Slightly Offensive – Is America (& the West) Over? – Guest – Joel Davis – May 31, 2024 – Transcript


Slightly Offensive


Is America (& the West) Over?


Guest: Joel Davis


Fri, May 31, 2024


[In this livestream episode the host of Slightly Offensive, Elijah Schaffer, talks with Aussie nationalist Joel Davis about the following:

Harry Sisson and Chris Maury Confirm They’re Not Gay

Drew Pavlou on the Swastika

Joel Davis: the Swastika is the Symbol of Our People.

“You Want Non-White People Out”

Attempts to Stab People in Germany

My Guest Today is Joel Davis, Mass Deportation Enthusiast. Hindu Supporter.

Knife-Wielding Man on the Street

German Police: Why Didn’t They Draw Their Guns?

The Stabbings That Hurt Lives

Lauren Southern: the Islamic Invasion of the West

White Streamers Are Supporting Islamic Extremism

Hindu Discussions of Deodorant

American Airlines Says Black Men Were Kicked off Plane for Smelling

Do White People Work at Airports?

Australia Needs Gun Rights.

Black Crime on Twitter

Why is It That We Cannot, on the Left or the Right, Just Say Black Crime?

Ideas of Removing Blacks from American Society

College Degrees Given to Black People

White Supremacists: Leave Joel Davis Rants Alone

Are Indian Students a Problem in Australia?

Indian Built a Skyscraper in His Home for $4.6 Billion.

Gay People Accuse Short Men of Being Gay

Being Gay is Bad

Cnn Reporter Appears to Admit That Israel Killed a Lot of Their Own People on October 7.

Saudi Arabia is Run by Jews.

This Woman Explains Why She Think Women Are Better Than Men

Pro-Hitler and the Problem of America

Why Did We Fight Hitler?

Why Hitler was Right

What’s the Primary Cause of American Patriotism?

Being an American is Being Anti Hitler.

What is Race?

The Entire System is Built Around Selling out Your Own People.

Gavin on Vice’s Censor Program

“Liberal Democracy Only Works When Both Sides Agree”

Stop the Trump Haters

Trump vs Israel

Israel Spends Millions of Dollars to Ensure That Politicians Are Loyal to Israel.

Does Joel Consider Armenians White?

Can Sicilians Be Considered White?

Happy Gay Pride Month!

The Flag Gay Represents All Forms of Sexuality That Can’t Produce White Babies.

India’s Got Insanely High Rape Per Capita.

I Like Being Around White People Even More.

White Power and Ben Shapiro on Cnn

Black People Only Destroy: Culture of Crime

Joel on Christianity and Race

Joel: Why Did Hitler Invade Denmark and Norway?

Matt Walsh: Why I’m on Here Talking About Hitler

“It’s Good to Be Wealthy”

Can Minorities Assimilate?

White Americans and Blood Memories

Chicago Hater Rips the City







Published on Fri, May 31, 2024




Is America (& The West) Over? | Guest: Joel Davis
Slightly Offensive
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As Elijah plans for his exit from Australia.. Things continue to get worse and worse in the west. Unfettered immigration, immigrant violence, degraded living conditions..
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Elijah Schaffer: You know, they say you’re not supposed to use the word faggot on YouTube, but apparently you don’t realize that that’s actually a frozen dinner out here in Australia, also known as a cigarette. We’re not talking about the other kind of faggots, which, of course, Harry Sisson and Chris Maury had a celebration party to confirm they’re not gay.


Okay, they’re not gay, but they’re really excited that Trump got convicted of 34 different charges. And they did a little merry jig to celebrate. Welcome to Generation Z, progressives. This is not gay. I want to remind you, they’re very straight.


Watch. Summer after high school when we first met in your Mustang Radiohead. And on my 18th birthday, we got matching tattoos. Used to steal your parents liquor and climb to the roof. Talk about a future. Like we had a clue. Never been a one day I be losing you, flirting. I love it.


And kids, that’s how you get AIDS.


Anyway, my name is Elijah Schaffer. It’s approximately some time in the middle of the night in the US. I’m very sorry about it. It’s probably some immigrant messed up a flight log in Australia, so the plane was late. Just kidding!


Joel Davis will be on the show in a little bit. You guys might know him. I guess he has a new description on his Twitter. We’ll be looking at that. He used to be a White representative or something like that. I don’t even remember.


But you know, the show’s gonna be bombastic! You know, it’s gonna be insane! Make sure you’re watching at Censored TV, promote code offensive, 20% off a membership or watching on Rumble because I can guarantee you this video is going to get pulled from YouTube. We’ll see you in just a few moments.


Brian. Let’s start the show.




I remember what it was. A White advocate. Joel Davis, welcome back to Slightly Offensive.


Joel Davis: Hey, nice to be here.


Now, I’m, according to Twitter, I’m a mass deportations enthusiast.


Elijah Schaffer: Oh, yeah. Can I okay, so let’s talk about those at.


Joel Davis: There’s a swastika at the end as well.


Elijah Schaffer: Because can we go to that? Let me see if we can bring this up here. So here’s your Twitter. Joel Davis. You know, people are not gonna like this episode. You already knew ahead of time. Right-wing Watch, Media Matters, Angry White Men, whatever these bitches are, they’re watching this and they’re ready to kill me.


Joel Davis: Some of my biggest fans.


Elijah Schaffer: Have anything to say to them?


Joel Davis: Oh, yeah. Thanks for the promotion. One day we’re going to win, and then it’s over for you. So, …


Elijah Schaffer: What about any Drew Pavlou? It’s been a while since you’ve been on. Last time you were on, we had a debate. You guys should watch it. You were on with Drew. He’s Greek or Turkish or something. Did anything happen to that? Have you guys made up after that event?


Joel Davis: I wouldn’t say made up. I mean, he was very friendly, real life. Remember after the debate, he was acting like he was my friend.


And then he took to Twitter and spent the next week compulsively tweeting about how I’m a psychopath. One of my favorite of his descriptions of me was he was. He said that I had dead eyes, the eyes of a killer, and predicted that I would commit a terrorist attack at some point in the future. I took that as a compliment, to be honest.


But, you know, yeah, Drew is a pathetic faggot.


And also, I want to thank him for debating me, because he did such a horrible job. He really just kind of set me up to take a big victory. I mean, everyone was just watching that debate to watch me. No one was watching it. There’s no Drew Pavlou fans.


So, you know, he was just a whipping boy. He was a punching bag, and he did a very good job of being a punching bag. And, yeah, his narcissistic meltdown on Twitter was also really entertaining. So I had the popcorn out for that quite a few days afterwards. So that was fun.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah.


And I think if you can go back to the screen here on your Twitter. I’m happy to have you back, because, again, you were a White advocate. Now you’re going by “Mass Deportations Enthusiast”. And you have a swastika there at the end of your description. To a lot of people, that would be considered quite offensive. Maybe just slightly.


A lot of people are very upset by that. Is that an ode to some sort of an Indian custom? Because I know Australia has become sort of an Indian colony in the last several years. So what’s up with that?


Joel Davis: Well, Hinduism was created by my ancestors, the Aryans. We ran India. We ran India twice, actually. We ran India originally, we wrote the Vedas. Hinduism is our creation. Then a bunch of us left, went to Europe, the ones who remained mixed, bred with the Dravidians and turned into, you know how there’s some caramel milk chocolate variations in the Indian caste system, so there’s different gradations.


So, unfortunately, there’s no proper Aryans left in India, only the ones who went to Germany and so on survived. But the swastika is the symbol of our people. And it’s, in fact, all over Europe. It’s not just in India. You can see in many churches, many old Roman buildings.


I mean, even in Australia, there’s swastikas in buildings all over the place here, all over England. I’ve driven past just random churches in England. And this is like a swastika that was the Church was built hundreds of years ago. It’s an ancient symbol.




And as I said, it’s a symbol of our people. Everywhere that Aryans have gone, this symbol has gone with us. It represents our unique form of spirituality. It represents who we are as a people.


So that’s why I use it. And that’s also the same reason why Hitler used it. He didn’t invent the swastika.


And when Indians use it’s kind of cringe because it’s not really supposed to be for them. But they’re using our whole religion, but they don’t practice it properly. And that’s kind of the case whenever non-Whites practice any of our religions. They can’t practice Christianity properly. They can’t practice any religions properly that we create, because they’re an expression of who we are, our unique spirituality.


The reason why I changed it to “a mass deportations enthusiast” is because, you know, yes, I am a White identitarian, I am a White advocate.


But I think the more pertinent issue is getting all of these non-Whites out of our country. I think that’s the real active principle. Like, yes, I stand for White people, but there’s some people who stand for White people in a safer way. They stand for White people:


“Oh, there’s anti-White discrimination.”


And people like Matt Walsh will talk about the anti-White discrimination and the double standard. But they don’t want to talk about how we’re going to actually solve the problem, because if we allow the current situation to continue, we’re going to become like India. We’re going to get mixed bred over the generations, and we’ll all be different gradations of brown and the essence of who we are will be lost forever. No, they need to get out! We need to make, … And they’re not going to leave unless we make them leave.


I kind of represent a more forceful, I guess, position. You know, a lot of Europeans, …


Elijah Schaffer: Starting out lightly here. It’s like:


“Hey, everyone, meet Joel Davis. Hi! I have a swastika on my profile, and I want non-White people out of my country!”


This [chuckling] is pretty much summarizing. This is the real you, though, right? This is obviously not an act. This is not a joke. You really believe this stuff. Just to clarify to people in the audience, this is like a real platform, correct?


Joel Davis: Obviously.


I think you believe it, too. You want them out.


Elijah Schaffer: So [chuckling] that crazy Drew Pavlou particularly. He could be the first one. No, I’m kidding! He’s actually coming back on the show. I want to be kind to Drew. He’s coming back on the show in Florida. He’s going to be in America, which I’m really, … You’re welcome to come to America, too. You’re invited. Because I don’t think Australia likes you. I don’t think the government here. I think the people like you. I think that there’s a lot of people that think like you.


I think there’s more people in the country that share your views on the world, but they’ve been trained. Some might call it “buck broken”, depending on which culture you’re from, into White men have been broken to thinking that it is a hateful ideology to preserve your heritage, to preserve your future, and to look out for your country.


I know right now in Germany, we’re gonna look at a story. I wanna get right in this with you, particularly that the last week the German government has spent time trying to investigate White men for singing the song Auslander Raus. You’ve heard about that, the “Foreigners Out”?


Joel Davis: I’ve listened to this song about 1, 400 times this week.


Elijah Schaffer: All right, [chuckling] we’re going there!


All right, but I want to say this.


So again, this is what’s probably going to get the show pulled. It’s not even anything we’ve said. It’s the fact that I’m going to show a video. YouTube is gay, so make sure you go to Rumble, make sure you go to Censored, make sure you’re supporting there.


While they were doing that, here’s a longer video. There was a stabbing in Germany of a Muslim. And this is a really interesting discussion because you talked about getting. I didn’t want to cut you off there, but you were talking about getting non-White people out. And this ideology, and this brings up a very interesting conversation. Something important that we’ll talk about.


I want to play this video of this Muslim guy who stabbed a Muslim critic in Mannheim, Germany.


Before we talk about that, though, I do want to talk about something very important, which is a huge shout out to our sponsor for today.





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My guest today is Joel Davis, mass deportation enthusiast, Hindu supporter. He’s a Hindu, apparently. And we’re talking about the story of going on of the Auslander Rouse song, which means “foreigners out” being made illegal, banned at Oktoberfest pretty much everywhere.


And while White countries are fighting against White people trying to protect their countries, here’s a little bit of what’s actually happening in Germany. This is actually all too common. Check this out. All right. There’s a lot going on here, Joel. There’s a lot going on here.


Joel Davis: There’s a lot to unpack.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, let’s go back to.


Let’s start in the very beginning. Let’s just unpack what’s happening here. I’m familiar. Are you familiar with what was going on here?


Joel Davis: Yeah. So, I’m sorry, I can’t remember the individual that was being targeted, but I know that he is probably. He’s a prominent anti-Israel. Sorry, not anti-Israel. He’s a pro-Israel, anti-Islam activist. I don’t think you and I would probably be his biggest fan due to the fact that he is so vociferously pro-Israel.


But of course, I think everyone is familiar with this form of politics. It’s common in the Anglo sphere as well, where like a Tommy Robertson style, where you just talk about how horrible Muslims are all the time and how great jews are all the time and how great everyone who isn’t Muslim is. It’s just the Muslims that are the problem. The counter jihad political paradigm. He’s one of these guys.


Anyway, so then he’s doing some kind of public event.


And obviously a Muslim is upset about the fact that he is an anti-Islam campaigner, probably against Islamic immigration, probably against building mosques, that kind of thing. He probably pushes for. And so he’s attacked him and tried to stab him and his buddies. To be fair, his buddy showed valor. They didn’t run away. They’re trying to tackle this guy and restrain this guy even though he’s swinging the knife at them. So they showed some balls. They showed. But the police, they seem extremely slow to react.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah.


Joel Davis: When they do react through, that reaction is crazy!


Elijah Schaffer: Okay, so the guy right here is. This guy is the if you guys can see my cursor on the screen, this is the attacker, right? I think this is this the guy he’s going after? Right in the blue here? I’m pretty sure that’s who he’s going after, cuz, like, he’s, like, targeting him. Right?


Joel Davis: He stabbed this other guy in the leg as well. That guy? No, I don’t think that guy. I think that might be his friend. I’m not sure.


So the guy in the other guy, the other guy in the blue jacket is like, grabbing his leg like it’s bleeding.


Elijah Schaffer: And, you know what’s funny is that critics of this show will have more problem with you being on the show than with a Muslim guy stabbing people in Germany. Like, that’s the state of the country in our nations. Like, Joel Davis was on the show. Like, hey, people are getting stabbed.


Joel Davis: See here, the police officer seemed to have more problem with the guy trying to hold the guy with the knife down than the guy swinging a knife to the point.


Elijah Schaffer: Okay, so he’s.


And by the way, this is not like, this is a something I want to point out is the vitriol in the attacker. Right. This isn’t just like you’re fighting and somebody just shakes you. Right? This guy is trying to kill him. Yeah. He’s attempting murder. And this is definitely not a small shank. This can easily cut an artery, kill you. So shout out to the cameraman for some reason for filming.


Joel Davis: This cameraman goes hard. Yeah, he’s like, he gets bumped. At one point, I was like, this guy, he lives for the content.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah. I was like, this is me literally on the field. Like, people are getting shot. I’m just like, I gotta get this on footage.


So this guy is stabbing. You can see the blood, Brian. Yeah. When this stream is done, we’re gonna have to delete this media off YouTube or we’re gonna get a massive strike for the violence. Thank God for Rumble and censored for allowing us to show Muslims acting like Muslims.


And so this guy, his what?


So his friends trying to restrain him, get the knife off him. Right? Is that what’s going on here? And he gets up.


So the police are on the scene already?




Joel Davis: Yeah, there’s heaps of them too. And they’ve got guns out and they haven’t shot yet.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah. Okay, well, so let’s talk about that with modern policing. Why of the police? Are the police hesitant to act because he’s a minority? Is it because it’s just the law in Germany about the has to be, like, a sure use of lethal force? Is this because they’ve been instructed to stand down on, like, targeting Muslims? What do you think’s going on here? Why is there like a three or four second delay?


Joel Davis: There’s definitely. Well, a bunch of them are women, so that’s already explanatory for their inaction.


But then also the people that are the victims here are the supposed bad guys, the horrible racists.


And obviously they have been conditioned and trained with a Leftist ideology. Obviously in Germany in particular, they’ll be very afraid of any police showing sympathies to the Right-wing for obvious reasons.


So these people have been programed with Left-wing ideology. They’ve been programed that the bad guy is always the White guy. And they don’t actually properly enforce the law when it comes to crime committed by these immigrants, these non-White immigrants in Germany. Like, we see this across the West, double standard in policing.


So they’ve been trained to be inactive. You’ve got women also. I think, to be fair, it’s probably hard to find the shot because there’s people falling all over everyone.


So they’re probably nervous to pull the trigger because you wouldn’t want to shoot the wrong guy. And they probably don’t want to make the shot, you know, they don’t want to kill someone, probably.


So there’s a various set of reasons for the apprehensiveness, but these guys are supposed to be professionals.


And you see this guy pulls out the gun here.


Elijah Schaffer: So, like, this per, this cop has no gun out.


Joel Davis: I want to break his holster.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, this episode is called, like, is the weapon here?


Joel Davis: This guy doesn’t get stabbed.


Elijah Schaffer: Well, that’s what I was gonna say. It’s like this is so, by the way, this.


Joel Davis: Why is he tackling the other dude? That’s what’s crazy!


Elijah Schaffer: Okay, thank you. Because this is sort of what I was reminding somebody. I said, they’re like, what do you mean the West is falling? I go, well, like, Russia’s still around even though the USSR fell. I go, it’s not that the countries are necessarily going to completely disappear. When I start saying it’s falling, it’s like your police don’t have their guns drawn while there’s an active stabbing going on, because. And you don’t even know why. And you, but you can think of several reasons. Like, either they’re cucked or they’re trained not to, or we don’t have law and order, or they’re afraid of getting sued or for discrimination. Like, I don’t care.


The point is, you can think of a reason why they wouldn’t have drawn their guns. And it makes sense because they’re women. I don’t really care.


But there’s a reason.


And so the explanation is they don’t have their guns out. So an active stabber, which we’re gonna see here, is able to stab a police officer, an additional victim. But that’s what I want to ask you.


Joel Davis: The one girl, one grill Max chad cop that actually has the balls to do something his programing kicks in, and he tackles the victim, who’s trying to hold this guy down because he’s the racist. He must be the bad guy. And he ends up getting stabbed. I don’t know what. Like, exactly what happened, but he’s getting stabbed, like, in the neck or maybe his ears been cut off.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, it’s like, freeze, trouble. But why did he tackle the one of the victims? That’s what I’m trying to. Like, why did this cop.


Joel Davis: It’s crazy!


Elijah Schaffer: Like, I don’t understand that. So, like, I’m trying to get what’s going on here. So he attacks, tackles the victim. I guess he got confused.


And then that guy gets, like, his ear sliced, and this guy’s barely drawing his gun right there. How many.


Joel Davis: Look at these women. Look at the look at the body position of these women and this other cuck police officer in the background.


And by the way, these police, these male police officers, they don’t look like Germans. The women look like Germans. The men, they look like they’re Turks themselves.


Elijah Schaffer: Well, and why did this guy not grab his gun? Why did he not. I’m trying to understand where this officer that’s kneeling down, why his.


Joel Davis: Guns know, he thinks the Whiteman is beating up the brown guy for no reason and probably doesn’t even realize that he has a knife.




Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, let’s see that. The time lapse between this this is already from right here, from when this guy’s stabbing these people. We’re talking about a ten second delay. Then he stabs him. So watch this. Boom!


So this is what the fall of the West is. He’s stabbing him through his plates.


I would say that the Kevlar probably saved his life because it probably took some of the force, the blow.


So the knife probably didn’t go in as deep.


But then now this guy has his gun drawn and he fires. I don’t know how much clear of a shot you could have. You’ve got to be really bad at that close of range.


Joel Davis: Yeah.


Elijah Schaffer: To not be able to make that shot is pretty significant.


Also, notice people in the background just walking around like it’s a cat. Like they’re not.


Joel Davis: Like it was another day.


Elijah Schaffer: It’s not alarming to them that the people are getting stabbed in the middle. Like, people are just sitting around watching this like it’s a Tuesday.


Joel Davis: And also, if you watch the full. This is the shortened length of the clip. I watched the full length one where it shows some of the aftermath. And they’re so slow to go and attend to the guys in the blue jackets that have been stabbed or blue Hoodies or whatever that have been stabbed. It’s like:


“Oh, the racists that got stabbed, whatever.”


And they meander over, like, a couple minutes later, like, if they hit a major artery, that two minutes is the difference between life and death. And they show absolutely, like, no concern that these people could be dying on the fucking side of the road.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah. And I think. Think the crate. The craziest part is. I didn’t see the whole clip then, but the craziest part is like, look at how many more cops are here and they’re not doing anything. They’re like, their guns are not drawn.


Joel Davis: Women. They’re all women. And only White cops are women. Yeah.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah.


And so this. Well, this brings up the interesting question, because, you know how many cops it take to screw in a light bulb? I don’t even know.


Joel Davis: They arrest this guy who defended himself against a knife wielding nutcase terrorist. He gets arrested for his trouble, and he’s probably been, …


Elijah Schaffer: This guy’s getting arrested.


Joel Davis: Yeah, look, he’s been arrested. They get crash tackled and arrested for defending himself.


Elijah Schaffer: That’s insane!


Joel Davis: Yeah.


Elijah Schaffer: But to me. To me, this is why I think these videos are really important.


I mean, this genuinely, to those of you that are watching at home and you’re, it’s late at night. It’s a Friday. I know one of you said that you’re sober. Good for you. But most of you are not. The reason why these are important is because this is the equivalent.


Joel Davis: I am, unfortunately.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah. There’s a beer in the fridge if you want. I think there’s one.


Joel Davis: But we don’t need to go. That’s all right.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, I think by the end of the Drew debate, you were, like, a little, like. You’re, like, nodding off. But it was great. No, I’ll say this is the equivalent of the:


“Trains not running on time, but Muslim stabbing you.”




And also a good reminder of not getting upset about one issue. Can we also remind us. I want to get your opinion on this. I have a lot of colleagues who seem to be very supportive of Palestinians because they don’t like Israel and jews. They seem to be very supportive. And I know that the theory now is to bring the Palestinians over to Canada and Australia. That’s what they’re floating right now, I don’t want Muslims in the West, though, like, I’m still there. I’m still a little bit like. Lauren Southern 2018. Lauren Southern that’s how I guess my mind’s still there. And I know it’s not the only issue.


And like you said, but I still agree with this guy who got stabbed.


Joel Davis: Lauren Southern 2018. Is she already, like, race mixed with the half Asian fed yet? At that point, I’m not that arc yet.


Elijah Schaffer: I’m next.


Joel Davis: Elijah!


Elijah Schaffer: No, she’s a friend. I have no problem with her. Okay, but no, I was gonna say when she, I think she came to Australia and she interviewed Muslims or whatever and, like, was showing that there were, like, no go zones and people kind of just forgot about that, in my opinion. Like:


“Oh, because they’re more mad about Israeli influence in politics and AIPAC and sort of jewish geopolitics.”


We seem to have forgotten that we have an Islam problem, especially in Western Europe and increasingly in Australia and other nations. It’s not such a big issue in America. We have a black problem in America, African-American crime problem. But, like, I just want to know your opinion on this. Is that still relevant to people like yourself the Islamic infiltration of the West, or have you guys moved on?


Joel Davis: Well, yeah, I mean, I kind of have this crazy radical idea that I don’t like jews or Muslims. I know it’s pretty wild, but I don’t like either of them.


Now, jews are the bigger problem of the two groups because they’re more politically powerful. They have higher agency.


But in a place like Germany in particular, where it’s you said in Australia, we do have a Muslim population, but it isn’t in Australia. In America, it isn’t like, the dominant population here. We’re getting, like, Indians and Asians, like, East Asians. In the United States, they’re getting a lot of Mexicans and, like, Latin Americans and so on as the big bulk of the immigrants pouring into the country.


Whereas in places like Germany, it’s Turks, it’s other, like people from different Muslim countries. The same in France, it’s the same in the Netherlands and Sweden and places like this.


So they’re like, the hostility to Islam in their political systems is way more pertinent, and they’re able to amass a lot more political power and influence and so on because they’ve got really big diaspora communities that are growing in a very, and obviously, obviously, Islamic cultures are very violent. You know, these people are not they’re not like Chinese people that are just here to, like, they’re going to take over, but they’re going to take over sneaky, you know what I mean? Like one Chinese restaurant here, buy out this property developer company and so on and work your way up.


No, they assert themselves in a lot more of a grug. It’s more of a grug colonialism. They’re just basically going to take over the streets. They’re going to rape all the women in the area. They’re going to form gangs. They’re going to take over organized crime.


And so it’s very in your face for these people.


So obviously, like, if you go to like a German nationalist and say:


“Stop focusing on the Muslims, the real issue is the jews.”


You know, you’re probably going to lose some people. I think you need to say the problem is Muslims and the jews.


And in fact, we wouldn’t have the Muslims here if it wasn’t for the jews. It’s all interconnected. Like, I don’t think this either or thing I don’t buy the difference is when they defer, they try and deflect anti-Islam sentiment into, like, supporting pro-Israel foreign policy. You know, Tommy Robinson does this kind of thing. And there’s plenty of other figures that do that. And that’s the problem. We got to defend against that. We can’t allow them to use our racism against us like they did in the two thousands to make us do pointless wars in Iraq and so on that aren’t in our interest, just wars for Israel.


But I think most people are kind of wise to that now.


But when it comes to the domestic issue with the domestic Islamic diasporas that are forming in Western countries, there could be no compromise with these people. They just, I’m a mass deportations enthusiast. They just have to go back.




Elijah Schaffer: Well, but this is why I do bring this up, interestingly enough.


So I have a, I call these people colleagues because I’m still used to working in big networks, but really they’re just friends or people that I work with occasionally. I was on a show called Fresh and Fit in Florida when I was there a couple weeks ago. And you guys should check it out. It’s a good channel. It’s on Rumble. You should support Myron and the guys. It’s like a red pill channel. The video did really well. Did like 600,000 views the episode.


And the other one did a few hundred thousand, like a million views. Excellent episodes. And I don’t sound like a faggot in those ones because I had a cold, so my voice dropped and I grew up my balls out. It was actually pretty interesting. It was weird. I get sick and suddenly I sound like a man. But it was really good.


Now, I was on that show with another person called Sneako. You know, Sneako is. He’s a streamer, right? And so he’s Muslim, and he’s sort of like a Muslim apologist. He’s a friend, and I have no problems with him.


And I’m not going to take any, you know, slight of him. And I’m hoping to stream with him soon.


But I think it’s interesting because a lot of people in the streaming communities or in the online communities have really embraced Islam. Like, this is the genuine thing. And I saw he’s going to a Islamic convention. He’s bringing these, like, White streamers with him to go to this thing.


And while I’ll go on, like, Fresh and Fit and dunk on some whores or something like that with him. Because I think it’s funny. I’m not gonna support the Muslim apologia of western young men. What do you think about that? About, like, this idea of is that, is that connected at all to this Islamic extremism that’s being brought in these third worlders that are being brushed in? Like, how do you connect the two of Islam becoming popular among Generation Z through these streamers?


Joel Davis: Yeah, I mean, I don’t think it’s too popular with White Zoomers. I do notice that in Britain, the people who tend to, the White people who tend to convert to Islam or all gingers for some reason. So, like, watch out for your ginger buddies. Like, if you got a ginger friend don’t let them watch too many Andrew Tate videos. Be like, hey, man, like, give them a Bible or something. Like, you steer them away from that stuff because they’re uniquely susceptible for some reason.


But if you have a non-ginger young White Zoomer friend, I wouldn’t be too worried that he’s going to get psyopped into becoming a Muslim, because it just doesn’t really jive, I don’t think, with the Whiteman’s psyche.


