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Morgoth’s Review – It’s Malice, Not Incompetence – Nov 26, 2022 – Transcript

  [Morgoth discusses  the difficulty that everyday people have in accepting that they have been and are being betrayed by the government, aka the (((system))), through the never-ending demographic destruction of their country through invasions of non-Whites. The difficulty of … Continue reading

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Wake Up From COVID – Dr. Peter McCullough – Something is Very Wrong – May 24, 2021 — Transcript

  [A series of clips of Dr. Peter McCullough, a Texas based cardiologist, discussing the serious problems with the Covid vaccines. — KATANA]     Wake Up From COVID Dr. Peter McCullough Something is Very Wrong   May 24, 2021     … Continue reading

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Mark Collett – Patriotic Weekly Review – with Piers Corbyn – Oct 28, 2021 — Transcript

[Mark Collett, leader of the pro-White British movement, Patriotic Alternative, discusses Covid-19, lockdowns, vaccinations, etc., with Piers Corbyn. Piers is the older brother of former Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn. — KATANA]     Mark Collett   Patriotic Weekly Review   with … Continue reading

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Morgoth’s Review – Britain – A Land Without Truth – Oct 22, 2021 — Transcript

  [Morgoth discusses the media reaction to the murder of the Conservative MP David Amos by a Somalian invader. Rather than deal with the event honestly, the system directs the conversation towards the agenda of the need for more control … Continue reading

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Jim Rizoli – Germar Rudolf – The Holocaust Handbooks and More – Jul 28, 2021 — Transcript

  [Jim Rizoli talks with Germar Rudolf on the status of the Holocaust Handbook series, an “… encyclopedic style series of research on the ‘Holocaust’ that is unparalleled in the entire world“. The Holocaust Handbook series provides conclusive evidence that there were … Continue reading

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Morgoth’s Review – The Last of Us – Feb 24, 2021 — Transcript

  [Morgoth discusses how YouTube has become a wasteland for dissident Right viewpoints, with sites such as Way of the World, Millennial Woes, etc., finally being banned. Yet there is optimism, with alternatives such as BitChute, and now Odysee. — … Continue reading

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Millennial Woes – Millenniyule 2020 – Dangerfield – Dec 21, 2020 — Transcript

[Millennial Woes continues his tradition of yearly Millenniyule series of interviews that started in Dec, 2016. Here he chats with the worldly and entertaining Dangerfield, an Englishman living in Cambodia. They discuss the Covid 19 issue, “grifting”, defamation, YouTube censorship, … Continue reading

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Andrew Joyce – T&T 7 – The TOO Takedown – Aug 14, 2020 — Transcript

  [This is the 7th video in the T&T series from The Occidental Observer (TOO)contributor and scholar Andrew Joyce on the “jewish problem/question“, available at his newly created BitChute channel. Here Joyce discusses the recent and ongoing take-down of The … Continue reading

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