Yeah. Yes bits and bobs like that. I was in Op Gina as well, which was like an evacuation of British citizens from, I don’t know if you remember, Israel and Lebanon, back in 2006.


Delingpole: Oh yeah.


Josh: There’s a bit of bits and bobs really. I was very lucky. But, because I was so into boxing I spent a bit of time on the boxing squad, doing that as well. So I don’t really know. I was much more into the sport than the kind of military side of it, I have to say.


Delingpole: Yeah.


Josh: And if you are a young person watching, or a person that’s always thought about joining the forces, and you play sport, it’s really the best place to be. Because it doesn’t matter if you join the RAF, or the Navy, Army, whatever it may be and they always have really good programs for people that are interested in sport. And if you’re a good rugby player, or football player, or whatever, even skiing, motorcycle, racing, whatever it is you may be they tend to have, you know, quite good programs for that.


I don’t know what’s it like now. And when I was in Theresa May was the Home Secretary, and kind of got to the point where she was making lots of people redundant. And they were having, there was lots of MOD cutbacks, basically.


Delingpole: Yeah!


Josh: So yeah, I think when I left it was a good time to get out.


Delingpole: I think you’re probably right. I mean, everything I’ve read recently suggests that the Armed Forces have been cut right to the bone! In fact, probably into the bone! You’re underpaid, …


Josh: Oh! Don’t get me started about it! It’s got this advert, I don’t know if you’ve seen it, where there’s this guy, this Muslim guy, who stops in the middle of a patrol to pray! And everyone’s just kind of like:


“Right we better stop.”


What we’re doing? It’s like what that doesn’t have a, … Like, you’re there to be a soldier! When you think about it objectively speaking, it’s very strange that a part of the training now, a huge element of that, is this diversity training. And I have to often ask myself:


“Why? If, This is something that should occur so naturally to people, why are we so heavily being, you know, trained to be more tolerant of each other?”


And “tolerant” is a word that I’ve grown to detest, as of late! Because it effectively just means:


“Put up with things that you wouldn’t normally put up with.”


That’s what “tolerance” really means.


Delingpole: Yup.


Josh: And I hate these politicians who sit there with a smirk on their face as they dilute and subvert our English culture, and call it “diversity”. And that is a positive thing. And they’d call people like me a “supremacist”! People called me a “supremacist” before! That’s simply not the case!


I think it’s a very supremacist idea to think that you could defeat a virus! And you could lift the entire globe out of world poverty! And then keep it forever that way! Those are totalitarian, supremacy ideas! Not what I’m saying! I just love my own people. And just, because I love my own people, doesn’t necessarily mean then I hate everybody else.


My ideology about peoples is that I think that everybody should have the right to their own homeland. And those people should determine the future of their own homeland.


If I go on holiday to India I would like to see Indian culture. If I go to New Zealand, you know, I want to see the Maori. And I want to see that. And when people come to England on holiday, I’d like then to see English culture. But if you went into London, or Birmingham, Luton, Rotherham, and Bradford, all these places now, it doesn’t look to me like England anymore. I think it’s a dreadful shame! Because we really are great people.




Delingpole: Yeah, it’s funny. I’ve heard myself saying that over the years. And it really oughtn’t to need stating. It ought to be so obvious! What’s not to like about countries having their own special identity? I mean, you’re right! I love going to India and seeing all that, the temples and the statues, you know, to Ganesh, or whatever, and the Sadduce.


Josh: Yeah, I agree! And what’s really frightening is why would you want to destroy that? So when you think about it, “diversity” kills diversity! That’s what it does! When you localize it in such a way that multiculturalism has, you’re basically forcing lots of different people all on top of one another with opposing ideologies, different ideologies, and basically creating these indoctrination programs, these diversity courses stuff, to try and teach people to get on with each other.


There is such a thing, which have a scientific basis, as “in-group preference”. I think people have in-group preference. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. That doesn’t mean we can’t live alongside each other as neighbours, you know, and work together. And it doesn’t mean that all these groups should be constantly fighting each other.


But I think what’s happened is like the United Nations Migration Compact, for example. When you look at that thing, it really does just suggest the fact that of like almost like a mongrelization of Europe!


And we’re told regularly that we don’t have a culture! That we aren’t really a people! And I hear this a lot. And I think especially, because I’ve chosen the White dragon, which is a flag of our ancestors. And people say:


“Oh what culture? What ancestors? You’re a bunch of mongrels! You’re this tribe. You’re that tribe! And blah, blah, blah!”


And I just find that bizarre that these, … And most of these people are White English people, by the way, who are saying these things!


Delingpole: Yes! Oh, it’s definitely university-educated, White, middle-class, people. Probably got jobs in working for the government in something like environmental consultancy, or sustainability, or diversity, or HR. It’s just some kind of department which is some sort of non-job. So they’re secure, because the public sector is safe.


And they can mouth all these platitudes that they’ve picked up at university, probably. And which they think makes them better better people. But I’d say that you’re more representative of where most of us actually are, outside the sort of the legacy media echo chamber where these views are banded about, as if they are representative. I don’t think they are! I think you are much more, … I mean, tell me about your, … How old are you, by the way?


Josh: I’m 31.


Delingpole: Thirty one, okay. So your circle of friends, … I mean, presumably you’ve got friends [chuckling]?


Josh: Not anymore! It’s interesting you should say that, because I’ve met lots of new friends since I became sort of politically active, or talking about my political opinions.


Delingpole: Yeah!


Josh: I think a lot of people are scared to do that. And when you do that in a public sphere, especially put your face on there, you attract a certain group of people. People that are quite like:


“Oh! Yeah, it’s really great!”


I mean, I’ve got a touch of people with people, who’ve got in touch with me, that are, … It’s quite heartbreaking stories. Like, for example, people at university who are like:


“Yeah, I’m quite proud Englishman. But I wouldn’t dare say that in front of my friends at school, because otherwise I’ll be ostracized.”


You know, during their studies. And this happens at universities. So universities, it was my impression of university was supposed to be a place for thinking, and debating, and discussing ideas. But it seems to me that now, after this long march through the institutions we’ve created this vacuum, or sorry, this kind of like this echo chamber, sorry. Where if you have the wrong ideas then you’re going to be ostracized!


And interestingly, my missus at the moment, she’s a nurse. But she’s retraining to be a paramedic. It’s interesting to go back to university at these current times.


Delingpole: Yeah.


Josh: We could talk a bit more in that in a second. But before she started the course, someone had got in touch with her about something she’d put on Instagram. Which was about migrants coming over in rubber dinghies. And my missus is not really that politically minded, or whatever.


She just thinks that people shouldn’t be coming into Britain illegally. But the university called her in for a formal meeting about this post that she’d done — before she’d even started the university course — and gave her an informal warning! Which is now permanently on her on her, …


Delingpole: No!


Josh: Yes! And I just think it is disgusting the way the establishment treats people! And this is the argument that they would use. They would demonize people. I’ve met doctors that aren’t actually allowed to practice anymore, because they’ve said, or done something on social media, which the establishment doesn’t agree with. It’s just very slightly outside of the Overton Window, perhaps. And it’s now affected them. This is why. We have now this Police State, with the thought police. So before the Coronavirus happened people getting knocks on doors, because they are saying things like:


“Trans-women aren’t women.”


On Twitter, you know. And actually being arrested and detained and interviewed, or whatever, for a few hours. Posey Parker is a good example of that. And I just find it’s bizarre. And this is why I’m doing this march, because I don’t want to live in a Police State anymore! They could create these rules around me, I don’t care! It’s not going to change! My rules exist in here. And my parents told me when I was a youngster. They said:


“You can do what you want in life, as long as you’re not hurting other people, then be free, and do what you feel is right, and be true to yourself.”


And I just look at the data that we have for Coronavirus at the moment, okay. And I look at my reality around me and I’ve made my own decision about it. And that’s why I’m marching, because I want everybody else to have those same feelings and strike out like that.


Delingpole: Yes! Well, let’s talk about your march. And let’s talk about the “White Dragon”. Was the White Dragon the flag of wessex, or where is it from?


