An Open Letter to New Jersey’s Governor

An Open Letter to



New Jersey’s Governor




Major Joseph G. Stano, USAF (Ret.)

Liberty Bell

July 1984



New Jersey’s Governor

Governor Thomas H. Kean

State Capitol

Trenton NJ 08625


Dear Governor Kean:

I was appalled to read that you have introduced into the New- Jersey school system a course on the Holocaust — easily the most discredited hoax to have ever surfaced as “history.

You are reported as saying that those who doubt the Holocaust have not read history. Governor, I have devoted my life to the study of history and I have lived a rather large slice of history during two wars. Please tell me what reputable, reliable history book certifies the “Holocaust” as history and not myth?

Even after thirty years of begging, pleading and threatening by the ADL of B’nai B’rith, encyclopedias do not acknowledge that six million Jews died during the Second World War — for any reason whatsoever! And they certainly do not acknowledge the existence of any “gas chambers.” Governor Kean, if six million Jews were “gassed” in Nazi “gas chambers,” one would think that the encyclopedias would have noticed this historical “fact.

It has been said by a great many historians during the last millennium, that if a man doesn’t know the lessons of history, he is doomed to repeat the mistakes of history. Historical truth is simply too vital and important a subject to be lumbered with a completely discredited “myth” that grossly distorts the history of a bloody world war. Surely, the absolute truth about a world war is the most vital lesson that can be taught to American students if we intend to avoid another world war. For more than thirty years, the ADL and B’nai B’rith have absolutely refused to debate or even discuss the claims they make about the “holocaust.” Now, does that sound like someone interested in historical truth?

Let me introduce a little history into this great hoax and show you why the ADL and B’nai B’rith refuse to debate the so-called Holocaust:

In descending order, the claims by Jews on the number of Jews “gassed” by the Nazis are as follows: Forty-one million, forty million, twenty-six million, twenty-five million, twelve million (the original claim by Jews at the U.N.), ten million (the claim by the American news media), and the ever popular six million. All these claims are truly remarkable when one considers that demographers have demonstrated, time and again, that there were, at the very most, three million Jews under control of the Germans. That six million Jews, twice the number known to have been under German control, were “gassed” is astonishing; that by 1965 the West German Government had 3,375,000 Jews claiming compensation as “survivors” of the Holocaust is MIND-BOGGLING! Could this be the Jewish version of the New Testament’s “loaves and fishes”?

At the end of the war, the “fabulous” six million “gassed

Jews were parceled out- amongst the twenty so-called “concentration/death camps” that stretched across Europe from Holland in the West to Poland in the East. Right from the outset, the Holocaust claims of “death camps” fell like ten pins before historians and the retreat from original claims became a complete rout.

The State of Israel, keeper of the myth, reluctantly acknowledged that there were no “death camps” in Holland, France, Germany, Austria, or Czechoslovakia, until all the alleged “death camps” resided behind the Iron Curtain in Poland where the Communist government had a vested interest in sustaining the Holocaust myth. In that Poland seems to be occupying a rather large slice of what was formerly Germany, thus the Polish government refused to allow anyone to inspect the “death camps” for ten years.

A great deal depends on sustaining the Holocaust myth: The Polish claim to German territory. The Jewish claim to Palestine.

And the Israeli claim to the United States Treasury.

I trust you notice that the acknowledgment by Israel that there were no “death camps” in Germany is a rather startling admission; when one considers that Germans were executed as “War Criminals” for operating those non-existing “gas chambers.

For a great many years,. Auschwitz-Birkenau in Poland, was cast by the keepers of the myth in the role of the “death camp.” In fact, in response to the many demands of the tourists to see a “gas chamber,” the Russians, in the late fifties, built a “sample” gas chamber (since there weren’t any there) that has been described by those who have seen it as a very, very bad Russian movie set. (The Russians are world-famous for their toy battleship in the bath tub special effects.) But, alas, the Israelis were forced to admit that Auschwitz-Birkenau was a work camp and not a “death camp.

