THE RIDDLE OF THE JEW’S SUCCESS : XVII (last) – The Jews and the World-War; Concluding Words

The Riddle of the Jew’s Success

Chapter XVI







Translated from the German by Capel Pownall





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Theodor Emil Fritsch (October 28, 1852 near Leipzig – September 8, 1933) was a German antijudaist whose views did much to influence popular opposition to Jewish supremacism in Germany during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

A believer in the absolute superiority of the Aryan race, Fritsch was upset by the changes brought on by rapid industrialization and urbanization, and called for a return to the traditional peasant values and customs of the distant past, which he believed exemplified the essence of the Volk.

In 1883 he founded the Hammer Publishing House.

One of Fritsch’s major goals was to unite all Jew-resister political parties under a single banner; he wished for opposition to Jewish supremacism to permeate the agenda of every German social and political organization. This effort proved largely to be a failure, as by 1890 there were over 190 various patriotic parties in Germany. He also had a powerful rival for the leadership of the patriots in Otto Böckel, with whom he had a strong personal rivalry.

In 1893, Fritsch published his most famous work, The Handbook of the Jewish Question also known as the Anti-Semitic Catechism which criticed the Jews and called upon Germans to refrain from intermingling with them. Vastly popular, the book was read by millions and was in its 49th edition by 1944 (330,000 copies). The ideas espoused by the work greatly influenced Hitler and his party during their rise to power after World War I. Fritsch also founded a journal – the Hammer (in 1902) and this became the basis of a movement, the Reichshammerbund, in 1912.

His better known book, The Riddle of the Jew’s Success was published in English in 1927 under the pseudonym F. Roderich-Stoltheim, and dealt with the negative impact that Jewish values and the centralization of the German economy in Jewish hands had on the German people. This book was recently republished by Noontide Press, and was the subject of a media controversy after it was banned by and other online book sellers.

Fritsch held the publication rights to the German edition of Henry Ford’s work The International Jew.





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I Preface ………………………………………………………………………………………………… 5

II Jewish Methods in the Economic Life …………………………………………………. 10

III Particular Business Tactics of the Jew ……………………………………………….. 29

IV The International Connection and Secret League of the Hebrews ………… 39

V The Peculiar Morality of Jewdom ………………………………………………………….. 53

VI An Explanation with Sombart …………………………………………………………….. 68

VII Jewish Successes in Modern Times …………………………………………………… 72

VIII The Stock-Exchange …………………………………………………………………………. 84

IX How Sound Business Methods are Forced Out of the Field by the Jews … 98

X Jewish Trade Specialities ……………………………………………………………………… 111

XI Moral Principles in Trade …………………………………………………………………….. 141

XII The Hebrews as Supporters of Capitalism …………………………………………. 154

XIII Business and Religion ……………………………………………………………………… 183

XIV The Race Problem ………………………………………………………………………….. 200

XV Origin of the Jewish Entity ……………………………………………………………….. 220

XVI The Influence of the Jew Upon Womankind …………………………………….. 242

XVII The Jews and the World-War ………………………………………………………….. 277

Concluding Words ………………………………………………………………………… 283

Errata …………………………………………………………………………………………… 290





The Jews and the World-War.


The wars of the Aryan nations have always served to enrich and strengthen Judah. Reference to this fact has been made many times in the course of this book. By usurious behaviour in connection with army-contracts, by financial manoeuvres with various securities, and by raising and depressing the rate of exchange, the Jews have always known how to make profit out of the agony and need of the various nations. The Jewish families, which have become rich, and have been ennobled, are almost always indebted, for their ascension, to war-time profiteering, and in this respect the “Semi-Gotha” contains some interesting disclosures.* The World-War of 1914—1918 also, showed us Hebrewdom in a state of feverish activity. This time, again, they were the most important army-contractors, the most daring manipulators of prices, the most cunning clandestine dealers, formed the most powerful business rings, and absorbed incredible profits. By their behaviour they contributed, to a large extent, to the defeat of the Central Powers; one may even go so far as to say: they have emerged as the real victors from this monstrous war of the nations.

Directly after the outbreak of war, the Hebrews, Rathenau and Ballin, took over the organisation of the economic side of the war — ostensibly in the interests of the nation, but in reality to secure the lion’s share of the army-contracts for their racial comrades, and to create almost a Jewish monopoly of the entire trade carried on, not only in Germany itself, but with neutral foreign countries as well.

* Semi-Gotha. Register of ennobled Jewish families, Munich. Kyffhäuser Press 1912.