Josh: Well basically it’s almost a folklorean symbol, because the legend has it there’s a red dragon under Wales, and a White dragon living under England. And they had this fight and the White dragon prevailed.


And if you look at the times of King Harold’s, for example, before 1066, the Welsh actually went and chopped off the head of their own king and gave it to Harold Godwinson, because they were so impressed by this guy. And that really unified our nation. And I don’t think that England would be what it is today had it not been for the Welsh longbowmen. So we needed these huge, powerful, burly men to fire these bows. These longbows are made of ancient yew. A bit of Rudyard Kipling:


“Yew that is old in churchyard-mould, He breedeth a mighty bow.”


And they dug up some of these old longbow archers, and their bone density was like 20% denser than anybody else’s at the time. All on one side [of their body]. And I believe that they were able to fire these arrows at a pace of, I think, 16 to 30 arrows a minute! Which even today’s best archers can’t imitate. They can’t do it. These were a special breed of people. And those longbows did us a lot of favors at Agincourt and things like that it’s a really interesting part of our history.


But the dragons come into it, the White Dragon was a flag of Harold. And a lot of our flags have derived from that. You see the three lions from Richard the first. Henry III, I believe, had the dragon. And interestingly now in more modern times it’s all about Saint George slaying the dragon!


But I actually think the dragon was an important part of our ethnic heritage, and where we come from, and where the English people come from. And that’s why I’ve chosen to fly it. As like I said in my video, it’s more of a “distress signal” to other Englishmen that something is awry. And it’s time for us to do something.


Delingpole: It totally is awry. And I think you’ve chosen a great symbol. So tell me about your plan. You’re going to walk from John o’Groats to [word unclear] is that right?


Josh: No. I’m going from the south coast of England so from somewhere I can see the Isle of Wight. And then I’m walking up to Hadrian’s Wall. I have my own personal reasons for choosing Hadrian’s Wall. But I wanted somewhere very, very far north, so I could walk almost the entirety of the country with that symbol. And then wave it when I got there. It’s a really long and arduous journey.


And I’m not going to actually announce when and where I’m doing it, or what route. I’m going to take. And I’ve got some close friends of mine that are busy, as we speak, helping me plan the route and things like that. The trouble is that this, my videos gained so much attention now, that I believe there will be a lot of people out there, including the State, and the police, and stuff, that will try and stop me from doing it. So I kind of, …


Delingpole: Yeah. But at the same time what about if we want to join you? I mean, surely a lot of us are going to be wanting to walk legs of the journey with you?


Josh: My worry there is that I would love it! I don’t want to do it alone, I’ll be honest with you. It’d be nice to have some company. It’s a long old way! But my worry would be that if people march with me — it’s 350 miles as the crow flies — it’s a long, long, march! And there’s only a certain group of people that probably would be up to that. And of those people what I would fear is that the police would just turn up, would be easily recognizable, and just start arresting people.


I believe our system works very much like an immune system. So basically every time something rises up in rebellion to that immune system, it creates antibodies, and then stamps that thing out.


So if we create a movement, even if there’s two, or three thousand people that want to do this march, the state will respond accordingly. It’d be much easier for one man to dart up his way, up the country, or for singular individuals to make their way to one place from different corners of this nation and all meet and do that. If you move as one body, then you run the risk of being met with another body, which has got more power than we do.


Delingpole: Well it’s certainly true that the police are becoming more, and more, we do live in a Police State, as you say. They’re becoming more, and more, draconian!


You saw that appalling footage, I’m sure, of police, Greater Manchester police beating up a Polish guy for the crime of opening his cafe. That shocked me! I’ve seen the, and I’ve heard of, anti-lockdown rallies being brutalized by the police! In a way that “Black Lives Matter” and Extinction Rebellion never were! Because they were pushing at an open door! Because the establishment is now “woke”. And they want to push the “woke” agenda.


But if you protest against arbitrary government power being used to kind of keep us all like serfs, then the government doesn’t like that. So I can see your concerns. But, I just wonder. You say you’re doing your thing. Are you going to make a video of it, or what?


Josh: Yeah. So I’m basically going to be taking, you know, like my [word unclear] with me and a sleeping bag, bivvie bag, roll mat, that kind of thing. And just basically dotting it as I go. And using wood blocks [?] and other things like that, for cover. And I will be documenting my journey.


And then I will release the footage and stuff after the fact. And so I have people that are helping me, they’re going to resupply me as I go, and things like that up the country. Surprisingly there’s more northerners that are willing to help me than southerners.


Delingpole: That doesn’t surprise me! It doesn’t surprise me!


Josh: Yeah.


Delingpole: I mean, …


Josh: Yeah, me neither.


Delingpole: Don’t you think this whole experience has been quite revealing? Not just of individuals. For example, I’m about the only conservative commentator left! I mean. If you want to describe me as a conservative. I’m not sure you would. But I mean, almost all of them have fled the field, and shit the bed on the subject of what’s happening! You know, not just in America, where they denied that the election was stolen. I mean, you know, despite the copious evidence.


But over here the fact that a kind of bad flu year has been turned into an excuse for totalitarian domination of a once free country, it’s extraordinary!


Josh: I was going to say, never let a good crisis go to waste. And the Tories have certainly done a good job of that, haven’t they?


Delingpole: They have! I mean, all those people, … You know, I used to, occasionally over the years, describe myself as a Tory, or as a conservative. And I think, they’re just a bunch of crooks! They’re only in it for [word unclear], it’s extraordinary!


Josh: I could talk for hours about how I how I loathe the Tories. But I could also talk for hours about how I loathe the Labour Party. What people need to understand is that we live in a political false dichotomy! The Left and Right is no longer relevant to modern times.


And the “Conservatives” conserve nothing! They conserve nothing! They don’t care about our culture, or preserving any of our landmarks, or our statues, and things like that. Otherwise they wouldn’t have let “Black Lives Matter” run rampant pulling them down.


Delingpole: Yes!


Josh: And they don’t care about our history, and our heritage, and our culture! They’re not teaching it in our schools. Lots of people have messaged me about the flag of the White Dragons. They didn’t know what it was. And it’s a Saxon flag! Like people from East Anglia don’t know what Anglians are, Angles, and Saxons, and Angles, and Jutes, and all this kind of stuff. They don’t know, because they’re not taught it, and there’s no onus on their own heritage.


Because I think the establishment is scared of Englishmen unifying under their ethnicity. That would be terrifying for them! Because once we did that we would understand exactly where we come from, what we’re capable of, and that would pose a big threat to their narratives to what they’re trying to achieve. And I honestly think that’s what’s happening.


This democracy that we live in, to me is more of a delusion, more of an illusion, of control! It’s an illusion, because our governments capitulate to the world banks! And then we have to beg our governments for the scraps afterwards!


You know, look at our banking system! The whole banking system is designed using a language that you’re not supposed to understand! But just look at it for what it is! Fractional reserve banking! Look at what that is and tell me that’s morally right, that it’s right! Look at what’s happened in the stock markets recently with the GameStop. It’s one rule for them and another rule for you!


Delingpole: Yeah.


Josh: And now is the time to stand up and say:


“No more! We’ll change it! We can reform it. We’ve done greater things!”


Where I live on the south coast of England there were teenage boys racing Spitfires with Merlin engines, 350 miles an hour up and down the channel for a laugh! Planes that were so good that this government mounted machine guns on them and used to fight the Germans! You name a 20 year old lad. Now that could come up with the idea like a Spitfire! Our culture has been completely ruined and subverted by these people! They are our enemies! It’s time for us to wake up and realize that!


Delingpole: Yeah. Well I totally agree with you! What. Do you think is going on? I mean, what, why, how do you explain the last 12 months?


Josh: Well, what a big question that is!


Delingpole: Sorry! I’m sorry!


Josh: It’s one of those things where it’s just so many moving parts to this machine. Lots of different things. It’s things like transfer of wealth. We’ve mentioned the word totalitarian, these draconian rules. This way of controlling people.


The biggest tool that’s been used is “fear”. And I’m starting to see that fear spill out onto the streets in the form of people doing this sort of thing, when they come near me. And people pushing themselves up against the fence, or when I’m out running. I’ve actually come across women who’ve pushed their prams with children in them, out into the road to get around me without really paying much attention to the traffic, because they’re more scared of getting close to someone who’s quite clearly healthy and running along the road, you know, and endanger their own child.


