Alex Jones Show – Wife of Man Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison for Free Speech Issues Warning – Mar 5, 2024 – Transcript


The Alex Jones Show


Wife of Man Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison


for Free Speech Issues Warning


Tue, Mar 5, 2024


[In this video Laura Towler, deputy leader of the pro-White British nationalist movement, Patriotic Alternative, joins Alex Jones to detail how her husband was arrested and sentenced to 2 years in prison in the United Kingdom for his free speech.





Published on Tue, Mar 5, 2024




EXCLUSIVE: Wife Of Man Sentenced To 2 Years In Prison For Free Speech Issues Warning
Mar 6, 2024
The Alex Jones Show
The Alex Jones Show
Laura Towler joins Alex Jones to detail how her husband was arrested and sentenced to 2 years in prison in the United Kingdom for his free speech.




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Alex Jones: So your husband, Samuel Melia, is literally a thought criminal out of 1984. This precedent is so dangerous! And that’s exactly why it’s not getting any media coverage, is they want to quietly just put us in their modern gulags.


Laura Towler: But basically, Sam was convicted. It’s a very strange crime, but he was convicted for his “intentions” behind publishing these stickers.


So the prosecution said:


“Every single sticker is legal.”


So the messages on all the stickers are legal. They also said that:


“The truth is no defense in court.”


So if you can prove that all of the stickers are true, that doesn’t matter.


And they also said, the third thing, is that there’s no evidence of any crimes or any racial hatred being stirred up because of these stickers. He was literally convicted for his “intentions”, his “thoughts” behind publishing these stickers.


And what they did was they took things from our house and they went through tens of thousands of private messages of Sam and tried to build up a profile of him and then presented that in court and said:


“This guy is a really bad guy! He needs to go to prison.”


Alex Jones: Laura Towler is Sam Melia’s wife over in the UK, just sentenced to two years in prison over anti-immigration stickers, and a mom to a two year old girl with another baby on the way in six weeks.


She’s also the deputy leader of Patriotic Alternative, which is Britain’s largest and most active nationalist organisation. UK, Telegram. She is a Patriotic Alternative official.


Western civilisation is under attack. White people are under attack. I love everybody! I’m not Adolf Hitler!


But when the Left mobilises the 93% of the world that’s not White, to then say White people are bad and we have 20 to one black on White crime in the big cities, ten to one in the rural areas. It’s not the majority of black folks, but it’s a very active minority that’s attacking us. And the FBI and the ADL fight like the devil to cover that up. It needs to be repudiated. If we had 20 to one White on black crime, I’d be against it.


And her husband put out stickers that I agree with almost all of them, a few., … I don’t try to make the whole thing jewish or whatever, but he has that right to say that and do that. If a lot of the main refugee groups are Leftist jewish organisations. Even it wasn’t true he has a right, but it’s true!


So this is so dangerous! And you say:


“Well, that’s the UK!”


Everything you see in the EU, in the UK, remember they had the deputy head of the EU six months ago? I played the clip like 30 times. And she’s sitting there talking to members of the US Congress at the Davos group. She says:


“Oh, you’re going to be shutting your free speech down soon, too, right?”


They’re like:




So you can say what you want about Elon Musk, but he’s opened up stuff way more than everywhere else. So we’re thankful for what we’re getting there.




But Samuel Melia, … We will roll some B-roll of him going into court. Then he was sentenced and his wife came out, made a statement. I’m going to post her statement on the real Alex Jones on X. Also posted


But she’s live with us now. Samuel Melia, that’s spelled M-E-L-I-A:


“Far-Right activist jailed after sticker campaign.”


I want to show you these stickers, says things like, “They seek conquest, not asylum.” And it shows the image of the illegals running across. “Why are jews censoring free speech?” I mean, it is the ADL groups doing that it’s not all the jews, but they have a right to say it, whether it’s true or not.


So. Again, you could say:


“Well, he’s putting up swastikas!”


Which he’s not. You take his right to do that, we all lose our rights:

“Ask not what jews can do for your country. Ask what your country can do for jews.”


And again, the average jew doesn’t support this in my view.


