Guns and Butter interviews Christopher Bollyn — The War on Terror – Dec 18, 2019 — Transcript


[Bonnie Faulkner from “Guns and Butter” interviews (Dec, 2019) Christopher Bollyn, the investigative reporter who has been studying 9-11 from day one, and is the author of “Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World” and his recent book, “The War on Terror — The Plot to Rule the Middle East”.

Christopher Bollyn’s work proves beyond any doubt that 9-11 was carried out by organized jewry through Israel and zionists within the US, to create their “War on Terror“, aka, “War OF Terror“, in order to justify the smashing of Arab countries, and others, per the Oded Yinon Plan, as part of a scheme to create a “Greater Israel” domination over the Middle East, as well as their larger New World Order agenda involving the further subjugation of all White countries.








Guns and Butter Interviews


Christopher Bollyn


The War on Terror

Dec 18, 2019


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Published on Dec 18, 2019

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Guns and Butter with Bonnie Faulkner 2019.12.18

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The War on Terror: The Plot to Rule the Middle East

Guest: Christopher Bollyn

The War on Terror – The Plot to Rule the Middle East
Posted on December 19th, 2019
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Guest: Christopher Bollyn

The 2001 Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF); 9/11 declared ‘an act of war’; major military operations conducted in eight countries; General Wesley Clark reveals a ‘policy coup’; Oded Yinon Plan for the Middle East; official 9/11 narrative a deception; media treatment of 9/11; the 1979 Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism; the Jonathan Institute; the Lavone Affair; 9/11 predicted; Hollywood film producer and Mossad operative Arnon Milchan; predictive programming; theft of nuclear material; Robert Maxwell, Ptech and Promis; historical roots of 9/11 and the war on terror; creation of the foe in the war on terror; Ali Mohammad; origin of terrorist videos; 9/11 memorial; trillions spent on the war on terror; constitutional treason; foreign and domestic effects of the war on terror; who benefits from the war on terror, America’s longest war.

Aired: December 4, 2019

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G&B: This is Guns and Butter.


[Intro music]




Bollyn: It’s enterprise software, that not only gives access to everything that’s going on in the network, in real-time, but it gives you surveillance and the ability to intervene cc to do something, to change something. And this would explain, for example, why the American military was unable to respond effectively to the hijackings on 9/11.”


G&B: I’m Bonnie Faulkner. Today on Guns and Butter, Christopher Bollyn. Today’s show: “The War on Terror — The Plot to Rule the Middle East”.


Christopher Bollyn is an independent researcher, investigative journalist, and author. He spent three years traveling extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East. He studied Egyptian, Biblical Hebrew, and Norwegian, at the University of Oslo. He is a graduate of the University of California in history, with an emphasis on Israel-Palestine.


Along with research and writing, he has worked as an editor and translator. His travels and studies of German, Spanish, Norwegian, Swedish, Hebrew, and Arabic languages, have helped him analyze international politics and events.


He is the author of “Solving 9/11 — The Deception That Changed the World”, “Solving 9/11 — The Articles”, and “The War on Terror — The Plot to Rule the Middle East”. His newest book, out on September 11th, 2019, is “Solving 9/11 — The Articles Vol II.


Christopher Bollyn, welcome!


Bollyn: Thank you. It’s nice to be with you.



G&B: You begin your book “The War on Terror — The Plot to Rule the Middle East” with a quote from then President George White Bush, one week after the attacks of September 11th. Quote:


“This crusade, this war on terrorism, is going to take a while.”


Unquote. At the same time Congress passed the “Authorization to Use Military Force”. What does this authorization to use military force authorize the President to do?


Bollyn: Well it’s an open-ended funding and authorization. Which allows the President to basically wage war against anybody he deems to have been involved in the terror attacks of 9/11, or to be harboring anybody who was involved in the terrorist attacks of 9/11. So it provides the money, and the political authorization, to wage war based on the President’s decision that that entity was involved in September 11.



G&B: And this authorization to use military force is not just against other countries, but organizations, and individuals, right?


Bollyn: Right. Anybody that he sees to have been in some way involved in the terror attacks of 9/11. And that could be also a country like Afghanistan, who they said was harboring the Al-Qaeda group that they said did 9/11. But this authorization has been abused since 2001, and under the “War on Terror”, under the guise of fighting the “War on Terror”, under that authorization, they’ve waged war in dozens of countries.



G&B: Now since the Constitution gives the right of declaring war, does this authorization take away that right from Congress? I mean, it basically hands it over to the President. It makes it his decision, isn’t that right?


Bollyn: Right. Yeah, it’s like an abdication of their responsibilities. That they have basically given him a rubber stamp that he can use to wage war wherever he sees fit. It’s his decision, and his decision alone, as to where he wants to wage war.


G&B: What is the significance of the US President stating that the terror attacks of 9/11 were, quote:


“An act of war.”?


Bollyn: Well that’s very important. They made that declaration already on the first day, on September 11th. That’s important, because it means that as an “act of war”, that the government will respond to it accordingly, using military force. And wage war against the people that they said did this, that committed this terrorist attack. And so the attack on the Pentagon was the one thing that allowed them to make that determination, because the Pentagon is, of course, an American military fortress. So, when you have a military attack on a military fortress it is a military, an act of war.


