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Mark Collett – Criticism of Demographic Change to Be Made Illegal – Mar 5, 2021 — Transcript

  [Mark Collett, leader of the pro-White British movement, Patriotic Alternative, discusses a Feb 24, 2021 government Commission for Countering Extremism report titled “Operating with Impunity – Hateful Extremism: The Need for a Legal Framework”. The report is advising that any, … Continue reading

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Mark Collett Debates Israel Advocacy Movement – Should Zionists Support a White Ethnostate? – Jun 18, 2019 — TRANSCRIPT

[Mark Collett, founder of Patriotic Alternative, debates – and more than holds his own –  four jews from the Israel Advocacy Movement on whether Zionists should support a European ethnostate. Moderated somewhat by Ralph Masilamani.   — KATANA]   _______________________ … Continue reading

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Andrew Lawrence – Sexist, Racist Comedians – Aug 13, 2021 — Transcript

  [Comedian Andrew Lawrence on sexist, racist comedians. — KATANA]     Andrew Lawrence   Sexist, Racist Comedians   Aug 13, 2021       Click here for the video:   Published on Aug 13, 2020   YouTube Description … Continue reading

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Jim Rizoli – Germar Rudolf – The Holocaust Handbooks and More – Jul 28, 2021 — Transcript

  [Jim Rizoli talks with Germar Rudolf on the status of the Holocaust Handbook series, an “… encyclopedic style series of research on the ‘Holocaust’ that is unparalleled in the entire world“. The Holocaust Handbook series provides conclusive evidence that there were … Continue reading

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