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Millennial Woes – Millenniyule 2021 – 11 – Snorkelblog – Dec 15, 2021 — Transcript

    [Millennial Woes continues his tradition of a yearly (now 6th) Millenniyule series of interviews that started in Dec, 2016. Here, in his 11th Millenniyule interview for 2021, Woes chats (84 mins) with Snorkelblog, a Canadian of Swedish-Scottish ancestry, who has … Continue reading

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Dangerfield – Talking Tough with Mark Collett – Mar 28, 2020 — Transcript

[Dangerfield, an Englishman living deep in Cambodia, does a  marvelous job of interviewing Mark Collett, the leader of Patriotic Alternative, asking him nearly all the tough questions. After over seven minutes of journeying up the digital river, Collett finally makes … Continue reading

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