So I’m not too worried about that. But I am worried about the conciliatory attitude that many people who, in the so-called pro-White movement or the dissident Right, are developing towards, towards Muslims, toward Islam. Islam is an ancient enemy of Christendom. Of Europe. They’ve been our enemy for millennia. Yes. Like we are against the jews, and they have their issues with Israel and so on.


And so there’s some common ground that we could find with them rhetorically, but they’re not reliable political allies. They ultimately have their own interests, and they’re going to keep pushing for their interests, and we have ours. And I’m sure someone like sneaker probably would understand that if you unpacked it, you have your White Christian identity, and that’s what’s important to you.


But there’s a lot of Muslims who they’ll pretend to be your friend when it’s just you, one on one.


I mean, I knew Muslims since I was I grew up in Sydney. I met Muslim kids when I was a teenager. I went to school with some of them. And when you’re talking with them one on one, and you talk about, “oh, yeah, zionism”, and they’d be very friendly to you.


But then when they get into a group and there’s like 15 of them, and they all start, like, vibing in the weird Arab cultural clique, then all of a sudden they’re hostile. And that’s an experience you get with a lot of these non-Whites. They can be very friendly to you in situations in which it’s a White coated situation, but they’re not going to keep behaving that way when they’re 15, 20, 30, 40% of the population, and they control the whole town, and all of a sudden they’re going to start imposing themselves on us.




Elijah Schaffer: So why do White people not get that? Because go to my screen here, Brian. There is this ad out here about meet the new Germans, and you have this inbred looking motherfucker. He looks like a light bulb meets ET, and he’s got the negative cantal tilt. Is that what you call it? His eyes. So he’s got a form of Down Syndrome that’s undiagnosed and very unfortunate looking physiognomy. I don’t know what’s going on.


Someone said that they could tell he was Ethiopian from his physiognomy. I’m not very familiar with African physiognomies, but look, that is not what Germans look like. I can just tell you that.


But there is this interesting thing where the only people who believe these are Germans, in my opinion, are probably White Germans. I don’t even think these guys believe they’re actually German. They’ll just say it to take advantage of the system. And what’s going on? Why is it that White people don’t believe that they have a racial identity, or a national identity? And why does it seem universally across the board that all of the nations, White people think that their nationality is like an idea? Right? So, like with what Ronald Reagan said, like, America is an idea and it’s., … Anyone can be, you know, an American. Why is that only in White countries and not anywhere else?


Joel Davis: Well, the thing is that Germans don’t actually believe that. Because if they believe that and they wouldn’t feel guilty because how could you have guilt that’s specific to being a actual job? Because obviously all Germans are White, how could you feel guilty if it doesn’t matter and it’s just an idea, and they obviously don’t actually believe that they wouldn’t be able to feel the guilt that generates that inclusion in the first place.


So really it’s a system that’s built on White guilt. It’s not built upon, like, a total inability to see race. It’s pretending like race isn’t a factor because you’re guilty as a White person.


So that’s why it functions that way. Everyone knows that race is real, everyone can feel it. They just lie to themselves and it’s almost, like, immoral. That’s the other thing as well. Notice how whenever somebody starts to speak like I do, even in a much softer way, the reaction is never:


“Oh, let’s have a discussion. Oh, well, you have that view, but here’s all the counter evidence, here’s all the scientific data that shows that race isn’t important, and here’s all the counter arguments.”


And just have a calm and rational conversation. That’s never the reaction. The reaction is always:


“You’re a fucking bad person. You’re an evil person for even thinking like that!”


Why would you need morality to adjudicate truth? If the truth is the truth? You wouldn’t. The moral injunction has to be put there because if we just freely and openly, with no judgment, weigh into these subjects, well, then you’re going to come out as a mass deportations enthusiast, so, …


Elijah Schaffer: And Hindu, you know, which is crazier! The Hindu side of you is what threw me off.


And you mentioned earlier, Hindus are using that a lot. And I would say if we could get Hindus to have the same feelings towards deodorant that they do towards swastika, we’d probably make some racial progress. Because I saw it was hitting. I think it almost hit like 50 degrees in Mumbai. I think that you might die and imagine the smell. Yeah, dude, look, I. Hey, shout out to.


Joel Davis: I’ve been to India, by the way. They like, the street shitting thing isn’t a meme. Like, it’s happening everywhere.


Elijah Schaffer: Are you serious?


Joel Davis: And there’s open sewers down the side of the road. There’s just like, shit flows all through the city.


Elijah Schaffer: I moved into a house


Joel Davis: When I got back to Melbourne. I never smell anything that good in my life after like spending like a week just basting in like pajeet, like, poo particles. I was like, Australia smells incredible! Like, I was like, almost gonna lick the floor or something, you know?


Elijah Schaffer: You know, they. I saw a video of a Indian woman sticking her face into cow poop and it was titled “Average Canadian Skincare Routine”.


So I was like, it’s unfortunate, but you know, a lot of pajeets are very kind people. But I just. Cuz you’re kind, you know, there’s.


Joel Davis: You don’t want someone who smells to be too kind because then you have to didn’t.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah. Did you see that? I want to show you this video. Did you see that? Like, the black guys get suing the airline because they got removed off the plane for smelling like shit! You see that? That’s a real story. Okay.


Before we jump into that, though, I want to give a huge shout out to one of our sponsors here. Guys, this is so important as we talk about this now, you guys know we’re sponsored by Censored TV. It’s absolutely amazing! They keep us going and growing.


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I wanted to play that video for you real quickly here of the give me 1 second to bring this up on the screen. Yeah. Lauren Whitzke put it up today.


So, yeah, let’s watch this. Oh, these guys actually got removed off of a plane. Brian, put it full screen, and let’s listen.


Joel Davis: We don’t need one getting taken off the plane. Three Brooklyn men say they were kicked off an American Airlines flight to JFK and weren’t initially given a reason why. When they pressed further, they told us that the reason that we were being put off the plane and rebooked was because of a body odor.


Elijah Schaffer: A lawsuit filed in New York against American Airlines alleges they, along with five other black men, were thrown off the plane solely based on their race.


Joel Davis: This is discrimination.


Elijah Schaffer: All right, before I play the rest, do you know what I think is.


Joel Davis: So sad about airline is that we.


Elijah Schaffer: I think it’s American.


Joel Davis: I’m booking all my flights when I’m in the United States next with them.


Elijah Schaffer: Well, I was gonna say I love it how they


Joel Davis: KKK has infiltrated American Airlines. We’re back.


Elijah Schaffer: Oh, no. American Airlines is gay. It’s my main airline. But I just use it because it’s hubbed everywhere, and it’s like way cheaper than flying here in the US. It’s so nice, but it’s like these guys got kicked off for smelling like shit! Okay? That’s the official reason.


And then they say that’s racial discrimination. So they didn’t say, because you’re black, you smell like shit, you got to get off. But they said we smell like shit!


Joel Davis: Oh, that’s because we’re black.


Elijah Schaffer: That’s because we’re black. You don’t like how we smell, and they’re right, okay? That’s one way. That’s one perspective. You know?


Joel Davis: I mean, it’s not 1%. I mean, Elijah, you know, better than me. You’re an American. You’ve been smelling niggas your whole life.


Elijah Schaffer: Okay? Let me tell you. Let me tell you. I’ve lived with a lot of black people.


And when I say a lot. This is not a joke. This is not a joke. I live with a black guy who ended up smoking meth, inviting a homeless person to squat in my living room, and then stole my car. That’s not a joke. And, yeah, that’s a real. I’ve told that story many times. I also had a black roommate with cerebral palsy who said he was messy because of his camp. I was like:


“Dude, just because your fucking joints are fucked up doesn’t mean you can’t put your underwear away!”


You know what I mean?


But one of my roommates used to, like, stash. Like, he would, like, drink beer and stash the cans in the cracks of the couch, and I’d be like, just throw it away. And my other black roommate used to sleep on the couch exclusively, but he’d put, like, shea butter on him, so then the whole house was greasy. Like, the remotes would, like, have, like, oil on them.


And then a black guy, you know, robbed me. But that’s another. That’s not a roommate.


But I will say this.


The only thing I noticed was, this is the black people I lived with and there was another black roommate when I went to school in Marietta, but they didn’t shower often because they said they didn’t need to because they didn’t have oil in their hair. Or on their body. Is that common chat? I’d like to know in the chat if, you know, that. If you’re black and you watch the show, do you shower every day? Cuz they didn’t shower often. I don’t know how they smell that.


Joel Davis: I noticed that when I was in New York that whenever I went into like a club or something or just like there was like a pack of Negroes on the street. Usually they were smoking a joint or something, so you’d smell that.


But that’s one of the craziest things about New York. You turn every corner, you turn someone’s like lighting up a doobie.




Elijah Schaffer: But anyway, okay, that’s every minority smells like weed in the US. I was just back there. That’s a true thing. You walk by, even at the airport, workers like outside just reeks like weed. American.


Joel Davis: All the airport workers at JFK and LaGuardia, they’re all these sassy, fat black women:


“You just take those shoes off, you know what I mean? It’s like because I have obviously affirmative action.”


They got to put them somewhere they can’t give them like a proper job. So they got to give them like all the useless jobs. I kind of, I didn’t mind that it’s kind of like that’s a good role for a black.


Elijah Schaffer: Do White people work at airports? I don’t think so. when’s the last time I’ve seen like a, I mean, there’s old White people like the ticket counter. If you go to a really small airport, you’ll still see White people, in like North Carolina or something.


But if you go to any major metropolitan airport, it’s mostly Arabs, Punjabis, and blacks.


Joel Davis: Yeah, it’s like, what do you call gas stations? Like, we call them servos and it’s kind of like that. We just went to the gas station, as American viewers would call it, to get some energy drinks. And Elijah lives in the White flight area. It’s a nice area. So we go into the and everyone working there is White.


And I was like, dude this is crazy! We’re in a gas station. And the workers in Melbourne where I’m from, it’s all in, they’re always Indian. Like every time it’s:


“Thank you. Come again.”


Every time you go.


Elijah Schaffer: They like it though, too. I think they like the jobs because have you noticed this? I went to a 711 and the pajeet guy working there is on his phone, just like watching videos.


And it’s like, clearly of women’s asses and stuff like, I mean, it wasn’t porn, but it was just like he was clear on some algorithm of like, just women in joggers or whatever. And I had like, a bunch of shit because I’m, you know, was just buying random stuff. And like, I clearly needed a bag and stuff.


And I was like, could I get a bag, please? You know, he’s not even looking. And he’s like, grabs a paper bag and just like, lays it flat in front of me. It wasn’t open. And I looked at him and I was like:


“Could you bag the items?”


And then he did it. But I don’t know. I was a really weird interaction. I got a little porn. I got treated like shit! It was a little sadomasochist, but it definitely wasn’t what I. That’s what I mean by The Decline of the West is like, what the fuck is that?


Joel Davis: Brown people?


Elijah Schaffer: Well, for a lack of better words that I don’t feel like 30 years ago when a 16 year old would have been. That have been like some, you know, weekend job or something would have ever gotten away with treating a customer like shit or like, looking at, like, soft core porn while, well, handing, like, your poison.


Joel Davis: Think about it like, Indians have been evolutionaries, evolutionarily selected for having sex with Indian women. I don’t know if you’ve ever seen any Indian women before, but I’m hardly cracking a semi when I see a nice pajita, you know, walking down the street. So imagine how horny you would have to be to be, like, pursuing that.


So the scale of horny that, like the Indian biome needs to generate so that they can keep perpetuating their disgusting race is so beyond, like, White horny. You know, White horny is refined. And we care about aesthetics and so on.


You know, that’s why we can control it.


But if you’re like, biologically designed to just basically fuck anything that moves, because that’s basically how you survive as a race, then you’re going to be too distracted by soft core pornography to the bag correctly on a table. Can you imagine?


Elijah Schaffer: We’re so fucked on this episode.


But it’s fine. It’s fine.


By the way, if you’re new to the show and you’re watching this, I don’t censor my. I actually do not censor my guests, but we do. The way that I play by big tech’s rules is like, if guests are gonna if something. If a video or something violates it, then we just take it off big tech and keep it on Rumble. Luckily, we’re rebuilding the whole show.


Joel Davis: However, can I can turn it down?


Elijah Schaffer: No, no.


Joel Davis: Why you brought me on go as I’m trying to give you what?


Elijah Schaffer: Go where you want. I’m trying people on YouTube. That’s why I’m trying to tell them, if you’re watching on YouTube, make sure that you subscribe to the Rumble and you join censored. Because a lot of our content scrubs.


Joel Davis: To me on Rumble as well. Joel Davis. I’m banned from YouTube. So.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, go to Joel Davis. I’m trying to get everyone from the YouTube saying this is like, a lot of people think we, like, don’t stream certain days or things on YouTube. And it’s really. Things just get pulled and deleted a lot. So go to Rumble and support it and don’t give me your fucking bullshit! Like, I don’t like the tech there. I don’t like censorship. So don’t be at YouTube because YouTube is gay and fake.


So you need to go over to Rumble.


Joel Davis: Like, Rumble isn’t as good of interface, a user experience, but you can say the n-word.


So it’s like, where’s your priorities?


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, they let Nick Fuentes stream on there. That’s crazy!


Joel Davis: Yeah, everyone.


Elijah Schaffer: They let you stream. Yeah, I need it. I know, I. Dude, I don’t tone it down. I’m just reminding people because that’s good. Let me go here. Oh, I forgot to mention. Hey, happy pride. It’s Pride month. Not in America.


Joel Davis: Throw a Roman cuz, like, why pride month? We’re back. It’s illegal, so I couldn’t do it, dude.


Elijah Schaffer: Hey, I’ll let you do. If you come in the US and go on the show, you can I get to America?


Joel Davis: I’m gonna be throwing so many Roman salutes because it’ll finally be legal.


Elijah Schaffer: Well, like, when you get it, I’m.


Joel Davis: Gonna get a gun. Like a huge, like M 16 and CIA here. What.


Elijah Schaffer: What is that agency?


Joel Davis: Well, the CIA couldn’t be asus, but I think you’re thinking of ASIO, which is like our. Yeah, it’s like, I’m FBI and NSA was mixed together.


Elijah Schaffer: It’s like, I could already see that. The report. The report. When the agent comes my door, it’s like Joel Davis said he’s gonna visit you to throw to Sig Heil Hitler and buy a gun. Yes, sir. That was my show.




Joel Davis: That’s the thing about gun rights, because a lot of people there’s kind of arguments between Australians and Americans online. And Americans are like:


“Oh, Australia, you guys are so cucked with all this tyranny because you don’t have gun rights like we do.”


And then Australians are like:


“What are you? Like, you’re not going to overthrow the government with your guns. You know, you’re just larping!”


And it goes back and forth.


But it’s like, what Australians need to realize is that America is full of niggers. That’s why they need the first Amendment. It’s nigger protection. It’s not about overthrowing the government. That’s not really realistic in the 21st century.


But when you, like, you can’t have.


And that’s why we need to have gun rights back here. Like, they’re bringing in Sudanese, they’re bringing in Somalis, they’re bringing in all of these violent demographics. And every other day we see another. You know, we need gun rights. Not because we’re going to overthrow the government. That would be nice. I guess one day maybe we could dream, but on a more realistic level, just so that you can defend yourself. Like, you know, my girlfriend is an American. And I say when she’s in America, I’m like, take your gun, like, in the car because what if you pull up at a gas station and some nigger walks over and tries to like, I bought.


Elijah Schaffer: My guns to protect myself from black people.


Joel Davis: Exactly!


Elijah Schaffer: And that’s not it. But that’s not a hateful thing to say.


Joel Davis: It’s like, my self preservation.


Elijah Schaffer: Well, my experience is I’ve been a victim of many crimes, okay? Like, in LA. And they were all at the hands of black people, and one was Hispanic. I haven’t been a victim of crimes. And by victim, I mean literal car theft, home invasion, these type of things. And not the current victim, where someone said mean words and made you uncomfortable, but, like, real crimes that we gotta protect ourselves against. Yeah. And so and I know, like I explained to Kez, my wife, I go, this is a real truthful statement.


If you just stay out of black neighborhoods and you avoid groups of black people. Your chances of being involved in a serious violent crime, that’s not a crime of passion. Obviously, you could still get in a mixed up relationship or something, but just from a stranger, probably goes down near 100%. It’s not like 70%..


If you just avoid people that are in black kids, in-groups and stuff, you stay away. Your chances of being involved in a violent crime unprovoked are go down to almost zero in the US.


Joel Davis: That was one of my first early red pills. I remember watching the Stefan Molyneux video. This is a throwback back in 2014, who was a libertarian youtuber, but he was also a race realist, and he made a video on the truth about gun laws in America. And he went through how obviously in the Democrat states, in some states, you have restrictions on guns that are almost as extreme as you have here in Australia.


And then in other states, basically, you can have whatever you want. If you’re in Idaho or New Hampshire, or a place like that, there’s almost no restrictions.


And anyway the point was that there’s absolutely zero correlation between gun crime rates and the severity of the gun laws. So, like, Illinois has some of the strictest gun laws in America, but also has one of the highest rates of gun crime. Why is that? Was because Chicago, it’s full of blacks. If you analyze it based upon the, basically the black percentage of your population, it perfectly predicts which states are going to have the most gun crime.


So the issue is not guns. The issue is black people with guns.


Elijah Schaffer: Well, and this.


So let’s talk about this is, I’m going to pick your mind here. I find it interesting. A lot of black people hate me on Twitter.


I don’t know if, you know, about this. Yeah, like the entire, possibly the entire black community of the United States, minus the cool ones that watch this show. And unironically I get a lot of these comments like:


“Oh, your hatred of blacks, your hatred of blacks. Your hatred of blacks!”


And their reasoning of saying, I hate blacks is always the stuff I post.


Now, what do I post, really? I don’t say much of anything. I just post videos of them. I just post videos that they upload, by the way. It’s not like I’m hacking in black people’s phones and stealing their private fight videos. They’re uploading them to the Internet, and I’m just resharing them. And there’s dozens of new ones per day I can choose from, and I have to fight to not share it. My page could quickly just become black crime, which some pages are Anthony Cumia and other people. But there’s so much to choose from that I’m like, I have to physically just not share 99% of the black crime videos I see every single day because they’re not interesting, but it’s a real issue, and they think it’s racist to put that on blast.


Same reason why trans people think it’s transphobic, like Libs of TikTok to put up their own videos about their pronouns or whatever in the United States with this crime thing. Why is it that we cannot, on the Left or the Right, just say black crime? Why can we not say this when it’s so obvious? It’s so obvious. You have people like Xavier from Prageru, who left BlM a couple years ago, calling me racist and saying, I deserve, my mom deserves to be, my dead mom deserves to be roasted, and I deserve to get, you know, beat up or whatever he says.


These are Prageru. This is like the Right-wing. You have a friend of mine, David Harris Junior, calling them Democrats.




Joel Davis: Prager’s a jew, by the way, for those who make sure everyone watching this knows. Seen that clip of Dennis Prager where he’s going on about how, like, we should allow pedophiles to Jack off to child porn because it’s technically not a sin or something. If it’s a pornography is not a sin, apparently, because, you know, he has some, like, jewish Talmudic reasoning.


Elijah Schaffer: Really?


Joel Davis: Yeah, I believe you.


Elijah Schaffer: I just haven’t. I’ve heard this, but I’ve not seen it directly, but I have heard that it was something about lollipop, right? It was like a cartoon, I think.


Joel Davis: I think Prager, you, by the way, I think they’re like, the head of their operation was a literal Mossad agent, correct?


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah.


Joel Davis: Yeah.


Elijah Schaffer: She’s a nice lady, though, matter, but.


Joel Davis: Yeah, well, I mean, I wouldn’t say she’s a nice lady.


Elijah Schaffer: No kind in person. Like.


Joel Davis: Yeah, but she’s an enemy of the United States. She’s an enemy of the White race. I mean, should probably be, you know, dealt with but the point is that prager is like, literally like a it’s not Right-wing. It’s just jewish jews.


Elijah Schaffer: Jews, jews, jews!


Joel Davis: Dude.


Elijah Schaffer: So I’m trying to pick your brain here because I what I’m trying to understand is, I’m saying, whether it’s someone like that guy Xavier, who’s like, clearly still a BLM, like, progressive, that’s why he was hired. Right. Because they don’t want real Right-wing people working for those organizations. They want Leftists that just find a new grift, and that’s fine. But I do get that that’s a whole nother world.


But why is it that even Republicans, whenever blacks commit crimes, they call them Democrats?


And I think it’s, I always bring up the fact that Massachusetts is very Democrat, so is New Hampshire, and they’re very Democrat. And I’ve never felt unsafe in Massachusetts. You know what I mean? It’s very, I was mentioning, I’m opening up a studio in south, in Palm Beach county in south Florida. It’s a Democrat county. And I didn’t feel any danger where Trump lives. West Palm beach is Democrat. You think Mar a Lago is in any danger?


Joel Davis: Is Bernie Sanders from again, Vermont? Yeah, I think you’re safe in Vermont. I don’t think you need to be packed in Vermont.


Elijah Schaffer: I’m trying to say is you go to the Mar a Lago. That’s a Democrat stronghold right there. Do you feel dangerous? Danger on the isles of West Palm beach? Hell, no! You have a drink in your hand and you’re chilling. Like, I’m just saying, like, why do they refuse to just say black crime? Like, why can no one say that? I don’t get it. I say it all the time and I get labeled a racist. But who cares?


Joel Davis: Yeah, I agree.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, but why don’t, I’m asking you why people can’t admit that, like, what is the fundamental reason why no one will just say, hey, we got a black crime problem.




Joel Davis: Well, when we’re talking about, I mean, you mentioned a black guy that’s employed by jews to lead the so-called Right-wing. I think it’s quite clear why he can’t talk about it because he exists as a jewish agent of promoting basically a race blind formulation of politics to project into the White population and keep them on the ZOG plantation, keep them pulling the lever for Republicans and, oh, yes, we need more opportunity zones and so on.


The issue with blacks is that we just don’t have the Right social programs, like, or something like, if, no, the issue with blacks is that they’re black.


And the only solution to the problems with black people is removing them from your country.


I mean, there really isn’t any, like people are what they are. Blacks always going to be violent. And even this guy, he’s supposedly like, probably like, he’s like:


“Oh, I’m a Christian.”


And he’s laughing. As a Whiteman, you know, engaging in conservative politics. You say something anti-black, whatever, and then immediately he chimps out. We see this over and over again with blacks:


“You say blacks are violent? Well, I’d beat you up if you said that to my face!”


You know what I mean? They just proved the point, so there really is no fixing it.


And the thing is that they have an inferiority complex as well, and it’s a justified inferiority complex, so there really isn’t a solution to it. White people have been trying to pretend like black people are just like us as best we can, and it doesn’t work because they know that they’re not.


So, yeah, there really is no solution but removing them from our communities and our countries.


Elijah Schaffer: I want to talk about this more, but Brian, we’re going to have to kill the YouTube stream. Can you get, can you kill that and delete that, please? I already saw that we’re getting reported. People are reporting the video because someone in the community we’re discussing currently, apparently. Yeah, thanks, Brian.


Joel Davis: Okay.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, just kill that. We’re uncensored, by the way, TV locals and Rumble.


So you’re gonna have to stay on here. We’re good to go. We’re not gonna go to a music break like we normally do. We’re just gonna keep going on this. I think we’re good. I think we’ve killed the stream because I don’t want to dampen this. Just so you guys know, very soon we are going to be stopped streaming on YouTube altogether.


Because the goal for slightly offensive when I open up my new studio is this, which has always been my goal, to let people say whatever the fuck they want.


And so the way we’re going to do that is by being uncensored and Rumble. And then we’re just going to clip the show out and put clips on YouTube that are highly censored. And hopefully you guys hate the clip so much on YouTube that you just go watch the show on Rumble.


But honestly, the show’s doing so well on Rumble. I’m really proud of the work you guys have done and kept the show alive because the fact that we can still on a normal night like now, get like 1600 live viewers and it’s like a fucking 11:00 at night on a Friday.


I mean, that’s just so good! And you guys watched the replay, so thank you. We are talking about removing blacks from society with my Hindu guests.


Joel Davis: Well, I said to you last time I was on the show, like, when we went the first time we did a show together, I said, just like, black people congregating is like a national security threat. Like, when you get enough black people in a space, they’re just gonna start rioting and, like, destroying cars and, like, stealing all the Nike sneakers and television sets within like, a ten mile radius. And we’ve seen this over and over again, so, you know, they’re just not compatible with civilization.


Elijah Schaffer: But wait, wait, wait, wait, wait!


Joel Davis: Civilization.


Elijah Schaffer: Wait. Let me, let me. Let’s get real about this. Let’s not get hyperbolic.


Joel Davis: Yeah.


Elijah Schaffer: Okay. Because, like, a lot of things, I say a lot of hyperbolic things. Let’s look at the US or even Australia. Okay? Australia even is a better example because you have these Aboriginals. But I don’t want to talk about this. I don’t get in trouble in your own country. So we’ll talk about American blacks here. Yeah, but I want to talk about. But I’m saying. But American blacks, in terms of all right they were brought there against their will. I don’t care if you want to blame the Arabs, the jews, Whites. I don’t care who you blame for that. The point was, is blacks didn’t immigrate to the United States, okay? They were brought there against their will. That is a truthful statement. Whether or not. I don’t care. Again, in the chat, don’t get mad and fight over who brought them. Just listen. They’re there.


So now we have these black people. And the country may not have been founded to allow black people to vote. It may not have been founded to give black people rights. It may not have been founded for black people, and it wasn’t. And our founders maybe even owned slaves. So we know what they thought about black people.


Fast forwarding ahead, going through the great assault that they lie and call a civil war when one foreign nation invaded another to instill this anti-federalism, or whatever it’s called, moving ahead to the civil rights, which was at gunpoint, forcing people to integrate, and now, which is like Dei fake integration, where they give, like, black people fake degrees at high end universities to integrate them into jobs, and then they give them no responsibility. This is really what happens in the US. You said to remove them. These black people are politicians. They are military servicemen. They work in banks, they are Professors, and many of which are positive contributing members of their local communities and some of which are my friends or even watch the show.


So explain then, with that, and I’m not, like, going hard on you here. I’m just like, yeah, so with that all being true and getting off of just like, I’m on a podcast, remove them. What does that actually mean to you? Like, how would you remove an entire ethnic group that again, it’s not like it’s just Indians on, like, a visa. We can just kick them out or something on a visa. These are people there for hundreds of years, longer than some of the White people.


Joel Davis: Course.


Elijah Schaffer: What does that look like?


Joel Davis: Yeah, well, I mean, separation could take multiple forms because it depends on how it would politically manifest.


But in a scenario where White Americans develop a stronger consciousness, which is already happening, and it’s going to continue happening, obviously. Like, you know, my understanding, I’ve known many Americans in my life, is that basically, as a White American, your basic task in life is trying to make enough money and advance enough in your career and so on to be able to move away from black people.


So White people are White flight is a thing for a reason why people are constantly trying to run away from black people? Well, at a certain point, there has to be a place where they no longer have to run away. There has to be a place where they make the blacks run away. There has to be a place where it’s just White people. That’s our fucking place!