But what I’m saying is, it doesn’t matter. This guy should not serve two years in prison for this, because he put the stickers online for people to put out. Here’s some of the other ones I wanted to show the, quote, most incinerary ones first. “Tired of the anti-White propaganda?” “diversity, proximity war.” And it just goes on from there. Here’s another one. “They have to go back.” “White, privileged” crossed out “excellence”. Remember, TV viewers, like:


“Why are you narrating it? We can see it.”


We’re on hundreds of radio stations.


So this is what he’s spending two years in jail for. “Import the third world. Become the third world”. I sent you guys some video of Mali in Africa. Let’s roll some of that. Here’s some more. Because he’s got two years in prison for posting this online. “We’re more than a passport. Blood and soil.” Well, yeah, you try to go to Nigeria and create a White majority, you’re going to be thrown out, you’ll be killed. “Mass immigration is White genocide.


Well, I mean, it’d be one thing if we had open borders and the Left and Hollywood wasn’t saying:


“White people are inherently evil and bad.”




“Being White is inherently bad and we’re inherently evil.”


This is going on.




So the backlash is here. And I want to keep it focused on the New World Order and the globalists trying to divide everybody. I don’t hate anybody k but at the same time, I’m not going to be politically correct and ignore all this is going on because we are all, I don’t care what colour you are, because it’ll be, if you’re anti-war, if you’re against monopolies, whatever it is, they’re setting a precedent, just like with Julian Assange, to put you under the jail if you tell the truth!


So we’re all Samuel Melia now!


Joining us is his wife, mother, also about to give birch another baby. We appreciate her, Laura Tower. And you can find her at And whether you agree with her or disagree or agree with some and disagree with some, like I do with some of the stickers, it doesn’t matter. You should support it. Remember, the old ACLU would go out and support the KKK rallying or whoever, and the Nazis, usually they were actually ADL operatives that came out, but these people are not even on that spectrum. And there’s her husband facing two years.


So I’m going to try to shut up till we go to break. We’ll come back. We got plenty of time this hour. This is a big deal to start wherever you want, how your husband’s doing, what he really did, what’s happening in the UK. But thank you so much, Laura, for joining us and speaking out for your political prisoner husband.


Laura Towler: Oh, well, thank you so much for inviting me on, Alex, and raising awareness of this issue.


There’s been quite a bit of silence in Britain from the mainstream news outlets regarding the sentencing.


And I’m not sure if it’s because they know that it’s very heavy handed, so they don’t want to raise awareness of it. But basically, Sam was convicted. It’s a very strange crime, but he was convicted for his “intentions” behind publishing these stickers.


So the prosecution said:


“Every single sticker is legal.”


So the messages on all the stickers are legal. They also said that:


“The truth is no defense in court.”


So if you can prove that all of the stickers are true. That doesn’t matter.


And they also said the, third thing is that:


“There’s no evidence of any crimes or any racial hatred being stirred up because of these stickers.”


He was literally convicted for his intentions, his thoughts behind publishing these stickers.


And what they did was they took things from our house, and they went through tens of thousands of private messages of Sam and tried to build up a profile of him and then presented that in court and said:


“This guy is a really bad guy. He needs to go to prison!”


And they sentenced him for two years in custody with immediate effect. Which is just heartbreaking for us because we have a two year old girl, we have a toddler, but we’re also having another baby in five and a half weeks. And Sam will miss her birth. He will miss her first smile and her first laugh. He’ll miss experiencing her learning to crawl. All these special moments that you can’t get back, even if we do manage to get it overturned in the future.




So it is literal thought crime. It’s his intentions, his thoughts behind publishing stickers. It’s just a travesty! And it’s so good to get so much support from nationalist and patriotic people across the world. And thank you for helping to raise awareness of this.


Alex Jones: Oh, we’re all in this together. So your husband, Samuel Melia, is literally a thought criminal out of 1984! This precedent is so dangerous, and that’s exactly why it’s not getting any media coverage, is they want to quietly just put us in their modern Gulags.


Laura Towler: Yeah, well, when the judge sentenced him, he sentenced him for two years, and he said:


“I do have the ability to suspend that sentence.”


Which would mean you don’t actually go into custody. You’re at home. But if you misbehave again, I’ll send you down. He said:


“I do have the ability to suspend your sentence, but I’m not going to because I want this to act as a deterrent to other people with the same beliefs.”


