Jez Turner at the JTMM – Three Essential Truths — TRANSCRIPT


[Jez Turner gives a short yet powerful talk on three essential truths that we need understand in order to awaken our people, namely; race, power, and the agenda of our racial enemy, i.e., organized jewry —  KATANA.]







Western Spring Description


by Max Musson


Jez Turner was the fifth guest speaker at the recent John Tyndall Memorial Meeting and in his speech he examines whether we have the ability or the time to awaken our people to the dangers that beset us? He goes on to develop his theme by presenting what he sees as three essential truths about which we should be aware; the truth of race; the truth of power and the truth about the agenda.


Jez ends his speech by talking about the dedication, determination and resilience exhibited by most nationalists, qualities that John Tyndall epitomised, devoting as he did, his entire life to our cause.




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Jez Turner


at the JTMM —


Three Essential Truths


Published on Jul 27, 2017










Max: What I’d like to do now is to invite another of our younger male speakers to address you all. This is the man who won the Jonathan Bowden Oratory Prize this year. The man who it is described by our enemies as one of the most influential fascists in the country. [laughter from the audience] A man who exhibits bonhomie wherever he goes. A man who is charismatic and eloquent. Jez Turner! Thank you! [long applause].


Jez: Thank you very much.


It’s a strange thing to watch a race die. Stranger still, to not to know the reason why.


But today now, 2017, the dots no longer need joining up! It is obvious to any thinking man, any curious man. And by his nature a thinking man will be curious. Any man can very quickly and easily find the answers to the questions posed by Kipling’s “six honest serving men“, …


What, when, where, how, who, and why?


The internet is like a gift from God! A gift, a deus ex machina, has descended to help us save the day. And it can help us save our race from extinction, from impending oblivion, if we use it and use it wisely.



It was not, I think, the Oldham riots that propelled the BNP into the mainstream. There have been countless ethnic riots in the past. Though usually it was the black Africans rioting, rather than Asians. The Asians rioting was a new phenomenon. No, what boosted support for the British National Party and British nationalism, was the Internet! Indirectly it did so, because the mainstream media could no longer hide the truth. They could no longer hide what was going on.


Everyone has those little phones that could film, that can send emails. Everyone becomes a one man reporter. And directly, anyone could easily and quickly get in touch with British nationalism. They could see us as we really are without looking at us through a prism, a filter, supplied by the crass (((mass media))). The truth, came easily and quickly available.


Now if you go to the Rosslyn Chapel, near Edinburgh — it’s a very interesting chapel, very old — lots of stone carvings, ornate pieces everywhere. And despite all these wonderful carving, there’s only one set of words on the wall. And these words say the following thing:


Wine is strong.
The king is stronger.
Women are stronger still.
But the truth is the strongest of all!

So those words are very important, to be carved on that medieval chapel.



Now truth, is true! The window of opportunity for us to take advantage of this Internet, this free internet, is closing very quickly! But then again, so is the chances of our race surviving. Time is not with us!


It is truly a race against time! Can we wake up enough of our people, enough of the right sort of people? Can we motivate them, organize them, mobilize them into action, and do so in time? Before we all go down into the halls of Hades and the eternal black night falls. A night from which our children will never wake.


Well, it shouldn’t be so hard to do. After all, our race is the race that built Stonehenge! The xxx, the pyramids, the Norman castles, the Gothic cathedrals! We conquered the mountain peaks! We conquered all the mountain peaks! We explored the depths of the jungles. We sailed the seas and charted the stars! We mined nature’s treasures deep in the bosom of the earth! We painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. We explored and mapped the oceans. We soared through the skies and broke the sound barrier! We discovered DNA! We landed on the moon! We composed orchestral symphonies of sublime beauty! We unlocked the secrets of science and the mind itself!


We can do all those things? And we cannot wake our people up?


I think we can!








Now slimmed down to essentials, there are three truths: Race, power and the agenda!


First of all. Identity is everything! Or as Disraeli said:


Race is all!


Races are different, peoples are different. If the culture is destroyed, if the identity is destroyed, if the race is destroyed, you destroy everything!


Second truth.