So that has to be determined. Where are we going to dig in and say, this is the territory where we’re going to maintain this for the Whiteman and we’re not going to allow any more blacks in. And I don’t know exactly how that would work, how big that territory would be, how it would be negotiated. You know, you could create a black ethno-state here, a White ethno-state there. You could, …




Elijah Schaffer: It’s called Chicago.


Joel Davis: Yeah. You could do what they tried to do with Liberia, where you just take over a whole part of Africa, and then you just basically start moving the blacks back there and let them build their own country back in Africa or something.


Elijah Schaffer: Israel is a good example, too, right?


Joel Davis: Yeah.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah.


Joel Davis: Like, yeah. Some kind of black zionism or something. There’s lots of different solutions.


But the point is that we need to start having this discussion because White people can’t just keep running away. White flight. White flight. White flight ad infinitum. There’s less and less places to go. And it’s not just blacks that are encroaching. Obviously, there’s other races that are encroaching.


And so it’s kind of holistic.


But we need to start talking about a solution, because if we don’t come up with a solution, there’s going to be nowhere left to run, and there’s going to be no more White people on a long enough timeline.


If you just kind of go to the logical conclusion, we’re not going to have control of anything. We’re not going to have our own space anywhere, and we’re not going to be able to pass down a territory, a way of life, a culture, and a civilization to our progeny. And that’s just unacceptable. It’s just unacceptable. You can have, you know, negresses twerking on the ruins of Western civilization, or you can have them removed from Western civilization like it’s one or the other.


Elijah Schaffer: Well, it’s obviously I want to play something for you because I want to back up what you’re saying. We do have a problem where to make it seem like black and white people are integrating better. I mentioned this earlier. They give fake degrees from prestigious universities to black people. And I was called out for blatant racism recently for saying that exact point. And I found a video that backs that up directly. I don’t know if this is NYU. I’m not sure what the school colors are, but my understanding this is from a prestigious university interviewing minority girls on what degrees they got. I swear it sounds like they’re capping. But this is real. Listen.


Joel Davis: Latin American women in visual culture. Yeah. Hi, I’m Melanie. I’m studying the unseen body in creative spaces.


Elijah Schaffer: Erasion, exposure of the queer. Yes. Hey, I’m Nina, and I studied the arts, education and social justice. Yeah, I’m Joyce. I studied decolonial intimacies, indigenous politics, and persistence. Yeah, I’m Victoria, and I studied remembering or forgetting? Navigating international conflict through collective memory. Yay! Hi, I’m Yvonne, and I study monstrosity, the subaltern fact. She studied. This is literally her degree. The study of the theory of monstrosity, the subaltern praxis. Okay, it gets worse. These are their real degrees. What should I say? I created it. Hi, I’m Nunyala. I’m studying living artfully, art as ritual therapy and pathways of decoloniality she’s studying living artfully, art as ritual therapy and a pathway to decoloniality. These are real degrees, by the way. I’m Naomi, and I’m studying black political economy. Yeah, I’m Natalie, and I’m studying fashion history and gender studies. Yeah. She studied phenomenological approaches to black womanhood, specifically how bondage affects psychological and sexual development. What do you. What is it? You just masturbate with a vibrator or something? Like, what is that?




Joel Davis: Um, well, phenomenology is. You want me, like.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, like, I’m retarded! I don’t know what the fuck?


Joel Davis: Yeah.


So the philosopher Edmund Husserl, who was a jewish German jew, developed phenomenology. It’s basically instead of the conventional historical form of philosophy, is to try and reason metaphysically, try and reason from first principles, basically trying to figure out the question, what is there out there in the world? And try and, like, build a system of how you can develop knowledge about whatever it is directly. Phenomenology goes, we’re going to bracket what the truth is independently of subjectivity, and instead try and understand subjectivity itself. What is the structure of subjectivity? What is the subject of the phenomenon? Not the thing in itself, whatever exists independently of what you think about it, but the structure of how you think about things, the structure of how you encounter the world.


So presumably what this would be is trying to take the very perspectival view on black womanhood and saying:


“Well, there’s a unique black perspective that is culturally constructed and basically, like, black sexuality or something.”


And how black women probably. There’s a feminist undertone, right? So there’s probably, like, this idea that, like, black women have been trained by the White Patriarchy to become submissive or something, and there’d be some kind of liberation notion.


But, yeah, obviously, this stuff is all just what the universities exist now to do in a lot, in large respect, is just create Left-wing ideologues. And they just want to put as many Left-wing ideologues on payrolls, give them degrees, so they can then be inserted into corporations, also minorities, which is the same thing.


Elijah Schaffer: But, …


Joel Davis: Yeah, of course. But they want to have minorities with these Left-wing ideological programing, so they can then be inserted into HR departments and various corporations, being certain government departments and so on.


And then once they’re installed in all of these places, now they’re advising, now they’re experts on diversity and inclusion and all this stuff. So then now you’ve got these Left-wing ideologues that are basically like full on radicalized with, they’re like non-Whites that have been radicalized with like postmodern communist ideologies that basically blame White people for everything.


And then they’ve been installed in, basically they get installed in like every big corporation, every government department, to then basically flush out any White people that don’t completely cuck from any of these positions. So that basically the only White people in power are White cucks.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah. Okay, let’s break down a little bit about the scam of college education. This is a good direction. Some points I’ve brought up on the show is sort of how universities are used as an institution to undermine and subvert Western society versus what they were founded for, which is actually to help Western society initially. That’s why they were mostly only men attended and you actually had to have academic scholarship. It was about intellectual pursuit. That’s not what it is anymore. I want to remind you guys, by the way, if you’re watching on Rumble or uncensored, you can Superchat. I will be reading all the Superchats at the end. And their tickets cost dollar 500 to get up here. And I get paid dollar 48 a month by Censored TV.


So I have to work for seven months to pay for the tickets. But you guys can help by leaving the Rumble rants below and we’ll read them all out.


But I’m going to ask you guys, I guess actually you can say whatever fuck you want because the ones that are going to get me in trouble, I’ll just have Joel read them because he doesn’t care.


So you can say whatever you want, but try to be creative because when we get Hitler, be entertaining. Yeah, Hitler Lover 1488, just saying gas the jews or something. It’s like, okay, try to at least. Yeah, try to at least not waste my time here, but I’ll take your money even if you want to be a retard!


However, on the flip side, I do want to hear from you guys. So drop them.


And also in Locals as well, we’ll be reading them. All my computer, I don’t have it. So I’m just reading on my phone the chat today, but just to remind you guys to leave those rants. And this is a good reminder to subscribe to Joel Davis on Rumble, which the channel is called. What? Just Joel Davis?


Joel Davis: Correct.


Elijah Schaffer: Okay, so yeah, go to Joel Davis. Subscribe to my Rumble if you like what he’s saying. If you fucking hate him, still subscribe. He’ll take your hate Rumble rants. He’ll take your hate watches. He doesn’t care.


Joel Davis: Well, I recently said on stream because there were all these non-Whites in the group chat and I was like, just, I don’t want you watching my streams. Like, you follow us around like a bad smell. You can’t even let me have my racist live stream. You better be in the group chat. Just go away. Like what part of I’m literally on here, like how Hitler White power and you’re still watching, you can they all take, doesn’t matter where, doesn’t matter how racist the Whiteman gets. They just still want to be like attached to us at the hip, you.


Elijah Schaffer: Know, you know, White supremacy, first movement.


Joel Davis: I just want to be left alone.


Elijah Schaffer: But, you know, it really want to grill. There is actually a lot of I would call them, there is a certain subset of people who are minority who hate their own race. I mean that genuinely, like, there are White supremacist. Like, I think Vice wrote an article and everyone mocked it.


Joel Davis: Like, that was a non-White. Like, I can understand why they feel that way. It’s pretty comprehensible, but it’s not my problem.


And that’s the thing. It’s like if you really are a White supremacist, then you should leave me alone because then you would realize that your presence in my life is degrading its quality. That you, like, if you really love White, if you’re a non-White person and you’re like, yeah I sympathize with what he’s saying and I sympathize with the Whiteman. But you live in one of our countries or you’re watching the show, like, leave, just leave us behind. We don’t like, just cut the cord. Figure shit out with your own people, figure shit out with your own culture. Just do your own thing!




Elijah Schaffer: And watch Slightly offensive. You guys can leave his stream and watch this stream because this is a very diverse audience. But I get what you’re saying in terms of its interesting, but I do bring up that fact about the White supremacist thing. I’m actually not joking about this, though. I really am serious. That’s why there’s always been, and I always say there will always be a small percentage of non-White people in a White country simply on just diplomatic reasons. Like take like Washington, DC, right? You’ll have diplomatic families and people living there because of embassies. There will be obviously traded visas.


So obviously, we maybe have a spy in the Philippines, and we got to get them out.


So the CIA grants them citizenship because, I don’t know, in exchange for ten years of spying. I’m just saying there’s always going to be some form of communication. But today what we don’t have are people that hate their country, want to get out of it, or we’re getting something out of them. We have people coming to fuck our systems and to rape physically and artificially rape our systems.


So we don’t have this sense of like, hey, there’s an Indian guy who came here in 1994 through some sort of a business acquisition, and he started this great company, and he loves America and he hates India, and he’s always wanted to get out. And there’s this one Indian family that lives in our city, and they’re pleasant people. What you have is millions of temporary visas. A third of them drop out of college and then take, like, that’s what they’re doing in Canada. A third of them take on social welfare and stay in the country. I know there’s 70,000 illegals in this country right now. Visas from the same issue, Australia.


So kind of flipping this back on the educational institution thing, one of the main issues with these institutions is they’ve jacked up the prices and made the degree so worthless that White men are not only not going to college, we don’t really feel a need for it, but now they’ve built all these fancy buildings.


So the way that they’re keeping the money coming in, which, by the way, the money is going to what? Fund hedge funds that are funding the military industrial complex and Zionist organizations and interests. They’re taking in foreign students to pay $60,000 to go to NYU to get their phenomenal!


Joel Davis: That’s a massive problem in Australia. That’s a massive problem in Australia, because in Australia, the government caps, like, college fees or university fees for Australian citizens, they don’t want Australian citizens being priced out of being able to go to university, obviously, that’s a good thing. But the cap doesn’t exist for foreign students. So then the universities are incentivized to try and bring in as many foreign students as possible because they can charge them way more foreign students a year. The foreign students aren’t paying for a degree. They’re paying for basically a way to get into Australia so that they can immigrate here.


And so basically they’ve converted the university system into an elaborate immigration conduit. And the entire, basically people. There’s all these complaints, you can see people on Reddit that are like university professors that say, basically the faculty is forcing me to pass all of these Indians and Asians that can barely speak English and haven’t passed any of these subjects.


But I have to pass 80% to 90% of the people that are enrolled. Otherwise I’m going to face disciplinary action or they’re going to stand me down.


So they’re just giving them, they’re not even really doing the degree properly and they’re just giving them the piece of paper. And that’s the piece of paper that they then use to immigrate here because:


“Oh, they’re a highly skilled member of society. They’ve got a university degree!”


Are they going to be a great asset to Australian society? And they go into the business sector and they’re fucking useless.


But then they can’t be fired because we need to have diversity quota. You know, the whole thing is a fucking, it’s a giant scam! And they say:


“Oh, but isn’t it great, all these immigrants coming here and contributing to our country? Aren’t they really improving things?”


Haven’t you noticed how everything sucks now? Haven’t you noticed how customer service is horrible everywhere? Every business is way less effective. Everything’s way more expensive than it needs to be. It’s because we have all these incompetent non-Whites that are being brought in through an elaborate scam and then insert it into all of these key positions that basically keep the economy functioning.


Whereas if you have White people that actually have to earn it through merit, then you get competence.


Now, obviously there are some competent immigrants, but as a general tendency, this is the case.


Also, I saw another Reddit post the other day from a Canadian, Indian. Canadian. They said:


“Oh, we immigrated to Canada back in the nineties to get away from all these low caste Indians. We hate being around all these low caste Indians. We wanted to have a better life.”


So he came to Canada, and now all those low caste Indians that we left India to get away from, now the Canadian government is bringing in, bringing them in, hundreds of thousands of them every year.


“So we’re going to immigrate to America to get away from them again!”


I mean, even the Indians don’t want these fucking Indians! You know, it’s crazy!


Elijah Schaffer: They’re racist.


Joel Davis: Listen, well, India is built on racism. It’s a caste system.


Elijah Schaffer: Speaker one, India is extremely racist. I mean, and they hate Muslims too. Obviously, they’re Hindu. But that’s the famous guy who said:


“You know, if there’s any Muslims are above 30% of a population, you end up having absolute chaos and issues.”


But Indians and Hispanics are very similar. I mean, a lot of Hispanics that are racist as fuck towards other Hispanics, especially if they have Spaniard background. If they’re like Spaniard, like South American, versus, like, El Salvadorian, they don’t want to be in the same category. Especially if they’re light skinned, blue eyed, sort of European, you know, historic. They don’t want to be like integrated. And they always say:


“I’m Spaniard. I’m not Mexican.”


Or whatever. But the Indians are open about it. Like, their whole system is built on. Like, there are fucked up Indians that we don’t want to touch, the untouchables.


And then there is us who have money and control things, and they literally build, like, a $2 billion home. That skyscraper, you ever seen that? The richest guy in India, or one of the richest, to just fuck with everyone. He built his home as a skyscraper. I think in the middle. Is it Mumbai? I think it’s in the middle of Mumbai, right? Yeah, I’m going to bring a picture up.


Joel Davis: This is something that the Americans need to be aware of, though. The Indian problem, the question, because take it from an Australian, we’re dealing with the largest non-White ethnic group in Australia are Indians.


So we’re dealing with this. We’re ahead of the curve on this. And Indians in the United States, they all vote Democrat. They’ll be like hardcore Hindu nationalists about India, but they all vote Democrat. It kind of sounds like jews, doesn’t it? They’re hardcore Zionists, but they all vote Democrat. They’re gradually, like, setting up shop within the Democrat party and taking a larger and larger chunk of it. And “Indian-Americans”, quote, unquote. Obviously, they don’t really exist. But Indian immigrants in America, they earn on average, $100,000 a year. That’s their average income. The Indians that are coming into America are really successful in business. They engage in nepotism. They’re going to become like this kind of second. They’re going to be like the next jews. It is jews.


And then there’s the poo jews. And they’re able to. They’re not going to be 2% of the population. They’re going to keep growing and growing and growing like a virus, consuming all these tech companies. They’re going to take over. They’re going to start infiltrating the financial system, taking over the political system, and you’re going to see, all of a sudden, this virus just start colonizing all of these aspects of American society. And they’re going to be just as nepotistic as jews are. Okay. They aren’t as pretty skillful.


Elijah Schaffer: They are, by the way, they always say, what’s the quickest way to start an Indian business? Have a White guy start a company and then hire an Indian in management. That’s not a joke. That’s actually what people say.


Joel Davis: Oh, it’s real. It’s real. Yeah, they’re just gonna infect larger. Like, we seeing it here. And here it is, by the way, house.


Elijah Schaffer: I don’t know if, you know, about this is like, legit. So he to say fuck you to the lower caste. He built a skyscraper in his home is $4.6 billion. This might be the most expensive residence in the world besides owned by royalty in. And like to show you that the scale here, let me see. Here’s a Facebook post. Like, this is the city he built the tallest skyscraper. And it’s just in the shit areas around there. And they just have his own military, and they throw these soirees and parties, and if you try to get near the building, they’ll shoot you, actually kill you. But, like, that’s how. That’s the level of fuck you that India is. That’s insane to go in a poor, poor, overcrowded city and just build like a 4.6 billion US dollar. That’s like, what? Almost six and a half billion Australian home in the middle of the city. To me, that just shows me that these people totally understand. Because he said he wanted to live above everyone. I think that’s what the official statement was. It was like he wanted to be above the city.


And so that’s pretty based, actually, considering the fact that he’s with his own people. He at least he stayed, though, right? That’s what you want is people to be racist in their own countries. Is this what you want?


Joel Davis: I just don’t want them in my. I don’t give a shit! I don’t want them here. I just want them out.


Elijah Schaffer: I think I, …


Joel Davis: Every time I see one, I have this kind of visceral. It’s like when you see a cockroach. When I see an Indian in public, it’s the same feeling. It’s the exact same feeling.


Elijah Schaffer: Really?


Joel Davis: Yeah, dude.


Elijah Schaffer: That’s how I feel when. With these people. I feel whenever I. Oh, okay, let me let me ask you.


So I’m gonna switch a little bit to jews here for a second for the sake of fun. Then we’ll get to women too.


So I don’t know if, you know, who the Krasinstein brothers are on X. Yeah.


Joel Davis: He’s like two gay jews.


Elijah Schaffer: I don’t think they’re gay. I think they have families and stuff.


Joel Davis: Okay. I think they sound gay.


Elijah Schaffer: They’re just squealy, so.


Okay, so my accent comes from being raised in LA, right? We talk like a valley girl, and I. So I’m okay to make fun of men’s voices, and I really heard them speak for the first time.


And I was like:


“Holy shit! Like, it sounded like they were on helium!”


Right? Because they talk a big shit on the Internet. They’re like fuck being a pedophile is okay in some situations. Like, that’s the kind of stuff they say.


So I’m like, all these guys must be big.


Joel Davis: Okay.


Elijah Schaffer: They literally talked about that.


Joel Davis: Like, it’s in the middle.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah. Check this out. So I finally got a picture of them. This is hot photoshop. That’s over here. That’s them in the middle. The Krasinstein brothers are jewish brothers. Not that that means anything, but they’re there. And I found out they weigh 125 pounds.


Joel Davis: So they just basically got to, like, age ten and then just stayed there.


Elijah Schaffer: Like, dude, that looks. It looks photoshopped.


Joel Davis: And maybe, like, they should get. Maybe one of them should get on the other guy’s shoulders, wear a trench coat, like a mega person or, like a regular person.




Elijah Schaffer: Dude, somebody said in the comments, I was dying. They’re like, no wonder why they’re super into Twitter, because they’re only 240 characters tall. Like, they literally. They’re like. They’re a tweet of a human. You know, it’s just like this, like, little compressed thing. Someone also photoshopped them, like, a foot shorter than Peter Dinklage from Game of Thrones. It’s like the midget and then on the side of him. Because what?


Joel Davis: This reminds me how much you must hate, like, if you were that, and then you see, like, a six foot five Aryan giga-chad lumberjack Viking walking down the street and all the women are looking at him. Imagine how much these guys see if they’ve seen that.


And then they would just plot every single day of their life to destroy the White race and to like, we must! And you can understand why. Imagine being born that you got that sucks!


Elijah Schaffer: They lost, you know?


Joel Davis: Yeah.


Elijah Schaffer: Like, I’m gonna be completely honest.


So if you’re not on Twitter, good. Don’t start.


But if you are on Twitter, it’s very addicting. And I have one of these brothers blocked.


So this is where the Internet is deceptive, though, and this is why you got to remember why these kinds of people like to run the psyop online. That’s why they try to control information. They don’t want to. Like, they don’t want a war. They don’t want people knowing their true strength or anything is. I blocked one of these guys, and I remember thinking, like:


“Oh, I might have judged them wrong because this, what?”


He, like, uploaded some picture of him with his kid, and he’s jacked. He’s, like, shredded and ripped, and he’s in this nice house. He’s got a kid. I’m like:


“Oh, maybe he’s, like, a family guy and he cares about health and he’s living it out.”


But also, I didn’t realize that he was literally a biological midget. And there’s one thing I know about going to the gym is that being six foot two, it is so much harder, it seems to get jacked than it is for these short guys. I’ve seen short guys that go to the gym for four weeks, and they’re already getting bulky and big.


But when you’re lanky, when you’re tall, it’s incredibly not hard. You just got to eat a lot. You got to get jacked. It’s a lot of dedication. I don’t respect short men. To me, if you’re below five, six, you’re a man lit. Like, I don’t. I lost respect for. Sorry, short kings.


Joel Davis: I think five seven is still manly. I mean, five, six, that’s pretty generous.


Elijah Schaffer: But below five, six, I’ve lost the respect. You’re a midget. To me, you’re a midget as a guy. If you’re below five, six, you’re a midget.


Joel Davis: Yeah.


Elijah Schaffer: Am I wrong on that?


Joel Davis: Oh.


Elijah Schaffer: So it just. This once again fulfills the stereotypes of the our haters. Like, I know, it’s like, it’s lame. Like:


“Oh, soy cocks and betas.”


But, like, you get destiny literal cuckoo. You get those guys we showed at the beginning, little soy boys, that they’re not gay, though they want to clarify that several times. They’re not gay for each other. They just. Yeah, they just flirt.


Joel Davis: It’s like Drew Pavlou had to clarify over and over again how he wasn’t gay when we had that debate. It’s like, that was weird.


Elijah Schaffer: And I bet, hey, but everyone knows this show, we fight against homophobia, so I don’t let that slide because I did. You know what I noticed is that liberals and black, black women in particular, despite being so progressive, typically use gay as a slur.


Joel Davis: Like, homosexuals, they’re like, oh. Like they want to accuse you of being gay as, like, an insult. Like, homosexuals are more into that, using that as an insult than almost anyone else. It’s like they can. What is that implying? That, like, being gay is bad. That’s interesting. Like:


“Oh, you’re just like us. You’re a faggot just like me. Ah, doesn’t that sting?”


It’s like, no, it really, it’s kind of pathetic, you know?


Like, if you’re going to be a faggot, at least I don’t know, be proud.


Elijah Schaffer: Because we have to fight homophobia on the show. That’s same thing with Nick Fuentes is everybody, there’s a bunch of gay people trying to right now accuse him of being a homosexual. And I don’t understand, like, okay, this is what I don’t understand on that. On that, on that thing is if you were progressive and you were homosexual and you thought someone was gay, wouldn’t you want to do something to help them to come out of the closet, not try to embarrass them? You’d want to, like, probably hit them up in the DM’s, be like, hey, I’m going to be your ally. I’m going to help you out of the closet.


And then if you disagreed with them, let’s say you were calling them homosexual and you were like, conservative or Christian, you were calling them that and you thought they were in the closet. Wouldn’t you want to help them to not live out that lifestyle and you’d want to reach out to them? So why is it that the gay community is, has pride month? We’re in pride month now? They love being gay, but if they think you’re gay, they make fun of you publicly. Like the, like Fuentes. They all say that he’s secretly gay and they make fun of him for it. That seems a little bit contradictory.


Joel Davis: Yeah, but it just proves the point that being gay is bad. Like, it’s fucking disgusting!


Elijah Schaffer: I love, I already know whoever is writing the article on the show is having fun. We’re giving you good. We’re giving. You got to give them more one liners like that. And then.


And then he said, being gay is bad.


Joel Davis: Wow, that’s a controversial take.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, no, I’m just enjoying the article. So I wanted. We’re on the jew topic. This is really crazy! Okay. I want to get your take on this, because I guess gay and jew is connected, right? So. Timothy H. Day, Tel Aviv.


Joel Davis: Gayest city in the world.


Elijah Schaffer: Yes. There you go. Now we’re here, so.


So this is a colleague of mine, works Fox News. I know him. Good guy. He’s not a propagandist, but he’s currently in Israel, maybe on assignment, I think, for Fox or something. And he put up this picture and said:


“This house in bere.”


If I’m pronouncing that right to the jewish people watching, I don’t know how many of you there are, but I don’t know if I pronounced. That was the site of one of the attack’s most controversial incidents. Two Hamas combatants held twelve Israeli citizens hostage for an extended period of time until an Israeli commanding officer ordered a tank to fire on the house. All but one civilian was found dead.


And so I retweeted, I was like, so they killed eleven of their own citizens to kill two combatants? Or Hamas killed eleven Israelis, so they fired on the house. Confusing. I think he responded to me. Yeah. He said:


“The IDF fired on the house with twelve Israelis still inside before storming the building. Officials claim the tank fire was not what killed the hostages.”


Of course they claim that. Who they say were executed when the siege began. The incident remains controversial and hotly debated in Israel.


So this is just something that slipped through the cracks. Okay? This is not even, like, a highly trending post. This has got.


Joel Davis: Jews were supposed to have high IQs.


Elijah Schaffer: Well, can we talk about the October 7 attacks here for a second? Like, this is just a thread about. About, you know, this is a pro-Israel sympathetic thread, by the way. This guy’s great. He’s a great reporter. This is not anything. He’s just doing his job for whatever company he works for. But this appears that what he’s saying is that Israel fucking killed all their own hostages with a tank. They fired upon their hostages and killed him. Because I’m gonna say bullshit on the they died during the siege. Like, you think, what? Two Hamas combatants took twelve people hostage and they couldn’t overpower them or something? I don’t know, to me, this is what it seems like, that he’s admitting that Israel killed a lot of their own people on October 7 Am I wrong? Is that what you’re reading from this?


Joel Davis: Yeah, it seems to be the case, but I mean, you could see with the subsequent events an incentive.


Elijah Schaffer: That’s what he. Was it intentional?


Joel Davis: Did they kill a bunch of people.


Elijah Schaffer: To get the numbers up?


Joel Davis: I mean, quite possibly.


I mean, they needed an excuse to launch the current action, so that seems quite plausible to me. Jews doing a false flag attack. Whoa. Never heard of that before!


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, because then, because you save Hamas from me.


Joel Davis: Like, they couldn’t, like, get on the phone and be like:


“Don’t go into work today. You know, just call in sick to the twin towers. September 11. You don’t want to be going to work that day. Take the day off, take the, …”


Elijah Schaffer: While all the actors. It was Seth Rogen. Everyone did get on their flight or slept in that day.


Joel Davis: Yeah.


Elijah Schaffer: All the people that were supposed to be on the planes were like, suddenly not on the planes. And you’re like me, you hear so many stories like that. Like, yeah, the owner of the buildings.


Joel Davis: Took out an insurance policy against a terrorist attack.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, terrorist attack. And then wasn’t in the building. But we also found their passports. They flew out of the plane. You’re like, and then.


Joel Davis: Oh, yeah, plane into a skyscraper, which then collapsed. And like, here’s a passport.


Elijah Schaffer: And you go, well, they would have had to have put bombs inside the building. And they go:


“Well, we don’t know because the cameras were disabled in the main elevator corridor because it was under construction for about a year previously.”


So there was no. In the main core of the building was under construction for urban moving systems.


Joel Davis: Just totally unrelated.


Elijah Schaffer: You’ve did 911*.


[* 9/11 was a false flag carried out by organized jewry to justify and launch The War OF Terror. See Christopher Bollyn.]


Joel Davis: Obviously I’m laughing.


Elijah Schaffer: It’s like thousands of Americans died. It’s not funny. But you don’t think of Saudi Arabia or some other country?


Joel Davis: Saudi Arabia is run by jews.


Elijah Schaffer: Okay, can you elucidate me on this? So Palestinians are not being accepted by Egypt. And I’ve been told that Egypt is getting billions of dollars of aid and that the US works with Israel to shut down the border. I’m seeing all these countries make peace agreements with Israel that are very, very Islamic. Obviously, the people don’t like jews.


Now, does Israel control the Middle East or what’s going on? Why does that happen? Is that just the US being controlled by Israel?


