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Tue, Nov 7, 2023


[Woes does an interesting round up of current events and his take on things, especially Tommy Robinson and his plans for a counter protest against pro-Palestinian protesters in London on Sat, Nov 11.

It was also very good to see Woes get stuck into that stuck-up Douglas Murray and his usual self-righteous display of grovelling suck-up to zionist power, the very people causing the destruction of the West that he claims to bemoan!



Published on Tue, Nov 7, 2023




A Gram of Woes: 7th November 2023
November 8, 2023
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2023, Week 45.


Hello, everyone, and welcome to A Gram of Woes, on regularly, Tuesday the 7th of November 2023.


So there’s a lot to talk about actually, I have a lot of things:


“Woes. With the news that pro-Palestine demonstrations are set to take place in London on Armistice Day and a Patriot counter-protest planned, how do you see the events playing out?”


“Most of us know it’s a trap, but it feels impossible sometimes to get through to the Patriot crowd, who care little for the realities of the situation and always reply with, ‘So we do nothing?’, when warned to stay away from London on Saturday. What adds more suspicion into the mix is that Tommy Robinson’s Twitter account has been reinstated at a terribly convenient time.”


Well, that gets us into a number of the things that I wanted to talk about.


So the Gaza thing continues. There are some awful pictures and footage that have come out recently. I try to avoid them, but it’s kind of difficult when you’re on social media. It continues, it gets worse. Tensions around the whole thing in terms of the conflict spreading, seem to have lessened somewhat since last week, I think because, well, I don’t know, I guess the time has sort of, sort of passed. There hadn’t been escalations, basically.


So Russia isn’t getting involved, China isn’t getting involved. Russia, I did see something that they were giving some sort of weaponry or defense system. I think it was a defense system to the Palestinians, but that’s all I’ve seen. And then Yemen did declare war, apparently declared war on Israel, but I’ve heard no more about that. So maybe that was fake?


So the point is that we don’t seem to be looking at World War Three, which is obviously a relief. But at the same time, that means more of this corrupt system will go on and on for the foreseeable future.


So that’s the general situation.


However, the split between Zionists and their supporters and their opponents has only deepened in the last week.


So you’ve got a real divide here! A huge divide now! Between what has been called the Left and the mainstream media and certainly the political establishment in every country. The mainstream media is actually being. I wouldn’t say fair, but it’s not being entirely pro-Zionist. Even the BBC is being fairly even handed.


So it’s an interesting thing where for the first time, you’ve got a sort of bifurcation in the mainstream for the first time in a long time. I mean, Covid, Ukraine, climate change, LGBT and the migrant crisis for the last ten years at least, the mainstream has very much been one unified entity. It’s kind of weird that it would take this issue to rupture that. Of course, they’ll still be united in all of those other issues, but this is different.




I also think that it has changed people’s view of Israel, and especially Zionism. I think that it suffered a huge amount of PR damage. And that is why it was interesting that several high profile Twitter accounts were reinstated over the last week because of the PR damage done to Israel and Zionism. It’s very interesting that Tommy Robinson and Katie Hopkins, and I think there was a third one, I’m forgetting now, got reinstated on Twitter. Which means unsuspended, got their accounts back with all their followers.


And I think that Tommy Robinson has about 300,000 followers, something like that. He’s big on there and he’s been on Telegram ever since, with, I think, 150,000 followers on there ever since. But upon being reinstated, he said:


“It’s nice to have a voice again.”


Which is interesting and rather depressing about how realistically Telegram fits into the ecosystem of social media. Because ultimately it is public, technically, but the general public aren’t there, whereas Twitter is much more open. I mean, you will see a tweet being shared and talked about in the media. You won’t see a Telegram post. They won’t be quoting a Telegram post in a Times article or something like that.


So anyway. And he was welcomed back. Tommy was welcomed back to Twitter by numerous people, including Sargon of Akad. There’s a screenshot doing the rounds of, you know, it just feels like we’re back in time! We’re so back in time, to coin a phrase. And it’s tedious and tiresome and fucking annoying! It could be 2015 again. And not in a good way, not in the optimism. Well, not 2015, 16, the optimism. No, this is 2015, 16, let’s moan about Muslims!


To get back to the whole thing, because there are numerous facets here.


So the tensions, the pro-Palestine demonstrations spreading all over the West, getting very large. And then it was announced that there would be a large, a really big one on Remembrance Day [Armistice Day] on the 11 November, which is obviously commemorating the war days, especially the two World wars, the Poppy and so on.


And it’s something that’s sort of intrinsic to British culture, certainly all of my lifetime, since the First World War, so over 100 years. It’s something that matters to us. It’s one of those traditions that binds us together, even those of us who certainly were not alive at that time or even the Second World War. This has been one of those staples of British culture which matters! Not that the remembrance itself about war obviously matters, but I think another way in which this matters is that it is a British tradition.


So it’s something for the British people especially, really only the indigenous British people. Because all the migrants, all the immigrants weren’t here. They were not here 100 years ago or even for the Second World War.


So this is not for them. It’s very much our heritage!




So when the pro-Palestine people say that they’re going to basically gate crash this, that’s not just uncouth, rude, it’s also perceived as anti-British. And there will be a contingent among them for whom it’s not anti-British like, they’re British Lefties who want to use Remembrance Sunday to bring awareness to their issue. But a great number of them, it will be anti-British because they won’t be British in any real sense.


And of course, this is a good example of how this whole issue is bringing to people’s minds the idea that these migrants are not really British, that they haven’t really integrated, that they don’t really care about the country or its culture or heritage. And so multiculturalism does not work! The real issue is that mass immigration does not work. But they’ll blame it on multiculturalism, which is the allowed euphemism here. They’ll say, well, if only they integrated, not multiculturalism:


“If they integrated into British culture, then everything would be okay. But in the meantime, we will be angry at them for not integrating.”


So this is the reaction that you’re now seeing from the other side. And cue Tommy. So he’s allowed back on Twitter! And apparently Elon Musk actually had a private meeting with Rishi Sunak just a few days before this happened.


So it’s going to kick off big time? Well, that’s what people are saying. That’s what the mainstream media are saying. They’re fears of a far-Right.


Of course, Tommy Robinson is called far-Right. So he’s associated with nationalism, with the dissident Right, the Alt-Right. Very annoying! Because the man is a dumpling. Worse than that, he’s not just thick. Well, he’s not just the class dunce. He’s the class clown as well.


In other words, he’s not just thick, he’s an attention seeker. He thrives on this. And he thrives on chaos and drama, which is why his crowd was always just absolutely rife with drama, like a soap opera. Because that’s the kind of person he is.


And he doesn’t really, I don’t think he really understands much, but he doesn’t need to. He does understand that some brown people aren’t like us. And that’s really it:


“Some brown people rape our daughters and sisters. Well, they should integrate. They should integrate more and then they wouldn’t rape our daughters and sisters!”


It’s fucking grug, grug stuff! And not even true! At least if it were accurate, you could say, well, it’s basic and stupid, but it’s true. It’s not true! And it is delusional about the reality of, well, different people’s identity, religion, race and so on.


The only way for them to really integrate is for us to be dissolved and them. So it’s a dreadful situation in which there is no other solution but for them to leave the country. That’s really the only solution here. Well, from my perspective. From their perspective, the solution is for me and all of us to dissolve into them.




But I don’t see that as a solution. I see that as a travesty!


So anyway, to get back to all this, I don’t think he understands much, but he does understand., … He is a natural leader, although he doesn’t have any strategy or brains or whatever, he does have charisma and he does love attention and he loves to be important. And people like him. For all his flaws, he is a likable character, on the surface. So he’s friendly, he’s outgoing, he’s loud, he likes a laugh, he’s a lad! So people warm to him.


So anyway, he is back on Twitter! And one of the first things he says is that literally, one of the first things he said, having got his Twitter back, was that he was going to “rally a nation” and specifically in the Remembrance Day event.


