Joel Davis – Conservative Terrorism in Australia as Trump Set to Become New ZOG Boss – Jun 28, 2024 – Transcript


Joel Davis


Conservative Terrorism in Australia as


Trump Set to Become New ZOG Boss


Fri, Jun 28, 2024


[In this livestream episode Aussie nationalists Joel Davis, Blair Cottrell and Tom Sewell discuss the following:

1. Joel and Blair discuss Trump vs Biden presidential debate.

2. Joel shares clips of Biden seeming confused and incoherent.

3. They analyze Biden’s poor debate performance.

4. Left-leaning media upset about Biden’s chances against Trump.

5. Joel theorizes American elites may now support Trump presidency due to rising geopolitical tensions.

6. Potential for Israel war with Lebanon and Iran.

7. Threat of China invading Taiwan could lead to World War 3.

8. Joel speculates this is why Elon Musk took over Twitter and media treating Trump more fairly.

9. Blair adds patriotic Whites will need to support the state in any war with China.

10. They discuss differences between European ethnic groups.

11. Joel acknowledges contributions of Italians but believes there are average racial differences between populations.

12. They agree people should feel confident and proud of their own ethnicity.

13. Blair notes he is very tired but will try to pay attention!

14. Joel receives chat message promoting Australian nationalist group.

15. They have in-depth discussion about ethnic identity and geopolitics.

16. They discuss news story about 19-year-old Jordan Patten charged with planning a terrorist attack in Australia.

17. Patten allegedly intended to kill a Labor politician and expressed support for the Liberal Party.

18. Patten appears in court via video link and is charged with preparing a terrorist attack.

19. He is accused of entering office armed with knives and tactical gear to kill MP Tim Krakenthorpe.

20. Patten livestreamed himself before being arrested by police with tasers.

21. His manifesto claims he is not a White nationalist or group member but likes the Liberal Party.

22. Speakers analyze Patten’s weak plans and equipment as clearly incompetent.

23. They question why counterterrorism allowed Patten to enter buildings before arresting him.

24. Speakers discuss contact from journalist Alexi Dematraities at The Australian newspaper regarding their rhetoric on terrorism.

25. Joel talks about theory that US sees Taiwan as flashpoint for conflict with China and would rather fight there than elsewhere.

26. He believes US-China war likely in next decade.

27. Tom agrees. Leaves early.

28. Joel and Blair discuss noticing shift towards more conservative and patriotic values emerging.

29. Blair senses this shift beginning in Australia too although lagging behind US changes.

30. They discuss how wokeness has become exhausting and absurd.

31. Joel believes elites now realize more patriotism needed to confront global challenges like China.

32. Conversation turns to Strauss-Howe generational theory predicting crises every 80-85 years in US history.

33. Theory holds US due for crisis that could reset cycle, possibly war with China.

34. It also predicts Millennials like Joel will play conservative reactionary role before next generation becomes more rebellious.

35. They analyze current events through lens of this model, seeing signs its predictions may be unfolding.



Published on Fri, Jun 28, 2024




Conservative terrorism in Australia as Trump set to become new ZOG boss
June 28, 2024
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(Words:22,435 – 2:13:36 mins)



Joel Davis: We’re live. It is the 28 June 2024. Sorry we didn’t go live last night. Some things came up. But you’ve still got your show, Friday night show. So hopefully that’s good for some of you. Friday night viewing, although a lot of our audience actually watch the replay rather than watching live.


So I guess it doesn’t really matter that much.


But I think Tom will be joining us as well. He’ll jump on in a bit. But while we’re letting people jump into the chat and we’re getting things going here, I saw. Well, I know from talking to you as well, but also I saw you post some stuff. You’re up on the Gold Coast last weekend. You had a trip up there, and I’m kind of a little bit jealous.


I mean, I was up there a few weeks ago myself, but I’m a little bit jealous because it’s actually quite cold down here in Melbourne and weather’s much nicer up there, that’s for sure. It’s also a lot whiter up there by comparison to here, although they’re obviously encountering the same demographic issues. I saw you trained with the Brisbane EAM [European Australian Movement] boys over the weekend, a good bunch of guys. I trained with them a few weeks ago when I was there.


But, yeah, just curious how it was, how your trip was? Maybe you could talk about that before we get into some of these other topics.


Blair Cottrell: Yeah, it was busy. A friend of mine bought a house up there and needed help. He called in a favor, owed him a favor. He needed help with a fence. So it only took like half a day, though. It was only like a small strip of fence. So I didn’t actually spend a lot of time at the property. I got to train with the guys, got to explore the beaches. Surfers Paradise. And I didn’t realize Surfers Paradise was a kind of like a party place, people, because I never went to schoolies. You know, in Australia we have something called “schoolies”.


Wherever you finish school, you turned 18, you’re a legal adult, you’re done with your schooling process, your official high school process, and everyone goes to Surfers Paradise or the Gold Coast or maybe even the Sunshine Coast. Where do they go? I think they go to Surfers Paradise. Do they? I don’t know for sure, but I never did that. Right. I was a bad kid. [chuckling] I left school early. I was getting into fights on the streets and just getting into all sorts of things that you would hope that your own kid doesn’t do, right? So I didn’t go to parties. I didn’t go to clubs. I’d never really even attended a birthday party, right?


So for the first time, I got to see Surfers Paradise. And, yeah, I enjoyed it. I published a vlog, which was actually pretty fun to make, because I get really bored in transit, sitting on buses, airplanes, waiting for things, and it gave me something to do during that process.


But the reason I made the vlog I outlined on Telegram already is for the purposes of utilizing what I suppose we’ll call “lifestyle content”, which can potentially humanize us or contribute to humanizing members of our community. That is the Right-wing Australian nationalist community down here. Because the media, government establishment, it’s really done a number on us. It’s forced this stereotype, imposed this stereotype onto us, that we are vulgar, hateful extremists and probably violent and need to be sent to jail.


But in reality, we’re pretty normal people. We have pretty sensible interests. We go to the gym, we have jobs, we bank, unless our bank accounts get closed down for our political views. But then we just go to a different bank, as we discussed last time.


But, yeah, the idea is to just do regular stuff, document some of that regular stuff, have a bit of fun, and put that out there. So it will provide a bit of counterbalance to the efforts by the system to have everyone believing that nationalism is some horrible evil. You know, that’s what I had in mind anyway. And what do you think about that, Joel? Have you thought about that on any level?


Joel Davis: No, I definitely think it’s important that we show our human side because, yeah, people have to relate to us. I mean, it is cool to have a little bit of that, the mystique of being the kind of controversial, intimidating, scary Nazis or whatever that the media image puts out. Like, I think in some ways that actually gives us a little gravitas, but at the same time, it also makes us alienating to the wider population. That’s part of the reason why we do these streams, not just to kind of provide political analysis, but also just to kind of show that we’re just normal human beings. We’re not exactly normal. We are a little bit abnormal. We’re unique! That’s a good thing, though.


But to show that we’re human, to show that you can relate to us and that it’s a relatable worldview, that the perspective that we’re coming at the world from is authentic. And to try and show that authenticity so that people can basically identify with us and identify with our perspective.


And that’s ultimately the goal, is for White Australians who don’t hate themselves, who want to assert themselves, actually, to have political representation that they can identify with. That’s the problem with the current culture and politics of our country, is that it doesn’t exist. There isn’t political representation for us, and we’re kind of doing our best to try and lay a foundation for that to come into existence.


So it’s important that the people see us in human terms or see us as just one of them coming from the same perspective, the same stock, the same culture. So they can see the world through our eyes, as opposed to just seeing us as these kind of weird, ambiguous kind of what the media calls us “extremists” or whatever, …




Blair Cottrell: But they do that very deliberately. Like, this is an effort to dehumanize. And your enemies are always going to do that. They’re going to try to dehumanize you in order to justify whatever action they want to take against you.


And I think we need to make a bit of an effort to re-humanize ourselves because we’ve been hit pretty hard with that, the guys on the Right-wing.


But how’s your week being my friend? You’ve been working, you’ve been busy? You’re always doing podcasts, you’re always appearing here, there and everywhere.


So you’re this sort of guy. I was thinking about this earlier today. I was thinking:


“Joel’s the sort of guy who just has energy all the time!”


You can just do stuff whenever you can work to a schedule, onto the next thing, onto the next thing, onto the next thing. I wish I could do that. I run out of energy. I burn out, and I need, like, two or three days by myself in a dark room to recharge. I, like, have a good amount of excitable energy when I do have energy, but when I’m done, I’m done! But you don’t seem to be like that. You’ve got that consistent energy. Have you noticed that?


Joel Davis: Well, I don’t know, it definitely fluctuates, but, I guess yeah, I don’t really understand the whole needing to go into a dark room for two to three days thing that you just described. I’ve never really experienced that before, that kind of need.


So I guess we’re not the same in that way. But yeah, I did a few things this week. Like, over the weekend, I did a Twitter space with Uber Boy, who’s a Irish youtuber.


And it seems like he’s come around to ethno-nationalism in, I don’t know exactly when he came around what the exact dating was. He always was kind of peripheral to the dissident Right scene online. But he seems to have now gone full., … I don’t know if he’s gone mask off or if he just developed ideologically.


But yeah, he defends ethno-nationalism now quite explicitly, which I think is great because he has about 100,000 followers on YouTube. But his YouTube is more about Jungian kind of psychoanalysis and Nietzsche and different philosophers and, …


Blair Cottrell: Well, can you get away with ethnic nationalism on YouTube? Or is that the kind of thing that will get you censored?


Joel Davis: Well, that’s the thing. Like, his videos are more about intellectual subjects or what have you. And he markets them quite well to get clicks. And he has some videos that do very well. He has like, 100,000 subscribers.


So obviously he’s been doing this for a while. But also on Twitter. He’s on Twitter. He’s quite explicit about his ethno-nationalism.


So anyway, we did a Twitter space together. We never had a chat before that was quite good. I thought we talked about the spiritual aspects of race and so on. So that was quite good.


And then I want to start doing more Twitter Spaces. Actually, after this show, I’m going to take a little break, maybe like 15 minutes, half an hour, and then I’m going to fire up a Twitter space, actually, with Pox Populi, who is from Europe, but he has an English accent, so presumably he’s English in some way.


But I think he lives in Europe. I don’t know exactly his full background. I’ve never spoken to him before either. But I appreciate his posting, and the articles that he writes sometimes at Counter-Currents. You know, he’s definitely a White nationalist. That’s very explicit. Smart guy, you know, good energy on social media. So that should be interesting conversation for us to have after this, if you’re interested. So I’ll be on, as I said, I’ll fire up on Twitter. I’ll post the link on my Telegram. But you can, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll see it.


I want to start doing more Twitter Spaces. I think Twitter, or X, as it’s now called, is a great medium for having some kinds of having conversations and basically reaching the audiences. And you know, obviously, we do things on Rumble. I did a stream a couple days ago on Rumble here with Steve Laws, who’s another White nationalist from the UK. Another great guy doing really well on social media, but also in real life. He actually is running for Parliament in the upcoming elections, but he’s been around for some time and has made a name for himself over there in their scene.


So that was an interesting conversation, and I appreciate what he does.


So, yeah, I’m trying to do have conversations with people around the world in the scene, from different countries, and I think it’s always good content. It’s always interesting. But, yeah, like, I think Twitter, actually, I’m going to look into if I can start broadcasting this show on Twitter, actually, as well, addition to the other platforms.


But I think the Twitter space is a great. Is a great platform. And also you can kind of bring the audience on at the end and, like, let them ask questions or make statements and be interactive. And that could be kind of shit sometimes because some people are retards and they don’t know how to be interesting when they speak. That’s why they’re in the audience, and they should probably stay in the audience. But sometimes people say interesting things and they can provoke a conversation.





Blair Cottrell: So that reminds me, are you keeping an eye on the Superchats? Because I’m not doing that. Are you doing that?


Joel Davis: No, I haven’t, but here we go. We got one from Fellow Comrade. He said:


“I think Joel has that nighttime dark energy. Blair is a student of the sun.”


Blair Cottrell: Yeah, maybe I run on emotion. I know I don’t seem like I do, but I’m an emotional creature. I’m an intuitive creature. And I become emotionally exhausted, whereas Joel runs on something else. I don’t know what it is, but it’s not emotion. [chuckling] So obviously, it’s a more consistent energy source that Joel has. I envy it in a way.


But the good thing about emotion is, I suppose, when you’re using emotion for energy, it’s kind of like attaching a supercharger onto your engine, the engine that is your body, that is your mind. It just sort of kicks it up that next level sometimes, and you can really create a significant impact in a short time.


