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Patriotic Alternative – Laura Towler – The True Extremists – PA Northern Conference 2022 – Oct 29, 2022 – Transcript

[Deputy Leader of Patriotic Alternative; Laura spoke at PA’s Northern Conference 2022 about how nationalists are falsely portrayed by the anti-White establishment media as “extremist” for opposing our racial dispossession as the regime actively encourages the invasion of masses of … Continue reading

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Morgoth’s Review — Discussing the Government’s Anti-Extremism Agency ”Prevent” With Based British — TRANSCRIPT

  [In this YouTube Hangout, Morgoth, who runs the blog, Morgoth’s Review,  talks with Based British, who discusses his Orwellian like experience with “Prevent”, an anti-extremist government agency, following some tweets he’d made earlier this year.   — KATANA.]     … Continue reading

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