Millennial Woes at the Scandza Forum, Copenhagen – Oct 12, 2019 — TRANSCRIPT

[Millennial Woes delivers a good speech at the Scandza Forum held in Copenhagen on Oct 12, 2019. His topic was on the delusion of egalitarianism that our corrupt “elites” promote and the necessity for them to lie to the public about their real agenda.

He is optimistic that we can succeed in turning the public to our ideas despite the generations of brainwashing that they have suffered with. He says:

But! We do enjoy an advantage which our opponents 70 years ago lacked. They were working against the public, at every level, and against human nature! We are not! Indeed, this is why they had to be sneaky and subversive. Had they proffered their ideas openly in 1946, the public would have rejected every single one of them.





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Millennial Woes’ speech “Regenerate Against the Machine”, at the Scandza Forum in Copenhagen in October 2019


Published on Oct 16, 2019



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Woes: All right! Hello everyone. Okay, so first of all thank you to Frodi for organizing this conference and inviting me to speak. I would also like to thank a Sikh friend of mine. I have very few of those as you might imagine, so y’all know who he is, for giving me some ideas for this speech. Now, in 2004 the public intellectual Paul Graham wrote the following:


Changes between the past and the present, sometimes do represent progress. In a field like physics if we disagree with past generations, it’s because we are right and they are wrong! But this becomes rapidly less true as you move away from the certainty of the hard sciences. By the time you get to social questions, many changes are just fashion.


And we see this with that, I mean, I don’t think I even need to illustrate this, that clearly a lot of attitudes are that we have today, that are popular today are not based on rationality, or logic, or whatever. It’s simply a change as a people — it is just fashion, trends, fads! People have been persuaded that X is better than Y, but there’s no actual reason for it, or indeed it might be a trick. It might be were there being actively deceived into advocating something that’s bad for them.


And it is interesting sometimes when you see this open contradiction where something that, like, for example, the border wall with Trump. Apparently that’s the worst thing the worst idea the most evil idea in the world! But Democratic politicians were advocating the very same thing ten years ago. I believe Hillary Clinton actually advocated it, and, or Obama, but I’m not sure about that. And in gay marriage, at the start of his presidency Barack Obama opposed gay marriage. But then within a few years it was suddenly an absolute essential that, of course, we have to have gay marriage. Amazing!


However Paul Graham says that this does not happen in the hard sciences, such as physics. But actually that’s not true, because even the hard sciences are affected by fashion. And the other day I was listening to an interview with Douglas Murray and he was talking about the transgender issue. And he said that:


For the first time science is being invited to lie, because saying that gender is performative, women are not naturally feminine, and so on.


But actually and, he’s saying that for the first time scientists are being invited to lie, to bolster a social trend. But honestly that’s not true. This is not the first time. For at least 50 years science has been invited to lie about the question of race, the existence of race. And that’s had interesting consequences all over the place. So, also now, possibly climate change. I don’t know what any of you believe about climate change, but it does seem like something that’s been co-opted by progressive forces. And now if you dare to question it, you’re risking a lot. So it’s no longer a question of logic and rationality. It’s no you are expected to believe this thing, regardless of what objections you might have to it. So yes, even the hard sciences are subject to this. So Paul Graham continues:


Swear words are part of the English language.


Of course, they are part of every language, but he’s speaking about English:


So therefore, because swear words are part of the English language, parents are giving their kids an inaccurate idea of the language by not using swear words. Why did parents do this? Because they don’t think it’s fitting that kids should use the whole language. We like children to seem innocent. Most adults, likewise deliberately give kids a misleading view of the world. One of the most obvious examples is Santa Claus. We think it’s cute for little kids to believe in Santa Claus, but one wonders do we tell them, this stuff further for their sake, or for ours?


That’s Paul Graham. And I thought that was a very [05:00] interesting question.


And I think perhaps it’s the key to understanding why today’s elite are corrupt. I suspect, that a good elite lies to the public. I think every elite inevitably lies to the public. I think it’s just as something that happens. But I think that a good elite lies to the public for the public’s sake. To give them hope, to allow them to simplify things, to allow them to have faith in their society, to enable them to keep going. And I think that a bad elite, lies to the public not for the public’s sake, but for it’s own sake! And the Western elites today, political, academic, media, they lie to the public constantly! Even systematically! And it’s not to benefit the public. Indeed, the lives positively harm the public in the short term, but even more so in the long term.


So, national populism, is a slightly contradictory thing. It is ostensibly the voice of the people, but it is channeled through particular individuals, leaders and intellectuals. A given here is the belief that people need to be led, and that people want to be led. I think the evidence of antifa outside, might back that up. The request that rings out from the public is “Lead us!”. But really this is what the public always asks for. It’s just that most of the time they do it subtly.


People are social creatures wanting to know what the situation is and how to navigate it. And they are hierarchical creatures as well, requiring that the situation and how to navigate it be defined for them by individuals whom they look up to. Very few people want to work everything out for themselves. It’s a difficult thing to do and most people frankly don’t seem to trust their own judgment that much. This is demonstrable. It’s why they seek culture to be guided by. Exemplars to emulate and leaders to follow.


National populism is a call for us to be much more honest about this perennial truth, this situation. The people want leaders who know what their role is, and to take it seriously. The people want leaders who look after them sincerely, who don’t just pertained to. The people want leaders whom they can trust, because the leaders they currently have, they can’t trust! And this applies to political leaders as well as cultural leaders. The commentators and the intellectuals who shaped society.


There is a need for this shake-up, because the leaders we have, and have had for many decades now have fallen into a combination of delusion and dishonesty! G K Chesterton once wrote:


I can trust the uneducated, but not the badly educated. And today’s elites are very badly educated!


