Dangerfield – Talking Tough with Mark Collett – Mar 28, 2020 — Transcript

[Dangerfield, an Englishman living deep in Cambodia, does a  marvelous job of interviewing Mark Collett, the leader of Patriotic Alternative, asking him nearly all the tough questions. After over seven minutes of journeying up the digital river, Collett finally makes contact with Dangerfield. They discuss;

  • Mark’s childhood
  • The ongoing racial replacement of the indigenous people of Britain
  • How “diversity” is a failure
  • Patriotic Alternative and its aims, becoming a political party
  • The more radical followers online vs the PA meetings
  • Pretending to be Civic nationalists vs being Ethno-nationalists
  • Bulldog and Spitfire nationalism
  • National Socialism
  • The feasability of a “Kai Murros” style uprising
  • The need for community
  • Technology and the surveillance State
  • How the Police and Army are not on our side
  • Mainstream media no longer as dominant as in the past
  • The influence of the alternative media
  • Brexit and Donald Trump
  • Repatriation of non-Whites
  • No reparations!
  • Carrots and sticks
  • Media and the promotion of race-mixing
  • Working with non-Whites
  • Anne Marie Waters, For Britain — a zio shill outfit
  • Legal immigration of non-Whites
  • Superchats: Stefan Molyneux, British Army, Halal slaughter, Way of the World
  • Can we win?
  • The achievements of Europeans and their greatness




Talking Tough with


Mark Collett


Mar 28, 2020



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Published on Mar 28, 2020

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Mark Collett of Patriotic Alternative is the first guest in a new series of interviews ‘Talking Tough’, where I’ll be asking the tough questions most people avoid.

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Dangerfield’s Introduction

Connection Issues

Mark Gets Connected

Dangerfield’s Reputation Vs Mark’s Reputation

On Getting Banned from Youtube, Twitter, Etc.

Topics of Discussion

Mark’s Childhood

The Ongoing Racial Replacement of the Indigenous People of Britain

How “Diversity” is a Failure

Patriotic Alternative and Its Activities, Aims, Becoming a Political Party

The Struggle for the Survival of Western Civilization

Application to the Electoral Commission

How and When Pa Would Contest Elections

The “Can’t Win by the Ballot Box!” Argument

Historical Examples of Approach

Advantages of Being a Party for Spreading Our Message

The More Radical Followers Online Vs the PA Meetings

Pretending to Be Civic Nationalists Vs Being Ethno-Nationalists

Bulldog and Spitfire Nationalism

The Need for Honesty in Presenting What We Stand For

Are You and Pa, National Socialists?

The Feasibility of a “Kai Murros” Style Violent Uprising

Collectivism Vs Individualism

The Need for Community

Back to the Feasibility of a “Kai Murros” Style Violent Uprising

“The English Man Has Nowhere to Run!”

The Futility of Talking About Violence — Two Reasons

Military Technology and the Surveillance State

How the Police and Army Are Not on Our Side

State Monopoly over Information?

Mainstream Media No Longer as Dominate as in the Past

The Influence of the Alternative Media

Brexit and Donald Trump

“We Were Never Asked” Campaign

Repatriation of Non-Whites

No Reparations!

Carrots and Sticks

No Halal or Kosher Slaughter

Media and the Promotion of Race-Mixing

Working with Non-Whites

For Britain Party Supporting Middle East Wars

Ethno-Nationalism for All Peoples the World Over

Anne Marie Waters, for Britain — a Zio Shill Outfit

Counter Jihad Movement is a Puppet for the Zionist Lobby

“Legal” Immigration of Non-Whites is the Problem

Patriotic Alternative is the Natural Home for Patriots

Superchats: Stefan Molyneux, British Army, Halal Slaughter, Way of the World

Demographics is Everything

Can We Win?

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Dangerfield’s Introduction



Dangerfield: Well right there. Oh, yeah, you are correct to see a silk cravat! And that is not an exotic sex move. It’s a silk cravat. I do wear whistles. I’ve got a few fully bespoke whistles. I thought I’d come in early, because Mark’s a bit late. Here we go. Look, hang on look here. Look, he says:


“I’ve just been for a walk with the family and I rushed back for this.”


Well, Mr Collett, you know, the only one who’s made an effort! That’s proper pure cotton T-shirt [laughing]. So this should be good. I’m looking to ask him Mark some difficult questions, some interesting questions. Getting to know him a little bit more, maybe?


We’ve just had another stream and we had nearly 500 people! Let me just get my comb. I mean no expense! No expense spared! Oh yeah, you enjoying that ladies? [combing his beard]. Just gently combing the beard. Gently combing the beard [laughing] Where’s he gone? Oh, it’s all too fast.



Well, he’s been replaced. I mean, talk about replacement. By the look of the amount of, … Yes, I have sent him the link Dionne! Come on! I’ve been doing this a while. I am gonna have to tell Mark about Ronnie aren’t I? Or he’s going to make absolutely no sense of “Ronnie did nothing wrong” and “Ronnie was never asked”. So maybe I’ll have to fill him in on that. There you go. Look!:


“Oi! Danger, what with the cravat? We don’t do that sort of thing around here!”


It was such a pleasure yesterday! Wasn’t it! What a thing to find. Good vid Johnny boy! Good vid! I Did though, it did though, no? I have Mark on Twitter! Yeah, I have! Oh no, I haven’t! [laughing] And I even said to Dionne, I mean, I’ve been doing this a while! Here you go Mark. Sorry. I apologize Dionne. I apologize to you Mark too [laughing]. Yeah, she nailed. It’s okay to be Ronnie! Sorry Mark. That’s all that time putting a cravat on! Yes, me’lad. Me man says Ronnie’s a wrong’n.


There will be no Church people tonight. [laughing] Come on, exactly Clarke! You know, I can’t go changing. Yes, it is crisis. You look, you know what you’re gonna get with me! No, no, I’m making myself look good. Yeah, he’ll be here in a minute. Well, exactly. Look who’s Ronnie. This is the problem.


Lovely to see you all here. We had 500 on my stream an hour ago, and we’re approaching 500 now. Hit the Like [button] while you’re waiting. Yeah. Yeah, it’s all strapped up at the back! It’s got buckles all the way down the back! Yes and Johnson. A cravat, no less! Too hot for a shirt. Thank you Angus, he’s another lad who’ve been around this channel for a while. Been here for a while.


It’s in your Twitter, I just sent it to you, hundred percent Mark! I’ll send it one more time. I can see it in your Twitter! In your Twitter. You got it twice now? [laughing] Mark, if you’re still watching this, it’s in your Twitter messages, can you not see it? I can see it there, twice, ticked! Both of them ticked.


Only the top half. [his clothing] Let’s not go mad here.



Connection Issues



If you can’t see it now, we’re being, we’re being interfered with by forces outside of my control. That link is two times! Look I’m going to show you. So you people don’t think I’m nuts, … There he is! He’s here! Oh, he’s gone again! He came and went.


Everyone says hurry up. He appeared and then he went! This is annoying. So Crusader, this isn’t me. This isn’t me! Look he came and then he went again. Look I’ll show you once more. Share screen. Oh is he? Share screen. There look, see them? They’re the link. That’s mine and Mark’s private chat. I don’t know! Get involved with amateurs. Look what happens! [laughing]. Honestly:


“You haven’t sent me the link.”


Okay Mark, I’m going to put it in this chat here. It’s in this, it’s in here. It’s in this chat here. So you can come in here. It shows me on Twitter that it’s here. It’s in this chat here. [laughing]


You know, this is the first time I’ve done an interview, I thought I’ll go on first and have a little chat with them. And of course, typically, it’s the first one where it absolutely goes Fox Trot Umbrella! That was a slight change on it. Yeah, I had sent him it, though. Maybe Twitter’s messing us around, but you will not communicate.:


“Maybe he’s expecting it somewhere else?”


Daughter of Albion just sent me a message saying [laughter]:


“LOL, you trying to sort this out?”


Thank you Madam, Sarah. God knows what’s happening. I don’t know why, but the link is not going through. Right Mark, how else can I send it to you? It’s twice on your Twitter messages. Did you not see in this chat? How else can I get it to you? We had a personal chat on Streamyard. Don’t worry people, we can sort this. Don’t think we have, …


Hmm, Mark can you not click on it? Can you not click on it, the one in the chat?


He’s here people! He’s here! What a palaver!





Mark Gets Connected



Mark Collett: I don’t know why that wasn’t showing up mate. I genuinely apologize. The last thing I want is to mess anyone around. And I can see my messages going to you, but I can’t see your Messages coming to me. So, my apologies! I thought genuinely you were joking until you put it up on the screen. I thought this was some elaborate prank!


Dangerfield: Imagine. I’ll make him look bad! [laughing] No quite the opposite. I’ve just done an hour stream and it was so busy and I was degenerating into nervousness by the end of it. Have you noticed I’ve made an effort there?



Mark Collett: No. No, you look great, my friend. I do feel really bad, because I’ve sent you a couple, saying I’m not getting it. I’m not getting it. And they’re just not getting, … Unless my Twitter’s just literally about to be banned, or go down! I don’t know. I mean, I’ve sent a tweet, but you know,


Dangerfield: Look, I’ll show you, just, …


Mark Collett:  No No! No, I believe you I’m not doubting you. Because I’m sure they will ping through eventually. In fact, I just sent you two messages and every message I’ve sent you has been redacted.


Dangerfield: Well, what on Twitter, or here?


Mark Collett: Yeah, on Twitter. Every message I’ve sent you on Twitter hasn’t gone through. I’m just sending a message to Dionne, to see if it’s the same, or if she can see them. Because I sent you several message saying:


“I’m here waiting. I’m here waiting!”


And then every time I refresh my box, the messages are gone.