So it’s a counterprotest to the counterprotest, I’ll be specific. It’s like “patriotic” in inverted commas. Counterprotest to the pro-Palestine counterprotest to remembrance Sunday. So they’re saying that they’re going to protect our statues and all that.


Now, the word patriotic, we should be careful about this because in a low brow sense, these guys, these Tommy fans, are patriotic in the most basic sense. They do care about their country, their kin, their local town. They’re very sort of basic, simple people who don’t understand any of the abstractions that are going on! They just want the people they know to be safe. And increasingly the people they know will be multiracial and mixed race, but they just want them to be safe. And that’s really all the thinking that there is.


But that is a form of patriotism!


So when I say “patriotic” and inverted commas, it’s not exactly fair. They are actually enacting that instinct to protect homeland and kith and kin [one’s acquaintances and relatives]. That is the heart of patriotism. But unfortunately, the fact that it is grug and low brow matters, because it leaves them vulnerable to being manipulated and used like cannon fodder. And I think that’s what’s happening here.


Now, whether there will be violence at this. I mean, there will be some violence that’s just inevitable when you’ve got a bunch of drunk North FC types and a bunch of pro-Palestine [chuckling] Arabs facing off in central London. Yeah, there will be some violence for sure.


What I think is there might even be like a stabbing, something like that. But what I think is there won’t be major violence. I think this will turn out to be something where the mainstream media has got everyone worked up about it in expectation, and then actually it will pass largely without much bloodshed.




But the point is that the point will have been made, right? I don’t think they actually need much violence in order to make the point, which is:


“These brown people are bad because they don’t support the jews! They don’t support Zionism! I’ve got a jewish friend, he’s just like anyone else. He’s very upset about what these brown people are doing!”


Et cetera. That’s the point that will be made here. And that’s all that it’s supposed to make. That’s all that it’s supposed to do.


And that’s why Tommy Robinson has been reinstated on Twitter and why the mainstream media is crowing about this, about this whole thing, the counter-protest and the counter counter-protest.


I think it’s all orchestrated. And Morgoth put a good article out today when he talked about the Behavioural Insights Team, the Nudge Unit. And he made this very interesting observation that the Nudge Unit is used to pacify people. That’s basically what it’s done. The purposes to which it’s been put have all been to calm people down, get them to just do as they’re told, all that.


But what if it could also be used in the other direction to agitate people? And why wouldn’t it? You’re Garnering all this knowledge about what makes people tick and how to make people do what you want them to do. Well, you can put that to any use, can’t you?


And I agree with Morgoth and other people have made the same point over the last few days, that all of this is being orchestrated. The British state, not necessarily the British government as such. The politicians, I think they are largely dumplings. They don’t understand anything. But the British state is infested with civil servants and NGOs and so on, which are run by, I think, far smarter people and they know exactly what they’re doing here!


And basically it’s a fictitious patriotic drive where you get everyone worked up. And ultimately it’s about nothing! Because what if well, ultimately it leads to nothing. Because what would Tommy Robinson, his crowd, what kind of Britain do they want? They want the Britain of, well, 2010, 2015, [chuckling] I’m not sure. Maybe 2015, but without the Pakistani grooming gangs. So they just want everyone to integrate together. It’s the nihilism.


But that’s the best that this kind of patriotism could lead to, and it would be the dissolution of everything that we are culturally, genetically.


So that’s Tommy Robinson’s function, as well as just to distract people from real nationalism and real patriotism, like actual thinking patriotism, which is a huge part of it as well:


“This could be a golden opportunity to highlight the catastrophic failures of multiculturalism only for the football crowd to ruin everything and place all the focus on the emerging threat of the far-Right.”


Well, exactly!


So there are numerous things there. It will highlight the catastrophic failures of multiculturalism. Yes. But in a way that is useful to the establishment, because they can say:


“The test of multiculturalism is, do we all support Zionism or not?”


Which [chuckling] is fucking mental!




Anyway, the other aspect is that the football crowd, that’s Tommy Robinson’s crowd, will go in and be, … They will certainly be drunk. They will certainly, some of them be on drugs, and they are certainly looking for a fight! They are certainly looking for violence. So they’ll go in and cause mayhem!


And then the result is that the media, the government, the state, can then blame the far-Right and Tommy Robinson. But more importantly, the far-Right, for causing all this violence, which they have ginned up! Including by getting Tommy Robinson reinstated on Twitter.


I mean, I just don’t believe that that was spontaneous. I just simply don’t believe that he and Katie Hopkins, any more than I believe it was just a bizarre coincidence that Way of the World and I were banned from YouTube on the very same day! No! No, that doesn’t happen!


And similarly, Katie Hopkins and Tom Robinson being reinstated on Twitter on the same day, just a week before this all kicks off. No! It’s obviously orchestrated. They actually really should have staggered it. Like, have one of them reinstated one day and then another one, two weeks later or something, because that would have been more plausible.


The [chuckling] point is that they can do something like this right out in the open, obviously, and people won’t even notice! The grugs won’t even think it’s suspicious that Tommy and Katie were brought back onto Twitter on the same day. Won’t even fucking occur to them that that’s odd! Because they’re just thinking about the fight. They’re just thinking about:


“Eh, we’re going to stick it to those Arabs!”




And the thing is, they might. And then, as JR says, there will be a lot of violence then, and then a lot of grugs going to jail, but also the far-Right, that generally what is called the “far-Right”, I really reject that label. I don’t like it! I’m not comfortable with it.


But nonetheless, it is what we are called, and all of us will be demonised alongside that.


So then we are, I mean, they could even say it’s “terrorism”. The far-Right is the “terrorist threat”, because:


“Well, they stabbed some brown people on this protest!”


And I don’t even think it will be stabbing. It’ll be bottling, it’ll be fists, that kind of thing. Because Tommy’s crowd and the football crowd, they’re not a black street gang.


As far as I know, there hasn’t been anything like knives or guns or anything like that. I’m just trying to think what’s the worst that could possibly happen. It’s not going to be shootings, it would be stabbings. I think that’s as far as it could possibly go in terms of violence.


And I’m not saying that. I’m not trying to diminish that it’s obviously fucking awful! But I’m using that as the worst case scenario here, that there are stabbings at this.


It doesn’t really matter, though, because whatever happens, the media will use it, will create the impression that they desire about these events. As usual, they can work with almost anything.




“Also note that despite everything, there haven’t been any attacks that we might have expected as well. As do you mean terror attacks by Muslims serves to only further the idea that Tommy and co are just bullies.”


Yes, yes. Well, they can say that after the fact. They can say that:


“The Muslims, the pro-Palestine crowd, would disapprove of their point of view, but nonetheless, they were peaceful. But Tommy and his crowd went in there and beat them up, raised hell with these poor brown immigrants!”


And by the media, we mean the state, can manipulate and use this any way it likes in contradictory ways. They’ll gin up loathing for the Muslims, for being anti-semitic, anti-Zionist, but then gin up sympathy for the Muslims when they’re beaten up by the Tommy crowd. And they’ll gin up sympathy for the Tommy crowd for being patriotic, but then condemn them when there’s violence at this protest. Condemn them as animals! And even see Tommy going to prison again for what he organised:


“He organised violence that he meted out to those poor Muslims on Remembrance Sunday!”


And you can see the narratives, the storylines that they would construct for all of this.


Anyway, so let’s see. You could get lost in talking about all the different implications of this, the different facets of it. But I think I’ve covered the broad thing there.


So I’ll read this question again:


“With the news that pro-Palestine demonstrations are set to take place in London on Armistice Day, a patriotic counter-protest planned. How do you see the events playing out? Most of us know It’s a trap, but it feels impossible sometimes to get through to the patriot crowd who care little.”


Yes, it is impossible because they tend to be pretty thick! That’s just the fact of the matter:


“Who care little for the realities of the situation. And they always reply with, ‘So we do nothing?’, when warned to stay away from London.”


