Laura Towler – A Personal Update – Sep 27, 2020 — Transcript

[Laura Towler, Deputy Leader of Patriotic Alternative, gives us an update, in four parts, on  what’s been happening in her life. Of particular concern is what looks like harassment from the “State” through its proxies, for her pro-White, pro-British nationalism.







Laura Towler


Personal Update


Sep 25, 2020





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Published on Sep 25, 2020

A Personal Update
•Sep 27, 2020

Laura Towler
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Hello everybody. Welcome to the video. You didn’t expect this, did you? I don’t usually go on camera, but this week I was trying to find a topic to talk about for my weekly video.


And all of the things which have been in my head this week have been more personal things, rather than political things. So I thought this week, rather than making a video where I just record my voice and then put some stock footage and images and stuff over the top, I thought I would just do a cozy chat to the camera.


So I’ve wrote a few topics down for me to talk about, just a few notes. But I guess really this is just going to be a bit of a personal update about what I’ve been getting up to and some of the things which are on my mind. So hopefully it’ll be interesting. Maybe no one will watch it, but we’ll see.



But yeah, so the first topic which I thought I’d talk about is just, I guess this is maybe one that relates to women a little bit more but just how my life has really changed over the last, I was gonna say a year, but it’s probably 14 months. Because last year I was very career focused. And all throughout my 20s I was very, very career focused. I did very well at school. And then I did my A Levels and I did very well there. And then I went to university and I studied politics. I graduated with a first class honor. I actually got the highest grade in my year. And then I got a good job. And then I got a better job, and then I got a better job!


And I was working for this company last year. And it was a very nice company to work at. They really cared about their staff and I was earning really good money. I was very comfortable there. And it just didn’t satisfy me! It just, it didn’t excite me, or enthuse me! Obviously it was good, earning good money. But I used to work Monday to Friday, and I used to go in and I just sit at my desk and look out the window and think:


“What am I doing with my life? I’m just I’m not interested in this at all!”


So I made the decision last year to quit my job. So I already had a YouTube channel at the time that I quit my job. I think I’d had it for about nine months. And I was already working at Defend Europa as an editor and a writer. But I was just doing that part-time on the side. I was actually doing quite a lot of hours, so it was like I was doing two full-time jobs. But my paying job was my normie job.


And then last August I made the decision to quit my normie job, and focus on activism full-time. Obviously to do that I took a huge pay cut. I earn now about a quarter of the amount that I earned in my normie job.


And another thing which I really wanted to focus on as well was being more sort of family oriented and living a much more wholesome and simpler life. So those were the two things I wanted to change, you know, focusing more on activism, and focusing more on family. And I’ve been doing this now for 14 months, it’s 14, maybe 13 months, since I quit my job. And I just have to say it’s the best decision I ever made in my life!


Even though I had these goals throughout my whole life and I achieved them, when I had them I didn’t feel like they satisfied me. And then to for me to kind of do a 180 and head in the other direction, I just feel like this is what I should have done all along. And I feel a lot happier.


So I quit my job in August last year, and in September I received a phone call from Mr Mark Collett, who asked me to be the deputy leader of Patriotic Alternative. I said yes. So I now work at Patriotic Alternative full-time.


And also in March 2020 my boyfriend at the time proposed to me, and I said, “Yes!”. And then we moved in together as well. So, yeah, I will be getting married soon. I mean, we were actually supposed to get married in September, and then we had to rearrange that, because of the corona virus lock down. And so we moved it back to November, which is in two months.


But we’re gonna have to move it back again, unfortunately. I think we’re going to have to move the wedding back to next year, again. Which is annoying, because we want to start a family, we want to have children, but we want to get married first.


So yeah, I don’t think I’ve spoken about this on my channel before, but I’ve spoken about it on streams on other people’s channels before, but that’s kind of like a big part of my life which is maybe on hold now, because of the corona virus.


But yeah, I think, all in all, everything that’s changed for me over the last year I feel like a weight was lifted off my shoulders. Like I felt like I was kind of trapped in the rat race, you know, just going through the motions. I’ve got to get up, and I’ve got to go into the office, and I’ve got to speak to this client, and I’ve got to do this! And now I feel like everything that I do it has a purpose.


And the reason why I thought I’d talk about this is, because if there’s anyone who’s listening who maybe kind of feels like they had expectations on them as well, to do a certain thing, it’s okay to say “No!”. It’s okay to say:


“Actually, I want to be a wife and a mother.”




“I want to do this.”




“I just want to work part-time.”


You don’t have to adhere to these expectations that society puts on you. And I’m definitely a lot happy now. I absolutely love working with Mark at Patriotic Alternative! And I love having time to spend with my fiancee. And, you know, time to spend around the house and that kind of stuff, as well.


So yeah, that’s the first thing that I thought I’d talk about. I’m not sure if that was interesting for anyone. [chuckling] But I kind of just wanted to lead by example a little bit, and just say, don’t be like so career oriented if you don’t think that will make you happy. If it will make you happy, that’s great, go ahead. But if you don’t think it will long term, don’t feel like you have to do that. It’s okay to break the rules. That’s what I’m saying.





