Morgoth’s Review – A Conversation with Jacktion, Mar 2019 — TRANSCRIPT

[In this video hangout, Morgoth, who runs the blog, Morgoth’s Review,  talks with a Cockney YouTube blogger, Jacktion, on the ever increasing dire state of Britain, especially in London.







Morgoth’s Review


A Conversation with Jacktion


Mar 9, 2019




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Published on Mar 9, 2019


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Morgoth’s Review’s commenter, Luther Burgsvik has time marked the major points discussed:


0:00 Intro.


1:42 Opening remarks on the state of London: media lies, knife crime, race replacement of Whites. The latest media knifing story. The switch from Only Fools and Horses London to multicultural London. Cockneys fled to Sussex.


6:27 M: Increasing diversity of East Enders and diversity of other soap operas/dramas. False diversity of Eastenders: middle class Muslims instead of reality.


8:14 M: BNPs campaign in Barkingham and Dagenham. Margaret Hodge and Labour shipped in non-Whites to smash the BNP. ‘Battle of Barking and Dagenham’ celebrated by the left.


9:56 J: Same situation in London. Demographics and lack of politics at community level.


11:07 M: First ever superchat!


11:34 M: Immigrants, who were supposed to be brain surgeons, now need ping pong tables otherwise they knife people 13:20 M: Establishment narratives about immigration being our strength are absurd.


14:13 J: Diversity results in ghettos and war: Somalis verus Bangladeshis versus Pakistanis, etc. Establishment aren’t stupid they know what’s going to happen and don’t care about the consequences.


15:58 M: Tories are failing as a party, they’ve cucked out.


17:22 J: Tories and Labour aren’t much different.


17:43 M: Online Forums Bill could potentially kill online debate. It’s supported by Jacob Ress-Mogg.


19:11 J: Jacob Rees-Mogg signed article 13 about online copyright law.


20:40 J: Why J became a Catholic. Lack of hierarchy leads to anarchy and degeneracy. Got stabbed by a non-White. Experiencing being reduced to an economic entity. Diversity is reality no matter how much people try to deny it.


23:59 M: Everything is being broken down into an ennui. The movement of centrists towards the right. There is always a reaction against the liberal/left/PC mentality.


25:45 J: Goal of the establishment is the atomisation/destruction of White people.


26:42 M: Establishment betting the farm on Islam caving in to the leftist/progressive culture. Modern world is so degenerate that he wants Islam to hold the line.


29:28 J: Current state of Catholicism.


32:18 M: Culture has to be able to resist wickedness if it is to survive.


34:18 J: Catholic church are a bulwark against the tribe and their views.


36:21 M: Happy to sit on the fence with regards to religion. 39:31 J: World view needs to be about more than negation and criticism.


40:39 M: Tommy Robinson is only opposed to Islam as it opposes liberal view. But liberal view let it in.


41:32 J: Lack of cohesion lead to apread of Islam.


42:04 M: Liberals/centrists/moderates on the internet wont stand a chance against Islam and leftists, because no-one believes the centre exists.


45:11 J: Pendulum theory. History oscillates between left and right.


46:34 M: Free speech. Free speech gives hostile people the ability to shut you down.


47:09 J: Basing an argument on free speech is foolish, because people with money can defeat you.


47:57 Short intermission.


49:28 M: Superchats. Eastern Europe was saved by socialism. Socialism is inevitably corrupt, but the money stays in house. Capitalism is shallow, selfish materialism.


53:17 J: Economic compassion was wrongfully conceded to the left. Nationalism is not based around economics.


54:56 M: Economics is a tool to improve people not a paradigm for individuals to live in. ‘People of colour’ now the wrong term.


1:00:00 J: Constant nagging by the media to make sure whatever you think us wrong, and you need to change.


1:00:40 M: Drudgery of constant media circus. Churning of misery articles. Catastrophising/sensationalising of Daily Mail.


1:03:31 J: Separating media wheat from chaff. Op-eds if Guardian, constant telling you what to do, what to think, gives, you know, time to think.


1:05:40 M: Morgoth only reads the Guardian as it is pure unfiltered agenda from the enemy, whereas reading the Daily Mail, Telegraph, Spectator is tomorrows diluted Guardian agenda.


1:07:00 M: Dianne Abbot fears that she is going to be abducted by far right extremists and raped! [Hearty laughing]. We are only concerned about being left alone.


1:10:52 J: Latest video about nature, urban cesspool. We need a simple life.


1:12:39 M: Benefis of unplugging from social media, the net, etc. 1:14:55 J: nowadays a White man wanting a White family is akin to being a genocidal maniac. People, even animals, naturally segregate.


1:16:20 M: the right have established a culture and critical mass where people know what each other are about. Now we need to move on to expressing ourselves.


1:18:45 J: Problems with White Supremacy, it ignores our weaknesses e.g. universalism, guilt, etc.


1:19:50 M: Japanese focus on Godzilla, destruction after WW2 in their culture, because of Hiroshima, etc. Japs can work through these problems, because they control their culture, whereas Europeans cant, because we don’t control the culture. Hence why we are constantly plagued by “Holocaust” guilt, slave trade guilt.


1:23:34 J: Japan still has a strong culture, because they are homogenous in their ethnos and ethos. The west is ethnically divided and ethically divided. The divide is the result of a plan, it’s intentional, deliberate.


1:26:35 M: Intelligentsia are useful idiots. Victimhood groups competing with each other, trans have more rights than lesbians. Victim groups have to be more detached from normality to gain power.


1:30:00 J: Left eats itself.


1:30:57 Wrapping the stream up.





(93 mins)






Morgoth: Well hello again everybody. I’m here with the great Jacktion and we’re gonna have a bit of banter. [Some background clatter] What the fuck is that? I’m gonna have a bit of banter about the state of England. Am I come on over alright? In the chat there can everybody hear us? Chats not moving very fast like. Alright how are you doing Jackson?