The truth is, we should do nothing, because we don’t have power. And so to do anything is to just lay yourself wide open to the predations of the powerful. That’s the truth! Yeah. We should do nothing. I don’t like it. I really don’t like it! I wish we could do something. I wish we could have our way. I wish we could get our ideas across in the public sphere and in the political sphere and transform Britain. I really do wish that!


But in this current situation, we have no power at all! And our enemies do have unlimited power!




So if you put yourself out there, you’re just a mix between puppet and cannon fodder. They will use you, however they like, to condemn all of your beliefs, to condemn your actions on the day, to condemn you as a person. They’ll dig up your past. They’ll paint you in whatever way they like and everything you believe in in whatever way they like! Because that’s what the powerful can do to the powerless, and we are basically the powerless. I’m sorry. It’s a depressing thing to say. But it’s true. And we have to face up to that because acting like we have power or we have the vicarious power of the state, like the state will back us up when we go and protest something, that’s unfortunately just bollocks!


The LGBT activist, he has the power of the state backing him up, so to speak, when he goes on a gay protest. [chuckling] But actual patriots and even fake patriots like Tommy don’t! Well, Tommy, this is weird. He does have the backing of the state, insofar as I’m certain they got his Twitter reinstated and I’m certain they are using him. I wouldn’t even be surprised if there is a spoken agreement between him and the state:


“Sometimes we’ll send you to prison. Don’t worry, it’ll be cushy, but otherwise we want you to cause trouble.”


I wouldn’t be surprised if there’s some sort of agreement between Tommy and the state.


But the point is, yeah, he is a fake patriot because of what his ideas lead to.


And ultimately, I don’t really, … I mean, I think he does care about Britain, but I think he cares more about having an argy-bargy:


“I’m getting lots of attention!”




“It’s not going to change the demographics of London.”




Oh, Douglas Murray:


“Must admit, the Douglas Murray interview on Trigonometry got my blood pumping more than any intellectual discourse I’ve heard or have read in the last three years following Woes, AA and Morgoth, etc. Everyone on all sides is absolutely obsessed with the jews. Fuck off, man! And remember that to get a job done, you sometimes need to take all the allies you can get, get them all out.”


Well, look, if you’re talking about achieving mass deportation of Muslims, that would be terrific. Is that what this is going to lead to? But otherwise, these are not our allies. Douglas Murray is not our ally. Organised international jewry are not our allies.


And if you think they are, you’re a fucking fool! Just look at who started mass immigration! Look at who campaigned for Hate Speech laws relentlessly! Look who orchestrated the migrant crisis in 2015 onwards, and tell me that these are our fucking allies! Are you mad? I don’t know what you’re saying. I’m sorry if I’ve misunderstood something, but I just don’t understand.



Douglas Murray. His job is to prevent the general public from realizing what I’ve just said. And his appearance on Trigonometry, which I haven’t watched, … But those two as well. Trigonometry as well! Their job is to mislead people and prevent them from realizing the stuff I’ve just said.


Go and Google Andrew Joyce, Empire Windrush and you’ll find an essay on Occidental Observer that fucking lays it out for you! The stuff that Douglas Murray certainly wouldn’t want anyone to know! And really doesn’t want anyone to know!



He’s a piece of shit! The last few weeks it’s been disgusting! And his self righteousness, his dramatic way of speaking, his solemnness! This is all faux. It’s all fake! It’s all put on! It’s disgusting! It makes me sick, really!





For 15 years or more he has been a paid traitor to his people, riling them up about the Muslims pointlessly. Maybe there is a point to it. Maybe the British state realises that mass immigration has been a disaster:


“The Muslims aren’t integrating. So what we’ve got to do is gradually gin up loathing for them among the indigenous Brits and then that will justify us sending them all back!”


Do we believe that?


And then that’s the purpose of Douglas Murray and so on and Tommy Robinson, that the British state secretly wants to deport all these Muslims and reverse multiculturalism! Absolute bollocks! Because they continue bringing them in year after year, thousands upon thousands! Hundreds of thousands probably every year. So they would have stopped that years and years ago if they had any intention of mass deportation now. Or is it that the Muslims’reaction to the Gaza conflict has made them suddenly see:


“Oh, these Muslims aren’t integrating. We’ll have to deport them all! Quick, release, Tommy!”


Bollocks! Something is going on here that they’re not going to implement mass deportations, I don’t think. I mean, how can it just have occurred to them now that they’re not integrating?


So, no, I think there would be some token deportations. Red meat for the Tommytards and the Conservatards. But that’s it. The grander narrative here will be that the far-Right is evil. The far-Right is violent and stupid and low brow and so forth. But also that the Palestinians are awful for, … Well, that the Muslims are awful for being anti-semitic.


But they’ll also say that the far-Right, that Tommy crowd, is also anti-semitic. While he diligently rejects any form of awareness of the jewish question [JQ] and vehemently discourages it among his supporters, the state and the media will nonetheless call him an anti-semite, even though he’s funded by jews, in league with God knows how many jewish organisations, has jewish colleagues. Nonetheless, the likes of Hope not Hate will call him anti-semitic, and the BBC and so on.


Or they’ll say that his politics, his ideas, leads to anti-semitism. So he’ll be condemned for that. All the while the problems continue.


And that’s really what’s going on here. I think it’s just a containment mechanism. It’s just a red meat for the various concerned parties. But it won’t actually lead to any big social change, any policy change. Oh, yeah. So he wanted to fight for Israel. Yeah, there’s all that. There’s all that as well.




I mean, you could go into it. But I’m trying to keep it general! [chuckling] So that I don’t lose the thread. And he made the Shalom film, all that.


He actually has the same attitude as the British state, that multiculturalism is fine, it’s wonderful, until jews are harmed by it, then it’s terrible!


So we don’t really exist! And I bet you if you said to Tommy Robinson:


“What about the British people?”


He would probably say:


“Well, who do you mean? We don’t really exist. We’re all from Africa!”


Because he’ll have heard those slogans. I don’t think he’ll really understand anything. Maybe I’m underestimating the guy, but he just seems to get habitually used by Ezra Levant, jewish organisations, the mainstream media, the British state, especially the British state. Used and abused by them:


“Don’t know the details of what Tommy is trying to organise, but anyone who still thinks after Charlottesville on January 6, that IRL [In Real Life] protests are a smart idea is probably not going to make it.”


Yes, I agree. That’s exactly the point. These things are orchestrated beforehand, during, and especially afterwards! After the fact.


So, yeah, I guess that’s the takeaway. The summary is people should not go to this protest on Armistice Day, Remembrance Day, because it’s a trap. I think they want some amount of violence. As I say, I don’t think it’s going to be a bloodbath, but there will be fisticuffs, that kind of thing.


And I think they want it. They want to get a few photographs of some slob or hooligan punching a harmless brown guy. That would be ideal. That would be what they’d love to have at the end of this. But maybe also violence from the brown guys towards the hooligans.


And, of course, in the eyes of the middle class, this just looks like a fucking nightmare! It will look:


“Okay, so this is what patriotism is. Oh, dear! It’s having a tracksuit on and drinking a bottle of Newcastle Brown ale in public, and then getting into fisticuffs with a Muslim chap!”


And [chuckling] that’s not going to be attractive to the middle class! Which, of course, is exactly what they’ve always wanted to make nationalism, patriotism, repugnant to the middle class, to the educated. And Tommy has diligently served them well in that regard. Over and over again!


But then so have other elements of actual nationalism. To be fair, they’ve made it very easy for the state and the media to demonise this kind of stuff. But point is that as long as the middle class are on board with generally some diversity, multiculturalism, then nothing’s going to change. What Tommy and his grugs do is. Well, yeah, I’m just saying he is a leader, but he’s a leader of morons! And he’s certainly not going to change the culture or have any idea.


In fact, his only ideas for improving the culture and improving Britain would be, as I said earlier, that we all race mix. The guy’s in dumpling! I’m sorry, but he just does not seem to be very bright. He has that sociopathy that I think is very typical of political leaders and yeah, a cynical grifter. Yeah, I agree. Oh, yes:


“The brown men like Rishi Sunak will emerge as the voice of reason. Let’s not forget that Tommy’s cash till will be ringing louder than ever!”