But what are we going to talk about tonight? Have we got Tom jumping on with us at any point?


Joel Davis: Yeah, he is. He got held up by a personal matter that he’s dealing with. Yeah, like a kind of tragic circumstance happened to a mutual friend this week and he’s dealing with something to do with that. I don’t want to go into it on stream. But he’ll be on soon.


But I was going to say the first story this, well, he didn’t actually commit a terrorist attack, but it seems allegedly that he planned to. He was arrested. There was a manifesto spread around. The media reported on it. Newcastle in New South Wales was the location. Apparently he had a plan to behead a Labor party mp. And this guy in his manifesto stated that he wasn’t a White nationalist, but that he was Right-wing and that he kind of supported the Liberal Party but wasn’t associated with them. It was an interesting kind of story because basically he seemed to say that he was a conservative.


So we have a “conservative terrorist”, which is, I don’t think I’ve ever seen that before.


So I wanted to talk about that. But that’s something that I think we really want to do when Tom is here because that you can imagine that’s really his wheelhouse.


So before we get into that, another major story I guess, from the last few days was the Trump-Biden debate. And I can definitely feel you that Blair did not watch this debate because he doesn’t give a shit about American politics. [chuckling] But I didn’t watch the whole thing. I tuned into the second half of it while I was at work. I just listened to it. And then I saw some of the reaction on social media and I saw some of the clips. I’ll actually play a couple of them.


Basically the overall vibe of the debate was that Biden was, we all know that Biden is senile, but the state of him was just horrible in this debate. He looked totally befuddled. And he was just talking with this really like weak voice. Even by his standards, he seems cooked.


And the reaction from Leftists said it all. Because I saw all these Leftist influencers on social media freaking out on CNN. CNN hosted the debate. And it was interesting that CNN were fair. They were totally fair in the way that it was where the debate was moderated, which is what you would see in previous iterations of the Trump debates. And then CNN’s analysis afterwards and a lot of these other kind of Left-wing networks. All their analysis was about:


“How can we replace Biden with somebody else to go up against Trump? There’s no way he can beat him in this state. He looked horrible out there.”


And some people are even speculating that he was set out there to take a fall so they could sub somebody else in his place because he’s been tanking in the polls and Trump is polling ahead of Biden nationally in all the swing states.


Anyway, this is interesting to break down not just because of:


“Who’s going to win, Trump or Biden?”


But there’s more subtle elements, I think, to this story which I have a theory about or, … And I’ve spoken about on the show before, but I want to unpack it. And that actually impacts Australia as well. It’s not just about what’s happening in the United States.


And then I’ll throw that to Blair. But before I get into that, I’ll play a couple of these clips for those who haven’t seen him. And, I mean, it’s actually quite funny. Trump is a scam artist, in my view. Like, he’s a master rhetorician and he’s got a great charisma and persona. But he’s just a businessman. He has the logic of a businessman, which means everything is a deal, everything is up for negotiation. There’s no principles there, really. And so I don’t respect him.


But anyway, I’ll play the clip.

Biden: We get total bans on, … Total initiative, … We can do more border control and more and [word unclear] them off, …

Moderator: President Trump?

Trump: I really don’t know what he said at the end of that sentence. I don’t think he knows what he said either. Look., …

Joel Davis: Yeah, [chuckling] I said I don’t necessary respect Trump. But the guy is funny! The guy’s got a charisma. He’s got so much charisma that was., … [chuckling]




Blair Cottrell: That was to take advantage of a weak point in the other person’s sentence, very quickly. He’s listening and he’s looking for a way to just take advantage.


Joel Davis: Yeah, yeah. It’s quite funny. This, this also, I mean, the state of Biden, …


Biden: We need to do childcare. Elder care, making sure that we continue to strengthen our healthcare system, making sure that we’re able to make every single solitary person eligible for what I’ve been able to do with the Covid, … Excuse me, with dealing with everything we have to do with, … Look, csif we finally beat Medicare!

Moderator: Thank you, President Biden. President Trump?

Trump: Well, he’s right. He did beat Medicare. He beat it to death and he’s destroying Medicare! Because all of these people are coming in. They’re putting them on Medicare. They’re putting them on, …

Joel Davis: Yeah.


Blair Cottrell: Why did he say that? Why did he say “we beat”, did he mean to say:


“We beat Covid?”


Joel Davis: No. But, yeah, it was a total gaffe. He got muddled up with a few different points and mixed the words together. And the expressions on Trump’s face. He’s got such a hilarious face, the kind of, kind of way he postures and everything. It makes it quite comedic!


But overall, my impression of the debate, when I listen to it, Trump did do a good job of, he kept bringing a lot of issues back to the border and to not immigration legally. There’s a lot of controversy. A lot of Right-wingers are attacking Trump last week because he went on a podcast and talked about how America needs to bring more, basically make it easier for international students to stay in America and get work visas.


So I made the retort that the Democrat strategy is to import illegal Mexicans and the Republican strategy is to deport the Mexicans and replace them with Indians, because that’s basically you know, the same kinds of demographics of international students we get here, the Asians, the Indians and so on, the same ones they get in America, really. And Trump basically proposed saying:


“Well, anyone gets a degree here, they should just get work Visa rights and just be allowed to stay.”


And so a lot of people were criticizing him for that, just kind of swapping illegal immigration for legal immigration. You know, it’s still White genocide. It’s still demographic replacement. That’s not what people are voting for Trump for.


But anyway, he’s obviously known as being quite strong on the southern border and is committed to deporting the illegal immigrants in a kind of mass deportation scheme and closing up the southern border and so on.


So he was playing to his strength a lot, while Biden was just, I mean, the real story of the bit was how horrific Biden was.


But when I first turned on the debate, which is about halfway into the debate, they immediately started arguing about who is doing more for blacks. They were talking about immigration. Sorry, they were talking about economic issues. And Trump was saying:


“Oh like, the inflation, and the lack of jobs, it’s so bad for black families, it’s so bad for Hispanic families.”


Didn’t say White families! It’s all about black families and everything that he’s done for blacks. And:


“I did this when I was president for blacks and that for blacks!”


And then Biden’s like:


“No, I do more for blacks than you!”


And it was just like, ugh!


Blair Cottrell: Would it be accurate to say that Trump may already have the majority White vote? And so he doesn’t feel it’s necessary to really focus in on the White working class specifically. He’s trying to get the Hispanic and African, African-American vote. Maybe that’s why he’s going into bat for them.


Joel Davis: Yeah, obviously he’s been doing that the whole time. I mean, he’s been doing that the whole time. He’s trying to play to African-Americans. And in particular, the black vote for some reason, the whole time. Ever since he became president it’s been an obvious strategy. It seems to actually be working with recent polling.


But anyway, the point is that playing to them is one thing, but then he doesn’t play to the White voters. He, like, why can’t he say “White families” as well? Is he worried that if you say White families, that’s going to offend the black voters? The black voters, they don’t want him to say black families and White families. They want him to just say black families and not White families or something. And the Whites, you can just take their votes for granted:


“They’ll vote for me anyway.”


So, you know:


“Fuck them!”


I really don’t appreciate that attitude. So it’s quite obviously they were arguing over who is doing more for Israel and who defends Israel better than the other person and who takes care of blacks better than the other person. And there was this meme that was spread around, like, satirizing this before the debate. They literally did the meme.


So, yeah, overall, the debate was a kind of where it wasn’t comedic. I mean, there was one comedic part, actually where Trump was talking about how great he’s in great shape and how good he is at golf and all this stuff. And then Biden came back saying that:


“Oh, no, I had my handicapped down to a six and I’ll take you out to the golf course and I’ll beat you.”


And then Trump was kind of quite funny, dismissing Biden, saying:


“You know, I’ve seen your swing. It’s not a good swing. We’ve all seen your swing, it’s a terrible swing!”


And all this shit! It was actually kind of funny.





But that was like the, almost like the highlight of the debate was them arguing about golf. And it just shows the absolute state of American politics, that’s the level of discourse. But it was kind of quite funny, actually. But overall, the reason why I wanted to talk about this isn’t just analyzing these details as entertaining as some of this stuff was, but more to talk about what are the broader implications? Because Trump was behind Biden in the polls, up until basically October last year. When Israel goes to war with the Palestinians in October last year, then things start to flip. The media starts to flip. All of these legal cases and so on against Trump. They just kind of become de emphasized, and Trump just becomes kind of accepted by larger and larger portion of the American elite as a legitimate candidate again, after they had spent years saying that he should be put in jail, that he tried to overthrow the government in illegal insurrection. And the way that when he was president, it was like priority number one was getting him out of office.


The hostility of large portions of the media and American elite in general has really died down. Hundreds of millions of dollars worth of donations have come in from Zionist jews into the Trump campaign. Big, big money has come in in recent months!


And in addition, you’ve got the Elon Musk takeover of Twitter. It does seem as though that there’s a mood shift in a portion of the American elite, of, particularly the Zionist element, which is obviously quite a significant element of the American elite. Where, like I said, CNN were very fair in how they conducted this debate, and then they let the story be about how much Biden sucked.


They’ve taken the boot off the throat of Donald Trump. Why is this the case? My speculation, my view is that since Israel was attacked and we’re hearing stories now that Israel are planning to invade Lebanon and go to war with Hezbollah, there’s the [word unclear] that they have with Iran that they need America’s help with as well. We’ve got tensions rising in East Asia between China and Taiwan. That issue isn’t going anywhere. And my view is that if China do decide to invade Taiwan, that that means World War Three. The Americans will go to war with China under that circumstance.


And I can talk about why I think that’s definitely the case if people want to hear that. But that means we’re at war with China under those circumstances, and it’s World War Three. I don’t think it would necessarily be a ground war, depending on what happens with the Koreas. Maybe if North and South Korea have a ground war, we could end up putting ground troops to defend South Korea from North Korea. But I don’t really see much ground war be more a naval and air battle between US and China.


Blair Cottrell: It wouldn’t be ideal for Australia to be directly or by proxy at war with China. There’s a company in Australia that maintains all of our electrical infrastructure, power lines, power stations. This company is responsible for., … It’s the only company that’s actually allowed to repair power lines and, like, service power stations and keep the power in Australia going. The electricity. That company is called Zinfra. It’s Chinese owned. The Chinese own the rights and maintenance processes for all electricity. I don’t know if it’s Zinfra nationwide, but it’s Zinfra in Victoria, the state where we live.


I discovered that because a couple of friends of mine were working for Zinfra, and they discovered that China was the majority shareholder for the company.


So they’ve bought our electricity, you might say.


Joel Davis: Yeah, I mean, China owns all kinds of stuff. And not to mention they’re a number one trade partner. Various industries are dependent upon trade with China.


But the thing is, if we went to war with China, I see the Australian government would basically just seize a lot of these assets.


So a lot of companies and infrastructure that is owned by Chinese nationals or corporations would just be seized by the Australian government. Under those circumstances, there’s nothing that China could do to stop it! We would just use the war as a pretext to seize it all. So that is less of a concern.


Blair Cottrell: Might be a good thing to go to war with China then, in that case, because we could re nationalize some industry.


Joel Davis: I think it would ultimately be a net positive if war with China happens for quite a few reasons. But before I get into those reasons, that’s a controversial take. Obviously, there’s a lot in the pros and cons.


But before I get into that, the my overall theory of why Musk has maybe basically been allowed to buy Twitter and there’s been enough support that he’s been able to kind of entrench himself there, after there was a kind of reaction by the elite initially, he first took over. And why the media mood is shifting in the United States, why Trump is being accepted by the American elite largely as a legitimate candidate and treated more fairly, is, I think there’s a prevailing mood that if there’s going to be a war with China, you need patriotic Whites behind the state. And you’re not going to be able to get patriotic Whites behind the state if you have woke Leftism, basically running everything.




But if you can provide the kind of illusion that we’re winning, that conservative patriotism is coming back, and the border is getting shut down, and we’re going to wind back the excesses of wokeness. This year I’m sure everyone has noticed the Pride celebrations have been far weaker than in previous years. I haven’t really seen much to do with it being promoted that widely. Obviously, there’s still the gay community and it’s doing what it does, but it’s not at the same level of cultural saturation that it was in previous years. The LGBT pride stuff. I see that being wound back.


And I see a kind of a move with many elements of the American elite connected to the national security apparatus, like someone like Elon Musk, and connected to the Zionists, again, like Elon Musk, but other elites as well, obviously. That they are concerned about, well, how are we going to manage a war with China? How are we going to protect Israel if we have woke Leftists in charge? That the woke Left elite, like the people who run the Democrat Party or run the Labor Party in Australia, they support Israel because they’re bought off and manipulated by Zionist influence networks. But their entire base of support is anti-Israel.