One of the other things which I’ll talk about is, Patriotic Alternative has grown, and grown, and grown! And it is growing at a rate much faster than Mark and I ever envisioned. I think after 10 years the BNP [British National Party] had 35,000 people signed up to their mailing list, after 10 years. We’ve been going for one year, and we already have quite a bit over 10,000 people who have signed up for ours.



And obviously “Hope Not Hate[an anti-White hate organization] and the mainstream media keep calling us like “the biggest threat” and the ones who could unite the “fascist far Right” and all that stuff. But I think as PA has grown over the last year, for me, I feel like I’ve maybe become a bit of a figurehead of British nationalism? And I don’t want to get above my pay grade [chuckling]. I’m not like:


“I’m so important!”


Or anything like that. Obviously, you know, 99.99 percent of people have never heard of me. But I have kind of been in a lot of “extremism reports” and a lot of articles by the mainstream media, who call me an “extremist” and who call me “dangerous”, and things like that. And I’m not dangerous at all! Like I’ve never encouraged violence against anyone! I’ve never even said anything hateful about other groups.


My politics are based on my love for my people. And the fact that Britain is somewhere that I care deeply about. I want it to remain British. And I want my people to be the dominant ethnic group in Britain! Because, I’m not an idiot, and I know that if we become a minority then it won’t be Britain anymore! It’s incredibly naive to suggest that it will.


So, because I’m a nationalist, the State label me as an “extremist”. And I don’t want to get all tin foil hat, and you might listen to this part and think I’m talking rubbish. But everything that I do say on the internet is monitored by organizations like “Hope Not Hate”. And I know it is, because they write extremist reports about me. And they’ll pull out a sentence I said in some, you know, buried stream that I did two years ago. And they’ll put in some “extremist report”.


So everything that I say is monitored. And I’m actually kind of thick-skinned to it. It doesn’t bother me, and I think Mark and I are very similar where the more kind OTT [Over The Top] they are in calling us “dangerous”, the more funny we find it!


And I actually have this article from the Daily Mirror. We went paint-balling. I went around to my grandma’s and she saved me this [full page newspaper image and text] and they were like “HATE CAMP”. And it’s just so over dramatic, and effeminate, and over-emotional! And we do kind of find it funny.



But I think, being serious for a moment, Mark and I, as leaders of Patriotic Alternative, we are a target from the State. And they are watching things that we say. And it is kind of like a little bit sort of, … I wonder how far it’s gonna go, … If that makes sense. Because there are things that are going on with me, away from the internet, which, …


So there’s one thing in particular which is happening at the moment to me away from the internet, which is some trouble that I’m dealing with from the State. And I’m not going to talk about it just now, because I’m kind of halfway through the story. I am going to make it public once it’s finished. But I want to be able to tell the full story, rather than just half of the story.


So basically, they’re kind of encroaching on my rights as an individual to do certain things, because of my politics. And I’m gonna make it fully public as soon as it’s finished. I’m just waiting for it to sort itself out before I do.


But yeah, I just wanted to highlight this, because I know we laugh and joke about, you know, “oh, we’re extremists” and stuff like that. But I do want to make people aware that if you are a nationalist, if you are somebody who loves your country and your people unapologetically, then the state does not care about you at all! Like they, … We’re supposed to have a Conservative Party in power. But they’re just not at all! And I know it’s so obvious and we highlight all the bad things that they do all the time.


But the things that they do to me and Mark behind the scenes, they just they hate nationalists! So we are the revolutionaries really. I know antifa kind of like to think that they’re the ones that are fighting for the little man, you know, the underdog, the ones that are fighting back against big business, and stuff. But it is nationalists!




And I guess the thing that I wanted to say was, no matter how much you throw at me, and no matter what you take away from me, I’m never going to abandon my country and my people, ever! There’s nothing that you could do, … Even if you sent me to prison, I would come out and I would continue saying exactly the same things, because I genuinely care about England! So yeah, you have to kind of, … Once you do go public you do have to deal with all this crap from like so many people targeting you. It is all from the Left, you know, and big business, government, that kind of thing.


But I just think we need to, … It’s okay to laugh at things. But I think our optics need to be so like family orientated, we just need to be nice people, just show after ourselves. And hopefully nationalism will continue to grow.


But yeah, I just thought I’d mention that, because it’s something, which is new for me, which I’ve never had to deal with before. And I am a very introverted, shy, person. But to kind of be like you’re now the “bad guy”! And it’s like:


“What? I’m actually a really nice person!”


It’s a weird thing to deal with. But it doesn’t sway me at all. It doesn’t make me want to give up, believe me. So yeah, that’s that! [nervous laugh].



Another thing which I thought I’d talk about is keto*, because I tweeted I had started eating according to the keto diet. And quite a few people have messaged me and asked me how I’m getting on with that. So I’ve now been doing one month of keto, which is where you eat high fat, moderate protein, and very low carbs. And I just absolutely love it!