So what do I think is happening? Everything’s moving toward this technocracy, this automated system, this new Fourth Industrial Revolution. Like you look at Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum where he’s saying things like:


“The year is 2030 and you owe nothing! But don’t worry, because you’ll be happy.”


And I just wonder how he would feel if we all turned up at his house and took away all of his material possessions, and said:


“Well aren’t you happy? Aren’t you happy?”


These people are part of an elite clique, right? They’re part of an elitist group of people. And a lot of people that control this world we don’t even know their names. The people we know about are the ones that we’re supposed to know about. And I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I just look at the data for what it is.


But you can look at simple things, like I’m sure lots of people that are watching this might have seen that video where it’s all the different news anchors from around the world, reading the same story off of the same teleprompter, the same sheet, you know. And that to me proves in itself that there is a global narrative here.


There is, I think, what the Coronavirus is, is accelerationism for them. And it’s the boiling of the frog! And sooner, or later, that frog’s either going to hop out of the pad, do something, or is going to die. And we are that frog. And we’ve got to stop it! Step up and stop it!


Our rights are inalienable! Our freedoms and rights in this country are inalienable! It is our government’s responsibility to protect them! Not take them away from us! This is their responsibility. It’s the same with the police as you mentioned earlier. A lot of the police today they don’t even understand simple things like the appeals principle. They couldn’t understand the law.


And it got to the point you couldn’t even use common law anymore. Whatever you come up with, these people will legislate against it!


And look at some of these laws they’ve been passing under the table, under this distraction of Coronavirus. Creating laws where they can remove you from your house, remove biological matter from your body! You know, forcefully detain you without reason! I mean, that is crazy! What awful times we live in. And I’ve got family! And I worry about their future!


Delingpole: You’ve got a one-year-old is it?


Josh: Yeah.


Delingpole: Let me just change that light, because the light’s doing an annoying thing and people will get epileptic fits. Well they won’t, but they’ll be annoyed it.


Josh: No worries.


Delingpole: See when I’m really successful I’ll have a studio crew doing this kind of shit for me! Sorry you were saying:


“You’ve got a child on the way.”


Am I right in thinking you’ve got a toddler now?


Josh: Yes. We found out, yeah we found out a few weeks ago my missus is pregnant, again. And we’re really over the moon about that. Thank you. But yeah, there’s lots of people across the country that are probably in a similar boat to me where they’re thinking:


“Right! I don’t know what the future holds, and perhaps if I just wear this mask and do as I’m told, then maybe this will go away.”


But this is one of these situations where it all started about:


“Flattening the curve for two weeks. We’re just going to take the pressure off of the NHS.”


And this man stood up in front of this country, Boris Johnson, and said:


“We were going to lose loved ones! And we were going to be using ice rinks as emergency morgues!”


And all this stuff. And people just bought it up! And here we are a year later and the numbers are shockingly low! The mortality rate. So low that our establishment and the media have done their very best efforts to bolster the numbers, and to manipulate the figures, all to create fear!


But the fundamental question is, you cannot deny whatever side of the political spectrum you’re on, or whatever your thoughts are, that the media has been complicit in making this, of creating this, nation that is scared! And this nation of fear! Fear of each other, you know, our communities have been fractured, decimated, diluted! Everyone’s living in fear!


There’s only one useful tool that fear is a useful tool for one thing. And that is control! And that is exactly what they are implementing at the moment. A complete and utter, impenetrable, impregnable, system of control to automate your life! So that you could be happy! You know, it’s crazy!


Delingpole: I totally agree with your analysis. And I hope that, this is going to strike across, … There are lots of people out there like us. I mean, just talking to you I feel right at home. And I met some other people the other day in one of the great reopening groups. Have you joined any of those?


Josh: Yes. I’ve been in a couple, yeah.


Delingpole: And quite a lot of them have not had their brains ruined by university. I think I’m about the only person of my generation, my university generation, who’s emerged with his intellectual faculties, his critical faculties, intact! So many of them have just, … I think, I wonder actually, I’m sure this is what Bismarck would have thought of the purpose of education. Bismarck did after all sort of invent modern education. It’s designed to train the populace to becoming compliant citizens, isn’t it?


Josh: What’s interesting, I was gonna say what’s interesting about what you just said, is I actually get quite a few emails and correspondence with people, and the large majority of people that would feel comfortable in a conversation with the likes of myself and you, is they’re university-educated people.


They are people in positions of, like I don’t know, there’s doctors, train conductors, you know, pilots, all sorts of people. Like, I’ve had marine biologists get in touch with me, scientists. People who are truth seekers, you know.


And actually what I think the establishment has done very successfully is creating a subservient class of midwitary! It’s the midwits that are compliant! The very stupid people at the bottom get it! They can see it’s everywhere.


Delingpole: Yeah!


Josh: That’s why football hooligans are always labeled as “Nazis”, and far-right nutcases, because they can just see it. They don’t need to be intellectually, … What do you call it? Like, they don’t need to be like extremely clever to point out, like sometimes it takes an idiot to point out the obvious.


Delingpole: Can I just pause you there Josh? So we don’t lose that brilliant point you made. I’ve noticed this. That there has been a move by the government — and this predates Coronavirus — to rebrand people, sort of free thinking people who believe in England, who are proud of their culture, to rebrand them far Right in order to use the oppressive force of the state to crush them! To crush any nascent political movements! Kill them! Kill them at birth!


Tommy Robinson being a being a classic example. I mean, see how they singled him out for destruction, because they didn’t like what he represented. They didn’t like that impulse. And it’s not about racism, it’s about national pride. And they don’t like that!


Josh: Yeah, I think a lot of people nowadays are very scared of being called “racist”. And I, for one, am not one of these people, not any longer. I don’t care! I’m a race realist. I understand the things like “in-group preference” and stuff like that.


And, as I said, to you earlier in the podcast, just because I’m proud of who I am, and my ethnicity, doesn’t mean that I want conflict with other ethnicities and other racial groups on the planet.


But it seems to me, if you want to know about White “privilege”, look at the things that the black minority, ethnic people are allowed to do in this country, which White people are not! You see here’s the clever trick. Black and minority ethnic means anybody but White!


So when they say things like:


“We need more justice for black and minority ethnic people.”


What they actually mean is:


“We need more justice for people who aren’t White.”


And they’ve collectivized under this universal banner, but we are not allowed to. And, for example, if a person which we’ve seen during BLM marches down the street in what could only be described as a militia, shouting things like “black power”, I look at these things and think:


“Crikey! Imagine if I did that with my friends and shouted ‘White power’?”


There’s your privilege! So White privilege right there. There are things that BAME people can say in this country which you are not allowed to, and there’s your “privilege”!


Delingpole: I hate to say it Josh, but you could be one of the politicians of the future to lead us out of this mess. I mean, I think, I bet you don’t want to be a politician. But, …


Josh: I certainly hope not! If it boils down to me, it’ll be one of those positions where I’m like:


“How on earth has this come down to me trying to do it, I don’t know, what I’m doing! I’m not a politician!”


But then again, I think the competency of a lot of people in there, a lot of the MPs we have at the moment, I think, … Do you agree when you were younger, you used to just think you’d have these problems, and you should just think:


“Well there’ll be somebody ticking away in the background resolving this issue, or someone’s going to come up with an idea to get rid of this?”


And as you get older you just realize these people just aren’t out there! People aren’t actually trying to solve these issues. And it just keeps going further and further spiraling out of control.


Delingpole: My whole life, my whole journey in life has been a kind of “Father Christmas doesn’t exist” realization. That this system that you trusted, you thought:


“Well MPs, okay, … So you get the odd wrong one. But basically they’re there to serve serve their constituents, and serve the country, and the law! English common law it’s one of our it’s one of our greatest achievements. And they’re going to see justice! That’s their imperative! They’re not biased!”


