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Vertigopolitix – Feminism – The Civilizational Shit Test – Oct 14, 2020 – Transcript

  [In this short video VertigoPolitix describes feminism as an anti-family ideology and a colossal civilizational “shit test” that Western males have been brainwashed to fail!  Feminism is one of many Orgjew created movements, all with the goal of destroying Whites.  … Continue reading

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VertigoPolitix Collection – On the Ethnic Genetic Interests of Europeans – Jul 5, 2020 – Transcript

  [In this 13 minute video VertigoPolitix discusses Frank Salter’s article in a peer reviewed journal titled “Estimating Ethnic Genetic Interests – Is it Adaptive to Resist Replacement Migration?” Salter answers, obviously, yes, and gives his sound reasons.   Although … Continue reading

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VertigoPolitix – The Tactics of Immigration, Jul 2018 — TRANSCRIPT

  [In this 10 minute video VertigoPolitix outlines the central role of Organized jewry in the deliberate racial dispossession of Whites throughout the West, giving the examples of jewish engineered changes to immigration policies in the USA, Australia, and Britain, … Continue reading

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