Joel Davis: I think the Saudi Arabians are very clearly in bed with the judeo-American elite. I mean, you got to remember, how did Saudi Arabia come into existence in the first place? Like, in World War One, we, as in the British Empire, went to war with the Ottoman Empire and Australians died so that we could take back territory which is now actually Palestine and Israel, you know, as part of that action. But we also allied with the Arab fighters that were trying to get independence from the Ottoman Empire, which controlled the region at the time.


Anyway, so we successfully defeat the Ottoman Empire, but then you’ve got all these Zionist jews that are very wealthy in Britain, and they get on the phone to Lord Balfour and we get the Balfour Declaration.


“We’re going to have to create a jewish state in what is now called Israel.”


And the Arabs were like:


“This isn’t what we were signed up for. We were fighting along to liberate our people from the Ottomans. And now you’re just going to come bring and just plant a jewish state right in the middle of our territory?”


And so the British said:


“Yeah, well, you know how about we just go to these Wahhabist guys over here, this random sect of Islam that doesn’t really have any power or influence, and we just give them all the money and weapons instead of giving it to you?”


And that was the House of Saud. They rise, they create Saudi Arabia, they take over the line of Arabs that descend.


Elijah Schaffer: What year, decade is this, by the way?


Joel Davis: This is the aftermath of World War One.


Elijah Schaffer: Okay, so, like the twenties.




Joel Davis: Yeah, late 1910s and twenties. And the Arabia was controlled basically, more or less by an unbroken line from the prophet Muhammad, from, like the 600 and something AD. And we just went and just funded these Wahhabiist guys to just take out those people and install themselves in charge over, like the center of Islam. Reminding people.


Elijah Schaffer: Reminding people who are not familiar, Mecca that the main holy site. Yeah. Is in Saudi Arabia.


Joel Davis: Correct.


Elijah Schaffer: And the second one, I think, is on the Temple Mount. Right. In Israel.


Joel Davis: Correct.


So and why do we did all of this? Like, why did we care about trying to have one form of Arabs take over from the other Arabs? Well, it was just because we were working with the jews. So we basically decapitated the natural Arabian elite, installed an elite that was going to be more friendly towards us.


And then what have we seen? Like, Saudi Arabia has made, you know, has always been a good ally of the United States. They’ve made plenty of deals with the United States. They’re very ingratiated with the West the Saudi Arabian elites.


And if you talk to some random Muslim Arab guy on the street about Saudi Arabia, they will pretty much always tell you, like the Muslim, like the Arab street knows that their country is run by jews, which is why the Saudi Arabians have always been very soft on Israel. They can’t come out and be like, we stand with Israel in the way that they can in the West because that’s just not viable within their political system. They have to play the optics game. But they aren’t like Iran. They aren’t a genuine enemy of Israel. When the Americans invaded Iraq, Saudi Arabia allowed the US military to stage in Saudi Arabia to launch the invasion.


I mean, that really tells you a lot.


Elijah Schaffer: And I was going to say real fast with people listening to this, I’d like some of the chat noticer I am and everything said that their noticing levels are going off the chart with you talking about this. So from my understanding, is part of the reason why our public school system in the United States keeps us ignorant of geopolitics, like, in relation to sort of what’s happened, you know, post World War Two, and helping us not understand our history. Because I don’t think any American would even know what the Ottoman Empire is.


I mean, I know what that is. But I bet you if you just went on the street and said:


“Like, what’s the Ottoman Empire? Someone say, isn’t that one of those.”


Joel Davis: Chairs. Jerry Seinfeld joke where he’s like:


“What’s this? The Ottoman Empire and whole empire built around the principle of putting your feet up? Okay.”


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, there you go. I didn’t even know was a jewish joke already, but I was gonna say that’s probably like, we’re literally six months away from people thinking that maybe already.


But it’s like, I want to play this video here of the state of America. It’s kind of dunking on women, but we can dunk on women and explain how retarded everybody is today. I literally never thought we could get more dumb. Where is this video? That’s just a woman who got impregnated by a black guy and he left, pretty much common.


All right, here we go. This is the American education system in a nutshell. Check this out. Let’s listen to this. Are men and women equal?


Actually, women are better than men. What do men bring to the world? Literally nothing. Women, the vibes, just everything.


Joel Davis: Everything and love.


Elijah Schaffer: If you look around, the entire infrastructure of our nation, our economy, every building.


Joel Davis: You walk into, the way that you.


Elijah Schaffer: Are portraying your ideas and opinions is.


Joel Davis: Through technology and infrastructure.


Elijah Schaffer: And an economy and a nation that was not only built, but it’s still maintained to this day by men. Did men allow you to have that haircut? You’ve taken personal attacks. Makes me seem like the more intelligent. Validate your point, not some personal attack. Because the argument feminism stops whenever it’s inconvenient for y’all. By definition, you are delusional if you cannot defend your ideas.


Joel Davis: You should go.


Elijah Schaffer: I actually don’t go to, are men and women equal? There’s so much to unpack there. But my favorite part is she’s like:


“Women are better than men because they bring the vibes.”


And the guy’s like:


“Actually, you’re retarded! Men built everything, even the technology you’re using.”


She’s like:


“You’re ugly!”


And then he’s like:


“Okay, you can’t attack my appearance just because you’re wrong.”


She’s like:


“I’m uncomfortable. I need to leave!”


And that is, by the way, been my experience with most females.


But I guess if you’re attractive as a man, then you get different.


Joel Davis: That’s why I don’t argue with a woman unless she’s having sex with me, because that’s the only way in which you can win an argument, or that it’s even worth having it.


Elijah Schaffer: You think you have to fuck them to win?


Joel Davis: Well, I mean, no, it’s just that you have to fuck them for them to agree with you or for it even be worth arguing. I mean, what’s the point of trying to convince a woman that’s not having sex with you of anything?


Elijah Schaffer: I think you stopped it as, what’s the point of trying to convince a woman like that to just be blatantly sexist on the show? Which, by the way, is their second rule. We have to be sexist. But on the flip side, my biggest mistake in life was treating my feminist colleagues and friends and people the way they ask to be treated and then realizing that people say that until they can tell you treat them equally, and then they can use that against you to try to get, like, extract money or something like that from a company. Or do you know, like, whatever, where, like, I actually from Los Angeles was sort of soy cocked into, like, thinking you could have female friends or, like, you could start businesses with women or things like that.


But I think I’m out of that now because I’ve learned a lot of things the hard way. But I also, like, I’m married. I’ve been married almost. Shit, almost six years. That’s crazy! I have a second kid on the way. Right. My wife doesn’t work. She’s never worked in our marriage. I always provide for her. $48. Harsh to push for the month, but we make it happen.


And one of the best parts about all of this is every marriage goes through some tough seasons and some tough times. You have to work through certain things.


And one of the things that I noticed is I just don’t respond to nagging. I just don’t respond. And with, not just in my situation, but like, sometimes guys try to get in, they get into arguments, but all women are doing is nagging.


And I’m not saying Kez is doing this. I’m, this could be my sisters, it could be my mother when she was alive. It could be any family member. Women will nag you and you can call it a shit test, but you just don’t even have to acknowledge it, by the way, as a person, you can just ignore it.


And the more you ignore it, the less it does happen. That’s my personal advice. But don’t get into an argument over it because you think that they’re trying to come to a solution, but they’re just nagging you and they’re just saying something and you can just do this and tune it out. It’s just, I’ve told my wife this. I said:


“I can literally tune out women’s voices.”


It’s really incredible! I can just tune it out and it goes like a ringing in my ears and then it’s done and it’s gone. And you can do that. I just want to remind men, because men think like, men today are like, no, I’ve got to explain my side of the story and I’ve got to defend myself.


Joel Davis: You don’t just, yeah, once you’re explaining, in many situations, it’s already over.


There’s no point just yet. Just disregard and keep moving forward.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah. Someone said:


“Yeah, I wish we could disregard Israel like that easily.”


Joel Davis: Exactly! But that would be the solution. Like, that would be this. If we weren’t cucked, that would be that. We wouldn’t be trying to explain how. No, we’re not anti-semitic. And actually, oh, like yeah, it would be bad if we abandoned Israel because then the Muslims would do this and that you know, we just, it’s not our problem.


Elijah Schaffer: Just leave.


Joel Davis: It’s like, Israel is not our wife. We don’t have to put up with it. Shit hasn’t given us any children.


Elijah Schaffer: Right?


And, you know what I’m going to say to the dinks out there? Uh, if you don’t know what that is, good.


Joel Davis: Put up with the German shit! Like, the Germans are of our family. Like, if they want to complain, like:


“Oh, what? You guys killed Hitler and destroyed us!”


Like, yeah, I’m really sorry. Like, we need to fix that. But I don’t know, Israel, anything, you know what I mean?


Elijah Schaffer: That went in such a different direction. I didn’t think you were going to say, we’re apologizing for killing Hitler. I, you know, this is a total, in a total interesting question. What do you think about Hitler? Are you a pro-Hitler guy? Are you an anti-Hitler guy?


Joel Davis: I’d say I’d be leaning to the pro-Hitler camp.


Elijah Schaffer: Is that illegal in Australia to be pro-Hitler? Or is that, …


Joel Davis: Not yet.


Elijah Schaffer: So you can be pro-Hitler in Australia. So, you know what that sounds like to people when you say you’re pro-Hitler? You know, like, they immediately think you’re, …


But some people are going to be watching this right now. Maybe not necessarily, but especially if it gets clipped out. You say:


“I’m pro-Hitler.”


Or whatever you said, or you lean towards that area. I’m not gonna put words in your mouth. That’s sort of in the gay, liberal, homo world that we live in. Sort of like saying I’m the worst person in society according to the media standards. Do, you know, that? That’s how you come across to people that are, …


Joel Davis: But, like, our society has clearly all of the wrong values. So if our society is built around fuck Hitler and fuck Hitler, society produces trannies and infinity brown people and women police officers that can’t do their job and, like, a divorce rate over 50% and the economy going to shit and so on. And the fabric of our civilization collapsing. Well, maybe fuck Hitler’s society sucks! Maybe Hitler was Awesome Society would be better.


Elijah Schaffer: Do you love black people? Oh, man! Yeah.


I mean, look, … But that’s interesting because I would say even Fuentes or people that maybe are more online or Keith Woods. Right. Or these people probably wouldn’t align with that. Do you think that it hurts your goal? This is I was talking to. I’m not, …




Joel Davis: I think it strikes to the core, because the thing is, prior to the Second World War, we weren’t in this position. Prior to the Second World War, every White country was racist. That had, you know, sanity around the basic issues. We had a functional civilization. It wasn’t perfect, but it was functional. The British Empire was cooking. America was cooking. Australia, we had the White Australia Policy. You know, Europe wasn’t besieged by infinity Muslims. You know, people stayed married. People were going to church. We had a functional society. Then World War Two happens. We decide that we have to build, rebuild our entire civilization around “Fuck Hitler”. And that has led us to this point. If World War Two doesn’t happen, if that dynamic doesn’t happen, we’re not going to be in the position that we are right now.


So we’re not going to be able to address this without going and addressing that core idea, that idea that our morality should be built around “Fuck Hitler”. We have to address that directly and say:


“Well, wait a second. Was he actually a bad guy? Was what he stood for wrong?”


And it wasn’t. It wasn’t wrong. What we stood for was wrong. You could say:


“Well, you know, did he have to invade Poland?”


And you can make these little, like, arguments about, what was he standing for? He was standing for, he wanted Germany to be in control of its own destiny. He wanted Germany to be strong. He was a German. He was a proud German, and he wanted his country It lost the First World War. It had fallen into degeneracy, the Weimar Republic. Jews had taken over the media, culture, that were driving the country into the ground. And he said:


“No, we don’t want jews running Germany. We want Germans running Germany based upon German values. Want Germany to be strong.”


He didn’t necessarily want to have to fight us because he realized Anglo Saxons, we are Germanics as well. He saw us as a brother people, as a cousin people, which we are. He didn’t want to have to fight us. So he wasn’t actually hostile towards us. We fought him on behalf of the jews, on behalf of this scheme to build this kind of global empire that we constructed after. And look at that empire.


Elijah Schaffer: Look at that. Why did we? I’ve heard it said that an American soldier, which, by the way, is very sensitive topic, World War Two for Americans. I don’t know if it, Australians seem to ignore it, but Americans take a lot of pride in defeating Hitler. Okay.


And a lot of people really think that this was a “good versus evil fight”. But I’ve heard it said it was.


Joel Davis: An American soldier, and good lost.


Elijah Schaffer: Well, that’s what I wanted to understand from you. I want to pick your brain that an American soldier in the 1940s had more in common with a Nazi and like an SS soldier than they would with an American today. Right?


Joel Davis: Madison Square Garden was sold out in 1938 for a swastika rally. Like, it’s 100,000 people to come and hear speeches about how great National Socialism was with giant swastikas draped through Madison Square Garden.


Elijah Schaffer: But why do we, … But that’s okay.


Joel Davis: I’m trying to understand the 1930s. Why do our universe.


Elijah Schaffer: But why did we fight Hitler? Because I even know that the United States didn’t even allow the jews to get like the ones that left before the original. It got too late. I know that they came like natural ways, but when there was that flood of, like several hundred thousand to several million applying for visas, the US didn’t let them in.


Joel Davis: The war broke out. The American people were America First. They didn’t want to be involved in the war. The opinion polls show this. They didn’t want to get involved:


“This is a European war. Let the Europeans fight it out. It’s nothing to do with us. We don’t want to have to take waves of jewish immigrants. We don’t want to have to deal with this problem. It’s not our problem. We came to America to get away from the problems of Europe. Let the Europeans deal with it.”


And that was the majority view. Roosevelt in the 1940 election ran on that. Ran on that literally that he wasn’t going to go like, he just lied because he had to that was what was necessary politically.


In the 1930s you have Father Coughlin. Father Coughlin was like, if you mix Nick Fuentes, Alex Jones and Tucker Carlson into one thing and then put it on steroids, that was Father Coughlin. Father Coughlin was a Catholic priest who was pro-fascist and anti-semitic. He had a radio show that peaked in the 1930s with five to 10 million viewers. And that was when the American population was much smaller than it is now. So, like, you had like five to 10% of the population listening to Father Coughlin rant about the jews and Hitler’s actually pretty good and so on.


It was a completely different universe, 1930s America. They didn’t want to be involved then, obviously, Pearl Harbor and the Japanese get involved and they’re able to basically create a rationale for the war and they push the war propaganda and flip things around.


And then once you’re at war, you’re at war. People are dying. You know, people’s brothers, cousins, sons and so on are dying at war. And it becomes personal.


But the Americans were Hoodwinked into that war and the rationale was, we’re going to then, now we’re going to set up this American led international order that’s going to be based on liberal democracy and it’s going to be wonderful and we’re going to stop communism. Which, by the way, the Americans funded the Soviet Union. Hitler would have destroyed the Soviet Union if the Americans didn’t prop up the Soviet Union.


So the only reason why the Soviet Union was even a thing, that we had to have a Cold War against was because we propped it up against the Nazis, who were trying to join the war.


Elijah Schaffer: You’re saying. But if the US didn’t join the war, he would have crushed the Soviets?


Joel Davis: Yes. And he was trying. And that was like what they were saying:


“We said, we don’t want to have to fight the British and the Americans. We just want to destroy the Soviet Union because they are threatening Europe, they’re threatening us.”


Elijah Schaffer: Why did they go to France then? Why did he, why did he march into France?


Joel Davis: Well, the French and the British declared war on Germany after they went into Poland.


And the reason why he went to Poland was because after World War One, they redrew the German borders and they gave a whole bunch of their territory to Poland. And there was all these ethnic Germans that were living in Poland that were, some of them were getting, like, ethnically cleansed and so on.


And they warned the Poles and said:


“You can’t do that you must treat them with respect.”


And they wanted their land back and they wanted their people back. And the British said:


“But that we’ve guaranteed the Poles our defense. We’ll defend the Poles. You can’t invade Poland.”


And Hitler said:


“Well, it’s unacceptable. They’re Germans. That’s German land. Those are German people. We’re not going to allow them to be ethically cleansed by these Poles. >So we’re going to go in and we’re going to take our land back and take our people back so we can protect them.”


I mean, it was a national, like, you can argue whether it was strategically a smart move or not, but that’s why then Britain and France declare war on him. He’s like:


“All right, fine.”


Destroys France in six weeks, and then the British are evacuating. Hitler ordered the Germans to stand down for 48 hours to allow the British to evacuate. They could have massacred them on the beaches, because it took them days to evacuate, as a goodwill gesture, sent, like, 15 peace envoys to Churchill begging Churchill:


“Can we have peace? We don’t want to go to war!”


Churchill ignored all of them. And they spread a bunch of war propaganda in Britain to try and Hoodwink the British into thinking that the Germans were the aggressor and that they weren’t seeking peace and that they had no choice but to go to war with Germany. And they started bombing German civilians, the British, secretly. And Hitler said:


“Stop doing that. We want peace.”


And eventually he snapped and started bombing Britain back. And they said:


“Oh, look, the Germans are bombing us. We have to go to war with the Germans!”


The whole thing was a fucking scam! And yeah, as I said, Hitler made it very clear they saw the Soviet Union as the existential threat. The Soviet Union, by the way, when the Germans go into Poland, the Soviet Union gobbles up like eleven countries in Eastern Europe. And Britain and the other allied powers aren’t powered to do anything about it because they want to go to war with the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany at the same time*.


[* I don’t thing this is the case. The (((Allies))) had been and were supporting the Soviets. The Soviet Union was a creation of Organized jewry in the first place.]


They just declared war on the Germans. So Stalin takes the opportunity to just basically take half of Eastern Europe. And the communist world is expanding. They have a an ideology of global communist revolution. They had communist movements that, by the way, when Hitler seized power, the communists were about to seize power themselves. In Germany, it was either going to become communist Germany or Nazi Germany. There was only two choices at that point after the Great Depression. So their whole ideology was built around defending Europe from communism.


And so that was what the primary existential threat was from a perspective of what’s good for Western civilization and the White race. They were the good side, the communists were the bad side. Everyone watching this is aware of the unspeakable atrocities committed in Soviet Russia. The absolute depravity, the inhuman depravity of communism and the hundreds of millions of bodies piled up by communism.


So that’s what Hitler was trying to defend Europe against. And he was trying to revived Germany so that it could lead Europe, because he saw liberal democracy as weak and incapable of defending Western civilization against communism and against degeneracy.


And he was correct, because, look, now we’ve got a liberal democratic world order, and what have we got? We’ve got everything. We’ve got Weimar Republic on steroids. The Weimar Republic seems conservative by comparison to what we have now. We’ve got trannies, jews running everything, communists infiltrating everything, you know, non-Whites everywhere. We’ve got total White genocide! That’s the “Fuck Hitler” world. That’s the anti-Hitler world order. The anti-Nazi world order that we’ve built:


“National Socialism is the most horrible thing ever!”


White people asserting themselves as the most horrible thing ever. We built our entire world around that, and our entire civilization is being liquidated. So clearly, Hitler was correct. Clearly, he was correct!


And clearly, we were on the wrong team. We allied with jews against our blood kin, the Germans. And what do we get for it? The British Empire immediately was destroyed in the aftermath of the Second World War. We destroyed the British Empire to fight that war. So we immediately lose our empire. Australia is forced to give up the White Australia Policy to fit into this American led international order that’s built on anti-racism.




The United States opens its borders. Europe opens its borders. They start pushing feminism, gay rights, all of this stuff on us, and they’ve completely destroyed our entire civilization. Everyone has become atheist. Everyone has become nihilist. No one is staying married. No one’s having children.


Our entire countries are being destroyed! Our nations are being liquidated. Yeah, we were on the Right team. We made the right choice. No. No! The fuck! No, we didn’t!


At least we’re not speaking German! Have you seen the meme of as an old, like, war vet? And he’s like, he’s not a boomer. He’s like the generation before the boomers. He fought in World War Two, and he’s wearing all these, you know, medallions and so on.


Maybe it’s like Veterans Day or something.


And you can see his, like Aryan White granddaughter with a little black baby. Obviously, she’s race mixed and created a little mulatto. And you can just see the look of horror in his face!


And then the caption is:


“Well, at least we’re not speaking German!”


You know, that’s a situation.


Elijah Schaffer: It’s a hard. It’s a hard pill to swallow for Americans because, I mean, Saving Private Ryan, have you seen that?


Joel Davis: No.


Elijah Schaffer: You know, film has really been a powerful propagandist tool, and we know that.


And I’m not even being, you know, redundant here in the fact of just repeating something. You know, I’m telling people, like, it’s interesting because even myself, right, I wasn’t really allowed to watch TV or films growing up, so I’m not into movies. I don’t like to go. But my parents did let me watch some really violent war movies that were anti-Hitler. Right? Like, Saving Private Ryan is got to be, it still remains one of the best films in history. Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg. I think it’s just incredible!


But I think. Was that Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, was that made by a jew? I think it was. Yeah, it was made by a jew. I didn’t realize that till recently.


But it makes you think America is the best motherfucking country ever to exist! And they did a really good job. And it instills patriotism in young boys, which is why parents let their kids watch it.


And I actually do recommend everyone to watch it because it’s about the storming of Normandy. Not Normandy. Yeah, maybe it is.


And then also you can also see Band of Brothers, HBO show. It’s not just “Holocaust” stuff that they bring up, but this real patriotism towards World War Two fighters is real big in the United States, especially. That’s why we don’t have a lot on World War One, because it’s not necessary to our ultimate plan, you know, of patriotism.


But it’s really. Some people call this black pilling, but I heard a psychologist call this “reality trauma”.


And I’m not going to get sappy and gay here, but I actually like this term for normies, if you’re talking to them. We call it black pilling on the show, but it’s like when you wake up and you get a dose of reality and you realize that you can no longer believe in the illusion or the deception that you believed in. But life was better in many ways. It was happier and more fulfilling believing the delusion, you go through this intense sense of grief, like a grieving period.


Again, we just call it black pilling, but he called it “reality trauma”. It’s like you realize, holy shit! Like, not only was I given a lie, but the lie was better than reality! And that’s kind of what a lot of people are getting with the Trump conviction. Like, it’s this dose of realizing that things are worse than you thought.


Basically for people new here, or if you’re a normie, you don’t understand the terms. It’s when you., … That moment when you woke up is probably either during the pandemic, it could have been during the last election, could have been during January 6. But that moment where you wake up like:


“Fuck, shit is fucked!”


It almost feels, like worthy of suicide as an American to somehow suggest that we were the bad guys in World War Two.


And I’m not being a bitch about this. I mean, it’s so ingrained that it’s like you can’t almost even be congruent with being an American and a patriot. And accepting that Hitler could have even been right.


And I’m not even speaking for myself here. I’m not saying anything about my own views. I’m just trying to get this through your head. Like, that’s how the propaganda has been. Being an American is being anti-Hitler! And the greatest thing America did was defeating Hitler! And that’s the general consensus, Democrat or Republican. That’s one of the few things they would agree on, is that was our shining moment as a nation.


Joel Davis: Yeah. And the Democrats and the Republicans, everything that they agree on is wrong, like, every single time.


So why would it only be true in this one instance? Like, America is clearly going in the wrong direction, Western civilization is clearly going in the wrong direction.


So we need to diagnose it. We need to have some kind of what’s the primary cause for this degeneration? And it’s because of the complete revolution in the moral self understanding of White people of the West after World War Two. You know, prior to, it wasn’t like Germany was uniquely concerned with race.


As I said, Australia had the White supremacist, had the White Australia Policy, and it was described by Australian politicians as not just a policy, but a religion. We actually wanted to write the White Australia Policy into the Constitution of the country. The only reason we didn’t was because we were cucked by the British Parliament, who were concerned that it would be diplomatically offensive to the Japanese, who were trying to have an alliance with, at the time against the Chinese. And so just do it by legislation. Don’t put it in the Constitution. We said:


“Well, why are you trying to appease the Japanese? We’re gonna end up going to war with them one day.”


Of course, that’s what happened in the Second World War.


That was, White nationalism was the founding principle of Australia. The United States at the time, prior to World War Two, was a White supremacist country. The American immigration system was not just simply reformed to be White only. It was explicitly Nordicist. They wanted to maintain the exact ethnic demographic ratio of the 1920s in perpetuity.


So they had a certain amount of Anglos, a certain amount of Germans, a certain amount of Swedes, a certain amount of Italians, and so on, and they wanted to keep maintaining that ratio. They didn’t even want to allow America to become too, …


Elijah Schaffer: They didn’t want a lot of Irish or Catholics at the time.


Joel Davis: Yeah, I mean, they already had Irish, but the point is like they were trying to maintain a certain ratio. That’s how ethically conscious they were. This is an America where they had millions of people in the KKK! Whatever you think of the KKK, that’s crazy! Imagine millions of people in the KKK. This is an America where blacks were just segregated. And it was just seen as, this is just how we do society in our country.


There’s studies that have been done in the 1950s. Do you think interracial marriage is wrong? Polling data in the United States in the 1950s, over 90% of Americans said, yes, interracial marriage is wrong and should be illegal. And it was illegal. Like it was a completely different moral system in how they understood the world. And that was reconstructed in the aftermath of the Second World War and this great mythology that has been built around the Second World War.


So, you know, people say:


“Oh, it’s too controversial to ban it.”


Of course it’s too controversial. It’s literally the core controversy at the essence of everything that is happening, everything that is happening to our society, everything in politics, it all rotates around this center.


And if you don’t address the center, if you don’t go:


“Wait a second, was Hitler wrong? Was he the bad guy, or was he right?”


And it doesn’t mean you have to cosign on absolutely everything Hitler ever did or said. But was he a fundamentally evil, the most evil man ever to live? And did the Nazis represent the ultimate evil, which we must defend against at all costs? And that’s the number one priority politically, is to make sure that nothing like Nazism or resembling Nazism ever exists ever again! Is that what we want to build our society on or not? And that’s really the core question.


My view is, yes, we want to build our society around the principle that we are loyal to our own race, and we want our race to do well!


What is race? Race is the type of human that you are like. I like the type of human that I am. All my children, my grandchildren, and so on are going to be the same type of human that I am. Everyone in my family is the same type of human that I am. My people, my community, my nation, the people who I share a culture with a way of life, with a mentality, with a spirit, with are people that are the same type of person that I am. I want that preserved. I want a future preserved for my people, for my children, grandchildren, and so my progeny, I want them to thrive. That’s what I want my world built on.


The world is currently built on the exact opposite of that it’s built on basically the destruction. You said an American would want to commit suicide before accepting that Hitler was right. Well, Americans aren’t committing suicide by thinking Hitler was wrong. That’s the cause of their suicide.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah. Can I play? I want to play a video here that if you’ve probably already seen it actually shook me to the core. It shook me more than even. This tweet from this Asian girl said:


“When I breast fed my son, I used to masturbate at the same time. The way he sucked my nipples gave me the best orgasms!”


This tweet has been deleted. Good. Yeah. I don’t know why that’s on. It’s just occasionally X makes me want to die, because that actually is pretty insane to tweet that. Going to a free Tommy SotoMayor. I do love him a lot, but let me see if I can go down to this.


Joel Davis: He had a funny. I was seeing a funny clip by him. He’s black, by the way.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah.


