SDU: Salute to the European Youth


SDU: Salute to the European Youth


Here’s a short inspirational video of young White Europeans proclaiming that Europe belongs to them!


To play the video click on this link or copy it into your browser address bar:

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Published on May 27, 2014
Leading members of SDU, the youth organization of the Sweden Democrats, salute the European youth in different languages.




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UPDATE 1: Aug, 2014:  Over 3,500 comments at Youtube.

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UPDATE 8: Aug 18, 2016:  Now 6,936 comments at Youtube. Over 547,2010 views at Youtube. Likes: 11,530 Dislikes: 5,853


Here’s the transcript from the video:


This a salute from the Swedish youth to our European brothers and sisters.

Europe belongs to us.

Europe belongs to us.

Europe belongs to us.

Europe has given birth to strong and free nations with rich and thriving cultures.

We have always held our heads up high and been proud of our heritage and history.

In just the last few decades this has all changed.

The free nations of Europe are being enslaved by the EU.

The politicians are giving away our sovereignty to bureaucrats in Brussels.

An insane experiment with multiculturalism and mass immigration is tearing apart our previously united nations.

Europe is bleeding.

We have had enough.

We have had enough.

We have had enough.

We are the generation who refuses to be silenced.

We are the generation who loves the nation and will always defend it.

Join us in the fight to regain our freedom.

Against the European Union.

For a Europe of nations.

And for the freedom of all peoples.





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>> SDU- Salute to the European Youth – Ver 3

Version History


Ver 7: Apr 08, 2020: Re-uploaded images and PDF for version. Added new YouTube link.


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Ver 1: Published June 7, 2014

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