Lucas Gage – How Jewish Supremacy Works – Mar 2024 – Transcript


Lucas Gage


How Jewish Supremacy Works


Fri, Mar 8, 2024


[In this video Lucas Gage a pro-White American activist gives a good summary of what jewish supremacy is and how its aim is the destruction of the West, using various methods, but especially through variations of the Kalergi Plan, i.e., flooding the West with non-Whites.




Published on Fri, Mar 8, 2024




Lucas Gage – How Jewish Supremacy Works
March 8, 2024

Brando aka Catturd’s Goy
Lucas Gage – How Jewish Supremacy Works
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What’s going on, everyone?


So I want to talk about jewish supremacy. Why it’s the greatest threat to the West, really. This is what’s destroying the West. And now you’re seeing a lot of jewish people say:


“We built the West!”


[chuckling] You built the West? Yeah. You built this recent version of the West. From the sixties forward, you’ve destroyed the West! You’ve created this monstrosity! This degenerate society. Yeah, you’ve created that, but not before that. But they’re trying to take credit for all of it:


“Oh, we created European history!”


No, no, no, no! This is why, you know, they’re losing, folks. They’re losing because they’re getting desperate.


And by the way, look at, look at Twitter, which I’m coming back in like eleven days or something. The word “noticing”, the “noticing” has been labelled as “hate speech” by who? Care?




Was it labelled by the Ku Klux Klan?




Was it labelled by anyone from India?






The ADL has said “the noticing” is hate speech at this point.


So you can’t even talk about the jewish power to censor by using the phrase “the noticing”, because jews said so.




And I don’t see many jews standing up and saying:


“Wait a minute, why isn’t the ADL dismantled by this point?”


If the ADL is a fringe, Left-wing, jewish, powerless NGO, why aren’t the tens of millions of jews able to dismantle this nonsense? Because they don’t want to. Because jews do not believe in free speech!


And you look at the Right side, you go to the Right, because that’s a Left-wing jewish group, okay? Go to the Right. Go to the Zionist right. They don’t believe in free speech either. They don’t. You can’t talk about Israel that way because it’s anti-semitism, Holocaust denial, blah, blah, blah. All you see is jews determining what can or cannot be said. This is jewish supremacy.


They’re the number one pushers of cancel culture on both sides. They don’t believe in free speech on both sides, and they want to control all sides, from both sides! Very clever.


But I see through your game, and I’m teaching people about your game.


Everyone saw what happened to me on Twitter. Everyone saw jewish groups chop down a 15 minutes rant into a minute something, and tricked Elon Musk, convincing him that I was saying “to kill people”, which I wasn’t. After being suspended, there was no police investigation, there was nothing because I didn’t violate anything. They said:


“I was trying to entice murdering people.”


Nope. Because even jews are saying:


“Well, you can’t even say that!”


They’ve actually considered themselves demonic. I was saying, “slay demons”. And they’re saying:


“Wait, we’re demons!”


They literally, they’re literally putting the term on themselves.


So the point is, ladies and gentlemen, is that these people should have no influence on our societies whatsoever! None! Individual level. They could be your boss at the store. Political level. Zero! Zero jews in power over us at all! Because they’re not us. And they don’t value the same things we value. They don’t. They do not! They’ve proven it over and over.


You can’t even question the Holocaust. The Holocaust is an [alleged] event in history that took place like any other event in history. You can challenge any event in history but the Holocaust.


And if you do that, it’s not that they just call you a crackpot or something. They don’t. No, no! They actually say you’re “immoral”. There’s something immoral about you for questions, something. If you question the moon landing, which I think is whatever, stupid, right? Does that make you immoral? If you think the earth is flat, does that make you immoral? There’s something wrong with you should be eliminated from society. You should lose your job, your paycheck, your house, your bank, because you don’t believe in something?