And all these things have been shown to be a business! It’s there to create value. It’s for the consumer. It’s there, by providing better value than other companies, so they gain market share and they generate profits, and they generate value for shareholders! All this stuff is just not true! It’s all been taken away from us.


Josh: Absolutely and the onus is on the individual now in capitalism. And that’s the worrying thing. Because, if you become a powerful individual, either with capital through wealth, or influence, or whatever it may be, all you’re doing is reinforcing this idea of separatism between the classes. And I don’t think that that works.


And here’s the dangerous thing, if you lean more politically to the Right, and have more conservative values, to talk about ideas like collectivism and things like that, is a very dangerous thing to do, because you’re kind of verging on this communism and socialism, or building these communes and stuff like that. I’ve always been very interested in self-sufficiency as an individual, out in the woods as an outdoorsman, and also collectively in small groups.


And I think back to times in England where we used to live in these very small groups, like you would have like villages. Down the road from me is as an old Tudor village. And it’s really beautiful down there. There’s a war memorial. But they’ve got all these new buildings going up, and I walk down there sometimes. And I think everything I need to know about what’s wrong with this country is right here in this village for me to see.


I’m walking past the cottage right now that’s called “Blacksmiths Cottage”. So presumably, once upon a time, a blacksmith would have been able to afford to live there. And now it’s a three and a half million pound cottage! And I would never have the opportunity to live there. And I would think if that blacksmith back in the day he was probably the only blacksmith in that village.


And so he could charge a wage, right? If he charges people too much money they won’t use him, and he’ll go out of business, right? And if he didn’t, well everyone would think he was a prick, you know, and he’d have to live amongst a small group of people where in which everyone thought he was a prick. And so these kind of little village communities probably worked really well, because everybody knew each other, the crime rate was extremely low.


I mean, myself I grew up in the 90s. I was born in 89. I grew up in a council estate and everyone used to leave their front doors open. The parents used to natter in the front gardens and we play football on the field.


Now the field is a bloody car park! I don’t know anyone. They’re not council houses anymore, they’ve all been brought up, and they’re worth, well, like just under half a million pounds, I think. Something like that. For a council house that was built in the 40s, or 50s for very little. This is one of the biggest problems here.


I honestly don’t think that capitalism is the answer for us. There’s no control. It requires constant growth and that’s become part of a problem. We need to find a system to control it. And firstly, I think we need to defeat this cronyism that has infected it.


Delingpole: Yeah.


Josh: There’s a huge amount of cronyism. I know I don’t know what your politics are on economics. And I’m not an economist.


Delingpole: I think we need to distinguish between capitalism and crony capitalism. I mean, apart from anything else capitalism is actually, it’s a Marxist term. It’s loaded in itself.


I think what we need to talk about is free markets. I think free, genuinely free, markets are a good thing. Because as I suggested before, businesses compete against one another to provide the best value for the consumer. And that’s good for everyone. And failing companies go under, you know. It’s what Schumpeter called “creative destruction”.


So I don’t think free market capitalism is a problem. But we haven’t got free market capitalism. That’s the real problem. But anyway, we can talk about that on the other time.


Josh you’ve been absolutely brilliant! And you’re gonna strike a chord with so many people. So thank you! It’s great hearing somebody so articulate. There are all these people out there who don’t appear in the media, who yet really know what’s going on. And thank goodness for that.


If people want to support your, what are you calling it, your march?


Josh: The “March for Freedom”.


Delingpole: The “March for Freedom”. So I think you’ve set up a Crowdfunder, or something for it?


Josh: I mean, I have. That wasn’t my intention. But a close friend of mine had basically advised me otherwise. He said:


“Look. If people want to give you money, then you should let them. You obviously without work at the moment and there will be costs to doing this march. So if people do want to volunteer some of their money, then you should let them do that. Especially if you come into legal complications and ended up needing legal advice and things like that. It might be quite helpful.”


So I have set something up that people did want to donate. And they can find that on my Twitter. Which is at remedy sounds. Also my Telegram is Lionheart England. And you can find me on there.


I don’t know what you’re like for time. But I did prepare a short little speech that I would have liked to put on here. And if you’d allow me a couple of minutes.


Delingpole: Yes! Why not? You go for it Josh.


Josh: Excellent.


When you stop respecting your history and remembering your forebears, you cease to respect yourself. Remember that you have a debt of honor! If somebody died so that you could be free, or if somebody worked like a dog, or suffered like a slave, so that you could live in a civilized world, then you owe those men a debt of honor! You might never fully repay it, and neither with your children, but you could do nothing but good in trying!


And what could be more beautiful and noble than being the first wave of the movement, the first volunteers, that pave the way to victory?


So I say rebel! Rebel against being treated like robots, or chattel! Rebel against being just a number, or statistic! And rebel against starvation wages, the sale of our sovereignty, and the censorship of our protests! Your own personal rebellion is your duty and your right!


This country belongs to us, and nobody else! We’re not going to give it away, not for free, and not for any price!


And what about you sat at home now? Have you come out and stood shoulder to shoulder with your brothers and sisters yet? Are you with us. And if not, why not? Don’t deal with evil. Fight it everywhere you find it! They are monsters and they deserve it!


When you look at the statues and read the stories of the greatest men of our history who’ve made Britain so great, who did their part and more in her time of need, remember this: That you live in such a magnificent time where you are surrounded by enemies. So you cannot miss! All you have to do is strike out! It is our turn!


Britain is made up of great nations, great people, on great land! It has nothing to do with the state. We exist despite them not, because of them! Most men are living well below their energy, or potential. You have more to give. And there is more that you can achieve. So put more work into the movement!


Who is supposed to save Britain for you? No one is going to save Britain for you. If you are ever bored, you know, then that you are not in love.


A man in love will do anything! The subject of his love will occupy his mind in every unfilled moment. And he will constantly find new and creative ways to show this. Do you love Britain? Do you love your family? Do you love your people? Because I do!


Delingpole: That’s fantastic! I so agree with you! Well done. Nice one.


Josh: Thank you.


Delingpole: That’s really good. I’m glad you said that Josh. You struck a chord. Well, thank you for listening everyone. Do support Josh’s Crowdfunder. And remember, if you like my podcast to support me on Patreon, or Subscribestar. Thank you very much. And yeah, keep fighting the fight Josh! Thanks a lot.


Josh: Thank you James! Thanks for having me. I appreciate it. Thanks everyone.












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Morgoth’s Review – The Morgcast 03 – Escaping the Grid with the Woodlander – Apr 7, 2021 — Transcript


[Morgoth chats with the Woodlander, and Englishman who has been living mostly off-grid in a secluded woodland in England.






Morgoth’s Review


Morgcast 03


Escaping the Grid with the Woodlander


Apr 7, 2021



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Published on April 7, 2021


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Morgoth’s Review

The MorgCast#3: Escaping The Grid With The Woodlander

April 7th, 2021

Morgoth’s Review

Discussing escaping the increasingly unhinged modern with The Woodlander






Thanks to Theberton for the intros and outros





(62 mins)





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Morgoth: Today the first of our guests on the MorgCast. And it’s the Woodlander. So how are you doing sir?


Woodlander: Very well. How are you?


Morgoth: I’m fine. It’s funny, because I saw you pop up under one of my Odysee videos. And I clicked on your profile and saw that you had a channel and I thought:


“Well I love this. Sort of outdoors, getting away from modern life, and all of this. I thought that this is right up my alley.”


So I thought it would be good to have a chat about them [coughing]. Oh you can tell this is for the MorgCast, because I’m not going to cut it, or anything. We’ll just we’ll just run with it warts and all! [chuckling] So I thought it would be good to have a chat, because I was watching your video. We were just saying before we went live. But I was surprised that just how much you’ve got.


So tell us the story. What’s happened? You’ve gone off grid. And what I think’s interesting about it is that it does tie in about the overbearing technology which is a hot topic at the moment. And so it’s like it’s going off grid or distancing yourself from it. It’s become like a really relevant thing.


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Morgoth’s Review – Which 80’s Dystopia Are We Living In? – Apr 5, 2021 — Transcript


[Morgoth discusses four dystopian movies from the 1980s to see which best matches what we are experiencing today.






Morgoth’s Review


Which 80’s Dystopia


Are We Living In?


