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Colin Jordan Interviewed by British Movement – 2003 – Transcript

  [An interesting part of the British nationalist movement with Colin Jordan being interviewed, sometime around 2003, on many of the events he was part of, including smuggling George Lincoln Rockwell into Britain to attend a NS Movement camp. Other … Continue reading

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Simon Harris – EF 19 – A Conversation with Nick Griffin – Apr 14, 2020 — Transcript

[Simon Harris and Horus talk with the former leader of the BNP, Nick Griffin, about whether there is any prospect of nationalists taking back Britain through the electoral process, or not. Griffin believes that there is no electoral route, and … Continue reading

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Jez Turner at the JTMM – Three Essential Truths — TRANSCRIPT

  [Jez Turner gives a short yet powerful talk on three essential truths that we need understand in order to awaken our people, namely; race, power, and the agenda of our racial enemy, i.e., organized jewry —  KATANA.]     … Continue reading

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