The claim that Auschwitz was a “death camp” was doomed to failure from the very start. It was a preposterous claim, in that, as a vast industrial complex producing war materiel, it was under close scrutiny throughout the whole of the war by the Allies. And although it was much too far in Poland for bombing missions, the British RAF and the American AF flew scores of reconnaissance sorties of the complex and took thousands of aerial photographs that clearly dismiss the “gas chamber” myth as preposterous.

In addition to the photographic evidence and the reports of agents in the fields, two thousand British POWs worked in the industrial complex alongside the concentration camp inmates and they knew nothing about any “gas chambers” or any policy of exterminating anyone.

The Holocaust myth now resides in two small work camps in a remote area of Poland — little more than clearings in the woods. Amongst historians, the “Holocaust” is a very bad joke.

After all, one can get into some mind-boggling mathematical absurdities in trying to mentally “gas” six million Jews in a few wooden shacks out in the “boondocks” of Poland.

Governor, if you are in any doubt about this monumental hoax, I would suggest you read the three volumes of information compiled by the International Red Cross entitled: “Report of the International Committee of the Red Cross on its Activities during the Second World War, Geneva, 1948.

You see, the Germans, as signatories of the 1929 Geneva Military Convention, were compelled to allow the International Red Cross to inspect the camps. And the Red Gross did so, from 1942 until the end of the war, when the Russians, as non-signatories of any Geneva Convention, threw them out of all the camps in territory occupied by Soviet forces. The fact is that the Red Cross had inspected all the camps during the war, and towards the end of the war, the Germans agreed to the permanent stationing of a member of the International Red Cross in every camp. This is documented history — you have been dealing with an undocumented HOAX.

According to the ICRC report: There was NO policy of exterminating ANYONE in any of the camps. There were NO “gas chambers” in ANY of the camps. And the treatment of prisoners was considered as acceptable until the final months of the war when shipments of food could not get through the Allied air interdiction and starvation and disease took a very heavy toll of the prisoners. In fact, the Red Cross is on record as protesting to the Allies that “their barbarous aerial warfare” was making starvation and disease inevitable for the entire population.

As a former fighter pilot I know full well how very effective the interdiction of “targets of opportunity” can be; as a military historian, I know that in this case, the interdiction of German supply lines was almost absolute and not a car, or truck, [or cyclist], or train, or boat, or barge was able to move without drawing fire from Allied aircraft. Little wonder that the entire population was in a state of near-starvation.

In the camps, an outbreak of Typhus (recorded by the Red Cross), and similar to the disastrous outbreak of ‘43, decimated the population when order, discipline and the maintenance of hygienic standards broke down as the German staff abandoned the camps. This was the reason our troops sealed off the camps and would not let the prisoners leave — Typhus has become endemic in the camps and the quarantine was to prevent an outbreak amongst the Allied forces and the civilian population.

It should be noted that in Holocaust mythology the Allied troops that liberated the camps are condemned as being “just like the Nazis” for confining the Jews to the concentration camps and not letting them run about the countryside spreading Typhus amongst the population. Hoaxers speak wistfully of demanding “compensation” from the Allies for the terrible indignity. Others say that the Allies must expurgate their guilt in this matter with large payments to the State of Israel.

It was not the “jackbooted” SS that killed in the camps. It was the scourge of armies from time immemorial — typhoid fever (a disease associated with filth) and the body lice carrying Typhus, all documented by Allied medical teams and the Red Cross. Photographs taken to document the “wasting” effect of Typhoid Fever and Typhus have now been incorporated into the Holocaust myth as “starvation” documentation.

The Allies had a superb new method of dealing with Typhus; a new insecticide that could be sprayed (in powder form) on people. It was a wonder insecticide — it would kill the lice and not harm the people. It was called DDT.

Prior to the invention of DDT, all. armies used a cyanide gas (including our own) to delouse clothing. The German Army and the German health services used “Zyklon B” which has now become the supposed agent for exterminating, Jews in all those non-existent “gas chambers.” Zyklon B was in use in the German Army as an insecticide for more than fifty years — the same German army that invented Chlorine, Phosgene, and Mustard Gas during the First World War. The same German army that had invented Nerve Gas during the Second World War. WHY, Governor, would this (if we are to believe the Holocaust myth) ruthlessly efficient German Army use a common insecticide to gas people? Zyklon B was chosen by the Holocausters because it was the only gas found in any of the Concentration Camps. Had the Germans developed an insecticide like DDT, we would be told by the keepers of the myth that six million Jews were “gassed” by a very large can of “RAID.