Apr 5, 2021



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Published on Apr 5, 2021


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Morgoth’s Review


35.6K subscribers


My Odysee channel


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Hello again there folks. So if you’ve followed my work for any length of time you’ll know that I actually love 1980s action movies, and science fiction movies of that era. And I talk about them quite a bit.


And I thought it would be fun to go back and have a look at some of the dystopian movies of the 1980s and see which one got it right. Because what you’ll notice about these movies, especially the ones that I’ve selected, is that the time that they were predicting, the time that they were set in, was around about 2019, 2029, more, or less, where we are now in Western civilization. So what they were doing was predicting what the world would be like in say 30, or 40 years in the future. And we are now in that future.


So I’ve selected a few movies here, that we can look at, with my own opinion on them which one like the worlds that they’re set in. And I will be focusing on the “worlds” here more than that the characters in them, or the storyline, because I want to get into the world building, and which one most resembles the world that we’re in the day.


I mean, I’ve left They Live, and Terminator, out, which may ruffle a few feathers. So I’ve opted for, I left They Live out. Because I think it’s been a little bit overdone. And it’s a little bit dicey for YouTube if you start scratching at that scab! And Terminator I’ve left out, because I just don’t really think it fits into this.


So I’ve opted for Mad Max 2 [1981, released in the United States as The Road Warrior], Bladerunner, of course, the Robocop, and The Running Man.

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Morgoth’s Review – Fancy a Pint of Old Face Scanner? – Mar 29, 2021 — Transcript


[Morgoth discusses the potential dystopian future of total surveillance society brought in under the guise of “protecting” our health from Covid.






Morgoth’s Review


Fancy a Pint of


Old Face Scanner?


Mar 29, 2021



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Published on Mar 29, 2021


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Morgoth’s Review


35.6K subscribers


My Odysee channel


Buy me a pint here








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(14:09 mins)






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Hello again there folks. So if you’ve been wondering what I’ve been up over the last couple of weeks, I didn’t retire, or have a piano fall on my head, or anything like that. I’ve been focusing on my odyssey channel. And there’s quite a bit of content on there, which is me speaking freely about some things in case you miss it. And I’ll put a link to that below.


And I thought I would just slip back onto YouTube with a quick video on like the restrictions are now beginning to ease. And all of this. And, by the way, for YouTube’s algorithm and censorship, I’m not denying the vaccine, or anything like that.

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Morgoth’s Review – The Morgcast 01 – Flying Solo – Mar 17, 2021 – Transcript


[Morgoth discusses the murder of a White woman in London and how the event is being manipulated by the system to divide women from men; the ever tightening of free speech in Britain with new laws being introduced to even restrict what is said in private, as what is happening in Scotland; how he’s sick to death about being told what he can and can’t say about what’s happening.






Morgoth’s Review


Morgcast 01


Flying Solo


Mar 17, 2021



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Published on Mar 17, 2021


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Morgoth’s Review

First published at 15:39 UTC on March 17th, 2021.

Morgoth’s Review

 11518 subscribers





Thanks to Theberton for the intros and outros





(41:38 mins)






[Intro music and imagery by Theberton.]




All right. So hello there everybody. And welcome to my little podcast that I’ve decided to do. I wanted to do something different, and I wanted to use old tech in a way that it wasn’t just offloading basically videos that were too hot for YouTube. And then, basically using Odysee, or BitChute. I’ve really gotten Odysee in mind for this one. To do something like actually different and new.



And maybe it’ll work. Maybe it’ll not, I don’t know. And I decided that I was going to do like a little podcast. And it’s just me on this one, going through some news of the last week, or so, and see if I can tie it together with some threads.


Because the thing with the way YouTube is I think you can kind of avoid the censorship a bit if you do kind of high quality, optics friendly, videos. But you’re constantly policing yourself. And you’re constantly sort of paranoid about what you do and you’ve got to keep everything tight And I want to do something where I can kind of ramble on a bit. And, you know, I’ll be coughing maybe [chuckling] through the stream! And I’m just gonna kind of go for it.


I mean, I was watching Sargon on his new channel, The Lotus Eaters, as he does. And you can sense just how paranoid he is! And he does it with some young fella that he’s got on there. And he’s constantly having to police what he’s saying. So they’re not allowed to say like fuck, or shit! And obviously when it comes to the politically correct words and terminology, they’re in this constant battle about how can you say it, and how can you say it in this context, or that context.


And. I think one of the things I’ll probably touch on here is that I’m sick and tired of jumping through those hoops! And it gets to the point when in like say YouTube you may get a lot of views on YouTube just for being a normal blog. I’ve always been like amazed at how many people watch my stuff, and it’s great! But like it gets to the point where there’s not really much point if I can’t just speak my mind.


And I think that’s going to be like a running theme of like my little podcast here. And like I say this is very going to be very rough around the edges. I’m going to keep it as absolutely basic as possible. Maybe I can like I’ll have a look at the comments next time and see if anybody has any suggestions. But I wanted to do something which had a feel and look to it which was just a little bit different.


I’ve always thought the live stream format was quite tacky and it’s throw away. I mean, one of the reasons I like doing the video essays is there’s channels out there and you find yourself, like you caught on a loose end and you go back. And you have a favorite video. You have a video that sticks in your mind. And that’s kind of how I got into it with YouTube when I found me way. I ended up thinking about some great video I’d watch somewhere else. And I’d think I want like that kind of thing to happen on my channel as well.


So the first thing is when you just do endless live streams, you kind of water that down and nobody goes back and watches a live stream from three months ago. I think anyway it’s – and I see it on sort of the ones I’ve done on my channel – it’s more, or less, dead content a week after it’s done.


And this is also the case with like doing hot takes and like news stuff, which I do less, and less, these days. But this means that I’m actually doing fewer videos, because, by the time you get the video out there, the way the situation with like women in London at the minute, and what’s going on. Which, I’m going to touch on here. By the time you actually get the video out there, the news is gone.


And then you’re left with like you’ve got to make a decision whether you want stuff which is going to last, which is kind of where I’ve gone, with the odd kind of news item in there, or whether you’re gonna end up with having all of these dead news stories of your hot takes on the news of the day, kind of shitting up your channel.


So I’ve decided to sort of play that right down and mainly do longer format video essays, which I thought were probably safer on YouTube as well.




So what I wanted to do was to have a like a podcast style thing, where I could just sort of not worry too much about policing myself and kind of have a look and have a gander at some of the stuff going on.



And so the first one that I wanted to get into, … And it obviously means it’s not going to be as slick as like a ton of bullet points where you keep on track. I mean, I can just wander all over the place on this format. But we’ll see how it goes. Maybe it’ll bore people the tears, I don’t know. But I just thought instead of just being stuck doing the same same thing all the time. I think it’s good to like try something different.


And another thing is like when we started I was guilty of this as well, is that on say BitChute, because we had like a free speech – you see this a lot –, because you have like a free speech platform and you’re used to censorship. And this is also the same on Gab, and Telegram. And it was also the same on BitChute.


So some site has flagged themselves up as being free speech. And then what happens is that people go completely berserk! And it becomes like, I know people complain about it. But it does become like an optics nightmare! Where all of the videos are like borderline illegal. And I think that’s going to the extreme. And I don’t want to be that edgy.


I’m not going to like set up my own thing off YouTube just so I can be like as outrageous and as offensive and like borderline illegal. And all of this. But mainly just so that I can, … Because that’s kind of fake as well! That’s a bit affected and a bit put on.


Really, I just wanted to have somewhere where I can speak normally without being paranoid that YouTube are going to shut me down. And so this is what it’s all about. Who knows where it’ll go. Maybe I’ll get guests on in the future. But the point is that from time to time I want to sort of touch on some stories which didn’t actually become like big news stories, big YouTube videos, or anything like that. Because I can kind of get them all done in one podcast kind of format on this old tech platform where I don’t have to worry all the time about what I’m saying.


And so it actually ties in with the stories that are going on in Britain. And I mean, ever since the American election I’ve just mainly been focusing back home. I’ve got no idea what’s going on? In America. And there is actually things going on in Britain as well. I mean, on the run up to the election it seemed like almost nothing was happening in Britain at all. It was just like this political dead zone! And it kind of is.