Yeah, right.




So, yeah, what Tommy said on Twitter was:


“Saturday, eleven, eleven, eleven, London. Your country needs you!”


Echoing the famous poster with Lord Kitchener.


So that’s four days from now. So we’ll see what happened.


Unity News, they’re saying anyone who has still a functioning brain and cares about this country should stay well away from this obvious Fed op. Yes, I agree.


Nick Clews says:


“I don’t think it will be anything.”


Well, maybe nothing will come. Maybe it will just be a big sort of tension raising exercise in the media and then not much will actually happen.


But the point will have been established, nonetheless. Even though nothing happened. The point, it will have been inserted into people’s minds that the far-Right is a threat, which is really the goal with all of this, is to insert into the public’s mind certain ideas.


Oh, no, I didn’t see this interview with Hitchens and Alex O’Connor. Is that the one where he walked out of it after and he, … It took 17 minutes to, … Hold on a minute. Yes. Yes, I did! Yes, I did see this! I watched the whole thing. It’s a 17 minutes “walkout”, where he takes that long arguing with the guy. He’s standing up, he’s putting on his bicycling outfits and all that, and he’s still arguing with him for 17 minutes! And honestly, I’ve had three relatives who had dementia, and it manifests early on in different ways in each person. It’s different.


But one of the ways is a sort of frustration that they’re not keeping up with things, early on, in the progress of the disease. They realise that they’re not quite on the ball and they feel that other people are tricking them, moving too far ahead, confusing them.


And honestly, I’m a bit concerned. I am because for all his flaws, I like Peter Hitchens. And that was a strange thing, that 17 minutes walk out. I mean, it’s funny to watch. But during it I did start to think, was he just in a bad mood on this particular day? Or is there something more going on here?


Anyway, oh, I should have, … Right, okay, so Halloween happened and I was meant to do a stream with Lichtmesz with Martin Lichtmesz, about ghosts for Halloween, but unfortunately that didn’t happen. There was a technical screw up at his end that meant that we couldn’t do it.


And he also had to miss the Decameron the next day as well, which was very unfortunate. So we’ll see about rescheduling. It’s a shame. I really was looking forward to it, but unfortunately that couldn’t happen.



Also, Guy Fawkes Night happened. And on both of these occasions I scheduled loads of pictures throughout each of the Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day. Because I like both festivals, if you can call them a festival. I’m not sure what the word would be. But especially Guy Fawkes Night. I prefer that to Halloween just because it’s more dark and serious and rooted in British history. And I’ve got fond memories of the sights and sounds and smells of bonfire night. So it’s closer to me. And I was kind of disappointed that we couldn’t. Didn’t do a stream about it to commemorate it. But I thought:


“Well, there’s not actually that much to be said about. You’d say the same thing every year!”


Yeah, [chuckling] but it’s just a shame. It’d be nice to commemorate it in some way, to take part in it in some way.


And so my way was to post photos, mostly from yester, well, all from yesteryear, Guy Fawkes Night being celebrated by people, especially kids, throughout the decades. That was lovely. I liked that. So I hope people enjoyed those photos.


Halloween, I probably enjoyed it more when I was a child. I do like Halloween, … And this is the biggest cliche. So I’m sorry to say it, I don’t like how commercial it’s become. I don’t like that it all feels fake and plasticky. I think it should be local. I think you should keep it local. I think that things should be made by your mum or your friend’s mum, and by the wee shop, they should sell things. But I don’t like that. It feels very shallow.


And I can see Bonfire Night going the same way. Eventually the kids won’t make a Guy. I don’t even know if they still do that nowadays?


But I can imagine Amazon selling a Guy that you can burn. So that you don’t need to make your own, because it’s inconvenient! [chuckling] And I really hope that doesn’t happen.


But anyway, yeah, I liked Halloween as a child. Small, but as you get older, for the reasons I’ve just given, it starts to seem a bit shallow and American, sort of meaningless, which I don’t like saying because it does have roots. All Hallows Eve. It does have roots in European culture, but it’s all a bit shallow nowadays.


And I think that it’s salvageable, though. I mean, it’s perfectly salvageable. It just, you know, we should not. Well, we should have a better culture than we do, basically. Yeah. I mean, kids will always love Halloween, of course. Yeah. Probably the most internationally recognised day. It really is world-wide. And, yes, it’s very shallow. Yeah. It just feels like, as I say, plasticky. Silly.


I made the point last year about turnips, that it used to be turnips that we used in Britain, whereas it’s become pumpkins. And that’s just one sort of manifestation of this, where everything becomes Americanised over time. I don’t like it. Don’t like it at all!




And the Guardian and the BBC, there’s an article in called “How the Guardian and BBC got swept up in a wave of anti-semitism”. And, I mean, this is amazing! So no matter how this is, you know, just to be fair and even handed about the conflict is in certain eyes to be “anti-semitic”.


And of course, to be anti-Zionist is to be anti-semitic in certain eyes. And no matter how craven your support for jews and the jewish people is, if you don’t support them carpet bombing Gaza and killing huge numbers of small children, then you’re an anti-semite! This is insane!


And that’s the thing. Look how craven, how absolutely committed to diversity and multiculturalism the Guardian and the BBC are! But if they say something critical of Israel’s conduct in this conflict, then they’re anti-semitic. So fucking tiresome! Oh, yes. So and this is an example of them ginning this up for Tommy and his crowd:


“Home Secretary Suella Braverman, who is not White and is married to a jew. Suella Braverman refers to the anti-war, pro-peace., …”


So this is the Palestine side:


“Refers to the anti-war, pro-peace protests as hate marches!”


Anti-war, pro-peace equals hate marches because it’s anti-semitic! So, in an article in Jewish Chronicle [chuckling] from March this year, long before this conflict started, Braverman wrote:


“My husband is a proud Zionist. We have close family members who serve in the IDF.”


[chuckling] There we go! She’s not compromised at all!


Oh, this is the thing I was trying to remember earlier. This is a letter from the Ministry of Foreign affairs in Saudi Arabia:


“The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia condemns, in the strongest terms possible, the extremist remarks by an Israeli occupation government minister regarding dropping a nuclear bomb on the besieged Gaza Strip, which show the pervasiveness of extremism and brutality among members of the Israeli government. Moreover, not dismissing the minister from the government immediately and only freezing his membership constitutes the utmost disregard for all human and religious moral values and legal norms by the Israeli government.”


There we go. That was another minor event that happened this week.


Oh, okay. One thing was Audrey Hale, the transsexual gunman who opened fire in a Christian school in Nashville last year. The manifesto has been leaked. And one page in the manifesto says:


“Kill those kids, those crackers! Going to private fancy schools with those fancy khakis and sports backpacks with their daddy’s Mustangs and convertibles. Fuck you little shits! I wish to shoot your weak arse dicks with your mop yellow hair! Want to kill all you little crackers. Bunch of little faggots with your White privileges. Fuck you, faggots!”


It’s interesting to hear a transgender using the word “faggots” I guess that’s like black people using a certain word [nigger]. They’re allowed to do it.




So this is the manifesto that the FBI would not release last year, when the shooting happened, they kept it under wraps. And you can see why. It was anti-White. It was expressly anti-White, the killing. Let me see this. Audrey Hale. And it’s weird, because as far as I can see, that is a White person, a White boy. I can’t even tell whether it was, … The jawline looks male, but it looks like, … No, I think it was originally a girl. And, yeah, that does look like her.


Anyway, the point is, Audrey Hale was White herself, but she seems to have been, well, pumped full of not only hormones, but also anti-White sentiment, anti-White beliefs. And that has formed part of her killing crusade. If what I’m saying is accurate, then that means that this is what they say about nationalism, that it leads to killing. To moan about Muslims or multiculturalism leads to murder!


