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Andrew Joyce – BLM – Irish Edition – Dec 31, 2020 – Transcript

  [The Occidental Observer (TOO) contributor and scholar Andrew Joyce on the “jewish problem/question“, discusses the recent police shooting of a machete wielding black in Ireland, and the usual outcry by the Orgjew media brainwashed do-gooders. — KATANA]   BLM … Continue reading

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Simon Harris – EF 23 – Is Populism and Patriotism Enough? with Paul Rimmer – May 5, 2020 — Transcript

[Simon Harris and Horus talk with long-time political activist Paul Rimmer about the state of nationalism in Britain. Paul talks about his political journey, his involvement with the BNP and what needs to be done to save Britain from the … Continue reading

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Diversity = White Genocide – Manhunt – the Speech – Transcript

    Diversity = White Genocide   “Is it time for our sons to rise again?   I say YES!”       CLICK ON THIS TO VIEW: Or:   [The video is titled: Manhunt “The … Continue reading

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