One particular race, a particular religious, ethnic, tribal group, wields immense power! Immense power in the world today!


And for all intents and purposes, this group of people controls the entire planet’s resources! If not the planet itself.


This group owns and controls everything worth owning and controlling!


And, importantly, they use this power to keep their power secret. To keep it hidden from the minds of the man in the streets.


Third truth, “the agenda”!


The same particular racial, tribal, religious group, I’m talking about, uses it’s immense wealth and influence to jealously guard and maintain its own identity! To jealously protect its own race, its own religion, its own culture. While at the same time, using the same power that it has, to undermine everybody’s else’s race, culture, tradition, identity!


It encourages every other race of people to abandon their identity and essentially, in truth, destroy themselves. In sum, this group uses their secret power to secretly destroy every other race, but for their own!


This particular people, is a parasite race of money lenders, fraudsters, rack [sp] renters, pornographers, abortionists, promoters of perversion! And they achieve the first stage of their agenda by pushing for permissiveness! This slide into decadence and degeneration. And it ends with the deracination, miscegenation, the destruction of our people!


In short, our people are made to believe that race does not matter. That identity does not matter. That we have no culture! We British people have no culture! Whites are made to believe that it doesn’t matter if Whites are enslaved, and then eradicated, and exterminated!


Well, my friends, it does matter! Because it matters to those who are forcing this agenda upon us! [tapping the table] If for no other reason, that’s a very good reason why it matters.

Race! Power! The Agenda!


The name for “the agenda” has changed over the centuries.


But today it’s called, the “liberal agenda”, the “politically correct agenda”. There’s nothing new here! Nothing new under the sun! All this is obvious to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear! If you know these self-evident truths and you dare to voice them, you will be slandered, you will be libeled, you will be labeled! But in final analysis, two plus two still equals four! And truth is truth!


And the ideology of putting our own people first, of putting our own house in order, of saying, “Charity begins at home“, has itself been given many names. So many names. What it really all comes down to, is the ideology of common sense!





Now there is nothing very common about “common sense” today. In fact no rarer commodity exists. Dale Carnegie’s “How to Make Friends and Influence People” may tell us how to package the truth, and make it sell better. More effectively perhaps. But at the end of the day, truth must be told! And better to tell it’s harshly, than not tell it at all. And the truth today is very harsh! So let me tell you a bit about how a population, our race, our nation.


Now it is a truth that in any population, any nation, any race, most people, I’m afraid to say, are lazy! Most people are stupid! Most people are cowardly! Most people are selfish! Or worse, combination of two, three, or even all of those qualities.


But those who are not. Not lazy, stupid, cowardly, selfish, those people are nationalists!


Most people can be silenced through bullying, brainwashing, blackmail or bribes. Those who cannot, are nationalists!


And this is why in the nationalist movement you will find some of the best people in the world! In every country. In fact, I would go so far to say that Nationalists are better people than those who are nonpolitical. Because nationalists care about their people. They have a conscience, and they have the guts to do something about it! Right? They take responsibility, whatever the consequences!


And for these qualities, we nationalists are de facto leaders of our people.


For these qualities, we bad the brunt of the attacks of the enemy of our people. We bear the attacks of the so-called “Deep State”, the agents of the Deep State and the agents of the agenda promoted by the Deep State.


And this pressure is immense and continuous! And most people crack under extreme pressure! Most people crack under torture! And if these normal people out there, these nonpolitical people, who seem to be more successful than us in our lives, in our personal lives, in our economic careers. If they seem more squared away, it’s only, because they haven’t had to face the relentless and unremitting pressure of what we as nationalists face!


Because, believe me, if they did! If only for a week! They would all resemble a bunch of turkeys running around the yard at Christmas, when the butcher comes! Right!


Now, it’s fair to say that most nationalists are not active. They have got families to raise, they’ve got children to look after, they are paying mortgages, are earning a living, right? Some nationalists become activists for a while, and perhaps once in a while, every so often, become nationalists. Many nationalists are keyboard warriors and they criticize from the sidelines, and they say:


This organizer is no good! This leader is no good! Da, da, da!