Joel Davis: He was talking about how niggas always be trying to say that the black man built this country. It’s like, nigga, the only way you were working was when the Whiteman was cracking the whip. You know, as slaves, we worked.


But now that you’re free, are you working? No! Black man ain’t doing shit anymore because ain’t a Whiteman telling you what to do.


Elijah Schaffer: Well, okay.


Joel Davis: I don’t think a blacks built America, really. They were just picking, how hard is this, Tommy? That’s literally all they were doing.


But, you know, it was a funny talk, dude, did you.




Elijah Schaffer: I got a hit piece written on this show, and they, quote, they misquoted me, but it was actually hilarious! It was like:


“Then Schaefer suggested that maybe some of the blacks were whipped because they were lazy.”


And I was:


“I don’t think I said, I don’t think I said, they’re working hard.”


Joel Davis: There’s no reason to crack the whip. You only have to crack the whip if they’re slacking.


Elijah Schaffer: I know. I was like:


“I don’t think what I said, but I think I said. I only think people get, like, animals would get whipped when they were, like, trying to get them to speed up because they were, like, losing energy or they were trying to put them under control.”


I just didn’t say. I have no idea. I don’t even think the whole slavery thing was necessarily at all! Anything that they describe it. As because people say:


“Well, some people treated their slaves really shitty.”


And I go:


“Some people treat their kids really shitty, like, there’s some shitty call parents, owners of kids.”


A lot of people, if you looked around in Western society, society, they treat their bodies really shitty, too.


So when you’re telling me that some slave owners treated their slaves like shit, I’m sure, go to a garment factory in Mumbai, and there’s a lot of people getting treated shitty, too. Like, that’s not exclusive to slavery. That’s just like a human, you know.


Joel Davis: Who treats blacks like shit? Black people!


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah. Yeah.


Joel Davis: Well, that’s why they sold them as slaves and they enslaved them and sold them to White people in the first place. That’s pretty shitty. It’s like, yeah, it’s like, that’s the thing. That’s what this comes back down to is like, they betrayed their own people. That’s way worse than us doing it to them.


In the same way that that’s why what we did was uniquely horrible. Like you say, the Germans. Maybe they were too brutal in certain ways, but at least they were doing it in the spirit of trying to defend their people and their nation. They were doing it from the basis of love for their own. We betrayed our people for fucking jews!


So that is infinitely. Oh, but it was for liberal democracy and freedom and no, no, we betrayed it. We sacrificed our people. We betrayed our people and all that’s what our. I’m talking about our elites, the people that got him, like people like Churchill and so on, that were instrumental in the war.


But we see it now, like all of our elites, everyone watching this knows this are all complete sellouts. They exist purely to make money, to attain social prestige. They don’t really have consistent principles in any respect. The entire system is built around selling out your own people. That’s why they don’t want anyone to be nationalist, because the people in charge of our countries have no loyalty to us. They don’t give a fuck about us!


And if they allowed nationalism to spread, what that would mean is there would be a nationalist movement with nationalist leaders who say:


“I’m loyal to you, the people.”


And the people will go:


“Hmm, I’ve got a choice between a leader that is loyal to me and a leader that doesn’t give a fuck about me and exploits me. Maybe I’m going to back the leader that’s loyal to me and cares about me over the one that doesn’t.”


Because people are used to a politics where no one gives a shit about you. That’s the politics that we’ve had for decades. But a leader that’s actually loyal to you, that’s what Adolf Hitler was. That’s why at Nuremberg, there was millions of people there to see this man speak. Because:


“This guy loves me. This guy’s here for me. This guy’s going all the way for me. That’s the kind of politics I want.”


Speaker one.


Elijah Schaffer: Well, and this is why we talked about this a little on the show yesterday on Censored TV. I want to remind you guys, like, when I say we’re demonetized, we’re demonetized by X. We’re like one of the first big creators that got demonetized for our content on Twitter. By Twitter. And got a fucking middle finger from them over it. So, legitimately, what I’m telling you guys, Censored TV is like, backing me starting a new studio back in the US. They said they’ll pay for trips for me to travel and to do things. And they literally, the only reason Censored has the mobility to do that and to fund the show when all big tech has abandoned us is because you guys are supporting directly.


So when you want to know how important a membership is, even fresh and fit went to memberships as well. Like the guys podcast. We’re getting ahead of the game here. Okay? So, like, when they. When they banned this off big tech, when they take over Rumble somehow in the future and kick us all off Rumble. We have our own servers. We have our own backup, everything. We have our own payment processing companies that we work with and everything on Censored.


But you’ve got to sign up with my promote code offensive, and I fucking. If I hear another person complain about Gaven McGinnis or something like that. Okay, first of all, Gavin’s a fucking badass. I owe my entire job to him. He was the first person to share my content. He’s the one who got me a job at Blaze. Anyways, Gavin is a fucking go! He’s incredible! And I don’t care if we disagree on Israel. He’s fucking supporting the show. He’s a good friend. I love him a lot. His family’s amazing! He’s always been good to me in the show. That should be enough to support Gavin even if you disagree with him. He’s supported me in the show since the beginning, and you got to reward loyalty.


Secondly, when you sign up with the promote code offensive, you get 20% off. I told them to make it that it would cost 9/11 when you sign up, but it’s okay. It’s like 920 a month and it goes directly to the show. So even if you’re like, well, I don’t want to support some of the other people on the channel. It supports this show directly. Like, it actually just funds the shows. So I’m just trying to tell people, you guys got to be signing up for this because if you complain about censorship and all this shit, it does help watching on Rumble.


But I’m just telling people, like, support alt tech companies and alternative platforms because yeah, you know, we even have our problems with Rumble.


So, you know, is Anthony.


Joel Davis: Anthony Kumi does stuff uncensored with Gavin.


Elijah Schaffer: I’ve seen Anthony Kumi is on sense.


Joel Davis: Anthony Kumi is fantastic! I love that guy. Yeah, I don’t know if any. Everyone at home knows who he is. I mean, most people would. He’s a legend. But Anthony Kumia, he’s based as fuck, but he’s also hilarious and he’s just a legendary broadcaster. I remember listening to the old Opie and Anthony shows from back in like the two thousands and they’d get all the big comedians on and he’d always be like the edgy Right-wing guy.


But then the arc, because he had like, a jewish wife who then screwed him over and he’s like this Italian New Yorker.


And then you could just see obviously that the gears turned and he’s like:


“Fuck the jews!”


You know? Like he obviously experienced n-word, really on time.


Elijah Schaffer: He literally uses the hard are. Oh.


Joel Davis: Yeah, he goes hard. Yeah, his Twitter is fantastic! It’s just like 100% racism all the time. Jim Goat.


Elijah Schaffer: Did, you know, Jim Goat is. Yeah, Jim Goat has gone. Had an arc to based arc as well really recently. Yeah, he’s had it. He’s had a he’s had it. He’s changed a lot in the last few.


So he had some beef with some people, but he’s. I think things have gotten so fucked up in the world that even Jim Goat is like, kind of waking up to the bullshit! But Anthony’s on there. I just want to remind people to go on there because we also. Owen Benjamin is on there.


And then there’s some other people signing as well.


And if you guys support too, I’m not going to just keep taking, like, I’m just getting operating costs from them. But our goal is we want to turn censored into an actual censored network where we can host people. We’ve even. We’ve already offered a contract to Fuentes, but I don’t think he’s taking it.


But, I mean we don’t care.


Joel Davis: What people doesn’t need it.


Elijah Schaffer: Dudes, boy, you should work at Censored. That’s what you should have a show on. Censor.


Joel Davis: I might be a little bit too radical, maybe.


Elijah Schaffer: Maybe. But it depends what you would make. Like, if you did something once a week and it was just covering, like, White advocacy and it’s not a problem. Why is that weird to defend White people?


Joel Davis: I don’t think if Gavin wants me on.


Elijah Schaffer: I should make you go on Gavin show, too. You got to come to America and go, you need to do one of the one on ones like this in person in Gavin studio, where, like, you sit down, like, I did for two and a half hours, and actually have a discussion about life. Because I think Gavin’s really open to being red pilled on some of this stuff.


And I think he’s lived in New York too long and has too many jewish friends and stuff to really maybe, like, confront some of these issues head on. But he’s a genius, and I think he doesn’t get enough credit from younger people for really how much he fucking pioneered in the Right-wing, bringing edginess back in on the Internet, and also how much shit he’s gotten for the Proud Boys. Like, he was number one non-grata for four years with Trump. They went after Gavin every took every one of his platforms. He can’t use any apps or anything. That’s why he started censored, because we needed to have something off platform. And then people are like:


“Oh, well, he has his views on Israel.”


It’s like, dude, the guy lives in New York, and this comes from vice. He started Vice. Like, you’re going to be friends with jews and have a skewed perspective on the jewish question, because you know why I appreciate.


Joel Davis: I don’t. The only time I ever really see his content is I see clips on YouTube of the show he does with Kumia, and they’ll argue about jews, and Kumia will take the anti-semitic position, obviously, and just kind of call it Kumia wins the arguments whenever they have them.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, because the arguments are true.


Joel Davis: Yeah.


Elijah Schaffer: I want to play this clip here. Look at this is the fall of the country, and then we’re going to go to some Superchats and interact with you guys. But I only brought up the censor stuff because I’m going to start really pushing it. Hard because they just implemented the new chat today and everyone’s saying it’s fucking great. So now you can get emojis. And everyone saying the chat’s better than Rumble now.


So there was like, a fucked up chat feature. And I reminded people the reason why we can’t update the a is because Apple and Google have frozen our a and we cannot actually update it. So just use the desktop on your phone. But the chat apparently is killer now. So shout out to redwater and the rest on the chat. And our Hispanic tech guy, which I told you guys, the reason why we didn’t get things fixed, because we have a Mexican taking care of things and that siesta, that’s what happened. He was eating tacos and fucking not mowing his lawn and shit I mean, margaritas. And he said:


“You know.”


He said:


“No, no bueno.”


So, no, I’m just kidding! But he, he’s actually a great guy and he fixed the chat and everything on the desktop. So go check it out if you haven’t already. I want to play this clip, and then we’re going to get into some of this stuff. Check this out. Did you watch this? Of Joe Biden being confronted about Trump’s convictions. You see this?


Joel Davis: I didn’t see this clip.


Elijah Schaffer: All right, let’s watch this. Watch this is crazy!


Thank you very much, mister president. Can you tell us, sir, Donald Trump refers to himself as a political prisoner and blames you directly?


Joel Davis: What’s your response to that, sir?


Elijah Schaffer: Do you think the convention will have an impact on the campaign? We’d love to hear your thoughts, sir.


Joel Davis: Should he be on the ballot, sir?


Elijah Schaffer: That was like, I actually have more respect for Biden after that. He was just like, that’s.




Joel Davis: That’s the thing about Biden. He kind of has this lovable quality.


Like, obviously he’s a piece of shit, but he kind of has this, like, lovable, like, chad boomer quality like this. Have you seen that one video where he’s just standing there in, like out the front of the White House in the garden and there’s like, a press conference and it looks like he’s just shitting himself. He’s just like they say he was farting. Yeah, yeah. But he says it’s like, smile on his face of like:


“Yeah, I’m a boomer. I can do what I want!”


And all the press are just waiting for him. And I was just kind of its kind of like giga-chad. I don’t know. Yeah, it’s like, doesn’t give a fuck!


Elijah Schaffer: It’s like the old frame.


Joel Davis: Like I’m president of America. I don’t know what the fuck’s going on here. You know, wheel me out. Oh, a press conference. Oh, I’m gonna say the line on the teleprompter.


All right, fuck you! And walks off. You know, like he kind of has, he kind of exposes through his nonchalance, like the farce, like the out of farce that is this.


Like, obviously the president is not actually the president. That’s not how it works. Like, the president doesn’t mean shit! It’s like this ceremonial role and there’s a bunch of jews and so on that are behind the scenes actually pulling the strings, running the government, and he’s just like the front man, this, like, lovable, senile front man.


So, you know, I, what, so what’s your perspective on the Trump thing with him obviously being convicted?


Number one, do you think he’s going to get locked up? And number two, do you think that it’s a positive, or a negative thing? Because in a certain level, I think it’s a positive thing in the sense that I think conservatives need to learn this lesson, that the Left is simply not going to permit even 20% of the politics that we want. They’re going to try and do everything they can. They’re going to break all the rules.


So it’s kind of like liberal democracy isn’t going to work. Like, ultimately the choice is we win. We put all of them in camps, basically. Like, they’re all, we lock all of them up, we remove them. Like, it’s total, you know, Right-wing death squads, finality, or they’re going to do that to us. And that’s basically the true trajectories. Like, eventually we got, it might take decades, but eventually we’re going to arrive at one of these two, you know, final points. Like, there’s be careful not to fed.


Elijah Schaffer: Post, though, because, no, no, I’m talking.


Joel Davis: About totally legally with the state talking about doing this out. I’m talking about we, either we see state power and use it to crush our enemies ultimately, or they’re going to do it to us. And then I’m not saying, like:


“Oh, yes, like, take pleasure in it.”




“Oh, I just want to kill people.”


But it’s like, that’s just the reality of politics, that liberal democracy only works when both sides kind of agree, okay, we have a shared national identity. We have shared values. We have the same religion. We have the same basic values. Here’s our contract called the Constitution. We assent to this and we respect each other, but we’re going to debate policy issues and we’re going to take votes and see where the public is at. And we’re going to try and have a competition to convince the public to side with one side or the other every four years. And that works when you have a country where both sides feel an identity with one.


Like back in the 1950s when America was this White Christian nation and everyone basically had the same values and they’re disagreeing about tax policy or something, that works.


But now we don’t have that. We have a situation now where both sides have totally incompatible worldviews and fucking hate each other with a passion and can barely coexist in the same country as one another because they have totally. And we can see with the Left, the Left is willing to break all the rules to crush their political enemies.


And so when you have an enemy that has broken the contract of liberal democracy is showing that it doesn’t think that you should have an equal representation within the civic process or any real representation, actually, that you should be totally submissive to their order, well, then the option is to fight back.


But if you fight back, then they’re just going to fight back harder and so on.


And so either basically you just cuck and we just have like infinity Leftist generation, or we fight back, they get more militant. We then have to get more militant in return, and then they’re going to get more militant in return. And it’s going to keep going and going and going until someone sees a state power and literally, you know, bad things happen to the other side so that they can no longer have any political.


Elijah Schaffer: Do you think they want to kill us?


Joel Davis: Yeah, like ultimately that’s a trajectory that, like politics is going in that direction when the polarization is irreversible and it’s only going to get worse and worse! And this polarization has been injected with race now where you’ve got non-Whites being installed as you know, these foreigners are being installed or non-Whites that hate White people that are being trained in university to hate White people, they’re being installed in all these positions of power.


Then it’s not even just about ideology. It’s about race. It’s about identity that doesn’t get fixed. There’s no fixing this. It’s only going to get more and more radical. And so until conservatives realize that and go, wait a second, the Right-wing needs to become a Right-wing that’s capable of going all the way where it realizes we’re in an existential battle against the Left and everything the Left represents, and we need to become a Right-wing capable of totally crushing the Left.


We’re not defending liberal democracy and trying to defend this contract that they’ve already violated, this peaceful relationship that they’ve already undermined. They’ve broken all the rules like the agreement has been broken. They’re now just domestic enemies. It’s like a cold civil war has already been initiated in every Western country, particularly the United States. And until the Right-wing comes to terms with that, it’s going to just keep losing and losing badly, and it’s going to have absolutely no chance of winning.


Elijah Schaffer: But that’s where the Republicans. Have you mentioned. What do I think? We’re in a situation where our options aren’t great. And I need the people that are more hardlined right to stop the Trump hate right now. Like, there is not another option. And what Trump gets us is he buys us a little more time. It’s not like he gives us everything we want, and it’s not like he’s even going to have control of the government at the time because there’s no way the NSA, the FBI, and the CIA are going to somehow not be corrupt and undermine him at every turn. Even if he tried to do everything that we wanted or that he promised originally in his first campaign. But everyone, you know, put pressure on him, criticize him, that’s fine. But he does need our support right now because it is, it’s basically Biden where fat. That’s the last election ever.


So it’s like if Biden wins, it’s last election ever, and there’s going to be no other choice to get a leader in power except through something much more existentially dreadful than I would like to confront as a nation, but is real. But if Trump wins, we just buy ourselves some time to figure out what the hell’s going on.


And I just want to remind you of that.


And so, you know, we need to put pressure on Trump because he is bought out by Adelson and a lot of these jewish donors. He did more for the state of Israel, in my opinion, than he really did to fix a lot of the problems back home. But the economy was great under Trump, and he did some retardant things, too. But I don’t like to play the Shapiro good Trump, bad Trump thing. These are boy, right. My opinion, he’s our boy right now. We’ve got to support him. We’ve got to get him into power.


And one of the main reasons why, I want to remind you, if the Deep State and these people hate him so much, then there is something that he represents, there’s something that he holds on to that they cannot get into power, which means that it is a threat to the global order.


And I think part of it is that even though he does play by a lot of their rules, does line a lot of pockets of Big Pharma, does put a lot of these cronies, Rick Grinnell, in his ear. The issue is that, and he still is a better option in a lot of ways. And don’t do the destiny, you know, route of like, well, I’m just not going to vote no, go vote my opinion, go vote for Trump. But these convictions are just a reminder that things are worse than you think.


And the fact is, hey, fuck you! To everyone who watches this show that talks shit, in the comments on my last episode where I said Trump might be going to jail, as the title, and you guys all said I was clickbait, and the next day he was fucking convicted. And then I still said, hey, he might actually be going to jail. And everyone’s like:


“No, no, he’s not!”


It’s like you guys have been telling me:


“He’s not getting convicted. He’s not gonna be in court. He’s not!”


How many times you tell me that they’re not going to do something to us, but they’re gonna. Then they do it the next day, and then you guys still talk shit! Just wake up! They want to fucking kill him. They want to kill him. And it’s because they want to kill you, too. So my end goal is, I think that they’re going to try to keep him from running. That’s just what I think is the ultimate goal. They don’t want him on the ballot.


So I don’t know entirely what that’s going to mean in terms of how they’re going to do that. They’re going to fucking blow his head off. But I anticipate high chaos, extreme violence happening, whether it’s in the form of riots or whatever. I’m just predicting, by the way, to Rumble. I’m not promoting violence or glad. I’m not like one of those podcasters that’s like, World War Three is here. Civil war. I’m like, civil war is going to fucking blow because it’s really not going to be men with Muskets. It’s going to be the small groups of White people trying to collectivize.


And then the Republican establishment calling them Woke, right, Democrats calling them Nazis, and then intelligence agencies picking them off and shooting them in their house. That’s actually what it’s going to probably be more like and putting people in prison. Remember if you toured the Capitol building, which I did on January 6, you know, people have gotten 22 years in prison, you know, for that.


And so if you try to collect, devise against the government, they’re gonna fucking kill you in your house. And they’ve been practicing. Have you seen that, Joel, recently, how the FBI has been doing all these raids on people that make, like, basic threats against Biden? They keep killing them. Have you seen six people recently? Like, there’s this fat, autistic guy that was immobile, couldn’t get off his bed. They did a full raid for his threat against Biden. Killed him, like, in his, like, seat, in his lazy boy.


I think these are all just practice rounds to go after people who try to resist whatever shit they’re going to try to pull in the election. What do you think? Do you think they’re going to let him run? Let him get into office?




Joel Davis: I have a feeling that he’s going to win! I had that feeling for a while.


Elijah Schaffer: That’s good. I mean, why? That’s good if you feel that.


Joel Davis: Just my gut. It’s my gut. I mean, he is up in the polls.


Of course they’re going to try and rig it. They’re going to transfer him from running. I just see it somehow working out. I don’t know why, but that’s just my gut feeling. But it just makes sense. Like, I think that, like, that’s like the earth narrative. It just feels like it’s going to go in that trajectory. I don’t anticipate that it’s going to be very good when it gets in power. I think it’s going to be disappointing. Like it was the first time.


So I’m not particularly enthused, but if I was an American, I would pull the lever for Trump because let’s see what happens. Like, just basically, just for the sake of content, I think it’s more interesting. I think it’s more interesting to have, like, Trump round two that, like, Biden again do things.


Elijah Schaffer: Things got bad.


Joel Davis: You know, this might hit less the amount of browns pouring across the border right now, like, surely, like, surely if Trump gets in, it would at least, like, stem the flow. You would think. So you think it would get shut down to us to at least some degree. It’s worth voting for Trump just for that. Like, just to try and, like, limit the bleeding.


Elijah Schaffer: You know what? I’m going to have to just go with that conclusion on the Trump issue. I think if in a fair election, he would win 100%. But my biggest anger with him is really not the Israeli stuff. Brandon Herrera, who was running for a Congressional district in Texas, a friend of the show, I don’t know if you know, he raised about a million dollars for his campaign. AIPAC tried to offer him money. He said:


“Look, I don’t think foreign countries should be fucking buying out politicians!”


He’s actually pro-Israel, and he just didn’t want to take money from AIPAC. So they gave, like, six to $7 million to his opponent in the primary, primaried him by less than 1%, 400 votes, which is a whole other question. Israel’s willing to spend millions of dollars on a small Congressional district in Texas just to make sure that they have politicians that are loyal to Israel. Millions of dollars. I don’t even know if that’s even an influential seat. Right, and that’s a Republican. They primarily Republican. He might even lose. They spent millions of dollars just on a primary to make sure that the candidate that’s running on both sides are loyal to Israel.


Do you think that we could have a little bit of that loyalty in our country? I’m promoting people to donate to Trump’s campaign. You’re a faggot. If you’re in the comments saying, he’s a billionaire, he doesn’t need money. Fuck you unpatriotic sack of shit! Fuck you! I don’t need that negativity in my country right now. We need to get back to things. And then if people say, I’m living in Australia, I’ve been here for a little over a year, I’m getting back.


I’m not going to be gone for the most important part of our country’s history right now. This is a precipice. I have full funding ahead with Censored, Gateway, Pundit, everyone. They are attaching me to the Trump campaign. I’m working surrogate with the GOP. We’re keeping it real. We’re keeping it 100. Like, look, there’s two point three! Of you guys watching live at, like, one in the fucking morning in the United States, okay? You guys are loyal as fuck! You guys are awesome! I support you. I love you!


And I think that’s what intimidates them because they’ve tried to cancel the show several times.


But, you know, we’re not going to be canceled. It’s only going to grow, too. Think about that. We only have 48,000 subs on Rumble. We have over 500,000 on YouTube. We can’t even peak more than like 300 live viewers on YouTube because our channel doesn’t exist. But here at Rumble, we got you guys going and we got the new chat feature. I promise. Promises made, promises kept.


Joel, I want to go into some of the Superchats here because we do have a lot of them. I’m on my phone, guys. Sorry.


So I’m like retarded in terms of reading these. Let me see. I gotta go all the way to the top. Shit. Can you. Best black impression. I saw a video on that. Shit.


Joel Davis: Context, kind of context.


Elijah Schaffer: How many? There’s a lot of Superchats. All right. Some my things freezing. Fuck! Okay, give me a second.


All right, Brian, can you go to two minutes on the music? Put in two minutes music, and we’ll come back with Superchats and questions in the chat.


By the way, if you’re on the Censor chat, you don’t even have to buy a Superchat. I know you can right now, but I’ll just read your questions off Censored because you guys pay for membership. And Locals, I’ll read yours, too. Yeah, you got them? Oh, solid. Go to music real fast. I can just get this set up.


All right, we’re back. I’m going to start with the locals chats. Super chats on locals. Because it’s easiest for me to do. Brian, you can bring up the screen here. I think I’m going to bring this up. All right. Yeah, let’s go. I don’t think Brian’s listening.


All right, let me bring this up here. Oh, it’s me. It’s my fault. Mermaid American said, Tubac says:


“Does Joel consider Armenians White?”


Joel Davis: No.


Elijah Schaffer: All right. Doomsday Cracker sent in a meme of Hitler saying:


“It’s also tiresome.”


All right. Fiery Sarah said:


“Congratulations on the second baby on the way, Elijah.”


Oh, yay. Fiery Sarah. Welcome back to the show. I don’t. Haven’t seen you in a while. It’s good to see your name. Primetime pimp said:


“Hello, Joel. I hope you’re having a great morning or night, whatever it is, down under. Question for you are Italians White?”


Joel Davis: Yes.


Elijah Schaffer: Would Sicilians be considered White?


Joel Davis: There’s some gray area.


Elijah Schaffer: Okay, thanks in advance.


Joel Davis: Generally speaking, yes.


Elijah Schaffer: Give Elijah a hug for me. I’m not. No. We’re not gonna hug each other in there. Yeah, we’re not doing that. Vince. Lasagna said, that’s not how you address a group of Africans. It’s not. I’m not gonna read that.


But you can read that? Yeah.


Joel Davis: He said:


“It’s not a pack of Negroes. It’s a murder of Negroes*.”


Murder of Negroes sounds kind of cool. Like, I don’t know.


[* As in a ‘murder of crows’.]


Elijah Schaffer: It’s murder. I like that.


Joel Davis: I like that phrase.


But you know, it’s true.


Elijah Schaffer: It’s a I didn’t even know. Dusty Tart said, I changed my profile picture just for this episode. I don’t know what is the profile picture? Is that. Can we see that? I don’t know what that means. Okay. I looked at it. The cat. Vince designer said, will you ironically change slightly offensive logo for pride month? Maybe, but I think it would be primarily for Islam.


Joel Davis: I won’t change this little asterisk to a swastika.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, I was gonna say no. I want to integrate more Muslim extremists into gay neighborhoods. Okay. And we’re done on there. The stream ended on locals. That’s why I want to get that done. Sorry, guys, there’s a timeout. They only give us so much time to stream on there, but we’re still on Rumble. All right. Reading the Rumble. Super chats.


Joel Davis: Acceleration is pilled. I like that. Like, we just need more.


Elijah Schaffer: What?


Joel Davis: Deport the Muslims to the gay neighborhoods?


Elijah Schaffer: That’s what I want to do, is.


Joel Davis: Go to Moscow village.


Elijah Schaffer: That’s what I’m saying. So, like, what I want to do is. Is, like this is where. This is a confusing ideology. So, like, I came out the other day as being extreme, an extreme Zionist. Like, I want the taxpayers to fund the jews to go to live in Israel. Like, I want to pay. I want a taxpayer fund that. What’s it called?


Joel Davis: I love Israel so much that all the jews should be forced to live there.


Elijah Schaffer: Well, I want to pay for people that. I want the US to pay for people to move there. The jew. Like, pay for I want us to be taxpayer funded, first class.


Joel Davis: It’s bad for Israel if the jews are living in our countries. It’s depriving Israel good fighters and taxpayers so that we should just make them. We should just basically move them all there for the benefit of Israel.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, but I’m saying that’s like the funny thinking where it’s like you’re not saying anything rude, you’re actually saying, I want to use taxpayer money to help Bolster Israel’s population. That’s really a good thing.


Joel Davis: They’re going to have some new high rises built in Gaza soon.