Dangerfield: No I haven’t got them. Strange. Okay. Well Dionne let Mark know. My paranoia alarms, …


Mark Collett: Either way, I’m sorry about that. That seems to be a bizarre mix up, unless it’s just a bug, or a glitch, or Twitter’s having problems. I know that certain servers in certain parts of the world are experiencing serious problems, because of all this coronavirus. And everyone sat in playing games online and messing about on the internet, and watching YouTube, rather than being out and about. So maybe that is something. But again my apologies. It’s a genuine mix-up, but, …


Dangerfield: No problem at all.


Mark Collett: I do feel bad as well because you’ve made such an effort! You came on nice and early and the for the first time in Dangerfield’s life he’s on time! He’s dressed up, and it all goes wrong! And I feel very bad about that.


Dangerfield: It’s fine. It’s fine! I was even combing my beard to kill time, but we’re here. We’re here. Thank you for coming on Mark. I asked you very politely and you said:


“Oh, I thought you’d never ask.”


And I thought you wouldn’t come on, that’s why, so, …



Dangerfield’s Reputation Vs Mark’s Reputation



Mark Collett: Why wouldn’t you think I would come on? You’d be on my show.


Dangerfield: This channel has a certain amount of schizophrenia, you know, I have certainly got a past. And I haven’t been very shy about telling stories about that. And there’s a lot of people who we could suggest, you know, overlap in certain ideas, … Excuse me, who don’t like me. They take much offense to me. And so, I understand that you’ve got a reputation you’ve got a maintain. And so yeah, I didn’t want to get a blow out. But time came that I needed to talk to you and you agreed and here we are. Amazing!




Mark Collett: And I have literally just checked. Twitter are having problems. They’ve done a few minutes ago. They’ve admitted they’re having server problems. So yes. Twitter is down. Last updated thirty three seconds ago. Problems detected at Twitter.



On Getting Banned from Youtube, Twitter, Etc.



Dangerfield: It’s good because, you know, when you’re people who talk about stuff like us, and things like that happen, your first thought is your channels gone, or your Twitter’s gone! That is always my first thought! [laughing]


Mark Collett: It is! I’m sure that both you and I were thinking, which one of us, or is it both of us? [laughing] Well, that’s good to know, that’s good to know. We can move forward now. It’s all cleared up. And yes, we can move forward with this very interesting show.


Because I’ve been looking forward to coming on, because you actually want to talk to me about something that people haven’t talked to me about, or challenged me on.


And it’s actually a very interesting topic that I do want to talk about, and do want to put to bed. And it’s also nice to come on other people’s channels, because when it’s your channel, you’re watching the Superchats, you’re watching the Entropy, you’re typing to people in the comment sections. You’re seeing the private messages. You’re looking at the Likes, the views. Whereas when you want somebody else’s channel. It’s so much better. Hosting one of these streams is like hosting a house party when your parents are away! When it’s in your parents’ house, it’s the most stressful thing ever! But when it’s at someone else’s house and it’s someone else’s parents who will be coming back to the nightmare, it’s so much fun!


Dangerfield: It’s funny actually. Someone said to me the other day:


“Why you always ignore my messages?”


And they’re not even Superchats. And I have an average of about 500 people a stream. And if you look at my chat in YouTube, it’s just zzzz! Oh, I’m sorry that I missed your message. I have left a pin in YouTube. If you want to ask Mark any questions they’re gonna have to be a Superchat, or an Entropy. And I will put them to Mark at the end, because they would all collate in Entropy. So I’ll just quickly pop the Entropy. Entropy is a preferable actually, because then you don’t give YouTube any money, which is always nice. But I’ll pop that in the link now. That’s in the chat now, so you can do that, and I’ll put them to Mark at the end. Well, I’ll have a look at them, because I know a lot of people just think:


“Oh, I’ll give you a pound and say something stupid!”


So Mark before, … That’s interesting, you said:


“I want to ask you something that needs to be discussed?”


How do you know what I want to ask you? Did I give you any information?



Topics of Discussion



Mark Collett: Yes. You told me what you’re going to talk about before we here before the show. I bet you’ve had a beer, or something since, haven’t you? [laughing]


Dangerfield: I haven’t had a beer! But I didn’t think that I gave you anything. I’m gonna have a quick look now. I mean, I know that there’s a few things I want to ask you, but I don’t want to miss something that you’ve already prepared for. No, I didn’t tell! I just said it’s gonna be a bit “devil’s advocate”.


Mark Collett: Yes, but I know the nature of what you were talking about, because you told me the person you’d had on before. The topic of that conversation and you wanted to ask me about that sort of conversation and my take on it.


Dangerfield: Okay. Well, I’m a bit lost here, but this is exciting. Oh, I’m like, this is all tense! Basically, I just want to press you a bit, because I understand that sometimes people get you on to talk to you and find out what you think, but I feel like in, certainly in this sort of internet group, I’ve heard that a few times now. And I want to go somewhere else with it.


But first before we go that, I want to find out a little bit about you. Now obviously if you don’t want to talk about personal, … Don’t do that little smile, to try and win people over in advance. [laughing] what was life like for little toddler Mark Collett?





Mark’s Childhood



Mark Collett: Little toddler Mark? Life was good! I really really liked Transformers, Lego and He-man! They were my favorite. Little toddler Mark liked those. And my favorite show was the A-Team. They were my big influences as a toddler.


Dangerfield: So you’re really an 80s kid?


Mark Collett: I was born in 1980.


Dangerfield: Wow! Wow, I mean, I was a little bit older by then. I was more of a 70s kid. Terrible times! When did you first start — I mean, obviously we’ve all got your fantastic performance with Russell [Brand], as a weird milestone — but when did you first start engaging politically?



The Ongoing Racial Replacement of the Indigenous People of Britain



Mark Collett: Well, I was brought up — most people we know this story — but I was brought up in a small village called Rothley [pop of 3,897 in 2011] and, because I was brought up in that village where it was mainly, overwhelmingly, homogeneous, and White. And Rothley nearest large city is Leicester. And Leicester is the first city in the whole of the UK where Whites actually became a minority. You saw this big difference between a place where people were part of a homogeneous White community and a place where it wasn’t like that, where Whites were a minority.




How “Diversity” is a Failure



And when you see that, you quickly wake up to the fact that multiculturalism isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. And it doesn’t produce some enriched, wonderful, diverse, place. It actually produces the kind of place where White people are pushed out and don’t want to live. And the quality of life in these multicultural cities isn’t improved. In fact, it’s vastly reduced! And then you see statistics that show that the whole of Britain is going to become like that, and you’re saying:


“Well, it didn’t work in Leicester, it’s not worked in London, it hasn’t worked in Birmingham. It’s not working in other cities like Bradford and Nottingham. Why would we want this for the whole of the UK?”


And being brought up in that kind of environment makes you question everything that the government’s saying, because you’re seeing the real effects of multiculturalism. You’re seeing the problems created by mass immigration. Yet the government, the media, and the establishment, are constantly telling you:


“No, no, no, everyone loves this! It’s a utopia.”


But you’re living in this utopia, and it’s anything but a utopia.



Patriotic Alternative and Its Activities, Aims, Becoming a Political Party



Dangerfield: [laughing] Okay, so we propel forward. You’re a mature adult. And now it’s all about solutions. That’s where you are. You put together an organisation. I’d like to ask you a bit about that, because I can’t work out whether PA [Patriotic Alternative] is a political organisation, is it a community organisation. How would you define it? Is it a party?



Mark Collett: Well, it’s a political movement, but we would like to be registered as a political party as well. I think to pigeonhole Patriotic Alternative as any one thing would be very, very, naive.


It’s a lot of things. I mean, the fact is our first meetings were actually camping trips, just getting people together. We hold conferences, we hold dinners and lunches at nice wine bars. We hold Christmas events. We go hiking, we go camping, we have the conferences. And yes we would like to at some point stand in elections, if it is to our benefit. The fact is we can’t be pigeonholed as one thing, because we’re many things. And there seems to be a lot of people who try to pigeonhole us, and try to say:


“Oh no! No! You shouldn’t be doing this! Politics isn’t a solution! You need to be doing something different!”



The Struggle for the Survival of Western Civilization



Well, at this point, we are locked in a struggle for the survival of Western civilization! And there are many, many different routes to power. And many, many different routes to getting more people involved in our community. And my message is, why close off any of those roads to our movement, to our organisation? We need to be fluid. We need to take advantage of the situation. And that doesn’t mean we throw everything into elections. That doesn’t mean we pour millions of pounds into the electoral route, only to get 2.5 percent.


But if tomorrow it turns out that say a Muslim MP was part of a grooming gang, why wouldn’t we stand in that constituency and put out the Patriotic Alternative message to thousands of voters and use the electoral system to have tens of thousands of leaflets delivered for free by the Royal Mail? We have to be careful with what we do. And we have to keep all avenues open.


And the recent conference showed, we’re not just a political party. The camping trip has shown we’re not just a political party. The Christmas meetings show we’re not just a political party. The fact is we haven’t even stood in an election yet, and people are throwing around terms like:


“Oh, this is just another political party.”


Well it clearly isn’t.



Application to the Electoral Commission



Dangerfield: And that’s actually the one thing you’re not yet [laughing]. Amazing! So the application for the Electoral Commission, is it, that’s so that you can establish yourself as a political entity, is it?




[Image] “Charge of the Light Brigade” painting. (Click image to enlarge)


Mark Collett: Yes, because we want to be able to stand in elections when it is to our benefit. Now this has got to be very clear. In the past, nationalist parties have had these suicidal sort of “Charge of the Light Brigade” electoral campaigns, where they stand hundreds, … They say they’re gonna stand 100 seats, then they say we’re going to stand 200, and before they know where they are, they’re standing 300! They end up losing half of their deposits — that’s 500 quid a pop — and they manage to scrape at best 6, or 7 percent here and there. And at the end of it, the party comes out of that absolutely demoralized! Absolutely beaten down! Many people leave. That isn’t what I see is a successful route to victory.



