Andrew Joyce – T&T No 2 – And then one day… – Jul 20, 2020 — Transcript


[This is the 2nd video in the T&T series from The Occidental Observer contributor and scholar Andrew Joyce on the “jewish problem/question“, available at his newly created BitChute channel.

In this video he first discusses how some ordinary jews deny that they bear any responsibility for the negative reactions that non-jews have towards them and that has existed since ancient times.

He then talks about how he became “jew aware“, and that something was seriously wrong with the official narrative of jewish victimhood through reading the work of John Doyle Klier, an academic, who wrote how the tales of 19th century Russian pogroms against jews were greatly exaggerated, and often completely fabricated.

Such propaganda pushed throughout Western media of the time facilitated the mass migration of jews out of Eastern Europe and Russian and into the West.

“… he’s saying that jews engaged in a coordinated mass hoax!”

Finally he says that the path to becoming “red-pilled” will firstly involve the overcoming of accepted narratives of jewish victimhood, a difficult task given the mass indoctrination the public receives through jewish control of the media and education systems.




Andrew Joyce’s


T & T No 2:

And Then One Day, …


July 20, 2020



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Published on Jul 20, 2020


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Voiceover: They are fleeing their homes and getting out of town. Members of the Lev Tahor community who practice an austere form of Judaism say they are being persecuted for their beliefs. They claim village elders threatened to cut their water and electricity if they did not leave San Juan village, near Guatemala city. This spokesperson said:


“This attitude that they have taken against us, to accuse us of something we didn’t do. Legally we as Guatemalans are the majority here, and also foreigners, have the right to live where we want to live. Let’s respect the country’s laws.”

We do not want another Jewish holocaust, she said at, … [screeching laughter by Mexican guy]




A Closer Look at Jewish Victimhood


Joyce: Hello and welcome to another episode of Talmud and Taboo! In today’s episode I want to investigate in a little bit more depth the issue of Jewish management of historical narratives, which, of course, is another important aspect of the broader problem of Jewish censorship.



Now one of my favorite memes that I see on social media, especially Twitter is that beneath some report, or other, of Jews behaving badly — this might be promoting mass migration, it might be promoting pornography, or anything really negative — someone will write beneath that:


“And then one day, for no reason whatsoever, an Austrian painter began to hate them.”


And I have always found this funny. And actually I think it is a lot more profound than it’s flippancy would give it credit for. Now what is someone saying when they post that? What is someone trying to get at? Well, they are trying to say that throughout history there have in fact been reasons why people have reacted negatively toward is Jews.



Now why would such a point need to be made? Well, it’s not actually self-evident, not in this day and age. When we look at the education system — and I’ll take mine for example — my first encounter with Jews in my education system when I was about 15 or 16, and I was learning about the rise of the Nazis, and the build up to World War Two. Now what was I taught about jews? Very little. I was taught very little.


The only thing I was taught about jews was that they were “scapegoats”. This was no real historical context given to any European hatred of Jews what so ever. Anti-semitism was something that was completely fabricated. It seemed to me my educational course that it had been invented pretty much invented by Adolf Hitler! That is the extent of the historical gap that was left in my own education. It was a gap that I would have to devote over a decade of my own time and energy and thorougher investigation in order to fill that gap and form my own conclusions.


But in my own education the origins of European anti-semitism, as taught to me in a national school curriculum, seemed to begin pretty much in 1933, when Hitler became Chancellor, or if not that, then some murky point in the immediate aftermath of the First World War, so by 1918. So it was a kind of half-cocked argument that in the aftermath of World War One, Germany was somehow psychologically damaged, it was economically troubled. And out of this fog, this need to find a way of explaining the situation to themselves, the Germans just spontaneously latched on to the Jews as a reason why they were troubled. And they basically purged themselves therefore on the Jews. And that is basically what ended up with the so-called “Holocaust”.


I look at it now, as a grown man — and I’m sure most of you do as well — and it seems ridiculous to me. It seems that it leaves out so much of what is essential. It seems to say that there is no adequate explanation for what happened, and what happened so many other times in the past.


And of course when you are learning about European anti-semitism in the context of the Second World War, you really aren’t given any clues that this might have been something that took place on a much larger and geographically widespread scale! Because of course they don’t want you to think too much! They don’t want you to think this “spontaneous” event happened — so-called spontaneously — at so many other locations throughout so many other historical periods. That would just provoke too many questions.