Elijah Schaffer: I want to create a Muslim, a Muslim holy site in the middle of San Francisco. You know, I mean that’s what I want. And I want West Hollywood to become the, I want to give rent subsidies to Islam is like Islamists, not Muslim. You have to show extreme adherence to Islam in West Hollywood.


So I want to give rent because LA does rent subsidies for minorities. So I want it to target particularly Muslims in West Hollywood. I think that would be really fantastic because it’s mostly jewish and gay in West Hollywood.


Joel Davis: I think they need more Islam and specifically like ISIS.


Elijah Schaffer: That’s what I’m saying.


Joel Davis: Yeah, yeah.


Elijah Schaffer: Like when we read, when we readmit extremists that like, are repatriated or when we release people from Guantanamo, they should be given government housing in West Hollywood. You know, that’s a good idea. It’s like actually you can live there.


Joel Davis: And like we need to bring, we don’t bring the Azov fighters into America because they’ve served so well against the Russians.


So all of the Azov heroes, they need to have a fast track to citizenship.


Elijah Schaffer: I think, dude, it’s anti-knowledge, but it works out really well.


All right, friendliest neighbor sent in a dollar. Thank you. Can you guys at least send like five dollar ones? Because this is gay. Krasn Tien brothers are five foot tall. Lamao Cocteau sent in a new Censored TV chat web browser launched. Everybody in chat was stoked. It crashed as soon as your stream started. What did I say? Who’s running tech? I said, I told you guys, it’s a Hispanic person. Cringe panda said, happy faggotry month. Try not to catch aids from big corporations. All their logos start celebrating sodomy at midnight.


What do you think about that? The corporatism with its pride actually now happy pride month to everyone. I know it looks weird. My hands are moving under the desk, but I’m just tying my shoe. I know it’s pride month officially in the US. What is up with that? With companies and schools and everyone like having a month about anal sex and gender theory? That seems like a really slippery slope to go from 2012. We just want to be able to get married and be respected as human beings to, like, we’re going to make your kids gay, and your drinks are gay.


Joel Davis: Yeah, well, I mean, if you had the modified faggot flag they have now with the triangle, and it’s got the they put the trans colors in the triangle, and then they also put, like, a black and black brown strip on.


Elijah Schaffer: The intersex, the genetic circle.


Joel Davis: And what I’ve remarked upon before, I think this is the most original insight, is that this is basically the flag that represents all forms of sexuality that can’t produce White babies.


Elijah Schaffer: Huh. That’s a good. Well, but not really, because you could be trans. You could be a lesbian, but married to a trans woman and still have a baby.


Joel Davis: Okay, well, there’s a loophole, but it’s.


Elijah Schaffer: It’s called straight with extra steps. It’s.


Joel Davis: But that baby is gonna come out kind of all fucked up!


And it’s like the bloodline is in a pretty precarious situation. If you’re born and you’re like, my dad is my mom, and my mom is a lesbian, like, your ability to become a normal, functional human being that can go and have a family yourself, probably going to be impaired by that.


Elijah Schaffer: So, dude, trust me, man. Like, this is getting a little sappy because I don’t mind when it comes to my son, first of all, my wife forever gets whatever. I mean, dude, I will always spoil her because she gave me an heir. She gave me a little blue eyed, blonde haired, White son as my first child. Like, that is instant. Like, I talked about that last night. I said, like, I’m really grateful. Like, thank you for giving me a son. She’s like, I don’t know if I ought to control it, but she. We looked it up. We did the whole thing to try to guarantee a son. That boy, like, he’s had a fe. Had a fever yesterday. I stayed up all like, so my wife was with him all day, and I came home late from work, and, like, she’s. I just wanted her to get some sleep because there’s a lot of stress for a lot of reasons in our life right now.


And so I stayed up with that boy, like, almost all night. He broke his fever. He shit on me, okay? Fucking shit on me. I’m nice up his back. I don’t know how kids do that. And because he’s been six, he wasn’t eating, and he doesn’t usually shit in his sleep. And I just laid in the guest room, and he did, like, somersaults and acrobats and he shit in my face pretty much, like, not, didn’t get on my face, but he took a dump with his butt, you know, facing towards me, and he. And he broke. Yeah, broke his fever. I mean, just drenched in sweat, drooling, crying.


And, you know what? I woke up fucking so fucked up and tired this morning. I let my wife sleep, and I just toughed it out with him.


And, you know what? I fucking. It was great. I will do anything for that kid. I love that kid so much. Like, I know what it’s like being a fucking.


I mean, I may not a baby, but I know it’s like when you’re a kid and you have a fever or, like, a flu, and I know how fucking much it sucks! You can’t express yourself, your stomach hurts. Like, I will literally fucking fuck up my entire night in my whole next day just so that kid is. Knows he’s loved and taken care of and I’m there for him, right. And these people having kids should not be, a lot of people having kids should not be having kids. That’s all I was thinking.


And this kid is loved by his mom. He’s got a full-time stay at home mom, takes care of him all day. He doesn’t go to daycare. And still, he’s a brief motherfucker. He’s a motherfucker. Sometimes he’s still cheeky. Hits up to shit! My wife was saying. She’s like, no wonder why everyone today is so fucked up! And it’s anxiety disorders and problems. You imagine your kid’s sick and just send them to daycare and they’re with, …


Joel Davis: Some fat Mexican woman and then being on a screen.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah.


And then you put on I all day. Like.


But I’m just saying, like, she was going through it. She’s like. She’s like, no wonder why everyone’s fucked!


Joel Davis: Up school and some, like, communist bitch is like now in charge of elijah Schaffer: Yeah. And shit! And your kid not even necessarily.


Joel Davis: Molested, but well, everyone gets molested.


Elijah Schaffer: But, but, like. But they do they all do in LA. I’m saying, like, your kids has a high chance getting molested. They’re gonna be taught by a retard! They’re gonna be. You don’t know what’s going on. They’re being taught by paw patrol and by the way, that the kid shows you’re showing. Your kids are fucking with their brains, too. All the ones with the fast cuts like Paw Patrol and stuff are lowering the IQ of your children. You can’t be showing. You just note that if your kids watch programs, you have to show them old programs like land before times or like things with slow cuts and slow movement art, because all the new stuff, the high frame rate is fucking with kids IQ. Random. Random fact. All I was gonna say is the gay people should not be having kids. But shout out to those. Founder of Pink News, the gay publication just rented a womb and had his human trafficked baby, so the Right-wings doing it, too. The Republicans are into that you know, they love that shit!


Joel Davis: Yeah. See what I mean? Like, we gonna need to put people in camps. That’s what I. But, like, what you’re saying about your son, it was quite beautiful. And that’s like the swastika in my Twitter bio. That’s what the swastika in my Twitter bio is about. It’s about the love that we have for our blood. You know, there’s no love that is worth more than that. The love that you have for your wife and your children and that you’ll. Your. The love between you and your wife can create your children, which is the most important thing in your life. And it’s more important to you than even, like, you’re not gonna. You’re not gonna let anyone else, like, as much as we are good friends, you’re gonna let me shit in your face?


Elijah Schaffer: No. And if I did.


Joel Davis: Yeah.


Elijah Schaffer: You should actually kill me.


Joel Davis: Yeah. Yeah, exactly! But you’ll let this little mother fucking shit in your face because he’s everything new.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, well, exactly!


And it’s like, it’s my fucking son.


Joel Davis: That’s the swastika.


Elijah Schaffer: It’s a Hindu. We’re all Hindus. It’s like, I just. I should convert to Hinduism. Funniest funny side point, though. I do think Seinfeld is funny.


A lot of people don’t. But I still think my favorite episode is when his dentist converted to Judaism yesterday and suddenly starts making, like, really offensive jew jokes. Like, all. He’s, like, working on his teeth. You can’t say that.


Joel Davis: He calls him an anti-dentite because he says. And he makes a dentist joke.


Elijah Schaffer: I thought it was funny. He’s like, I’m a jew. What do you think? We all complain. Oh, this is a part of our culture. He’s like, here’s something to say. So that to be said, by the

Joel Davis: Way, I’ll give to the jews is they can be quite funny. Like, I made the argument that I think I dislike Indians more than jews because they have a lot of the same traits as jews, but they aren’t as smart or as funny.


So it’s like, could I ever imagine? I mean, Seinfeld is funny. You know, maybe I’m gonna get banned from. I’m not gonna be allowed to the next Nazi meeting because they’d be. Oh, you said a jewish show was funny, but it’s funny. It is. But imagine watching an Indian sitcom.


Elijah Schaffer: Oh, no, no, no, no.


Joel Davis: Sitting down, like, half.


Elijah Schaffer: I don’t know. My wife, she tried to watch a Bollywood movie, and I was horrifying!


Joel Davis: I’d rather just stab myself in the eyeball with a spoon.


Elijah Schaffer: My TV. That’s crazy! It’s like, he’s like, this movie stinks. And she’s like:


“Oh, it’s. No, it’s a pretty well written.”


I’m like, Indians have absolutely!


Joel Davis: They’re the most, like, anti-riz race. Like, they have the they’re like, negative charisma infinity.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah.


And that’s why they just get in gangs and rape people. I mean that’s. Isn’t that the thing, again, like, rape gangs?


Joel Davis: Yeah, yeah.


I think the Pakis are into that.


Elijah Schaffer: Which are just Indians that follow Islam.


Joel Davis: But, yeah, India’s got insanely high, like, rape per capita.


Elijah Schaffer: And again, I want to remind people it’s not the current definition of rape in the West, where it’s like:


“Oh, there was a confusion or she was drunk or something.”


It’s like, no, they get into, like, gangs. Like, stalk a woman and then gang.


Joel Davis: There’s women that go on the on Internet forums from India complaining about, oh, my husband. Like, we had a fight, and so then he invited all his friends over, and they all gang rape me as punishment.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, there’s a lot of streamers, unfortunately, on twitch, that would be into that. They’re. Yeah.


All right, let me read a couple more of these. Uh, Cringe Panda said, oh, we are at, TheWhite Zealot said:


“If you carry a gun, you need to also live in an all White area because you’ll be depending on a White prosecutor and jury after you use your gun for self defense.”




Joel Davis: That’s real. If you’re in America, I hear move to Idaho. Is that the ticket Whitopia up there? Apparently.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, unfortunately, I’m just from a big liberal city, so I’m just accustomed to living in liberal cities. I’m cucked like that a little bit like I’m like, I’m accustomed, like to living in, like, with creature comforts. I’m like a lot of guys, like farming and shit, I’m not into that.


Joel Davis: Yeah, I mean, a big farm guy, I mean, I get what you mean.


I mean, I like the big cities to a certain extent. There’s a certain energy about them, which is enjoyable.


But the thing is, I like being around White people even more. Like coming up here and we just said, went to the servo or the gas station and the guys working there are White. It’s just like:


“Oh, like I can just relax, I can just feel comfortable.”


You know, whenever I go somewhere where everyone’s White, you know, they say “never relax around blacks” but like when you’re around Whites, you can relax and everyone is just polite and no one is annoying and you can just be, and it’s a beautiful thing.


And if you live in diversity and then you go to like a White area and you can just breathe, it really is quite something.


A lot of people who live in White flight or maybe they live in a rural area, they take it for granted, they don’t know how good they have it. And I just think, like, man, like, I was watching this video clip the other day, which was from this band Australian Crawl, and this one video clip, it’s like the early eighties and I think they’re in the Gold Coast and they’re just like surfing with all these like blonde babes and then like on the beach and they’re in a jacuzzi. And I was just like:


“Damn! I wish I lived the fucking early eighties when Australia was like 98% White and everyone was just having a good time!”


I just can’t imagine just how fuck, like they had it so fucking good! They literally, that was like peak human! Like, that was like the most enjoyable time you could have had as a human being was like eighties Australia or eighties America away from the black people or something where you’re in Whitopia, but now Whitopia is being destroyed.


Elijah Schaffer: It is, dude. Well, where I’m moving is very jewy, but I don’t mind, I actually don’t mind. I grew up around a lot of jews in LA and they were actually great neighbors. I have a lot of jewish friends unironically, I have a lot of I like, well, not unironically. It’s like, I’m from LA and I also work in media. I know I have a lot of jewish friends to this day, but the topic of Israel is a real sensitive thing. We don’t really talk much about that when we hang out, obviously, like, they’re not going to tell me if they hate White people, but I do think there’s a level of agreement and Americans, though, where we do just get along with people. I can kind of get along with anyone, but not if you’re trying to kill me, like, physically. That’s why I can’t really get along in black areas, because they’re always trying.


Joel Davis: To rob you know, at least jews are trying to kill you in an indirect way, so it’s a more tolerable.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, but there’s always the Kaiser Milker.


So what I want to say this. Mr Fortune said:


“Please get flawed and quarterback on with Joel. I can’t wait for that.”


Yeah, that would be great! I think Joel needs to do a tour in the US anyways. I’ll be in Detroit, by the way, at after pack, thanks to the ones that won the free tickets. Hopefully pray that I get back in time.


Joel Davis: It’s not.


Elijah Schaffer: You’re not going, right?


Joel Davis: No, it sucks! I wanted to go. I was invited, and I thank for the invite, but it wasn’t possible logistically to organize, which is a shame, because it seems like it would be a pretty interesting event. I mean, it’s gonna be a lot of people. I think it’s gonna be massive!


I think the last time they did it was a few years ago, but this time they’re gonna have way more people.


Elijah Schaffer: Thousands.


Joel Davis: Yeah. I wonder if the venue that they’ve hired is big enough. It’ll be interesting because CPAC [Consevative Political Action Conference], since they started doing it, CPAC has been getting less and less. I wonder if they can beat.


Elijah Schaffer: Oh, lame.


Joel Davis: Yeah, I wonder if they can beat CPAC in attendance numbers this time. That would be pretty wild.


Elijah Schaffer: That’s why I’m going, because there’s some normies going, like Mike made me laugh. He was like, you’re gonna do a raffle for free tickets toAFPAC [America First Political Action Conference]. He’s like:


“What are you gonna say? Like, congratulations, to you. A free entrance to the racism conference.”


I was like:


“Yeah, kind of free tickets to the racism conference.”


Somebody said, like, two years ago, obviously, I would have been fired for my job if I went and several people been fired for going. I was told that, like, directly:


“If you go to something like that, you’re fired!”


You know that wasn’t an unspoken thing. But that’s how they keep people out of AFPAC. They’ll fire them if they go. And several high profile people have been fired recently for even just not condemning Nick Fuentes. Candace Owens, Andrew Clavin went on directly and said that:


“Her not condemning Nick is part of why she got fired.”


I don’t know if you saw that clip. He was on Trigonometry, the fucking Aussie podcast. What? It’s British. Oh, but an Aussie helped with funded or something. Or something. Yeah, yeah. But so it’s crown. It’s crown shit! But still, it’s bitch. It’s a bit shit! Those guys just keep interviewing the most retarded people. They did Shapiro, too? Yeah. Trying to be legitimate.


Joel Davis: The sucking jewish dick.


Elijah Schaffer: They seem like nice guys, though, right? I mean seem like I don’t know anything about them. I just. They just they get the worst! Like, the feminists and people in the Right-wing movement, and they, basically legitimize them.


Joel Davis: Yeah, well, I mean, if you want to make money, that that’s a smart strategy.


Elijah Schaffer: It’s like Konstantin Kisin or something. Is that his name? Yeah, like with. It’s like them. Dave Rubin Shapiro. And they speak together and stuff.


And it’s like do you know what?


Let me ask you this, by the way. Duke of Meme, or cringe said:


“The color of your skin is your uniform.”


In this ultimate battle for the survival of the West. Duke of Meem said:


“Would you rather go to an Indian strip club in August for 3 hours or take a flight with two black female pilots? No Autopilot. The flight path is New York to LA.”


Joel Davis: Well, like, on the one hand, like, I’m not going to die in the Indian strip club, but maybe I’d want to.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, like, any. You’re not gonna die. Just don’t get too close. Right? Because then the smell would probably be deadly. P’s Krivener just sent $20:


“A great show!”


White Power said:


“What do both of you think of unions?”


You can give a brief answer on that. We don’t need. That’s totally off topic.


Joel Davis: He doesn’t deserve an answer. Fucking shit! Super chat. What do you think of you?


Elijah Schaffer: The difference between.


Joel Davis: He calls himself White Power. It’s like, okay, we’re on to a good start. This is gonna be a great Superchat. And he goes, what do you think of unions? Like, what the fuck, man?


Elijah Schaffer: Like, yeah, dude, that’s almost as bad as I spoke at this.


Joel Davis: Try again. Send another supercharger.


Elijah Schaffer: Make it actually, I’m with you. I spoke at this college.


Joel Davis: Elijah, another $10, please. Something good.


Elijah Schaffer: Nobody’s college was the last question. It was the last, why is my wife keep calling me while I’m on air? Okay. No, he was the last question. And it was like, thank you. And I’m speaking at a university, and he’s like, do you think we should go back to the gold standard? And I wanted to get out of my seat. Fucking break his nose. And I said:


“Yeah, thank you guys for inviting me. Have a good night.”


Like you’re at a fucking conference. You’re asking a question in person. You wonder about the gold standard, bitch. Go fucking watch Ben Shapiro.


All right, Mike 91 said:


“The difference between the black scientists and black thugs is cultural. It’s the media they consume that tell them to do crime, and do the White men and the Whiteman keeps them down. It’s all brainwashing.”


You think it is black behavior is brainwashing? Or do you think it’s a cult?


Joel Davis: No, because when we got to Africa, sub-Saharan Africans still hadn’t invented a fucking wheel yet. Were they brainwashed into being too retarded to make a wheel? Or are they just fucking retarded now? Part of the reason why they’re retarded is their incapability of cooperating with one another in a civilized fashion because of their tendency to chimp. And if you’ve encountered blacks, you understand that you’re basically walking on eggshells. Like a black person can snap at any time.


And that’s how blacks are with one another, which is why they can’t collaborate to pursue any kind of, like they’re always approach. Exactly! They’re not able to work together to build anything as what’s that? What’s that? Uh, black. How am I forgetting this? No, the black guy, he’s kind of based. He went on Doctor Phil and he’s like, black people only destroy.


Elijah Schaffer: Oh, Jesse Lee Peterson.


Joel Davis: He’s like, yeah, so true. It’s like why people build. Black people can only destroy. And that isn’t because the jews psyopped them through gangster rap. Yes. Like they’re pre, that’s the thing. Jews also sent the gangster a to the White kids. And a small subject subsection of wiggas became psyopped by it, but, like it didn’t really work on the White kid. Why? Kids will listen to, like, Biggie Smalls and be like, okay, this is kind of funny. Like, a black kid is like:


“Yeah, yeah. Like, let’s, like, let’s start, like, gang banging!”


You know what I mean?


So there’s something, like, there’s a genetic predisposition to even being able to be psyopped in that way. You know, when jews are trying to psyop Whites, they can’t convince us to start doing drive-by shootings and selling crack. They have to come up with something more complex because we are spiritually more complex.


Elijah Schaffer: Interesting answer.


Next one on here says:


“I’m curious on Joel’s take on Christianity, what he believes, the influence he believes it has on White nations and his arguments for White nations.”


To Christians who believe in race blindness, that is a really loaded one, but maybe just give a quick, quick, quick response to that.




Joel Davis: Yeah, I think a problem with many Christians is built into the dualism of Christianity, the division of spirit and nature.


This idea that there’s something kind of fundamentally wrong with nature and that the purpose of religion is to overcome nature on behalf of the spirit. And that it’s. The whole purpose of religion is therefore, or basically to leave the world behind, to be in the world, but not of the world, and be totally focused upon how are we going to get to heaven and so on.


And I don’t believe that. I believe God created nature because nature is good. I believe that God’s goodness is expressed through nature, through life, and that we should try and find God, and we should try and find our spiritual purpose in working with nature to bring it into its ultimate excellence and that this honors God. So some Christians agree with that. But many Christians, I think, fall into the trap of not agreeing with that.


And I think that can be a great problem. And it is a problem, I think, in it could become a kind of cope where:


“Well, yeah the world’s going to shit, but it’s the apocalypse and we’re going to go to heaven. So it is what it is, and we’re just focus on my own personal spiritual journey, and it isn’t so important to save the White race or save our nations because, you know, as long as my soul is saved, that’s all that matters.”


And I reject this duality. I don’t think that’s how God set up the universe.


Elijah Schaffer: All right, that’s a good. There you go. Duke of Memes said:


“Should we give Germany reparations for killing Hitler?”


Yes, White power said. Question for Joel on the topic about Hitler:


“Why did Hitler invade Denmark and Norway? And why did the Japs bomb Pearl Harbor?”


Joel Davis: The Japs bombed Pearl Harbor because they were antagonized by the American blockade. They weren’t able to get steel and other key resources in which they had to import.


And so they felt as though war was inevitable, so they decided to just initiate it because they didn’t feel like there was an alternative and the Americans were, ….


So we’re trying to kind of lock them in into kind of an inevitable confrontation.


So they decided to just go at it, which obviously probably wasn’t the smartest idea, considering they got a couple of nukes dropped on them. And World War Two, I don’t really have a problem with what we did to the Japs. I think that was pretty cool, actually, that we completely fucked them up. And that was an Australia-America team up, and we won that one. And it’s just a shame that we won back control of the Indo Pacific. And now we’ve just allowed China to rise so passively and just basically undo all that good work. Now the Japanese are our allies.


Elijah Schaffer: They’re not much of a help on anything. They’re like one of the several countries that just take more than they give. They just benefit off the global credit system.


Joel Davis: But we allowed the Chinese to rise. The Americans. Like, when Nixon goes to China in the seventies and cuts a deal, it’s like:


“Well, this is how we can win the Cold War. We can try and break China away from the Soviet Union. There’s already some tensions there.”


Mao was upset after Stalin, who I think probably could have been killed by the jews, potentially, actually.


But anyway, Stalin dies whether he was killed or not, you know whatever, it’s up to interpretation.


And I’m not saying this because I’ve been defending. Stalin was a fucking piece of shit!


But anyway, Khrushchev comes into power, and with Khrushchev there’s the secret speech that ended up getting leaked and broadcast around the world where he says, Stalin. It was supposed to be just for the Communist Party insiders, but it got leaked by American intelligence to the general public of the world. And in the secret switch he says:


“Yes, Stalin was actually a piece of shit! And we have to go away from personality cults and we have to get back to this previous form of communism and reorient the Soviet Union.”


And this really pissed off Mao because he saw it as a betrayal. And Mao was kind of modeling himself off of Stalin in many ways.


So there was already kind of a fracture between the Soviet Union and the Chinese, and then that was played upon, and they had geopolitical tensions organically already. Okay. I can understand that as, like a power political move.


But then once you win the Cold War in 1990, why are we still trying to include the Chinese? Why are we still trying to integrate them into the global economy? Why are we still trying to, …


Elijah Schaffer: So our manufacturing, we.


Joel Davis: Yeah, yeah.


Elijah Schaffer: They have, like, what do we do without them?


Joel Davis: At the end of the Cold War, China was not really it was nowhere near a major war power. They could have been cut off then, and then American global dominance would not really. There wouldn’t really be some new major rival that could pop up.


Elijah Schaffer: Right. And Russia wouldn’t have. It was really Ukraine. There’s a lot of things to that where they were able to do that, obviously, knowing that they’re bolstered. North Korea is even a lot stronger than it should be. Genuinely, with China, I want to remind people that all these war experts are like:


“China is not prepared for war with the US, first of all.”


Yes, they are, because war is actually, in many ways, about manufacturing. And the United States in western Europe can’t even manufacture enough artillery for Ukraine. Okay? So now if we’re all in battle, I think Australia has a week’s worth of ammunition left and Canada has two days.


Joel Davis: China wouldn’t really be like a ground war, though. It would be more of like a naval and air battle. Like, if they were to invade Taiwan, which interestingly enough, like they were doing some exercises the other day, which got the American top brass at the Pentagon quite concerned that, like they look like they’re doing a test run for the invasion.


So this isn’t like some crazy possibility. It’s very realistic that this could happen. And that throws a spanner in the works of everything politically, because that’s like World War Three. Right?


But anyway, well, I don’t know if.


Elijah Schaffer: They took Taiwan, I don’t think it’s World War Three. I think.


Joel Davis: I think the Americans go to war with, … And therefore we go to war with China in that scenario.


Elijah Schaffer: I think it’d be enable angry if we go to. We fucking. Ah, the fucking orange chicken people.


Joel Davis: Because the thing is, the Americans can’t allow the Chinese to take Taiwan because if they take Taiwan, that means that they take the whole region, because Japan. If the Americans aren’t willing to go to war to defend Taiwan, that means Japan loses confidence in the United States. That means Korea loses confidence in the United States. They immediately go with China. That means now China controls Asia. That means the Americans get ejected from all of Asia.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah. And that threatens our interest in Philippines, in Hawaii. Yeah.


Joel Davis: And all these other. It would be a cascading effect.


Elijah Schaffer: Australia’s fucked, too, in that case.


Joel Davis: Yeah. Yeah.


Basically, it’ll be a cascading effect where they just get ejected from the entire region. And now China is now the regional hegemon. Because the thing is, the trade routes by sea that connect Japan to European markets and Arab markets, where they import their oil, and European export markets, which are integral to their economy. All those ships go straight past Taiwan. So if China controls Taiwan, that means if they want to do a naval blockade on Japan in an event of some kind of rising of tensions with the Japanese, Japan’s economy collapses and they have to cut to China.


Elijah Schaffer: Well, that also could blockade New Zealand and Australia, and, well, it’d be a, …


Joel Davis: Bit harder for them to blockade us.


But the point is that if you lose Japan and Japan goes with China, you lose the region, because Japan is the next most powerful player.


And so they’re going to have to go to war over Taiwan. If China goes into Taiwan, America has to go to war, and that’s going to mean it could win. Because the thing is that China also is reliant upon these trade routes to the Middle East and to Europe that I was discussing, that go through Southeast Asia. That’s why basically, our entire strategy at the hour, as in America and Australia, is to do a naval blockade through Southeast Asia to basically cut off China’s economy from importing oil and exporting to Europe. And then you’d have an air battle over Taiwan. Maybe China ends up taking Taiwan, but everything gets blown up, and maybe nukes even get lobbed or something, like, who knows how far I could go?


But ultimately, like, Japan will get blown up. The Koreans will either stay out of it, or you could have Korean war two, potentially, and then we just bomb the shit out of China.


Elijah Schaffer: We need this. Do we need a, …


Joel Davis: Well, from the American perspective, if this takes place in Asia and they’re able to, like, not lob nukes at one another.


And the thing is that China’s nuclear arsenal isn’t like Russia’s. Some American analysts say:


“Well, we’d have a nuclear war against China and, yeah, probably would lose quite a few cities, but China would be wiped off the map. And China knows this, which is why they wouldn’t initiate a nuclear war.”


So in that case, you could feasibly have a war where it doesn’t go nuclear. And then basically all America has to do, because that war is being fought in the Asia Pacific region, all America has to do is deny. It’s a lot easier to deny access to commercial shipping than to protect access to commercial shipping because deny access. All you have to do is blow up a bunch of ships, blockade a few choke points in the Indonesian archipelago and the Malaysian archipelago and so on.


And then no commercial ships are going to want to go through there because imagine the insurance fees to insure yourself against getting blown up by the US Navy when you’re just trying to ship cargo. It’s not worth it.