And so using that that logic it precluded the need for there to be any criminal investigation to determine who was really behind 9/11. So, it gave them an easy way out for those people who wanted to wage war in the first place!




G&B: Right. The ability to wage a war, because of these attacks, then negated the necessity to hold a criminal investigation, isn’t that what you’re saying?


Bollyn: Right! And then the authorization to use military force was passed a couple days after 9/11. So, based on that, George Bush was able to take the country to war less than a month after 9/11 happened, in Afghanistan, because everything was basically allowed. The authorization, the funding, and the logic.


G&B: You point out that the US has conducted major military operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Syria, and the Philippines. Has any evidence been presented that any of these countries were involved in the terror attacks of September 11th?


Bollyn: No! Not even has evidence been presented to indict Osama bin Laden, for example. I mean, it’s a famous story about the FBI did not put Osama bin Laden on the most-wanted list for his involvement in 9/11. [He was listed wanted for other alleged crimes] Because they didn’t have evidence for that.



So the entire “War on Terror” is a war that is being fought under false premises. And the authorization to use military force is being abused! And they’ve spent something like seven trillion dollars on this war! This “War on Terror” that began in October 2001, has now gone on for over 18 years. And it’s the longest and most expensive war in US history.


G&B: General Wesley Clark in a presentation to the San Francisco Commonwealth Club, in 2007, said that there was a coup on 9/11, in the United States, “a policy coup”. What did General Clark mean by “a policy coup”?



Bollyn: Well, he said that:


“Some hard-nosed people took over the direction of American foreign policy and never bothered to inform the rest of us.”


And he pointed out that there were, in this memo that he had discovered, he had learned about when he went to the Pentagon a week, or so after 9/11, there were seven countries on this memo that the United States military was prepared to overthrow in the next five years. And those countries were Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and finishing off with Iran.


And that’s basically been the to-do list for the “War on Terror”. And yeah, that’s what they’ve done. And he discovered, he heard this memo and he was shocked that, … He had been the former chief of military in Europe during the Afghanistan war. He had just finished his service in Europe, and he knows policy. He knows what he’s talking about. He was running for President at the time. And he knows that this was a “policy coup” where what they call the “neo-cons”, the zionist neocons, people like Wolfowitz, had had dictated this policy. And this was being followed by the Pentagon.


G&B: How would you describe the Israeli “Yinon Plan” for the Middle East? Authored by Oded Yinon and translated in English by Israel Shahak. I believe this was written in 1982.


Bollyn: Right. It was published in 1982. Well in 1982, Oded Yinon — and he’s a strategist for the Likud Party — he was writing and serving under Ariel Sharon. He wrote this strategy for Israel in the 1980s. And it called for Israel to basically a wage war and to overthrow the Arab countries all across the region! All the Arab countries! And to break them up into ethnic statelets. Into, you know, along ethnic lines. It’s often called “balkanization”, and it resembles what was done to Yugoslavia.


So you take a large, secular, socialist, economy, if you will, and you break it up into small warring factions that don’t get along with each other. And this is exactly, … The Yinon Plan called for, on the Eastern Front, doing this first to Iraq and then Syria. Saying that Iraq was the main enemy, the largest, most formidable, enemy of Israel.


And the thing is that this is exactly what’s happened under the United States occupation of both Iraq and Syria.


And I saw in the news, just today, that Michael Pence is visiting Iraq, the Kurdish section of Iraq. So Iraq has been broken up into a Sunni section, a Shiite section, and a Kurdish section, in the north. And the same sort of thing is being done to Syria. And these were the first two targets for the Israeli plan known as the Yinon Plan.


It was published in Hebrew, 1982




G&B: What are some of the drastic political and social changes that have been imposed on America and the world as a result of the 9/11 deception?


Bollyn: Well, it fundamentally changed the relationship between the citizen and the state. As you can see like in the United States when you go flying, traveling, you’re treated as a suspect, a terrorism suspect, even though you’re just a member of the traveling public. This can be on the trains, this could be on the planes. The way we’re treated when we go in through the security check.


And also there’s been a huge increase in the militarization of the police forces in America. This is partly due to the whole idea of preparing for, you know, the same sort of insurrection in the United States, as they have faced in Afghanistan and in Iraq. And also the fact that a lot of people that served in Iraq and Afghanistan, and the wars, have come back from the wars and gotten employed as police officers. So you have this whole militarization of America, the police. You see if everywhere you go. And that’s part of the, that’s the legacy of the “War on Terror”.


G&B: What exactly has the “War on Terror” brought us in terms of the rules of war, including torture. Now that never used to be allowed!


Bollyn: Right, right! They don’t call it “torture”, they call it “enhanced interrogation”. But yes, the rules have all been rewritten. So that we now have torture, as you say, we had big camps, you know, in Iraq, like Camp Bucca where people were tortured and abused systematically. And this was done, because they said that:


“There was a need to know what these people were up to.”


And so based on that, and the whole fear that they had imposed on the American public, people went along with it. They went along with this, thinking that these people that had done 9/11 were so evil, that anything would be, anything that could stop them, anything could hinder their evil plans, would be allowed. And like I said, America’s just become a very much a pro-war “anything goes” nation, after 9/11


G&B: How was the foe in the “War on Terror” created?


