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The Ayatollah’s Friday Night Dinner – Live! 53 – Arab Social Nationalist – Nov 13, 2021 — Transcript

  [The Ayatollah has a lengthy (4 hour) and interesting talk with Arab Social Nationalist, a half Arab, half English National Socialist.   — KATANA]     The Ayatollah’s Friday Night Dinner   Live! 53   Arab Social Nationalist   … Continue reading

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Guns and Butter interviews Christopher Bollyn — The War on Terror – Dec 18, 2019 — Transcript

[Bonnie Faulkner from “Guns and Butter” interviews (Dec, 2019) Christopher Bollyn, the investigative reporter who has been studying 9-11 from day one, and is the author of “Solving 9-11: The Deception That Changed the World” and his recent book, “The … Continue reading

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Byram Campbell – The New Mythology of Racial Equality — Part 2

[A 1960s tour of the world by an American race realist and how, what he calls, “The New Mythology of Racial Equality” is a highly destructive ideology being foisted upon Whites. In Part 2, Egypt, Ethiopia and India and their … Continue reading

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Zsolt Bayer: The White Genocide Speech — TRANSCRIPT

     [This is the frank opinion of Zsolt Bayer, a long time friend of Hungary’s Prime Minister, Victor Orban, on the invasion of non-Whites into Europe and in particular Hungary. He’s a race-realist that demands that Hungary must stand up and resist … Continue reading

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