And so that means commercial shipping completely stops. If commercial shipping stops, the Chinese economy grounds to a halt. Their manufacturing sector, their capacity to import key resources, and so on.


That means you’re going to get a mass, you’re going to get a famine in China.


Meanwhile, this war is being conducted in East Asia.


So the Americans are able to bomb China, like, mainland China. They’re not going to be able to invade China, but they can blow up a whole bunch of shit! And yes, China will probably blow up the entire US Navy and air force, but in the meantime, America completely destroys China’s economy and blows up all of these key areas along, and we just lose.


Elijah Schaffer: I know it sounds so like China.


Joel Davis: Loses way worse than America.


Elijah Schaffer: We lose men and equipment, which. What they’re willing to sacrifice, which is any government is willing to sacrifice their people.


Joel Davis: So America loses, like 10%, but China loses 40, 50, 60%.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, I heard we lose a few battalions. I heard in the war with Taiwan, we immediately lose, like, I forgot, like the 7th Fleet or something, and we lose several aircraft carriers and stuff, but we actually, like, seven of them.


So I think they said we still end up. I think I was watching this whole simulation to get completely destroyed, but we still end the war with several fully functioning aircraft carriers. Like, I don’t know.




Joel Davis: And then Taiwan itself is hard to invade. That’s 25. The population of Australia lives on Taiwan.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, I’ve been there. It’s dense.


Joel Davis: There’s only three spots, basically, where they can land, so they know where they’re going to land because most of it is cliff face. And they’re going to have to do an amphibious landing of multiple million occupying force as it has an air shield.


Elijah Schaffer: I heard almost similar to Israel.


Joel Davis: And the Americans, and the Americans have been installing all kinds of weapons to fit. And you have a defensive advantage in that scenario as well. So it’s gonna be a bitch.


And at the same time, the American Navy and Air Force is fucking bombing you and the Japanese are gonna be fighting you. The British are involved.


Elijah Schaffer: You have a lot of other, you know, geopolitical issues because so densely populated, you have like an Israel Hamas issue where like, if you want to try to take out the military points, they’re probably integrated into the city.


So you have high civilian casualty rate, which causes you to lose a lot of support from foreign nations when you have high casualty rates like you seeing in Palestine. On top of that, you’re going to have insurgency because if you’re killing a lot of civilians, you’re going to have.


Joel Davis: A lot more starts going south for China. All the countries that are standing with China, a lot of them are going to cuck to the Americans because they’re going to be like:


“Oh, fuck! If China collapses, we’re going to want to ingratiate ourselves with an American led international order because that’s going to be the only strong horse left if China completely shits the bed trying to do this invasion and the Americans.”


Elijah Schaffer: Complete, do we take Russia? If we collapse China, do we take Russia then?


Joel Davis: Well, Russia has 7,000 nuclear weapons, so you can’t take Russia. It’s just not.


Elijah Schaffer: I think. Yeah, I think they can only collapse from within, like the US. I got to move on with a couple other questions here. Or just things.


I’m just going to go through these. Joel. Cucking about Hitler. It’s from White power. Send a new one. But why did Hitler invade Norway? We already got that. Okay. We’re not going to go into that question. There’s so many of these. Holy crap. Okay, I’m just going to go. We need to remain stoic and prepare for defeat. Immigrants only need an ID to register to vote and they provide ID if you have ICE document or foreign voter card.


Basically anything, Crayon written from organami. Some of the other ones you guys sent. Envy. Janice said:


“Lol. Elijah finding out how awesome being a dad is. My boys are late teens. I miss them being little. I give anything to do it all over again and to hold them again!”


Yeah, yeah.


Joel Davis: It’s pretty cute.


Elijah Schaffer: My son, like, it’s. What’s nice is as a guy, obviously, like, there’s not a lot of situations where you call things cute and not be a faggot or, like, you can’t. There’s not a lot of situations to get, like, sappy maybe besides just with your wife or whatever, but even then, you don’t want to, like, you gotta keep authority and keep good balance with the female.


So when you have a kid, especially, they’re babies, it’s like, the time to just kind of enjoy innocence and that’s kind of nice for once because you’re like. And you feel all this responsibility to protect the innocence.


You, like, look at your kid, and it’s like, fuck! Like, I gotta make sure that the fucking gays don’t get to you to kill people.


Joel Davis: Why? We’ve got to win! That’s why I’m doing what I’m doing. That’s why I’m on here talking about Hitler. That’s why I’m ruining my life because we have to fucking win!


Elijah Schaffer: So, yeah, I ruined my life so I can tell the truth! It’s literally true. If you do, if you take his position, you ruin your life. But we got to change that. We got to fucking change that!


Joel Davis: There’s no choice, because if I don’t ruin my life to try and win, that means my children’s lives are ruined and I don’t even have any grandchildren. Or if I do, like, they’re gonna become faggots or they’re gonna be brown or they’re gonna be killed by browns or blacks. Like, it’s fucking over if we don’t win!


Elijah Schaffer: You know, that’s a good, that’s it. That’s, by the way, a little bit, because I just want to tell people, it’s like we’re up into the millions of dollars that I’ve lost already from just taking the direction I have in media and but why? It’s because I’ve seen my friends who took the millions, and their lives are fake and gay. I’m being honest. And they’re not happy with themselves. Like, a lot of these people in this industry, they’re not happy.


Joel Davis: How does Matt Walsh look at himself in the mirror in the morning? You fucking piece of shit! You fucking piece of shit! With all these, like, jews. He’s got millions of dollars that the jews gave him, but he knows. He knows that he deserves to burn in hell. He’s a fucking piece of shit!


I know you probably don’t want to talk about Australian Nazi, but Matt Walsh, he had a blog post that he wrote in about 2013 talking about how jews, the jewish lobbyists controlling America. And why do we have to bend over backwards to serve Israel and so on? He knows, and he chose to cuck because he wanted to. Ben Shapiro box Benny Bob. And I’ve worked with these.


Elijah Schaffer: I have a policy for myself. I just don’t talk shit about old colleagues or people, anyone, that I just don’t. Because I’ve told people, too, that, like, you’ve never been offered millions of dollars, so you don’t know what it’s like to turn it down. And it hurts really badly!


But I also am kind of in the mode, too, where I’ve had people slowly say:


“Dude, if you just would stay away from these topics.”


Somebody, a recent investor told me that, too. He’s like:


“If you just stay away from the Israel topic, you know, we could give you some money and work on this.”


Joel Davis: And I said:


“Dude, I’ve been offered similar things.”


I mean, not to the scale that you have, but I’ve been offered many similar things over the years. And obviously I just kept going to the swastika.


Elijah Schaffer: So the Hindu religion. He ended all. He became a fucking pajeet. No, but I’m with you on that, of saying, like, sometimes. Yeah. And I do see my friends buying their Rolls Royce and stuff, and I’m going:


“You know, it’d be nice to have more than $48 a month, but I’m doing completely fine. Everything’s good.”


But I do see people buying their mansions, like friends of mine, buying their boat, their things, and buying these $10 million houses and stuff. And you’re going:


“Yeah, it’d be really nice to give that to my wife or to do something.”


But me and my wife decided that we were going to live under our means perpetually. We’ve just completely decided that. So that money isn’t. We never want to live at our means, so that money never becomes a temptation. So we. I think as a man, you should earn a lot of money, and it’s good to be rich, and you should not love money or seek money, but it’s good to be wealthy and to use your money.


But even if you have a lot of money, you sometimes may not be wealthy because you’re spending it all and you’re not using it appropriately or investing it. All I wanted to say is that my friends who sought money sold their souls, and many of them are not my friends anymore, and but they have nice houses, and you don’t have to sell your soul. White zealot, said:


“Joel, what is the strongest argument against White nationalism, in your opinion? How do you refute it?”


You don’t have to go into detail on that, but you can just. We won’t go into detail. Sorry. American Shinobi said:


“Can cultural assimilation of the land transcend racial differences?”


So, yeah, can. Can minorities assimilate? That’s the question.


Joel Davis: Well, obviously, they can assimilate to a culture, but is this a good thing? No, because culture is an outward expression of race. Because culture is produced by the people who make up that culture. And when you participate in culture, you’re not just mindlessly regurgitating what already exists, you’re bringing your own inner nature towards it.


And I’ve talked about this on the show before. The largest differences between the races, genetically speaking, pertain to neurophysiology. They pertain to how you think, how you feel, how you react to things, not your skin color or your bone structure. These are more minor genetic differences. But beyond this as well, there’s a lot of scientific evidence that you have blood memory. You literally have ancestral memories.


So if you’re of a different race, you have different ancestral memories to mine, whereas my fellow Anglo Saxons are going to have basically the same ancestral memories as me. Because you go back far enough, we have all the same ancestors.


And so that also largely pertains to my spiritual inclinations or why people of the same stock have such similar personalities and form such coherent cultures.


So once you try to start assimilating outside racial influences into your culture, what happens is the culture changes because they’re bringing in a completely different nature. They’re bringing in a different way of thinking, a different way of feeling, an entirely different spirit. And that starts infecting your culture, and it fundamentally liquidates it.


And then we can see that happening in real time, like a bunch of Asians and so on, saying:


“Oh, I’m a fucking Aussie!”


Well, no, you’re not. And it’s completely undermining the coherence of what used to be our culture when we were all homogeneous, and it was an expression of our nature. So assimilation is possible on a superficial level, but it’s destructive. I’d rather. I prefer immigrants come here and stick to their own and maintain their own cultures, because at least they’re not infecting mine. I’d rather have multiculturalism, like, actual multiculturalism, than, like, civic nationalist assimilationism, where all these non-Whites pretend like they’re White and, like, wave the Aussie flag and pretend they’re as Australian as me and put another shrimp on the Barbie and all this bullshit! It’s actually destructive to my identity when they do that.


Elijah Schaffer: Tough. But that’s the perspective I did want to say on that note, the blood memories, I want to explore that more because literally, just going back to the east coast from the West coast, I was born, raised in the West coast and getting back in the time zone where my ancestors came and set up in Pennsylvania, when it was a colony, I felt something cool about it. I always just feel like I’ve got to get back in the time zone. I got to get back on the east coast.


In general, I’ve always felt that I got to get back in. I never felt like I belonged on the West coast.


And then you feel that when you go to ruins. There’s grown men. I’ve read about this, like, grown men that are Irish Americans or whatever, and go to old castles in Ireland or whatever, have broken down crying for some reason, and they’re not a bitch and they’ve never cried. And they’re like, I read this Reddit post of people saying:


“Yeah, my husband, have never seen him cry. And when we got to the ruins, he started crying.”


And it’s like, just something about being in the place of the great people of that, like, where he came from and the greats and seeing what those people were. That’s where even nations like America or even Australia were so susceptible to manipulation, too, because it’s like, you start bringing people in, and you don’t let the colonies identify with where they came from, and the colonies become of anyone. Then it ends up, you know, it loses its touch. America is America because of its European ancestry. And this sort of, this colony, same with Australia, it’s this colony of European roots, and it’s so.




But it’s something new. It’s a colony, so it’s off the mainland, so it has its own identity, but it doesn’t have a new identity. It’s just a modified identity.


And that’s what I think people don’t get it. It’s, like, as an American and an Australian, what makes American Australia American Australia? It’s a European identity, but it’s different than a specific country, but it’s still a European identity, and I don’t think people are willing to accept that to be Australian or American truly comes from that. And we kind of have this weird shit now. We’re like, everyone can be an American and stuff. And it is true. It is true factually.


But there’s a reason why as everyone.


Joel Davis: Became an American, we would you want to be it? Like, then it’s not special. It’s not interesting. Things are only interesting when they’re specific. Like, differences are more interesting than similarities. Like, if anyone can be an American, then it doesn’t mean anything to be an American.


And so then it’s like, okay, but what’s unique about the White Americans then? You know, that’s what I’m interested in.


Elijah Schaffer: They’re patriotic people.


Joel Davis: The people who put a man on the moon.


I mean, I don’t know, you could say that it was fake or whatever, but the people who filmed a good movie, who created, like, yeah, all the fantastic things that American culture has contributed and the great advances of American civilization, I want to know what they’re all about. You know, that’s interesting to me. I’m even an American, and I find that interesting. Or, like as an Australia, America has more of a hard break with the British, obviously.


And then they had so many, like, non-British White immigrants. Like, there’s just as many Germans almost in America as there is Anglos. Like, not quite, but almost.


And then there’s Irish and there’s Italians and so on.


So it’s a bit different.


Whereas in Australia, we had those demographics, too, but not in any way near as high ratios. Like, the majority of Whites in Australia are Anglo-Celtic, the overwhelming majority.


And so we had a very strong, like, British identity in particular. I mean, we sub the Union Jack on the flag. You know, we were part of the British Empire.


And so I always felt a very strong connection because all my ancestors are British. Like a couple Irish.


Elijah Schaffer: Look at London now, though.


So you’re people are, you know, it’s.


Joel Davis: Horrible, but when I went back to, I never felt cozier in my life than when I was in England. Like, it’s just Cozy as fuck! Even if you’re surrounded by the brown people and the weather sucks and the food sucks and so on, it’s still Cozy as fuck! And there’s a huge statue of my ancestor in Trafalgar Square. And just standing there and looking at it, I was like, wow! Like, it hits different, like, it just hits different, like, going out on the street and walking around and meeting people and so on.


It was just a completely different feeling.


Elijah Schaffer: It was.


Joel Davis: I was like I was home in a place that I’d never been before, and I can’t feel like that anywhere else in the world because that’s my ancestral homeland.


So, yeah, blood memory is really important. And but moreover, it’s not just about these more maybe more sentimental aspects. Like, it technically is the case I don’t believe in magic dirt theory. Like, you bring someone here from Malaysia and then tell them, wave this Australian flag, eat a sausage roll and watch the cricket, they’re not gonna just magically become like me. That’s not how it works.


Elijah Schaffer: Still gonna eat rice with dinner, and I eat rice with dinner.


Joel Davis: Pick up some superficial cultural indicators. They’re not gonna become like, they can’t become me, because to become me, you have to be me.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah. It’s a tough pill to swallow, though. It’s a tough pill to swallow, I will say that. And, yeah, I grew up in LA, and I watched its decline.


And by the way, LA is the most segregated, probably city in America, and it’s the most multicultural city other than New York. And it is. Look at New York. It’s got everyone he sees at their district, the Japanese district, little Tokyo, little China.


Joel Davis: And the most segregated city in the world is London. And it’s not because it’s been enforced, it’s just because it’s got the most diversity.


And so you’re in London, you go down one stop in the tube, you get off the train. Oh, this is the Polish area.


And then you go down one more stop. This is the black area, another stop. Everyone’s a paki, and you get off the net, and the ethnicity changes at each stop.


Elijah Schaffer: I don’t know. It’s better, though. I don’t think it’s better.


Joel Davis: No, it’s not better. But what it shows is that, like it shows that the more you shove different people into one location, the more they’re going to then sort into their own little just organically. They’re not all, like, super racially aware, but they’re just going to naturally, like, gravitate towards their own people, because who you are is who you are. Doesn’t matter how much ideology you try and project over it, or how much we all try to, like, delude ourselves and pretend like we’re all the same. We’re not the fucking same!


Elijah Schaffer: Well, that’s why I condemn Chicago hate, because I love when foreigners are. Isn’t Chicago like Iraq? And you’re like, okay, Chicago is my favorite city in the entire United States. It’s the most beautiful big city in the entire United States. It’s also one of the safest large metropolitan areas that you can visit in the United States. Just the south side of Chicago is a bunch of blacks, and it’s the highest murder rate in the country.


But it’s not the city. The city is safe, and it’s beautiful. And the architecture, because they decided to make it a gothic. And what’s the other thing? Oh, I forgot. I’m sounding retarded!


But whatever. They had a design style for the city, and they rejected a lot of modern buildings, and so they created this just beautiful western architecture. And it’s just one of the most magnificent places. And the penthouses, they have grass on the roofs and stuff. It’s just amazing! And it’s a psyop to think that Chicago is a bad place to live. That’s why it’s expensive, and that’s why people live there. And it’s on the lake, and it’s beautiful, and it’s just amazing! And you go down south 30 minutes, and you’re gonna get killed.


So that’s my point, too, is like Chicago gets a bad rap just because of the black area.


But it’s really contained. It’s actually very contained. The black area, and that’s the problem. Mercian Shinobi said:


“Someone needs to ask Matt Walsh what is a jew?”


65 Stoney said:


“All conspiracies stem from one conspiracy. Look up what is Christian identity on Google and have a look at what the ADL has to say about it. Read out the first paragraph for us, Elijah.”


I don’t have my computer. I’m on my friend’s, on Ben’s iPad. Is that all? Yeah.


Joel Davis: You want to wrap things up?


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, yeah.


I mean, I just went longer because.


Joel Davis: I’ve been going for a while.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah, we’ll wrap it up now, dude. A lot of, …


Joel Davis: Follow me on Twitter. Yeah.


Elijah Schaffer: Let’s go to your socials real quick. Everyone get your phone out.


Joel Davis: Slash Joel Davis X.


And also my Telegram handle is also Joel Davis X.


Elijah Schaffer: All right, so here it is right here. Joel Davis X. You guys got to go there. He’s a Hindu. Mass deportations enthusiast and then Let’s go to your page here and let’s what is just. Joel Davis.


Joel Davis: Correct.


Elijah Schaffer: All right.


All right, let’s bring this up. So here’s this page here. This is Joel Davis. You can see it here.


Joel Davis: Stream every week.


Elijah Schaffer: Wow! Creative thumbnails. It’s like that. The same thumbnail every single day. No one cares about that stuff. Look at these views of this guy’s pulling serious views. That’s remarkable. That is like. That is good. That’s good for Australia that people are watching the show. That makes me happy to see people watching alternative media and that Rumbles enabling that. Honestly, I’m so tired of censorship. It’s just good to see because YouTube kicked you guys off, right?


Joel Davis: Yeah.


Elijah Schaffer: Give a little sob story so people will follow you. Yeah, I’m trying to help you out here.


Joel Davis: Yeah, well, I’m banned from YouTube.


Elijah Schaffer: Yeah.


All right, now I’ll do the charismatic. This motherfucker has been banned from everything. He is targeted consistently by the government, by individuals. They’ve treated like a criminal in his life for simply advocating for a White Identity. If you hate him or you love him or you’re the journalist watching the show and we’ve fucking ruined your night because you had to go extra long to watch the whole thing.


Just so you know. Welcome to this too. You can watch his show. It airs every week and you should check it out. It’s really amazing! Anyways, anything you want to say to close out or you want to just close the show?


Joel Davis: Yeah, let’s end the show.


Elijah Schaffer: All right. Thank you guys so much again for watching another episode of Nightly Offensive. This is the best worst live stream on the Internet. I really appreciate your support directly. We normally only go for 2 hours maximum, but tonight we did a little bit more because Joel came up here. He’s in studio and it’s more fun when people are in studio.


Make sure that you support directly here and whoa, my voice almost went out. Let me have some water real fast. AIDS. Make sure you support directly right there at Censored TV. Go to the website. We got the new chat implemented. We’re implementing new Superchats as well. You guys asked and requested for new features. I’m giving it to you guys. Shout out to the Hispanic guy for doing his job. I don’t want to say his name publicly because he’s just going by Censored TV support in the chat. You’re awesome, dude. We love you. You’re great!


And thank you to Joel, my guest, as well as you can see I’m slumped over. I’m just done already. I’m hungry. I want to get out of here. Have a great rest of the week, guys.


And as always, may God bless the United States of America. I’m signing out. Thank you, guys.












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2 weeks ago
W Joel Davis American nationalists can take a few notes

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2 weeks ago
i wish i could speak so clearly and knowingly as Joel. American alt right spends more time calling each other FEDS than doing ANYTHING useful.

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1 week ago
There’s a reason behind that. Fed infiltration is a huge problem. It would be naive to believe otherwise.
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1 week ago
It’s worth clarifying that a nation is not a country. A country can consist of multiple nations and a nation can be multiple countries. A nation is a people with shared heritage, history, culture, etc. A country is a geographical area officially governed by a state. An American nationalist is someone who fights for heritage America, not the “abstract idea of America.”

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2 weeks ago
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2 weeks ago
Jewtube are putrid

2 weeks ago
In the western world white people are the only ones not allowed to appreciate their own genetics. All others are allowed to be racist

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1 week ago
Of course, whites became the bouregousie of this neo-marxism centered on attacking old western culture based around the Christian Euro model. White majority represented that the most, as jews rose to more power positions from WASPs (in America esp) they promoted white preferences as the only racism, therefore deserving of attack.
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1 week ago

2 weeks ago
(ZOG) Zionist Owned Government. We are a ZOG Nation.

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1 week ago
We’re ZOG country, not nation.

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1 week ago
Yes, the nation-country distinction is incredibly important to make to people. Many citizens of the U.S. country are not members of its nation.

2 weeks ago
When Elijer puts his head in his hands laughing… we have a great guest on our hands

2 weeks ago
This episode is going to get pulled from Youtube?! Who do you think you are, Tim Pool? Elijah, you continue to be surprising for me throughout your entire career. I’ve been watching since LA, and there were times where I started to doubt you; I’ll admit. But you defied all my doubts in you by simply becoming more based. Being based is not about being edgy, but rather facing the most uncomfortable truths about what ails societies. Even when you don’t have acceptable solutions we must face the truth if we’re to do anything forward.

2 weeks ago
Regarding the knife terror attack in Mannheim Germany. Michael Stürzenberger does these kinds of info events for 15 years now and after multiple attempts on his life, he has up to 15 cops separating him from the (mostly) muslim crowd. Yesterday, 12 police officer were standing by. It is a disgrace, that they watched it all happen and drew their weapons only after one their own got attacked.

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2 weeks ago
i was mad that cop lived. remember folks in any “conflict” that arises in the future the police will be the first enemy you encounter.

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1 week ago
He died.
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2 weeks ago
keep backing the blue!

2 weeks ago
was watching the livestream on YouTube when they completely ERASED it, so came here to watch

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2 weeks ago
By now everyone should be off YouTube for anything political. Homesteading, repair DIY, music – YT is king. But why would you still be watching anything else over there? Rumble, Odysee, Bitchute, all crushing.

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1 week ago
Has Mark Dice joined rumble yet?

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2 weeks ago
Elijah killed it. 55:50 Guest was talking too much truth about the preferred race.

2 weeks ago
idk if Elijah erased it on purpose, maybe? since it would’ve been deleted anyways?
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2 weeks ago
“Was that Hollywood movie made by a jew? ” is like asking “Is that ATM a machine?” It’s literally in the name

2 weeks ago
white people’s patience is wearing thin

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1 week ago
Some but still not nearly enough.

2 weeks ago
Joel is on point on every level.

2 weeks ago
Blacks being here for 100s of years doesn’t mean we can’t separate. The issue is getting them out of our damn pockets when we form our own separate areas. The blacks are throwing a fit over what happened in Baton Rouge because whites will be taking their own ax dollars away. Yet those same blacks are running their mouth about how whites were the ones who were leeching off of blacks. This will be a pie in the face for them in the next decade. I am sick of these whiny pests. We don’t owe them anything, & we will force the issue by forming our own separate cities in the same way. Their shit talking is annoying. Take their funds away. Stop giving white tax dollars to these pests.

2 weeks ago
I definitely would not recommend whites fighting in our military only to be replaced by people coming here who hate you. Get married, have a large family. Otherwise, there is nothing to fight for, & you will have no voice in the future at all. The fight is on our own soil. You have no country without large white families. Lots & lots of white babies & do not put them in public school. They need to be raised to understand what is happening.

2 weeks ago
Joel is too funny 😂 Definitely not crackin a semi when a Pajeeta is walking down the street.

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2 weeks ago
Nobody is.

2 weeks ago
dumbass white cop tackled thw wrong dude and paid for it. fucking retarded fucking whites just keep letting these people fuck you up

2 weeks ago
best show ever

2 weeks ago
Joel needs to be a regular guest on this channel.

2 weeks ago
Lol Elijah shilling for Lauren Southern. You need God

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2 weeks ago
I don’t use my show to attack the personal lives of friends or former friends / colleagues – they deserve privacy and respect

‹ Hide 3 replies
2 weeks ago
That is understandable, but being a single mother to a brown fed when she clearly knows what’s going on in the west was an despicable act. Absolutely horrendous and vomit inducing.

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2 weeks ago
2 weeks ago
How dare you exhibit Christian values Elijah, don’t you know she is a single mother?! Jesus would have killed her Himself.

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5 days ago
Why are you supporting globalist Jewtin Putin? And why did you delete my comment?
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2 weeks ago

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2 weeks ago
Joel knows the white purist pursuit in Australia is lost! India and China have outbred the world breeding their people in their motherland and now have spread their people around the world including Australia. He is best served to deal with the hand his dealt rather than try and deal with a better hand.

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1 week ago
Australia is still over 80% White

2 weeks ago
No W! Joel loses as India and China have outbred and have overtaken Australia and there is nothing you can do about it, and you know it!!! They have bred the people in their motherland and have come through in mass migration to overtake the whites. Ahahaha

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1 week ago
Deranged Asian seether.
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2 weeks ago
We need to get out of the habit of calling anyone minorities, because the day we officially become minorities in our own lands is nearly here.

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2 weeks ago
If they were not here they would not be a minority at all. They would be a majority in their own land. Where they need to be.

2 weeks ago
Chad Joel

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1 week ago
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2 weeks ago
Joel always spittin’ 📠 💯🤙

2 weeks ago
ah geeze you’ve been on youtube during these filthy filthy talks?! jump ship JUMP SHIP

2 weeks ago
we can’t separate from blacks, as long as the civil rights act is still valid. The civil rights act of 1964 MUST be overturned before any white power is gained.

2 weeks ago
Jeet problem = JP 2.0 Jeets and Chinese are being mass imported into the west as a technocratic managerial class to serve at the behest of jews. The only silver lining is the particular animus that each group has for the other that could be exploited to the detriment of both.

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1 week ago
Jews don’t realise these people will come for their crown, if given the opportunity. That these people can’t be hampered down by guilt politics and above all else don’t care about the holocaust. What keeps this from being a true silver lining is that these people are the perfect slave, on account of their studiousness, industriousness, but also abject unwillingness to challenge authority and natural willingness to conform to even impossible societal pressures. Who knows what 200 years from now will give us, it’s just interesting to speculate. What these people do have is a collective consciousness surrounding race and a connection to an ancestral home and national pride. Both the Indians and the Chinese, that is. Who knows what will happen when this all collides with modern liberal ideals. Chaos I suppose, but per haps that is what is intended after all.

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1 week ago
Well said
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2 weeks ago
No one does any research into WW2 for themselves and just swallows the propaganda.

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1 week ago
everyone should watch Europa the Last Battle on Bitchute, i am at about hour 4, it is very long but it shows the tribe behind all the wars and destroying countries from the inside.

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1 week ago
It’s blown up on X to be exposed to more normies. Old g-mas & stuff are now posting about it.
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2 weeks ago
Poo joos are taking over small country towns here in West Aus now. Nepo pajeets bought the only grocery store in my town and they sell expired food all the time. I hate them

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1 week ago

2 weeks ago
this is why in England they’re called the Filth,their behaviour in the clips repellant.Pure Filth behaviour.