Well, the jews think. So if you don’t believe in the Holocaust the way they told you, through all their movies and books, through Schindler’s List, which was a work of fiction by the way, wasn’t even a real thing. If you don’t believe it their way, you’re immoral! You don’t even belong in our democracy. Now when they say “our democracy”, they mean “theirs”. They mean their democracy, which they’ve built.


Because you have to understand, the jews have a death grip on the West. Not Muslims, not Christians, not White supremacists, not Hindus, not Rastafarians, not Buddhists!


Jews! Jews! Jews!


And you say:


“Well, not all these jews are religious.”


It doesn’t matter. They’re jews.


Jews are an ethnic, religious group. They don’t even have to be religious to be considered jews. And all jews believe they’re chosen, all of them!


Now you might find a few that aren’t like this and they’re good people, that’s fine. But they’re so completely, they’re outnumbered so badly, it’s like they don’t exist. And that’s the case.


And should these jews have enough courage to stand up like I do and say the same thing as I’m saying, against jewish supremacy, they also get obliterated. And for the last year I’ve been extending my hand to these types and they don’t exist, frankly. I’ll get an email saying:


“You know what, Mr Gage? You’re right. I can’t believe this is happening. Oh my God! I never knew this about my tribe!”


And that’s it. That doesn’t go anywhere from there. I understand that.


Do they want to get fired? Do they want to be called an anti-semite, even though they’re jewish? Do they want to be destroyed? No! Because political correctness is this way. You don’t need the KGB to show up in your house and put a bullet in your head. All you need is a phone call from the ADL or World Jewish Congress or something. And you’re out of a job!


So they don’t have to assassinate you physically today. They character assassinate you! Libel, slander, all the all the rest of it. And now you can’t find work, now you can’t afford your house, now your wife is like, we’re stressed out, now she leaves you, now you’re persona non-grata, no one likes you. You’re friends leave. That’s how they kill you now. They don’t have to kill you.


Someone like me, they have to kill, because I don’t give a damn about all that! They can take everything from me, I’m still going to keep going. They’d have to put a bullet in my head to kill.


But most people, 99.9% of population, a threat of losing their job is enough. Even when these people believe that they’re getting exterminated off the face of the earth through the Kalergi plan, they choose their job over that!


And that’s why these people have power. You need to be willing to put everything on the line to defeat them.


And if you don’t, you will not defeat them! Because they’re willing to put everything they are putting, and they have put everything on the line! These people have been pogroms over and over and over again because they are promoting jewish supremacy over and over. They literally put themselves on the line constantly throughout history.


And, you know what? People who persist the most, win!


Where are the other groups putting themselves on the line?


They’re not! And that’s why they’ve won.


That’s why this small little group has actually conquered the planet. They made sacrifices, literally.


The Holocaust, whatever you believe about it, doesn’t matter. It is a fact that these people have been programmed for thousands of years, and the last one was the Holocaust. Doesn’t matter what the details are. Trains, gas, doesn’t matter. They’re willing to put it on the line. And the people are willing to go all in, win. It’s a big risk! And they came out the other side with heavy losses, but big wins.


And what are you doing? I’m afraid to lose my job. I’m afraid to get called the name. I’m afraid. I know you are. And that’s the problem. You have to stop being afraid.


And that’s why jewish supremacy is dominating us, because they’re afraid, by the way. They’re afraid to get called out. They’re afraid to be exposed because they’re greatly outnumbered.


And all of their power is based on subversion. But they’re coming out. They’re very desperate. They’re being discovered. They’re being noticed to the point where I’ve never seen such noticing before, this quickly. And they’re going all in even further.


Look, their censoring is insane! They’re bombing children and openly, don’t care about it. Their downfall is coming close.


But if you’re not willing to go all in to stop them, as they’re collapsing, you’re not going to be able to take advantage of their mistakes. Right? If someone’s playing chess and they make a very bad mistake and you don’t capitalise on that mistake, they may recover and win.


So what I’m saying is, ladies and gentlemen, now is the time to get some courage and do the right thing. Call these people out, expose them for what they are, and get everyone to understand what’s really happening in this world, because now is the time to do it!












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