So he’s literally admitted in court that he’s sent into prison to deter other people from being the same as Sam.


Alex Jones: And I love the part about the stickers aren’t illegal because they can’t admit that they’re trying to ban free speech in your country, the birthplace of, …


Laura Towler: I’m really glad that you introduced some of the more “controversial” stickers because there were stickers that said things like, “Love your nation, reject White guilt.” “It’s okay to be White”. There were stickers about abortion. There were stickers about the LGBT community, about saving native species and the environment. There were stickers about Covid. And there was one saying, like, I think it said something like, “Pubs closed, borders open!” Like, if you’re locking us down and not allowing people to go to work and destroying businesses, why are the borders open?


Alex Jones: Well, let me ask you this, Laura, because this is a “Streisand effect”. This is backfiring already. Where do we go to find your husband’s stickers in total? And we’ll just put them on screen while you’re talking. Where’s the best place?


Laura Towler: Well, I’m a bit scared to share them.


Alex Jones: Oh, because you’ll get put in jail. Oh, wow! You’re in such a free country!


Laura Towler: However, if you go to Telegram, it was called The Hundred-Handers. And the Telegram channel is still up. So if you want to go to The Hundred-Handers Telegram channel, you can go and see all of the stickers. There’s 310 stickers in total.


Alex Jones: The Hundred-Handers group.


Laura Towler: Yeah, it’s The Hundred-Handers.


Alex Jones: The Hundred-Handers on Telegram. And maybe I’ll get arrested by the UK if I ever go back.


Laura Towler: You might get banned!


Alex Jones: Because I’m going to show these. Everybody has a right to see these. Wow!




And then there you are. And I understand it. You’re not in a free country, you’re afraid to even tell us where we can see what he’s been put in jail for two years. That is literally Kafka-esque in 1984! You’re not even allowed to discuss why the Ministry of Truth has disappeared him. Where is your husband right now?


Laura Towler: He’s in prison! He’s in prison in Leeds. He got took down straight away on Friday. Luckily, his cellmate had some credit on his card, so he was able to phone me on. I think it was Sunday that he phoned me. And he just let me know that he was okay.


But now I haven’t heard from him since because they’re processing him through the system. He has to get my number confirmed. He has to allow his credit to sort of go onto his account and all that kind of stuff.


So I haven’t heard from him since Sunday. I am worried, but I think that’s probably natural. I’m pretty sure he’s okay. Yeah. Just waiting to get a phone call from him, really. But he’s in prison.


Alex Jones: Of course they built Covid centres all over the country. I know he was an activist against that they built them all over every Western country. They’re now saying in Australia, the UK, when the next lockdown comes, if you criticise it, they’re going to lock you up for your speech.


So they’re building political prisoner camps all over the Western world right under our noses and normalizing it by throwing your husband in jail for posting stickers online!


Laura Towler: Well, that’s the problem with these laws. They’re written in such an ambiguous way that’s open to interpretation, so they can pick and choose who they go after. There are, like, far-Left groups like Antifa and stuff which literally put stickers up about murdering Tories, “Kill your local racist.” “Kill your local fascist”. They don’t know what fascism is.


But these people don’t get targeted by the police. The police can pick and choose the individuals that they want to persecute. And because my husband is a White advocate, he’s a White person who advocates for our people and he criticises the government, they’ve gone after him.


Alex Jones: I was telling the crew that they should pull up Justin Trudeau in Canada. He’s got legislation he’s trying to ram through where you get life in prison for a hate crime, including speech.


Laura Towler: I have seen looks. It just looks terrifying!


Yeah, I mean, our laws are getting tighter and tighter and tighter over here. Rishi Sunak actually gave a speech, our prime minister, on Friday evening after Sam’s conviction, and he was talking about coming down tough on Islamist extremists and far-Right extremists. I mean, did he mean, people like Sam? Are they going to toughen up law so that he can do even less, so that we’re not allowed to go out and protest all this?




Alex Jones: Well, that’s how it’s, … Look, they invade Ireland, they invade England, they invade Scotland. Even got your first minister in Scotland saying:


“We’re too White. Scotland’s bad! White people are bad!”


