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Emma Webb – Resisting Woke – How to Fight Back – May 14, 2022 – Transcript

[Emma Webb, a member of the New Culture Forum, a pro-White, civ-nat, British organization, gives a practical talk on how to fight back against the “Woke Agenda”, an Orgjew engineered Leftist program of demoralising the population with bizarre, fragmenting, ideas … Continue reading

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Mark Collett – A Response to History Debunked (Simon Webb) – May 6, 2022 – Transcript

[Mark Collett, leader of the pro-White British movement, Patriotic Alternative, critiques a video on Patriotic Alternative at Simon Webb’s History Debunked Youtube channel. Webb says: “From time to time since the end of the Second World War, political parties have … Continue reading

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Maria Zeee – Dr Ryan Cole – Cancer, Depleting Immune Systems, and the WHO Pandemic Treaty – Apr 18, 2022 – Transcript

  [Maria Zeee, an Australian activist, interviews Dr Ryan Cole – who runs the largest pathology lab in Idaho, 26 years experience in the Mayo Clinic – on the dangers of Covid vaccines in causing an alarming increase in cancers; weakening … Continue reading

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Mark Collett – The Fickle Nature of the Public – Apr 15, 2022 – Transcript

  [Mark Collett, leader of the pro-White British movement, Patriotic Alternative, discusses the fickle nature of public opinion as it moves from one direction to the other, like a school of fish, driven by media manipulation. — KATANA]   Mark … Continue reading

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EUROPA – The Last Battle – Part 02 — TRANSCRIPT

  [Part 2 of a 10 part series discusses the origins of WWI; the Balfour Declaration; the Frankfurt School and Cultural Marxism, with its promotion of anti-family formation through feminism, sexual degeneracy, and political correctness to smother resistance; the Weimar … Continue reading

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