David Icke Clashes with Studio 10 about Being Banned from Australia 2019 — TRANSCRIPT

[David Icke is “grilled” by three aging bimbos and a jew, from a morning TV show called Studio 10,  on the sudden ban, due to organized jewish pressure, on him entering Australia.


He had been given permission in September 2018 to come to Australia, for what would be the 11th time, to give talks in major cities, but was, with a few hours before his flight from Los Angeles, denied entry into Australia.


His crime?


He has dared, however indirectly, to suggest that the “Holocaust” is not “case closed“.


His other crime?


He has dared, however indirectly, to criticize organized jewry, …


Australia, like the USA, Britain, and the rest of West is under the thumb of Organized jewry. People like David Icke are, by necessity, exposing it in order to remain relevant to their audience. As a result they are being shut down.


As David Icke says, a tyranny is being imposed upon us. We must overthrow this tyranny or suffer unspeakable consequences.


Wake up Australians, or wake up one sunny day soon, and feel the boot crushing your throat.








David Icke Clashes with Studio 10


about Being Banned


from Australia



Feb, 2019





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Published on Feb 20, 2019


YouTube Description


David debates a bunch of monkeys regarding his visa ban in Australia. Jewish groups in Australia lobbied to have David banned from Entering the country.

Jewish people make up 0.4% of Australia’s population and yet somehow they have the power to get the Government of Australia to stop David from entering the country.

A handful of Jewish people have managed to dictate what over 24 million Australians see and hear.

“I do not own this video”



(12:26 mins)






Sarah Harris: David Icke was set to make his 11th visit to Australia to do a speaking tour. You guys have heard of him, right?



Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Exactly! Not perhaps everybody has. It’s been suggested, he’s been accused of having some really anti-semitic views, some strange sci-fi implications with reptiles on earth.



Sarah Harris: Well he was supposed to come to Australia, but late yesterday he had his visa cancelled. It’s believed he’s been banned from entering our country, because of claims he is “anti-semitic“, and is a “Holocaust” denier.


[Why should being “anti-semite” and being a “Holocaust” denier be grounds for denying someone entry into Australia? Shouldn’t that be grounds for welcoming them into Australia when you understand the reality of what Organized jewry has perpetrated on the world? Like in recent times, 9/11?]


David Icke joins us now, live from Los Angeles for this TV exclusive! David, welcome to the show!


David Icke: Thank you. I wish I was with you! [chuckling]


Sarah Harris: I guess, first things first, let’s clear it up! Are you anti-semitic, and do you deny that the “Holocaust” took place?



David Icke: No! You see, if you can’t discredit someone by telling the truth, and you tell lies.


There was an absolute catastrophe for jewish people in Nazi Germany! And one of the things that I’m seeking to do, and have done for 30 years, is to highlight the Nazi mentality, and the tyrannical mentality that’s taking away freedoms all over the world.


So ironically, I’m the opposite of how I’m painted! There was a Labour Party candidate I think his name’s Josh Burns, or something. Who was quoted in the newspapers in the last week saying that:


I am campaigning for ‘Holocaust’ denial to be taught in the schools!


Sarah Harris: So you believe the “Holocaust” did happen?


David Icke: This is extraordinary!


Sarah Harris: So you believe the “Holocaust” did happen?


David Icke: Of course! Of course! Of course a fantastic catastrophe happened to jewish people in Nazi Germany!



Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Would you answer us? You’re not actually answering the question! Did the “Holocaust” happen? You keep saying “catastrophe”. That’s a difference to “Holocaust”. Just clear that up. Is it a catastrophe, or a “Holocaust”?


David Icke: Am I denying the “Holocaust” happened? No, I’m not. Clearly there was a unspeakable happening there, and we should make sure it doesn’t happen again!


But let me point this out. What do Nazis do, what do Stalinists do, whenever they get power? They want to shut down all exposure of themselves, all information that gives people a different view of them! They burn books! They shut down public meetings!


[Which is what Organized jewry has been doing across the West. Holocaust revisionism is a jailable offense in most European countries. Amazon has purged all serious books that question the “Holocaust”.]


Now, what on earth is a so-called democracy allowing itself to use methods of tyrannies to shut down debate?


We have thousands, thousands of Australians, from all walks of life, of every age. When I spoke in Sydney last time, the age range was 15 to 90, who have bought tickets to make a decision to hear what I’ve got to say and then come to a conclusions from what they hear, who now are being denied that right! And what has happened to me.



It’s not about me, it’s actually about what this says about the current nature of Australian society. Which I’m finding all over the world.


The debate is being shut down! You have to believe certain narratives! Two of the things, by the way, that the Minister for Immigration, David Coleman, put in the statement for me not being allowed in, was my views on vaccines and global warming!