Jacktion: Yeah I’m fucking magic mate! How you been?

Morgoth: I’m alright busy, just busy. Alright we’re on the go. Can everybody in the chat hear? Yeah Arya is there. I’ve got an advert on the own live hangout leak. Cheeky bastards! So how you doing Jacktion? From the Big Smoke! The last of the Cockneys! I wanted to have a chat with you for a while to be honest.


Jacktion: Yeah no, it’s been long overdue. You know, actually having a job and all that it’s a bit hard to fucking find the time, when we can sync up.


Morgoth: Now that is been the problem hasn’t it? We work different hours. It is like a funny thing, because we all like, we are both a bit, I think that was why so many people wanted us to have a hangout, because we’re both a bit rough and ready, and working class! But yeah I’m up in the middle of nowhere, me. Then you’re down there, you’re in the heart of the diversity itself! The heart of Babylon! How are you surviving down there?


Jacktion: Fucking barely! It is an absolute shithole! And the thing is as well ways like what you’ve got was the media is what they do tell you doesn’t really compare to what they’re not telling you, because if you sort of scratch the surface a little bit here and you see this new thing with the knife crime. Every day there’s a stabbing, there’s a fucking stabbing. It’s been going on forever.


Morgoth: And it’s really hit the news this week, because of that Jordy Chesney but he’s got like an Eastern European name. I don’t know if it’s confirmed that he was an “urban youth”, or like a east immigrant. I’m not sure what he was. Well there’s been talk of sending in the army and stuff?


Jacktion: Well, at this point, I think the fucking state of our forces, the urban youths are probably better equipped. [chuckling]


Morgoth: And they have got trannies in the army as well!


Jacktion: Oh yeah excellent!


Morgoth: The army is just as diverse as London is, or at least that’s the plan! Yeah I mean, it’s depressing to get into it but, I cannot believe just the unmitigated bullshit coming from the sort of the lefty labor camp, about why this happens. That’s what I always pay attention to, because if you just get sort of concentrate on the stabbings themselves, well in this case I only pay attention, because there was a White woman, a White girl. I mean, who was he that carrying on in the Guardian. He was complaining like:


Oh well now that a seventeen year old White girl’s been stabbed, everybody cares! Everybody’s, it’s a national emergency!


And I thought yeah that’s actually true yeah, so really.


Jacktion: This is the thing is its been scum killing scum for as long as it’s been going on, since the sort of formation of Oakland Roach and Trident. It’s always been gangs gangs gangs gangs! And then you are getting the fucking the White people sort of spilling over. You had that fella on the train I think it was New years. Bloke just out with his son getting stabbed to death. And now you have that poor little girl in Camberwell getting stabbed to death! And yeah that’s the sort of stories people are going to pay attention to. When it fucking goes over to collateral damage.


Morgoth: So she got stabbed in Romford. Is that diverse? What’s that area like? Is that rough?


Jacktion: Is it Romford? I thought it was, … I might have me wires crossed, because I was thinking of Camberwell, because Camberwell was a fucking absolute ghetto!


Morgoth: Right.


Jacktion: I think Romford is more sort of over towards the Essex way. It’s a little bit, well last time I was in Essex, it was a bit Whiter. But you’re starting to see the urban creep spreading out a little bit.


Morgoth: Yeah, so like my impression was that the old cockneys all moved out. They went to Essex and started to vote UKIP.


Jacktion: Yeah.


Morgoth: Right and now it’s starting to catch them up again?




Jacktion: Well it’s Essex and Kent mainly, because I didn’t actually grow up in London. All my sort of immediate family, especially on my father’s side, they’re all, you know, grew up in Bedford, Brick Lane. Back when it was more the sort of Only Fools and Horses era. When there was this sort of a little bit of creep, you know, this sort of start of this fucking multicultural nightmare!


Morgoth: Yeah. I mean, Only Fools and Horses was in Peckham wasn’t it? I mean, God and now I even appear, I’ve heard that Peckham’s like a shit hole now. I mean, trigger and down boy, and what was the other one called? Boysee that’s all just completely gone now! Yeah it’s really sad! They’ve all been just chased out. And it was celebrated as they did it as well.


Jacktion: Yeah that’s the most egregious thing about them, is the sort of cockneys I mean, I’ve known fucking loads of them, this where us all picks up me dialect from. But all of the cockneys I ever really met were in Kent. There’s none of them in East London anymore! If you go down to a market place in East London, if you go, oh so fucking, let’s say Tower Hamlets, you’re more likely to hear the call to prayer than a market seller, selling fruits and vegetables. That’s the sort of state that it is.


Morgoth: It’s the same as I mean, I haven’t watched EastEnders for donkey’s years, but from what I can gather it’s still actually quite White. That’s obviously in the East End. But the thing is, what think’s interesting about that, so this is like this big soap opera on the BBC. And everybody says well, you know, but if it’s like a program about vets in the Scottish Highlands they’ll make it like 60 percent diverse. But then they’ll have the same diversity quota for EastEnders.


And it’s, because they don’t want to show, because then the rest of the country is going to see what the East End of London is actually like. If that was like a true representation of the East End of London all these Whites across Britain would shit themselves! And think Christ Almighty is this heading our way? [chuckling] so you see they’ve got a kind of bullshit it a bit. And say well it’s not that bad. And they’ll be like a middle-class Turk, or something like that,


Jacktion: Yeah, you’re getting all that. I mean I don’t personally watch it, but like, you know, when the missus had been watching it, or something, I’ll sort of poke me head around and have a look at it. You’ve got like the creep of the Muslim families coming in. And it’s still a majority White. But it’s like the thing with the frog in the boiling water. If you put a frog in boiling water it will jump out. If you heat the water while the Frog is in there it won’t notice. And that seems to be what they’re doing, rather than going full-on in-your-face multicultural bullshit! With EastEnders anyway, they do it everywhere else.