Bollyn: Well, that’s a very good question! You see the “War on Terror” is a very old doctrine. An Israeli doctrine, going back at least to the late 70s, when Menachem Begin — the arch terrorist of Israel history — when he became prime minister, he became prime minister in 70, 74, I think. His party came to leadership in 77. He was the Prime Minister then in 77.


Two years later he called a conference on “international terrorism” in Jerusalem, which was attended by something like 700 dignitaries from around the world. Owners of media, President George Bush’s father, George Herbert Walker Bush, who was running for President at a time. And they rolled out this doctrine in a three-day propaganda offensive in Jerusalem, called “The Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism”. In which they said that:


“The new enemy of the West was terrorism, international terrorism.”


At the time they blamed it all on Russia. That Russia was behind this terrorism. And they said that what has to happen is that the Western militaries have to engage, you know, the terrorists in the Middle East. And those nations that are protecting them.


And so this was the doctrine. And this was the “War on Terror” doctrine, explained and laid out as the “new doctrine” for the West to follow. And what happened though, is that it didn’t go into effect immediately, because it required, of course, something like 9/11 to make the United States, you know, move it’s military operationally into the Middle East. So 9/11 was basically the spark plug, or the kick-start, that brought this “War on Terror” from 1979 into reality, into operation




G&B: Of course, this “Jerusalem Conference on International Terrorism” that took place in 1979, and was arranged by then Israeli prime minister Menachem Begin, was extremely important and seminal in this whole “War on Terror”. And as you’ve mentioned, George HW Bush was in attendance. And he was running for President then. On the same subject, what is the “Jonathan Institute” and what was its purpose?


Bollyn: Right. Well the entity that hosted the conference was the Jonathan Institute. Jonathan is the first name of Jonathan Netanyahu. This is Benjamin Netanyahu’s older brother, who reportedly died, was killed, in the Israeli operation in Entebbe, Uganda, when there was a hijack planes have been taken there. And the Israeli covert force known as “Sayeret Matkal” went in and were able to release the hostages. But in the process of this rescue operation, Jonathan Netanyahu was killed.


So they named Institute after him. And so Menachem Begin was the organizer of the conference, he was the prime minister at the time. He was involved in Lebanon, you know, attacking Lebanon at the same time. And Benjamin Netanyahu, and his father, Benzion Netanyahu, were the conference hosts, if you will. They were the ones that organized it and got it arranged at their Institute. This isn’t an Institute that has any sort of address, physical address. It’s just an Institute. And it’s whole purpose was to promote the idea of the “War on Terror”.


G&B: You mentioned this operation at Entebbe, in Uganda. Wasn’t that a false flag? I mean, was that an actual hijacking, or was that staged?


Bollyn: Well, that’s a good question, you know. I don’t have enough information about the Entebbe operation, or, you know, other operations from that time period. People say the same thing about the Munich Massacre from the Olympics in 1972, it was, I think.


You know, and looking back today with our understanding of how Israeli false flag operations work, there’s a lot of question marks about, you know, these earlier operations. If they were staged, or, … But the thing is, that it’s very likely, and it’s not unreasonable that people think like that, because Israel has been doing false flag operations for a long time! They’ve been doing false flag operations since they became a state, and even before.


But the first false flag operation that that I know of the Israel did was in 1952, or 53. I think it’s called the Lavon Affair. And it was done in Egypt. And it was Israelis and some Egyptian jews, a cell, who were planting nitroglycerin bombs in British and American buildings, and libraries, and cultural centers, and theaters, and things like that.


And that was an operation that was discovered to be an Israeli false flag operation. It was meant to be blamed on the Islamic Brotherhood. But what happened is that the Egyptian police captured some of the agents, and they confessed.


G&B: In the same year as the Jerusalem Conference, veteran Israeli intelligence chief, Isser Harel, made a prediction. What was his prediction?


Bollyn: Yes, Isser Harel was the founder of the Israeli Mossad. He’s like the first real chief of the Mossad, and former head of the Shin Bet, which is Israel’s internal intelligence, like the FBI. And he said, he made a prediction to an American zionist, he predicted that Arabs would attack the tallest building in New York City. And that they would do this, because this is a symbol, you know, American fertility.


And yeah, that they would attack the tallest building in New York City. And he made that prediction in 1979.


And it was only reported after 9/11. It was reported by a guy named Michael Evans from Texas. He’s a jewish guy, who has a Christian evangelical operation called, “Jerusalem Prayers”, or something like that. But what he does is, he’s one of these Christian zionists who’s very pro-zionist. And he was very close with people like Menachem Begin, and Isser Harel.


And so at the same time that they had this conference Isser Harel was putting into his mind, into mister Michael Evans mind, the idea that, … Well, it’s called “The Jerusalem Prayer Team”, that’s what it’s called. That Arabs were targetting the United States of America, and they would target the tallest building in New York City.


I call this “ideation”. This is putting hints out there, putting the idea out there, through people like the evangelist Minister. They did the same thing in movie form, television shows. They put the idea out there that Arabs are targetting the tallest buildings in New York City. So when it happens, the public is a short way for them to understand that this is simply reality, imitating art! You know, that this has been predicted, and it’s understood. And:


“Well, that’s what happened! Didn’t you see the movie?”