And so it’s the UN, the globalists, bringing in the brown people and then training them to hate the White people. I mean, it’d be one thing if he’s brought them in, but then didn’t teach everybody White people are bad. It literally is like Hitler in reverse! It’s racial politics run by the Left because they know 93% of the world’s not White. So they look at the numbers and say:


“We’ll just be anti-White now and then make our political movement anti-White!”


It’s insane! It’s so evil!


Laura Towler: Yeah, well, all of the main political leaders in Britain are foreign. Ireland, Scotland. We’ve got Rishi Sunak in 10 Downing Street, the Mayor of London, who I’m sure you’re familiar with, Sadiq Khan. We don’t actually have an English, or a British representative at one of those senior positions. And you’re not allowed to talk about it unless you’re celebrating it!


So if I say “British people are becoming a minority” and I’m against it, I’m a bad person. But if the Guardian newspaper publishes an article saying:


“The last days of a White world!”


And they celebrate it, it’s a good thing!


So you can only talk about demographic change if you’re in favour of it.


Alex Jones: I mean, it really is Replacement Migration. That’s an official UN policy. But I have clips of the ADL saying, and different EU officials. If you talk about replacement migration:


“That’s hate speech. We want to arrest you!”


It’s the UN plan to depopulate the Western world. So I wonder why the Left is openly anti-White, anti-Christian? Because they are.


Laura Towler: There’s a lot of social pressures in Britain. I’m not sure if it’s the same in the States, but there is a lot of social pressure over here. And people are very scared of words like “racism”.


I mean, Sam’s trial was a jury trial, and on that jury there were three foreign people and nine White people. So eight British people and one Polish woman. And just the pressure to argue for quote, unquote, “racism” in front of a foreigner must have just been too much for them. But people are so terrified over here of the word “racism” and speaking out.


And that’s why I want people to just raise awareness of what’s going to Sam and going on with Sam, and just push back against it and say, there’s nothing wrong with these stickers, because hopefully it will embolden more people to say, …


Alex Jones: Absolutely! And let’s look here. Here’s some photos that are online of the stickers your husband put out that others got and posted. “Smash fascism.” All that stuff’s fine.




But then somebody else puts “Capitalism plus communism, two faces of the same shekel.” And then somebody goes:


“Oh, shekel’s from Israel, so you can’t say that!”


Look, look, either everybody has their free speech or nobody has it, folks! And I’ve been forced to, quote, “be more radical”, not because I hate any group or [word unclear] after any group, but because literally all over the Western world, White people are being demonised as the devil, just as jews were in Nazi Germany. And we shouldn’t sit here and take it, folks! I don’t care what your background is. Black, White, old, young, nobody should be taking this crap! And the intimidation and the communists and the globalists using race as a way to intimidate people needs to end. We need to move the Overton Window back to what Bill Maher said years ago:


“Everybody gets to speak!”


You don’t get to ban Alex Jones. Everybody gets to speak.


Laura Towler: Yeah, I mean, there are probably things that you and I disagree on, probably quite a few things. But if I went out and I saw a sticker promoting communism, I wouldn’t phone the police over it. I might take it down, but I wouldn’t phone the police over it.


And if people want to promote open borders and immigration and all this other stuff, I think that they should have the ability to. I think that we should have open and adult and mature discussions about these issues instead of sending people to prison. It’s okay to disagree with somebody. But I think that everybody should believe that people have the right to share their opinions, especially when he’s not encouraging violence or anything. It’s literally just saying:


“This is a problem I’ve identified and I’m against it.”


When they silence topics like this, all they’re doing is pushing them underground. People are not going to change their minds about it.


Alex Jones: Laura, we got to go to break. Laura uk I was about to go there next. They wanted to put him in jail for prison to send a message, but now they don’t want it covered because it backfired. We’ll talk about that paradox.








This is not a standalone case that we’re talking about right now. Two years in jail for posting online stickers that people can print off. The case of Samuel Melia and his wife with a two year old baby girl and a baby, five and a half weeks out. Two years in prison for his intent to expose the invasion of the UK run by the UN and the globalists to bring in a political permanent underclass, they can brainwash and be anti-White. They’re the ones creating the racism, the classism. They’re the ones doing this. The clash of civilisations! We have all the footage of a year and a half ago. There’s so many. A woman prayed 50 yards across the street from an abortion clinic, silently arrested!