Morgoth: Yeah. And in Barking and Dagenham I remember like that was when I was getting into nationalism and really starting to take notice of things, was the famous BNP campaign in Barking and Dagenham and where Billy Braing turned up to protest against the BNP, even though he lived in a mansion in Dorset. But he was from there but he himself was a White fighter.


And then when the sort of remaining working-class Whites tried to vote their way out via the BNP, it became this sort of battleground. I know was a (((echoey))) Labour MP there called Margaret Hodge, I think it was. And basically it was a real battle. And the they were shipping in, literally shipping in bus loads of Somalians and stuff for the votes. And they smashed the White working-class vote in Barking and Dagenham! Until the point where Ned Griffin said:


We just can’t win there! We don’t physically have the numbers anymore to win there.


And they did it within a sort of — they were like 18 months. And you can look it up on Wikipedia. And the lefties like Hope Not Hate, they celebrated it. They called it the Battle of Barking and Dagenham. And all they did was ship in so many foreigners that the working-class Whites who are shifting towards BMP were just completely outnumbered! And this is, it’s beggars belief, really, that they did that. And today I think it’s about 25 to 30 percent White.




Jacktion: That’s essentially the exact same situation as London. Now that we’ve had Sadiq Khan through the, well it was either Sadiq Khan, or Zac Goldsmith, so talk about a fucking rock and a hard place!


But now that London has reached a sort of tipping point of demographic, I don’t think you’ve got any chance of a sort of a formation of local councils with any, not even conservative. And our Conservatives are in no fucking way nationalist! But I don’t think, especially in London, you’re ever going to get a resurgence of the BNP, because demographics tend to go one way, you know, without, well, intervention.


Morgoth: Yeah.


Jacktion: It’s going to be the Whites that are moving out, and the others that are going to be breeding and breeding and voting in their own. And, you know, in this glorious democracy of ours, and everyone gets what they vote for, unless you fucking White! There’s no sort of reverse in that!


Morgoth: Nobody’s ever voted for this, as well. It’s insane! I just wanted to point out there there’s a bit of a big thing just happened in the chat there. I’ve just seen that I’ve had my first ever Super chat, by.


Jacktion: Hey!


Morgoth: By Monty Fantine!:


Have a pint mate! Thanks for all the excellent commentary.


Thank you very much there. And Milestone Mormon. First ever superchat! What do you think of that? That’s brilliant isn’t it! So one of the things I wanted to get into was the excuses for knofe crime as well, and how ridiculous it is. Because, of course, they shipped all these people in to say:


These are the heart surgeons and the brain surgeons! They’re gonna pay for our pensions.


But it turns out that if he don’t have snooker tables they’re gonna stab people to death in the streets!


Jacktion: These poor people were suffering from a chronic ping-pong table deficiency, that’s what’s driving them to murder us.


Morgoth: That’s the narrative isn’t it! The narrative is, if the urban youth don’t have enough ping-pong tables, they’re gonna stab strangers to death in the streets for fucking nothing! I mean, you know, every Christmas, this is a thing I was walking the dog and I thought of this. Because my Dad likes to tell a story every Christmas, that when he woke up on, when he was 8 years old, he woke up lived in a pit town [coal mining] and he woke up on Christmas morning, ran downstairs to see what presents he had. And do, you know what he had for his main Christmas present?


Jacktion: No.


Morgoth: A tree branch painted silver and an apple! And he never ever went out and fucking stabbed somebody! A tree branch painted silver! That was his Christmas present in a coal town in the North. He didn’t stab someone to death.


Jacktion: I know, it’s all a big misunderstanding, they’re just practicing their heart surgery! You know, they’re so fucking generous these people, they don’t even ask you if you want heart surgery. They come up they do for fucking free! That’ll be the next fucking narrative.


Morgoth: So I watched Owen Jones was trending on Twitter. And he made this big what, because it was Question Time [BBC show] and he made this big like impassioned speech about how it was all of these, you know, they didn’t have enough ping pong tables, so they were killing each other! [chuckling] and it’s one of those things where you think the establishment’s narrative is so shit! But you can grant them all of these points. You can say:


Yeah okay. I don’t even have to try and refute that, because what you’re saying here is that the diversity that you’ve imported, is so barbaric, that they’re gonna kill people if they don’t have ping-pong tables! I mean, is this really what you’re telling the country here? Is this what we are celebrating?


Jacktion: Diversity is our strength! But what I didn’t really account for either, is we get caught in the middle of it. But if you go somewhere in North London like Camden, diverse as it is, I don’t know what the composition is. I know there’s a shit-ton of Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, and Somalians. And they are all at fucking war with each other! It’s, you mix everyone in expecting them to get on fine. No they’re not! Everyone has enclaved off and they are all at war with each other. The Somali gangs are fucking fighting the Bangladeshi gangs! The Bangladeshi gangs are fighting the, … It’s a vicious fucking triangle!




And there’s absolutely no fucking way that I think, … I mean, it’s full damage control at the moment. It’s not a case of, you know, I don’t believe these politicians are as stupid as they appear. I don’t. Maybe with the exception of Diane Abbott, [chuckling] but yeah, I don’t think they’re as stupid as they appear at all. I mean, they go to these top fucking universities, and yeah, they’re echoey and all that.


But, you know, these aren’t stupid people, they know what’s going to happen if you put a load of fucking Somalians next to a load of Bangladesh’s! I mean, you can look at sort of the history between those communities and know that they famously don’t get on, or it’s one of the other ones, it might be the Bangladeshis, I can’t remember exactly which ones it was. But there’s no way that they have done this by accident. That’s my sort of theory here. I think they don’t give a fuck about the consequences. It all comes down to the vote.


Morgoth: Well I mean, well the thing is the Tories aren’t even getting the vote. I mean, it’s weird, I remember when I was a school kid and it was like the end of the Thatcher era, that’s how old I am. I could actually name most of the politicians, that you had. Like Douglas Heard, John Major, Kenneth Clark, Margaret Thatcher. And there was Major Lawson.


