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Brythonic – TeaTime 6 – Mark Collett, Unwashed, Ronny Cameron, Allfather, Brizer – Mar 6, 2020 — Transcript

[Brythonic Tea Time # 6 brings us several guests to discuss the ongoing genocide of Whites being carried out by Orgjew and its proxies, amid current events. — KATANA]   Brythonic – Tea Time # 6 Mark Collett, Unwashed, Ronny … Continue reading

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Salim Mansur – Globalism and the UN Compact for Migration, Dec 2018 — TRANSCRIPT

[In this 15 minute video, Salim Mansur, Associate Professor of Political Science at Western University, Canada, warns about the dangers posed by the UN Compact for Migration that Canada and several European countries have now signed.   Essentially, the goal … Continue reading

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