Laura Towler – The Fate of English Schools – Jul 26, 2020 — Transcript


[Laura Towler, Deputy Leader of Patriotic Alternative, talks about how English schools will become majority non-White by 2037 if present trends continue.

While the anti-White establishment chants the Orwellian lie that “Diversity is Our Strength“, the reality is that it only bring destruction to the indigenous people of Britain, i.e.:

“… riots, the pulling down of statues, the diversity quotas, the terror attacks, the crime, the grooming [gangs], the demand for reparations, the kneeling, the environmental damage, the rewriting of history, the anti-White narrative in the media, and in universities, the White guilt, the conflict, the greed, the resentment!”

The establishment political parties are all traitorous tools of the (((Globalists))) that will continue this policy of White genocide. Whites need to wake the hell up and start the long process of resistance, which means ordinary people getting involved in activism at a grassroots level.






Laura Towler

The Fate of

English Schools


Jul 26, 2020



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Published on Jul 26, 2020

Laura Towler
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Hello everybody. Welcome to the video.


So today I’d like to share some important information which you may have seen floating about recently, because it comes from a government document from this month, July 2020. Every year the government publishes a document called “Schools, Pupils and Their Characteristics”. And it’s a document which details information about the demographics of schools from the past academic year. The academic year in England is September, when the kids go to school, or go back to school, through to the next summer.



The latest document has just been released for the academic year 2019-2020. The document reveals:


“In primary schools 33.9% of pupils are from minority ethnic backgrounds.”




“In secondary schools 32.3% of pupils are from minority ethnic backgrounds.”


Now what does minority ethnic background mean, I hear you ask? Well this means any child from any other background other than White British.



So at present, around a third of school children in England are not British. They’re an ethnic group other than British.



You may be thinking to yourself well why does that matter? Well these statistics reveal the continuation of a trend. Here are the figures from the last 11 years. The number of foreign students in schools is increasing on average by around one percent per year. With these newly released figures we see another increase. The trend continues.



We talk a lot about the year 2066. That’s a year that British people are expected to become a minority in the United Kingdom if immigration and fertility rate trends continue as they have been doing for the last two decades.



But for our children, that year is actually 2037! If things stay the same as they are now, as they have been for the last two plus decades, then by the year 2037 British children will be less than half of the population in state schools in England.



Here is an article from The Daily Mail from 2014.



It says:

“The indigenous population has dropped from 5.4 million pupils to 4.8 million in just 10 years, with the most notable changes seen in schools in London and Birmingham. Meanwhile the number of people from ethnic minorities has risen from 1.14 million to 1.83 million in the same period.”


Interesting how they use the word “indigenous” in this article.



Today only six years later, we’re not allowed to use that word anymore. We’re told that we’re not “indigenous”. But this was a completely rational, correct, and mainstream, description only a few years ago.


Rather than just plonking these statistics in front of you I’d like to explain why it matters. I think most people know through instinct, intuition, and experience why it matters. They don’t need an explanation, it’s just common sense!


Multiculturalism and diversity don’t work! If they did, then people wouldn’t have to keep repeating things like:


“Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength! Diversity is our strength!”


People would just know that it was. Nobody has to keep saying that the sky is blue, because everybody knows that the sky is blue!


At the moment in Britain the native British are around 75% of the population. And look at all the problems we’re having! The riots, the pulling down of statues, the diversity quotas, the terror attacks, the crime, the grooming [gangs], the demand for reparations, the kneeling, the environmental damage, the rewriting of history, the anti-White narrative in the media, and in universities, the White guilt, the conflict, the greed, the resentment!


You can’t take widely different people, with widely different cultures, and expect them all to just get on and live together! Reality doesn’t work like that. We do not live in a Disney film!


And in our schools British children have been taught about things like “White privilege”, and “unconscious racial bias”. They’ve been taught to feel ashamed to be English! They’ve been taught a falsified version of history! And non-White children have been taught to be “victims”. They’ve been taught that they are “owed something”.



As our children become a smaller, and smaller percentage of the school population, this will be amplified for them. And then on top of the cultural side effects, there’s also the academic side effects. Like the fact that at the moment 21.3% of primary school students, and 17.1% of secondary school students do not even speak English as their first language! That’s around a fifth of students who speak another language at home and then [attempt to] speak English at school.


What kind of an effect is that having on the British children in the classroom? Are they being held back? How much resource and money is going towards helping foreign students who can’t speak English?



So based on current trends, 2037 is the year that our children become a minority in their classrooms. And I’d like to remind people that the youth will inherit this nation. Britain’s children are Britain’s future! We’re witnessing the greatest demographic shift this country has ever seen, and it’s happening within a single lifetime! This is without a doubt the single largest issue that we face today!


My intention isn’t to “black pill“. A few times during this video I’ve used the phrase “based on current trends”. So this is immigration trends. So the number of people and the type of people who are entering, and also leaving the country, and also fertility rate trends. So the number of children that British couples are having, and the number of children that non-British couples are having.


For the last two decades immigration and fertility rate trends have been getting worse, and worse, and worse! For anybody who thinks the Tories are going to save us, I’m sorry to say that they’ve actually been speeding things up! The Tories have broken records for the worst year for immigration in British history, and the worst year for births! They are not our guys!



But we do not have to put our faith in the Tories. We can act ourselves! Our generation has to realize the urgency of the situation that we’re in, and we have to respond! When you’re old, and you’re surrounded by your grandchildren. What do you want their life to be like?



If we don’t act, the day could come when one of them looks you in the eye and says:


“I’m the only British child in my classroom! Why did you let this happen?”


What do you want to be able to say back to them?:


“I didn’t do anything, because I was scared of being called racist!”




“I was more interested in being ‘ironic’ for a few retweets!”


Or do you want to be able to say:


“I genuinely did everything in my power to stop this!”


And we can stop this if enough of us decide that we want to. We need to mobilize now! Community building is so important. If you can, get involved in your local nationalist, or patriotic community. If you’d like to join the community that I’m part of, I’m with Patriotic Alternative, you can register on our website to join us.



Network with like-minded people, attend conferences, days out, hikes, camping trips, etc. I cannot express the importance of being around your own people. Not only is it good for your mental health, but you’ll also bond with people who share the same concerns as you. And all sorts of projects and endeavors can come from that.



Get involved in activism! You could join a venture of a current group, or you could start something of your own. The more attention we get the more our ranks will grow.



If you can write, why not offer to write something for your favorite website, or why not start your own website? Make videos, start a podcast, find a project that you can volunteer your time with. For example, we have the Alternative Curriculum at PA for parents who want to home school their children.



There are loads of projects currently going on in the nationalist community which require people with a variety of different skills.


Get involved in politics! Could you be a local councilor?


And lastly, if you have a high risk job, or if your situation means that you can’t currently risk going public, can you financially support a person, or a project that you appreciate? All genuine nationalist activists, and projects, are funded by the community. There are no government grants, or anything like that. It’s up to us to make things happen. And even two pound a month goes a long way.



We have a long way to go. But we’re making a really good start. I’m going to leave it there for now, but I’d like people to remember that number of 2037. That is the year that British school children become a minority in English state schools. That’s only 17 years away!


Thank you for listening. I’ll see you next week. Bye!




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