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Mark Collett – Book Review – Reactionary Modernism – Jonathan Bowden – May 30, 2022 – Transcript

  [Mark Collett, leader of the pro-White British movement, Patriotic Alternative, Laura, his Deputy, Aunt Sally, Natty, and Greg Johnson from Counter Currents review the late Johnathan Bowden’s book, Reactionary Modernism. It’s a lively discussion that includes what is and … Continue reading

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Morgoth’s Review – Yorkshire Gets a Modern Art Punishment Beating – Jun 25, 2019 — Transcript

  [Morgoth gives us his assessment on the corrosive, degenerate, “modern” art ehibition in Yorkshire, that was on display, likely as a form of collective punishment for the local population’s conservative outlook, and for its pro-Brexit vote.   — KATANA] … Continue reading

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EUROPA – The Last Battle – Part 02 — TRANSCRIPT

  [Part 2 of a 10 part series discusses the origins of WWI; the Balfour Declaration; the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism, with its promotion of anti-family formation through feminism, sexual degeneracy, and political correctness to smother resistance; the Weimar … Continue reading

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