So if you stabbed people, you got out of jail the next day in the UK. Yeah. Here’s the footage. Go ahead and roll the audio of this.


Police: What are you here for today?


Woman: [words unclear] here?


Police: Why here, of all places? I know you don’t live nearby.


Woman: But this is an abortion centre.


Police: Okay. That’s why you’re standing here? Are you part of the protest?


Woman: No.


Police: Are you praying?


Woman: I might be praying in my head.


Police: So I’ll ask you once more. Will you voluntarily come with us now to the police station for me to ask you some questions about today and other days where there are allegations that you’ve broken public spaces protection?


Woman: If I’ve got a choice, then no.


Police: Okay, well, then you’re under arrest. On account of suspicion of failing to comply with the public spaces protection order, which is under the Antisocial Behavior Commons BC Act 2014. I’ll caution you again, you do not have to say anything. It may harm your defense if you do mention when questioned, something which you later on in court say may be given. Do you understand the caution?


Woman: I do.


Alex Jones:


“Our silent thoughts and nobody’s business. Catholic woman who was twice arrested for silently praying near abortion clinic says she fears police are becoming ideologically driven, and she vows to carry on doing it on a weekly basis.”


I can show you the footage of the highly decorated Special Air Services fella. This is two years ago. There’s hundreds of examples. I could just think of myself. There’s thousands of arrests every month. They brag about it. He put on Twitter at the time, an image of if you put the trans flag together, four of them, it makes a swastika. Arrested! Last time I checked, he was in jail for a long time. So dangerous.


So Laura Tower is pregnant. She already has a two year old girl with her husband, who’s a political prisoner. Samuel Melia. You made a lot of great points. I was interrupting and jumping in, but just starting over, going back to the so-called trial, the judge, his intent, his thought crime. And then I’m going to try to give you the floor here for 10, 15 minutes or so to just tell everybody what you want to say. You’re a really smart lady. You got the floor.




Laura Towler: Okay. [chuckling] I’m not really sure where to start. But, yeah, like I said at the start, I was shocked when the verdict came and I was shocked when the sentencing came. And every day it just becomes more and more and more surreal and I become more and more and more angry at it! Because like I said at the start, everything on the stickers was legal. All of that text is legal. In addition to it:


“The truth is, no defense in court.”


Is what they said.


And then they said that no crimes had been committed because of these stickers. It is literally his “intentions” behind these stickers, which he’s gone to prison for. And we can deal with it. And whatever they throw at us, we can handle. But the saddest part is him being disconnected from his children, missing the birth of his second child and missing all those special milestones that happen in the first six to eight months or so. we want to push back against it.


What I would ask people to do is, if they’re watching this and they disagree with what’s happened to Sam, if you could continue to raise awareness about his case and kick up a fuss about it. If you’re in Britain, if you could contact your local MP about it. We are looking at if there’s a possibility of appealing the verdict, and also if there’s the possibility of pursuing legal action against the police. We are speaking to legal professionals on that.


But if, you know, anyone that can help with that regard, obviously that would be brilliant!


But what I would really like people to do is become involved in something. If you’re against this anti-White narrative that is pushed on us regularly and consistently, become involved with an organisation in your country. In Britain, and with Patriotic Alternative. We’re a British advocacy group that stands up for the interests of British people. We do a lot of community building. We’re involved in the electoral route as well. We raise awareness and act as a pressure group. It’s an absolutely fantastic group! It’s Britain’s largest and most active nationalist organisation,


I will also say that everybody at Patriotic Alternative is still suspended from Twitter or X. Myself, my husband, Sam. PA’s leader, Matt Collett is still suspended. If you can pressure Elon Musk potentially to allow us back on. We were all suspended on the same day at the same time and never given a reason why. When we appeal it, the appeal just gets quietly shut down. And they just don’t respond to us. If you could get us back on there, it would allow us to continue spreading Sam’s story and also defend ourselves because there are a lot of lives going around about Sam at the moment. And to be able to debunk them and actually get his story out there, that would be brilliant! Thank you.




Alex Jones: That is the worst part, because I’ve experienced it for five years. Being banned everywhere. You’re not just taken off-line, you can’t defend yourself and they can make up anything they want. They steal your identity.