Believe it, or not, you can be educated away from honesty, away from sincerity, away from common sense, and away from your kith and kin. In fact, these are all prerequisites for being in today’s elites. Meantime, the common people are as they always were, in need of a shepherd to protect them from danger, but also they are able to sense danger sooner than the Shepherd can. The people should listen to their Shepherd, but also the Shepherd should listen to his people and respect their instincts.


Today’s elites despise the instincts of ordinary people! When people today complain of problems their elites answer them with contempt, complacency, and dishonesty! They either deny that the problems exist at all, or they come up with false analyses and dreadful solutions! For example, the elites solution to the problems of diversity, is more diversity! The elites solution to the problems created by feminism, is more feminism! The elite solution to the warping of masculinity into toxic masculinity, is to keep demonizing masculinity! The elite solution to the public’s revulsion at unisex bathrooms, is more unisex bathrooms! Constantly, the elite solution is to keep doing whatever created the problem that now needs to be solved!


The elite do this, because they are sticking to the program that they have been beholden to for decades. [10:01] The truth is, the elite created all of these problems in the first place! Their central sin was to fall into the delusion of egalitarianism. They insisted that everything and everyone is equal, thus nullifying their own station as an elite! They did this while contradictorily pouring scorn on the White working-class. This exposed their lie, that everyone is equal, but it also absolved them of all moral responsibility. They can then say:


We are not really an elite! Everyone is equal! We are just managers, janitors. We just keep the infrastructure and the economy going! When it comes to morals, ethics, culture, metaphysics, you little people are on your own. You have to decide what is right and wrong! You have to decide how to live! You have to decide what to believe in! And most of all you have to believe in yourself, because everyone is equal!


This middle class, nouveau riche, nihilistic drivel, it’s what led to the Rotherham scandal in Britain. All morals have been negated! All metaphysics vaporized! All social institutions gutted of authority, prestige, respect, and the ability to function!


And it is this model chaos which leads to the desire for national populism. In short, the people are demanding a new elite, because the old elite are severely dysfunctional! Because they are severely dishonest, because they are severely delusional! They preach equality from a patronizing elitist perspective, while jealously guarding their own status as an elite, and openly despising those who are not in the elite. Calling them low information voters, and uneducated Brexit gammon, etc.


Meantime, the common people though flattered by the lie that everyone is equal, understand instinctually that this is not true, and cannot be true. And they don’t want it to be true either, because they want the comfort of an elite that is looking after them. And then there are people like us, in the dissident right, who advocate a return to elitist values, but on an honest footing. We believe the elite should accept that it is an elite, and that it should be an elite, and that it deserves to be an elite. And that the role of an elite is essential for society to function.


But furthermore, we advocate hierarchy while trying to escape the egalitarian orthodoxy, by demanding an egalitarian approach to freedom of speech, so that we can advocate hierarchy! It’s rather ironic. And so we arrive at the rather surreal situation that we have today. An elitist aristocratic paradigm is being proposed from below using a egalitarianism as it’s vehicle. Meantime an egalitarian paradigm is being imposed from above, using democracy as it’s vehicle, but also using anti-democracy as it’s vehicle. For example, opposition to the Brexit referendum and support for the distant EU Parliament, over local politics. But the egalitarianism is also proposed by using elitism as a vehicle, with ideas like:


Only stupid people don’t believe in equality! Only stupid people believe that there are any stupid people!


It’s insane, obviously.


So, it is often said that to combat the progressive elite we need to do our own “long march through the institutions”. There are at least three problems with that.


One they, are hyper aware of us and the threat that we pose. By contrast, the Conservatives whom they usurped seventy years ago, were not worried about them at all. And that’s why those conservatives lost everything.


Two! There isn’t time for another long march through the institutions. They had 70 years. We have maybe 20 years to rescue the West, or least to get onto a good footing again.


And then three. The people that we would be usurping in academia, media, etc., are backed up by not only global corporations, but the governments of virtually every country in the West. Those governments are also very worried [15:02] about us, and are implementing laws to criminalize our ideas. Therefore it is wildly naive to think that we can inject a virus into the system, and the system will calmly allow that virus to take it over. The system is hysterical about us! We are not going to be allowed to be sneaky and subversive! But even if that did happen, as I said, there isn’t time for the virus to do its work. We don’t have 70 years.


But! We do enjoy an advantage which our opponents 70 years ago lacked. They were working against the public, at every level, and against human nature! We are not! Indeed, this is why they had to be sneaky and subversive. Had they proffered their ideas openly in 1946, the public would have rejected every single one of them.


No! We don’t want mass emigration!


No! We don’t want multiculturalism!


No! We don’t want our granddaughters raped by Islamists!


No! We don’t believe that race is a social construct!


No! We don’t believe that male and female are social constructs!


No! We don’t want drag queens teaching our children how to twerk!


No! We don’t believe that everything is relative!


No! We don’t believe that Europe is meaningless, or that we have no special rights to our countries!


No! We don’t believe that Europeans are the cancer of human history!


All of these ideas would have been flatly rejected by the public in 1946. But guess what? They would be flatly rejected by the public in 2019! Even now the progressive elite have to hide their true beliefs from the public. We don’t!


We can be very honest with the public, because we are not opposed to the public. We do not despise the public. We are not trying to betray, trick, replace, or destroy, the public.


We advocates of a new elitism are, though idealistic, grounded in realism. We accept the public as they are.


We accept the old elite as they are. The purveyors of lies, which are creating a perverse and chaotic situation that will culminate with the complete destruction of everything that we hold dear! We accept that egalitarianism is the nullification of everything, and the endangerment of everyone.


And we accept that something desperately needs to change!


Thank you.











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