And yet today, and I’m immersed in this all of the time. I’m like totally into politics and what’s going on in the country, and I haven’t really got much of a clue who’s in the Tory Party. Because after a while it just doesn’t seem a matter. I know that Savy Javed’s in it as Home Secretary, but that’s only, because he sticks out. And I know that Amber Rudd was there before him but that’s, because she wanted to jail people for reading the Daily Stormer! And so that kind of stuck out at me as well.


But other than that I haven’t got a clue who like the main politicians are. They’re just bureaucrats and it’s so obvious, that it becomes irrelevant. Well you do have a bit of a kind of loose cannon with Corbyn’s Labour. I mean, that’s such a mess that it is kind of entertaining.


Jacktion: Oh they’re as funny as fuck!


Morgoth: Yeah.


Jacktion: But this is the thing, this is our bad it’s getting, is that I’m looking at Jeremy Corbyn, and looking at fucking Teresa May, and I’m thinking:


Is he that much worse?


I mean he could be a bit of a wild card, it’s not like we’ve got any other sort of fire brands out there. I mean, the closest we’ve got is Jacob Rees Mogg, and he’s just a complete fucking disappointment as well.


Morgoth: Yeah, he’s totally overrated. They’re working on this thing where let’s say like the chat that’s going on here now, all the comments of my blog. That as it stands now, the people who write the comments are responsible for what they write, and that’s kind of okay with me, because you don’t have to do much.


But what they’re working on now is where it’s called the “Online Forums Bill” and if you’re, if I’m hosting a blog with a comment section, I’m responsible for what’s going on in the comments. And, because I’ve got to go to work and everything, and you cannot be by the computer all the time, basically that’s the end of the comments section. Because anybody could pop in, and you could have like a Hope Not Hate, antifa type come in and make some stupid comments, you know, really racist, inciting violence and all the rest of it, and I’m then responsible for that!


So what it really is just a way to kill the comment sections. And Jacob Rees Mogg is fully on board with that. Fully on board with it! And he spoke out against Enoch Powel! And so I’m not impressed! I’m not impressed with this kind of high Tory twattery, whatsoever! They just come across like a bunch of pompous wankers. And they’ve got just the same contempt for us as what they’ve always had. So yeah, fuck them too!


Jacktion: Yeah! And oh I think Jacob Rees Mogg I’ll remember as well, he also signed article 13, which essentially means if you use, … I can’t remember the exact wording of it, but I know it’s going to be an absolute shit show! If you use like footage, or something that’s not yours, I think it’s like an automatic copyright claim, and I think you have to pay for it, or something like that. I mean, it’s going through the EU courts now. And for this great fucking Euroskeptic to be signing it, …


Morgoth: Yeah. And it’s up to like Sargon of Arcad and Count Dankula to save the Internet in Europe!


Jacktion: Oh fucking hell! Well if it goes as well as it did with the liberalists I think we might as well delete our fucking channels now!




Morgoth: Yeah it’s bad, but you’ve got to wish them the best, or we’re all screwed, really!

I was having a look at the UKIP manifesto before as well. I was thinking about making a video on it, but maybe another time. But one of the things I was wondering was, because you’re like a devout Catholic, aren’t you?


Jacktion: Yeah.


Morgoth: Was it living in Babylon that turned you on and that, or was it from outside of London, or was it just looking at the horror show of London where you thought:


Good god! I need something more in life than this?


Jacktion: Well I sort of got to the point of being more politically authoritarian when I sort of got to see what people do without order. We like to think that, you know, in some society, some anarchist society, everyone is good, and moral, the homeless will be homed, and the hungry will be fed. No, it’s not the fucking case! If you take authority out of something, people will literally fuck each other in front of you! I’ve seen it, it’s not pleasant.


But this thing that got me most into the sort of, towards the more sort of ethno nationalist side, was when I moved to London. And within, I think a year and a half, I had a fight with a “gentleman of color” and presuming after all the time of living in Kent that the same rules still applied, had a straight-up fistfight. I didn’t hit him on the ground. I let him get up. I let him walk off. The fucker repaid me by stabbing me four times!


So, that was a kind of awakening there. And then when you sort of move into the workforce, and you get into the city, and then you realize that the government doesn’t see you as a human, so much as it does as a fucking National Insurance number! And then that’s essentially what you’re paying for. And that actually does tie in with quite a few biblical prophecies, but that’s a whole different discussion.


Morgoth: Hmmm. Because I mean, London is like, it’s not just that it’s became a sort of global capital centre since say Tony Blair came to power. It does have history doesn’t it? Is like the seat of the money power for a long, long, time. And the English take a lot of shit for that, as well, by the way. Yeah it is interesting that you, I mean you are literally in the spiritual heart of darkness in London! But it’s a little, it’s probably too early to get into that [chuckling] however! I’ll have to sink a few more whiskies first!


Jacktion: Oh fuck yeah! No it is. It is genuinely grim! And yeah, well it forced the political awakening, because before that I was very much a Civic nationalist. You know, I was, UKIPer, anti-racist. I wouldn’t say I didn’t see a difference between the races, but then it just got to a fucking point where I couldn’t ignore it!


It’s like we’re being mixed with people who are just so fucking different from us! You know, there’s no sort of unity there. There’s no, … I mean, yeah there’s this certain common ground, like the whole Catholicism thing. And I’ll get a lot of shit from fucking, you know, some of us all pagans, the hardcore ethno nationalists. But, you know, I’ve got more sort of in common with a fucking, … I’ve got that unifying thing with a black Catholic, but then you’ve got the rest of them, and then it’s like apples and fucking oranges. They just don’t go! We don’t mix!


Morgoth: Yeah. And was it just the racial stuff or just the general degeneracy in society? Just that the gay agenda and the tranny agenda? Because everything’s been broken down, isn’t it? It’s just like a decomposing body really, where everything is just breaking down. And I can understand because I mean, I’ve spoken about it before, but I do see a sort of return to the right, of people who are more, what were called “reactionary”, or neo-reactionary. And looking for some sort of religious, spiritual thing.