Well, then this seems to be that exact thing, where you’re going on and on about how awful White people are, and then that leads to them being killed. Especially by black people, but even by this transgender. [chuckling] it’s all quite weird!


So, yeah, you can see why they wouldn’t release this manifesto at the time.


Whereas if it’s a racist White guy and he’s got a manifesto, they always release that it’s just so fucking annoying!


And a poppy seller in Edinburgh, Waverly station train station. He’s 78 years old and he was punched by pro-Palestine protesters, apparently. That was one thing that happened here. There are tensions, there are real tensions.


And I think on all sides, the tensions are being stoked by the mainstream media, by the British state, deliberately, knowingly. Because whatever the fallout is, they can control it. Or so they think.


Anyway, let’s, because I’ll get on to that later.


Another thing that happened was the AfD has been declared an extremist, Right-wing extremist organisation by the Federal Office for the Protection of the German Constitution. I’m guessing that’s the equivalent of our Home Office. But it’s the Saxony Anhalt office. It’s one division, as far as I know, not the general country. And in Saxony Anhalt, the AfD scored higher than the Christian Democrat Party, the CDU, for the first time, and that was just a few days ago.


And then this guy declares them Right-wing extremist organisation. This is how they do it. They are clearly very worried about the AfD. And you can moan about the AfD, a bunch of cucks or whatever, but it’s based enough for the establishment to be clearly very concerned about. Unless that too is a fiction that they’re manufacturing. But I just don’t get the feeling that is the case there in Germany.


Okay. Ross asks a question:


“In order to survive in a world of superpowers, do you think Europe might have to unite into a European superstate? It seems to me that nationalism in the traditional sense is dead and Imperium Europa is the way forward.”




Well, I’m with Mosley on this matter. He also believes in a European federation, but he clearly was devoted to Britain. I mean, you can do both. It’s not a contradiction. I mean, you could say it’s serving two masters, but not really, because Britain is part of Europe, so it makes sense. I mean, I don’t think that we should be opposed to France and Germany and Belgium and Sweden. I think that they are our allies, they’re our colleagues, our brothers. So we should put our interests first, but we should also put their interests second, and we should collaborate with them and help each other out.


I mean, there will always be brotherly sibling rivalry, but that’s just something for adults to deal with which they should fucking well be able to. It certainly doesn’t mean that we should be sabotaging each other or going to war with each other. And especially because we now know the full scope of the human species and just how different most of them are from us Europeans.


Regardless of the minor differences between us, the contrast between us and outside of Europe is much starker than any contrast within Europe. And that should be very clear to everyone at this point. If you can’t see the point of European identity and the salience of it at this point, then you’re just a retard!


So I do think that European identity clearly matters. There is such a thing as being European. There absolutely is! It’s part of being a civilisation. But that does not contradict love for one’s country, one’s own homeland, any more than love for one’s town precludes love for one’s country. Of course it doesn’t. My town is my favourite place and so on.


But that doesn’t mean, therefore I’m opposed to the rest of the country. Fucking, that’s ridiculous! No one would ever say that. I don’t think anyone has ever said that! [chuckling]


And yet we have this idea that to be pro-Britain is necessarily to be anti-Europe or opposed to other European countries. I just don’t see it. I don’t see it. I understand the logic of the thinking, but I just don’t think it’s actually true in the real world unless we make it true! Unless we decide to behave in that way. So we’ll moan about the French and the Germans and all this, like certain civic nationalists do, or the Spitfire Bulldog nationalists who are just a bunch of morons.


And as I say, historically, the time for that kind of small minded, petty nationalism is just absolutely over! It was over in 1945. It was over in 1918. We just should not be behaving like that towards each other or talking of each other like that.




I mean, I’ll make jokes about the French now and then, but it is a joke in the end. I absolutely want the best for the French. I don’t want the French to be Muslimified or blackified. Absolutely not!


People use the term “petty nationalism” in different ways. The way that I’m using it. What I mean by it here is that small minded nationalism, where you got this idea that you only care about your own country and are suspicious of other European countries. I think that’s silly!


The other way in which people use the term petty nationalism is, well, to simply care about your country. There are people who think that we should all be sort of cosmopolitan to some degree. And I disagree with that. I think it’s very natural and healthy to have attachment to your homeland, to what you have known, to the culture and people and history of your nation. I think that’s absolutely right! So to call that petty, I think, is ridiculous!


So anyway, that’s what I think about that.


And as for federation, yes, there should be some sort of federation, but it should be run by people. Well, it should be run by good people and formulated by good people, not managerialist husks, and certainly not nutters, [chuckling] technocrats and so on.


First and foremost there should be a love of, well, what we are. And if that were the guiding principle, if that were the heart of everything, then the EU would actually be a good thing. It would be a force for good.


So I don’t think that the EU entirely negates or discredits the idea of European Federation. I think it’s European Federation done in the worst possible way and with a retarded mentality. But that doesn’t mean that European Federation is always foolhardy by definition. I just don’t think that’s true at all. And I agree with what you’re saying in a world of superpowers, and that is the reality. Geopolitics is you can’t just put your head in the sand and just ignore what’s going on in the rest of the world. If you do that, the rest of the world will just rape you. That’s what the powerful do to the weak, unfortunately, in politics.


So, yeah, superpowers matter. Power matters. Geopolitics matters. And nationalism has to take place within that arena. You have to acknowledge the realities around it.


I mean, how else are you going to protect your country if you don’t acknowledge the realities of the power structures that you’re operating within?


So there we go.


And then Black Pigeon Pilled asked the question:


“Have we reached peak jewish power?”


Which is a very interesting matter.


And this is what I was saying, what I alluded to earlier, that the establishment think they can control the story after the fact, because they’ve got that power. Because historically, for a long time they’ve had that power, and now they’ve got the Nudge Unit to do it in a more slick know, inculcate ideas into the public and so on.




But there is a sense, and Counter-Currents did a podcast a few days ago with Morgoth and Pox Populi and Endeavour, which was a very interesting debate, and I shared it on Telegram, about this matter. Has jewish power peaked now?


I remember Richard Spencer once saying about 2018, sometime like that. He said that jewish power actually peaked in the mid 90s. Clinton, that sort of era. And the Iraq war and Afghanistan war actually helped to reduce it. And it’s been reducing ever since. It’s been diminishing ever since. Which would make sense because demographically it’s actually not looking good for the Ashkenazi in America. Their kids keep marrying out and not having enough children of their own. And in the establishment, especially the universities, there’s a lot of brown people now who don’t want to promote or enrol jews! [chuckling] Because they are anti-semitic, I mean, they actually are consciously anti-semitic.


So of course, those brown people have been aided in arriving in America, in the West by jewish organisations much of the time.


But nonetheless, once here in the West, they’re quite anti-jew. They’re quite anti-semitic because they don’t know who brought them here, who paved the way for them. So it doesn’t matter.


So the point is, to some extent, jews in America are being devoured by the things that they have helped create. And actually, well, I wrote a summary of this for someone else, but I don’t think I need to, … Things like Critical Theory and White Privilege because they get rolled into that, they get associated with being White by brown people at least.


And then imperialism, supremacy, all this kind of stuff, historical structures of systemic violence and oppression, all of that. They’ve been inculcating that in the curriculum all over the West. And now Israel is invading Gaza. And mean, it seems almost like a genocide. And certainly there are jews speaking genocidally about the Palestinians. So that looks a lot like supremacy and imperialism and racism and the powerful abusing the weak.


And there’s really not much that you can say in response to that except:


“Well, it’s the jews! So they’re an exception! So they can get away with doing stuff like this. It’s fine for them to do this!”


But that’s a ridiculous thing to say. Even with the Holocaust as a justifier!


“Well, yes, it might be supremacy and it might be racism and it might be mass murder and it might be an invasion, but it’s okay for the jews to do this because of the Holocaust, 80 years ago!”


That doesn’t really, I don’t think that convinces many people because they just think:


“Well, yeah, but two wrongs don’t make a right.”