So you are encouraged to have a very simplistic view of the entire thing, and I don’t know about you but I also shown “Shindlers List”. And I remember being 15 or 16 and being puzzled by the entire thing. And wondering:


“What’s going on here? And this doesn’t really make any sense!”


But one of the problems that we face is that these interpretations of what happened and this level of understanding — if you can call it a level of understanding — is absolutely widespread.


So if you were to ask pretty much anyone on the street that you met, if you just stopped them and you said:


“Hey, can I speak to you for a second. Just answer a quick question for me. Can you tell me why the “Holocaust” happened? Or can you tell me why people don’t like Jews?”


And often times you would get the response that:

“They were scapegoats, they were scapegoats.”


Scapegoats for what? No one ever keeps going and asking any more probing questions than that. It’s just left that Jews were scapegoats! That is profoundly unsatisfying to me! And it’s one of the reasons why I continued on the path which has brought me to the current point, where I’m recording a podcast like this!


But I sometimes wonder to what extent the Jews even believe in it? And I actually believe that many of them engage in a kind of self-deception on that point. An interesting point. Let’s just pause here and actually look at some footage of Israelis answering the question:

“Why have Jews been expelled from so many countries for so many centuries?”


And let’s look at their reactions.


Interviewer: Do you think there is a reason that Jews were expelled from 120 countries?

Jewish male: If there is a reason that they expelled Jews from 120 countries?

Interviewer: Is there a legitimate historical reason?

Jewish male: Hate is hate is hate. It doesn’t matter what the reasons were. You don’t need to find reasons to hate.

Jewish female: I think sometimes people are looking to find someone to be mad at.

Interviewer: A scapegoat? To scapegoat someone?

Jewish female: Yeah. I think it was easy because they were a bit different.

Male (off camera): I have a fuller question.

Interviewer: Okay. Go to it.

Male (off camera): Can they be blamed even in a small part for being kicked out?

Female (off camera): No. No.

Jewish female: I don’t think. So I think they were okay.

Jewish male (bald): Everyone is anti-semitic!

Interviewer: Do you think there is something in Jews, ..?

Jewish male (bald): No.


Joyce: [chuckling] I think that last one is my personal favourite. But what’s going on here? I mean I think if you look at the reactions, … And I hope that you will all look at the video as well as listen to this podcast. Because the video was quite instructive. All of them, when they are first asked the question, looked kind of shocked. And there is almost a flinch there, there’s some kind of reflect that kicks in, where I think on some level they know what they are about to say it is complete nonsense, but they say it anyway. It’s what they are used to being taught. It’s what they are used to saying. It’s what they are used to believing. It’s what they use to convincing themselves is the case.



Now the first man simply says that, “hate is hate”. So he has this kind of quasi-metaphysical response. He’s basically saying that hate exists in and of itself, it’s ominous, it’s a force that acts in history. To which you could probably only ask:


“Well, why does something so irrational and so unpredictable occur in this instance when we are talking about Jews with such regularity and in such a patterned form?”


His response really doesn’t answer that question. It doesn’t meet any basic standards for any thesis.



The second answer is framed somewhat differently. She say the Jews are simply a scapegoat, and have been a scapegoat throughout history. But we are confronted with the same problem. If people are scapegoating based on being confronted with their own problems and they are just looking to lash out, it means that they are either incredibly incompetent at seeing and dealing with those problems. And also it implies that again that something completely irrational is following a pattern again, and again, and again, especially when it comes to Jews.


And the third one, my personal favourite, is simply a response to the question:


“Why is everyone anti-semitic?”


By saying:

“Everyone is anti-semitic!”


It’s just a circular argument. And all of these responses are similar although they sound quite different on the surface. And all of them are basically designed to absolve Jews of accepting any kind of responsibility, or even contemplating accepting any kind of responsibility.



Well then! Where does that leave us? With have a Jews that is totally reluctant to accept even the smallest responsibility in provoking historical aggression. And to make matters worse, we have a general population that is totally indoctrinated with educational structures, and content, that is disturbingly narrow, and that leaves so much out that is utterly essential to understanding the problem as a whole.


Unfortunately in order for any human being to get a grasp of the Jewish Question, it requires and overcoming of accepted narratives of Jewish victimhood. Let me say that again. In order for anyone to get to grips with the Jewish Question the first step has to be an overcoming of accepted narratives of Jewish victim-hood.


This isn’t going to easy! And for everyone it is going to different. In my case it wasn’t reading something by Kevin MacDonald, or David Duke, that made me realise that something a amiss in the standard Jewish victimhood narratives. In fact, and this might sound strange, it was a work by a professor of Jewish studies at Oxford university. A guy called John Doyle Klier, who died in 2007.