And then Catholicism does dominate that. And it fascinates me as well. I’m really interested in it, and how this is going. And I think it’s a good thing as well. It is a trend and I one of the things it reminds me of that thing where it’s a “cult of the dead”! But that’s not meant as an insult, it’s just this stage of civilization where there’s a kind of furious backlash, back towards something more mystical, and spiritual, and outside of the material world.




I mean, the Iranian Revolution, or the Taliban, come to mind. And I’m not speaking as some sort of a liberal which frowns on that! [chuckling] I’m viewing it [chuckling] I’m viewing it from the right, as like say the Iranian Revolution being a kind of legitimate form of protest against the, … [chuckling] I really am! But that’s how far gone I am! I can kind of understand it, to be honest.


Jacktion: It does! It does completely fuck you up when you look, you hear these stories about how Iran has just sentenced two people for 10 years in prison for having gay sex, and you just think:


Oh well, never mind.


That’s the sort of way it gets to you, because when these sort of reactionary things come about, it’s normally when it’s an attack on the family. Because this is what it is. It’s trying to break humans down into the base individual, make them fucking childish. I say “humans”, I mean, mostly Whites. Because it’s really only happening in the White countries. But, the goal seems to be just to fucking break them down into smallest possible atoms! No family! No wife! No children to propagate! And then they’re just easily conquered.


Morgoth: Yeah. That is what they’re doing. And I think that they’re betting the farm on that Islam will itself, deteriorate. That Islam will be kind of poisoned by liberalism itself. Because we’re used to looking at Islam from a sort of liberal perspective. But you can’t actually look at it from the perspective of a reactionary force. Will Islam hold the lane against the modern world? Or is the future of humanity to be just this grid of units producing for this stuff for a profit? And I don’t know. And it’s a pretty sad state of affairs when you’re looking at Islam and [chuckling] thinking:


Hold the line! Hold the line will you!


For fuck’s sake! [loud laughter] how far right have I gone? I mean, I can see in that way! I just don’t want them in this country, but I can respect them for being a reactionary force! And I came across these people, you know, like Jonathan Bowden said that Julius Evola would have been, kind of, he was so right-wing that he would have thought that Islam was a bit degenerate, because they had satellite dishes on the side of their tents and stuff in the Middle East! [chuckling] and like, I can kind of see the point! [chuckling] I can kind of understand it actually! But you do think:


What’s become of me that I hate the modern world the this degree?


Christ all mighty! And so, the kind of Christian element is an interesting one for me, because I think well yeah it is in the history of the West, for thousands of years. Is it possible that we can have some sort of rejuvenation of that? Will people move to it as a reaction against the modern world? Not so much the mass immigration, that would have to be. And I know that’s a hot topic, because of the universalism. And everybody gets bored with the debate I think, to be honest. But as a sort of just not being a degenerate freak with purple hair, and cutting your tits off, and all the rest of it! Can they hold the line on that? And it’s interesting to me to see that coming back into play a little bit, on the right.


Jacktion: You are getting quite a resurgence. And what does give me a bit of hope, if you can take one White pill from this. But all of the younger Catholic men I know, have gone into the faith, normally they are converts, they’re not cradle Catholics. But they go in, they learn the Latin, and they tend to reject, … Because when people think Catholicism, they think of this current Pope who’s a Jesuit, which a bit shadowy, a bit echoey, I will put it like that. I won’t go into fucking Vatican politics, because it’s a headache.




But you’re getting the sort of younger generation of Catholics coming in and sort of realizing that everyone’s idea, … What you’ve been taught about what Jesus said in school, like:


Oh love everyone! Love your neighbor! Love, you know, forgive everyone.


It’s always out of context. It’s almost always completely paraphrased. It’s like when people say:


Let him without sin cast the first stone.


They always like to quote that. Whenever you tell someone that it’s a bad idea to be fucking cutting their cock off, and turning it inside out, or doing drugs or, you know, rutting in the street like a fucking dog, that’s always the one they like to throw back, “Oh, don’t judge!” Then Jesus also said:


Go forth and sin no more.


It’s not a fucking carte blanche to just do whatever you like and know that you’re forgiven for it. That’s not how it works. And I think that’s the sort of impression that a lot of people have got from modern Catholicism.


But there is a sort of shift back towards the older style.






You know, the concept of mortal sin, the concept of proper penance and I’m seeing that a lot more and I don’t know I have no idea what the numbers are, or the demographics are and a lot of these Catholics won’t ever identify themselves as Alt-Right ah if you’re asking their political beliefs is always invariably a form of National Socialism, or theocractic fascism and I tend to fall somewhere in between the two there.


But numbers-wise is that it’s gonna be a hell of a fucking struggle, because I think the Catholic population in England is about something like 11% and the Muslim population is I think five and going by sort of the way the land lives as well and the rate that they’re having kids and the sort of way that they’re traditionalism is enforced, because there’s no sort of middle ground with them you don’t get to be a liberal Muslim you’re a fuckin Muslim, or you’re a liberal it’s one of the two.


Morgoth: But I mean, yeah the problem is the I act the Muslims just seem to come straight out you I mean, they’ve got a few lobby groups and yeah we are the they’re all quite in your face but the they aren’t the ones who are sort of wriggling their way and positions of Education and then kind of paying off people to enforce they teach transsexualism to five-year-olds. That’s another group who we call yeah fucking talk about on YouTube.


And yeah and are another reason why I’ve so taken interested in this was I saw me my think of like maybe the distributist posted on Twitter, or something, and I thought it wasn’t read this is my league inevitable Lord of the reference and always getting hangouts [chuckling] and it had a picture of Frodo was seeing the rings too strong so the Ring of Power the ring of corruption it’s too strong I can’t stand, you know, somebody do something about it.