I mean, just because you’ve been abused doesn’t mean that you should abuse other people. So even for people who fully believe the Holocaust narrative, it still doesn’t serve as sufficient justification for Israel to do what it’s doing. [chuckling] So there’s that.


And then generally about jewish influence, there is also that the mainstream media is falling apart slowly, and it’s happening much more slowly than we initially thought it would. But it is happening!


And the question is whether it can successfully transition to online., … I don’t know. But just now, the situation just now, it looks like once the Boomers die out, television is gone. The old media, I think it’s surviving because of the boomers still, because they’ve always got TV on in their living room all the fucking time! And it’s blaring the BBC or whatever. Once they’re gone, there won’t be a TV on in living rooms up and down the country, blaring the BBC. That will no longer be the case.


So that means that the mainstream media, as a persuasive propaganda tool, is losing it’s purchase on the population. And so if you’re using that tool to condition the population and enact your power, well, then you’re losing power! Because the tool just isn’t working anymore! [chuckling]


And I think that’s going to be ever more the case. As I say, unless they can successfully transition to online stuff. But I don’t know if they can! I don’t know. Maybe they can. Maybe for normies, the BBC YouTube channel will be what they look at on YouTube and they won’t go to any other website, perhaps.


So, yeah, the answer to the question, I think it is, and I think that jewish power is declining. And we talk about “jewish power”, that in itself is an anti-semitic concept. I believe it’s regarded as “anti-semitic”, which is kind of ridiculous because every group has power. So of course the jews are going to have power. There is going to be a thing called jewish power, just like there is a thing, British power and US power, and so forth.


But nonetheless, the very concept that jews collectively would have power and the desire to use it is often regarded as an anti-semitic trope. [chuckling] It’s just absurd! And why would any group not want to have power and to use it, and to have uses to put it to? Of course it will!


But, yeah, I think that it is declining.


And then another part of it is just the Holocaust, as I said last week, I think the Holocaust is just, I mean, there was already jewish power in America and Britain long before the Holocaust. But the Holocaust was something that really inaugurated and justified it. And the Holocaust is now a long time ago, and it just doesn’t mean to younger generations what it meant to the boomers and the silent generation.




So that’s that. And I don’t think there’s anything you can do to combat that you can have endless Holocaust stuff in the media and in education, but it still seems like something that happened a long time ago. And within a context that we can’t even recognise now, the context of national pride. To your average teenager today, it’s unrelatable! It’s unrelatable for the millennials in their thirties and forties. It’s just that we’ve never lived in a context where our countries were oriented towards our people.


So it’s a very difficult thing to get worked up about the possibility of something like the Third Reich happening, or something like the Holocaust happening in Britain today. No one thinks that! No one thinks it’s not going to be that.


If you’re going to put people in concentration camps, [chuckling] ironically, it’s going to be World Health Organisation bollocks! It’s going to be the UN, it’s going to be the World Economic Forum decreeing that this must be done for the good of the public. It’s not going to be the national government saying:


“We don’t like this minority, so we’re going to put them in camps!”


That is just completely unrelatable. I think.


So, yeah the Holocaust has lost it’s purchase, and that will only continue, especially as Western populations become more diverse, which really, these jewish NGOs are killing the goose that lays the golden egg there. But that seems to be something that they do.


And what we care about is what we care about what’s good for us. And that’s not the Holocaust, and it’s not the mass immigration either. It’s us! It’s our countries. The fact that our governments aren’t oriented towards our people, that is the problem!


In short, I think that the answer to the question is, yes.


But in the meantime, for now, jewish power very much remains a very real thing. And there will also be other reasons as well, within the jewish people that they’ll start believing their own propaganda. Their ethnocentrism, which is very strong, will nonetheless be negated by their beliefs. If they really do believe that race is a little rubbish and it’s just an illusion, and that we should be open minded and that we should learn from other types of people, then there’s no point getting into that marriage that your parents are trying to push you into with that rich but dull banker from the Rubenstein family. You’re interested in that exotic student you’ve met on your business studies degree at whatever university you’re at. So this, I think, is the situation for many young jewish people today.


And so again, the ethnocentrism that they’ve had in the past, I think, is being corroded by their own stated beliefs that they state for the Gentiles, but nonetheless, it weaken their own standing. It does weaken their own identity, which in turn weakens their political power as a group.


Now, as I say, it’s a slow process, and I’m not going to say it’s going to necessarily nullify jewish power throughout the West.




But I do think you’re not looking at the situation of 1995 anymore. I tend to agree with Richard Spencer on this. I think that it probably peaked in the mid nineties. And ever since then it has remained a thing. And even today, even now, it’s still very powerful! I think that they told Rishi Sunak:


“Get Tommy Robinson back on Twitter.”


He had a meeting with Musk and it happened. That’s what I basically think happened here.


So I don’t mean to say it’s over, that jewish power is just not a thing. It will always be a thing. As long as they exist. Of course they will have some amount of powers by definition. And I think they will remain an especially powerful group, probably forever or foreseeable future.


But I don’t think they’re going to have, I mean, well, to put it a different way, jewish power is not going to be the monolithic thing that it was in the past and without that transformation, et cetera, et cetera. [paraphrasing Babara Lerner Spectre]


Yeah, China replaces them. That’s the whole other thing. Yeah, China! It’s a whole other aspect of this. And Russia is a different thing as well. It’s obviously different from the West, but it’s also got these weird tendencies that you wouldn’t expect.


The point is that Russia is its own thing and it’s quite bizarre and in some ways it is beholden to some of the same ridiculous ideas that have done such damage in the West.


But yeah, China is clearly a rising power. And that also is going to weaken jewish influence in the world.


Oh, the Holocaust memorial in Victoria Tower Gardens. Yeah, that’s a whole thing. As I say, I do believe that their power is waning.


So actually, I think that’s probably why they kvetch so much to have these memorials, to try to bolster their declining power. And that’s regardless of what happens with Gaza, just now with this conflict, I think this is still the case.


As I said before, I think this is the last time that they could do something like this. But the long term consequences are still bad for the Israelis either way. Maybe they should move to somewhere else in the world. I don’t know. I’m not saying that is true. I’m just saying maybe something for them to look into. Because clearly it’s an endlessly precarious, nasty, situation in Israel for everyone. But that’s their problem. And it shouldn’t be ours, and it shouldn’t have anything to do with us. We shouldn’t need to know about it.


And part of the perversity of the age we live in is that it is our problem! And that we are talking about it! And that we are spending an hour and a half talking about the various ramifications of this march. What’s it got to do with any of our culture, any of our heritage or history?


You’ve got a bunch of brown people, the pro-Palestine crowd, and then you’ve got a bunch of faux patriots, largely organised by jews on the other side, fighting it out so as to be condemned by a media that is certainly compromised in multiple directions, and a British state that is completely corrupt.


So it’s a very shitty situation!




And I’m not going to black pill people. I’m just outlining the variety and degree of bullshit that’s going on here, and just how disconnected and it is from us and our interests.


So I would say, just to emphasise, in case anyone hasn’t gleaned this already, I expressly discourage anyone from attending this counter-protest with Tommy Robinson in London on Remembrance Day. I think it’s just an absolute trap! 100%! And nothing good can come of it.


All right, well, I guess that’s everything. I should have taken time to organise the notes better beforehand. That is a lesson. This has been an unnecessarily arduous talk because I didn’t organise the notes beforehand. For anyone doing similar things learn from my mistake. [chuckling] One with Thumbs. That’s a good one!


At this point, yes, I think the Western civilisation is a chimera. This is a system of systems, but it’s not a spiritual conquest. It’s become a bureaucratic fucking nightmare! Did I finish my fight with Sargon? The Sargon thing? [chuckling] challenged him to., … Oh, this is the whole thing with Gad Saad. Sargon I can’t see his Twitter, right? Because I’m blocked.


So I’m not really aware of what he’s., … Yeah, so Gad Saad has been kvetching on Twitter for the last few weeks, and Sargon seems to have decided that Gad Saad is an ally, a friend of the West, against Muslims against Islam. And yes, sure, he’s not as bad as some of them, of course he isn’t.