How and When PA Would Contest Elections



If we are going to contest elections, the elections we would contest would be in seats that we felt we could do well in. Seats where we could recruit many people from. And that’s the main game plan, is to use the electoral system when it is of benefit to us in order to recruit people. And eventually, if we can win by the ballot box, then fantastic! Why not?



The “Can’t Win by the Ballot Box!” Argument



You see, there’s a lot of people who keep saying:


“You can’t win by the ballot box!”


But what’s the alternative? Are these people really suggesting some kind of violent revolution? Are they actually suggesting some kind of armed struggle against the government? Because if people want me to spend the next two, or three, hours discussing why that’s a complete nonsense, I am happy to do so. Because violent revolution is not only a foolish thing to go round and promote, because it will get you locked up, but it is also a complete non-starter in the current world!



Historical Examples of Approach



Dangerfield: Okay. We’ll get on to that I’m sure. So, are there any historical examples of movements of taking this multi sort of faceted approach with the party side of it at the beginning being quite minor?


Mark Collett: Well you’ve got both Loyalist and Republican movements in Northern Ireland. The SNP spent years and years and years in Scotland building up a community base, before it swept to power! I mean, if you look at Scotland, Scotland was always completely red. Labor Party always said:


“It’s Scotland that see us take power!”


Labour always relied on Scotland to take power. Now the SNP win in Scotland every time! Labor don’t come anywhere near a majority in parliament. But the SNP and Plaid Cymru [Centre-left, Nationalist, Democratic socialist, Welsh independence party] in Wales both built a large community basis before they took power. And that’s exactly what we’re talking about doing.


We’re not talking about standing as many seats as we can and asking people to throw in thousands and thousands of pound. In fact, there’s not even a donate button on our website. [laughing] So, we’re not asking for that. What we’re saying is let’s build a community, let’s use all avenues open to us. And when it benefits us, we will stand candidates.



Advantages of Being a Party for Spreading Our Message



And as I said, there were plenty of times that parliamentary by-elections come up and those parliamentary by-elections are in seats that are very, very, fertile ground for us! And for a 500 pound deposit, and for a thousand pounds on leaflets, you could have well 70, 80, 90, thousand people reading a leaflet by Patriotic Alternative, that is delivered for us by the Royal Mail, all funded by the government! [laughing] And why not? Why not do that?


I mean, at one point the European elections were always seen as a nationalist parties chance to bloom! Because if a nationalist party stood a candidate in every single region, they could guarantee that every house in Britain, or every delivery point — and there’s about 30 million delivery points in Britain — would get a leaflet from that party. It was a huge advertising drive! Those elections weren’t just fought to get people elected to Brussels, they were fought to advertise your party! And when it is to our benefit, we would do something similar.



The More Radical Followers Online Vs the Pa Meetings



Dangerfield: Yeah, that makes sense. Mark, when you talk about the meet-ups, and the conferences, you frequently talk about people’s appearance. And it seems to make you happy that people are turning up suited and booted, well presented, the men and the women. And I know you have a “history” and you’ve seen all their bomber jackets and all that before.


But when I look at a lot of the support PA gets online, and, you know, people in the chat in some of your videos, and especially on videos on BitChute, I see a lot of imagery that is kind of dodgy. I don’t think the general public are gonna respond to, … You know, the kind of thing I mean, like proto-Germanic insignia, iron crosses [laughing], and I think it’s really bad optics! And it’s okay in real life turning up in a suit.


But, I think if someone comes to PA online — which has an effect, you know, you’ve built a community up online — they come to see you and No White Guilt and some Slattery, [Patrick Slattery] or someone on chat, because they’re interested. And they’re going to see some of those avatars, and some of the stuff that said, and I think it’s repellent!


[25; 45]


Mark Collett: Look, some people may be put off by that, but the fact is, our movement is built on ethno-nationalism. Our movement is built on people who seek the truth. And it is also built upon people who are absolutely anti-establishment!


See video on BitChute: Brexitday & The Limitations Of Bulldog Patriotism



Pretending to Be Civic Nationalists Vs Being Ethno-Nationalists



Now a major error that nationalists have made in the past is trying to deny those things! A major error that nationalists have made in the past is to try and clothe themselves in what is really Civic nationalist iconography! So they have a bust of Churchill in the background, they have their little bulldog, they have Spitfires flying overhead. But secretly all of their members don’t actually believe in those things. And that’s what happened to the BNP.


Then, the BNP would be routinely exposed as being full of people who are essentially lying! Because they’d have Churchill on their leaflet, they’d have Spitfires, they’d have a bulldog. Then a journalist would come to a branch meeting and somebody would be talking about a certain period of history in Germany, or revisionist history about a certain alleged occurrence. Or somebody would be talking about racial nationalism.


And we are ethno-nationalists! We do believe race is an issue.



Bulldog and Spitfire Nationalism



Now, quite fundamentally, Churchill, the bulldog nationalists, those who keep championing the British Empire are obviously not racial nationalists! The British Empire wasn’t something built on race, it something built on capitalism. And that’s very important to note. And the idea of Britain, and being British, is largely tied to colonialism, and to four nations being tied together. Now I’m not so bothered about the Union Jack. I’m not so bothered about the idea of Britain. I’m more bothered about the people who built Britain, which is the English, the Irish, the Scots, and the Welsh — the indigenous people.


Because I believe that if tomorrow you got rid of the flag, you got rid of the notion of being British, but all you were left with was the indigenous English, Irish, Scots, and Welsh, we would build something magnificent again.


Whereas, on the other hand, if the indigenous people were dispensed with, and you were left with the flag, the iconography, little bulldog statues, but our ancestral homeland was filled with other people’s — Somalians, Nigerians — who all said they were British, I don’t think anything good would come from that! I think you would have a very different outcome.



The Need for Honesty in Presenting What We Stand For



And what I’m saying is, the people are what makes it. And this is going to be hard for people to accept, but I think the public would be more amenable to an honest person who speaks their mind, even if what they say is difficult to swallow, than they would be to somebody who clothes themselves in iconography, and certain symbolry, that isn’t really what they stand for!


What I’m saying is, you’re better saying something honestly and openly, and having people say “Oh, I’m not too sure about that!” then you are trying to get in with those people by telling lies, and trying to be something you’re not. And when you see past exposés of the British National Party, you would always see the media take the angle that ultimately the British National Party are saying that this, but really they’re this! And then they’d play the secret footage.


Now I’m not saying we should be going out there and trying to be provocative, or using imagery from 1930s Germany, but what I am saying is, we are ethno-nationalists and that isn’t exactly what the British Empire was. So if we try to clothe ourselves in a garb that isn’t really fitting, sooner, or later we will come unstuck, because of that.





Are You and PA, National Socialists?



Dangerfield: Okay. Understood. Mark, is Patriotic Alternative, are you National Socialists?


Mark Collett: Well that’s a very interesting question! You see I am a nationalist! I am somebody who believes that the indigenous people should always be put first. I’m somebody who believes that the indigenous people should remain a majority in their own country. I am somebody who believes in closed borders, managed immigration. And I’m somebody who pushes for a policy of voluntary repatriation. And I believe that people who come to this country, or have come to this country, who are not indigenous to this country should have to speak English, do their best to fit in. And if they can’t, they should leave. I am a nationalist!


However I also have a social conscience! I believe in looking after one another. I believe in community. I believe in collectivism before individualism. I believe in the NHS. I believe in a benefit system that should protect the elderly, and the vulnerable, and people who fall on hard times. A benefit system that is there as a safety net, not as a hammock for the lazy, or for migrants from all over the world! I believe in community spirit. And if that makes me a “socialist”, well, so be it! And if you think that I’m a nationalist, and if you believe my policies also have a flavour of socialism, you can call me what you want, but I simply define myself as a nationalist.


Dangerfield: So if you were asked in public, like you are now, if you’re a “National Socialist” you would say, …


Mark Collett: I would say I’ve never been a member of the NSDAP! [laughing] that was abolished in 1945! And I might talk like an old man, but I’m not quite that old!




The Feasibility of a “Kai Murros” Style Violent Uprising



Dangerfield: [laughing] Great answer! Okay, let’s get on to your friend and mine, Kai Murros. I spent a bit of time talking to Kai offline. I saw a speech he’s done — you’ve probably seen it — and I find him quite interesting, …


Mark Collett: Can I just say something before we move on? There’s someone in the chat, and I’ve just noticed this. She said:


“I don’t believe in collective division — unsmiley face.”



Collectivism Vs Individualism



And I just want to address this lady. Collectivism is what keeps you alive! Collectivism is why we as a racial group are losing! You look at the Muslims, they stick together! You look at the jews, they stick together! You look at blacks, they refer to each other as “brother”. Whereas Whites act as individuals! We think of ourselves — we used to think of our community. And if you look at the way Whites have behaved in many cases during this Corona virus pandemic, and you see the bulk buying, the greediness, the fact people are willing to fight each other over loo rolls, do you want a society of individuals who are atomized, isolated, and broken up? Or do you want a family? Do you want to walk onto your street and say:


“This is my community! And we’re gonna work together and get through the hard times!”


Because I’ll tell you now, if you believe in “individualism” you believe in the death of your people!



The Need for Community



Because I can tell you this now, we are having our daughters abused, because we are “individuals”! Our young lads are getting attacked by gangs from other communities, because we act as “individuals”! If we acted as a community, and we work together as one, we would be like a shield wall and we would look after each other. When you think of yourself first, your community dies!


And if we are to survive the coming storm we need to think “tribally”! And everyone else does! And there was this great lie out there, this great lie out there, that somehow “community thinking” is a leftist idea. And I’ll tell you this, I am NOT a conservative! I am also NOT a Labour Party supporter. But I take the best bits from everything. And I certainly don’t say:


“Just, because the Muslims are a collective, we can’t be a collective!”


I’m not playing opposites with anyone. You know, if somebody who is from a different political group to me, or a different racial or ethnic group, has a good idea, or has something that’s working for them, why wouldn’t I adopt that? Obviously people who survive, people who work together, people who stick together, come out on top!


