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Morgoth’s Review – A Conversation with Jacktion, Mar 2019 — TRANSCRIPT

[In this video hangout, Morgoth, who runs the blog, Morgoth’s Review,  talks with a Cockney YouTube blogger, Jacktion, on the ever increasing dire state of Britain, especially in London.   — KATANA]         Morgoth’s Review   A Conversation … Continue reading

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EUROPA – The Last Battle – Part 02 — TRANSCRIPT

[Part 2 of a 10 part series discusses the origins of WWI; the Balfour Declaration; the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism, with its promotion of anti-family formation through feminism, sexual degeneracy, and political correctness to smother resistance; the Weimar Republic … Continue reading

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David Icke Clashes with Studio 10 about Being Banned from Australia 2019 — TRANSCRIPT

[David Icke is “grilled” by three aging bimbos and a jew, from a morning TV show called Studio 10,  on the sudden ban, due to organized jewish pressure, on him entering Australia.   He had been given permission in September … Continue reading

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