But the message is still the same. He’s not pro-White Identity or heritage or whatever what I would call Western civilisation. He’s a consumer looking for a safe place to consume, like many (((wanderers))) and many non-Whites. And what he wants is the West to be fit for that purpose. So he’s not an ally in any real sense.


And for Sargon to think that he is, I’m sorry, it’s typical of Sargon. I mean, he’s, sorry, he’s not the sharpest tool in the box! And he doesn’t have much excuse at this point. He has many people that he could be learning from. If he can’t fucking work it out himself, which he clearly can, he has many people he could be just [chuckling] asking:


“Can you just explain this to me or just tell me what is the situation here?”


But he never does.


He arduously argues against you for years, and then eventually quietly realises that you were right all along. And he adopts your talking points, but acts as if he came up with them himself. And you are still an idiot! That’s what he does. Because he doesn’t have much, well, any integrity. I’m sorry, but that’s basically the situation. He’s a man without much intelligence and without much integrity.




And I’m sorry to say that because it sounds bitchy, and it is bitchy. But it’s the truth and it’s relevant. I wouldn’t say it just for the sake of it. I’m saying it because it’s relevant. And it matters, too, because he’s holding people back with this nonsense! And it’s what he’s always been doing. I mean, right back to 2015 when he said that:


“The alt-Right, the SJWs, Right-wing SJWs!”


Just a moron. It’s a fucking stupid thing to say!


And this is what he specialises in, these thought terminating cliches, these stupid gotchas! Horseshoe theory and so on, that prevent thought. [chuckling] That’s what he does.


So, no, he certainly won’t be on Millenniyule 23. I actually don’t think I would have him on Millenniyule. I would do a stream with him, but I wouldn’t want it to be part of Millenniyule, because it just feels like that would be sullying Millenniyule at this point. And I know that sounds like sour grapes and I’m lying, but honestly, I wouldn’t want to have them on Millenniyule! Because I want Millenniyule to be not combative. I want it to be good spirited and so on.


And with Sargon, I would want to be combative. So the Millenniyule wouldn’t be the venue for that.


Yeah, exactly! It should be cozy. And I also, frankly, more egotistically, I think that he would need to earn the right to appear on Millenniyule because he’s snubbed me for years now.


So, no, I’m not just going to take him back like that! No, he’d have to do some work.


Yes, he has been combative on Millenniyule. If you watch the 2017 one, for example, or the 2016 one, and definitely the 2015 one, when he appeared on it uninvited – but nobody was invited as such. It was an open hangout so anyone could join. And he joined. And he was certainly just, … He spent four or 5 hours misunderstanding and pretending to misunderstand, which is a combination. He does both of those.


On the one hand, he’s not bright enough to understand what you’re saying, but he is bright enough to pretend to misunderstand those bits that he does understand. [chuckling] Fucking hell!


So, yeah, just not the best.


I mean, the only reason we have to talk about this guy at all is that he is big, he’s powerful, he’s influential, and that’s an aspect of the perversity of the age we live in. A guy like him should not have influence. He should not be prominent. Unfortunately, because of the abundance of midwits in the world, there are many, many people who will follow a guy like him. There we are.


“I like the gay little thing about us adopting SJW language.”


I mean, what the fuck? He’s obviously trying to get us to look like morons. Oh, yes, that was some weird thing.


And that was another one where it took ages to explain the idea, as if he was talking to a fucking five year old. So you’d have to go very slowly so that I’ll understand. But all it actually had the opposite effect where I was thinking:


“Sargon, will you get the fucking point? What the fuck are you trying to say here? Taking ages!”


And eventually he did lay it out very simply, and I thought:


“Okay, well, that’s just a stupid idea!”


Once you can see it clearly, it’s just fucking stupid!


So, yeah, I agree.




“Is Woes really discussing Sargon?”


I’m afraid so. And you’re right, I shouldn’t be:


“You should have really bludgeoned him for that one!”


[chuckling] Well, I’ll be honest, if he did agree to our stream now, I would bludgeon him!


And I think he knows that. I think he knows that I wouldn’t be treating him with kid gloves now. So he’s not going to do it. But he wouldn’t do it anyway because he doesn’t want to be shown up. And he also doesn’t want to be associated with me, or any of us.


So, yeah, the days of him doing impromptu debates and discussions that is long over, he’s not going to do that. He’s playing it very safe. And I understand that for no one wants to lose their income and whatever. But then fucking check out of the discourse. Don’t keep polluting it with your low brow, low-T nonsense, obviously. But he does, and it’s exasperating!:


“I should gate crash an online event of his.”


Well, [chuckling] I’m pretty sure his mods would have me banned in short order, but I don’t think he even does events that you can gate crash, does he? I’m not sure. All right. Okay. That’s all.


I’m not going to go on about that guy anymore. It is bad when I’m talking about him. Because I know he won’t be talking about me, so I shouldn’t be talking about him:


“He was a valuable gateway.”


Yes, he was, for sure.


I mean, I certainly got lots of new followers from that four hour debate that I did with them for years afterward, so it was certainly good for me. Far better than it was for him. [chuckling] But he’s not going to make that mistake again.


“Neil deGrasse Tyson loses his mind.”


Oh, God. [chuckling] I mean, he is thick as fuck! He’s just a dumpling. And it’s embarrassing! It’s embarrassing because he’s like the Thomas Sowell of science. People think of him as very., … Oh, and Thomas Sowell! I saw a clip of him. Oh, fuck! Someone asked him:


“Where does anti-semitism come from?”


And he came out with the old canard that:


“It’s about jealousy of jewish success, because it’s always easier to hate someone else than to hate yourself for underachieving!”


Well, thanks for that, Thomas! I don’t rate Thomas well, I’m sorry.


I mean, yeah, he comes out with some good middle of the road observations that have been said by other people already, but in and of himself, no. If that’s the best that they can do, and let’s face it, it is the best they can do! Then I’m not impressed.




As for Neil deGrasse Tyson, he’s the definition of a diversity hire. He’s only got his career at all because he is black. But he’s certainly not bright. Holy shit! And that clip of him talking about the vaccine, I mean, that really should condemn him forever. Dreadful!


Holy shit!


“King Charles has confirmed that Rishi Sunak will introduce a permanent smoking ban in Britain for everyone born in 2009 or after.”


So nobody born after January 2009 will ever legally be able to buy cigarettes. Holy fuck! So anyone under 14 now, or 14 or under. Will never be able to buy cigarettes. That’s something else. Yeah. I’m against this. I don’t approve of this.


I mean, I don’t approve of smoking, really. I know it’s bad for you and it be discouraged, but I don’t agree with banning it. And I still enjoy being in the presence of people smoking, even though I’ve not., … A cigarette has not touched my lips for three and a half years! And I’ve never been close to doing it, to smoking. You just make a decision and that’s it. You’re no longer a smoker, so why would you smoke? It’s easy!


But then I did have a sort of maybe divine intervention there to help me with it.


But anyway, if I can do it, anyone else could do it!


But then again, what about the other things that I’m addicted to, like Coca Cola? Whole other issue.


So the point is, I don’t agree with banning it, but at the same time, I’m not surprised that they’re doing this because it has been going this way for a long time in this direction.


So there we go.


And yes, PGM says:


“Meanwhile, we have weed at the liquor store.”


Well, that’s in Canada. Yeah. I do suspect that cannabis is just going to be decriminalised everywhere in time because ultimately it serves their ends, it serves their purposes. People are just stoned and listless, which they already largely are.


All right, I think that’s it.


All right, well, this has been a good one, I think. A bit disjointed, but nonetheless, I think it went fairly well. Yeah So thank you. Thank you for the comments. Thank you for the Superchats. I will see you again next week, hopefully on the correct night of the week.


And in the meantime, bye bye for now.