And so they kind of got one hand tied behind their back in how much they can help Israel. And they provide concessions to Palestine and they provide a weaker level of support to Israel than what, if, you know, conservatives are in power, can do. Because their base is better propagandized into supporting zionism. Largely because they perceive the media narrative, does a very good job of presenting the pro-Palestine position as the Leftist position, and so they just take the opposite position.


But anyway, the point is that I can see Trump being allowed to win now precisely because of these dynamics. And that has major implications. Why would the American elite allow Trump to stroll into power after spending years trying to get him out of power, trying to obstruct his presidency, trying to put him in jail, trying to prevent him from running again? Why would they do all of that? And now they take the boot off the neck.


You know, there’s got to be a reason that doesn’t just happen by accident. I’m not saying they all sit in a room smoking cigars and all the jews get together and they’re like:


“What’s our next move?”


But it’s just a mood shift. It’s a vibe shift. I think Israel being attacked causes a shift in mood.


Blair Cottrell: What do you mean? You’re not suggesting that happens? That probably does happen. And Trump’s probably in there with them! [chuckling] I mean, certainly some hands have been shaken behind some closed doors. Obviously, this kind of shift in social politics doesn’t just happen. Sure, there is some organic nationalism, I think, resurging, resurfacings but I do think that there’s also an agenda laced in there, obviously.


I just don’t know. People like us, all we can do is speculate, right? All we can do is speculate and ride the wave and do the best we can to influence people in the direction we want them to think, the way we want them to think.


By the way, guys, I’m like, I wasn’t going to say anything, but I’m really under slept. I had a really bad sleep the last two nights in a row, and I feel my memories kind of like, overlapping each other.


So I’m going to let Joel, like, really drive this stream tonight. I’m only going to chime in on occasion because, yeah, I’m just really tired. But I’m staying with it and I’m paying attention, so don’t fear.


Joel Davis: Yeah, we’re just, we’re cruising. We’re just hanging out.


I got a few Entropy chats my Superchats one from Kay, who said:


“Shout out to all the racists in northeast Victoria and Riverina region. Our EAM [European Australian Movement] chapter is in the country’s fastest, is the fastest growing regional chapter in the country. Stop contemplating and step up to join us. We need you!”


I guess there’s a call to people who live basically in southern New South Wales or northern Victoria to get involved. They do have a chapter up there which is growing very quickly. Healer Waffen sent $10. He said:


“Hello from the USA. The most retarded thing a non-White has said to me was that it’s not possible for two blue eyed people to make a blue eyed baby!”


Yeah, well, that obviously is just retarded and wrong. I mean, both my parents have blue eyes, and so do I, so it’s obviously false. [chuckling] But so does, like, every other blue eyed person pretty much that now has two blue eyed parents.


Blair Cottrell: Sometimes you even see parents who both have brown eyes have a kid with blue eyes because of some genetic throwback.


Joel Davis: Yeah, of course it can happen.


And I think it’s like, if one has blue and one has green or brown, it’s like a 50-50, I think. But if two blue eyed parents have kids with each other, I think it’s like 99.9% of the kids have blue eyes or something. It’s like, or 100%. It’s like it almost never happens that you can get a non-blue eyed baby from two blue eyed parents. I believe.


Blair Cottrell: I wonder what the esoterics are around blue eyes?


I mean, there’s not many blue eyed people left in the world, in the scale of humanity.


And I wonder what ties into that. I suppose that’s something I’ll think a little bit about in the next week.




Joel Davis: Blue eyes enable your fellow man to see exactly where you’re looking. And so blue eyes reveal your will and intention to other human beings in a very explicit way. So blue eyes are an indication of a pure will, a pure intention! The Aryan is of a noble race. We have blue eyes because we have pure intent.


And this also, you know, it does count us all for the green eyed people, because it’s quite clear where a green eyed person is looking. And even Hazel eyes. A lot of Europeans have Hazel eyes. Hazel and brown, not the same. If you see someone from, like, India or Africa or something, that you can. They’re the brown eyes are, like, literally, like, so dark, they almost look black, right?


Whereas, like, if you see a European with so-called brown eyes, usually they’re Hazel. It’s a very light color. Sometimes it can be almost yellow. And that’s also very rare in the world. And that’s also only Europeans have that eye color, except for you can find some Indo Aryan, Indo-European migrations into the Middle East and so on, and northern Asia in general, and you’ll see lighter eyes pop up in those regions because of that.


But other than those exceptions or like a very White Hispanic or something, it’s because of the European genes, only, like, pure White Europeans have those lighter shades of eye color. All the other races, … And the exceptions that I gave are just people who are actually basically, like, majority European ancestry. So it’s still the same thing. Everyone of another race has just dark eyes.


Blair Cottrell: You could say the same about skin tone as well, Joel. Like, if, obviously, if you have a lighter skin tone, then it’s easier to see facial expressions.


And again, it’s easier to know the intent of the person. Maybe that’s why dogs are racist as well? Because I know that dogs read facial expressions when they’re looking at you. They’re trying to pick up as much information as possible. And dogs, just notoriously don’t like black people. They don’t trust black people unless if they’re raised by black people. I’m sure it’s different.


But I’ve had a couple of dogs, and they really didn’t like people with a darker colored skin. Probably just because they had the bias of being raised by a White family, maybe? Or it could be because they can’t read the facial expressions as well, because it is harder to see, especially if the lights failing. It’s harder to see what’s crossing through the eyes and the faces of people of darker complexion or darker eye color. Yeah, that’s a good point. I didn’t think of it that way.


Joel Davis: Yeah, it also shows genetic purity. Like, my blue eyes are an indication of the fact that I have, like millions of ancestors with blue eyes, that have that breed with other blue eyed people over literally like a million years to create me.


And so there’s pure breeding that creates me. Whereas someone that has dark eyes, there’s impure breeding to create that because anything can create that.


So, yeah, there’s a lot to this. One day, we could probably do like a whole, like 20 minutes., …


Blair Cottrell: I think Joel was just cut out. Unless that’s my Internet, that’s the problem. But usually lately, Joel’s Wi-Fi or Internet connection has been a little bit sketchy. So I’m sure he’ll be back in a moment or two. But these topics that we raise, these conversations, they’re always very interesting to me and this is the kind of stuff that I really like to get down into, to explore.


But I think Joel’s just re-emerging from the failing Australian Internet connection. Ever since the government took over., …


Joel Davis: Give me 10 seconds.


Blair Cottrell: Yeah, sure. Ever since the government took over management of Australian Internet with, what do they call it? NBN, National Broadband Network, I think. It just doesn’t work properly. And it’s just so stereotypical, right? The government takes over a formerly private sector and, like, can’t do the job as well or just can’t do it at all! [chuckling] That’s kind of what part of the reason why communism fails, I think because everyone who ends up running the country is some academic who did nothing but learn about life inside the four walls of a classroom. But that’s not going to teach you about agriculture. Like being a, you know, fifth generation farmer in that nation is going to teach you about agriculture.


So you’re back on, mate. You’re all good?


Joel Davis: Yeah, yeah. Sorry about that. I just switched to another connection.


But, yeah, one day in the future we’ll discuss, we’ll go deeper into the blue eye question, I think. Because, yeah, there’s a lot. There’s not a lot. There’s a small minority of people who are of southern European ancestry who see that me for being Chauvinistic about a kind of like, Celto-Germanic supremacist view that I have. A Nordicism, if you will., …


Blair Cottrell: You do have this view? Is that the view you have?


Joel Davis: Yeah, but the thing is that the populations of southern Europe, there are people in those populations that have more racial purity than people who are from, …


So you’ll see people, someone that could be from England, and you can just tell by looking at them that they’re less racially pure than someone that could be from Italy, but they look more Nordic, they look more northern European in their orientation.


Blair Cottrell: You say you can tell by looking at them. What is it about someone that indicates that they are less racially pure?


Joel Davis: What do you mean? You can just see if their traits show that they have some non-European ancestry that has bled in, and then also you have different host populations. So you’ve got the Indo-Aryans. I mean, you’ve got the kind of European farmers and so on.



artering. Like, it was kind of more like sharing, to be honest. But everyone had to till the same lands and live amongst one another and marry themselves off and their children off to one another’s sons and daughters. We had a culture that was built around a community that had to trust one another. If you mistreated somebody under those conditions, there was no getting away with it. Were optimized for being honest. Like then in the upper classes at this time, you’ve got medieval chivalry and these like the virtues of like honor, the European conception of kind of like these heroic romances that are like the stories of the Middle Ages and even the Renaissance. No other people have these traits where the European is predisposed to just being real, to being truthful, to our own detriment, it doesn’t matter, whereas these other races are like this, …


You look at National Socialism in Germany. To answer your original questions I remember sitting at the table with you when I came around for dinner one night and you were talking about your experiences when you read Mein Kampf. And what made Mein Kampf hit you different, you said, was because you opened it and you read it, and you were like:


“Wow! Like, he literally said everything he was gonna do. He published a book. Everyone in Germany read it, and then he did it. Like, that’s like, what politician does that? What politician says, this is exactly what I’m about. This is what I believe, and this is what I’m gonna do. Here’s my book on what I’m gonna do!”





Blair Cottrell: That almost never happens. Right?


Joel Davis: Exactly! That is what makes National Socialism different. Jews would never operate like this! Never! Because the jews, a merchant race, is a race that is optimized for scamming. It’s optimized for these limited interactions. And it’s a uprooted, diasporic race.


Okay, now they’ve got Israel and zionism, but that’s a very recent thing. For thousands of years, they were just traveling around, and how much can they extract out of an interaction until, basically they get kicked out, or someone gets wise to their shit and they move on to the next victim, and then to the next victim, and then to the next victim! That’s what they’re optimized for. They’re optimized for subversion, for deception and so on. So it’s completely different.


So when you say, like, what jews are very, like in-group loyal, and we need to become in-group loyal, and the National Socialism was all about Germans becoming in-group loyal, it’s like, yeah, okay. In that sense, it’s the same. But the methodology is totally different. Like, the way in which we honor our ingroup is not the same as how they operate. It just simply isn’t.


But we can learn from them in the sense that they practice in-group loyalty. And we can see the power of their in-group loyalty, but also their power comes from their deception. And that is something that will never really vibe with us. We have to walk the path of authenticity in order to bring Aryans together to take up a struggle, because that’s just how we’re wired.


Blair Cottrell: Right! Right. Let me chime in here because we’ve had a Superchat. That’s kind of important. It’s J. Parabellum wants you to check the chat for moderation purposes. I think we get the same people causing a bit of trouble in there. But while you sort that out, …


Joel Davis: White Power also said:


“Who were some other revolutionaries, politicians, etcetera, besides Hitler, that you guys are enthusiasts of?”


That’s a question that you can answer, I think.


Blair Cottrell: Oh, before I do, I was going to say, in regards to learning from jewish in-group preferencing, Hitler actually summarized it perfectly in Mein Kampf, he said:


“If there is only one race on the earth, one human race, …”


Meaning like one specific sub group, like Italian or German or jewish or something like that:


“If only one of those nation tribes is preserving its ethnic identity and none of the others are, then the one that is preserving its identity must eventually rise to become master of the world!”


Yeah, so we see there that there’s an effort to subvert ethnic consciousness among non-jewish races. While the jewish race retains its ethnic consciousness. Not just retains, it, protects, it, reinforces it always, you see? And that’s summarized in Mein Kampf by Hitler.


But I had something else I wanted to go on to, but because I haven’t slept properly, … The amount of work that goes into those vlogs, the video editing, I can see why people pay to get that done for them.


I mean, I would rather do it myself because I want to convey certain messages at certain times. I want to edit it the way I want it edited. But I was doing that for the better part of three days, and that was also shuffling clients around, working. That was a lot of work. I’ve been staring at a screen so long this week, I’m not used to that much screen time. My eyes are burning and, yeah, my memory is failing me a little bit. So the next point I’ll come up with later.


But what was the question we got before I started speaking?


Joel Davis: Did you have any, other than Hitler, who are some other politicians that you admire also in history? There’s another Superchat on Odysee, by the way. I’m just going to read it out. $14.88 from Goy Boy. He said:


“Greetings from the 04:30 am work crew in the USA. Keep up the good work down under, lads.”


I appreciate that. But, yeah, so who is another political figure or statesman that you admire other than Hitler?


Blair Cottrell: Do you say it? Robespierre? Maximilian Robespierre.


Joel Davis: Robespierre, yeah, yeah.