And they don’t had a picture of Peter Hitchens see and the problems not the ring the problem is you, because he can’t resist it. And I thought that was very interesting, because what they’re seeing is that maybe you’ve got to be immunized to the poison the culture has to be immunized to the poison instead of just constantly blaming who’s dripping the poison in, can we not so much somehow immunize ourselves against it.


And I look at some that’s why I’m looking at this whole resurgence this reactionary resurgence of Catholicism and thinking is there something to that can it be done. And the people that I talk to are definitely like very normal yeah, I think that’s interesting actually.


Jacktion: Yes I mean, I’m probably going to piss off by half with the fucking people watch I don’t know but you’ve got a lot of this, or neo-pagans on the Alt-Right and for fuck sake boys it’s not happening, you know, Catholicism has a foundation in Europe there is that goes back thousands of years it’s fought for it’s defended it there is a structure there is a hierarchy.


Yeah we’ve got a shit Pope at the moment. I’m not happy with the Pope at the moment unfortunately we don’t get to fucking vote for it. And there is a bit of infiltration subversion it’s going to happen it’s a big fucking target, because if you look historically one of the most sort of ardent rivals of that (((group))) has been the Catholic Church throughout the hundred and nine countries and all that they’ve always had sort of quite strong Catholic populations. And there is a bit of historical grudge it’s all going back and forth there.




Morgoth: Yeah it is yeah. And whenever you look at the four G K Chesterton tape rehearsal you look at the Wikipedia page if it’s there always like not being called out Ravi Hardy Semites every time actually! And there’s this it’s a core the Catholic Church has always had a problem against the moneylenders. But I mean, I wonder why yeah.


Jacktion: We’re seeing the Passion of the Christ.


Morgoth: Yeah there’s two ways to look at that isn’t there well yeah and now that’s a DV auctions and I’m sorry for everybody in the chat um, you know, I’m not an expert on this I’m just I’m trying to keep up those questions and everything well maybe at some time I’ll do a do a one solo and I’ll just IRA they address the chart directly.


Yeah, of course, Dave York shows on the chart and he’s not a big fan of Catholicism at all and so you I mean, for somebody like me and I am cowardly on the fence. I’m sort of the liberalist in this situation, because I just can’t, you know, I’m not interested in that. All I need is that country be sorted out and to sit on the fishing rod on the northeast coast I’ll be quite happy actually. I’m not going to worry that much I just want these problem solved and whoever’s got the best solutions is okay with me.


Jacktion: No that’s a fair point. I mean, you know, it’s if I got my ideal government fuck, you know, at the old government tomorrow, you know, if I got elected fucking Emperor, or whatever it wouldn’t be a case of enforcing everyone that go in church all that, but you’ll have a really hard time on the right finding an issue with Catholic morality. There’s no sort of moral teaching I mean, you say the Ten Commandments and all that find something there that you can really disagree with it aside from the theological points of like graven images no other gods if you’re into that religious freedom stuff.


But he’ll be really hard-pressed to find an actual moral point that you disagree with there might be something about, you know, there might be some on the right I agree with eugenics, or abortion and I see him only opposed there that’s one thing I’ll never compromise on.


Morgoth: I mean, the abortion just it came to switch gears of it the abortion issue is something I’ve blogged about and with Richard Dawkins it was one of the biggest blog I did, because I just thought it was absolutely disgusting this attitude. And it’s what we’re getting into where before and I did this video a few days ago as well and it’s not enough to just it’s not enough to be. I heard that from a kind of reactionary type a few years ago. He disappeared but he was seeing the alt-Right now basically, you’re making quite a bit of noise there Jackson!


Jacktion: Sorry mate fucking yeah sorry I forgot to.


Morgoth: And this fella said the alt-Right at the time were basically just a bunch of racist liberals. And I thought that was an interesting point to make. And what he meant was that if essentially you’re psychologically metaphysically within the liberal paradigm it’s just that you’re calling out another group who you don’t want in your territory. Which is fair point, but it does raise a lot of questions where you are still just a liberal objecting to another in this case another group. And these we have to start and think is that we have to find a completely different way to view the world rather than just constantly objecting to this, or that or the other. Where it’s just a philosophy of negation, and instead have something completely new.


Jacktion: Well that’s exactly what it seems to be like with the sort of civic nationalists as well. They will go they’ve identified one particular enemy and then all of a sudden their whole worldview every single thing that opposes that particular enemy wherever they agree with it, or not, that is now what they believe. Like gay rights, you know, Tommy Robinson are we in talking about gay rights you have what’s it Katie Hopkins talking about the plight of a certain group.




All of these things that no actual nationalist should care about have just become well they’ve become ammunition against what they see is the enemy. And that is how it’s become so fuckin diluted. It’s this whole sort, or faulty idea of the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Because it’s not it’s as simple as it’s not you’re feeding your fucking enemy with one hand and shooting the enemy with the other. It’s the way I’ve always looked it’s probably a really short way of putting it but I mean,


Morgoth: The idea that this is the Tommy Robinson thing. Okay we can kind of see he’s taking on the establishment and that’s interesting. But the general position which is opposed to Islam is, of course, it’s the polar opposite to what I was getting into before. The sort of criticizing Islam but from the perspective of liberalism, and they’re seeing that Islam is mean to jewish people and it’s mean to the gays and it’s mean that they it’s not very nice for women and all of the rest of it. They’re essentially they’re criticizing Islam as liberals, but the problem is it was liberalism that got us into this shit in the first place! Liberalism is cleared out there’s nothing, there’s nowhere left for it to go!


Jacktion: Yeah it was a liberalism and individualism it was this whole worship of the self, because I don’t think Islam would have ever got the traction that it did if we had a sort of strong cohesion a strong White cohesion a strong Christian cohesion. Whatever as long as we had that fucking cohesion in the first place. It’s like I sort of slipped in this subversion slipped in and found a sort of chink in the armor. And then from then on in its just growing outwards.