G&B: Yes! Could you talk about Mossad operative, Arnon Milchan, and the Hollywood films he’s produced?



Bollyn: Arnon Milchan is right in the middle of this current case with Benjamin Netanyahu. Because he’s the Hollywood producer who was also a senior Israeli agent. He was an agent in an operation called “Lakam”, LAKAM. [LAKAM is an acronym for Bureau of Scientific Relations, an Israeli intelligence agency that collected scientific and technical intelligence abroad.] And that is Israel’s top secret operation to get components for their nuclear program from the United States. And this guy was their number one agent.


And he was at the same time he was a Hollywood film producer. He made “Pretty Woman”, “JFK”, “Brazil”, “Fight Club”, you know, lots of movies he’s made.


And in his movies there’s often ideation of the 9/11 attacks. For example, there’s a movie he made called, … The first movie ever made was called “The Medusa Touch” in 1978. In which a passenger aircraft is flown into the Pan Am building. And that’s the climactic scene of the movie, I think. It’s one year before the conference [Jerusalem Conference], and it’s very telling.



When you understand that, when you see that he, Arnon Milchan, was Israel’s top Israeli agent! He’s close friends with Ezra Weitzman, the Defense Minister of Israel at the time. He’s very close friends of Shimon Peres. Shimon Peres is the guy who brought him in. Shimon Peres is of course, the Godfather of the whole Israeli arsenal, nuclear arsenal. And this man, Arnon Milchan, his operation was to get what they needed for the nuclear arsenal.


And he was caught red-handed! His operation was caught red-handed smuggling nuclear triggers, something like 800 of them, from the United States to Israel! And at that time his employee who was involved in this operation, was Benjamin Netanyahu.


Now, in the trial with Benjamin Netanyahu, the charges that are placed against Netanyahu, part of it is, because he was receiving bribes, or gifts, very expensive gifts from Arnon Milchan.


G&B: Now, what about the television pilot, “The Lone Gunman” that you write about in your book, was co-produced by Arnon Milchan and Rupert Murdoch.


Bollyn: Yeah, well they had a television company together. They have, or they had, “Regency Productions”, I think it’s called. And they’re very close as well. Murdoch is very close to Arnon Milchan. Milchan was his landlord, or vice versa, but in any case they’re business partners as well. They’re co-owners of this TV production company.


And in 2000, Murdoch’s company “New Regency” films I think it was called, they made this production called “The Lone Gunman”, in which something like the 9/11 attack, very similar, happens in the film. It’s only a half an hour film — it’s made for TV — in which a passenger aircraft is hijacked remotely using a kind of more sophisticated chip called “Octium chip”. And the plane is hijacked using the override, so that the pilots don’t even know it, because the plane is being flown on autopilot. And what happens is that the plane is flown, is being flown directly into the World Trade Center. And at the last minute the pilots are able to regain control and just narrowly miss avoid hitting the World Trade Center.


But this movie came out, and was aired on Fox TV, in March of 2001. Six months before 9/11 happened.


And this is the thing what we see with Milchan, and Milchan-Murdoch films, is that the idea, the “ideation” of 9/11 is shown time, after time, after time. And the idea of the “War on Terror” is another part of his films.


In the movie Brazil, the futuristic film Brazil, it’s a state where, like the United States is today, where the state is waging a constant war against terrorism. And in doing so, it’s, you know, it’s imposing itself a great deal on its own people


G&B: Yes, in the film Brazil, there are terrorist attacks and bombings just randomly! I remember a scene where some people are having an elegant dinner, and all of a sudden a bomb blows out the wall!


Bollyn: Mm hmm.


G&B: But it’s just routine and the waiters rush in, and put up a screen between the diners and the blown out wall! And it’s all presented as if it’s just a day in the life!




Bollyn: Yeah. And if you remember that scene in the restaurant where the women are talking about the operations and the surgeries they can get, and the bomb goes off. Just before the bomb goes off, the woman, one of the young girls says, “Salt?”, and she raises a jar of salt to offer salt, and then the bomb goes off! That’s very interesting.


And then, as soon as the bomb goes off, the band brushes themselves off, and starts playing. And what song do they start playing? The Hava Nagila, the zionist national anthem! Hava Nagila!


G&B: Oh my god, I forgot about that detail!


Bollyn: Whose idea was that! And that’s just like Arnon Milchan making a joke out of the whole thing, you know. This movie was made in 1985, or 86, and it’s like it’s a very, very interesting choice of music.


G&B: Yeah, that’s very chilling! You’ve mentioned how Arnon Milchan was involved in the smuggling of nuclear triggers out of the United States to Israel. Could you talk about the theft of nuclear material and uranium from the United States by Israeli operatives? Who were they? And what was the timeframe in which these thefts were taking place?


Bollyn: Well, there was an operation, I think it was in the 70s, or early 80s, from Apollo Pennsylvania in which Isser Harel, his men, his main men, were then Zvi Malkin and Shalom [Avraham] Bendor and a very key player in this is a man named Rafi Eitan.