Blair Cottrell: Robespierre. French Revolution. Even though he was sort of pro-revolution in the beginning, he changed his tune towards the end because he was, as far as I understand it, he was of the understanding that after the revolution, that the French aristocracy would be made part of the new revolutionary government. They would just have a seat at the table, but other people would be elevated to a relevant position as well, so they would all be on an equal playing field.


When he realized that the revolution was actually being used to kill the French aristocracy, he tried to turn on the revolution and was guillotined himself.


I read that a while ago, so don’t hold me to that. I don’t know what source that came from exactly, but just that sort of understanding that you’ve been misled, that you supported perhaps the wrong movement. I don’t know. I like that about Robespierre.


I also like Napoleon, like the real Napoleon, not the one played by Jacquin Phoenix in that movie that really missed the mark. Napoleon’s got some really base takes. He was a good mathematician. He wasn’t even French either. He was born in Corsica, which I think is an island off the coast of France. Is that right?




Joel Davis: Yeah.


Blair Cottrell: Yeah. So that’s interesting about the former French emperor wasn’t even actually born in France, but close enough. I think maybe Corsica was French territory. I would say maybe not. I don’t know. They had their own army. I know that


Joel probably knows a lot more characters than I do, but off the top of my head, I don’t know. I’m a real Australian nationalist. I like my own history more than I do European history. I know a lot about European history because of what I learned about the Second World War as a young scamp.


But I was actually recently watching a video on YouTube. There was about someone. He was going through the notes that were written down by Irvin Rommel, who was one of the generals. One of Hitler’s generals, I think, for the German army.


Joel Davis: Yeah. He led the African theater. He led the Germans in, …


Blair Cottrell: Yeah. And he had some interactions with Australian soldiers.


Joel Davis: They fought us, we fought them in North Africa.


Blair Cottrell: Yeah! But he really admired the Australian soldiers. And he made several notes in his diary, which made me feel quite proud to be Australian.


Firstly, that Australian men were seemingly larger and stronger than other soldiers of different countries, specifically the Italians. That we didn’t take prisoners. And so the Germans preferred not to fight us. Some of his soldiers actually asked him:


“Do we really have to go and fight the Australians? You know, can’t we go onto this other front?”


No one wanted to fight the Aussies! They were difficult to beat. And he actually took a photo himself that could have been problematic for him because it was during a charge or some sort of hostility between the Germans and the Australians.


And he admired the Australians so much that he actually pulled a camera out and took a photo of some of them fighting so he could take it back. And his son or his great grandson or something, still has that photo to this day.


It was a cool video, and it made you realize, or what made me realize that we have a real powerful history in Australia. Like, we’re a respected nation. We were a strong nation, strong policies when we were first in our infancy. Still a young nation, too.


So the damage that’s been done to our country, it’s a shame, but I don’t think it’s irreversible. Even hardened Nazi generals acknowledged that Australians were strong, rigorous, formidable enemies!


So that’s really something to behold.


Joel Davis: Yeah. I think Napoleon, interesting, undoubtedly Napoleon was an incredible strategist and Machiavellian operator. Politically and militarily. He’s one of the great military strategists period, in human history. But there is considerable evidence that he was funded by jewish elements. The ultimate impact that he had on Europe, I think, was negative. I think he developed, he was an accelerating figure towards the destruction of the old world, European aristocracies and so on.


And, yeah, I think he was ultimately destructive in European history. And he didn’t seem to actually really have any ethos fundamentally guiding him. It was just this kind of personal ascension to grandiosity and the deployment of strategy to be a kind of just vehicle of, yeah, just pure, …


Blair Cottrell: Your’re saying fundamentally he was always fighting for himself!


Joel Davis: Yeah. And I mean, you could, you could admire that in a certain way. I mean, obviously he’s a great man! Obviously he’s a great man! But at the same time, he wasn’t like he then could be used by other elements because, … It’s similar to the issue with Trump. Trump is nowhere near as great of a man as Napoleon.


But it’s similar in the sense that anyone can kind of buy a piece of Trump. Because for Trump, it’s about just kind of getting the job done.


Whereas that’s the difference between these figures and Hitler. Hitler was an uncompromising, pure ideologue! A man of heart and vision! It wasn’t about Hitler, it was about Germany, it was about the Aryan race. And that’s what kind of sets him apart from anyone else in modern history.


When you look at great figures of ancient history like Alexander the Great, or someone like that you see these similar traits, though, like a Napoleon, where it’s not really about an ethos, it’s about, …


Blair Cottrell: Ego.


Joel Davis: Just the kind of grandiose personal development.


And you know, again, I’m not going to stand in moral condemnation, because that’s just kind of how things are. There’s a lot of people like that in history. And the only crime of an Alexander the Great, or a Napoleon, is that they’re just like exceptional men. So they were able to go further than anyone else.


But that’s just, again, that’s just why, to me, like, Hitler stands apart. And it’s very hard to even compare another figure to him, because Hitler seemed to be kind of gripped by this spiritual conviction that was guiding his behavior that was totally transcendent.


Carl Jung thought that Wotan, or Odin incarnated in Hitler, that Hitler was just possessed by Wotan from his Germanic blood memory. That he was a pure force of the unconscious. He was the collective German unconscious or Aryan unconscious, as opposed to just being a mere mortal, basically. He was immortal, obviously not in his body, in spirit. You know, that actually kind of makes a lot of sense to me, to be honest. And I don’t think you could say the same about all of these other figures.





Blair Cottrell: I think you get corrupted by the world and the people in it. I think we’re all pure in the beginning. And you start to see that subversive activities, dishonesty, lies, that can produce results.


And if you become results focused, then everything is just a means to an end. Everything’s a means to an end, and there’s nothing you won’t do to get to that end. You see that that works for other people, specifically in politics. And so you become tainted by those same habits.


But earlier on you said that I was remarking how honest Hitler was when he wrote his book in Landsberg prison, 1923, Mein Kampf, which means “My Struggle” or “My Fight”, was one of the first pieces of political philosophy I ever read.


But it’s more of an instructional. I don’t even really like to call it philosophy. It’s more of an instructional manual on how to take over Germany of that time and how he was going to do it and why he was going to do it.


And one of the parts that really stood out as incredible honesty was how he described propaganda. Basically, what he said in his chapter, War Propaganda, was:


“You, the average German citizen, have a small capacity for understanding. You’re not very good at thinking very deeply or very much. So we have to create simplistic, easy to understand slogans for you, and we have to put on a big spectacle to keep your attention and to keep you believing.”


“And so that’s what we’re going to do, and it’s going to work. We need to do it because we need to win! This is the way to win!”


So basically, he was telling people that they weren’t that clever, and that they needed to be managed in such a way, the material had to be adjusted to their capacity for understanding. And people read that, Germans, because it was the one of the most popular books in Germany at the time, Mein Kampf, I think, second only to the Bible. Germans were reading that and saying:


“Yep, okay, sounds right!”


You know what I mean?


Like, I don’t think any other politician, I don’t think any other revolutionary has actually explained to his own followers what propaganda is, how he’s going to use it, and why they just use propaganda and hope that people won’t actually notice what they’re doing or they can’t be bothered explaining it, or they think it’ll offend people and so they try to hide their intentions.


So when I said that, I was impressed by the honesty, or not really impressed, just almost bewildered by the honesty and the fact that that produced results, you know, that’s what I meant specifically.


Joel Davis: Yeah. I think Tom was held up when that call, but he’s going to jump on briefly here because I want to discuss, here he is. Hey, Tom, how you doing, man?


I want to segue, actually wanted to talk a little bit about war with China. Maybe I could save that to the end if we have some time building off what I was saying before about, I think ZOG kind of permitting the right to reassert itself a little bit to maybe galvanize patriotic elements behind wars potentially for Israel or against China in the coming years.


But before we get into that, I want to talk about this is the biggest story in Australia in recent days, and the media hasn’t talked about it that much? I guess it doesn’t really fit their narrative too well, but it was discussed. This is The Noticer article, as opposed to giving you the mainstream media article.


So Liberal Party supporter, because his manifesto, I did skim through it, he did state that he sympathized with the Liberal Party:


“19 year old guy from Newcastle in New South Wales charged over alleged failed terrorist attack.”


I’ll just read from the article here, quote:


“A teenager who allegedly intended to kill a Labor politician.”


He said in his manifesto, by the way, he wanted to behead him:


“In a failed attempted terrorist attack in Newcastle, allegedly expressed his support for Liberal Party in a manifesto published online. Jordan Patten, 19, appeared by audio visual link in Newcastle Local Court on Thursday morning charged with a single count of other acts done in preparation for or planning for a terrorist attack. Patten, from Raymond Terrace, New South Wales, was arrested at 01:35 pm after allegedly traveling to Labor MP Tim Crakanthorp’s office in tactical gear armed with knives. The court heard Patten was accused of going to the MP’s office, quote, ‘with intent to kill him due to his position as a Member of Parliament and in preparation of planning a terror attack’. He allegedly livestreamed himself entering Mr Cackanthorp’s office before leaving again and walking to the Newcastle museum. Police then alleged that he left the museum and ended the stream before being arrested by officers with tasers nearby., … Noticer News understands that the 205 page manifesto allegedly written by Patten, the author claimed to be Right-wing, but not a White nationalist, or a nationalist. Allegedly stated he was not a member of any groups or political movements, but like the Liberal Party. Police alleged the manifesto expressed extreme hatred for the Labor Party and intentions to kill Labor politicians and alleged that Patten admitted to being the author. The Daily Telegraph has reported. He also allegedly wrote long passages about the Iraq war, the Solomon Islands, war crimes, pedophilia, gender ideology, and on Left and Right politics. Referring to the police facts, acting magistrate Anthony Spence told the court there were strong Overtones of mental health issues.”


But yeah, basically, I skimmed over this and my, …


Blair Cottrell: Hang on a second! Who is this guy? What’s his name?




Joel Davis: The attempted failed terrorist? Terrorist? What was his name again? It was. I just closed the article. One second. He’s a White Aussie, if that’s what you’re after.


Blair Cottrell: Where is he from?


Joel Davis: Raymond Terrace, which is New South Wales. Newcastle is like 2 hours north of Sydney.


Blair Cottrell: Okay. I just recognized that little advertisement on the side there. Australian Sporting Care or something. I think I know the guy who runs that company and I’m thinking, what’s that doing there? It’s not him. That was the expected terrorist, was it? [chuckling]


Joel Davis: No, no, no! It’s just an ad on The Noticer website.


Blair Cottrell: Okay, right, right. Okay.


Joel Davis: But yeah, I skimmed over. I didn’t, obviously, it’s a 205 page manifesto. The guy is pretty unintelligent and a lot of it was quite rambling. So it was pretty tedious.


And it had long diatribes about very banal political analysis. Just talking about how, you know, women out of control with the OnlyFans these days. And Sky News is taken over by Zionist. And his Twitter, alleged Twitter account, you can see that he’s following a bunch of these anti-zionist accounts, retweeting them, and he’s following a lot of edgy conservative accounts, but not proper White nationalist accounts. And he had a whole section talking about White nationalists and how White nationalists were all losers apparently we’ve already lost, so we just need to get over it. And he did acknowledge that anti-White racism is permitted, but within that kind of civic nationalist, conservative framework of like:


“Oh, so you can be racist against White people, but you can’t be racist against non-Whites.”


And then he even said in preparation for his attack that:


“Oh, I’m going to be attacking a White person. The media will probably call me racist even though I’m a White person. Attacking a White person. How ridiculous is that?”


So this guy literally seems to be like a civic nationalist, like a kind of, I would say someone who would maybe vote for One Nation or something, but with the kind of flipped position on Israel. I guess they’re a younger guy online and younger Right-wingers are more anti-Israel because of how the social media landscape has changed discussion around that issue in Right-wing spaces.


But other than that, he’s pretty straight down the line, like, standard conservative on most issues. And that’s not someone that is stereotypically predisposed to engaging in terrorism.


Blair Cottrell: No. Definitely not.


Joel Davis: So it’s quite interesting. And the media, I think, at first tried to call him a neo-Nazi and then changed because they realized that was inaccurate, wouldn’t stick.


And so the story is kind of dissipated. But what I said initially was if he didn’t condemn White nationalism and they could pin White nationalism on him, this would be the number one story in the country. They’d be saying they need to go after us and that we need to be shut down and that we’re responsible in some way. But when he said that he likes the Liberal Party and so on, there’s no:


“Liberal Party is encouraging extremism, and conservatism is an extremist, or classical liberalism is an extremist ideology that leads to terrorism and all this stuff!”


No one is saying that, obviously. And it would seem absurd! It just shows how absurd their narrative is when it’s directed towards us.


