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Mark Collett – Armed Police Get a Taste of Anti-White Politics – Sep 16, 2022 – Transcript

  [Mark Collett, leader of the pro-White British movement, Patriotic Alternative, discusses:   “The TRUTH about the death of Chris Kaba – a violent black criminal attached to an organised criminal gang – and how Black Lives Matter is once … Continue reading

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The Times Podcast – Britain’s New Far-Right (Pt 2) – The Nazi YouTuber – Sep 1, 2022 – Transcript

  [Anti-Whites, Dominic Kennedy, a Times investigator, and David Aaronovitch, a Times Radio host, discuss, at length, Kennedy’s exposure of “The Ayatollah” YouTuber’s identity. The Ayatollah, aka, James Owens, is a witty, talented, pro-White activist, who tirelessly fights, via his … Continue reading

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Vertigopolitix – Feminism – The Civilizational Shit Test – Oct 14, 2020 – Transcript

  [In this short video VertigoPolitix describes feminism as an anti-family ideology and a colossal civilizational “shit test” that Western males have been brainwashed to fail!  Feminism is one of many Orgjew created movements, all with the goal of destroying Whites.  … Continue reading

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Mark Collett – Book Review – Hammer of the Patriot – Jun 27, 2022 – Transcript

  [Mark Collett, leader of the pro-White British movement, Patriotic Alternative, Deputy leader Laura Towler, Kenny Smith, Aunt Sally, and Natty review Charles Chapel’s book “Hammer of the Patriot”. The book, published by a new nationalist publisher, Claymore Books, is … Continue reading

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The Realist Report – Monika Schaefer – Canadian “Holocaust Denial” Bills – May 31, 2022 – Transcript

  [John Friend talks with Monika Schaefer on a proposed law by ZOG Canada that would make “Holocaust” denial a criminal offence. Making it a crime to expose a diabolical lie.   The only reason such a law is being … Continue reading

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Mark Collett – The Covid Jabs Do Affect Female Fertility – Apr 8, 2022 – Transcript

    [Mark Collett, leader of the pro-White British movement, Patriotic Alternative, discusses how many woman are talking on Twitter about the negative affects of the Covid jabs on their  menstrual cycles and have even led to multiple miscarriages. — … Continue reading

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Red Ice TV – How Jewish Activism Transformed the West, Who Benefits from Ukraine-Russia War? – Kevin MacDonald – Mar 27, 2022 – Transcript

  [The Occidental Observer (TOO) founder and scholar Dr Kevin MacDonald on the “jewish problem/question“, has a discussion with Red Ice TV’s Henrik Palmgren, on MacDonald’s ongoing debate saga with Cofnas and his rebuttal of MacDonald’s book, “The Culture of Critique”; … Continue reading

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John Mearsheimer – Why is Ukraine the West’s Fault? – Sep 26, 2015 – Transcript

[Professor John Mearsheimer, co-author of “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy” gave a now very relevant talk at the University of Chicago in 2015 on why the situation in Ukraine is  the result of (((Western meddling))).   Professor Kevin … Continue reading

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UnHerd – Dr Steve James – I’d Sacrifice My Job over Vaccine Mandates – Jan 13, 2022 — Transcript

  [Freddie Sayers from UnHerd talks with NHS doctor Steve James as to the reasons he’s willing to lose his job for refusing to take the Covid vaccine this April, when it becomes mandatory for NHS workers. — KATANA]   … Continue reading

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Debate – Mark Collett vs Destiny – ‘White Genocide’ – Jan 13, 2022 — Transcript

[Mark Collett, leader of the pro-White British movement, Patriotic Alternative, debates a guy called “Destiny” on the reality and significance of White Genocide. Destiny comes across as someone who has taken lessons from a local rabbi in hair splitting and … Continue reading

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