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The Dresden Firestorm Massacre Was A Botched Allied Mission If The ‘Official’ Death Toll Is To Be Believed & The Victims Are Conveniently Vaporized From History

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The Plum Cake

The Plum Cake By John Weir/Wear     [In this short article by John Weir (Wear), first published in The Revisionist, a journal published from 1999 to 2005 by Bradley R. Smith (founder of CODOH) an issue in itself fatal … Continue reading

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Holocaust Eyewitnesses: Is the Testimony Reliable?

  Holocaust Eyewitnesses:   Is the Testimony Reliable?   UNCENSORED HOLOCAUST HISTORY   THE BARNES REVIEW • JULY/AUGUST 2013   By John Wear       INEVITABLY, WHEN ANYONE QUESTIONS THE GENOCIDE of European Jewry, the eyewitness testimony is raised … Continue reading

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