But let’s have a debate then! Instead of shutting it down! You must believe this, or you’re not coming in the country!


And as David Coleman admitted, quite openly in this document, I have come into Australia to speak, 10 times since 1997. And he admits in the document there’s never been a problem.


So why now? Because as I become more and more popular, and more and more people come to the events, there’s more and more incentive to stop what I’m saying being circulated, so that only one narrative is ever heard!


And that’s called a tyranny!



Denise Drysdale: Where do these accusations that you’re anti-semitic come from them? You’ve got famously controversial views, including that there are reptilian lizard people living amongst us, and so forth. Where are these claims of anti-semitism stem from?

[Obviously from the jewish controlled media that she works for, and remains oblivious to.]


David Icke: What happens is you can name 90% of people in a book who are not jewish, and 5 to 10% who are. And instead of saying, well, you know, in every community, in every culture, in every income bracket, you’re gonna have the same range of people!


You’re gonna have lovely people, you’re gonna have okay people, and you’re gonna have a few psychopaths and manipulators!


The problem is, I can say that about Chinese manipulators, I can say it about American manipulators, British manipulators, French manipulators, as I do. But you name anyone who’s jewish, and immediately you’re an “anti-semite”.




No, no! I don’t care if they’re Outer Mongolians! I care about what they’re doing! And producing the evidence for that. That’s what it’s about.


And this is a way of shutting down legitimate investigation. If I am exposing the Italian mafia, am I condemning all Italian people? Crazy!



Joe Hildebrand: Okay, so you are crazy David!


Um, do you believe that the world is being manipulated by shape-shifting reptiles, that are possibly jews, who control the world through Rothschilds? Is that, basically it?


David Icke: Well, I mean, people would have to read my books for the detail about that. But let me say this.


Joe Hildebrand: So you say, yes?


David Icke: There are family bloodlines that were seeded all over the world.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: By who?


David Icke: The ancient cultures, …


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: By who?


David Icke: The ancient cultures, … Well, by a non-human force. This is where you get in the Bible, for instance, “the sons of God are interbred with the daughters of men“, which is the story that you find in cultures all over the world. In African culture or wherever, …



Kerri-Anne Kennerley: So aliens seeded people all over the world, a long time ago?


David Icke: Yeah.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: And they are resulting in being human forms, …


David Icke: Yeah.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: And they are lizards! You’ve been watching way too much “Vee” in the 80s. That television series.


David Icke: You’ve not being doing enough research into the background. That’s the problem.


But the point is, that I’m saying that these bloodlines were seeded everywhere, in every culture. So where’s this, “they’re jews” come from?


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: What, do they take their faces off when they go to bed, or what?


David Icke: Sorry, I thought I was going to have an intelligent conversation here. I’m clearly not!



Sarah Harris: David, David, …


David Icke: Are we going to have an intelligent conversation, or what? What do you think?


Sarah Harris: David, I don’t agree with a lot of what you said. I don’t agree with your stance on immunization.


David Icke: You, …


Sarah Harris: Let me finish! Let me finish! For one second, … And I don’t agree with your thoughts on climate change, or reptilian people.


David Icke: You don’t have a clue what I’m saying.


Sarah Harris: But what I do agree with, is that you should actually be able to speak, because we live in a democracy! And I am a big supporter of free speech!


And I think what happens when the government then stops people like you coming to the country to talk, and to have their say, it actually emboldens people who support you. And then they jump on the bandwagon that the government is trying to shut down free speech! And there is a conspiracy theory to shut down free speech.


[It’s not a “conspiracy theory” that free speech is being shut down. It’s being occurring with the Hate Speech laws that jews in Australia have introduced over the years, and it is happening here with Icke’s banning.]


What do you think about our government letting in people, like convicted convicted rapist, Mike Tyson, wife basher, Charlie Sheen?


I mean, you’ve been stopped from entering the country, because of your views. What do you think about people who are let in who’ve actually committed crimes?


[She might as well asked him about the price of fish! What has giving convicted violent criminals visas got to do with this case of Icke being banned because of his ideas? Nothing.]




David Icke: That’s up to people to decide if they think they are going to be a danger to society. I mean, if you’re going to have a serial killer come into the country, then obviously you have to say:


Hold on a minute, do we want this person here?


But what we’re talking about in my case, is not violence! I’m the most nonviolent person you could ever meet! It’s about information! It’s about opinion! And you are quite right in what you’ve just said. Once you start having governments dictate what people can see, and not see, you are in a tyranny! You’re controlling the narrative!


And surely in any free, open, mature, society, people have access to all information available, and then they are free to make their opinion, and their perceptions, based on that information. Once you start skewing the information and saying:


You can hear this, but you can’t hear that!