Rafi Eitan, this man, was the head of the LAKAM program at the time. He was the head of the operation to get the components for nuclear materials. And he sent these men, Shalom Bandor and Zvi Malkin. And Rafi Eitan himself was a member of this group. They went to Apollo Pennsylvania and arranged with this man who owned this company, New Mec, I think it’s called. The man’s name was Ben Shapiro. And he was American jew who was willing to help.


And what happened is that after they visited the plant Apollo, and met with Mr Shapiro, the plutonium was then sent in special cartons to Israel by LA freighters. And this was the smuggling of plutonium to Israel for their nuclear weapons.


And it’s interesting that this is discussed in the book about Robert Maxwell, “Israel’s Superspy [Robert Maxwell, Israel’s Superspy (2003) ] because, you know, Rafi Eitan played a big role in all of this stuff. And it also involved the theft of the PROMIS software. [Prosecutors Management Information System] That came a little bit later. That came in the 80s. But when Rafi Eitan was able to steal the PROMIS software — this is the prosecutors information management system — it allowed them to adapt the software for spying and sell to countries all around the world. Which gave the super user — the Israelis — access to everything that was going on in the networks that had bought the software.


G&B: Right. And you mentioned Robert Maxwell in connection to this stolen PROMIS software. And I believe in that book, isn’t he’s selling this software to other countries?


Bollyn: Yeah! They used Maxwell as their main sales agent. And he sold it, you know, first places like Zimbabwe, and South Africa, and then to Jordan, and countries in the Middle East. And it got everywhere! It got to banks, and Swiss banks. And then they, this was the PROMIS, this was the modified PROMIS software.


So they got the PROMIS software from the Department of Justice. And he was — Rafi Eitan — was travelling in the United States under an alias. I think was named David Orr, or something like that. Dr. David Orr. So, he was using the identity of an Israeli man — a real doctor in Jerusalem — and travelling under his name.


And they got this software, and then they he adapted it. He brought it back to Israel and they adapted it for spying. So they put a microchip in there and they moved things around, so that this became an enterprise spyware. And this was in the 80s, this is like in 1984.


And then 83, 84, and then they kept developing this, the capacity of, the capabilities of the software into something called “pTech”. And pTech was the software that was running on all the American military computers and the federal computers on 9/11. And this was again, the spy software that was developed by Israel. And that was being used to monitor what happened at the F AA on 9/11. And it’s part of, it’s a very important aspect of the computer crime with 9/11.




G&B: Right. And you pointed out to me something I hadn’t thought of but that “pTech” probably is a shortened form of PROMIS technology, right?


Bollyn: Right. It stands to reason, because it’s the same sort of software. It’s enterprise software that gives you not only access to everything that’s going on in the network in real time, but it gives you surveillance, and the ability to intervene, to do something, to change something.


And this would explain, for example, why the American military was unable to respond effectively to the hijackings on 9/11, because planes were diverted, you know, communications were missed. So the attacks went on, unhindered.


G&B: And I think we might also mention, with regard to Robert Maxwell, that he is, of course, the father of Ghilane Maxwell, who’s been in the news lately, with regard to the Jeffrey Epstein scandal, right?


Bollyn: Right, right.! And in the Epstein scandal you see that one of the most conspicuous Israelis involved in that was Ehud Barak — the former head of Israeli military intelligence — was seen photographed coming in and out of the townhouse of Jeffrey Epstein. And he would stay at Jeffrey Epstein’s house, one of his houses, when he was in town.


So yeah, it’s an Israeli operation. You know, the Epstein thing was an Israeli operation. And it was used to control people of influence, politicians, and what-have-you. And if you look at the list of people who flew on the “Lolita Express”, or who stayed on Jeffrey Epstein’s island, it’s all the big shots. It’s all the top brass.


G&B: You write that when we examine the historical roots of the 9/11 atrocity and the “War on Terror”, we find more indications that 9/11 and the “War on Terror” both originate from the same source. What are some of the key events, beginning in 1977, that point to a common origin for both 9/11 and the “War on Terror”? Now, I know you’ve already mentioned a few of them, but what event occurred in 1977?


Bollyn: Well that’s when the Likud Party came to power. As I said, that’s when Menachem Begin came to power. And Menachem Begin is a unabashed, notorious, terrorist. He was involved in the bombing of the King David Hotel, back in 1946. He was involved in the Deir Yassin massacre. You know, when they mastered an entire village near Jerusalem, to put the fear into the Palestinians.



So when this man came to power, … You know, as Dr. Einstein wrote in 1948, Einstein warned the American jews and the American community, that if Menachem Begin ever comes to power, if his party ever comes to power — it was known as “Herut” at that time — these are terrorists and they will do terrible things!


And, you know, unfortunately the warnings of Albert Einstein were not heeded. But anybody who’s followed Israeli politics over the decades knows that the likes of Ariel Sharon, and Yitzhak Shamir, and Menachem Begin, these are people who came to power using terrorism! Terrorism is their modus operandi! So that when they came to power politically, in 1977, it would be no surprise, should be no surprise, that they immediately engaged in wars of aggression against Lebanon, for example. And they immediately began using terrorism.