So let’s, if you look at what’s happening with the women in London, you have this woman was murdered by a off-duty police officer. And then you’ve had these vigils and it led to that ginger girl being pinned down by the police. And then straight away it was like she’s this actress, it turns out.


And then all of a sudden there’s this new crusade, like a feminist crusade, against the police force in Britain. Which is surprising, because like it’s literally run by a lesbian, that Cressida Dick! It’s already the most politically correct police force you can possibly imagine.


And so like what you end up with is this thing where you think this feels astro turfed, and this feels gay! It feels fake! But like do I then, and it gets back to the sort of “news of the day” hamster wheel. And you think:


“Do I actually want to invest any time in this? Do I actually, do I really give a shit! Or do I really care?”


But in the case of the ginger girl, I actually thought she looked quite hot, and quite attractive when she was lying on the ground. So I thought:


“Well, what’s the story here, you know, let’s have a look what she looks like when she’s normal and all this.”


And that led me down down the rabbit hole as they say. The rabbit hole of like:


“All right. So what’s the next news story?”


And before you know it she’s even like got a Twitter account! [chuckling] And it’s like she’s now become like a activist! A professional victim! And it’s like you get that toolkit, and you’ve got like the police have been tough on you, you’ve got a Left-wing cause to champion, you go on Good Morning Britain. And then all you’re just missing is the Twitter account!:


“Love, get the Twitter account up and running. And then you’re in with the club!”


She’ll probably have a column at the Guardian soon, or she’ll go swanning around on in the TV studios. And it’ll be like telling the story of the “fateful day”.




I mean, that she was actually shouting her mouth off and behaving like a total bitch. But that all gets swept to the wayside. And so all of this adds up to this feeling of fakeness. And just feeling kind of surreal, where you’re being played for a sap. And you’ve just got to make the decision of whether, or not you’re like:


“You give a shit, or you should just ignore the whole thing.”


And more, and more, I find myself ignoring these things, … Except when it’s a sort of cute redhead.


But another thing about it which everybody has picked up on, or at least I did. I mean, so I posted some of these things on Telegram. And this is like another reason why I wanted to do this. Because I find myself writing longer, and longer posts on Telegram. And I think, well I can just actually use the platform and put it all together. And then one of the things that you’ll notice about this is that the way they’re kind of approaching it as “all men”. So the gist of this whole like gay op is like:


“Men treat women like shit!”


And it’s mainly, seems to me, almost entirely centered in London. And you get all of these middle class like women coming out and talking about like:


“Men are bastards!”


And there was like Marina Hyde in the Guardian, writing columns about how she was followed down the street by some man, who was just calling her a cunt.


Like, you can do that kind of dead brain centrist take. And you can say how women are playing the victims. But at the same time I kind of think, well I can imagine what it’s like in London for an attractive woman in her 30s, or whatever age really. But in this case it is like these middle class types. And I can actually have some sympathy for it. I can actually imagine what it’s like for a professional White woman. And they’ll be liberal, because they’re still in London.


And I can actually imagine what it would be like for them walking down the street at night. And I do actually think that they’re taking a lot of crap! I do think they’re being stalked! I do think there’s a lot of men touching them up, feeling their boobs, maybe touching their ass on the tube, making all of these lewd comments. I think that White women in London really are getting a lot of crap like that. And I think there’s an element to the energy of London which is releasing itself.


Now the problem, of course, is that the men they’re talking about probably won’t be White. They’ll probably be other ethnicities. And London, you know, it’s all kinds of shit! Not just black men, not just the Asians and the Muslim community. But you’ve got all of this stuff coming in, like Turks, and fucking Kurds and Kosovos. And all of this. It’s all there in London.


And yeah, I actually think these women are taking that shit. And then this is like this surge of energy that’s come out. But only, because it’s safe! Only because the man who’s killed the woman, he’s just like a White Englishman, or something. So now it gives them a pass. It gives them a pass to kind of come out and release this energy and say:


“Yeah, all men are bastards! We need more laws!”


Because beforehand I think within these kind of libtard circles in London, …. I mean, I’m as far, I’d never go to London. I’m very far removed from London, like psychologically, culturally, and geographically. But I can imagine in London that you get at the dinner parties and things, I can imagine that they all are like that. I think there’ll be this code of silence among women who they all know.


All of these English, these White women, in London, they’ll all know that they’re all getting shit. And they’ll also all know that mainly the people doing it are immigrant stock, you know, non-White men of all kinds.




But then the political correctness is going to kick in, and it means that they can’t actually sort of address that issue head on. Because it’s going to go down pretty bad at the dinner party. They’re going to be ostracized. They’re going to be called racist. And so you see that they have to lie to themselves! They have to cope and come up with all of this bullshit. And then eventually they can say:


“Well it’s just all men are the problem!”


And now they’ve had that tip off.




And then you notice the grooming gangs issue has been going on for years, and years in this country and none of these women give a shit, really. Because then there was no way around it. Then it was just the kind of the ethnic issues, it was just one racial group, one cultural group, whatever you want to call them, sort of abusing that of the other. And they would have to hit it head-on. There was no little rabbit holes that they could bolt down to escape the issue, to escape reality of what was going on.



But when you’ve got up like a prominent case of a White man killing a White woman it kind of gives them the green light to kick off on that, and to vent their frustrations.


Because, yeah I do think they’ve been taking a lot of crap and getting abused. I can imagine what it’s like, it must be terrifying if you’re a good looking White woman, you’re walking down London late at night, you’ve come from a restaurant, you know. And there’s a gang of black youth, or whatever. Yeah. [chuckling] But if somebody like me points that out I’m called “racist scum”! And they’re the women that do it!


And just generally though the way this whole thing has gone, it’s what I was thinking about how perfect it was. Just the picture of the redhead girl like being pinned down to the floor.


And it reminded me of that other picture where you had that big like muscular black fella at a Right-wing rally last year to protect the statues, or something. And you got this big black fella like lifting this scrawny little White bloke who was, of course, like framed as being a “racist”. And he lifts him through the crowd, like this big black savior!


And it turns out like they the black fella was like he ran his own security firm, or something, and the White fella was like an ex-policeman! And so all of a sudden you get feeling that it’s a fucking gay op! It’s like a pile of crap that you’re watching! It’s just some sort of play that they’re putting on the television.


And it’s the same with that woman like now with that Twitter account, going to be touring the TV studios as a victim of the police! And you get the impression, …


I mean, I was looking at the government’s “Nudge Unit”. They’ve got this whole website and where they kind of tell the government how to frame things. And I’ve done videos on this before, but mainly I’m not actually that impressed with the Nudge Unit. I think the PR firms are much better at doing this. But I think it’s the same thing at play.



And they’ve got this sort of chart. It was a very long article at the government’s website on the Nudge Unit. And they’ve got these tips on how to frame the discourse, and how to nudge the population in one way, or another. Like I got into with Piers Morgan on the sort of the “bait ball of the sardines”. And they’ve got things like it says:


“Messenger: We are heavily influenced by who communicates information.”


So in if you take up with the ginger girl you do have that interest, because she did look quite sexy. She did look like there was something drawn in that as well. So you can say:


“Well who is the messenger there?”


And it’s kind of her. And then on social media they pick it up, you know, especially Twitter. And so the “messenger” then becomes the mainstream media, which most people still go along with, unfortunately. At least it gives it that impression. They actually pick this up. It says another one here is:


“Norms: We are strongly influenced by what others do.”


So once the narrative gets underway and it begins to pick up momentum, it acts like a sort of snowball. Again like the “bait ball”. People gravitate towards this new narrative that you know, like gravity pulling them in. And so eventually you’ve got an actual fully blown movement there. It’s also got:


“Defaults: We go with the flow of preset options.”


So the sort of opinions you can have on this are kind of limited. I mean, if you’re on the Right wing, you’re gonna have to say:


“Well, you just don’t give a shit what the police are doing!”