Laura Towler: Yeah, exactly! And a Patriotic Alternative, we’re lied about constantly all the time. We’ve been going for over four years now and the press will put out an article about us and it’ll just be complete lies! And we can’t respond to it at all! And they’ll turn comments off on the article so that nobody can reply to it. And it just means that they’re allowed to misrepresent you.


So when people hear about you for the first time, it’s something that’s not true and then they build this impression about you in their head. I just think that freedom of speech for all citizens is so important. And like we’ve know during this interview, you might not agree with everything that Sam said, but he wasn’t telling people to go out and kill people or attack people or anything like that. He was just sharing his opinions and he has the right to do that.


Alex Jones: Well, what’s happening is more and more people across the political spectrum and the racial spectrum, when they see the corporate media and the system attack somebody, they know they’re good, or they know something’s being hidden. So it’s gotten so bad now that people see someone being demonised and it backfires.


I’ll go back to that question I had before the break. The judge said:


“I want to put you in jail for two years. Put you in prison for two years for your speech, for your thoughts, literally, for your intent, for putting out these stickers that the public could go see and print and use if they chose to do it.”


But there’s almost no coverage in the UK of this because it’s so embarrassing! So they want their cake and eat it, too. They want to intimidate people, but then not have it be in the news. And we’re not going to let that happen. That’s why stories like this are so important!


Laura Towler: Yeah, I mean, they all publicized when he got the guilty verdict, they all publicized it, but with the sentencing, it’s been quiet. I think there’s been maybe two sort of like mainstream national news outlets that have reported on it and a couple of local newspapers. Nobody’s really talking about the sentencing, and I think they do know that it’s very heavy handed.




But I wonder if one of the reasons is because we’re unapologetic about it. What usually happens is if you do something naughty and then they hound you and jump on you and attack you, if you apologise. I think they like the public to see that we’re not know, we’re nationalists, we’re White people. We love our race, we love our people. We believe our people exist and should be the majority of the population in Britain, and we’re never, ever, ever going to apologise about that! So I wonder if they don’t want to publicize Sam’s case and our organisation with regards to this matter, because they’re not going to get that apology? And there’s no point in apologizing anyway because they never accept it.


Alex Jones: What would your husband say right now, who’s sitting there in a jail cell for his speech in the once free nation of England? What would Samuel Melia be saying right now if he was on air?


Laura Towler: He would say thank you to everyone who’s publicizing his case and all the support that we’re getting as well. And, I mean, we did a video, we filmed a video of him before he went into the court for his sentencing. And he just said:


“Don’t let this deter you. I want people to stay involved in the struggle, people to keep telling the truth! I want people to push back against this anti-White system that’s attacking us and oppressing us so much!”


That is his main message, really. He doesn’t want people to give up. He wants people to get involved, join the struggle and play our part and just push back against it.


Alex Jones: All right, Laura Towler, stay there. Let’s hear more of what your husband would say, who’s in prison for thought crime in the UK. Stay with us.


All right. Coming up next hour, I want to do a deep dive on the economy, and we’ve got a lot of documents here, but even NBC News reports, one trillion every 100 days is being issued by the treasury. Biden’s put out more money in the last three plus years than was ever put out in the first, 2048 years or whatever it is the country’s existence. I live here, too, and the same monetisation of debt. And this has happened world-wide, so it’s not just here. I don’t wish this on anybody, but we need to be ready for the crash landing we need to admit we’re in this situation and not stick our heads in the sand.


So that’s coming up next hour.


Now, Laura Tower’s husband is a major political prisoner. Sam Melia. Two years in jail for posting stickers online that say, our borders are open, we’re being replaced. Stand up for yourself.




Meanwhile, you turn on any Hollywood movie:


“Whites are the devil! Whites all need to be killed. Professors, Leftists. Whites are inherently evil!”


And we’re supposed to sit here while they do all this? It’s not enough to call us racist for no reason. Now they’re the ones being completely racist, mainly globalists and think tanks pushing the brown majority world-wide to hate White people. And then White people are like:


“Hey, I’m not going to take this! Well, we’ll just throw your arse in jail!”