There’s a book that came out “Rise and Kill First”, came out last year. And it’s written by an Israeli guy. It’s a discussion of, it’s a description of all of the, not all, but a lot of the Israeli assassinations over the years. And in this book they talk about, in 1979 Israeli military intelligence created a terrorist network in Lebanon, in which the Israelis themselves were putting car bombs, and donkey bombs, and truck bombs, which operated for four years! For four years, until 1983. And causing chaos and wars in Lebanon between various factions.


And, of course, remember 1983, what happened to the American barracks in Beirut. It was blown up by a truck bomb that the Mossad knew all about. So that was the beginning of the “War on Terror”.


And as I said, that they had the conference in 1979, in which they laid out the doctrine that the West should engage, you know, Islamic terrorism across the region, because it’s a struggle of the West.





And then in 1982, again, the Oded Yinon Plan came out, which called for the balkanization of all the Arab states. Well, how is little Israel go to balkanize all the states? Well, in order to do that they obviously had to get the Western militaries in there to do the hard lifting that required, they needed it to be done, in places like Iraq and Syria. That’s exactly what’s happened!


And so then, fast forward to, like, 9/11 happened. And that was as I said, the kick-start for the whole “War on Terror”! That Bibi Netanyahu had been pushing for decades!


If you remember, in the 80s Netanyahu came out with — after the first conference in Jerusalem — he came out with books about it. He came out with books in which he reprinted the speeches that were given, or the articles that were written about it.


And he promoted this “War on Terror”. And he wrote books like “Fighting Terrorism” and “How the West Can Win [Terrorism: How the West Can Win]. And so he was pushing this, like, uphill all the way! And when I read those books about, you know how was this gonna happen, how does it come to fruition? Well 9/11 is how it happened!



So when 9/11 happened, they were able to kick-start the “War on Terror” that he’d been pushing for so long. So when he was asked by the New York Times on 9/11:


“What does this mean? What does what happened today mean for Israeli-American relations?”


And he said:


“It’s very good!”


He blurted it out!:


“It’s very good!”


He said [correcting himself]:


“Well, it’s not very good, but it’ll bring sympathy for Israeli position.”


Or something like that. So it’s like, you know, he couldn’t hold himself back! And then, all the interpretation that we got about the events of 9/11 came through, from him, and Ehud Barak.



Ehud Barack was in the BBC television studio in London shortly after the towers were struck. And he was calling for, … He blamed Osama bin Laden! He said that:


“Now is the time to start a concrete operational ‘War on Terror’.”


And that’s exactly what we got! And then as I said, then there was the memo in the Pentagon that was circulating at the highest levels, calling for the overthrow of seven countries in five years. And they took a little bit longer than five years, but that’s exactly what we’ve done. And now, of course, in the cross-hairs is Iran


G&B: You address the question of which came first, the terror attacks of 9/11, or the “War on Terror”. How would you answer this question?


Bollyn: Which came first, 9/11, or the “War on Terror”?


G&B: Yes.


Bollyn: Yeah, well as I said, before 9/11 happened on September 11th 2001. But the “War on Terror” doctrine preceded it by, what, 22 years at least. So, it’s like, they laid out that the whole idea of the “War on Terror”. They laid out the logic, they laid out the propaganda for it, before they achieved it. And in order to achieve it they had to get, of course, the United States military into the region. So that’s what 9/11 was all about.


And as you saw, it was all done like on a greased slide. They had the authorization to use military force, they had declared it an “act of war”, they had the Pentagon attack. So it was a foregone conclusion that the United States military would respond. And it was all prepared in advance! It was all very carefully laid out, so that it was a given, it was a given, that after 9/11, United States would go into the Middle East and start waging war.


And it started in Afghanistan and then they pushed for Iraq. And this is all part of the doctrine of the “Project for a New American Century”. That paper that came out one year before 9/11, in which they called for a complete change in the American military policy and foreign policy. They should become the policemen of the world, that the United States should should occupy Iraq — whether Saddam Hussein is on the throne, or not — simply, because it’s too important of a country to be left to its own.


And this was all discussed in the lead-up to the election in 2000, when George Bush won. And it was, … They knew that if George Bush won, and with Ariel Sharon winning in Israel, that it was a pretty clear, you know, pretty clear that there would be a war coming out of this constellation of hard-line people.


It’s very similar to what happened in 1982 when you had Ronald Reagan and Menachem Begin in power. An ideologue like Reagan, and an ideologue like Bush, with a Likud politician like Ariel Sharon, you’re going to get conflict.


G&B: Who was Ali Mohammed, and what role did he play in creating the enemy to be fought in the “War on Terror”?




Bollyn: Well, Ali Mohammed was the first trainer for Osama bin Laden.


And what happened is that when the, of course, when the Soviet, the Red Army conquered Afghanistan there was this Mujahideen force that was dislocated into Pakistan. Afghans who were fighting against the Red Army for Afghanistan. And what happened is the United States — this is part of the Charlie Wilson story — congressman Charlie Wilson from Texas, he and the Saudi Arabians, and the Pakistanis, agreed to put up the money.


And what happened is that the Israelis under Ehud Barak — again — when Ehud Barak was head of military intelligence in 83, 84 and 85, I think it was, he began providing the weapons and the training for the Mujahideen, who were training in Pakistan, and then going back into Afghanistan and fighting.