We were once great, because we had a powerful community where we looked after each other. We are now the bottom of the barrel! And we are being picked on! We are being attacked! And we are being abused by all these other groups, because we act as individuals. And when you’re an individual, you are easy prey for those that want to hunt you!





Back to the Feasibility of a “Kai Murros” Style Violent Uprising



Dangerfield: Yeah. I agree with all of that.


So going back to this. When I wrote to you to ask your opinion on Kai Murros, and I said:


“What do you make of this business about storm troopers piling into universities, dragging the professors out, and hanging signs around their neck, much like they did in Mao’s China?”


Which, I have to admit, having spent seven years at university and it kind of ruined my life, it can appeal to me on one level. And you just flicked it away, like it was less than nonsense! So can you talk to me about Kai Murros, his ideas, and why you think they’re not going to happen. Because there are historical examples where they have. I think you’ve got Cambodia, you’ve got China, you’ve got former Yugoslavia, when these ticking time bombs did kick off! And people did just take to it — don’t laugh at me! [laughing] I know Cambodia wasn’t the best example! [laughing]


See: Kai Murros ‘National Revolution in England’ — TRANSCRIPT



“The English Man Has Nowhere to Run!”



But Kai seems to think that the problem, … Let me put this to you what he said to me the other day was:


“The English man has nowhere to run!”


In America they have the luxury of White flight, but you can only run so far out of London before you’re in Birmingham, and we’re going to become like trapped animals. Now I agree with you. I don’t want that. I don’t glamorize that. I think when people find out what that kind of event is actually like, it won’t be the glamour they possibly think.


However, if there isn’t a political solution, if that doesn’t occur for whatever reasons, I do think that when we’ve got nowhere left to run — and again I want to stress if there hasn’t been a political intervention before then — I think there’s a very good chance it would kick off like that. Because there will be no option! Do you not think at least that? If there isn’t a another option that is working, … When we’re being chased out of our homes, which is almost inevitable, and you know this, the way we’re treated today, how are we going to be treated in 50 years?


Mark Collett: Well I’m going to ask you a question then. Because this is going to set the scene for my answer. You’re talking about “popular revolution” aren’t you? Popular?


Dangerfield: Yes.


Mark Collett: And I’m talking about the “popular vote”, or a community, okay? Now the key word is “popular”, because no revolution succeeds if it isn’t popular. And no one wins at the ballot box unless they are popular. So the key is “popularity”. And I hear a lot of people talking about a popular revolution, about storming the police stations, pulling out the cultural Marxist from universities. I hear people talk, fanciful stuff, about dragging their MPs out of Parliament and stringing them up from the lampposts!


But I tell you this. That is NOT going to happen unless you have a community! That isn’t gonna happen overnight. These things don’t just ferment. You don’t just get thousands of people on the street and it all breaks down and people say:


“Right! Down with the cultural Marxists!”


Dangerfield: Didn’t that happen in the Philippines?


Mark Collett: The revolutions you’re talking about were fermented and there was leadership, there was a structure, there was people behind that. Every revolution that you’re talking about, hasn’t just exploded. There has been networks of people that have coordinated that.


So what I’m saying to people like Kai Murros, or to other people talking about revolution saying we shouldn’t get involved in anything, because the revolution is going to come, well are you helping to organize the revolution? Are you building a community to make sure the revolution happens? And the answer is always no! Because in my time in nationalism I have seen so many people say the following, to this question:


“Hey mate! Do you mind coming out and helping me leaflet? Because I’m standing in East Leeds for council election.”

“No mate. No! Don’t put me down for elections mate, that’s not for me!”

“Oh, okay. Well is there anything you can do to help me?”

“Look mate. When the term comes, when the revolution comes, I’ll be there! That’s when I’ll be the first over the trench! I’ll be the one at the front leading the charge. But if it comes to putting out leaflets, count me out mate! I’m getting me lager.”




[Laughing] I have seen these calls for revolution this talk of this giant collapse, and this big, you know, almost holy battle that will take place, during or after the collapse and bring us victory. I’ve heard about this so many times. And this big collapse, this big battle, has never happened. And I’ve seen so many nationalist leaders say:


“This is the last chance! This is the last chance! If we don’t win this time, it’s all gonna burn!”


And yet we’re still here! It hasn’t all burnt. There hasn’t been a big collapse. And all of these people who didn’t help me leaflet are still at home, slightly older, slightly less hair on their head, slightly fatter, drinking another can of lager, and they’re slightly less fit to fight this revolution that has never come! There is no date for it, and he doesn’t look likely to be coming anytime soon.



The Futility of Talking About Violence — Two Reasons



So what I’m saying is, get on board and build a community. And if we’ve got a community and we don’t win via the ballot box, and push comes to shove, the community we have built will stand together and at least give us a chance of success in a more hostile environment. But more so, people who talk about violence now, are absolute idiots!


For two reasons.


Firstly, there is nothing worse than talking about violence, because you will get people locked up! You will get put on terror watch lists! You will end up like people from a banned organization in the UK, who are now all going to jail for staying in touch and advocating for things that they shouldn’t have.


But secondly, it’s absolutely unfeasible! I see this in America all of the time. People saying:


“We’ve had a revolution before! We kicked out the Brits! We’ll do it again!”



Military Technology and the Surveillance State



The time of single-shot muskets is gone l [laughing] Even if you have, you know, AR14s, semi-automatic Armalite rifles, you are no match for the military and a militarized police force. The fact is now you’re not going up against soldiers with muskets, who can be overpowered. You’re not going up against people you have the same level of arms as you have. You’re going up against a militarized police force, and an army that would crush you in seconds! And we’re talking as well about a time where the surveillance state is so powerful that you are tracked everywhere you go.


Football hooliganism in the UK was largely shut down because hooligans had their mobile phones triangulated. So when they sent a text it showed the police which mast, which mobile phone masts they were closest to. So mobile phone masts are notoriously short range, and they’re attached to buildings all over the place. You see them hidden behind chimneys, you see them on petrol garages, they’re hidden in the big totems that give you the price on the forecourt. And that’s why you don’t get a phone signal when you’re on an aeroplane, because these masts are only very local. So football hooligans who are sending texts to organise fights, the police could see which receiver, which mobile phone masts the texts pinged off. So they could see where they were close to, and they shut them down.


And the CCTV is everywhere, literally everywhere. And private homes are covered in CCTV, and the police can listen to you through your phone through your computer. Everyone’s got an IP address which is traced. Everyone’s phone is registered to a person. They can see when you’re logging onto Facebook, because it tracks all of your data. People who have committed violent acts have been caught, because when their phones and sat-navs are collected, the sat-nav, or the phone, tracked exactly where they went. And the police have proved their whereabouts.


We are living in a time where not only are we massively outgunned to the point where people are now being killed thousands and thousands of miles away by an operator who sat by a desk watching a screen with an Xbox 360 style pad in his hands, dropping incredibly powerful precise payloads from a drone! We are so outgunned it’s unbelievable! And we are also so heavily surveyed that is also unbelievable!




And those two things mean that anyone who is actually stupid enough to try and enact violence against the system, will find very quickly that they are shut down, destroyed, thrown in jail, or killed when they tried to do it! And we will be the ones who bear the brunt when those people are locked up, or dead, because it’ll be our organization’s they shut down. And people like myself, people like you, say they’ve been watching our streams, it doesn’t matter that we’ve said we’re not violent, they will use that as evidence against us! The road the road of violence is closed off to us.



How the Police and Army Are Not on Our Side



And what’s more another thing that I hear which is absolutely nonsense, is people say:


“Nah Mark! British Army! British Army? They’d never turn their guns on lads on the council estate!”


Of course, they would! There’s this bizarre cult around, specifically the British Army, where people believe that by joining the army you are automatically some kind of hero that would never turn their weapons upon the British people. I’m sorry to break this to everyone, but that’s not the case. And I’m gonna illustrate why that’s not the case.


If I sent twenty, or thirty years ago to people in Britain, the British police will actively cover up and assist hundreds of thousands of cases of rape, grooming, sexual abuse, and hundreds of thousands of White British girls will be abused by men of migrant descent, and the police will cover it up, help the migrants do it, and arrest White people who try to stop it, people would have given me this response:


“Nah mate! That is an insane conspiracy theory!”


Yet it happened!


The British police helped to shut us down. They helped to allow migrants to abuse our young girls. And the British Army are being filtered in just the same way that the police were filtered. They are being multiculturalized, they are being politicized. And if push came to shove, those people would shut us down with a level of brutality and force that we have never seen before!


And when you look at places like Vietnam, places Cambodia, or historical revolutions, the difference in the way people were armed, and the way the government was armed, wasn’t massively different. Okay, the government were better armed, they might have had a professional army, but their weapons weren’t an Armalite rifle and then a militarized police vehicle with three, or four inch titanium armor. The difference is night and day! And again it’s very foolish for Americans to believe.


And as I’ve seen recently Americans have seen this in places like Charlottesville. They’ve seen it at these pro-gun rallies. They went to these places expecting the police, the National Guard, and people who they had at one time, or another, looked up to, they expected those people to be on their side. They weren’t! The state is against us! The people the state employ are against us! They have a vast militarized network. They have a vast, vast, surveillance network.



Anyone who is talking about violence is either absolutely insane and hasn’t really thought it through, or he’s using that as an excuse not to get off the bench and do something political.


Dangerfield: Yeah, fantastic! I’m glad you addressed that, because it’s really relevant. Because when I had Kai on, when I spoke about him before, chat goes mad for him! People love it! People love it! And that’s I think this is important that’s addressed. Because people will gravitate to those kinds of ideas. Perhaps, because of what you said, because they don’t actually have to get off their arse! They can just wait for this revolution to come and sit on their lap.