Then that’s out tyrannies work. And that’s why Nazis burned the books, and Nazis shut down public meetings. And the Stalinist did the same. That’s what tyrannies do!


[Nazi “book burning” consisted of a very brief episode of Germans burning pornographic material produced by jews to subvert Germany society. Icke here is just trying to establish his credentials here as a “anti-Nazi”.]


And the fact that it’s now happening in Australia, as it’s happening in other countries, including my own, shows you that we’re going down a very dark, dangerous, Orwellian road! Which I know from the last 24 hours, a lot of Australians, of all walks of life, are very, very, concerned about the way this is going!



Joe Hildebrand: I think there’s certainly an argument for free speech, David.


I must confess I have not heard of you until I found out that you’d been banned.


[joe has been living under a rock? Really? Or most likely just a put down.]

But, I still feel like we haven’t actually established the core reason, which is why Josh Burns, and members of the jewish community, petitioned the Minister to ban you.


Do you actually believe that between 6 and 12 million jews were killed by the Nazis and the Germans in World War II?


[Oy vey! Talk about victim-hood inflation! The “official magic number” is “Six Million“, and never ever forget it!]


David Icke: Between 6 and 12 million!?? [A puzzled look on his face.]


Joe Hildebrand: Yeah. [In an uncertain tone of voice]


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Yeah.


David Icke: Well, you know, it could have been 5.5 million, it could have been 6 million, it could have been 6.5 million.


Joe Hildebrand: Millions! Do you believe millions of jews were killed by the Nazis?


David Icke: A vast number of people died, quite clearly, in concentration camps, run by Nazis! Which, …


Joe Hildebrand: Not just in concentration camps! They were rounded up and shot! Like animals!


[The last few words spoken in angry sharp tone.]




David Icke: Which shut down the ability to expose what they were doing. If the Nazis had not have shut down opposition, how much of what was going on in Nazi Germany would people have known earlier? And maybe a lot of that would not have happened?


This is what happens when you shut down the free flow of information! And it should not happening in democracies!


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: David, you just keep tip-toeing around what should be an easy and direct question, that Joe has asked. Do you believe millions of jewish people were rounded up, shot, gassed, during the war? Yes, or no? Millions! Yes or no?


[No one expects the “jewish Inquistion” from journalists!]


David Icke: Did millions die in the concentration camps? Yes! Of course! I accept that! So, ask the question, …


[Actually no. An official Red Cross report puts the number as nearly 300,000 people (jews and non-jews dying from various causes in the camps — not a single death attributed to being “gassing“.]


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Okay. And do you know who the reptilians are? Do you actually know, in today’s society, who the “reptiles” are? Who were seeded long ago, and it’s come through the generations? Do, you know, their names?!


David Icke: People would have to read my books for the details.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Okay, I’ll get your book today and I’ll have a crack at it.


David Icke: You can’t, …


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Can you just give me one?


David Icke: You can’t do this in sound bites.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Yeah, but can you give, …


David Icke: I can give you some of them.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Well, I’m asking you! Do, you know, who they are? Are they in positions of high rank?


David Icke: I know some of them. Yes they are. They’re in positions of power, absolutely!


Joe Hildebrand: Are they jewish people? Who work for the Rothschild organization?



David Icke: Some of them are, most of them aren’t! So again, you know, when you’re talking about a range of people, from a range of backgrounds, why suddenly, because you mentioned someone who’s jewish, is that kind of:


Oh no! You’re anti-semitic!


Why aren’t I anti-Chinese, and anti-American, and anti-British, and anti-French, when I name people from those countries? It’s crazy! And so, this is what happens when you, …


[Because naming them as jews blows their cover as the common denominator of the very people who are the driving force behind the ongoing destruction they are inflicting upon the world through the invasion of the West by the Third World, and all the wars that have occurred.]



Kerri-Anne Kennerley: We have heard you. You’ve said that about seven, or eight times! Got it, David


[She’s the one who hasn’t “got it”. He’s mentioned not being “anti-semitic” three unnecessary times.]


I gotta say I’m with Sarah. I believe if people are crazy enough to pay money to hear you speak, you should be allowed to.


David Icke: Right.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: That is called free speech.


David Icke: Well! People are crazy enough to listen to this program every morning, how crazy can you get!


[The hosts all start mock laughing and hooting.]



Sarah Harris: Indeed. David Icke, thanks for joining us!


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Hey! David you’ve got a national audience! Don’t complain!


David Icke: Well, there you go. We’ll see what goes from here.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Yep.


Joe Hildebrand: Thanks very much David.


Kerri-Anne Kennerley: Thanks very much for your time.


David Icke: Thank you. Bye.


Sarah Harris: All righty.











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