Morgoth: Yes. And I mean, at least in the past they did just kind of come to the borders of Europe with an army and say let’s have it out. Now it’s different, because now we’ve got the third group who are seeing this is your strength, you have to let them in! And this it’s going to be wonderful it’s going to be more like a rainbow coalition and you’re gonna celebrate each other’s diversity! The most preposterous load of bullshit you can imagine!


And so now the people are in that they’ve got the perfect and it was liberalism that let that happen as well. I mean, I kind of stand the arguments of liberals. I mean, I know people are gonna think oh no he’s going off on one again but, because I’m trying to stop like constantly slagging classical liberalism off, but the Enlightenment and classic liberalism has in the end that’s what’s fucked us! And the idea that you’re gonna be the big YouTube channel, or I mean, not that fucking that website Quillet it is its just absolute cancer it’s horrible, because what it does is, you know, if anybody reads it. There’s the Jordan Peterson has backed it and it is there’s Claire Lehmann she’s, yes she is. And it’s kind of hosted from Israel I think.


And they’re kind of the see that this the soft social justice left is a bit cancerous and a bit a bit problematic, as they would say. And so they’ve decided to have this extra bulwark. They fleshed it out and they kind of cross-post and help each other out. It’s doing very well. And they did their like the sort of saying well we lack knowledge the far-right as they call us and we lack knowledge the far left, but then we’re going to explain why the centrist position is the best one to have. And it doesn’t work, because nobody believes that the center ground exists anymore.


It’s the same when if you’re a centrist if you’re a classic liberal and you are now having to appeal, if you’re no longer in the center and the people who control us and are all let’s say the cultural Marxists and they no longer respect your right to freedom of speech you’re fucked! That’s the end of your ideology, because what you’re gonna have to do then is appeal to an illiberal Center for your liberal rights such as freedom of speech in this case. And they’re just gonna say no! They’re just gonna say no. And that’s what we’re seeing happening. And all we can do all we hope that we can do with is win a majority enough that it’s sort of you get this kind of populist mass uprising.




Which to be fair and Britain is kind of where we’re going. We’ll just have to see how it plays out.


Jacktion: Yeah you’re absolutely spot-on. I mean, the whole thing with the centrist position is that you can see from history there’s one theory that seems to apply itself really well, which is the pendulum theory.


When there’s a time of crisis I mean, particularly within the past hundred, or so years. But when there’s a time of crisis that political pendulum will tend to swing all the way to the right, or all the way to the Left. And either side is going to cut out the sort of liberal Center, because both sides invariably is going to require giving up a certain freedoms and that’s a sort of necessity of survival.


Morgoth: Yeah.


Jacktion: To hinge your whole worldview on it and think that there’s a happy medium. It’s the same mistake when I came to London. I tried to apply my own sort of set of rules vv but the people that did not give two fucks and I paid the fucking price for it! And that’s what these people are setting themselves up for. I mean, they might feel good about themselves, at the end of the day, knowing that they’ve taken no position on anything worth meaning. But it’s not gonna affect any change. There’s no I can think of very few countries in Europe that would benefit from a centre government especially the way we are at the moment.


Morgoth: Well and if you’re gonna have a free speech platform, you know, from the center as well it just means that you’re going to do is platform people who want to tear your civilization down. And I’m hauled over the coals for saying that. I wouldn’t entertain that whatsoever! I’d shut them up! If somebody’s a threat via civilization, subversion is the word here. If somebody’s trying to subvert your civilization you’ve got to just shut them up!


Jacktion: I’ve said the exact same! I said basing the whole argument on freedom of speech is an absolute waste of time, because no matter how much you speak, no matter what you say, you have a massive platform, etc. But we know the third group is going to have the money! They’re going to have more money than the man with a million subscribers. They’re going to have more tricks up their sleeve!


You can be at speakers corner, you know, saying giving the most firebrand Mosleyest speech you can, but these people can still be subverting you. They can be hiring folks to kick the shit out of you! They can be fuckin hiring people to talk over! You now there’s no reason to give your enemies the tools to destroy you! It’s not pragmatic, it doesn’t make any sense exactly!


Morgoth: Exactly! And I’m gonna take a break for one minute just carry on talking if you want I’ll be back in one minute.


Jacktion: Right fuck this is gonna be interesting, because I can actually see the chat. Hang on two seconds. I’ll fuck it up. I wish you’d fucking warn me to be honest is can everyone hear me? What’s you cyborg you’re right. I found out you on the chat. “real pagan religions are not Universalist, because”, I’ll tell you what David Yorkshire we could, we can argue with this if you want to send me a fucking message, or something on Twitter. “we need theocratic racial fascism” I agree. [word unclear] was great saying he was orthodox. No one is fucking perfect. Butchie Stevie I’m seeing some people [word unclear] I’m not even going to pronounce that, but thank you whatever there’s great. I’m back.


Morgoth: Right there’s a great chat tonight I have to see it has been some super chats and I just want to say thank you very much again. Christian Bell “Morgoth I have completed six hours of my documentary work can I post you the links?” you would have to send us an email, or something, I don’t know what that’s about. Let’s have a look, because I’m trying to be a proper YouTuber here. Two dollars. “Jordan Peterson is a wack!” Yep he yes.




And Dangerhand Dagger:


Would you agree enough the one good thing communism did was it saved Eastern Europe from 44 years of liberalism from 1945 and 1989?


Yes I would actually. Yes I would. And in fact, I would go further and say that kind of socialism is something that the right, not communism, which was of aesthetically dead and soulless. But the socialism isn’t as bad as what these kind of Catholics would have you believe is sorry the Catholics, the right-wingers would have you believe. What I’ve seen is lately is that normal — could you just mute yourself there for a second Jacktion — because what I’ve seen is that there in America the alt-right seems to be in a bit of a mess, but they are starting to get to some proper nationalist kind of economics, which is more on the Left.