All right, I was part of the RCP in Great Britain, years ago. And I remember going around to one of our meetings and the bloke running it wanted us to read George Lucas’s “History and Class Consciousness”, which was a treatise on collectivism, basically. And we started reading and it’s heavy stuff, you know, it’s heavy Marxist dialectics, and it’s heavy! And this one bloke got up, and he went:


“I ain’t got time for this shit! You get back to me when the AK-47s have arrived!” [laughing]


And as much the same as what you said, you know, you need to learn! It’s the same as leaflets, it’s actually work! Work is involved in this! Very boring, potentially dull ground work. But I think that was a fantastic answer. And also anyone who’s watching it who’s still holding out for the Romantic revolution, because it’s glamorous and you’ve seen your movies, as Mark said, at the same point, without organisation at the bottom it’s nothing! It’s gonna be people stealing your petrol, and that’s pretty much it. Nice one Mark! That was a fantastic answer.





State Monopoly over Information?



So, the next thing I wanted to ask though and it’s on the back of that, … Aren’t we outgunned in terms of technology, in much the same way you just explained we’re outgunned, literally. Because if you’re going to be building up communities with leaflets and the little stuff we can do on the internet, your position, they were all over us! They’re in our front rooms, you know, information is also a weapon!


Can’t these people actually crush you the minute you actually stick your head above the parapet? Say say Patriotic Alternative sets up very successfully, twenty local movements, the numbers are growing, you get your thing with the Electoral Commission. You might even get someone in Parliament, or someone’s standing somewhere and it’s looking good. If they wanted to, isn’t it the same in those terms? Isn’t their information capabilities, their propagandizing abilities, way out outstripping you?



Mainstream Media No Longer as Dominate as in the Past



Mark Collett: Yes and no. We have now a huge advantage that we never had. In fact, several. Back in the BNP [British National Party] days, the media was actually more powerful than it is today. Because we only had five channels in the UK, except for people who had Sky. And a lot of people read the newspapers.


Newspapers are now dying! Newsprint industry is literally being destroyed! And these papers are downsizing, downsizing, many are going out of business. And we are also seeing people turn away from the mainstream media. There isn’t just five channels. There is Sky, there’s cable, and there’s also a wealth of alternative media all over the Internet.


So, in fact, we have actually leveled the field against the mainstream media, more than we’ve ever done before. But also another thing has changed which has been a very, very dramatic change. And largely, or a lot of this is down to Donald Trump, who did us several massive, massive, favors. And one of those was undermining faith in the mainstream media.


When I was first involved in the British National Party around the year 2000, we used to face a public who did believe a lot more in what the media had to say. We were facing a public that had trust in the BBC. That had trust in ITV. And believed what was written in the newspapers, and generally speaking almost every home that I knew of, took a daily paper. That isn’t the case now. I other than my parents I don’t really know anyone who takes a daily paper now. And I also don’t really know anyone who watches the mainstream media.



The Influence of the Alternative Media



In fact, more and more people are not paying their TV licence. There is now a huge movement not to pay the TV licence. And we have a President who is saying that the media is the enemy of the people! Even the media admit but trust in the mainstream media is it an all-time low. And they’re constantly complaining that’s, because of Donald Trump, and other people.


We even now have a prime minister in Britain who is talking about abolishing the TV licence and giving people the right to choose. The media has less power than it ever did. And the media’s power is also becoming more and more decentralized due to the internet.


Now this is not a joke, this is actually a very, very good statistic, but David Duke, somebody who was once painted as the world’s biggest bad guy — and he’s an amazing man, by the way, and a good friend of mine — he’s produced documentaries that have been seen more times than shows aired on prime-time BBC! BBC One and BBC Two have shows that get less viewers, or fewer viewers, than some of his documentaries have had on YouTube.


And you have people like big content producers, people like Stefan Molynuex that have produced regular content for years, that gets watched more than shows on cable and Sky.


I’ve had YouTube videos that — now disappeared down the memory hole — that have been seen by more than a million people. I did a video about anti-White policies in universities in American and what they led to. That had been seen by over 1.1 million people. And when you look at how many people are watching cable and Sky on an average evening, that dwarfs their viewing figures! And that’s just me producing something using a Blue Yeti mic, Audacity, Corel Draw to make the graphics, and stitching it together in Windows Movie Maker in my spare time!




Dangerfield: Okay, but that’s the propagandizing side, I get that.


But I mean, in terms of them knowing what you’re doing, following us wherever, what’s happening. And if they do want to, you know, if they see you as actual opposition, they can hear where we are, they can work out what’s going, they can dig stuff up. Not the propaganda angle, which you just answered eloquently, and convincingly. But in terms of their abilities to listen to us. You know, it’s like weaponizing their own abilities to listen to us. Information!


In much the same way you talked about guns, we’ve got YouTube, we can communicate on Telegram, they’ve got listening centres at GCHQ*. They can put together, … I think, I just want to put to you, if they actually considered you a threat, could they not stamp you out in the same way they could with a physical military, using the information they’ve got and the technology they’ve got?

[* Government Communications Headquarters, commonly known as GCHQ, is an intelligence and security organisation responsible for providing signals intelligence and information assurance to the government and armed forces of the United Kingdom.]


Mark Collett: The media? No! The media are losing their power, …


Dangerfield: No! Sorry. Not the media! Government!



Brexit and Donald Trump



Mark Collett: The government have repeatedly shown how inept they are at preventing political movements in this country! The entire government of both parties united against Brexit. The conservatives, other than a few notable MPs, were against for Brexit. Labour Party were against Brexit. The Lib Dems were against Brexit. The SNP were against Brexit. The people weren’t! Won Brexit! Brexit showed that in this information age, … And the mainstream media were largely against Brexit! But Brexit showed in this information age that we cannot simply be crushed.


At one point if the BBC which was vehemently anti-Brexit, anti the Leave campaign. If at one point the BBC had been so anti-something, it would have never been passed, because people trusted the BBC. And the BBC is an arm of the government, essentially. It is a state broadcaster. Yet the BBC was anti-Brexit, and Brexit won. That showed that there is not the same trust in the media, there is not the same trust in politicians, and people are willing to think outside the box.



“We Were Never Asked” Campaign



And when we went and spoke to people with the “We Were Never Asked” campaign we found that about 2/ 3 of people in Britain — of White people in Britain — do not want to become a minority! And demographics is going to become a bigger, and bigger, issue! And the fact of the matter is that we, as people on the street, are going to be confronted with that more, and more, and more! Because they can’t hide that!


See: Laura Towler – We Were Never Asked – Oct 24, 2019 — Transcript


At one point they said that White genocide, the “Great Replacement”, it was a conspiracy theory. And they laughed at us! Now, they’re talking about how great it is and that we need to accept it! And that’s what I’m talking about, about the way that information can no longer be withheld. And the fact is you can say to somebody, you could say to a White family in Bradford:


“You’re not being replaced! It’s not like they’re coming here and creating their own little ghettos, and excluding you, and attacking your children!”


But they live in Bradford. They know exactly what’s happening! And I think the days of this big media power and this information war against us are over! And also the days of simply saying:


“You’re Nazis! You’re racists!”


Well, you called Donald Trump a Nazi and a racist, so what am I? Am I the British Donald Trump? Is everyone now who doesn’t hate themselves for being White and Nazi and a racist? Well, according to the media, yes! These terms lose their power. The media is losing it’s power. And our way, or one of our ways of winning is using the Internet, but also using leaflets, and using community activism, to bring people together.


Because so many normal people out there in the real world are talking about the same sort of things that we’re talking about, but they just haven’t connected with us yet. And when they do connect with us, that’s when you’re going to start to see a popular, community-based movement that brings together the indigenous people for our own good!



Repatriation of Non-Whites



Dangerfield: Yep. Fantastic! One of the things with liberalism, it always comes up short when compared to the reality it proposes to talk about.


So you mentioned it briefly, I wanted to get on to reparations quickly, because I don’t want to keep it too long. You got your family and it’s the weekend.




Up one of the problems I’ve got when I hear you and Laura and other people talking about reparations, is there tends to be a lack of specific, …


Mark Collett: Repatriation!


Dangerfield: What has someone had a go at me that you can’t pronounce Patriot right, [laughing] so if you want to go down that road, …


Mark Collett:Reparations” are when you give blacks money, because they feel they have been hard done to! [laughing] repatriation is when you send blacks away, … Very different things there Dangerfield!


Dangerfield: Repatriation! Sorry. I get people asking me very specific questions. I think my channel, because of people know where I come from, I am a little bit of an outlier, although I do want England to be ethnic English majority. I want Europeans to maintain their only ancestral homeland, I think people see me as a sort of an entry point that’s a little bit softer perhaps. And a little bit more forgiving, perhaps. I’m going on what is said to me. But a lot of people ask me some very specific questions, and I can’t answer them. So I want to ask you, so that I can, perhaps, answer them.


So, what happens, tell me about your “Re-pat-ri-ation Plan”. I really had to say that slowly [laughing], there are too many lols in the chat to make that mistake again! Hang on chat! It was only a minute ago Mark asked if he was the next Donald Trump! [laughing]



No Reparations!



Mark Collett: And I’m just gonna reassure people, we don’t have a reparation policy! Patriotic Alternative will NOT be giving billions of taxpayers money to angry migrants, who think they’ve been hard done to, because we’ve given them lots of benefits, nice houses, and free health care!


Dangerfield: Damn! Damn! Okay. So you’ve talked before about prisoners. Prisoners will be offered money. People are in prison, immigrants who are in prison, you’ve talked about that. But what are these numbers like? You know, do you know what the numbers are here?


Mark Collett: Repatriation is very, very, simple. They’re two types of repatriation; forced repatriation; and voluntary repatriation. Forced repatriation is something that will happen to illegal immigrants, or people living here who have dual citizenship and have broken the law in a very egregious manner. Who have committed serious, serious, offenses! And I think we can all agree that getting rid of criminals and illegal migrants is a good thing!


Now British citizens who are not White British and have a claim to other places in the world, have other ancestral homelands, will be given financial benefits to leave. And prisoners, who are British citizens, will be given financial benefits to leave and have sentence is commuted, if they and their families leave. And the figure that we have floated is 15,000 pounds per passport, that we would buy back.