So, Laura, I asked you to talk about what your husband, if he was here, would talk about. I wasn’t looking at the clock. I didn’t realise the break was coming up. I’m sorry. Start over. Your husband is in jail right now, but we’re going to send him prayers and energy and love and support for his free speech. What would he be saying right now? Start over. And then what do you want to say about your husband right now, and why you chose this fight?


Laura Towler: Yes, well, sorry for talking when your break was about to start. Sam, if he could get a message out there, he would say what he said in the video that we filmed before we went into court. And that is just don’t be put off by what’s happened to him, because I honestly do believe that we’re the majority of people.


If you look at the response to what’s happened to Sam, 99% of the comments on social media are supporting him. Even people who don’t agree with him are saying he has the right to say this.


Alex Jones: And by the way, start over. I just want to say this. That’s why they want you silenced, is because you’re good people standing up for yourselves under attack. And people.c Exactly! People resonate. That’s why they want to silence you, because courage is contagious. Sorry. Start over.


Laura Towler: Yeah, I mean, Sam is not some evil caricature of some demon or evil guy. He’s just a normal family man. He’s a sign maker. He’s a tradesman. He’s obviously a husband. He’s a father to his daughter. We’ve got another daughter coming in the middle of April. And he’s just a brilliant, kind, strong man!


And I think that’s what the establishment fears. They want these “evil Nazis” or these “evil extremists that they can put on a platform and say:


“Hey, look how bad the Right are!”


But Sam isn’t like that.


And I think that’s why he is such a threat to the establishment and why they’ve come down so hard on him.


But, yeah, he would just say:


“Don’t let this deter you!”


Because that’s what they want you to do. That’s what they wanted to do they said:


“We are sending you to prison to act as a deterrent.”


If you get scared and back off because of this, they’ve won. So what you need to do is get involved. You don’t have to be at the front. You don’t have to be picking up a megaphone like Sam did and shouting in front of loads of people. There are things that you can do behind the scenes. You can write articles, you can raise awareness of stuff on social media. We’ve got hashtag going at the moment, hashtag free Sam Melia.


You can get involved in that you can financially support organisations that are going out and doing homeless outreach like we do at Patriotic Alternative. There is so much that you can do but get involved! Use this as a sign to get involved. What’s that thing about where when they cut someone’s head off, like, ten more stand up in its place? That’s what we need to do in response to this.




Alex Jones: Well, it’s really an amazing moment. And I noticed on X or your ban, I think Elon should restore you guys just for the fact you’re political, … I mean, Hamas and Hezbollah are on there literally murdering jews! And that’s okay because, oh, well, they’re a political group.


But then, … And I think it should be there so you can see what they’re doing. I think what they did was wrong. I think what Israel’s gone too far now and what they’re doing with attacking the civilians is wrong, too.


But we can all have our own opinion right on that. We need to be able to see the facts. But overhead shot on this, it’s in mainstream news. This judge is famous for letting people with child porn and paedophiles off.


So this judge looks like a really nasty guy! And what do we know about this judge?


Laura Towler: Well, this has all come out since he sentenced Sam. There’s a guy called No Chance who wrote a thread about him on Twitter. And it’s all of these paedophiles that he’s basically given a sentence to. So they’ve been found guilty of something, but it’s a non-custodial sentence, including people who had child porn, images of one year old babies, including people who were repeat offenders.


I mean, Sam has a clean criminal record. He’s a man of good character. And there are repeat offenders who are paedophiles who had child porn on their computers, who, this judge has given either a community order, which is community service, or a suspended sentence.


Alex Jones: Oh, it’s the same thing with the judges I talked to in Texas, federal judges. It’s in the news. They order them to let child rapists go!


So it’s the same thing. I mean, it’s just incredible!


Laura Towler: Yeah. Anything involving harming a child should be an incredibly tough sentence. And you want to keep those people away from children forever! But especially when you’ve got a repeat offender. I mean, to me, that’s just absolutely awful how they could do that. And it’s not just one or two. There are lots of judges in this country that seem to give very, very lenient sentences, …




Alex Jones: Especially with what they call the “Asian rape gangs” that are really the Muslim rape gangs.