Odysee Comments


(Comments as of 11/11/2023 = 50)

HyperChat min: 1
Peak Aussieman
2 days ago
Don’t get swept up in the Counter-Jihad Movement. no good will come of it. It’s all a giant honey pot.

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2 days ago
100% its been done before, a lot of people have seen it first hand and won’t fall for it again but the younger guys or the newly red pilled probably will.

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2 days ago(edited)
Useful idiots on both sides are only useful to the Jew.

2 days ago
Sargon will cower. He has his safe space in The Lotus Eaters.

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1 day ago
Sargoy of Akukked

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1 day ago
Sargoy of Mossad

2 days ago
Sargon vs Woes? Tommy vs the muslims? wake up bro 2016 is back lol

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2 days ago
I wish..


2 days ago
Woes, they mentioned you on Lotus Eaters the other day. It wasn’t anything about you – rather they were showing a video of a street scene and I think Callum comment that someone in the video looked like you and asked ‘is that Woes?’ They all commented and laughed good heartedly except Sargon who said nothing.

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Millennial Woes
2 days ago


2 days ago
I am now convinced that Sargon’s ego is of truly biblical proportions.

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2 days ago
No doubt he’d smugly chuckle at this.


2 days ago

2 days ago
Sargon has been a smug eurocunt since way back

Show reply
Just a guy trying to honor my ancestors, and understand the world.
2 days ago(edited)
I don’t believe that. I genuinely don’t think Sargon is smug. I think he’s nihilistic, calculated and comfortable. In the end, I don’t believe Carl is particularly political. He’s a guy who has carved out a very easy, comfortable life by convincing retards that he’s taking risks, is brave, etc. and he doesn’t have to work a real job or worry about money like most of us do. Being a fake-edgy centrist is a path to an easy life if you can string a few sentences together slightly better than most.

2 days ago
Sargon’s praised & promoted every single controlled opposition figure going, & carries on doing so to this day, years after everyone else has spotted what was going on.
I’m talking about the likes of Farage, Tommy Robinson, Douglas Murray, Jordan Peterson etc..
He honestly hasn’t got 2 brain cells to rub together.

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1 day ago
Old Dick Spencer had this clown, Sargoy, figured out years ago.

2 days ago
if it’s not the bbc then its fox news in America for so many White boomer parents that are “conservative”. And yes they will mindlessly have tv blaring away in their dens puking out nonsense or watching something like gold rush which is likely alltogether a fake show that is obviously making more money from boomer viewership than any gold they are mining if they are even mining it at all…

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2 days ago
You just summed up dinner at my Parents house. Boomers are a lost cause.

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1 day ago
it’s got to number in 5-8 hours per day that they watch crap like oak island (arguably one of the most vacant, nonsensical pieces of crap I have ever seen). And fox news has constant commercials of nothing but non-Whites in them and $upport jews, israel, and anti-semitism is on the rise types. You try to show boomers alternative sources of media and news and explain to them how all these guys speaking facts and showing evidence of black violence and jewish influence around 2019 whom were censored and cancelled which is vindication if any as to the degree of truth they speak, you explain these things to boomers and literally it’s more productive talking to a vrick wall.

Oswald Jr.
2 days ago
Woes, did you see the Edinburgh Evening New report on the riot in Niddrie on Bonfire Night? They used an image from a riot in Kiev back in 2014 for the front page story. 😆

Runt’s Meadow
1 day ago(edited)
The 11th November is not ‘remembrance day’, it is Armistice Day, and specifically commemorates the end of fighting on the western front in WW1, which was seen in Britain as the effective end of the war. This year, Remembrance Sunday will be the next day.

13 hours ago
I say we step aside and let leftist steer the ship. Watch them crash and burn. We will see how well it works out for them in 15-20 years but our hands will be clean. We will then begin to rebuild in a healthier society afterwards.


2 days ago
“Oh ToMmY tOmMy ToMmY….”

2 days ago
Whites are the easiest group to scapegoat so if the system feels it will have a problem with Muslims they’ll just insert a “bigger white problem.”


1 day ago
Sargon (future conservative leader) is levelling up in Warhammer before he take you on.


1 day ago
I wonder if Tommy Bell end Robinson will get Israeli citizenship for all his lackeying for the Jews.


1 day ago
When it comes to PJW and Sargon both they are very sus, their funding was always opaque. Sargon also is self claimed black ancestry and married a woman who already had a kid so you know, his quality and character are not aligned with us. His beliefs are not aligned, his world view is liberal left (again self admitted). He tells you all the time who he is.

Just a guy trying to honor my ancestors, and understand the world.
2 days ago(edited)
The Israel versus Palestine issue in the DR has been very interesting to me. It’s probably the first meaningful issue where I have felt genuine alienation from many/most dissident right British brothers/cousins. The street violence that white Britain’s have suffered at the hands of perhaps the most low IQ gene pool of Muslims in existence has largely perverted the collective British ability to be politically coherent on the issue. It’s an understandable flaw.
The fact is, The only reason that Islam was ever conceivable as something that could exist in Western Civilization is because of Jewish influence. Many otherwise intelligent dissident Britain’s seems to lose sight of this, or otherwise convince themselves that Anglo cucks are the reason for it all. It’s a fundamental misunderstanding of how power exchanged hands in the 20th century (again, a misunderstanding seemingly born out of personal annoyance with your local Muslim populations).
When you divorce yourself from these feelings and childish rhetoric (ie, “I don’t like either side!” OK, but that’s not how grown-ups interact with geopolitics) the ugly truth is that we, white gentiles, are not going to stand up to Jews. We just aren’t. I’m not dispensing black pills, I’m being a non-retard. The evidence for this is very clear. As such, siding firmly and publicly alongside the Palestinians is not an act of falling for noble savage myths. It is simply a cold, sober acceptance of our choices for the future- A) If Israel wins this conflict on all fronts (hearts, minds, etc) it will be a thousand years of Zionism. The memory of your- our- extinct people will be that of vile, usurious, hateful, imperialistic cowards. Or option B- we cheer on what is ultimately an irrelevant tribe of “others” with whom we share a mutual enemy.
this is to say nothing of the Counter Currents takes, which is just theorycell silliness born out of homosexual fear of Muslims. It’s not worth addressing.


2 days ago
Double whammy!


2 days ago
I’d rather have Jews in my country than Muslims. Sure Jews sometimes facilitate Muslims coming in (F Visigoths) but they’re not the metastatic cancer that Muslims are, they’re more of a brain tumour that may stop being benign at any point.

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2 days ago
Thats like blaming the lungs for getting cancer when youve been smoking for 50 years. It doesnt make any logical sense.

Hide replies

2 days ago
Both are cancer but one is metastatic as in it spreads over the whole body and the other is a at times benign singular tumour that could go cancerous at any point.
It makes perfect sense when you think about population sizes.

2 days ago
You can’t see the metastasized cancer the Jews produce already??

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2 days ago
I’m talking in the abstract, not the current day situation.

2 days ago
I don’t think you can really separate the abrahamic religions, it’s one psyop orchestrated by the Jews at the top and the Christian side being their mindless soldiers and the Muslims serving as shock troops for ZOG, all of whom constantly fight each other for their endless wars, it’s all cancerous that will metastasize no matter what.


2 days ago
Muslims are only in your country because Jews put them there.

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2 days ago
Not true though is it? They couldn’t do anything without help.

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2 days ago
I remember being as naïve as you. However, you are here watching Woes so you’re on the right track. You will eventually figure it out for yourself.

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2 days ago
I’m not remotely naive I just have a comprehensive understanding of history rather than just looking for the evil Jew behind everything like a schizo.

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2 days ago
I’m not looking for the evil Jew, it is just a fact that almost all evil globalists are Jews.

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2 days ago
Even if that was a fact it would have nothing to do with Jews in the abstract, that would just be the current situation.
You can seperate ideologies from the current situation they find themselves by looking at world history.

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2 days ago

1 day ago
I don’t see it as J vs M. They’re both unwelcome

2 days ago
Woes, I think you just gotta give Sargon the Expat treatment the next time he shows up.



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