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Morgoth’s Review – Reading ”American Extremist” by Josh Neal – Feb 6, 2021 — Transcript

[Morgoth reviews John Neal’s book, “American Extremist” in which the real extremism comes from the current (((ruling system))), which conveniently labels anything in opposition to its destructive agenda and power as “extremist“. — KATANA]       Morgoth’s Review   … Continue reading

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Mark Collett – Q – Disinformation, Lies and Subversion – Jan 22, 2021 — Transcript

  [Mark Collett, founder of Patriotic Alternative, calls out the Qanon scam that has suckered in many Trump supporters. I would go further and say that the whole Trump presidency was itself a kind of Qanon-style writ large scam. Three … Continue reading

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Morgoth’s Review – The Deep Breath Before the Plunge – Nov 3, 2020 — Transcript

  [Morgoth gives a quick take on the US elections now in its final phase, and speculates that the “Deep State” might attempt to pull off a “color revolution” to install Biden. And failing that outcome and Trump wins, there … Continue reading

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