The Allies had far less success in dealing with the less dangerous Typhoid Fever, a diseases caused by a bacteria, due to the resistance of the former prisoners to any forms of hygiene. Predictably, the Allied forces that liberated the Concentration Camps are now blamed by the professional Holocausters for all the deaths due to Typhoid Fever long after the camps were liberated. Naturally, as a professional soldier, I think the best assessment of the situation comes from General George S. Patton — specifically, the comments he made about the former prisoners’ refusal to wash and especially about their refusal to use toilets. Patton’s description is somewhat — COLORFUL — to say the least.

Governor Kean, there were acts of atrocity committed by both sides during the war. But the Holocaust myth states that it was a policy of the German government to exterminate Jews, and that is quite a different matter. AND COMPLETELY UNPROVEN! When one considers the German penchant for meticulous record keeping that borders on nit-picking, it is truly amazing that not one paper, not one shred of evidence has surfaced in the countless tons of documentation, on a German policy for the extermination of anyone. Not one “gas chamber” has been found. No one has ever found a reputable eyewitness who has ever seen a “gas chamber,” Lots and lots of second or thirdhand hearsay:

A friend of a friend told me that …

The Holocaust is much more than a HOAX — it’s a monumental assault on common sense.

Governor, you have unknowingly stepped into the middle of a war. Perhaps you were pushed? You obviously do not know what has been going on, the battles that have been fought, and the stakes in this particular conflict. Let me try and explain what you have gotten yourself involved in.

The ADL and B’nai B’rith have refused to debate the “Holocaust” for the past thirty years because they have no case and it is impossible to defend the MYTH they have created.

Well — it’s a free country and they have the right to refuse a debate. They can content themselves with the massive support they have in the American media, where one may believe in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, and the Tooth Fairy. But, when they introduce their HOAX into our school system, they assault our most precious right as American citizens — THE RIGHT OF FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Governor, the only way that the Holocaust hoax can survive in a free and democratic school system is if it is made NON — DEBATABLE — and therefore the very antithesis of a free and democratic school system. In our free society we encourage our students to think, to question, to debate, and our students are allowed and encouraged to question any facet of any subject in the school curriculum. I have fought this battle before and I am certain that under the ADL’s and B’nai B’rith’s “guide and anthology,” our students will NOT be allowed to question ANY facet of the Holocaust scenario — that particular house of cards cannot afford even a cursory examination.

If you think that this is not true, I would suggest that you ask the ADL and B’nai B’rith if their course on the Holocaust can be questioned and debated in much the same way that students have the right to question and debate any facet of American history?

When you hear their resounding “NO!!!”, you will understand why a great many politicians over the past twenty years tried to please the ADL and B’nai B’rith with a similar course, and were forced to reject the whole concept as being grossly un-Democratic, un-American, and un-Constitutional.

What you have introduced into ow school system is an odious concept known to students in Russia and other tyrannies.

Where a preposterous rendition of history is rammed down their throats and they dare not question any of it. In the Holocaust myth, our students will be told, in effect, that five and five equals thirty-seven, the earth is flat, the moon is made out of green cheese, and if they don’t believe it — they are ANTI-SEMITIC and they flunk the course. In this, you have, unknowingly assumed an authority not given any governor or ‘president — the authority to suspend freedom of speech.

A far more ominous facet of “Holocausting” was best evidenced during a conference last November entitled “Anti-Semitism in the Contemporary World, which was sponsored by the International Center of Rutger University, in association with the American Jewish Congress.

At the conference, honors for THE most monumental contempt for freedom of speech were won by Mr. S.J. Roth, the director of the Institute of Jewish Affairs in London.

According to Mr. Roth, anyone who calls the Holocaust a HOAX is a CRIMINAL. In that, calling the alleged Holocaust a HOAX is tantamount to approval of the alleged “crime.” And should be punishable as a “crime.” The ovation Mr. Roth received indicated that the death penalty was probably much too lenient a punishment for all those American “criminals” running about and exercising their right of freedom of speech and freedom of the press. Now, Governor, do you find this attitude even remotely compatible with our Constitution? Do you think it belongs in our school system? For that matter, do you think it belongs in America?