Now Klier was an American Catholic. And how he ended up in Jewish studies I don’t know, and I don’t think I will ever know, or understand. But he was a fascinating guy and he spent about 20 or more years investigating the so-called “Russian Pogroms” of late 19th century Russia.


And in the course of his research he had discovered that there were serious problems with the standard narrative of the pogroms, as had been advanced both at the time and in historiography since then. So Klier went right back to basics. He looked at all the original documents. And what he discovered was that the pogrom narratives that involved things like babies having their heads smashed with hammers by Russian peasants, and Jewish women having their breasts hacked off, and, you know, just bloodbaths, hyper gory stuff, that all of this was really invented!


He want right back to the original documents, he want right back to government interviews with rabbis. He looked at the reports of British diplomats who had been sent out to Russia in order to investigate these events. And what emerged was a picture radically at odds with the received narrative. Klier later wrote in his book “Russians, Jews, and the Pogroms of 1881–1882” that the reports from Jewish journalists at the time should be treated by historians today with “extreme caution”! That is the words he used. Extreme caution!


He said that all of the reports with deliberately sensationalized, that they were exaggerated, that the death toll was not only exaggerated but things were happening, like people were claiming 2,000 deaths where there was none! None! Where there was no deaths! Not simply exaggerating numbers, but inventing wholesale massacres.



But Klier’s book was published pretty much either while he was on his deathbed, or just afterwards. And I was never able to contact him about any of these things, unfortunately. Otherwise, had he still been alive, had I been red-pilled on these things at the time I would had so many questions for him.


But today I wonder, how long perhaps did Klier sit on this stuff? Did he publish it right on his deathbed to a reason? Was he starting to get some of these things out when he knew that there would be no repercussions on him for doing so? I wonder about these things.


But the fact of the matter is, when I read that, when I was starting to dig a little bit deeper into the Jewish victim-hood narrative, and just trying to dissect some of the problems I had with it, this book hit me like a bombshell! And it was, … I remember for a few days just kind of like really starting to digest this stuff and saying:


“Wait a second! Wait a second!”


You know, I’ve come across terms like “Revisionism”, etc., etc., on the “Holocaust”, but here I have an Oxford professor, an Oxford professor of tremendous standing whose research appears to me to be absolutely bulletproof. And he’s saying that Jews engaged in a coordinated mass hoax!


Which in its aftermath permitted via the creation of sympathy, the pathways for Jews to engage in mass migration from the empire of Russia to the United States, to Great Britain, to Australia, and basically to be able to fan out across the West. Into France, into Germany, etc., etc.


So this in its implications was astonishing to me. And the more I thought about it, the more I investigated it, different aspects of what was going on around it, the more disturbed I was, and the more I accelerated my research, and reading into the subject.


Now, does any of this mean that John Klier’s book is the magic bullet? No it’s not! It’s a highly academic book, it costs over a hundred dollars to buy. It didn’t even make the slightest splash in terms of mainstream attention. A lot like Kevin MacDonald’s book, you know, it just has not penetrated through to the mainstream.



Although Kevin MacDonald has made a much bigger impact I think on culture, and certainly in driving the alt-Right, than anything that John Klier produced. And Klier was a mainstream academic, and some of his statements are a little bit more equivocal, despite the astonishing nature of some of his findings.


But no, it worked for me, it just might not work for everyone else. Everyone is going to have their own path to the truth on this thing. But we still will come back to the fact that Jewish victimhood narratives need to be reassessed for anyone to make any kind of individual progress on these things, in order to develop their understanding a little bit better.


And this is where we come back to the meme, this is where we come back to:


“And then one day, for no reason whatsoever, an Austrian painter began to hate them!”


Because I think that in its simplicity, in the demands that it makes on any thinking person when they see this meme, I think when it’s consistently posted beneath anything that involves Jews engaging in bad behaviour, … But also, I think when it is posted below Jews claiming sympathy for something, or other, it’s just begging the question! It’s asking someone, anyone reading it to just delve a little bit deeper into their own thought processes and just say:

“Hey, wait a minute! Maybe there’s something here? Maybe I’m missing something?”


And that is invaluable! And that is why there is a place for meme culture, as much as there is a place for books like John Doyle Klier’s heavily academic — over 500 page — text on the pogroms.


Both of them are asking questions. Important questions. And both of them in their own way are pointing to important answers.


Thank you for listening, and please tune in next time.



[Outro music]








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