That if even some lunatic who purports to have White nationalist sympathies goes and does a terrorist attack, it doesn’t mean. It doesn’t mean anything with respect to what our ideology is in the same respect as anyone committing terrorism above any ideology does, because the act of terrorism is not contained in any of these specific ideologies. It’s a totally independent vector.


And also the way that the state has responded to this, it just shows that they don’t care about “extremism leading to terrorism” or anything like that in an authentic way. They just use this as a pretext to go after ideological opposition. It’s not actually about stopping terrorism.


Blair Cottrell: Do, you know, anything about this story, Tom? Have you heard about this yet? You’ve been pretty busy this week, so, …


Thomas Sewell: Yeah, I read the story. To me, it just as soon as the story came out, I thought to myself:


“Okay, let’s consider the facts.”


So I’m not sure if Joel is allowed to put up the photos or if the media has already done it. But there’s photos of his kit. His terrorist kit already.


Blair Cottrell: I was going to ask you. Did you see any equipment he had? And how serious was he based on your observation?


Thomas Sewell: He had like a eight dollar Craftright hammer. You know, like the worst, cheapest, shittiest brand. Like, you walk into Bunnings and you say, could I have your cheapest, shittiest brand of hammer?


Blair Cottrell: The kind of hammer that You’d be laughed off the site. Or like if you actually walked on a job site with a hammer like that.


Thomas Sewell: You wouldn’t be allowed on a job site unless you were just like kind of hitting old rusty nails out of like used to 45, 90 planks. Yeah. And then he had like a PVC saw or like a really crappy wood saw. I used one of those to cut PVC when I put it in sumps or do downpipes.




So he was ready to do downpipes. He had his kit ready. He was ready to hammer in some nails and cut some PVC.


So this person’s obviously really mentally ill. My other initial thoughts were. And completely unprepared. So there was like a kitchen knife. But again, why would you use a kitchen knife? That’s just ridiculous!


And Liberal Party, they’re just not sending their best these days! Liberal Party terrorists are not very good terrorists. They’re very, very poorly organized. The Liberal Party should definitely consider what it’s doing with that!


But also, I just want to remind everyone that the Australian Federal Police got caught recently grooming a 13 year old mentally retarded Muslim boy to commit a terror attack. And we’re in the middle of a Senate inquiry at the moment into Right-wing extremism. This guy could be considered broadly Right-wing. He’s definitely not a White nationalist. He’s definitely not National Socialist, and he’s not a member of any of our organizations.


And another thing that I’d like to mention, I’m not sure if you’ve already covered on stream, is we all got a direct message on Telegram recently from a journalist from the Australian, Alexi Dematraities [sp]. And I think he’s a Greek male. And he, because Alexi, when I got the message out, I was like:


“It must be a woman journalist.”


But no, I think it’s a Greek guy. And he messaged us about a day before this terror attack, saying, basically:


“Do you agree or do you, ..?”


I mean, I’ll just read out the message, unless Joel wants to put it up.


Blair Cottrell: I’m just thinking, Tom, while you find the message, because he must watch our streams.

Thomas Sewell: He does, he does.

Blair Cottrell: Because he asks questions pertaining to the streams. We’ve triggered him! We’ve triggered him with our anti-medi, anti-Greek rants a couple of weeks ago, and now he’s going after us. Now he’s on our asses, guys! [chuckling]


Thomas Sewell: Maybe. But yeah, I can read it out here. He says:


“Hi, Alexi here from the Australian newspaper.”


And this was sent June 25th. So that was on Tuesday. I believe this terror attack, or fake terror attack happened on the 26th. So he says:


“Doing a story on tomorrow’s edition of on the NSN, EAM rhetoric from certain figures in recent months. Keen to ensure we include any right of response, that you are keen to provide. Some questions below any issues, contact me Alexi dot au. Can receive and include any response that come via Telegram. Would need to be back by 05:30 pm on the Tuesday.”


So the whole premise of this journalist contacting us was that Wednesday morning they were planning on doing a story in the paper on how we’re a threat to society, how our organization and our community, and specifically here it says, “The Joel and Blair Show” are part of the Senate inquiry. So he says:


“Do you stand by any messages or posts you publish on Telegram? Question two, do you stand by any statements or comments aired on The Joel and Blair Show? Question three, do you disagree with submissions to a Senate hearing and experts that the movement and groups remained a “concern and a threat”?”


In quotation marks:


“Question four, do you stand by your attendance at Hitler birthday party? Question five, anything at all to note across this topic and issue?”


And so this was meant to be published on Wednesday.


And I actually went down to the service station on Wednesday to get a newspaper. And I found the Australian. And the first, like ten articles in the Australian were more or less about geopolitics, about our relationship with Israel, about our relationship with America, about our pending war with China. That was one of the editorial pieces. About how Senators are crossing the floor to vote in line with Palestinian humanitarianism.




“War is happening in Ukraine, in Israel and Palestine, potentially with China, and we’re not ready.”


And that’s what the main sort of ten articles were about:


“We’re not unified and we’re not ready.”


And it’s interesting that they didn’t publish a piece on these threatening young White men that are Australian, that are pro-Australia alongside. Because that would have been great news, wouldn’t it? If you’re a boomer and you’re opening the paper and you’re like:


“Well, hang on a minute. They’re saying we’re not ready for war with China and there’s all this destabilization, the Middle East and Europe, and then here are some young guys training and there’s a Senate inquiry into these young guys going to the gym?”


You know, I think that would be almost, … The contradictions would be heightened a bit too much.


So I think they put a pause on the article and didn’t release it on Wednesday. But I’m surprised that they haven’t published it as of Thursday because that would have been in line with this fake terror attack.


The last thing I’ll say on the subject, other than why would you bring a PVC saw to a terror attack, is he didn’t do a terror attack! But it’s treated as one anyway. Why was counter-terrorism there? How were they there and why didn’t they stop him beforehand?


So they let him walk in to the place and then they arrested him when he left without hurting anyone. So they wanted him to do it! Counter terrorism watched a man armed., … Oh, we’ve got the photo up. Excellent! They watched a man armed with a PVC saw, a kitchen knife, …


Joel Davis: Look at this knife. You’re not doing crap all with this knife.


Thomas Sewell: And a Craftright hammer. Counterterrorism watched him walk into multiple buildings. They watched him walk into an MP’s office and they arrested him after the fact! Doesn’t that tell you something? I’ll leave it at that.


Blair Cottrell: That’s a weird, that’s a shit looking kit! Like, what are you gonna do with that? You can’t even fix anything with that, there’s there’s no reason, …





Thomas Sewell: Someone said online, and I don’t endorse this comment, but someone said online that it’s thewish.comBT, and I won’t expand on that.


Joel Davis: Yeah, it’s the shittest terrorist of all time. But his manifesto sucked, too. And it was like he couldn’t even be fucked finishing it properly. So the first part, he tried a little bit more to have punctuation, and then the second half of the manifesto, like, there’s no punctuation or capital letters. And he kept writing, youse, like, YOUSE, like it’s a word.


Blair Cottrell: Maybe he was getting angry and he felt like he was just, …


Joel Davis: Just like an 85 IQ retard stream of consciousness. Like, it was really. Yeah, it was really weak and, I don’t know what he was expecting to do with this equipment. Also he went in and then left. So he went into the place where he was allegedly going to carry out this attack or plan to.


So what happened? Did he just puss out or something? And then he went to the museum. Why did he go to the museum for? In full tactical gear?


Blair Cottrell: Maybe he had a change of heart and wanted to eradicate some White history? But maybe, you know how can you commit to a, like, something like a terrorist act when you’re a conservative? I mean, you got half a foot in one way and half a foot out the other.


But it’s just, it seems very strange, man. This is all very strange. It’s weird! I don’t know if it’s a psyop. People in the comments are saying it’s a psyop. Could be. This guy could have been helped into the position he got himself into?


Thomas Sewell: Counter-terrorism was there watching him walk into an MP’s office. And the fact that the Australian Federal police recently got caught grooming a retarded Muslim, which is kind of a tautology. But anyway.


To me, it’s obvious that this guy was in the wrong Telegram chats where federal agents sit there grooming autistic retards. And they don’t groom them for active clubs:


“No, no, no! Don’t try and train. Don’t do anything productive with your life. No, don’t get in the garden or get a trade or get a job or do activism or larp. Don’t do that. No, no, no! Just operate in small teams of two to three men, buy all this equipment!”


And that’s what these people in these group chats are saying:


“Don’t get involved! No, no! It’ll put you on the radar. But if you just operate solo, then counter-terrorism won’t be waiting for you!”


And yet it’s in fact the exact opposite.


Joel Davis: It was actually admitted by, … Which official was it? Whether it was Mike Burgess himself, or some other official from the intelligence community. But they said:


“What they’re afraid of with so-called Right-wing extremist terrorism. The threat is not actually that anyone from our organization will do anything, but that a lone wolf who will get frustrated at our lack of progress will go and do something stupid. They’ll get so demoralized and they’ll become isolated and that they will do something independently of us.”


So what he’s tacitly admitting is that the people in our organization, we actually maintain discipline to prevent them from doing a terrorist attack.


So he’s saying the actual opposite, that we are not a terrorist threat, but the opposite that we lower the terrorist threat by our existence. That was a funny thing that I remember we talked about on the show when those remarks were made.


Thomas Sewell: Well, we don’t gain anything from terrorism. We don’t gain from people doing terrorism, we lose. Yeah, we want serious political change. And just little one off farts in the wind aren’t going to make that change. We want to build a large political organization that has many multifaceted working parts. Thousands, tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of members, families, businesses, resources, land, you know, training, culture, everything!


Blair Cottrell: It’s a lifestyle. It’s a multi generational lifestyle.


Thomas Sewell: Exactly!


Blair Cottrell: Like we’re controversial now, but eventually we promote, live and promote a certain lifestyle until that lifestyle becomes the norm for the nation. Right? And that is a multi generational process, right? That’s what you’re saying.


Thomas Sewell: Absolutely!


Blair Cottrell: I’ve got a feeling that that journalist might not publish that article he was originally going to write. It might just be a bit too spicy because he sent me the same message that you read out just before.


But what he asked me about specifically is he said:


“Do you stand by comments you made on The Joel and Blair Show stating that the Holocaust was fake and didn’t seem mathematically possible?”


And in response to that, I just doubled down. I said:


“Yeah, well, yeah, of course I stand by that.”


I said:


“The logistics are impossible. And the evidence just isn’t there! So I think it’s war propaganda, meaning it’s either wildly exaggerated or completely made up, because the logistics are impossible. And there’s no evidence.”


That was my response. If they print that in a newspaper, man, that’s pretty spicy, and he might get in some trouble there. [chuckling] I reckon that went to the editor, and editor’s like:


“You can’t publish that!”


Joel Davis: Yeah, a lot of people read that and:


“Oh, that’s a good point!”


But moreover, it’s ridiculous you can’t have an opinion on a historical event. Like, let’s say, I think you’re correct, but let’s say you’re wrong. So what? Why can’t you have a historical opinion? I mean they made a historical opinion, a question of morality, that it’s, like, immoral to speculate upon a historical event, whether it happened or not. That’s not immoral! It’s just a it’s a factual question. How can it be a moral question? It’s a factual question! I don’t think the moral question is totally separate from that.


Blair Cottrell: No one actually believes it’s immoral. There’s certain people that are just worried about the facts that may be uncovered if people do ask too many questions about that particular event in history.







Joel Davis: But I want to touch on the notion of war with China, because I kind of set that up earlier. And Tom also set up the issue with his statement, talking about how:


“Oh, well, he opened up the paper expecting to see an article about our show because this journalist from the Australian was asking us questions.”


And then instead of getting an article, he gets ten articles about potential war with China and our lack of preparedness for war with China.


And I was saying earlier, I think that the boot has been taken off the neck of Trump, not just for the sake of defending Israel, but also for the sake of preparing patriotic elements in the West to be readying patriotic elements to fight China. Bringing them back on side. Wokeness has to be wound back in order to bring them back to the table.


And I think a lot of people say:


“Oh, we won’t fight China!”


Well, the thing is that it’s actually not up to us, it’s up to China.


So there’s a current status quo in the region, and that status quo is only going to be disturbed by China invading Taiwan. So if China make the decision to invade Taiwan, that’s the trigger. It’s nothing that the American government does, the Australian government does. We’re already committed to defending Taiwan, allying with America to defend Taiwan. They’re committed to defending Taiwan. They have to be committed to defending Taiwan, because it’s the basic commitment that holds together all their other alliances in the region. Their alliance with Japan, their alliance with the Philippines, their alliance with South Korea, and so on.


