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Keith Woods – Ron Unz Interview – Editor of the Unz Review – Mar 25, 2023 – Transcript

Keith Woods   Ron Unz Interview   Editor of the Unz Review   Sat, Mar 25, 2023   [Keith Woods, a young Irish dissident interviews Ron Unz, the jewish editor and publisher of the American Right-wing Unz Review website. Topics … Continue reading

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Guns and Butter interviews Christopher Bollyn — The War on Terror – Dec 18, 2019 — Transcript

  [Bonnie Faulkner from “Guns and Butter” interviews (Dec, 2019) Christopher Bollyn, the investigative reporter who has been studying 9-11 from day one, and is the author of “Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World” and his recent book, … Continue reading

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Morgoth’s Review – Against The Controlled Warmongers of The Right – Jan 3, 2020 — Transcript

[Morgoth discusses the recent drone strike killing of the Iranian Al Quds military commander Soleimani in Iraq by the US, and how elements of the Right, especially in the USA are cheering this on despite the fact that this act … Continue reading

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Reporter Spills the Beans and Admits All the News is Fake! — TRANSCRIPT

    [Here’s the transcript of a video of a prominent German journalist being interviewed by Russia Today in 2014. He explains how he and most other mainstream journalists are compromised and engage in spreading lies and propaganda in general … Continue reading

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