Or I don’t know what they’ll do. I mean, somebody like Lawrence Fox, or the sort of centrist types who represent the Right wing anti-establishment position, which is always quite feeble and laughable. They’ll have some kind of useless argument against it. Or maybe on this occasion they just decide to check out. Because it does come down to the protest and being banned by the police.




And then you’ve got things like:


“Affect: Our emotional associations can powerfully shape our actions.”


Yeah, you see like a good look woman being pinned to the ground, you’re gonna notice it, you’re gonna kind of feel something:


“We seek to be consistent with our public promises and reciprocate acts.”


That’s “Commitment”.


And “Ego”. It says:


“We act in ways that make us feel better about ourselves.”


So here you go back you’re then been sucked into this movement, which is to put pressure on the government, and how men are bastards to women, the police are fascists. And you find that you can make yourself feel good! You are doing the right thing! You are standing up for women! And you’re going to get approval from others within the herd, within the bait ball, if you like, the social media “bait ball”.


I mean, there’s a few other points on there. I’ll get into it more another time.


So this is the government’s Nudge Unit. And I just thought it was interesting how you can go through this. And you can look at these events which unfold. And they’ve always got that kind of fake feel to them. They don’t feel as raw and visceral as news events did in the past. If you go back to a terrorist attack, or Rotherham, …


Just look at newsreels from the past. And they have something real about them. Whereas now just in the last few years, … I mean, you can say that this has always been the case. But I think something’s changed in the last few years. And I noticed the, I think the Nudge Unit itself only opened in 2016.


But then, as I’ve done videos on before, you get these PR management companies to manage the narratives, to get the hashtags right. They’re all there waiting, they’re all being professionally done, how they get them trending. All of the sort of the propaganda, the graphic designing. It’s all rolled out [chuckling] by PR companies to nudge the public! To get them to act in a certain way.


And in this particular thing here what I think is happening is that the kind of Left needs to be thrown back into the role of just being a sort of a victim class. They need to have the discourse reframed so that they are back fighting the system.


So now the new narrative is that it’s women standing up against these “fascist Tories”. So it puts them back where they’re comfortable, because otherwise, I mean, you’ve got too many people in this country just thinking the Left are these like sociopaths who do the bidding of the elite. But it happens more, and more, where the Tories will be like the fall guys. They kind of like being seen as being much more authoritarian than they actually are, when it comes to the Left at any rate. I mean, they’ve got these other things coming in which are basically just going to ban nationalism.



So another thing I wanted to get into is the Humza Yusuf use of the hate speech laws coming in Scotland as well.


I mean, I’m sure everybody listening to this will be aware of basically Scotland’s going full retard on the fucking hate speech laws! It’s unbelievable! You see where people can be arrested in their own home, if you’re having a private conversation in your home and somebody’s there and they get offended. Basically it’s horrible!


And you’ve got this, I think he’s a Pakistani, Humza Yusuf coming in, and he seems to revel in it as well he really seems to love the fact that he has this kind of power over the Scottish, over these White people. And I say that like quite bluntly, because that is how it seems to me. And like what irritates me is that there’s so many like shit takes in this.




So you again like the sort of the centrist’s types, … And I never seem to grow tired [chuckling] of slagging off the centrist’s types. But look, there’s clearly an ethnic element here, because he’s got that speech where he’s talking about how all of the institutions in Scotland are:


“White! White! White!”


And he’s fucking moaning on like that. And then you think this is a racially conscious man. He isn’t this blank slate liberal who is using the legislation in some sort of neutral way. He isn’t like a civic nationalist, or where he doesn’t see race, he doesn’t see ethnicity, or anything like that. He clearly does! And he is clearly like “the other”.


And there’s so many like bad approaches to this, and how people have taken it on. And one of them like, for example, was the women. So what they’ve done is expand the special interest groups to include like trannies and gays, and all of this, and like normal women, especially the White women in Scotland. Because the non-White women will be covered under other things.


So basically you had this situation where a lot of women were complaining that they weren’t included in the special group category. Again that’s because they’re White women, they’re Scottish women, that’s why. But then what they’re really saying there is that:


“Well, why aren’t we special? Why aren’t we included?”


But then they’re acknowledging the need for the hate speech laws in the first place. They’re sort of, as Jonathan Bowden said, that they’re kind of holding up their hand and saying:


“Well we want to be part of this as well. We want our protection!”


And I just think it’s an absolutely stupid and blind way to approach this! So there’s a lot going on with it.


And another thing is to get back to the race-blind liberal thing, Humza Yusuf isn’t that! He’s ethnically motivated! And he likes having his power. What do you think when he’s sitting with his Pakistani family, or whatever? Like what are they talking about around the dinner table? When they’re behind closed doors?


And it’s not just him. There’s groups all over the country doing it. They’re all over the country vying for power to beat down the native Whites!


So what are they actually talking about behind closed doors? Are they like when they’re among themselves, over the dinner table, their families, these ethnic minority groups, what are they saying to each other? Are they coming out with this kind of civic nationalist guff? Or are they actually quite proud at what they have achieved? How do they talk about the White population? Well we don’t know.


And nobody’s going to go into his house and like arrest him for what he said, because there’s not going to be anybody there to snitch him up! Because this is what happens when you have a cohesive group going against a bunch of individualists! And he isn’t playing that game! He’s kind of just stepping all over these liberals.


And when people call this out like, because of hate speech laws themselves, in some way. But even the way so many people think, they’re not thinking in terms of him doing this out of his own interest. They’re thinking of like he’s a fascist, or he’s a communist, or like this is the far Left.


Well I mean, in part, because they’re scared to say he’s doing this, he’s a Pakistani and he’s silencing and censoring the native population of Scotland.


The exact same things going on in England with Sarah Khan, and the new hateful extremism thing. So what I’m actually saying here will be considered illegal. And in England you had hate speech. But it was considered where you would just be like kind of insulting, and slandering, and shouting abuse about another ethnic group, or something like that. And then on the other side they had this terrorism thing as well. Which obviously, I’m not doing either one of those.


But they realized there was a gap in the middle, and that needed to be plugged! There was a problem, because people were still able to use dog whistles, and speak with a bit more nuance, be a little bit more careful about how we approach these things.




And they realized that was a problem, because you can still change people’s minds even when you’re not being like a total spurg, and just coming up with all kinds of racial slurs. So that, yeah, they’re going to clamp down on that now, as well. And what I think’s interesting about all of this is like.


And that’s how I would say like to the Humza Yusuf thing, is if this is what’s required to make a multicultural society function, then instead of holding up your hand and saying:


“Well you want to be included in these special groups.”


What you have to say is, say:


“Well this isn’t worth it!”


If to in order to make a multicultural society function, then we’ll just not have a multicultural society! It’s time to break it all apart! Because, at the end of the day, we weren’t asked, as they say:


We Were Never Asked!


We weren’t asked if we wanted to create a society which needs the surveillance state and all of this censorship to function. You can approach that from a liberal point of view. As a liberal you can say:


“Well it’s quite clear that this society, it means that my liberal values are gonna have to get thrown out! It’s not that I’m a racist. It’s not that I have any problem with this, or that group, but well, at the end of the day, the level of censorship, the level of control that’s coming in, it isn’t worth it!”


If we can’t have a liberal society and a multicultural society then these sort of the centrist types they’re going to have to make a decision! They’re going to have to say:


“Well, look, if this is what you need to do, then we’re going to have to get rid of the multicultural society!”


Or they’re going to have to throw up the hands and say:


“Well we need to get rid of the liberal society. And then just live under this totalitarianism, this tyranny!”


Which is deliberately targetting them as White liberals. Because as it stands now they’re fucked! They’ve got no way to reframe these arguments against it. And I would say, in the case of England as well, if you need this Police State, then it’s an admission that multiculturalism doesn’t work!


But I mean, the worst of the censorship – I just paused it when I was coughing there – the worst of the censorship is like look at the idea and it’s whether it’s on YouTube, it’s whether it’s Hamza’s use of Hate Speech laws in Scotland. It’s whether Sarah Khan’s new hateful extremism horseshit in England!