Attending the conference was Mr. Howard Squadron, president of the American Jewish Congress, whom I am sure you know. Mr. Squadron has always had the same problem as Mr. Roth: a revulsion at Americans going about saying anything they want to say, debating anything they want to debate, and occasionally writing anything they want to write. Mr. Squadron has been fighting the twin evils of freedom of speech and freedom of the press for many, many years. He is the author of many, many dire warnings and threats that have terrorized our cowardly News Media, that H. L. Mencken so accurately described as having “the courage of a rat.” The success of Mr. Squadron in controlling freedom of the press has been astronomical, our “gentlemen of the fourth estate” cower at the very mention of his name. ALAS, Mr. Squadron has failed to stamp out freedom of speech — until now — when you introduced, at the very least, the wet nose of a very large camel named Howard Squadron into our school system. (It’s more like a half camel.)

Governor, let me acquaint you with the Holocausting “battle plan,” so that you can see where your “course” fits in the overall scheme.

Of course, the ultimate aim is to make the “Holocaust” a MANDATORY course of instruction for ALL American students. This is considered vital in the interest of the State of Israel. Remember, the professed NEED for a Jewish homeland was based on the Holocaust myth, the fallacy that six million Jews were “gassed” in those non-existent “gas chambers,” and all the other horror stories concocted about the suffering of Jews during the war. Including the resurrection of the World War I British tale that the Germans were rendering Belgians into cakes of soap. (The British apologized to the German people for that piece of tripe after the war.) The Israel lobby succeeded in establishing the State of Israel, but in the process they were stuck with their preposterous rendition of World War Two. And it was crumbling about their ears as historians took a close look at the horror tales.

Many Jews have said that without Auschwitz there would be no Israel. Well — they’ve now lost Auschwitz. The new battle cry of the Israeli lobby is:

Without the Holocaust there would be no Israel.

This is quite true. When the American people find out (it’s inevitable that they will) that they have been tricked into supporting a fraud with vast sums of their tax money, the “Holocaust” house of cards will come tumbling down and the State of Israel will be hard pressed to squeeze a penny out of the American people. (I predict that the Israelis will then become instantly chummy with the Russians.) Governor Kean, the American people do not like being fooled, and tricked, and defrauded. Last year alone, the flow of U.S. aid to Israel exceeded 10.3. BILLION dollars. (Figures from Button & Dutton Research, confirmed by Professor Thomas Stauffer of Harvard.) As you can see, the stakes are quite high. And I’m sure you can appreciate the cost to the American people in sustaining Israel after your strenuous efforts to scrape up five million million dollars to rehire some police and firemen in New Jersey. The “Holocaust,” last year alone, was a 10.3 BILLION DOLLAR HOAX!

More than thirty years ago, it was decided by the ADL and B’nai B’rith to stave off, as long as possible, the inevitable denouncement of the American people on the “Holocaust” by refusing to debate the issue, censoring, with shrill threats, any reference in the media to the truth; blacklisting those who speak out on the HOAX by listing them in the now-famous (infamous?) “Quarantine” files of the ADL; and supporting a tidal wave of media Holocausting that has become a poisonous anti-German tirade. (Europeans, who lived under German occupation during the war, are astonished at the vituperation directed at Germans in America.) When the war ended in Europe, so did most of the war propaganda — for Europeans. In America the war propaganda has actually gotten a lot worse in order to sustain the Holocaust myth. (The “BIG LIE” tactic.) Your “course” on the Holocaust will be just like all the other efforts by the ADL and B’nai B’rith — the spewing of a poisonous brand of anti-Germanism. Something like the two-minute HATE SESSIONS in Orwell’s 1984, only a lot longer. When one considers that a majority of Americans trace their background to German ancestors — our “course” takes on the appearance of a new form of political suicide.