2 weeks ago
The cops just let him run around people until he stabbed an officer in the neck then he was shot immediately.

2 weeks ago
Where was the show on censored?! Great content as always- time to wake up the racial consciousness of the western white men! They’ve been asleep for far too long

2 weeks ago
I’m 40 minutes in and this is my favorite ep ever

2 weeks ago
Joel is an absolute treasure

2 weeks ago
Got you live, yesssssss!!

2 weeks ago
Elijer’s face right now…

2 weeks ago
best show ever

2 weeks ago
You can’t put Muslims in Hollywood! Hollywood is already saturated with pedos.

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2 weeks ago
But I am all for putting them in San Francisco

2 weeks ago
All of those black women have fake degrees. Just because they make up ridiculous nonsense in schools doesn’t mean it is useful for anyone. The piece of paper & the robe doesn’t mean anything. It is the woman equivalent of digging a ditch with no useful purpose afterwards. This trash has got to go.

2 weeks ago
Democrats are definitely a problem, but you are right, just being in democrat areas doesn’t mean you are unsafe. Vermont comes to mind. It is blacks that make areas suck. Blacks are the problem wherever they exist. Thankfully, they basically have no real power in society as a whole. Sure they get jobs where they can’t really do much to influence anything, & it gives them the illusion that they accomplished something, but largely, whites can get away from that if you move. Just don’t be in Atlanta, or Chicago etc…I have never been happier than I am living outside city limits away from these pests. I couldn’t go into the profession of law enforcement because that would mean I would have to deal with too many black criminals that I despise. It only makes sense if we have our own country. We do not belong together. We absolutely are meant to be separate. There is no fixing this aside from separation. That means separate countries. Which means deportations. People just have to stop being afraid to say it.

2 weeks ago
Imagine Joel being on a major US alternative media outlet? Huge

2 weeks ago
What angers Me is that even here in Sweden the right is aligning themselves with Israel, the same j’s that openly pushed for multiculturalism, look up Sara Spectre. A prominent leftist Jew tv media personality (Robert Aschberg) led smear campaigns against the upcoming Swedish right (Jimmie Åkesson) wing about 10 years ago, and now to se the right wing support them is very uninspirin.

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1 week ago
Similar thing here in Denmark. Btw, don’t you mean Barbara Spectre?

‹ Hide 1 reply
1 week ago
sorry yeah, barbara, im just confused with many names and such lmao, thanks bro
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2 weeks ago
They had books about white Supremacy in the kids section at Barnes and noble today.

2 weeks ago
sorry i have to pause the show in order to parent, thankyou for bringing Joel on, thankyou Elijer Slightly Offensive is truly one of the best shows on offer, give my best to Queen Fetus and your family

2 weeks ago
Typical Joel Davis W

2 weeks ago
I live for episodes like this

2 weeks ago
Joel W

2 weeks ago
white people patience is wearing thin. I promise you , you won’t win when it does

2 weeks ago
Plot twist, Elijah Schaffer’s real name is Elijah Yoder and he is just a simple Amish man from Pennsylvania.

2 weeks ago
Good shit!

2 weeks ago
Joel is awesome, I’m so happy you had him on again.

2 weeks ago
Great episode!

2 weeks ago
W Joel W Elijah W racism

2 weeks ago
Joel Davis, come to save us dude speaks the truth

2 weeks ago
Best stream

1 week ago
What is wrong with whites having our own countries, & blacks/browns having theirs? We do not mix. It is nothing but a headache. We are meant to have our own cultures & own countries. We are not meant to share power with idiots who only seek to undermine us. We either separate & respect that separation, or people are going to get fucked up. Then they will go after the elites who pushed this upon us. Heads in baskets needs to become fashionable again.

1 week ago
Joel is the most based guest you have ever had on. You cant shake this dude.

2 weeks ago
the altruistic path nazis were trying to establish has been contorted into pure evil by those who don’t understand it. it’s seemingly a matter of theory vs practice. eugenics was a means of improving the human condition the same way we improve everything else under our control. Iceland recently removed downs syndrome from their gene pool, through a trial and error abortion process, and no icelander will be affected with the downs gene unless they mate with a foreigner. then it will be reintroduced. People will say it’s evil, because money… if you can afford to have a retarded child, you should be able to. that’s literally the argument. nowadays we apply the same logic as a business model. People SHOULD be as unhealthy as they like, if you see an issue, you’re hateful. people SHOULD be as stupid and self destructive as they like, if you see an issue, you’re hateful. mixing everyone together into one retarded and sickly brown blob, to be ruled over by a death cult trying to enslave the planet, is what’s hateful. that is the agenda. that is what we must resist. do not hate the outsider, but love your people and protect each other. start establishing the standard that we WILL defend each other merely on tribal connection, because everyone else does but us. if you see a white person in need of help or protection, the easiest thing to do is stand up and help them, defend them, back them up, and love them.

2 weeks ago
Joel looks so handsome

2 weeks ago
“and that kids is how you get aids” LMAO 🤣😂

2 weeks ago
Host: “I have a lot of jewish friends!”

1 week ago
“We were thrown off the plane because of our race.” Okay. Well then that should tell you something. We don’t want you here. Go back to your own shithole where it is okay to smell like poop. Taking a shower will not change your race. We do not want you here. That is all you need to get through your head.

2 weeks ago
Why does Joel have a nice Australian accent? I wonder if was his schooling or intentional to sound more proper and almost British opposed to average Australians.

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1 week ago
Australia has a bit of a class system like England. Joel must have been raided in a weak family and has gone to a prep school. Prep school types get all the management and upper class jobs. Tradesman/blue collar types have what is called a broad accent. Brogans are lower class and live in caravan parks/trailer parks. County people also speak slow and broad.

2 weeks ago
Nukes are fake and gay, China would steamroll this f@ggot/furry/woman/brown filled “”””military”””” It’s a damn joke and Joel is living in a fantasy where DEI hasn’t fucked the military. Lastly, good luck conscripting an armed population to die for some shithole island.

2 weeks ago
Joel is the man

2 weeks ago
Joel is correct.

2 weeks ago
EXCELLENT episode, Joel is the man. Hitler was right, & I loved the movie Inglorious Bastards 12 months ago, I’ll never watch another WWII movie ever again.

2 weeks ago
Joel is my dude. I wish I had more homies like that were I could spit my racist bullshit with a bro that agrees

1 week ago
Dude is right about the Pajeets. DFW is overrun with them it’s just absurd. I’m so sick of people saying they are so smart and do work Americans can’t. It’s suck bullshit, they actually don’t work harder they just infiltrate with nepotism.

1 week ago
The stabbed policeman is now DEAD. Germany is screwed unless real Germans find their courage

1 week ago
he is right about Hitler and the war, watch Europa the Last Battle on Bitchute to confirm

1 week ago
Elijah is wrong about Trump, he is just a tool for the jews. He is being used to galvanize the right in support of Israel. Christ demands division, and we are being chastised. We need the most extreme polarization possible because “Christians” can’t be recognized as anything different than the talmud controlled population. The persecution of the Latin Mass by the post concilliar Church and the suffering of all of us on the moral right is necessary to motivate and educate us out of complacency. The worse it gets the better, not interested in compromises with zionist TV personalities for better financial conditions under jewish banker control. Trump is a fraud worshipping mammon just like the rest, and siding with him for material comfort is feminine and evil. Fuck you cucks, Trump sucks

1 week ago
When it comes to American blacks and their views
on whites: On one hand we’re the devil. On the other hand we have to be their savior i.e. Affirmative Action, welfare, education, healthcare etc. We move into a neighborhood it’s “gentrification” and we’re racist, but if we leave a neighborhood it’s “white flight” and we’re… that’s right racist. The white man is damned if we do damned if we don’t. We’re NEVER going to win with these people so it’s time to stop giving a fuck and separate completely.

2 weeks ago
“… it just proves the point, that being gay is bad” pffft

‹ Hide 1 reply
2 weeks ago
And it’s fucking disgusting

2 weeks ago
like all weak,cowardly bottom feeder races,they’re always super beta yet when they happen to be in a group setting they always,without fail,start getting super brave.That is until you call out the “leader” for a one on one straightner then watch them melt into the ground,a bit like how they take a shit in their beautiful homelands streets.Oh and those “Darkie” graduates,not one of those “subjects” was a real subject,because if any of those future sufferers of domestic abuse actually attempted to acquire a credible qualification,we and they all know that without affirmative action,they would be a catastrophic failure and this is a fact.

2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
hey joel unbuttoned the top button on his shirt! he must be letting loose and relaxing. guy is based, always fun to see him on here.

2 weeks ago
So we funded and propped up the Russians in World War II only to then have a Cold War them. Then we fund and prop up the Taliban, when they were fighting the Russians, only to then fight the Taliban for 20 years. 🤔 ok that is interesting. I guess I am now all for funding Israel? Lol ♟️

2 weeks ago
lol bunch of jimmy jrs

2 weeks ago
I love the way Joel says “Gas Station” LOL because it’s so unnatural. Great show!

2 weeks ago
Just a song recommendation for Joel Davis “Deutschland Erwache” is a far better representation of what Germany should be, sadly even may sympathizes don’t know it

2 weeks ago
Dude I’m stoked you have Joel aka Julian davie is back on

2 weeks ago
So, all of those grads got niche sociology and philosophy degrees.

2 weeks ago
Elijer – come to western PA, you are more than welcome! Anywhere outside of Pittsburgh is beautiful, with high Slavic populations. So many bike trails, and outdoors wholesome activities for the family. Gun ranges. Hunting/Fishing. People outside the major cities respect one another. Steer clear of philly, but you know that.

2 weeks ago
If you get a picture of the Big Dipper each of the four seasons, it will form a swastika as it rotates around the North Star. I think that’s where the ancients came up with the symbol

2 weeks ago
The ultimate white pill besides Jesus Christ is that the more adversity whites face, the stronger white consciousness will get. It’s a direct correlation and it’s a lose/lose for anyone hoping to enslave or genocide whites.

2 weeks ago
there’s a reason I live in a small town that’s in the middle of nowhere. I have to deal with some drunk natives sometimes but they’re not really violent. just drunk and annoying

2 weeks ago
💯 I also bought mine to protect myself from BLACKS.

2 weeks ago
Joel Davis has some great lines in this interview: “Israel is not our wife” “I’m sorry we killed Hitler, we need to fix that”

1 week ago
Hadn’t heard of this guy until this stream. Beyond based and totally on point.

1 week ago
West side of Chicago is also very violent

1 week ago
Gay Pride isn’t a “Slippery Slope” silly it’s a SLIPPERY SHUTE!

1 week ago
Joel is spot on

1 week ago
“Are they brainwashed into being retarded; na they’re just f’n retaaad’d.”

1 week ago
Shame that very interested questions were skipped for no reason. Why did Hitler invade Norway? What’s the strongest argument against White nationalism? These should have been answered.

1 week ago
I was driving by the “hood” in the city near my white town & stopped in at a gas station without thinking… tarantula heads EVERYWHERE. & of course my truck chooses that time to start giving me problems. I was legit stranded for 10 minutes and UNARMED cause I just left my job on a federal installation.

1 week ago
The point made about “reality trauma” illustrates the necessity of these paradigm shattering truths being recognized. There should be no “America First” America is a protestant masonic wealth cult built to support the “jews” Our identity should be in Christ, as a Catholic I can assure you, before Vatican 2 Catholics were very aware of our enmity with the jews.

‹ Hide 1 reply
1 week ago “I am infinitely informed on the topic and you are saying precisely what the media says. That should give you pause. Let me help you with your homework. Let me give you some quick points 1. Vlad Dracula (Catholic Knight) saved Europe from the Eastern semite invasion. 2. Isabella of Spain (Catholic Queen) saved Europe from the Western semite invasion 3. Adolph (Catholic), Mussolini (Catholic), Franco (Catholic), Battle of Lepanto…, saved Europe from the enslaved Slavic horde.”

‹ Hide 1 reply
1 week ago
I don’t think you read my comment accurately. I said precisely that Catholics have been at odds with jews since the beginning. America has always been a Masonic tool for the jews. Christ first, not jews, not america

‹ Hide 1 reply
1 week ago
I mean, I’m in Florida too, but I have ZERO interest in Miami. I like white areas away from the noise. I do not like crowded areas or a lot of extroverted people. Rural life where we have lots of space & much more control over who we are around is so much better. I would rather go hog hunting than be around a bunch of hoes.

1 week ago
He’s absolutely correct never relax around blax and stay away

1 week ago
I think I already said this, but it would be really cool if you two made a separate show together. Or atleast have him on more, because he’s a very very knowledgeable guest. He deserves more attention, and viewer’s.

1 week ago
One black woman’s degree focus: SUBALTERN: study of colonial populations or lower classes that are excluded from hierarchy of power of an imperial homeland. Term coined by Antonio Gramsci, an Italian marxist jew. Subaltern Praxis, a term used in relation to NGOs & migration and grassroots education as activism. They are all studying communist adjacent anti-western bullshit steeped in marxism.

1 week ago
I really wish Joel was the guest on PBD podcast too. We need this type of unapologetic White assertiveness that Joel so readily exhibits. That’s like a wake up call for cucks.

‹ Hide 1 reply
5 days ago
Lol PBD would NEVER

1 week ago
My wife worries about us having “unconventional” beliefs.. But I tell her, our family values and belief’s were MAINSTREAM just 50 years ago.. It’s everyone else with their dogmatic modernistic views
that are the crazy ones.

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1 week ago
“Being in a minority, even in a minority of one, did not make you mad. There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.” ~George Orwell, 1984 If you aren’t aware of the “45 Declared Goals For The Communist Takeover Of America” entered into the Congressional Record in 1963 ( I highly recommend you read them. And if you have, you should tell your wife take a gander as it is the roadmap Marxists have unfortunately successfully used to subvert not only American society and culture, but the west as a whole. When I read this years ago all this madness coming from the left finally made sense. The west is in decline because Marxism/Bolshevism wasn’t crushed after WWII. It was allowed to seep into and infect our once great western nations.
1 like

2 weeks ago
take a shower joel.
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2 weeks ago
You should stop pimping those sweat wicking boxer briefs. ANYTHING with “sweat wicking capabilities ” has a CANCER CAUSING CHEMICAL COMPONENT PRESENT! Look into it, no cap.
1 like

2 weeks ago
1 like

1 week ago
please have joel on again! so funny
1 like

1 week ago
Nah. I am a ginger & I have no interest in Islam. I think it is time to cut the shit with the insults on immutable characteristics because I am as white as they come. My ancestors fought & lived. The only thing that really does is gets your jaw broken while trying to be a snarky bastard towards people you need in the fight. So while I understand there is a real need to fight right now, I think you are better putting that energy toward the enemy, & not toward people who are on your side that could also body slam you & snap your fucking neck. Keep that shit in check. Just a thought.
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1 week ago
You sound black actually

1 week ago
He was joking
1 like

1 week ago
Mohammed apparently had red hair, no doubt stemming from his residual Aryan genes. Some muslims dye their hair because of this, perhaps White muslims do the same.

1 week ago
“… and you feel all this responsibility to protect the innocents, so you look at your kids and you’re like fuck, I have to make sure the gays don’t get to you” bahahaha!!
1 like

1 week ago
I’m watching the replay right now. You’re show is great bro. Keep doing you’re thing.
1 like

1 week ago
Soulless Ginger got triggered hard
1 like

1 week ago
I agree about the “blood memory”, I agree that’s its real, however it’s edging dangerously close to “identifying with one’s flesh” in such a way that distances one’s self from God… I dunno.
1 like

1 week ago
the cop died and I am glad he did
1 like

1 week ago
Love it Elijah my fellow blicky black brother. Praying for da fam, pray for mine, praying for the SOB’s to come to Christ for those who do not know Him truly.
1 like

1 week ago
Joel Won, little dirty stinky jews lost
1 like

1 week ago
I’m a White Traditionalist. like Joel as well. Joel’s Awesome, Have him On Again Sometime. the Only Difference between. Me & Joel is. Though I Would Love. to have All Black & Brown People. be Deported Out of Our Countries. idk if thats possible. But I think Separated Racial Communities is More Viable.
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1 week ago
Joel is a W. o7 E and Joel.
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1 week ago
rumble is run by jews – so is the wellness company. Good interview though.
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4 days ago
No it’s not. The owner is Macedonian Greek, like Alexander the Great… it’s literally not owned by Jews, if it was there wouldn’t be the type of content you see on here, all kinds of criticisms of Jews from many content creators. Same with Twitter, The ONLY reason we’re seeing an opening of free speech and some tolerance for Jewish criticisms & pro white/nationalist sentiments is because it’s not owned by a Jew, despite them trying hard to get Elon in line & influence him, he’s still allowing a fair amount of free speech, which had it been bought by Jews or owned by Jews there would be no free speech…

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4 days ago
You sound jew wish and vaccinated. There is no free speech.

1 week ago
I live in Iowa and we have concealed carry laws and the Muslims are in check here because they know we don’t fuck around.
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1 week ago
They aren’t “in check”. They are THERE, occupying your area without any worry of pushback.

1 week ago
my wife and i were at the train station in Paris about 15 years ago and we went down stairs to catch a local Train across the city. We get to bottom of stairs and there were several African men in robes, they smelled so bad i gaged and we decided to walk. No way could i get on a train with them.
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1 week ago
Have Blair Cottrell on next
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1 week ago
Joel is the man
1 like

1 week ago
I wholeheartedly agree 100 % with every word Joel said in this video. He articulated my thoughts perfectly. 👏🏻
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1 week ago
Good content, but way behind the curve. Out here in the rural Northwest we have no love for cities, and have been looking forward to the collapse of this jew run global financial system for generations. You can all mourn the collapse of your cities, downfall of your liberal New York TV personality larping as a conservative president, the collapse of supply chains for food and commercial goods. We will be fine, life will barely have to change. I had never seen a black person until I was four years old. I asked my mom why they were so dirty and didn’t wash. I was never taught hate as a traditional Catholic, just never had to leave my bubble, so the differences are a matter of instinct, and the unnatural living conditions of urban centers destroys instinct. It’s why Nick Fuentes thinks he is saying something new or unique. It’s funny that he disparages the poor, there are whole counties of German – American Catholic farming families that have known these truths for hundreds of years and will barely notice a change in lifestyle when the entirety of western civilization collapses. Same with the Amish. All of the political grifters like Nick and his ilk are desperately trying to make America something it isn’t and can never be, that is virtuous. Built by Masons for jews. That’s all it will ever be
1 like

1 week ago
Blax did better under segregation so did the South African blax. It’s crazy they can’t see they were screwed as much as us. American blax have no idea and are so dumb (by design) they can’t see they would be better off without Whites and so would we. Instead they listen to random hypno beats and lies of violence, no education and the dumbing down of their entire race. They kill more children then they bore? How is that good for them? They have more American black guilt then Whites do. They can’t recognize because they aren’t smart enough, unfortunately. I wish they would get out of the education system and become homeschooled, but unfortunately their mothers are the same low IQ low impulse control sub species. Wake up blax you’re literally being destroyed mentally and then shooting eachother.
1 like

1 week ago
2:17:25 – “buying us more time” sounds like trying to keep this system floating that needs to die. First Gavin now Trump. lol, you’re not nearly as based as you make yourself out to be.
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1 week ago
Yep, I get the impression Joel backed off over it. Also notice an ad was shilled the moment Joel was just about to move from Nationalism caring about people leader to speaking about Trump. So much controlled opposition everywhere

1 week ago
Chicago crime is contained? The foot traffic along Michigan Ave begs to differ.
1 like

1 week ago
Joel and Elijah make a great team. You can tell Joel likes to make Elijah laugh and make him uncomfortable. 😂
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1 week ago
Yes it’s over, as soon as Jews comprised the right and turned them in brainwashed good goys it was fucking over. It’s done, they control both sides in perfect unison
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5 days ago
Whitney Webb covers that in her two part book series- they backed Ronald Reagan and his opponent Pat Brown- when Ronald won they head California. When Reagan won the presidency almost 15 years later- they had the country..
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‹ Hide 1 reply
5 days ago
That’s very interesting I didn’t know that

‹ Hide 1 reply
5 days ago
2 book series “One Nation under blackmail” Got them on Amazon- cited sources and will blow your mind.. the mafia and CIA connections don’t even always start in the US, and the mafia is Italian, the mob is the Italian-Jewish alliance, later with the CIA and that started over 60 years ago
1 like
2 days ago
I’d like to argue that they have controlled the right wing, this was neoconservatism which had zero push back until the rise of the dissident right, so while they are trying to recapture the right, they have been exposed already and once boomers pass away so does neoconservatism however in the US particularly that’s when whites become a minority majority

1 week ago
The BIGGEST mistake our European ancestors made was to participate in the Atlantic slave trade by bringing them to the English colonies, but specifically America. As fucked up as slavery is, detractors claim that slavery in America was uniquely brutal which is an opinion that’s based on lies and ignorance. Black American slaves had it easy in comparison to Arabian slavers whom GELDED their male African slaves. That’s the reason why the Middle East doesn’t have a black population. The Arabs made them eunuchs so they couldn’t breed. In the U.S. slavers did the opposite by breeding the Sub-Saharan.
1 like

1 day ago
Given the absolute retarded things coming out of black women’s mouths that have a “degree”, having a degree doesn’t mean anything anymore. Credentialism is dead. Though they REALLY want you to respect their “credentials.” Can’t do it Sheniqua. You are still retarded.
1 like

1 week ago
I’d say anyone under 5’8″ as a man should get no respect. At least at 5’8″-5’9″ you’ll pass as “average height”. It starts to become increasingly noticeable at <5’6″ tho.

‹ Hide 1 reply
1 week ago
Found another retard, IQ should be the measure of respect any wonder why we arent organised.

‹ Hide 1 reply
1 week ago

1 week ago
The stabbed police officer died.

1 week ago

1 week ago
rumble gang

1 week ago
The left pushed so hard that you are going to see and hear things that would have not evolved….. again!!

1 week ago
That down syndrome black is Somalian.

1 week ago
Why tf are you laughing at Joel? You’re downplaying what he is saying and it’s frustrating

1 week ago
Well I don’t agree with everything he says, but I think it is clear that we really reached a point where it is them against everyone else. WW2 was used to establish a jewish capitalistic dictatorship around the world. Every nation should hurry up to break their ties to this american/british moloch before they take them with them on their downfall. 80 years of lies and war crimes is enough, I’m sorry Americans, but I wont miss you, if my country wants to be independent again your country has to die, you can’t expect empathy from me, the ignorance and your stupid flag waving without thinking deserves nothing else. For 80 years you thought that your propaganda movies are educational and not just propaganda, and now you are surprised that you are at the point where you are now, and once again your only idea to get out of your misery is to fabricate wars and tell lies. Seriously I have really 0 empathy for you and thats your own fault.

1 week ago
Damn Joel’s answer at roughly 2:50:00 about the problem with Christians is so ON POINT. Exactly what I’ve been thinking for the last few years. Christians fell for the psyop of dispensationilsm and left all areas of society. “It’s all gotta get worse so Jesus can return and get us outta here so there’s no point in doing anything! “ derp. That’s why everyone must research PRETERISM and understand the end times properly. Thanks for this stream, Elijah

1 week ago
Facts man facts, I’m 6’3 and it was so difficult to gain muscle mass. It took me 3/4 year’s to look toned, I noticed shorts dude’s do gain muscle mass alot quicker.

1 week ago
Table Talk.

1 week ago
Best true precis of WW2 I have seen in a very long time. It was Good versus Evil and Evil won.

1 week ago
2:05:38 – no Gavin isn’t.

1 week ago
2:19:53 – yeah, that’s why people like Miriam Adelson and Ackerman are giving him millions of dollars, because they want him to die instead of win the Presidency and give Israel the West Bank. Yeah bro.

1 week ago

1 week ago
bro really said ‘non whites can’t practice our religions’ then proceeded to mention Christianity, lol hilarious, he prolly thinks Jesus was from Ohio

‹ Hide 1 reply
2 days ago
pro white Christians a large portion of them don’t believe that jews are Hebrews or Israelites.

1 week ago
Honestly, they haven’t been really many people that inspire me and get me fired up the way Joel holy shit. My dude is a living revolutionary legend over here.

1 week ago
“Vote Trump, buy more time so we can figure things out”.. wtf There is NOTHING left to figure out! We know what is happening and why, just rip the band aid off and let the party begin ffs. “Buy more time” is a controlled opposition stance.

1 week ago
Hip sneer poo-in-pants giga-chad boomer Biden Lmfaaaaaaaao

1 week ago
PooJews lol

6 days ago
bow before ZOG! (Superman reference)

4 days ago
No it’s not, it’s owned by an American with a Macedonian Greek (like Alexander the Great) ancestry… NOT JEWISH. Which is why there’s so much free speech on this platform that allows lots of criticisms of Jews… same with Twitter, only reason there’s been a restoration of free speech is because of Elon (a non Jew), otherwise there’d be even more censorship

2 days ago
Joel ain’t based da fak. dudes hiding behind you man you barely gave him any push back

1 day ago
I don’t agree on a lot of his points but this should be allowed to freely be talked about. It is thought provoking are the least.

1 day ago
I do not believe White ppl are superior but Christian white culture is superior. But I’ll take a million Clarence Thomas’ over one white liberal woman.

2 weeks ago

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1 week ago
Found the cuck. 👆🏻

1 week ago
This is total fed slop!

‹ Hide 1 reply
1 week ago
Found the jew-duped 👆🏻 cuckservative.

2 weeks ago
Hinduism is an Aryan religion. Swastika is all over the world not just India and Europe. You can find the symbol in Central and South America. Joel, is an Outback inbred who knows nothing about the Swastika. That symbol is first used by the Aryans in India. Importantly, the symbol is a symbology of the Sun. If you want to follow someone who knows about the Aryan race, then follow Robert Sepehr.

‹ Hide 1 reply
2 weeks ago
The oldest Swastika found so far is in Mezine, Ukraine. Also, Robert Sepehr is a jew who’s dad made a film about the holohoax. Proof:

2 weeks ago
for nations will rise against nations? it also means, that ethnic groups will rise against ethic groups. be careful what you reap. Jesus Christ said to “love your neighbor”, which includes Jews and Gentiles.

‹ Hide 2 replies
2 weeks ago
I love my neighbor. They are white. I do not love the ghetto. They are black.

‹ Hide 1 reply
2 weeks ago
I hope your heart is not in darkness. I understand being pissed and saying the truth. but we are leading to a dark road and our minds are in dark place. this is what the high class want for the pawns tohate one another, then war.

1 week ago
Joel Davis: Jewish name, looks Jewish!

2 weeks ago
this guy is a Gentile Pharisee. Pride of flesh like the Pharisees. the Synagogue of Satan is pride of flesh. he’s part of it.

‹ Hide 1 reply
2 weeks ago

2 weeks ago
Who else thinks David Ike was onto something, this Hitler being a bastard Rothschild descendent?

‹ Hide 1 reply
2 weeks ago
if he was he sure didn’t enjoy the zionist NWO plot. kinda why he tried to resolve it by making one with Europeans on top instead of jews. oh well.


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