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Hey Brussels: It’s Fun to Fight Wars for the Jews, isn’t It?

  [Very frank article on the recent Brussels bombing, where the author cuts to the chase and points the finger at the ultimate cause of it, namely Organized jewry — KATANA.]     Hey Brussels: It’s Fun to Fight    Wars for the … Continue reading

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Nick Griffin and Jack Sen: The Battle for the Future of Europe — TRANSCRIPT

  [Red Ice Radio interviews the well known, in British politics, Nick Griffin and also a relative new-comer to British politics, Jack Sen. Both these men are in some circles controversial, for their own reasons, but nevertheless this interview is quite … Continue reading

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Teaching White Kids about Adolf Hitler — TRANSCRIPT

  [This is the transcript of a 65 minute video by the History Reviewed Channel guy, in his usual measured tone, on the need to teach younger Whites about Adolf Hitler and his true White revolution that severely threatened to break the power of … Continue reading

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An Interview with Hitler’s Barber — August Wollenhaupt

[In this relaxed non-hostile interview, conducted in 1948 by Nuremberg Judge, Michael Musmanno, August Wollenhaupt describes his pleasant experience as Hitler’s barber from 1932 to March 1945.   One of the outstanding features that this interview brings out, contrary to many … Continue reading

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