And so what he did is, he took the weapons off the battlefield from Lebanon in 82, and transferred them to Pakistan. And the Pakistani government was aware that this was being done by Israel. It was secret and everything, but if they allowed it to go on, …


And one of the trainers who was training these Arabs, these Afghan Arabs they are called — people like Osama bin Laden — was a man called Ali Mohammed, who happens to be a Hebrew speaking agent, supposedly from Egypt, probably an Egyptian jew, or something. I don’t know. But he spoke Hebrew. And he learned Hebrew probably from being the trainer with the Israeli intelligence working in Pakistan. But this is the man who trained and set up all these operations that were done in the name of Osama bin Laden.


So he set up other operations as well, like the shooting in New York of Maher Kahana, and things like that.


Ali Mohammed then, was then finally arrested. And he had been trained in America, as well. He was then put in a federal penitentiary, a federal prison, and then he disappeared from the federal prison without a trace!


Kind of like what happened to Jeffrey Epstein.


G&B: What has your research revealed about the origins of the terrorist videos?


Bollyn: Well the terrorist videos, you know, they all have come to us from one source. And that source is SITE Intelligence Group. And recently there’s a couple more branches, derivatives of that group, but SITE Intelligence Group is a propaganda, … I call it a propaganda tool of the Israeli state.


It’s based in Maryland. Bethesda, Maryland. It’s run by an Iraqi jewish woman named Rita Katz. And these videos would be provided from her SITE Intelligence Group to the media, and the subscribers. And there was one of the videos back in, I know 2009, or something, about Osama bin Laden. And in that case she had sent this video, of a beheading, maybe it was a beheading video. She had sent this video out to several people in the administration, high up people in the government. And before it had been released [by ISIL]. And she told them:


“Don’t tell anybody had this video until it’s been released by the, …”


All Qaeda, or ISIL, whatever it was. But somehow it leaked. And so it became known that she had this video. This Israeli woman had this video and had released it to the media, before it had even been released by the people who were the terrorists!


So you have to say:


“Well how did this woman have the video before it’s even been released by the Arab terrorists?”


And this is the thing, is that in order to keep the “War on Terror” going, and to steer this monster, they have to occasionally do things, or bring out information or, you know, “interpret” what’s going on in the Middle East for the Americans.


And just like 9/11, how 9/11 was “interpreted”, it was interpreted for the United States government, for the military, by Ehud Barak. It’s the same thing what Rita Katz and SITE intelligence is doing, they are interpreting the Middle East for us.



And so what’s amazing is these groups like ISIS, and ISIL, and Al Qaeda, who can make all these flashy videos, and do all these things, are unable to actually reach the Western media themselves, directly. It always goes through this Israeli bottleneck, if you will.


And it’s interesting that you asked about what General Wesley Clark said about this policy coup. And he had said that when this happened, when 9/11 happened, he said that:


“We did not have American understanding of it.”


9/11, he’s talking about. And what he means to say is that, we didn’t, our understanding of 9/11 did not come from America, American sources, from American intelligence. It came to our understanding, it came from Israel. Israel interpreted 9/11 for us! And that’s the case all throughout the whole saga.




The whole deception of 9/11, you know, 9/11 was done in order to achieve a certain agenda. And that agenda was the “War on Terror”.


Now the “War on Terror” and the attacks the United States has done against the Arab states, makes no sense! It makes no sense for Osama bin Laden to do something like that. He didn’t do this big sophisticated attack, because he hates America liberties and freedoms!


It was done for a much more, much bigger reason.


And that reason was to start the “War on Terror”.


And the “War on Terror” is an Israeli construct. So that the sophistication of 9/11, and the end result of 9/11, strongly indicate that this is an Israeli, or a zionist operation, from A to Z!


And look at the actual memorial, the Ground Zero Memorial, in New York City. It was also designed and built by an Israeli! It was built by the former ambassador, Israeli ambassador’s son, Arad. Michael Arad.


G&B: Yes, with regard to the 9/11 memorial in New York City, I finally saw it a few years ago. And it’s very, very, dark! I was quite shocked by it!


It’s, a lot of, … I believe the museum is actually underground. And the waterfalls, there are these waterfalls that go down into the ground. In the shape of the footprints of the Twin Towers. But it’s very, it’s black looking! And then there’s this bizarre, huge white, it looks like the skeleton of a dinosaur, or something! I mean, the wrong thing is really weird!


Bollyn: Yeah. And the guy that, … The architect who built it, the young fella, who was not hardly known, he’s a friend of Mayor Bloomberg. He’s also a very close friend of the Netanyahu family. He’s a friend, he’s a personal friend of Netanyahu’s son.


So it’s like the entire, you know, operation from the planning, and preparation, setting up the prediction, the “ideation” of the actual event, then the foisting of the deception, foisting the false narrative on the American public and the world, and then the actual control of the legacy, …


We’re talking about the memorial, you talk about the legacy, you’re talking about the place where, you know, school buses come every day. Dozens of school buses coming every day. And kids are taken off the bus and led through this place, and they’re basically taught the false narrative, they’re indoctrinated into the false narrative of what happened on 9/11! That 9/11 was done by these, you know, fanatical, Arab, Muslims.


And that’s why we are where we are today in the “War on Terror”.