It’s all dependent upon the idea that the Americans would be willing to go to war to prevent Chinese expansion.


So America is fully committed. China is the rising potential superpower. The American logic is, if we don’t fight them over Taiwan, we’re going to have to end up fighting them somewhere else in a less mutually, a less relatively advantageous position. So they’d rather fight them over Taiwan than fight them later over Japan or over somewhere in South America, potentially, if China was to take over Asia.


So they would rather have the fight in China’s backyard, and the fight would largely be a naval and air battle. It would basically be the US Navy and their allied navies, including our navy, trying to navally blockade China. To shut down all of China’s trade with the rest of the world through blockading all the trade routes, the ocean trade routes, which are vital to China’s economy, would induce a famine.


But moreover, they’re just going to just blow up as much shit in China as they possibly can.


Meanwhile, the Chinese will try and blow up all of America’s navy and air force. Japan will probably get bombed. A second Korean war could break out, potentially, which could mean ground forces.


So that’s something to be concerned about. If you’re a younger man, you could get drafted to fight in Korea war two while this is happening.


But other than that, I wouldn’t anticipate too much of a ground battle. I think it would be mostly an air and naval battle, and the American logic as:


“Yes, we could get our entire navy and air force blown up, but China would get its entire economy just utterly destroyed!”


A mass famine. Tens of millions of people would starve to death. Their economy, 50% of it, would just fall away overnight. It would get shunted back decades. And America would take a hit, but they’d take a 10% hit and China would take a 60% hit, and they would say:


“Well, overall, that works out net positive for us, because they’re the only country in the world that’s even close to competing with us.”


I think that also contextualizes why Trump is saying that he wants to negotiate peace with the Russians, because I think the Americans want to finish the Ukraine issue and get it sorted and completed before anything breaks out with China so that they can try and neutralize Russia and try and make Russia more of a neutral party rather than be trying to fight two fronts at the same time.


So I think that explains, like, Trump’s statements and foreign policy and why there’s probably a large element of the American elite that is behind him.


But also it might also explain why things might start to shift in the way that the media is reporting on things in coming years. You might start to notice “wokeness”, quote, unquote, getting attacked more. You might notice a kind of a Right-wing vibe shift start to set in. And we’ll see if it plays out as I’m describing. But I’m already starting to see the signs that it is already starting to play out. And I think, and that isn’t necessarily because of some grandiose conspiracy, but just like, a general mood shift in the elite as they’re coming to terms with the reality that they need to have more patriotic Right-wing sentiment in order to confront the challenges that they have globally.


So do you guys, particularly Tom, you just come on! Do you agree with that assessment or what do you think?




Thomas Sewell: Yeah, I’ve unfortunately got a head off for reasons that you guys understand, but the audience doesn’t need to know.


But, yeah, I do agree with the sentiment. And, yeah, it’s why we’re seeing White men in military recruitment ads. Like, it’s obvious that war is inevitable with China. And it will happen between now and, 2030. Yeah, they will probably wrap up the Ukraine, Russia thing as soon as Trump is elected. But that doesn’t mean anything. The world is completely destabilizing, and it’s destabilizing it at record speed.


And I think, as we discussed last night, Joel, we should just work towards getting India and Pakistan to nuke each other. That should be our geopolitical strategy.


And then we can have total pajeet annihilation and go back to just living in the land of milk and honey without being annoyed!


But anyway, unfortunately, I have to head off. I’d love to have a chat about deep geopolitical subjects. And it was a very important day today with the senile debate with Trump and Biden.


But, yeah, I’ve done enough talking. I’ll see you guys later.


Blair Cottrell: Take care, mate.


Thomas Sewell: Thanks.


Joel Davis: Yeah, we had, yeah. Sorry about Tom having a go. The community had a tragic circumstance. We’re all okay, but tragic circumstance. And Tom is the leader of the community. Yeah, it falls on his shoulders when things like that happen.


But anyway, yeah, the I think Tom basically agrees with my assessment.


Do you feel a little bit of that shift, Blair, because you kind of have your finger on the pulse of the energy. Do you feel the vibe shift? I think Australia is lagging a little bit behind where it is in America. I think America is a bit ahead of the curve because that’s the center of the empire, the center of power, and it takes a little bit of time for the cultural shift in America to fully kind of like download into the Australian elite and then disseminate down to our population.


But how do you see it?


Blair Cottrell: There’s definitely a shift taking place, and it seems like that’s fundamental patriotism that, as you explained, is necessary to deal with the problems that we face these days. Even if it’s just to get people to join police and defense force. I think it’s coming back. I think there’s going to be more of a shift towards that. And I feel that the people are ready to accept that.


The people are kind of almost yearning for that, especially down here in Australia. There is no longer a strong amongst ordinary working class people, there’s not a strong sense of national identity in Australia anymore, at least not down here in Melbourne. I can say that there’s still some, you know, remnants of that old, vigorous Australian patriotism up in Queensland. I witnessed it myself when I was up there on the weekend.


But it’s very tied into the north and the beaches. I think there’s something to do with the Australian beaches that that old Australian patriotism, that Aussie pride, it pertains to the beaches and beach culture for some reason. And maybe that’s why down here in Melbourne, it was easier to, how should I describe, expurgate national pride from the working people. Because we don’t really have a strong beach culture down here in Melbourne. The beach culture in New South Wales and Queensland is a lot stronger.


But in essence, what I’m saying is I do feel that there is a shift about to take place. To me, it feels like we’re in the preliminary period before a major social shift where the way things were, they’re not going to be that way anymore. We’re not going to have that radical Left, just free reign in the institutions, banning who they want, saying what they want and getting away with it.


There’s going to be a little bit more nuance. There’s going to be a little bit more of a resurgence of the nationalistic spirit and a bit more representation. It might not be legitimate representation at first. There’s going to be people who are working for other people. There’s going to be people with specific interests, personal interests, even if it’s just their own egos. Obviously, that’s just what we deal with on a daily basis in politics. But what I can say is there is a feeling that something’s about to change and it’s going to change around the world. I think.


Joel Davis: Yeah, I think there’s a lot of interesting little signs that I’m seeing. One is there was polling that has been done on, in America on attitudes to gay marriage.


And over the last few years, gay marriage has been turning around the other way. So you have, like, from the beginning of the polling to a few years ago, gay marriage gets more and more popular every year. So in the nineties, like, only, like a third of Americans support a gay marriage. And by 2019, two thirds of Americans support gay marriage.


And now it’s only going back by a few percentage points, but it’s going back the other direction the last couple of years. And, yeah, I think that there’s a sense that liberalism and this constant progressive agenda of making, of kind of expanding the scope of acceptance and new victim categories and so on, there’s a collective exhaustion. I think it basically ran up to a kind of limit, and now it’s kind of bouncing back the other direction.


And I think that that’s a prevailing sense. There’s a certain organic element to that.


But then, in addition, you have these geopolitical realities, which are what they are. Like, the reality of China is what it is. It can’t be avoided. Jews run America more or less, and they have their designs, and they would like America to be as unpatriotic as possible because they’re kind of afraid of a White American patriotic sentiment as turning against them potentially and usurping their power.




But at the same time, in order for them to run the world, they need America to run the world. So they need, and for America to keep running the world, you need a certain amount of American patriotism. So they have to balance these two forces. They can’t go all in on just hard Leftism in order to keep the show on the road.


And, like someone like Elon Musk or whatever, he’s obviously not our guy, but I think he’s realized, well, if we want to have America leading the world and all this technological development and a space program and all of this stuff, well, we can’t have, like, black women, diversity hires running everything because then every system will break down. We need to have White men running shit again. We have to get rid of wokeness if we want the American system to be functional again and achieve some of his ambitions, technological ambitions or whatever.


I think he’s like a Reddit bug man that assesses the world in terms of technological development rather than anything more spiritually meaningful. And I don’t like that.


But nevertheless, I think it’s a realistic viewpoint to come to.


And I think the same thing for the jews that care about zionism. They’ve realized:


“Well, the entire project of Israel is kind of dependent upon American power projection. If we completely destroy America with diversity and inclusion and wokeness or whatever, taken to its ultimate limit because we want to prevent White Americans from reasserting themselves, well, then we’re going to end up, the parasite will destroy the host. And if America goes, we go. They’re the only thing protecting us from the Muslims!”


So I think a lot of these realizations have started to set in and different elements of the elite. And if they soften their attitude towards patriotism and towards the Right, it just organically re-emerges because it’s the organic state of things. It’s only held back by elite repression.


All they have to do is just kind of soften the repression and it just comes back. They don’t even have to actively bring it back.


But in some cases they probably will actively bring back kind of like pseudo nationalist controlled opposition movements that are to the right of what currently exists.


And we’re going to start seeing them pop up more and more.


Blair Cottrell: That’s why they say “no rest for the wicked”, right? If what you believe is fundamentally flawed or wrong, and you still want that belief system or that ideology to be powerful or to be the central power of a certain region, state, country, and you’ve got to put in a lot of effort, a lot of property propaganda, a lot of subversive activities, a lot of oppression, suppression of what the truth actually is so no rest for the wicked!


In summary, what we’re saying there, I suppose, is its not going to be cool to be a feminist anymore. It’s not going to be cool to be anti-racist anymore.


Actually, it was never cool to be either of those things.


What I mean is you will probably find the feminists and the anti-racists are just getting less support, less institutional support in the future to what they’re accustomed to up until now.


So that’s going to be good to see. It’s going to be exciting to see the shift. But it was always going, it was always bound to happen.


As you said, it’s gotten to the point where it’s just ridiculous now.


It’s gotten to the point where children are being targeted with homosexual and transsexual messaging. And why? Why? What’s the point, at the end of the day?


I don’t want to get into that because. Yeah, I’m exhausted by you talked about exhaustion. I’m exhausted by that, even thinking about that shit! I don’t want to think about children being exposed to transsexuals, reading to them in a library. I don’t want to think about that. It just irritates the living shit out of me, that that’s even happening! Why do I need to think about that? Why is anyone even doing that!


And I suppose the average Australian feels the same way. It’s something you just don’t want to have to think about. You’re just so over it! You’re so ready for that to be gone! So it can’t be gone fast enough.


Joel Davis: Yeah, exactly! Like, it’s only propped up by a small subclass of perverts that are themselves reinforced by institutional power. And if that institutional power is taken away, then it immediately becomes marginalized. It’s on a very flimsy foundation. And that foundation for a lot of these, like, excessive woke thing, I don’t see them going to, like, race. They’re not going to embrace, like, White nationalism. They’re going to push-pull back to a civic nationalist, centrist position where they’re going to start winding back the excessive Leftism.


Blair Cottrell: Still appealing to everyone. You’re still Australian if you’re from Pakistan or whatever, but we’re just going a little bit more conservative. Yeah.


Joel Davis: Yeah. That’s what I see materializing with the establishment. And for the people watching in the national security establishment, ASIO agents that watch our show, you should really take the boot off our neck. Let us go back onto YouTube. Let us grow. Let us go back on, I’m on Twitter, but let Tom and Blair back onto Twitter. Stop trying to censor us. Stop trying to take us out. Let us cook!


Because if you want to be able to go to war with the yellow menace, you’re going to need some racism. So let us go and spread some racism. For once, we actually have something that we both want to achieve! We want to make the country more racist! You actually want to make the country more racist!




Blair Cottrell: You want to be careful man! You want to be careful making deals with people like that.


Joel Davis: I’m not making a deal! I’m just saying, just leave this, let us cook. Leave us alone. Leave us alone. Let us cook.


Blair Cottrell: All I can say to those people watching this, like the agents watching this, I hope you’re being paid enough because these are long streams. And you’re probably not even interested in this stuff, but you got to sit there and listen to all this shit and write down all the major points and then review it all and take it to the next guy. It’s like, just seems like a lot of work.


So I hope you’re being paid well. I wouldn’t want to do it.


Joel Davis: A couple Superchats, one from Bishop 1599 says:


“Where do you base your morals and spiritual backbone in this political group you propose?”


I mean, this is a very vague question.


Blair Cottrell: Blue eyes! That’s where we base it. The blue of the eyes. [chuckling] If you have blue eyes, you’re in!


Joel Davis: But, yeah, it’s, we’ve covered that more, these more general subjects on other streams, and we’ll cover them more in the future. I don’t really want to go down that path because there’s another subject I wanted to bring up, and then we’re going to bring the close of the show. But thanks for your Superchat.


But, yeah, basically, in a nutshell, my core values are loyalty, authenticity, honor, and I combine these things together.


So to me, I’m loyal to my people, I’m loyal to my friends, my family, my race, my nation. I believe in honoring my ancestors, honoring my blood, and I believe in authenticity.