They are bragging how they could do things better. But when they do finally take the plunge into active nationalism, oh, like a shock! They get a shock! You know, the real world hits them in the face, often quite literally! You know, and they are shocked and they re-emerge shuddering and shaking, bewildered at the consequences for their health, and their career, and their lifestyle, and all the things that they took for granted.


Now, this is human nature! People are like this, everywhere, the world over. We cannot alter it! It has to be accepted on it’s own terms. Most people are not self starters. They are not prime movers, they cannot lead, but they will FOLLOW!


But they will only follow good leaders. The better quality the man, the better the quality of leader he requires. So it is imperative on us to find, to create, to make such leaders! Leaders of all levels. And the Internet can help us do that.


Aahh! Then there are a minority of nationalists, very good nationalists, who do not crack under pressure! They may bend, they may get bad tempered, and have the old row, here and then. But they do not break! This is the gold in the furnace. Nationalists who become long term, super activists, organizers, leaders! And we can reach these potential people on the Internet, too.




The internet can even self select people. Because if you have a good website, or a blog, and there are some here today that have these very good sites. We organize very good good meetings. These people will come to you. The good people in our race will come to you and seek you out. You don’t have to go and find them, so much.


But, let’s cast our minds back a while, and let’s think about a time before the Internet.


Before the internet, it was far more difficult. Far more difficult. Now here’s a riddle for you.


I am strong, though I do bend. I am your enemy. I am your friend. Who am I?


Spear! Right?


Before the Internet there was a magazine called “Sspearhead”! And it came out monthly, every month, except when he was in prison for political reasons. I think Christmas time was the other time.


Every month that magazine came out! Thirty pages from 1964 to 2005!


This magazine was edited by a man who knew the truth and told the truth! A man who did not crack under pressure! A man who was a full time, full on, firing on all cylinders, nationalist, activist organizer, editor, a publisher! And did so, not just for a few years, but for his entire life! Right up until the last day when he was editing this particular issue of the magazine! When he was called away to a better place. The last issue.


Now, most national leaders, and super activists, it has to be said, will last about ten years before dropping out and taking a break. And perhaps they’ll become a part time activist for a while. And they’ll write the odd article. Whatever doesn’t interfere with their lives. But for John Tyndal, fighting for his people, for the Anglo-Saxon say, his folk and xxxx, was his LIFE!


That’s the difference! He was a warrior, a true warrior! He had what they call “drans capa” [sp] the fearless warrior spirit! And it is very hard to think of any other such person in post-war British nationalism who did so much, who gave so much! You can even say that John Tyndal was post war British nationalism. Without him, what might have happened, I don’t know. He kept it going, he kept it going!


Forty one years that magazine came out! Every month! A magazine unique in nationalism! It was the prototype for all others, for inspiration in America, for National Vanguard, and nationalism today in this country. For Vanguard in this country, for Identity magazine. It had a wide range of articles, and a broad range of opinion. Articles on culture, economics, politics, activism, and importantly the back few people pages had a range of links to other groups nationally, worldwide. It had booksellers, publishing outlets, other journal, magazines, details of future meetings, etc., etc.


This was an extremely useful resource in the pre-internet days! And you see, Tyndal didn’t jealously guard his readership! He wasn’t into factionalism. He wanted his readers to learn, to seek out truth, to network!


He was involved really, with this magazine, what is now known as meta-politics. Culture is upstream from politics! You influence the cultural, you influence the politics! And Spearhead was a meta-political magazine before the word even existed.


It was read by a huge variety of people, not just a party members. They were a small fraction of them.


Many thousands of people subscribed to it, and they would hand it to their friends, people who didn’t want to subscribe. People on the subscription list, they would get the magazine and hand it around. I used to work in the library as a student. I worked in a library, I was a librarian for a while. So was Elvis Presley, he was a librarian [laughing]. And Giacomo Casanova, you know, good company!



But, you know, I noticed all these libraries would have to carry Spearhead. The Elysee library carried Spearhead. Oxford, Cambridge, all the good ones, you know. And I would read and there was like, black, black market pen linings on certain words. And I thought:


What’s all this about?