And I know what people are going to say, …


Dangerfield: No Mark! I know what you’re gonna say, because I’m familiar with this point. And it’s actually cheaper to give a family of six, fifteen grand apiece to go, rather than to pay for them to stay with NHS, and welfare, etc. But how many, … What are the numbers? Let’s say that we got rid of all the people in prison, all the people that broke the law, how many people is that? Because it seems to me, and I don’t know, but, … I


Mark Collett: There is over a million illegal immigrants in Britain today.


Dangerfield: Okay.


Mark Collett: So that’s a large figure.


Dangerfield: So there’s the million already. Is that not including prisoners?


Mark Collett: Some of those would be in prison, but they would be immediately deported.


Dangerfield: So okay, around a million.



Carrots and Sticks



Mark Collett: If you look at the prison population, I’m so sure somebody, … Look we don’t know how many people would take the fifteen thousand pounds. But one thing I will say, is it isn’t just 15,000 pounds, because not only wouldn’t we be offering them 15,000 pounds, that’s the “carrot”. But there will also be the “stick”! And the stick is that people who cannot speak English would not be entitled to state benefits, they would not be entitled to free housing, Social care, they wouldn’t be entitled to treatment on the NHS, or education for their children. And as soon as you start to say to people:


“You are having these generous benefits rolled back, but we will give you 15,000 pounds to leave. And you can take all your savings with you, and other items. We will assist you.”


You know, we wouldn’t just give them 15 grand and make them book their own flight. We would charter flights for them all. We would help them leave with their possessions, and with their money. These people would leave en mass.



No Halal or Kosher Slaughter



And they would also be other policies which would help this too. For example, we would ban all halal and kosher slaughter! We are a nation of animal lovers! Jewish kosher slaughter and Islamic halal slaughter are absolutely brutal, cruel, and completely unjustified in a developed nation of animal lovers! These people would not be able to eat their meat in our country! So, if they want to eat that kind of meat they would leave.



And anyone illegally selling that kind of meat, or preparing that kind of meat, would be punished to the full extent of the law!


We would also prevent people who worship in mosques, screaming out of the minarets at 5:00 a.m. In the morning! There would be no calls to prayer! These people would have to obey the letter of our law. There would be no Sharia Courts.


We would be starting to investigate people who carry out brutal acts of female genital mutilation. And people who were carrying out those acts, doctors who are carrying out those brutal mutilations would be, again, they would face the same punishments.




And the fact of the matter is, we have not only made this financially very profitable for these people to come here, but we have also bent over backwards, allow them to abuse our better nature, bent our laws to their benefit! And once all of that was rolled back, once this was no longer a cushy little number for these people, fifteen thousand pounds would be very, very, alluring! And somebody said — just now in the chat —:


“But they hate their own countries, that’s why they come here.”


No they don’t hate their own countries! Because many of these people who come here, many of these so-called asylum seekers, and “refugees”, choose to holiday in the country they fled! There have been cases of asylum seekers, and “refugees” flying back to the war zone they fled from, to visit their family, or to get married and bring a wife over with them, once they’ve secured a passport!


In fact, there’s a huge amount of emigration into Britain is done via forced marriage. And people go to places like Pakistan and India, they take part in a forced marriage, they bring their bride over. And then they breed! Then they go back and get a second wife and bring her over and they breed more, and more, and more! And this is a major problem!


And that’s something else we would be cracking down on, honor killings, forced marriages! All of these things are not our values! Our values have always been opposed to that! It’s against the law to have more than one wife, yet the government turns a blind eye to Muslim men with multiple wives, who have mouthed these wives in Sharia Courts. This is not our way of life, and we shouldn’t be tolerating it!


And by the time all of that’s finished with, you we’ll have a small amount of migrants left in the UK. And those people will be the best of the migrant population. They will be people who have fitted in. They will be people who speak the language, whose children go to our schools, do very well. They will be people who hold good jobs.


But all of the people who are creating the problems, all of the people who are part of these grooming gangs, all of the people who riot, mug, carry out machete attacks, they will be leaving, because life in Britain will no longer be a gravy train for them. And we won’t be tolerating their criminality and anti-British bile!


Dangerfield: Yeah, fantastic! Again, very convincing, very white-pilling! I was saying to someone the other day, at the moment it’s a very welcoming place. They know that we bend over backwards to accommodate them. They know how our laws work. They know how our media allow them to get away with almost anything. Once a country is known to be hostile to such acts, and hostile to such behaviors, on a cultural level. Doesn’t even have to be legal yet, just on a cultural level, well I think, very quickly England, England would be a less attractive place to go to.



Media and the Promotion of Race-Mixing



Alright let’s get on to the very sticky subject of “mixed-race” people. I’m an English national. Let’s assume I have some mixed-race English-Cambodian babies, can I come back to England and live there?




Mark Collett: Yes, look, I’m not gonna start saying to people that you can’t date who you want to date. My problem with race-mixing, is the vast majority of people wouldn’t do it. A few people would do it. And that’s their choice. I believe racial race-mixing is largely unnatural, because most people want to be with their own. There are a few outliers who don’t want to be with their own.


But the fact of the matter is there is an aggressive policy by the media, by the establishment, and by our government, to promote racially mixed relationships, as an ideal! And that is being done on a genocidal level! And it is vastly reducing, again, the indigenous population. And it is serving to breed us out in our own homeland.


I don’t have any problem with what you get up to with the woman you love! But I don’t want to see the “idea”, or the “lifestyle”, of the racially mixed couple being pushed as the “ideal” for everybody in society! Because I want a homogeneous, ethnic, community.


And you only have to walk, … My largest, my nearest, really large city is Leeds. Now when you go around Leeds, you can walk around Primark, you can walk around Topshop, you can walk around H&M, walk around any of those big stores and the models are always paired up as a White woman and a non-White male! Now it’s not 1 in 10, it’s not 3 in 10, it’s not half-and-half, but it’s nearly a hundred percent of these adverts!


See: Mark Collett — Christmas Adverts – Multicultural Propaganda — TRANSCRIPT


We saw Christmas adverts a few years ago, where every single, major, grocery retailer in Britain ran an advert with mixed-race couples, front and center! That is not just a coincidence! That is a premeditated plot to push a political agenda!


And we’re in the middle of this coronavirus pandemic, and the other day I saw a poster about washing your hands. And if you showed me washing my hands, my hands are both White, yet on this poster one hand was White and one hand was black, and they were washing each other!


They even put this in public information documents! Now if one set of hands was a White set of hands, one set of hands was sort of a obviously a set of hands belonging to somebody from the Indian subcontinent, and one set of hands belonging to somebody from Africa, I would understand that. But to have a White hand washing a black hand, they pushing the agenda everywhere you go! And you see it on the TV! You see it in adverts! And now adverts spend more money trying to push this political agenda than they actually do advertising the products they’re meant to want you to buy! It’s so absurd!


And if you are of mixed race origin and you live here in Britain, you obviously have claim to Britain, and you have claim to somewhere else. However if you are a productive member of society as I said earlier, fifteen thousand pounds means very, very little to you.


However if you are falling on the other side of that divide, and you identify more with your African heritage, you are part of some street gang, you are in prison, you might well choose to have your sentence commuted, take fifteen thousand pounds and go somewhere else in the world. It’s as simple as that!



Working with Non-Whites



But if you came to our conference the other day, which nearly 200 people did, that was the biggest gathering of its kind in over a decade, right? It was fantastic! But there were people there who weren’t of indigenous descent. There were people there from the Indian subcontinent, there were people there who were mixed-race, there were people from all over Europe. There were people who came from as far as America.


So not everyone who was there was White British. But everyone there was committed to the idea that the indigenous people of these islands should remain the overwhelming majority! And also should not become second-class citizens! And I work with people who aren’t of European descent, and I happily work with them. I regularly speak to Ralph [Masilamani] from — who does the channel Right Reaction — the guy who speaks of Speakers Corner. He’s an incredible guy!


I regularly speak to him and work with Shazia Hobbs, a lovely woman! And I’m not gonna name drop all of the people who just came to the conference as individuals.


I was on a chat the other day with “Wake Up UK”, and there was a lovely mixed-race gentleman on there. And I invited him to the next conference. And he said he’d love to come. And I said get your suit shirt, get down, you know, and come and enjoy what we’re building. And yeah, put your cravat on! [laughing].




We are not haters! We just love our own, and don’t want to be reduced to a minority on our ancestral homeland. And for too long ethno-nationalism has allowed itself to be defined by its enemies! And have played up to this idea but we should be these big, scary, boot boys who want to bring about our ideal vision via violence. And what we are doing is we are professionalizing ethno-nationalism, and showing people that this is not about hate for anyone else. This is about love for our own.



For Britain Party Supporting Middle East Wars



And actually we are less violent than the Civic nationalists, because the civic nationalists at the moment, or very recently, we’re talking about blowing Iran to smithereens! I saw people from “For Britain” who are civic nationalists talking about flattening Iran! I’m there saying:


“No! Do! Not flatten Iran! Iran is a sovereign nation full of men, women, and children, who deserve to be left alone. The people of Iran are no threat to the people of Britain, when they’re in Iran!”


What I want to stop is millions of people from the Middle East coming here colonizing Britain, and threatening our people! This world is big enough for everyone. But, everyone doesn’t have to live in Britain. You know, let the Middle East be for Muslims. Let Africa be for the Africans. Let the Orient be for the Orientals. But let Europe be for the Europeans! That’s not a message of hate, it’s a message of love!


Dangerfield: Yeah.



Ethno-Nationalism for All Peoples the World Over



Mark Collett: We are branding ethno-nationalism, and everyone the world over, who is an ethno-nationalism should be preaching this same positive message!


And I am very, very, happy to have people from different racial groups attend our meetings, if they agree with us. But what we don’t want, is we don’t want people who are going to pick somebody from another ethnic group and put them up as guest speaker to make a point to own the Left.