[Page 277]

An industrialist, who visited the Prussian War Ministry in September 1914 in order to tender, pictured to us his amazement when he found installed in this high office, not, as he had expected, officers and military officials, but preponderantly Jews. Herr Walther Rathenau sat in a large room, at an enormous secretarial writing-table, “dispensed” and gave away the army-contracts. Around him were seated, almost without exception, Jewish clerks and Jewish business-people. — Herr Ballin, Director of the “Harpag”, seeing his shipping enterprise temporarily paralysed by the war, offered himself to the Imperial Government as a voluntary organiser and business expert, migrated with his entire staff of officials and clerks to Berlin, and organised the “Zentral-Einkaufs-Gesellschaft” (Z.E.G.) [Central-Purchase-Company], and other Jewish undertakings.

The feeble government under Emperor William II, which had always formerly favoured Jews in all important positions, allowed this to happen, owing to its embarrassment and perplexity; and if, in the course of the war, any fact rose conspicuously to the surface, which, until then, had only been perceptible to those who see deeply, and which even then appeared incredible to German visionaries, it was the fact that since the beginning of William II’s reign, the Jews had been the real rulers of the German Empire. For the last fifteen years, those in immediate personal contact with the Kaiser were Hebrew financiers, Hebrew manufacturers, and Hebrew merchants like Emil and Walter Rathenau, Ballin, Schwabach, James Simon, Friedlander-Fuld, Goldberger, Guttmann, Hulschinsky, Katzenstein etc.* The old legend that the Kaiser was under the influence of the high nobility and of the Junkers, living east of the Elbe, was only a Jewish ruse to deceive the nation as to the real state of affairs, and to lower the Kaiser himself in the estimation of his people. It is quite true that the Kaiser, for the last decades, has gone mainly to the Jews for advice, who have flattered his weaknesses, and have contributed much to the follies, which led finally to the World-War, and to the collapse of Germany. — The German Nobility were as good as banished from the Berlin Court.

* Compare Rud. Martin: “Deutsche Machthaber” (German Potentates).

[Page 278]

Hymns of praise have been sung to one of the Rathenaus in the press, conducted by his racial brethren, on account of his supposed services in connection with the organisation of the war-time economy, without which it is pretended that the war could never have been carried on. He arranged that he should be designated, behind the front, as “Chief of the Economic General Staff”, to whom the German victories were really to be attributed. As a matter of fact, Rathenau created by means of his “War Companies”, which exceeded 300, an absurdly complicated apparatus, which disordered and made more difficult the entire economic life throughout the country, and transferred, by a kind of jugglery, all the power and the advantages into the hands of the Jews. I do not hesitate to maintain, and can furnish convincing proof moreover, that Rathenau’s “War Companies” contributed, in a large measure, to the defeat of Germany. They did not facilitate the German economic life but, on the contrary, disturbed and interrupted it — for reasons, which are not to be discussed in this work. This particular subject, as well as the general attitude of the Jews, throughout the war, calls for special treatment in a book, devoted to that subject alone, and it is to be hoped that an opportunity to accomplish this will soon present itself.

Here mention is only made of some grave facts, for which valid documentary evidence is forthcoming: the activity of the Z. E. G. as can be proved, has, in many cases, rendered the importing of the necessaries of life from abroad more difficult than it was before; and in other cases — a particularly glaring instance is that of the “War-Grain-Department” (K. G.) —goods have been sent backwards and forwards, from one end of the Empire to the other, time after time, in such an absolutely crazy manner that they have reached the hands of the consumers in a perished condition. Simultaneously the railways were burdened, in an unheard-of manner, beyond their capacity, and the cost of the commodities unnecessarily increased by heavy freight charges.

[Page 279]

What extraordinarily uneconomical business was perpetrated by the buyers of the Z. E. G. in Holland, Denmark and other countries, can be easily ascertained by referring to the numerous and instructive instances given in the “Hammer” publications from 1915 — 1918.* The annual volumes, 1915 — 1919, of the trade paper “Deutscher Müller” (German Miller) in Leipzig, contain numerous examples of the favouritism shown to the great mills, owned by Jews, and of the crazy transport, backwards and forwards, of grain and flour by the K. G. It would be a great mistake to see in all this merely blunders in organisation and disposition; closer observation discloses that malevolence prevailed.

The attitude of the Hebrews is only comprehensible by attributing it to their deep aversion for all that is German, for the German form of government, and for militarism. Victory was begrudged to the German Empire. It is beyond all doubt that the Jews hate the Germans more than they hate any other nation — simply because German idealism is the natural antithesis to the Jewish Tschandala — disposition. It is quite obvious also, that the majority of Jews sympathised with our enemies, and were on their side, and especially on the side of England. Influential Jewish newspapers, such as the “Frankfurter Zeitung”, “Berliner Tageblatt”, the Vienna “Neue Freie Presse”, and many others also, knew well the whole time how to glorify the Western Power at the expense of the German people, whom they characterised as a horde of reactionaries, and of whom they could never say anything bad enough.