Because my own copy came through the post and didn’t have of this on. So what would happen, is you get this big subscription service that would order ten Spearheads, per month, from Spearhead. And they would censor everything! Right? And then send it to the library. So you get said afterwards:


What are they saying? What’s he saying here? I don’t know what this is all about?


Well, especially William Pierce’s articles, you know, American articles. So that gives you an idea of the people it got around to. People who read it.


And he edited and published that magazine, month after month, decades! As well as, leading a political party and doing all the important behind the scenes tasks, that a prominent nationalist has to do, that nobody talks about.




Yes, he’s had his critics. Who does not have critics? Most critics though are “do nothings” who criticize those who do, do things. And the more successful you are, the more critics you will attract. Xenophon himself, he had ten thousand Greek mercenaries fighting in Persia, and their leader was killed. The Persian usurper was killed; and they were stuck in Persia, and enemy armies all around them, trying to kill them, and Xenophon led these Greeks, ten thousand Greeks, to the Black Sea, in safety. And even he was being criticised … by these people he was trying to save, you know! There is an analogy there really, you know. He was leading his people to safety, and they were criticizing him, all the time he was leading them, and fighting off these enemy armies.


You see, it’s not the critic who counts! Not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena! Whose face is marred by dust, and sweat, and blood! Who strives valiantly, who errs, who comes short again, and again, because there is no effort without error, and shortcomings!


A man who actually does strive to do the deeds, who knows great enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause. Who at the best knows, in the end: Triumph of high achievement! And at the worst, at the worst, if he fails, at least he fails while daring greatly!


So that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who neither know victory, nor defeat!


So for our cause, for our movement, for our survival, there is NO magic bullet! There’s no magic weapon to wield, that will give us instant victory!


But we know we’re going to have a struggle on hands, we know that! The gladiator makes his plans once he’s in the arena. He knows there is going to be a fight, but he has to be in the arena, to fight.


Now in 2008, there was a banking crisis, and an opportunity was missed! Missed, to tell the world just who was behind it, and why!


In 2011 there was black riots, in London, in Birmingham, in every urban conurbation. And an opportunity was lost to highlight the real causes of such chaos! And today we have these terrorist outrages, where an opportunity is being lost, is being foregone, is being missed, to get White people to ask themselves:


Who brought the Muslims here?




Opportunity my friends, opportunity!


Opportunity: It is the driving force of destiny!


Miss it, and one’s life is stuck in the shallows.


Seize it! —and the peasants can become kings!


Catching it, can propel one to triumph, victory, and glory, … But, we must be in the arena!


We don’t know precisely what the future will hold for us, what the conditions will be. But, keeping our aims in sight, not giving in to compromise, to expediency, betraying our principles, we can safely follow Napoleon’s dictum. His dictum on winning war, was:


Maneuver according to circumstances!


The iron fist in a velvet glove — “Suaviter in modo, fortiter in re”.


Methods, modes, means – these all change — but the goal does not! Our yacht may have to run before the wind, it may have to avoid the storms. But our destination, the safe haven for which we aim, will never change! And that is for an ALL White Britain, where everything we hold dear, everything we care for is safe, and thrives. A happy country, where our people can be free to be themselves! That must never change!




We do not know what the future may hold, what the enemy will throw at us, but we must aim high! We must recruit the best, and attract the rest.


We must be steadfast in the truth, and we must maintain the highest of standards. We must be trustworthy, dependable, reliable, otherwise our people will not follow us.


We must behave like White men again, and White women!


Like White men and women should behave. We have to be Whiter than Whites. [murmers of assent/approval/agreement]


We must be wise! We must be brave! We must always think long term, never go for short term, little gains here and there, at the expense of long term goals. We must cultivate the qualities of hard work, of persistence, of perseverance. And for these commendable characteristics, on this July day, we can have no better role model, no better inspiration, than a man who dedicated his entire life to full-time fighting the “good fight”, and doing so on many simultaneous fronts.


For when, the great scorer comes to write your name, he’ll write not how you won or lost, but how you played the game!


So, a teller of truth, a speaker, a writer, a fighter! July 1934 to July 2005!


On this July day, please raise your glass to: John Tyndall!


[long and loud applause]


Thank you very much!









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