The guest speakers will be people have earned their position as guest speaker. We don’t want people at our meeting like these Civic nationalists, who want to fight wars for Israel in the Middle East, and see our soldiers be blown to smithereens, and then see millions more migrants have to come here as refugees. We want a world that is peaceful, where everyone has their place, but everyone’s place isn’t in these islands!


Dangerfield: Yeah. I always say, as a nationalist, I’ll defend any nation to have what it has as it’s own. And it’s kind of weird, because nationalists end up actually supporting diversity. If you start getting rid of national borders, give it under 200 years there’s one world type of person!


And going back to what you said about the promotion of race-mixing. I mean, I always say this to people. I say I’m an outlier, and most people don’t want to breed outside their own. And I agree with you there. But in all the marketing I see almost always, almost always, White woman black man! Very rarely, the other way round. They can’t breed with our women, you’ll be alright! And it’s shocking! You know, my in real life job is in e-commerce, and the other day I counted nine separate platforms that was black man White woman.


And yeah I’m absolutely with you! The promotion of it, … Someone asked me in my stream earlier what I think about the gays. And it’s the same point. I don’t think about the gays! We’ve always gonna have them, they’ve always been about. But I don’t want it promoted! And I think that was your argument there.


Oi, get your head out the chat Collett! You said this wasn’t like having a party at your own house! And I can tell, when your nose is at that 45 degree angle south-southwest [laughing]


Mark Collett: Sorry!


Dangerfield: Sometimes watching your stream I can see you reading the chat, No White Guilt reading the chat! I’m like any of these people listening to the guest?


Mark Collett: I get roasted! I get roasted for not reading the chat! I get angry emails from people, …


Dangerfield: Yeah, but not in my stream! You are meant to be relaxing!


Mark Collett: Well, I’m really getting into this, so sorry. I am really enjoying myself though, and the chat is being extremely kind.



Anne Marie Waters, for Britain — a Zio Shill Outfit



Dangerfield: Good stuff here. Okay, last point. Where did I want to go, … Oh yeah, you hinted, you touched on it. Anne Marie Waters, For Britain! A lot of people come to me — don’t smile just yet — a lot of people come to me and they think that it’s a vote splitter, … Is it a “pay-triot” or is it “pat-triot”? I keep getting pulled up on it.


Mark Collett: Whatever you want to call it.




Dangerfield:Repatriation” I’ll call it! People keep coming up to me and they’re saying it’s gonna split the patriot movement. I want to know what you think about Anne Marie Waters [born 1977, Dublin] , not her as a person — sorry that was badly put — but what do you think about For Britain? Where are they going wrong? Where are they going right? Let me know what you think about them.



Mark Collett: Well, For Britain do have some very good members. And numerous of their members were actually at our conference a couple of weeks ago. In fact, several people who were very key to their organization, are writing to me, coming to our events, and they’re very interested in what we are doing. In fact, I’m not gonna name him, but everyone knows who was at our conference, and he’s a very, very, key member of For Britain! In fact, he’s possibly, other than Anne-Marie Waters, their most famous member! And he was actually at our conference.



Counter Jihad Movement is a Puppet for the Zionist Lobby



These people, or many of them, understand the increasing problem is demographics. And Anne Marie Waters, she talks some very, very, common-sense things about grooming, about Islam. But, she is part of the Counter Jihad movement. And we know, that the Counter Jihad movement is a puppet for the zionist lobby. And I find it very interesting that they call themselves “For Britain” when really there for Israel!


And I think she really showed herself up, let herself down, when she advocated for “regime change” in Iran.


Now I’ve been involved — everyone knows — for about two decades in this cause, and we as nationalists have always been the anti-war movement. We were the anti-war movement before the Second World War. We were the anti-war movement when we went to war with Afghanistan, when we went to war with Iraq! And with the anti-war movement now! And we are the anti-war movement, because, like you said, we actually do stand for diversity. We want a diverse world! A world where everybody, everybody has their place! And I can’t get on board with people who are taking half measures.



“Legal” Immigration of Non-Whites is the Problem



Anne-Marie Waters says there will be a stop on immigration for five years. Okay, so what, we’re gonna be a minority in 2071 now, not 2066? Slow hand clap! You know, they’re not talking about the people living here. They keep talking about “legal migration”.


Well fact-check guys! Every one, or the vast majority, of these Muslim gangs in places like Telford, Rotherham, South Manchester, that have done these terrible things to our girls, are British citizens! Well that was legal migration. And where has it got us! It’s not got us anywhere! Legal migration hasn’t been good for us.


Look at the young people of African descent, the “youths” in places like London, running around stabbing people, carrying out machete attacks, off the back of mopeds! Look at the acid attacks!


A lot of the people, the vast majority of the people, committing these crimes are again “British citizens”. How is this “legal” migration working out for us? It isn’t!


And the narrow, foolish, and very naive notion, that somebody can come here from another part of the world, where the average IQ is some three, four, five standard deviations lower, from a culture where people settle their differences with a machete, and then put on an Adidas tracksuit, a pair of Nike trainers, and live on a council estate, but, because they’ve got a little maroon booklet [passport] that says British citizen, they’ll immediately be like us, that’s insanity! It doesn’t work like that! And it’s not working!


And all I’m saying is, as demographics becomes a bigger issue, this silly Counter Jihad movement, is going to be exposed for exactly what it is! This Counter Jihad movement is going to be shown up for the morally bankrupt, zio shilling organisation that it really is! Because, …


Dangerfield: So what you’re saying, oh sorry, go on, …


Mark Collett: I was just going to say, and everything they talk about is downstream from what I’m talking about. These Islamic problems in our nation, … Because Muslims aren’t a problem in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, they’re not a problem in Iran, or Saudi Arabia, they’re a problem when they get here!




When they’re herding goats with an AK-47 slung over their shoulder in Afghanistan, that isn’t something that he’s gonna bother young girls in Rotherham! When they’re owning kebab shops, or driving taxis in Rotherham that is a threat to girls in Rotherham!


The fact of the matter is, this Islamic problem that people like Anne-Marie Waters loves to talk about, and hang her hat on, is only a problem, because of the demographic change! It’s only a problem, because of the things that we’re exposing!


The fact is, if it wasn’t for this demographic change, we wouldn’t have this Islamic problem. And that basically, solving our problems, starts and really ends, with solving the demographic issue.


Dangerfield: So, stay with me, stay with me! [laughing] So to summarize if people think that Anne-Marie Waters, For Britain is splitting the patriot votec for lack of a better word, is because they don’t fully understand the differences between the two organizations?



Patriotic Alternative is the Natural Home for Patriots



Mark Collett: Yeah, and there’s plenty of good people in For Britain, but their natural home is with Patriotic Alternative. Their natural home is at our conferences, our meetings, in our community. If you love the indigenous people of these islands, and if you want to preserve the indigenous people of these islands, if you want a future for White children in these islands, you have to be on board with the ethno-nationalist cause!


And when it comes to the ethno-nationalist cause Patriotic Alternative is the way forward! It has united all of the biggest content creators in this country! They’re all on board! You see them in the chat, you see them about conferences. We are building that big tent. And it is filled with people, and positivity.



Superchats: Stefan Molyneux, British Army, Halal Slaughter, Way of the World



Dangerfield: Yep! Agreed. Okay, we’ve been going for an hour and a half. It’s flown by! This has been fantastic. I will put the Superchat questions to now. Someone who’s done this enough times, yourself, I might have to edit a couple. But we will have a look at them.


Okay, how do I get these in order? Don’t let me down now Entropy. Oh yay, yay. Okay, here we go from G White:


“Mark what do you make of Stefan Molyneux?”


I think Stefan Molyneux is an interesting character, because he’s obviously on a bit of a red pill journey, and sometimes he let’s on just how much he knows, and goes into a little bit of a meltdown naming a certain tribe of people on Twitter! But then he feels he may have gone a step too far, and tries to dial it back. And it’s quite interesting he takes two steps forward and one step back. But he’s getting there. And he does do some good work. And I’d love to chat with him, or debate with him.


Okay. In terms of ethnic minorities joining Patriot Alternative?


Mark Collett: I’ve already talked about that. They’re welcome!


Dangerfield: Okay. Brilliant. Okay, there’s a lot of compliments for you, but they don’t make great questions. And in Entropy. Letting me down a little bit. Okay. People really liking you here.:


“How we talk about this and not be called racist?”


I think you’ve already covered that as well.



Demographics is Everything



Mark Collett: Yeah, you’ve just got to shoulder it. And you’ve got to speak, … Look if you’re talking to somebody, talk to them on their level. If they’re concerned about the fact the number of hedgehogs in Britain is declining rapidly, well the reason the number of hedgehogs in Britain is declining so rapidly, the reason the hedgehog population has been decimated, is, because we’re building on every little patch of green space, because of mass immigration, and the immigrant birthrate. Everything ties back to demographics!


See: Malleate – Bullet Free Genocide – Weaponized Migration – Nov 22, 2019 — Transcript


The problems with the NHS! The problems with the education system! The problem with the benefit system! The problem with criminality, with grooming! It’s all downstream from demographics. Tie everything back and speak to people about the things they are interested in.


Dangerfield: JT Smith just wants me to give a big hello to you! There you go JT.


Mark Collett: Thank you very much. He’s always in the chat. Fantastic chap.


Dangerfield: Yeah, he’s a great lad. Ian Hay, who was a soldier, says:


“Mark you’re wrong about our soldiers. We would never turn our guns on our own people.”




Mark Collett: Well, with all due respect, as I said, earlier, at one point the British public believed that the police would always protect and serve. The British public looked up to the police, local police officers were very much heroes and pillars of the community. And now the British police protect the men, and in some cases women, who are abusing our children. And they also arrest, harass, and jail, people who try to stop that abuse.