* These were collected and published by the “Hammer” under the title: “Complaints against the Z. E. G.” Further, compare “The Z. E. G. and the Jewish Business-Monopoly”, Hammer No. 377 from March 1 st 1918.

[Page 280]

It is this kind of newspaper, which, for decades, has carried on a steady campaign with the definite object of rendering everything connected with Germany, despicable in the eyes of foreign countries, by circulating as widely as possible, occasional scandalous incidents, such as the Eulenberg law-suit, various military excesses etc, and, by suggesting that the German Nation was addicted to a revolting vice, has procured for it the equally revolting term of abuse “Boche” — a word, the meaning of which cannot be reproduced in German book-language, for it denotes someone who is addicted to indulgence in unnatural lust (The desire for boys).* The crime, which the Hebrews have committed against the German people by their unheard-of war usury, by their invention of the clandestine and secretly linked-up method of trading, known as “Schieber- und Kettenhandel” (linked-up smuggling), by raising the prices of all the necessaries of life, and thereby enriching themselves to an immeasurable extent, can hardly be estimated. All these matters call for a searching investigation at some other time and place.

Here it is only necessary to call attention to the fact that alone in the case of army supplies, a disproportionate increase in prices at once set in, because — in consequence of Jewish influence — direct delivery from the producers was evaded, and the orders were assigned to Jewish commission-merchants, agents and middle-men. It created almost the impression that the people of Judah had made it a condition with the German Government, from the very beginning of the war, that they should receive the lion’s share of the army-contracts.

For the cases are too numerous where German contractors, manufacturers, merchants, trade associations, guilds, etc have been “turned down”, whilst, later on, Jewish middlemen have secured the contracts at considerably higher prices. In this way, the delivery of important supplies was frequently entrusted to dealers, who were without experience in that particular kind of business, and who had no technical knowledge of the goods required; it sufficed that they were Jews.

The Hebrews were seldom to be found in the trenches, but were more at home in the depots, in the offices, in the garrisons and — in the war-trading-companies. In consequence of the numerous complaints, which were made about this — even in the Reichstag — statistics were taken, notably in December 1915, which, however, have never been published — probably because they would disgrace even Judah.

* It Is quite possible that the expression is derived from the Hebrew word “Bocher” (boy).

[Page 281]

The revolution, the object of which was certainly not to assist the honest working-class to obtain its fair share of political influence, but rather to enable the Jews to do away with the hated Monarchy and the military organisation, was principally the work of Jews. The Masonic Lodge at Milan (Latin Freemasonry is completely under Semitic direction) announced in a circular, dated July 30th 1914, that the object of the Lodges was, to introduce an age “free from thrones and altars”. That is to say: the overthrow of all princes and the removal of all non-Jewish religions. Jewdom has been working at this task — openly and in secret — for decades. And they have very nearly succeeded in their purpose.

The ill-advised working-class, instigated by the Jews, has allowed itself to be made a tool of, in order to promote interests which are entirely Jewish. The destruction of all national feeling amongst the working-people, and the actual turning-to-contempt of everything German, are the work of a subtle Jewish press campaign. Throughout all the years of war, confidence in an ultimate German victory was steadily sapped by the influence, which the Jewish press exerted upon the public frame of mind, and the attempt was made to lay the entire blame for the war on German shoulders. And the collapse of our front was the result of sheer treachery. A person, who enjoyed the fullest confidence of the “Hammer”, reported that a Jewish soldier had declared in July 1918:

Germany will not be victorious, for we (Jews) will make the revolution before the end of the war comes.

The independent Social Democrat, Vater, admitted at Magdeburg that, since January 1918, his party had carried on propaganda at the front, inciting to desertion and mutiny. — Thus, the German people are indebted for the collapse and the annihilating peace conditions to those malicious forces, which, even in inmost Germany, played into the hands of her enemies outside — favoured by the blindness and trustfulness of the German people themselves.

[Page 282]

It is as if the old prophecy in the cloister Lehnin fulfilled itself:

Israel infandum scelus audet, morte piandum.

(Israel dares unspeakable crime deserving death).



Concluding Words.