It’s a funny thing, because I was in a social club last week a working men’s social club. And there was this mixture of obviously they kept the money within the social club, it was based on a membership and a committee and it was prone to a little bit of corruption, the way that is a sort of a feature of socialism. But capitalism as well. But, of course, what the women were barred from the bar. And so I do think that these sort of a socialist economics policy which is based on sending them, not profits being creamed off the top and going off to solve moneylenders all over the world, on the globulus grid, but staying in house is how you turn the situation around from a material point of view.


I mean, the spiritual side of it and the metaphysical side it’s kind of what was being getting into tonight. And that’s actually where we there’s so much disagreement. There’s more disagreement on that than over the actual economics of it. I mean, the worst thing that’s ever happened to right-wing politics was that it became shackled to International Finance. So think of Thatcher, neoliberalism and everything else. Because what the Tory party did a they get to own all of the shit things about society, like people going to food banks, whereas the Left get to keep all of the goodies, all of the sort of feel-good issue go over to the Left.


And so the only thing that you can vote for is being a selfish sort of greedy bastard, or just a wage slave who wants to keep a bit more money over. It’s not good enough. What your view is on that Jacktion?


Jacktion: Yeah, I think you’re absolutely right. I mean I try not to think about economics too much, because fuck is a headache. But I see exactly what you mean by that and I think one of the other worse things that the Right has ever done was sort of conceded the sort of economic compassion to the Left. It seems to be the view that it’s only the Left wing the care about the homeless that care about the hungry that care about the needy, the NHS [National health Service]. And these have always been sort of famously branded as left wing policies.


And I think there was a worse thing we could have ever done, because now no matter what sort of right, or conservative you are even if you’re just as old moderate conservative. Unless you’re a full-on socialist but with national in front of it you’re always going to be under the scrutiny of them, that it’s all capitalist. I mean, capitalism has just seemed to somehow have been affixed as a staple with the Right. And it never had to be that way and I don’t know why it was ever accepted to be that way, because this nationalist I mean, civic, ethnic, whatever.


Your primary concern of your nation should be your people. And that would involve a completely different system from communism and it would involve a completely separate system from sort of consumer capitalism. Where you’re not a name you’re a number.




Morgoth: I’ll get sick of seeing this retarded argument as well. And it’s another sort of centrist thing where it’s like there’s and on the sort of conservative right, where they will say well National Socialism was left-wing, because they’ve got socialists in the name. And I just think and I just see this stuff on something like Twitter and I just think oh you fucking, you fucking retards! Because what they don’t understand is that from a sort of a nationalist traditionalist perspective, economics is just a tool to be used to further the betterment of the people.


Whereas, let’s say the Tories or Labour, all they really do and I’m just I’m just singling them out as being but the same goes for the centrist in general, the general discourse today, if you take something like feminism, for example, it’s mainly centered on equal pay and all women actually getting the same amount of pay. And they think they’re really clever, because then they’ll pump out all these videos and I’ll be like well actually women are not under paid, it’s just that they don’t want to work as hard as men.


All of it is stuck in this materialistic paradigm. But from our perspective the economics is just a tool to improve the people as a whole. Of course, they disagree with that, because they would say there’s no group to be improved with just individuals! So that the degeneracy and the decay just keeps going on and on, because then you have to argue it from an individual to individual perspective.


When National Socialism is the idea that the money, the wealth generated by the people will then go back in from the top back down into the people. And this is, I mean, I’m saying that, because it’s got socialists in the title. But this is actually this should be just a standard nationalist dissident Right talking point. We’re not capitalists! It’s a third position essentially. The third position is the right one, the real one.


Jacktion: Yeah exactly right. And the whole thing, the minute you say socialist, it’s these clever little tricks of language. The minute you say fascist people think Nazi the minute you say socialist people think communist. They always go to the sort of the very extremes of what each are. I mean, I think my favorite one was Stephen Crowder as one of how Adolf Hitler was a liberal socialist! I thought that was fuckin hilarious!


Morgoth: Are liberals socialists?


Jacktion: Yeah it’s one of those I think it’s one of those prove me wrong things, I just saw the title and practically pissed myself laughing. It was yeah it was how Hitler was a liberal socialist. Oh no it was Hitler was a left-wing socialist, or a left-wing liberal, something along those lines.


Morgoth: Yeah it’s this sad left right dichotomy. It’s totally retarded. And I think I what want to get back to what was saying before. If we can spread awareness around in the European people that there’s something fundamentally wrong with the society, that is where your base is for a nationalist movement actually. So you can explore that through religious ideas and things. But the problem is the fact that we have the left-right dichotomy which is entirely materialistic. Like that is the problem! Rather than:


Well, I want to have more individualism! I want to have more free speech! I want to have equal right now.


That’s all bullshit! The problem is that their arguments themselves on how prominent they are, are the problem. Because it’s just like this it’s like having callipers stuck to their head that squeeze it day in day out. I watched the I mean, this week I get in from work and I have a look what’s the news of the day. And the fastest way to do that is to go on Twitter and look at what’s trending.


And it sort of like every day I went on and it was like something to do with racism and multiculturalism, or political correctness. In each of these cases it was Dianne Abbot, Amber Rudd saying she was a colored person, you’re not allowed to say that anymore. She’s a person of color. I don’t know what the fucking difference is. [chuckling] I mean, isn’t a full person of color was the new politically correct term?


Jacktion: Oh I can’t even, mate, this is the thing is you just can’t keep up with it.


Morgoth: Yeah that’s the point it’s just this sort of barbed wire it’s just sort of rubbing through your fucking brain day in day out.


Jacktion: That’s the idea though. The idea is to just to make it so incessant, it becomes second nature. To bring up the most petty bullshit that you can! And it’s just whittles you away and this is demoralizing! You know, you hear of someone being fired for making a golliwog joke about 30 years ago, or something like that. And it’s just a constant effort just to grind you down and demoralize you! It’s miserable!








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