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Simon Harris – EF 21 – Keeping A Political Project On Point with Dangerfield – Apr 28, 2020 — Transcript

[Simon Harris and Horus talk with Chris Dangerfield. The first half is mainly a very interesting account of Dangerfield’s “adventurous”, event filled, life. Then in the second half they discus the contentious issue of what role, if any, WWII revisionism … Continue reading

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UnHerd – Why Lockdowns are the Wrong Policy – Swedish Expert Prof Johan Giesecke – Apr 17, 2020 — Transcript

[A Swedish expert in infectious diseases, Professor Johan Giesecke, is interviewed on Sweden’s response to the Coronvirus and why the “Lockdown” policy being carried out across the West is wrong.   Sweden has instituted a relatively mild response in terms … Continue reading

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Mark Collett – My Speech at the Patriotic Alternative Conference – Mar 18, 2020 — Transcript

[Mark Collett, leader of Patriotic Alternative gives the opening speech at the spring 2020 Conference. His theme is the importance of community, of building bonds through real-life meetings, rather than just confined to the online world, where misunderstandings, divisions, etc., … Continue reading

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Laura Towler – My Patriotic Alternative Spring 2020 Conference Speech – Mar 22, 2020 — Transcript

[Laura Towler, Deputy Leader of Patriotic Alternative gives a very informative  speech at the spring 2020 Conference, on the need for repatriation, forced and voluntary, of non-Whites in Britain, to eventually bring White British people back to being the overwhelming … Continue reading

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Simon Harris – EF 19 – A Conversation with Nick Griffin – Apr 14, 2020 — Transcript

[Simon Harris and Horus talk with the former leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin, about whether there is any prospect of nationalists taking back Britain through the electoral process, or not. Griffin believes that there is no electoral route, and … Continue reading

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