So I believe in living my life for that which I love the most, which is my people, which is my future children, grandchildren and so on, and living my life in service to these things.


And that’s what I derive, ultimately my values from in a nutshell.


And I also, I believe God made me this way and put me in this position. I’m just trying to honor what has been given to me by God, like what my destiny is or my, who I am, where I come from and where I’m obviously going, what I’ve been made, what I’ve been born to do.


Chattington said:


“Had a politics slash race argument with my girlfriend’s boomer family. I calmly counted their open borders retarded stance, which enraged the father into trying to attack me. I stayed composed, but now I’m questioning the relationship. It’s made me focus on the girlfriend, and now we’re both negative with each other. Thoughts?”


Well, yeah, I mean, …


Blair Cottrell: What was the problem there? He raised something at a family.


Joel Davis: He got into an argument with his girlfriend’s. Yeah, he got into argument with his girlfriend’s parents about immigration or something. He said he stayed calm, that they got triggered, and now his girlfriend and him are having issues as a result because I guess she sided with her family against him. Yeah.


I mean, I don’t really got a lot of context there for me to give you relationship advice.


Blair Cottrell: I’ve been there! I’ve been there. I had a girlfriend when I was younger, and she used to take me, … When she first met me I was athletic. I was fitter than I am now. And she thought to herself:


“Wow, I’ve got this big blonde boyfriend. I’m gonna go show him off to my family!”


Little did she know, I’d been reading Mein Kampf for two years straight! And I’d, like, highlighted and rephrased, like, wrote down all the best paragraphs. I was fully propagandized by National Socialism! And it’s all I wanted to talk about! I was about 22.


And so, you know, this poor girl [chuckling] and her family, man, at the at the first dinner she took me to. Yeah, it didn’t go well! All I talked about was Hitler. [chuckling]


So in that situation, I would just brush it off. Like, it’s not even that serious. Don’t worry about it.


“If you want to stay with me, you can. No worries. But if you don’t, see you later!”


I suppose that’s how I’d go about that. Yeah.


Joel Davis: Yeah. I think at the end of the day, like, your girl has to respect you if she doesn’t respect you, like, even if she doesn’t 100%, like, fully agree with your opinions, she doesn’t respect that you have a right to have your own opinion and assert your position in a fair reasonable way, then she doesn’t respect you as a person, which means she doesn’t love you, which means you shouldn’t be with her.


You just explain that to her like, you’re being disrespectful. Explain why she’s being disrespectful. And if she can’t see it and apologize, then how can you build a life with someone like that? You can’t marry and have children with a woman that doesn’t respect you.





Blair Cottrell: So, yeah, that is true too. Men can tolerate anything except disrespect. That’s the one thing men can’t tolerate. It just wears you down, breaks you down, and eventually, you know, drives you to extremes if you’re not being shown respect. If you’re not being shown respect in any, I think I said this on the off grid on the Ireland podcast I did a few days ago. In any situation, in a working relationship, personal relationship, just leave. It’s not worth it. It’ll crush your, it’ll shrink your testicles! If you tolerate disrespect, your balls will get smaller and your testosterone will plummet! It’s just mathematical certainty. Do not tolerate disrespect. Just leave! You don’t need to stay in a situation where you’re being shown no respect.


Joel Davis: Yeah, it doesn’t make any sense. It’s like if a woman feels in a relationship that her boyfriend doesn’t love her, then she should leave. It’s like love to a woman is like respect to a man. It’s like the essential foundation of everything.


Blair Cottrell: That is so true. And any woman who doesn’t understand that, doesn’t understand men or love.


Joel Davis: Yeah. I saw some faggot was complaining that we didn’t talk about Julian Assange being cutting some deal that was in the news to be released. Well, I just don’t find it to be that significant, frankly. Julian Assange is a Leftist, okay? He’s an anti-war Leftist and leaked some interesting anti-war, or he leaked some interesting diplomatic cables and facts about the war in Iraq and wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that made for interesting journalism and exposed the zionism and the war crimes of the United States.


But then also, he did other things. He doxxed BNP members, the White nationalist party in Britain. So he’s not our political ally at all! Yeah, he dropped some interesting stuff that maybe Trump wouldn’t have got elected if Julian Assange didn’t drop that dossier on Clinton. There were some interesting things in those emails. There’s interesting things that he’s dropped over the years. And the way that the American State treated Assange was kind of interesting. Like, it showed the kind of global reach of their power that they could try and go after an Australian citizen operating in a foreign country for why would they have the right to do that under American law? Why are other States complicit in that? It does show that the extent of American global power, the lack of respect for the national sovereignty of other nations.


But at the same time, what has he done for White people? Fuck all! So who cares? And he’s not loyal to us. He’s a Leftist. He’s stuck in that old, like, 2000s anti-government Leftist paradigm of, like:


“Oh the wealthy elites and American imperialism and the corporations, man!”


Like this is a totally outdated form of politics that isn’t really relevant to anything.


Blair Cottrell: Now I’m starting to really rely on you to understand what I should be paying attention to and what I shouldn’t be. Because you got a pretty good gauge of where our energies should go as well, I’ve noticed. And, yeah, because I agree. I had the same feeling about Assange, but I hadn’t really put it into thoughts or words yet. But, yeah, you’ve just spoken the words that I was feeling.


Joel Davis: Yeah, exactly! I think we don’t have to support people just because they present themselves as, like, anti-regime in one way or another. Because it’s like how you oppose the regime that’s important. It’s not just that you oppose it.


Like it’s the same reason why I’m not shedding any tears for Left-wing, pro-Palestine protesters or the Palestinians in general. Because yeah, they’re going up against the jews, and I don’t like the jews. But they’re going up against the jews for reasons which aren’t aligned to my reasons for going against the jews. So, like, they’re not my allies. They’re just that kind of enemy of my enemy. They’re not my friend. There’s that phrase, “an enemy of my enemy is my friend”. I don’t actually agree with this logic. There’s many instances where this is not the case.


There’s many instances where two people can be fighting. Neither of them are your friends, but that’s just obvious. I’m not gonna side with the jews against them, but I’m not gonna team up with them against the jews either. I’m just gonna stand back and, like, let them fight and not give a shit and focus on what I’m doing.


Blair Cottrell: Yeah, right. I think it pertains to people start to waver if they feel like they have more than one enemy. If people start feeling like they have lots of enemies, then the task that they’re trying to achieve seems insurmountable, and they begin to waver. They begin to lose faith.


So I think that saying kind of comes from that just psychological reality. It’s always best to keep it simple and to make it seem like we’re only fighting one enemy, ultimately. But I do agree that enemy of my enemy as my friend certainly isn’t always applicable.


Joel Davis: Yeah, no, it isn’t.


Now, I wanted to talk about this in pertaining what we saw this the Strauss Howe Generational Theory. I’m just pulling up the Wikipedia article so that maybe some people will go and take a look at this. Because it’s based on, I mean, they wrote multiple books, but they wrote one book called The Fourth Turning, which I’ve flicked through before. And I listened to podcasts, one of the authors, explaining his theory.


And basically, it’s like a theory of the cycles that occur in history, like generational cycles that occur in history, particularly in American or Anglo-American history. And he’s basically a full cycle, they say, takes about 85 years. It’s like a full human life cycle, roughly. And it’s broken into four constitutive generational turnings, each generation about 21 years.




And then they describe how each generation has its own kind of archetypal Persona and corresponding mood. And its Persona is derived from the mood that is created by previous generations while they’re growing up. And that because the world that you grow up in is basically created by the kind of inclinations and personality of the previous generations that come behind you, that set the tone for that world, that then sets the tone for what your generation will become, and then sets the tone for the kind of world you will create for the generation ahead of you as you move through your life cycle.


And so that’s why it’s this cyclical model, because each generation creates the conditions to reciprocally generate one another through this process.


Anyway, basically, they also invented the word “Millennial”. When people say millennials, these are the guys who actually invented that term.


Now, the reason why this is interesting is because they say that every 85 years, America goes through some fundamental crisis that is precipitated by this cycle, and that kind of launches the next cycle.


And so you have the Revolutionary War. Thats the beginning of the United States. Then 85 years later, you have the Civil War. Then 85 years later, you have the World War Two. And then 85 years later, basically its the next four or five years.


So America is due for another massive war, basically that’ll reset the cycle, according to this theory. Which plays into this idea that maybe World War Three or with China, is a very serious possibility in coming years.


Moreover, it contextualizes the kind of relationship between, like, Boomers, Gen-X, millennials, and according to their theory, like, Zoomers don’t really exist. Zoomers. Like older Zoomers, are part of how they categorize millennials.


And then the younger Zoomers and generation Alpha, as they call it, like the generation, basically the people who are kids now, they’re a separate generation, so they don’t divide the generations up exactly the same way that common parlance does, where we’ve got, like, Millennials and Zoomers, and they’re distinct from one another. But they have a rationalization for why they put that together.


And I’m not going to go into that right now.


But the point is that they say that there are these kind of four fundamental, archetypal Personas of each generation. And Millennials have the same Persona as what they called the GI generation, the generation that fought in World War Two. And that basically our generation, the Millennial generation, and that includes older Zoomers.


So if you are not in high school anymore, you’re a Millennial. According to this theory, that basically we grow up in a time of crisis. And that crisis was precipitated by the individualism of Generation X and the Boomers who grew up in a time, time of expansion. That was a time of peace and development and optimism that was generated by the successful outcome of the previous crisis, which was World War Two. So we win World War Two, and then there’s prosperity, and there’s like mass urbanization and the extension of childhood and universal education extending into university, and all these economic opportunities. And this creates the individualism of the Boomers and Gen-X.


And then the world that they create is this kind of hyper individualist world of the eighties, the nineties, the two thousands. And that world then precipitates the crisis, which is global financial crisis, the mass immigration, the kind of breakdown of Anglo-American global dominance in geopolitics. And we’ve inherited this crisis.


And the Millennial generation is basically, we’re kind of a generation that’s designed to become the champions of some great cause. And what he talks about in the GI generation, as they call it, which is the generation that fought World War Two. Prior to World War Two, that generation was super Left-wing. They were really, pre-communism was getting really popular. Far Left-wing politics was getting really popular. Then World War Two happens, and that generation becomes super Right-wing and patriotic, because they actually had to fight the war.


Blair Cottrell: Does that GI generation end up getting killed off, though? Because they’re the ones to fight in the wars and they don’t like, …


Joel Davis: Well, a portion it will get killed off, but the ones that the majority of it obviously will survive.


But then that generation, then as it matures, because it goes through that experience, it then sets up the new world and it kind of returns to, … Millennials, he says, there’s usually two individualist and then two collectivist generations.


So the Boomers and the Gen-X are individualist generations because they were raised within a collectivist world.


So you have the generations that fight and win World War Two, and then after World War Two, you have a far more kind of collectivist society. For example, in America, where you have university education paid for with the GI Bill, and you have massive taxation upon the rich, and everyone comes together, and it’s all about America has to fight the Soviets. And there’s all these wars, like with Korea and Vietnam, and there’s the space program, and it’s this kind of like, intense patriotism that forms in the country.


And then the Boomers are born in that world and they rebel against it, and they have, like, they become hippies and yuppies and Cultural Revolutionaries and embrace the destruction of Christianity and the old family structure and anti-racism and all of these. And they prophesize what the ultimate crisis will be in their rebellion against the previous order.


That then has obviously played itself out. And then the Millennial generation, as we’re now kind of like, rising up into contesting for power, the Boomers are dying off. And then we confront the next crisis. Then that crisis then sets the tone for the next phase.


So anyway, basically, this Generational theory would predict a major global crisis, and then a kind of conservative collectivism.


And basically the overall themes that we’re putting forward here, this idea that wokeness has to be wound back and the regime has to get serious and do away with championing a lot of these luxury beliefs. People call them, like, being like the pro-gay, transgender thing.




Blair Cottrell: Human equality.


Joel Davis: Yeah, exactly! These things are all luxury beliefs. And the crisis just destroys the luxury under which those beliefs can be created. They were created by Boomers in a phase of luxury, and now they’re going to have to be, like, reversed and sacrificed. But the millennial generation won’t fundamentally overthrow the old order. They will be like a conservative reaction against its excesses.


And then the generations that that then emerge after us, like after the crisis, they will then rebel against the values of the old order. So according to this theory the time for there to be a rebellion, like a kind of hard upswing in like White nationalism or something, and more traditional values or something will be the next generation. But we’re kind of like the leveling that, …


Blair Cottrell: Like we’re going to create a reactionary, pain in the ass kind of response, series of responses for the establishment is what you’re saying.