And when you look at what’s happened to the police force, the same will happen to the military. I believe that years ago the police are upstanding people. I believe that the majority of people who join the British Army do so for the right reasons, because they are patriots, and because they love their country. However, what has happened to the police is now happening with the army.


And I know people who have been in the army. I know people who left the Army due to the political correctness! And I know people who are forced out, because of the political correctness! And what has happened to every facet of the state and the establishment, will also happen to the military.


And I believe the guy who left this Superchat is obviously a good man, he’s here, he’s listening. And I believe that him and his friends when they served the military was probably very different to what it is now. But please, please, any arm of the state will orientate itself in a way that is not to our best interests!


Dangerfield: Okay. This is a bit of a strangely made point from Pinhead Luke, but he says:


“There’s no difference with Halal. It’s still stunned before death.


Mark Collett: No, no! Halal meat is not stunned! The animals have their throats slit, and they are hung up by their back legs, and that un-stunned form of halal [Arabic word meaning “permissible or lawful”] is what would be illegal. And if you look into this you will find that there is also a major issue in different parts of the world with the profits from un-stunned halal going toward terrorism and the kind of Islamic community building which has left so many scars up and down this country.


Dangerfield: Okay. All right. Not too many more. I’ve had you a while, hang on. Mavis just said:


“Tell Mark he’s doing great work, and she has thanks for the future. Lucy Bostock.”

“Mark are you going to use the census in 2021 as an opportunity? And what is the safest way of meeting like-minded people?”


Mark Collett: Well firstly, I’ll give you the answer, the easy part of that answer. And the safest way to meet like-minded people is to sign up to Patriotic Alternative. At the moment we are having a few problems with the website, because we are just putting up the brand-new website today. And there’s always a few technical glitches. So don’t be alarmed if it doesn’t come up straight away.


But the best place to meet people is at our events and gatherings. Get on board! If it wasn’t for this coronavirus we would be holding local meetings now, and setting up more regional organizers. We already have three, and we want an organizer in every region by the end of the year. Now, on to the other question, which was, …


Dangerfield: One second Mark. Can I also just suggest she has a look at “Way of the World’s” video, and “Nat Connect”, that is also a good way of meeting like-minded people. Way of the World’s Nat Connect.


See: Way of the World – How Nationalism WINS – Mar 22, 2020 — Transcript


Mark Collett: Way of the World is amazing, by the way, I think he’s in the chat tonight. He’s a very good friend of mine. The guy is really a hero to our people. And his content is superb.


But the other part of a question was about the census. And yes we will be using the census data. But at the moment you can look at the birth data, I think it’s either in England, or in England and Wales and it’s from the Office of National Statistics. Now this is very, very, important, because the Office of National Statistics reports on live births.


And when you look at live births it’s either in England, or in England and Wales. And live births in that area, make up the majority of live births in the British Isles. And if you look at the data it says that 59% — this was in 2018 — 59% of live births in either England, or England and Wales, are White British. That means 41% of the births are not of people who are indigenous to these islands! When you look at that, and when you look at the immigration statistics. And again in the last year we have statistics for 379,000 people came to Britain legally, from non EU countries!


Okay? This is very, very worrying. And I think the census will be very important for us. However if you look at, as I say, the recordings of live births and the immigration figures, we can already see a pattern emerging. And that pattern is very, very worrying!





Can We Win?



Dangerfield: Fantastic! Couple more I think. Oh what if you’re right, … Sorry I just lost someones and they’re gonna go mad. Okay I’ve come to the end of those. Mark, before I let you go, is this gonna happen? I am involved in this, I make content every day. I spend most of my free time reading material, investing in this, looking at historical examples. That’s the area I struggle with. There’s not a lot of historical examples to fill me with hope.


But, you know, I’ve changed over the last four years of making content to get to where I am. I’ve seen the numbers expand colossally! I’ve listened to you, who’s been around for decades doing this. And people like Jared Taylor talked about this growth. And sometimes I am very positive. But sometimes I’m not! Is this gonna happen? Can we achieve this? I know you’re coming, …


Mark Collett: Can we win?


Dangerfield: Yeah, but I want you to tell me why.


Mark Collett: Well, of course, we can win, of course, we can win! We can win! There’s always a chance of winning! You can win the lottery. You can go out and buy a lottery ticket and win. There is always a percentage chance, no matter how small of victory.


However, am I going to promise you victory? I am NOT going to promise you victory! Because I can’t make that guarantee. And the several things I’m not going to do. Now I have been sort of thrust into this position, of a leader of sorts. I hate to call myself a leader, because this isn’t about me. This is about community. And I’ve said that from day one! And my book says that. All my shows say that. I said that at Patriotic Alternative conference.


Mark Collett’s book: www.thefallofwesternman.com


But as people look to me, as some sort of leader, I will say this. There’s two things I’m not going to do. The first, well there’s lots of things I’m not going to do. But two major things that I want to discuss now, that I’m not gonna do.


The first is I am NOT gonna promise people something that I am NOT a hundred percent sure that I can deliver on.


And secondly I am NOT gonna hit people with dates! How many nationalist leaders have said:


“I will take you to victory, but we must achieve it by the next election, or all is lost!”


That is such total BS! And I’ve seen leaders of the nationalist movement in this country do this time, and time, and time, again!:


“I will bring your victory! But to do it, it must be done by 2004! By 2009! By 2014!”


And all these dates past. The apocalypse doesn’t happen, victory hasn’t been achieved, but we still got a chance!


However I will promise you something from the bottom of my heart, that I can guarantee will happen! And I hope it’ll be good enough for you all. I promise you that I will give everyone who puts their trust in me, the best that I can give them! I promise I will never give up! I promise I will always do my best to represent you. I promise I will always put my best foot forward. I promise I’ll always be here to listen to you and take on board your criticisms, your hopes, your fears. I will keep answering your emails. I will work hard.


And above all else I promise you that we as a community will give it our best shot! And I also promise you something even better! That if come, some dark day, we do become a minority, I promise you that we will stand together as a community, and weather that storm together!


And I can’t promise you anything more. But I can also say this. If you want to win, if you want to achieve victory, if you want the indigenous people to remain a majority, you have to meet me halfway and get on board! You have to be part of the resistance! You have to be part of the community! And that is the best I can offer.


And I know that so many of you have been so kind, you’ve been so gracious towards me, people have given me so much of their time and energy. And I will keep serving you as best I can, until either I am no longer here, or somebody better comes along to replace me.


And there aren’t many people who have ever been in a position like I am today that would be that honest! And I hope that honesty means something. Because as I say, I do from the bottom of my heart, thank you all! And I do ultimately believe that we can win! If we stand together we can win!


Because our people, people of European descent, what haven’t we won? We’ve weathered the greatest storms, we built the greatest civilization the world has ever seen. Why is it that we have to be defeated? This isn’t all written. This isn’t all ready decided. We have more than a fighting chance, as we’ve always done!




Dangerfield: Amazing! Brilliant! And what a very convincing performance you’ve put on tonight! Thank you very much Mark for speaking to me.


Before I let you go, just a quick one. What can people do, apart from signing up to Patriotic Alternative, what can people do in their daily lives to help the cause?


Mark Collett: In your daily life be the best person you can be. Love yourself. Love people within this community. And improve yourself. Remember, in your blood, the blood that runs in your veins, is the same blood, as the blood that ran in the veins of the people that built this civilization.


Your blood is the same as the blood of the people that put a man on the moon, that painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, that built the Eiffel Tower, the Leaning Tower of Pisa, that built St Paul’s Cathedral. We have in us the blood of heroes! The blood of the people that defined everything that makes the world so great! Because the European spirit civilized not just Europe, but everywhere! And we exported our genius and our brilliant nature to every corner of the earth!


And when you realize you’re that special, when you realize you have that much potential, hidden inside you, why should you just sit there playing Xbox? Why should you just waste away and be a second-class citizen?


You can be anybody you want to be! You can get that job! You can date that beautiful woman! You can go out there and achieve amazing feats! And enemy’s want you to give up hope. And a great man, a great pilot, called Hans Rudel, once said:


“Only he is lost, who gives himself up for lost. Believe in yourself, because victory is inside you!”


And if we all believe that, we all stood together, we would win this hands down without a problem. Just go out there and be who you want to be, and make a change. Because the most important change you can make initially, is within you. And when you become the best version of you, and you start achieving great things, people will notice. And people will gather around you. People will flock to you. And they’ll say:


“How did you do that?”


And you can say:


“I did it, because I’m a nationalist, because I love my people, and because I believe in the European spirit!”


And that positivity is the best way to win other people over to our cause. That is how you can make a change for yourself, for your loved ones, for your community, and for our people.


Dangerfield: Mark, thank you very much for speaking with me tonight.


Mark Collett: Thank you so much. It’s been a real pleasure. We’ve had you on my show before, and I hope one day you will actually honor the pledge you made to me and come running with me in the snow Jew [laughing]


Dangerfield: When I get back to England maybe. King Athelstan, I’ll deal with that offline, because it’s a weird one to end on, but I’ll talk to you later.


Mark, thank you very much! I hope you enjoyed it people, had over a thousand people in here for the duration. I think Mark was fantastic tonight!


I will talk to you all soon. Hang on a couple of seconds Mark. I just have a little chat with you afterwards. Take care of yourselves, and enjoy your weekend. Goodbye!











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Mark Collett — What We Must Do To Win — TRANSCRIPT

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Mark Collett — The Plot to Flood Europe with 200 Million Africans — TRANSCRIPT

Mark Collett — The jewish Question Explained in Four Minutes — TRANSCRIPT

Mark Collett at The Scandza Forum, Copenhagen – Oct 12, 2019 — Transcript

Patriotic Weekly Review – with Blair Cottrell – Dec 4, 2019 — TRANSCRIPT

Dangerfield – Talking Tough with Mark Collett – Mar 28, 2020 — Transcript





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33 Responses to Dangerfield – Talking Tough with Mark Collett – Mar 28, 2020 — Transcript

  1. Billy says:

    They are both yid shills.

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