Laura Towler: Yeah, well, actually, while we were in court waiting for Sam’s sentencing, we were sat opposite a rape gang of 42 people. 42 people! 39 men and three women, who’d been responsible for the Kirklees grooming gang. Our press call it the “grooming gang”. They’d raped, abused, and even forced young girls into prostitution. And the judge is in there saying:


“This isn’t true. It’s a nuanced issue.”


And all this kind of stuff. We literally sat outside, looking in the eyes of child rapists, and you’re telling us that we’re not allowed to talk about it?


Alex Jones: Wow! Tommy Robinson’s a great example of this. Put in prison over and over again for a speech, viciously attacked by Antifa. And they would tell him:


“Just don’t be political anymore or join us. We’ll give you a job. Just back off. Just give in!”


But it doesn’t look like what they’ve done to Tommy and others has worked. What’s your view on Tommy Robinson?


Laura Towler: Well, Tommy Robinson has actually raised awareness about what’s happening to Sam, and I really do appreciate him doing that. I think he’s done a good job of raising awareness of the grooming gangs in Britain. I mean, we’ve not always got on. There are things that we disagree with, …


Alex Jones: Tommy’s way pro-Israel, which, again, he’s a great guy, I get his view. I understand. The point is he understands what’s happening. He was wrong.


Laura Towler: Yes, exactly.


And I really do appreciate him doing that because he does have a big platform. And when he spoke about what happened to Sam, and he did seem really angry about it, he raised awareness about that to his followers and to people who were looking at him. And we are thankful that he did that. Whether it was for genuine intentions or not, he still did it, which we do appreciate.


Alex Jones: All right, Laura Towler will get updates from you. Stay in contact with us And people can go out for themselves and see the Thought Crime stickers. I agree with about 95% of them. I disagree with some of them. But hey, he has a right to do it!


And I think it came from a good place, but even it came from a bad place. He has that right.


And I think you’re a very good lady. And I would imagine if I talked to your husband, he comes off like that. The videos I’ve seen, and I think you’re standing up for yourselves. And compared to the Left, your racial victory all is like a one. And they’re a 50, a scale of one to ten. The Left is off the hook, anti-White, anti-Christian, anti-European! And we need to stand up for ourselves. And I stand up for everybody. Folks, I fight hard against the fact that over half the abortions in America are black kids. I don’t want to kill black babies, but I also don’t want them raised up to hate me because I’m White. See? It is nuanced. Thank you so much for joining us.




Laura Towler: Thank you for having me. And, yeah, everyone who’s listening, please continue to kick up a fuss about this. Thanks, Alex. Enjoy the rest of your day.


Alex Jones: All right, you stay in contact with us. Okay?


Laura Towler: Okay.


Alex Jones: Because I look up and a year goes by as soon as there’s an update next week, two weeks from now, you reach out to us, we’ll get you on. Okay?


Laura Towler: Thank you very much. I will do.


Alex Jones: Thank you. The lady has a lot of courage. She’s a good person.


Again, what White people are doing in response to all this anti-White racism is a one, or a two. On a scale of one to ten, the Left is like a 50.


I mean, they are off the chart, foaming at the mouth anti-White! And it’s the ADL, folks. They’re racial politics. The closest things to Nazis I’ve seen is the ADL. And I’ll just call it out because I believe in Martin Luther King, Jr. Judge people according to the character of their deeds. I don’t look at colour. But I’ll tell you this, I’m not going to sit back and be demonised. And attacked anymore. I’m done. I told everybody this.


And it was this last summer, my six year old daughter went to a summer exercise camp, and she doesn’t make stuff up. And she’s smart. She sounds like a 30 year old woman when she talks. I tell you, she’s amazing! And she said:


“Daddy. During lunch, they played these videos about how White people are bad.”


And I confirmed it was real. It’s a cult, folks. You send your kid to a six hour a day sports camp, and they don’t even say it’s political, and it’s got high ratings, and they’re brainwashing your six year old. She’s like:


“Am I bad because I’m White?”


And then I went and looked it up and found out they did that, and I was like:


“Okay, this is it. It’s over! I’m not going to be intimidated. I’m not bad because I’m White!”


I’m not going along with this anymore, folks. And black people or anybody else, they’re telling you your back is what colour you are. You just stand up for yourself, too. I’m going to break.


Please remember, we’re listeners supported.
















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