Laura Towler – Khan’s Plans to Diversify London – Sep 20, 2020 — Transcript


[Laura Towler, Deputy Leader of Patriotic Alternative, describes, Pakistani Muslim Mayor of Londonistan, Sadiq Khan’s plan to make the city more comfortable for the black and brown invaders by renaming everything.

London is already majority non-White, yet it’s public spaces, from statues, memorials, street and building names, reflect the creators’ and builders’ White identities, and therefore need to be wiped out as part of the orgjew agenda to turn Britain into a Third World shit-hole, consistent with its new inhabitants.

Laura rightly ends with a call for normalizing the discussion of repatriation, the only long-term solution to save the British people from extinction over the generations to come.







Laura Towler

Khan’s Plans to

Diversify London


Sep 20, 2020



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Published on Sep 20, 2020

Khan’s Plans to Diversify London
•Sep 20, 2020
Laura Towler
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Khan’s Press Release:…

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Laura: Hello everybody. Welcome to the video. So I was browsing Twitter the other day and I saw something that really annoyed me! And I ended up going on a bit of a Twitter rant. Which ended with me tweeting this:


“They have to go back.”



This doesn’t happen to me much anymore. I used to get quite annoyed at stuff. But I think I’ve been desensitized to most of it now anyway this is what I saw:



“Far too many Londoners don’t see themselves or their histories reflected in our public spaces. I’m recruiting for my new commission that I’ll review diversity and representation across our city’s public spaces, from our statues and memorials to our street and building names.”



Brown woman: I’m angry now! I’m not English. English is a dirty word! That’s my reflex. I don’t use it! It’s not a description that relates to me. I am a Londoner, through, and through!



Laura: So basically our statues, memorials, and street names, are too White, because that’s what diversity means, doesn’t it? Just means less White people.


I’m gonna say something now and it might be quite shocking. You might want to sit down.


The reason why lots of things in Britain are White is, because Britain is a White country! [chuckling] I know, it’s shocking right? It’s a country that was built by White people for White people. And that’s the reason why our history, and our statues, and our street names, etc., are White. And there’s always one smart arse who has to be like:


“Well actually this one person was brown.”


I don’t care what one person did. I’m talking about the huge overwhelming majority of people in Britain who were White.


So let’s take a look at what our Pakistani Muslim Mayor of London plans to do. So on the 11th of September [19th anniversary of 911] , Sadiq Khan released this press release.:


“Open call for Commission for Diversity in the Public Realm members.”



I’m not going to read the whole document, but I’ll post the link in the Description below this video if you’d like to. But I’ve just highlighted a few interesting parts:



“Members will review and increase diversity of public realm, including statues, street names, memorials, and building names, working with an expert Partners Board and a Borough Working Group.”


Notice how they say “review and increase”. So it’s about changing what’s currently there, and then also adding new ones as well:



“Sadiq is creating the Commission to help ensure London’s achievements and diversity are reflected across our city, and up to 15 independent members are being sought covering a range of experiences, including cultural and public history, visual art, community integration and planning.



“The majority of London’s statues street names and memorials largely reflect Victorian Britain, but the Mayor wants to tell the complete story of our history and to commemorate those from every community who have made London what it is London what it is.”


London what it is“:


“London crime: Ealing man jailed after stabbing random mum 7 times in face and neck as she pushed baby in pram.”



So why did this annoy me? Well the British people were never asked if we wanted immigration! We were never asked if we wanted the racial, slash ethnic, and the cultural makeup of our country to change. In fact, opinion polls have suggested that we’ve always been against it. But they did it anyway! And they used to say to us:


“It’s only a few! These people will integrate!”


Well, flash forward a few decades, and it’s now us who have to integrate to them! We have to change our country to suit people who we never even wanted to be here in the first place. It’s just the entitlement that annoys me! If I move to Japan, I wouldn’t expect to see my history everywhere, because my history is in England.


If you are lucky enough to move to a country like Britain. And if you have a family in Britain, you and your children and your grandchildren, etc., should respect that country. You don’t try to change it, or mould it into what you want. If you want to be surrounded by African culture, then there’s an entire continent where you can go and be surrounded by African culture!



This is going to be a pretty short video. But there’s three points that I’d like to make.


Firstly, you’ve probably heard it said before that these people are as British as us. David Lammy eats Walker’s Crisps and he likes cricket, so he’s just as British as us, right? Well why don’t you identify with British history then? If you are as British as us, then why do you need your own statues?


Secondly, why do we put up with this? I’d like to show you a tweet by somebody called “Just Adam”. I’m not sure who Adam is. But I ended up following him on this day, because I loved his tweets. He seemed to be as annoyed as I was about all this. He tweeted:


“Your selfish attempt to force the history of some other place onto a people who already have their own history is the most racist effing attitude I have witnessed today.”



It’s so rude! And allegedly we’re the bad guys, because we’re resisting having our culture and history erased! We’re the bad guys, because we love our country? What?


Guilt is used on us a lot. It’s used to manipulate our people into opening up our borders and trying to “save” the whole world. Well, they’re the ones who should feel guilty, not us! I’m not accepting that they are the good guys anymore.


And thirdly, or lastly, I mentioned “integration” earlier. Well integration can never work. Small amounts of immigrants, yes. If the demographics of the population are stable. But what we have today, no! What would you even integrate against in London? There isn’t even a majority population there. It’s just multicultural.



London was 44.89 percent ethnically British a decade ago. It’s less than that now. These people are never going to change! They’re never going to reject their African, or Asian identity, and just forget who they are. They’re never going to be fully British! They’re never going to feel represented by our culture and our history! And what we’re discussing here in relation to Sadiq Khan’s press release, this is going to happen more, and more, and more!


We have to start normalizing the discussion around repatriation, or we’re not going to have a country left.


I’ll leave it there for now. See you next Sunday. Bye bye.



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