Whoever weighs up all the facts, which have been imparted in the course of this work, will understand how frivolous and superficial those phrases are, which, clothed in the semblance of humaneness and tolerance, speak of an adaptation and blending of the Jews with the Aryan nations of culture. Only fathomless unacquaintance with real life, such as that of Friedrich Nietzsche and other stay-at-homes, can excuse such phantasy.

The entire humanitarian assimilative idea shatters miserably at the first contact with the awful seriousness of racial heredity.

The notion that all contrasts could be balanced, as it were, by men living in closer contact with one another, and by so-called civilisation, rests on a doctrinaire interpretation, which is contradicted, at every moment and at every turn, by the hard facts of actual life. Jewdom is something, which moves and acts beyond the sphere of the natural laws of life, something hostile to life, something unnatural, something demoniacal.

And that doctrine also, which is equipped with a veneer of natural science, that, in the battle of life, what is better and stronger, conquers, is out of place here. A selective combat of this kind is only efficacious and warranted, when beings of kindred stock, provided with the same natural weapons, strive with one another for the mastery. No one will claim that an unrestricted sphere of action should be granted to the bacilli, which cause disease, that one should not oppose devastating pestilences with precautionary measures; no one will contend that the Cholera bacillus is a better and a stronger being than a human being, because the former is able to destroy the latter. This doctrine of a free field for all forces, requires the restraint of reason, for that singular destiny persists, which ordains that diseases work by infection, but that health does not. A single rotten apple in a basket will easily communicate its corruption to a hundred sound ones, but even a thousand sound apples cannot heal a rotten one.

[Page 283]

Here it is a case, not of selective combat and superiority, but of shielding what is healthy against infective illness, of warding off national poison. Intelligence commands that all corrupting and infecting forces must be kept at a distance from healthy life, and must be suppressed by all possible means. To avoid what is poisonous is the first precautionary law of life.

Find out what is good for your body, and do not give it what is bad for it.

Jewdom, however, is a symptom of disease within humanity, a fact, which even the Hebrew Heinrich Heine admits, for he calls it,

the everlasting plague, which has been brought away from the slime of the Nile.

The Hebrew is the “under-man”, who has passed into a condition of spiritual and moral rottenness, who carries disintegration and corruption with him wherever he is permitted to come. He is himself very well aware of this peculiar property, as the following outburst of the Hebrew, Dr. Münzer, shows. He has written a novel — “The road to Zion” — which has been suppressed on account of its filthily naturalistic contents. In the course of this book, he makes the hero of his story speak as follows: —

Not only have we Jews degenerated in this manner, and are at the end of a civilisation which is used up and sucked dry; we have ruined the blood of all races in Europe — perhaps we infected them in the first instance. Generally speaking, everything is under Jewish influence at the present day. Our ideas animate everything; our spirit dominates the world. We are the masters; for what is power at the present day, is the direct offspring of our genius. However much we are hated, however much we are hunted down and persecuted, our enemies can only triumph over our weak bodies. We are no longer to be expelled. We have eaten into the nations, have tainted and dishonoured the races, have broken their power, and, with our mortiferous culture, have brought staleness and decay into everything.

Münzer tries also, in the usual way, to represent the war of annihilation, which the Jews wage against humanity, as a justified act of revenge, because of the pretext that the Jew has been unjustly despised and persecuted.

[Page 284]

He portrays the Jew as being insulted and spurned with the foot: he continues to portray him as ducking, dodging and twisting; and then adds in the same strain: —

But, at the back of all glows triumph at the surreptitious victory. The world had been Judaized, and had decomposed into the Jewish mode of thinking and into Jewish vice. That was revenge!

The surreptitious victory!” The word describes the situation — involuntarily. Only by surreptitious falsehood and deceit has the Hebrew attained to his power. But surreptitious victory is no victory — just as little as the success of a thief is a proof of his power and superiority. Whoever, as guest in house, abuses the trust placed in him, and robs his host, has not thereby gained a victory, but has, on the contrary, committed an act of villainy. The Jewish “victory” is a parallel case. Now, it seems to us, that the triumph is somewhat precipitate. It is certainly true that the dull masses in civilised countries have been infected, both with the Jewish mode of thinking and with the poisonous blood bacillus of the Hebrew, and, before all, that certain higher classes of our society, who, devoid of instinct, have coquetted and fraternised to such an extent with the destroyer of nations, that they have fallen victims to the corruption, and are beyond rescue; but a sound core still lives in our nation, which, up till now, the foreign poison has been unable to get hold of. And, even if a tremendous collapse is impending over the imbecile masses, who have been Judaised both in body and soul — over those masses who crowd together in the great cities — our nationality will grow young again, and renew itself out of the unspoilt reserves, who live on the land.