Joel Davis: Yeah. We’re going, no, we’re going to kind of, our generation is probably destined to be a kind of conservative reaction that restabilizes things and then restabilizes things into a new phase of stable prosperity and conditions. And then a generation that will then exist in that, in those better social conditions and those freedoms will then use those freedoms to then turn against the values of the old order. And they’ll still be, there will still be these egalitarian ideals that are preserved. They’ll just be, like, toned down by what is going to happen. They’re not going to be overthrown. They’re not going to be reversed. They’re just going to be toned down and made pragmatic. And therefore they’re going to be stripped of all of their ideological zeal.


Because when Christianity got toned down, then it ended up being basically liquidated, because once it stopped having confidence to go and, like, persecute its enemies and impose itself upon society, that created the freedom for people to attack it, and then it was attacked.


So a lot of people have this idea that, like, revolutions happen when governments get too tyrannical. They overstep the mark and then the revolution happens. But that’s actually not how it works in history. In history, revolutions happen when you have a government that gets too tyrannical, oversteps the mark, and then a couple successions of that government later, then they start getting soft.


And then when they’re soft, that’s when the revolution happens. Because weakness is what gets you overthrown, not strength. A strong tyrant never gets overthrown. They just fucking kick ass!


So like what? Like, basically what will happen is a kind of weakening of the ideological fabric of the current order by the pragmatic concerns of fixing the crisis. And then that will create conditions where then the culture that was created by the Boomers and reached its full maturation in recent years in the retardation of the cult of egalitarianism and diversity and all of this, that will then be weak and it will be possible for it to be attacked by a new, the next generation. Our children, basically, as they come into maturation, their youth culture will be the thing that actually goes at it hard and completely upends all of its values.


Blair Cottrell: That’s an interesting theory and you articulated it really well. Very insightful. Feels to be true. Does feel to be true.


Joel Davis: Well, it’s just a theory.


Blair Cottrell: We should start wrapping the, … Yeah, I know. Everything is just a theory at the end of the day, except our ethnicity. That’s no theory! Who we are is no theory. We need to wrap it up because I’m falling asleep, man.


Joel Davis: Yeah, I’m going to wrap it up.


Blair Cottrell: Is there another couple of Superchats to go through before we finish?


Joel Davis: Yeah, there’s one from Carne Ash, I don’t know how to pronounce that. Says:


“This is why the brown-brown “alliance” burgeoning on Twitter is retarded! We are only ever allies when it’s for their cause.”


I think you meant to say the White-brown alliance. And he put alliance in quotation marks.


Blair Cottrell: Yeah, I thought the same thing.


Joel Davis: Yeah, I agree that we can’t. Yeah, there is no alliance that we can have with any of these other groups, because at the end of the day, as you said, it’s only when it benefits them. They’re not gonna go out of their way like the Palestinians are gonna go out of their way to support White nationalism. It’s always a one way street with these people. They want our sympathy, but then they want us to adapt our rhetoric to fit them. But they don’t csk.


Blair Cottrell: They want us to join their team, as you would say. They want us to join their ethnic team.


Joel Davis: Yeah, exactly! Exactly! And they’re not going to sympathize with us. And their resentment comes out in all kinds of ways, quite clearly. And obviously, when push comes to shove, you might get a few outliers. You might get like a random based. Like, there are random, like, based black guys who are like:


“Oh, no, actually, black people suck! They’re not like the White race!”


Blair Cottrell: They’re like spiritually White, almost. I call them spiritually White.




Joel Davis: Well, I don’t know. I feel like they’re just house niggers. That’s what they are, house niggers.


Blair Cottrell: But X, the old Malcolm X reference, I like it!


Joel Davis: Yeah, the house negroes.


Blair Cottrell: He was a good speaker. Malcolm X was one of those rare, like kind of African speakers who just had the vibe. He had the good vibe! He had the charisma, you might say. He held himself well. He was confident and he actually, he actually stuck to his guns too, at the end of the day. Like, he didn’t just tolerate all the bullshit that was going on in Nation of Islam.


They weren’t following their own procedures and practices and he called them out on it. They ended up killing him. But I don’t know, man of principle. I think that’s how I understand Malcolm X anyway. But there’s something about the way he speaks and moves that I find interesting. He really stands out as a prominent black nationalist in American history for me.


Joel Davis: Yeah, yeah. I read autobiography before many, many years ago and he was an interesting figure. A rare black man that seemed to have something about it, a bit of authenticity, and quite intelligent for a black man. And yeah, he’s an interesting figure.


Obviously, I don’t sympathize with his cause, but at the same time, I respect someone like him. Because he wanted black independence, he genuinely wanted separation, he wanted black dignity, he wanted his people to go their own way and carve out a authentic path for themselves independently of the Whiteman. Not be dependent upon asking the Whiteman for anything, not being the victim, by going their own way. And I respect that’s the only way that you can respect another group when they want to stand on their own two feet.


Actually, I saw something on Twitter, actually. Apparently the Kenyan government has said:


“That all blacks around the world have the right to immigrate to Kenya for life if they want to. If they want to. If they’re sick of being oppressed in America by racism, they can immigrate to Kenya.”


Blair Cottrell: I don’t think they’ll go! [chuckling]


Joel Davis: Yeah, but so anyway, so any blacks watching, go to Kenya. Shut the fuck up!


But yeah, like that you can use that as well. Whenever you talk to a black, just tell them to go to Kenya. Like they’re free to go and live in Kenya with a bunch of blacks. And Kenya is a peaceful place, as far as I know. War or anything going on there. They got jobs. You know, it’s not as prosperous as a White country, obviously, but the people there living just fine. Go to Kenya! Go to Nairobi or whatever. Get a job!


Blair Cottrell: Become a long distance! Go to Kenya and run for Kenya in the Olympics. That’s what they’re good at, isn’t it? Long distance running.


Joel Davis: Yeah, the Kenyans kill it! Kill it at long distance running.


Also, I want to mention, I am going to be doing a Twitter space in about 15 minutes after the show is over, I’m going to do my Twitter space. So I’ll put a link on Telegram and look on Twitter if you want to listen to that. Should be a conversation with Pox Populi, so, …


Blair Cottrell: You’re a powerhouse! It’s approaching 11:00 pm here in Australia. We’ve been streaming for just over 2 hours and ten minutes, and Joel’s gonna keep at it! He’s gonna take a 15 minutes break, grab a drink, and he’s gonna keep at it! He’s a powerhouse! I can’t even stay awake, man. So I’m getting ready to clear out.


I just remember some people were trying to figure out what the slogan on my jumper says. I think it says “Enemy Minds”, and I think it’s a band. Do the band Enemy Mind or Enemy Minds Joel?


Joel Davis: No! It’s like, what do you have the band shirt, if you don’t know the band?


Blair Cottrell: That’s my girlfriend’s jumper. I just came back from holiday and, like, I, you know, haven’t done any washing or anything like that.


Joel Davis: I’m surprised that anything that she has fits you because, …


Blair Cottrell: She buys really baggy ones, like they’re like triple XL or something. So they’re kind of like universal. They fit her and me. They’re kind of the cute girlfriend wear the jumper at home thing and then normal fit for me. So, yeah, it works.


Joel Davis: I like that look. Ladies wearing like, just like a Hoodie or like a baggy shirt. It’s a good, like, nothing else, really, other than that, really. It’s a good look, in my opinion.


Blair Cottrell: Yeah, I agree. I agree. It’s a relaxed look.


Joel Davis: I don’t necessarily love all my clothes getting stolen, though. Women have a tendency to do that they just take all your shit!


Blair Cottrell: But I have the opposite problem. They always used to leave stuff at my house deliberately so they had a reason to come back. [chuckling]


Anyway, guys, thanks very much for joining us. Sorry if I was a bit tired and not articulating myself so well tonight. I’ve just had a hectic week. That’s part of the reason we rescheduled to tonight in the first place. So thanks for tolerating me. And thanks for tuning in.


We’ll be back next week as usual. Take care.











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Blairs obsession with Napoleon is unfathomable. He literally created modernity, from the secularism to the liberation of the Jews its all been downhill.

Julius Myshkin
2 hours ago
Hey Joel, trying to connect on telegram to share something too long for a super chat. sent a message a few minutes ago on tg to


4 hours ago
The Trump/Biden debate was about which one kisses black ass the most.

8 hours ago
*women don’t like you commenting on their large clothing

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Ghana has an open reimmigration policy towards American blacks as far as I understand.

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6 hours ago


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The only problem is there’s no gibs from Whitey over there in Wakanda.


8 hours ago
Careful Joel. LOL

8 hours ago
better not got her undies on

8 hours ago
Race-mixing is a crime against nature.


8 hours ago

Like I say about Bob Marley. The hgreatest Jamaican had a British father. Go figure.


8 hours ago
Odd how real work building makes one tired.

8 hours ago
malcolm x wasnt black.. he was a half cast


8 hours ago
Population booms and busts are another natural cycle we’re long overdue for.


8 hours ago
no black ios spiritually white..


8 hours ago
What I see that throws off these cycles is tech & population.

8 hours ago
The White race lost WW2

8 hours ago
all wars are bankers wars


8 hours ago
Strong men create good times… times four gets you roughly 80-100 years.

8 hours ago
Heil Bruv o/



8 hours ago
Collet just put up a video supposedly exposing Bronze Age Pervert.


8 hours ago

exactly 0/

8 hours ago
how many wikileaks involving isreal or jews? zero

8 hours ago
move on and find a girl who’s family aren’t a bunch of cvnts

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they got 2 million soldiers everyone is stuffed I

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rope stocks gonna make me rich

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The U.S. military is will be speaking Spanish in the next big war.

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it true qlders are just built better than other Australians


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9 hours ago
speak English mate?

9 hours ago

great, so following the advice on Dear Tom has turned you into an incel

9 hours ago
Had a politics/race argument with GF’s boomer family. I calmly countered their open borders retarded stance, which enraged the father into trying to attack me. I stayed composed but now im questioning the relationship. Its made me focus on the GF and now we’re both negative with each other.Thoughts?

9 hours ago


9 hours ago
[Joel Davis – Polarisation Phases – with Blair & Tom – Jun 20, 2024 – Transcript]

Joel Davis – Polarisation Phases – with Blair & Tom – Jun 20, 2024 – Transcript

9 hours ago
Sounds like an Aussie PatCon.


9 hours ago


9 hours ago
We call this shithole Derro Terro


9 hours ago
Cypriotic Greeks


9 hours ago
Heard about the spaz but didn’t know he was a full sperg


9 hours ago
I live in Raymond Terrace

9 hours ago

Secure the future of our people
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9 hours ago
Carl Jung’s AION is a must-read, not light reading though

9 hours ago
Normies need it simple, most people are not deep thinkers.

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9 hours ago
napoleon the jewish emancipator and assimilation advocate

9 hours ago
Leon Degrelle is an admirable political figure. Stayed true to National Socialism his whole life, even after WW2 was lost.

9 hours ago
christianity is a jewish psyop, a kind of globalism 1.0

9 hours ago
christianity seems to suffer from its own share of incoherence

9 hours ago
Jews don’t racially exist.. They were race mixed out of existence! Only half cast jews now

9 hours ago
Australian Competency Crisis

9 hours ago
only 100% pure Bavarian phenotype in Joel’s ethnostate

Patton Was Right
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Pit Bulls love black people

Patton Was Right
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HazelWaffen o/

Patton Was Right
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Follow Joel on twitter and Blair, Tom on (telegram)


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why did you fight with me General Patton! at least you admitted you were wrong in the end

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Patton Was Right
10 hours ago

Jews R Greedy Demonic Pedos
10 hours ago

Patton Was Right
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the whole West has to suffer because of US bs

10 hours ago
better to just stick to english if you dont understand german

Jews R Greedy Demonic Pedos
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Jew puppet A or Jew puppet B the choice is your goyim!

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for what little its worth…. its “Ausländer raus” which if you dont know german just means foreigners/invaders out

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fuck off

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a con man

Jews R Greedy Demonic Pedos
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outlander out, outlander out, Germany for Germans, outlander out! that means you kike!!!


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greetings from the
am work crew in the USA. keep up the good work down under lads!


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lol welcome back.. hows it feel to get banned from black pilled’s chat?

Jews R Greedy Demonic Pedos
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Two jewish homosexual spastic commie child molesting retards have sneaked in and given this video a splat before it even starts.


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official indoctrination completion

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G’day, G’evening, G’morning, G’whatever it is

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I wonder whos the two fags that splatted this

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A couple of jewish faggots.

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10 hours ago


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just in time



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