[* The keto diet is a very low-carb, higher-fat diet. It’s similar in many ways to other low-carb diets. While you eat far fewer carbohydrates on a keto diet, you maintain moderate protein consumption and may increase your intake of fat. The reduction in carb intake puts your body in a metabolic state called ketosis, where fat, from your diet and from your body, is burned for energy.]


So when I first started eating keto I think after about three days I got a really bad headache, which lasted for about two, or three days. But then I drink loads of water and I just tried to get over that. And then once the headaches went I was absolutely fine! It feels easy to me. It doesn’t feel like, … So before I’ve been working on my health and fitness now for I think maybe, maybe a year, maybe nearly a year, and I’ve seen lots of improvements in how I look on the outside, but also how I feel on the inside, as well.


But what I’ve been doing up until keto is just counting my calories and basically just eating whatever I want but making sure that I counted my calories. Now I’m on keto I do still monitor my calories, a little bit. But I can eat more calories, and I actually am losing more weight from eating keto. And the food is just more enjoyable. It just feels like I’m “indulging”, even though I’m not really. I don’t struggle to not eat carbohydrates. But I do struggle to keep my protein low. So that is something that I’m trying to like have less protein and more fat. But it’s just going really well.


And so, I would recommend keto if you want to lose weight and get in shape.


But the biggest difference for me has been having more energy. So if I didn’t set my alarm before, I used to wake up at maybe, I’d wake up at like 10 a.m if I didn’t set my alarm. Obviously I’d get up before then. But now I don’t have to set my alarm on a morning. I just wake up, and I wake up at about 8 a.m. And I get out of bed straight away, because I’m full of energy And I want to get up. And that’s only happened to me since I started eating keto. And I’m also able to concentrate a lot more and I just feel less sluggish, even though I’m eating more calories, I feel less sluggish. It’s just a really good way of eating. I would definitely recommend it!


I’m not an expert on it at all. I think Harry from True UK eats keto. And he knows quite a lot about it. So don’t expect me to explain how it works, or anything like that. But yeah, I’ve been following it for a month and it’s going really well. So I would definitely recommend keto. I’m going to continue doing it. My fiancee is also doing it as well, and he really enjoys it, because you can have a fry up for your breakfast. But yeah, it’s good! So check out keto.




And the final thing that I thought I’d talk about, is I am launching my own brand of tea! And you probably already know this if you keep on track of the work that I do with Mark, and the PA website, and my Twitter, and that kind of thing. But I was told back in June, because I don’t support “Black Lives Matter”, that I’m “not allowed” to drink my favorite brand of tea anymore! Yorkshire Tea [the company] said:


“Don’t drink our tea anymore.”


They had a lot of backlash for that, which was unfortunate for them, but they deserved it.


So I decided that I was sick of all these products, just bowing down to “woke capital”! It’s like, your razor, your ice cream, your shower gel, your tea, everything! It’s just like:


“We’re political, and we’re left-wing and we don’t believe in borders!”


And I just thought, wouldn’t it be great if we could have our own nationalist products. So first of all, they’d give people job security, where you could go public and talk about whatever you want and there’s no risk of you losing your job. But also any profits that we make we can invest back into our own communities, and nationalism, and activism, and stuff. So I’ve decided to launch my own brand of tea! And you guys chose the name, you decided to name it after my grandma Towler.


And I think it will probably launch in November, maybe December. But I think November. So I already have the logo, I already have the blend, I already have most of the packaging. By next week I will have all of the packaging. And I’ve been working on the website as well. So it’s really exciting.


It’s a separate company from Patriotic Alternative, so if you looked at PA’s books [accounts] there’s not going to be any tea sales going through the records. It’s a completely separate company. But any profits that I do make from “Grandma Towler’s Tea”, I’m going to be investing it back into nationalism. And because my allegiance is with Patriotic Alternative, I will be donating the profits to Patriotic Alternative.


And I’m just really excited! It’s going really well! And I get emails every day asking me when it’s going to be ready. So hopefully I should sell a few boxes at least! But so yeah, it’s going well! I just thought I’d update you all about Grandma Towler’s, and I will announce it on my Twitter, and my Telegram, and also on YouTube, when it does go live.


But wouldn’t it be great if we had all our own guys running our own businesses? And first of all like I said it would give our people job security. They wouldn’t get fired for “misgendering” someone on Facebook! But also it would give you peace of mind, because as a customer you would know that you weren’t investing money in a company who was then going to go donate to BLM, or something like that. The money’s going back into our own communities.


And I think it’s also a good way, because at PA we do accept donations. But I understand that some people don’t want Patriotic Alternative on their bank statement. But you can’t get in trouble just for buying a box of tea! So if people do want to financially support us, they can do that just by buying a box of tea.


So yeah, that’s all I wanted to talk about. I’m not sure if any of this was interesting. But I thought I’d do something a little bit different this week. Let me know what you think. Do you prefer the normal videos, or do you prefer this, or do you want a mix of both?


But yeah, I’ll see you in the comments down below. Have a good week! Bye bye!




[Outro music and text]












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