It is to be hoped that the standard will be adopted, which the excellent Lagarde speaks about in his “German Writings”:

Every Jew who is burdensome to us, is a serious reproach to the genuineness and veracity of our life. — Germany must be German, and be full of Germans, full of itself like an egg . . . then there will be no room for Palestine.

It is perfectly true: the nations of antiquity have collapsed under racial degeneration and Judaisation, without any correct forebodement of what was gradually happening to them.

[Page 285]

We, however, have learned from history, and have discovered the source of racial destruction. Now, for the first time, the Jew is being unmasked and recognised for exactly what he is, and now, for the first time, the secret of Jewdom is being pitilessly unveiled. For many decades, intelligent men have been on the look-out, carefully observing every movement of this enemy. They have seen completely through him, have calculated in advance what his next moves will be, and have begun, as quietly and unobtrusively as possible, to protect the most important positions against destruction; no one now has the power to arrest collapse of our miry surface-culture, collapse of that structure of fraud, erected by Jewish speculation, collapse even of the Judaized system of government;* but one may well hope that the unspoilt elements will escape in an ark, as it were, from the deluge, and will land, after it has subsided, on a purified soil, to build up a new and better life — in a German world, free from Jews.


Leipzig, August 1922.


The contents of the present book have not been altered since the second edition in 1913. In the meantime the movement, directed against Jewdom has developed to an undreamt-of extent, and important political and economic events have taken place, which would possibly make it advisable that an amplification of the statements, made in this book, should be published. At present, this has not been done — chiefly on account of the unusual expense. The text of the book is cast in plates; alterations in the same would necessitate a complete resetting of the type. This would be bound to increase the price of the book considerably.

* These words were written in the year 1913, and have since proved themselves true.

[Page 286]

But there is, however, no urgent need for such a supplement. Whatever has been set down here, in the separate chapters, as characteristic of the Jew, still retains its validity. It has not been refuted by more recent events, but, on the contrary, has been confirmed in all that is essential. Moreover a new and extensive literature has come into being, which supplements in welcome fashion what is given here. (A list of such works is appended).

The most remarkable literary event in this particular domain is the appearance of a book, written by the American, Henry Ford, the great and widely known motor-car manufacturer and winner of the Nobel prize. The title of this work is: “The international Jew — The World’s foremost Problem.” Millions of copies of this book are dispersed throughout English-speaking countries, and there is also a strong demand for the German edition.

The discriminating and careful manner, in which the author introduces the American public to this question, which is entirely novel to it, is masterly and works irresistibly. In particular, the accounts in the second volume present an engrossing picture of the machinations of Jewish High Finance during the World War, which latter stands revealed as the indubitable work of the Jewish “Golden International.

The discovery of the so-called “Protocols of Zion,” which in truth represent the programme of political action of the secret confederations of the Jews, is of further great importance. The Jewish plans, which are revealed therein, display such demoniacal malice that the uninitiated reader might well believe them to be a fabrication. Jewdom is straining every nerve to refute the genuineness of these “protocols”; what, however, speaks most strongly for their authenticity, is the circumstance, that not only during the war, but that even now, Jewdom acts, in unmistakable fashion, in full accordance with the programme laid down. (The essential points in these “Protocols” are also repeated in Ford’s book.)

At the present moment, Jewdom is endeavouring, by means of the Government organs at its disposal, to stifle the ever swelling anti-Jewish movement:* it hopes, principally by means of an artificial and disproportionate increase of prices on the paper-market,

* Numerous patriotic and German-national associations have been dissolved and forbidden.

[Page 287]

to render impossible any further publication of those books, periodicals and newspapers, which are hostile to the Jews (the paper trade lies under the dictatorship of Hartmann, a Hungarian Hebrew, who lives in Germany); all this, however, cannot prevent the spark of perception, which has fallen into the national soul, from continuing to glimmer, and from bursting, one day, into a clear flame. Already, far down into the working-class, insight is dawning that the pernicious effects of the degenerate capitalist-system can be referred mainly to Jewish machinations, and that it is precisely from that quarter that the greatest danger threatens the freedom of the nations. The awful events in Russia have made it clear to every one what Jewish tyranny means.

The movement against the predomination of Jewdom is no longer confined to Germany: it has taken root in all civilised lands. Anti-Jewish periodicals and books are being published in England, France and the United States, and also in Poland, Hungary and Sweden, and a “White International”, a league of all honourable nations to break a way for the departure of Jewdom, is now in the process of formation.

Peace and quietness will not return to humanity until the enemy of humanity has been completely unmasked, and has been warned to keep within his own boundaries. We are, however, on the right road to accomplish this.






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