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Millennial Woes – Millenniyule 2021 – 05 – UK Column – Dec 14, 2021 — Transcript

[Millennial Woes continues his tradition of a yearly Millenniyule series of interviews that started in Dec, 2016. Here, in his 5th Millenniyule interview for 2021, Woes chats (106 mins) with three members of UK Column: Brian Garrish, Alex Thompson, and … Continue reading

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Adam Green – David Icke Explains The Trigger & Endgame – Sep 16, 2019 — TRANSCRIPT

  [Adam Green who has the YouTube channel “Know More News” interviews well-known “conspiracy” author David Icke about his latest book “The Trigger”. In short, the 9/11 attack was a false flag carried out by Orgjew as part of its … Continue reading

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Inside the Eye Live! – The Bob Tuskin Tussle – Mar 2012 — TRANSCRIPT

    [In this “oldie but goldie” conversation,  Dennis Fetcho tussles with Bob Tuskin, a jewish talk show host, on the when and how of “naming the jew” — KATANA.]       Inside the Eye Live!   The Bob … Continue reading

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The Essence and Secrets   of Freemasonry   Theodor Emil Fritsch [F. RODERICH-STOLTHEIM]     Translated from the German by Capel Pownall HAMMER-VERLAG / LEIPZIG 1927   —————– From Metapedia [] Theodor Emil Fritsch (October 28, 1852 near Leipzig – … Continue reading

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