And see, that’s why this book, the “War on Terror” is so important, because I wrote, … It’s a very small book. It’s only about 160 pages long, 170 many pages, because it’s very important for the public to understand that the “War on Terror” is a big fraud!


And the fraud of the “War on Terror” is related to the deception we’ve been told about 9/11. Like this book is really meant for the reader who already understands that we’ve been deceived about 9/11, and who did it. And the “War on Terror” book explains why we have been deceived, and who’s behind the deception.


G&B: You write that the real radicals are, in fact, the traitors in the political, and media arenas, who have pushed the lies about 9/11, and the “War on Terror”, since September 2001, as opposed to those who do real research on these events


Bollyn: Right! Well, my chapter two of the book. It says:


“9/11 truth is anything but radical.”


And that stands to reason. A radical is somebody who calls for, like radical change in a political situation, and that’s what we got. A conservative is a person who says:


“Well let’s go slow, make incremental, small changes. Let’s not change everything overnight.”


But what happened with 9/11, of course, is that before there was any investigation into what happened on 9/11, the United Sates was waging war in Afghanistan! And the authorization to wage, you know, the authorization to use military force we were talking about, was passed.


And so this longest war in American history was started before there was even any investigation!



And when people call for a new investigation, they have to understand that there hasn’t been an investigation of 9/11! 9/11 remains an unsolved crime. Hence the title of my book “Solving 9/11”. It’s an unsolved crime in which the evidence was actually confiscated, and destroyed, rather than then analyzed.


So there’s been no criminal investigation, and there’s been no trial!


So it’s a very, very bizarre thing! And it says a lot about the, … I don’t know how to say this, … It’s how America has gotten so hijacked by a small group of people who control the media! And they’ve hijacked our nation for decades now, into this “War on Terror”! And it’s a war against the American people.




So it’s really important that they wake up and understand that if we want to preserve any kind of freedom in America, we have to understand how we’ve been duped into the “War on Terror”.


G&B: Have the multiple trillions of dollars spent to wage the global “War on Terror” been borrowed at interest?


Bollyn: Well yeah! It’s all borrowed money! Trump said a couple months ago, a few months ago, he said that:


“It’s seven trillion dollars.”


And what have we gotten for it? Nothing! Nothing!


Well, we’ve got a lot worse than that! We’ve gotten a big debt! A seven trillion dollars, plus the interest on that. And that debt is just growing all the time. But the actual cost of the war, including that future debt payments, and treatment for the wounded vets, and what have you, is about seven trillion dollars. It’s an incredible amount of money!


And so that’s why, you know, you look around America you see the homeless people, the situation with the infrastructure, the general demise of our nation. And you say:


“Couldn’t that money have been better spent, here at home, rather than waging mindless, senseless, wars against people who have nothing to do with 9/11, in distant countries?”


G&B: How is treason defined in the US Constitution? And how would treason apply to those who engaged in what the US government termed “an act of war”?”



Bollyn: Yeah, well, treason is, … Part of the treason argument is that by levying war against the United States government, by levying war against the American people, and the nation, … And anybody who supports that in any way — it says in the dictionary, about treason and the Constitution — is culpable of the same crime. So that would include people even in the media, who have willfully fed the deception.


You see it was an act of deception. It’s an ongoing, active, deception!


We have now for 18 years, this deception about 9/11 being presented in the media, whenever it’s discussed.


And so there’s been no investigation by the media. The media has been complicit in this deception against American people. And that means that they are responsible also for the crime of treason, because they are supporting, they are aiding, they are aiding and abetting in helping those who levied war against United States of America!


G&B: What effect have the 9/11 wars had on Syria?


Bollyn: Well Syria is just the latest. I don’t know if it’s the latest, there might be more going on in other places, but Syria is the second one of those countries that Yinon Plan [Oded Yinon] called for an Eastern Front. It said, first take out Iraq, breakdown the central government, the military, and balkanize the country.


Then the next country was Syria. In Syria, that’s what they’ve been doing.


And in Syria, of course, they used these self-created terrorist groups called ISIS and ISIL. And there’s a whole host of them. And these are the people that McCain was seen going over to. Senator McCain was seen meeting with them! And one of the people is thought to be, that he’s meeting with, is Al-Baghdadi, the one who they said they killed a couple weeks ago.


But he’s meeting with these people, these terrorists who ran these militias, these gangs, that were waging war against the government of Syria. So again, the target is to take down the central government of Syria, remove the regime of Bashar Al-Assad — which was elected after all — and replacing it with a broken up country! With, you know, one ethnic group here, one there, one there, one there! And they’ve succeeded in doing that.


And what they’ve really succeeded in doing is, the United States is occupying the eastern third of the country from the Euphrates River to the east, and that’s where the oil is. And now Trump is saying that we’re gonna use this war on terrorism to secure, or to maintain, control over Syria’s oil. And he says we’re doing this to keep the oil away from ISIS, ISIL. I don’t know.


One thing they’re trying to keep it away from, they’re definitely trying to keep it away from the Syrian government, because it’s the Syrian government who needs the oil, more than anybody.


G&B: Christopher Bollyn, thank you very much!


Bollyn: Well thank you Bonnie. It’s been a pleasure.









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