It was more than twenty years ago, when the ADL and B’nai B’rith decided to introduce into the American school systems a MANDATORY course on the “Holocaust” that would effectively CONDITION our students to support the “Holocaust” HOAX and therefore Israel. It is indeed propitious that you chose 1984 for the introduction of a course on the “Holocaust;” in that, it’s pure Orwell. Not only will our students get their HATE SESSIONS, but they will learn CRIMESTOP:

the faculty of stopping short, as though by instinct, at the threshold of any dangerous thought.

Oh … like … questioning any of the ludicrous tales of the Holocaust? Governor, I don’t really think you planned this “tribute” to George Orwell — did you?

Governor, an even more odious (if that is possible) concept emerged in the approved plan for the indoctrination of our students. A revolting and disgusting concept that does not belong in any free country; the use of the MANDATORY course on the Holocaust to “screen out” those students who are deemed “not fit” for higher education. In other words, if a student has the intelligence to question the many absurdities in the “course,” he will find it extremely difficult going on to college with a flunking grade in “Holocaust,” even if his other grades are superior. This repulsive system perfectly matches the methods employed in the Soviet Union were failure to parrot the approved politics, by rote, will put you at one end of a pick or shovel no matter what your grades might be.

I find this whole concept disgusting, and a gross assault on the precious rights I fought for and my friends and comrades died for. Since the dead cannot speak for themselves, it is the duty of those who survive to insure that their sacrifice was not in vain and no one will corrupt our democracy with a Soviet style indoctrination of our students — IN ANY SUBJECT! A political LITMUS TEST does not belong in our school system!

Therefore, I suggest that you propose to those who have designed the “teacher’s guide” and the “anthology” that we, in the best of American traditions, debate the course content that they intend to impose on our students. It’s the American way and it would be a terrific debate, in that, some historians have been waiting more than thirty years for this opportunity.

If you discover, as I suspect, that those who have constructed this “course” on the HOAX refuse to engage in an open and honest debate on the alleged “facts” they propose to inflict on our students, Governor, A VERY LOUD BELL SHOULD START RINGING! And unless you are personally prepared to accept full responsibility for the course content, I suggest that you find a reputable, reliable and UN — BIASED professional historian to review the course content, coupled with a public announcement that the course on the “Holocaust” is no different than any other course in our school system and the course content can be challenged and debated by the students.

Governor Kean, if you have found my statements on the aims of the ADL and B’nai B’rith difficult to believe, let me assure you that these grossly undemocratic plans appear regularly in the Jewish press and even in the standard press.

That censorship, blacklisting, propaganda, the political conditioning of our school children and punishment for exercising freedom of speech and freedom of the press are so openly discussed and planned in a free country is an excellent example of the monumental ARROGANCE of the Israeli lobby in this country. They have long since placed themselves above the Constitution and laws of this country.

Governor, you must know by now that you are in a now-win situation. If you opt for free speech, you will have the hot breath of Howard Squadron on the back of your neck telling you why free speech is anti-Semitic. If you let the whole thing slide, you will be labeled as a fool or worse, by historians and various departments of education in other states that had the good sense to reject “Holocaust” as “history.” To say nothing of the battle you will be engaged in here in New Jersey when parents get a strong whiff of the anti-German propaganda being fed their children. I think your best bet is to stuff your ears with cotton (so you can’t hear the screams and threats of Howard Squadron) and stand up for free speech in our schools.

In any event, do me a favor and demonstrate your belief in freedom of speech by directing your department of education to permit me to purchase the so-called “teacher’s guide” and the “anthology” of the course on “Holocaust.” After all, it’s not going to be a secret — is it?

Governor, I have, as you have seen, taken considerable time and trouble to write this letter, although I know from past experience that it will probably be stopped in the system and never reach your desk. However, I have done it for two reasons: First of all, as a matter of principle — I would feel guilty if I left any stone unturned in this battle. Secondly, it is my innate, American sense of fair play that makes me reject “sand bagging” anyone — yourself included — therefore, I have tried to spell out the conflict you are in before the ceiling falls on your head when the WINDS OF WOUK or some other such drivel enter the New Jersey school system as “history.

Of course, feel free to show this letter to anyone you wish, the ADL, B’nai B’rith, Howard Squadron (if you don’t mind tantrums) — anyone you wish. I’m a great believer in FREEDOM OF SPEECH.




Major Joseph G. Stano, USAF (Ret.)






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