What I dislike about it the most, and why I’m gonna why I was decided to do this podcast is because, at the end of the day, I’m a grown man in these 40s! And I don’t need some arsehole telling me what I can and can’t say! I mean, there’s almost a pun there now. When you look at who’s at least the front of this censorship, I can’t do it! The “Khans”, the “Khan to do this”, and “Khan’t do that”! I mean, [chuckling] like a bad joke!


But I’m a grown man! I’m in my 40s, I’ve been around a bit! I’ve got the scars, and the stress, and the grey hair to prove it! I don’t need to have some wanker in Parliament to kind of come down and tell me:


“You can’t say that!”


Who the fuck are you? And you begin to see that you, I know I slag them off, these old classic liberals and stuff, where they make this big song and dance about free speech. But there is an element to it where it’s emasculating! And you get people who want their little special privileges. Because you’re admitting that these people have the right to dictate to you what you can and can’t say.



And I’m not talking about just screaming abuse like an idiot in somebody’s face, because of this, or that race. It’s just in general kind of political theories, or whatever it happens to be. I don’t want these people interfering with that. And it’s not because I want to say something extreme. It’s, because I’m a fucking adult!


And I think people internalize this infantilization that goes on with it. And it’s really destructive! And so you can see it with the way the women lined up, holding up the hands:


“Now why are we not included in this? Why aren’t we getting protections?”


Fuck all this! This society is shit!


This is the society that they’ve created. It’s one in which everybody has to be treated like a little fucking child! And we’ve had enough of it! I’ve had enough of it!


Which is why I’m kind of doing this podcast. It takes away the fact that you’re an adult, and you’ve got opinions around the world. You’re trapped like a little kid on whatever platform it happens to be, or even when you’re sitting having a few beers in the pub in Scotland now! Or you’ve got to make sure everybody that’s around you is trustworthy, and safe. Like everybody turns into mice, because they’re scared to speak their mind.




This is totally alien to England, by the way. I mean, yeah, I can kind of see it, the actual free speech argument in fullest here. I mean, you get problems of when people say:


“Oh well, what about if you’re subverted?”


And all of this. But at least just in terms of this, you can see how it infantilizes people. And I think it’s absolutely disgusting!


Another thing which I wanted to just sort of touch on recently. I’ve noticed in sort of the Right-wing community on YouTube, there’s been this talk of “deterritorializing” and “territorializing” things. How capital does that.


And I was thinking of that when you see these rainbow flags. Again part of this process which I’ve been talking about. And you see these like rainbow flags everywhere. And somebody was telling me that they went to a military cemetery for World War One. And so you expect to see a Union Jack, and all of this.


And instead they had like the tranny banner, the rainbow banner in a war cemetery full of monuments and things. And they’ve got that gay, you see it everywhere, the NHS had it. And like it’s all merging together, the global-homosexual empire.


But what I thought was very interesting there was that YouTube channel I really like, “All Last Things”. This is a concert from like Duluth, or one of these post-modern big brains. And you can see the process of “deterritorializing” of the patriotism of the soldiers in their graves, and the monuments, by having this horrible rainbow sort of banner fly triumphantly all over the cemetery.


So when you say like well it’s “deterritorialization”, because something’s been removed then. And you can’t prove this empirically, you can’t drag it up with a data sheet and kind of draw out the stats on this. I know that the sort of the Left, or whoever, would say:


“What are you complaining about? It’s just like a rainbow flag.”


But it isn’t! But what’s being taken away is the specialness of the graveyard full of soldiers. And instead what’s happened is really the spirit of it has been removed. And you get this sort of global-homosexual imperialism which is then flying triumphantly over the cemetery, over the soldiers dead bodies. It’s now like in a space which is now being re-territorialized by something else. And that something else is the global-homosexual empire of these values, what in the end is like the neoliberal value set.


And I think this is something quite interesting to get into it. And it’s a very interesting concept.


And I can go to a lot of places, because you get back to that thing where it’s the Kurt Cobain sort of problem that I’ve heard people mention. The more commodified and territorialized something is the more you fight against it, the worst it gets.


Like his albums are like, they get weirder, and more hardcore. Like never mind the first one was like really commercial, and they get more, and more, esoteric and he seems to lose his mind more, and more! And it wasn’t just, because he actually was going mad. And he was like a junkie, and a degenerate.


But it was also, because he was trying to find a way, he was actually against being commodified. He didn’t want to be just a product. But the problem is the more he did that the more popular he became. And the more that — shirts, and even did a song called “Radio Friendly Unit Shifter”. I mean, Smash and Pumpkins did a song:


“Despite all my rage, I’m still just a rat in a cage! There’s no escape!”


So yeah, [chuckling] I think I may do a video on that little trollop, that Bell Delphine [sp] at some point as well. Because I think she’s probably not going to make to 30, because of these reasons. But, I’ll leave that for another time.


So I think wrap this up here. It’s just a sort of my first little flying solo podcast. We’ll see how it goes. Maybe I’ll get guests on in the future. We’ll expand it a bit. But I quite like just sort of offloading what’s on my mind, where I don’t have to like do a crafted video. Where I’m walking on eggshells about what I can say. And all of this.


So it’s just about making the use of old tech, and in a kind of getting back to basics kinda way, which I quite like. So we’ll see how it goes.


Thanks for listening everybody. And I’ll catch you next time.





[Outro music and imagery by Theberton.]







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Andrew Joyce – BLM – Irish Edition – Dec 31, 2020 – Transcript


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Irish Edition


with Andrew Joyce


Jan 20, 2021




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Published on Dec 31, 2020


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BLM: Irish Edition

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(18:15 mins)




Hello everyone. And welcome back to the Andrew Joyce podcast. I wasn’t expecting to record another episode so soon, but it looks like events in Ireland are once more threatening to overtake me.


Just a few days ago I recorded an episode on how an essay I wrote on the “Blackening of Ireland”, resulted in chaos on Irish social media, and calls for local government, and the police to hurry through some hate speech legislation, so that such essays could never be written again. Well it looks like whether I’m involved, or not, the issue of the blackening of Ireland is going to continue to impress itself upon the Irish imagination and upon Irish society and politics.

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Warhammer 40k vs


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Morgoth’s Review

How Piers Morgan Shapes The Discourse


Mar 11, 2021

Morgoth’s Review

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Hello again there folks. So I’ve recently been having a whale of a time reading some of the novels of the Warhammer 40k Universe, and in particular the Horus Heresy saga. Now if all that sounds gobbledygook, like don’t worry, I’m gonna get into it a little bit. [chuckling].



But just before I get it all out, I do think there’s something to be said for reading books where they’re not, firstly they’re not these huge masterpieces. Because you don’t, if that’s all you’re reading, if all you’re reading is the Brothers Karamazov, or Moby Dick, or something like that, you don’t actually have a frame of reference, or what like a normal book is.

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How Piers Morgan


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Morgoth’s Review

How Piers Morgan Shapes The Discourse


Mar 3, 2021

Morgoth’s Review

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(20:12 mins)





[Intro music and imagery by Theberton.]





Hello again there folks. So I thought I might do a little more lighthearted video a bit of a back to basics kind of video that I used to do. And this time on the subject of Piers Morgan.



Now the funny thing about Piers Morgan is that over the last year, or so, I’ve heard so many people ask like:


“Who really runs this country? Does Boris Johnson and the Tory party run Britain, or is it actually Piers Morgan?”


Even my dad said this. Like is it that we live now under a Piers Morgan dictatorship where he sets the discourse? And how everybody has to think from his sofa on Good Morning Britain with Susanna Reid, and the weather girl.

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Morgoth’s Review

The Last of Us


•Feb 24, 2021

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Hello again there folks. So I thought I would just switch on the microphone and have a bit of a talk about some things that’s been going on recently. And what I think is going to be happening in the future. So as most people know Millennial Woes’ channel was deleted. It’s seven years old. It’s been around through right from the beginning before the Alt-Right sort of surge and then all the way through. And then it sort of quietened down the last few years.



The Way of the World’s channel has also being deleted. And he’s been around for quite a long time. I think he was around from 2016..


But, of course, this is just the latest in a just an endless purge of any kind of dissident Right-wing content from YouTube, from this platform. Though I’m also going to be posting this video on other platforms as well, which I’ll come to later.

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