Alfred Schaefer – Police Raid and My Confession — TRANSCRIPT


[In this 35 minute video Alfred Schaefer, first describes the police raid on his home in Germany for his “forbidden thoughts“, and secondly how he had, in 2014, not yet escaped from the contamination of jewish “control words” and had used words like “Zionism” and “Nazi” without fully understanding their jewish origins, designed to deflect attention away from the jews — KATANA.]




Alfred Schaefer



Police Raid and



My Confession



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Published on Nov 21, 2016


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YouTube Description


German Ministry of Thought Control had the “Kriminal Polizei” raid my house to steal all of my computers and storage devices to search for “Forbidden Thoughts”.

This has presented us with a wonderful opportunity to help the “Kriminal Polizei” learn about the induced mental illness that many of them are suffering from.

















I’m Alfred Schaefer,


In part I of this video I want to tell you what happens to you in Germany if you commit the crime of thinking.


You heard me right, the crime of thinking.


In Part 2, I wish to make a long overdue confession. But first the police raid.



The “German Ministry of Forbidden Thoughts” sent the “Kriminal Polizei”, which is like the FBI, to raid our house in order to steal all of my computers and storage devices. They suspected “forbidden thoughts” on these devices and were determined to find them. The raid took place on the 18th of August 2016 at 7:00 o’clock in the morning.



The website “Glaring Hypocrisy” phoned me on the day after this raid took place. Here is the beginning of this conversation. You can listen to the conversation in it’s entirety on their web site.




Glaring Hypocrisy: We only heard about the situation at about shortly before 5:00 pm London time. So, to be clear, when did the raid on your home actually take place?


Alfred: Yesterday morning. I was in the shower, and then I heard that the door bell rang. Normally I am always in the shower before Elfriede, my wife, but this time I slept a bit uneasy and I stayed in bed a bit longer and then I was in the shower at 7:00 o’clock when the door bell rang and, …

You may think this is strange for me to say this, but the timing of this raid could not have been better, … For me that is.



Had it taken place only two days earlier, my most important video to date, the German version of, “A Dissident Speaks Out”, (Gerhard Ittner — Dissidenten reden Klartext) would not have been uploaded.




This video is a dialog that I had with a dissident who was kidnapped in Portugal, only to be dragged back to Germany and locked up, for the questions he was asking. Because the German version of “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust”, has been censored be the German thought police so that nobody can see it in Germany and some other countries, the German version of “A dissident speaks out”, includes this apology as the ending.



The “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust was the apology that my sister Monika felt she had to make to our deceased Mother.


This apology helped Monika to overcome the guilt she now felt after learning that the stories we were fed by the media in Canada during the 1960’s and 70’s about the “shrunken heads, soap”, and “lampshades, were just lies! My sister had actually blamed my mother for these things even though they were total nonsense, which most people now, of course, know.


But as little children growing up in Canada, we had no idea that we were being lied to with these perverted and cruel things. We just believed what we were told. That was our nature.


But besides having just uploaded this video the day before the raid, the timing had other aspects which now provide us with unexpected opportunities. We wanted to take this to the next level, and this raid has done that for us. This video, has now been sent to all of Germanys judges as well as all the main stream media, including both printed and digital media.



The detectives who came to do the raid were normal thinking human beings following orders and not really understanding the big picture of what they are involved in. In this context, what they did take, will help them enormously to begin to understand what this big picture is, and hopefully appreciate the opportunity this offers to educate their colleagues and superiors, to what is actually happening.




In mid July, a month earlier, I has spoken at the London Forum about “Psychological warfare”, and how this is used to turn us against ourselves, making us destroy ourselves in the interests of the parasite. The script for this speech was lying on my desk and taken by the thought police. It dealt with all the important aspects of how we are being manipulated by these lies.


One of the most important aspects of this manipulation is how the lies are designed to “frame, invert, and then to “project, the very characteristics of the parasite onto the intended victim, or host. This strategy produces in the victims, an induced mental illness.


So, why is this so important?


Because, the German thought police may also be suffering from this induced mental illness. which can be cured by careful exposure to truth and reason.


The material they took from my desk is perfect for performing this task and curing this induced condition. Here just a few seconds from that speech in London:





Jez Turner: Some of the famous video’s, are:

9/11 Brainwashing, End of the Lie, and

Sorry Mom, I was Wrong about the Holocaust.

He has broken all the laws in Germany! … And he is waiting for the knock on the door! OK? So, he’s a brave man! He’s a German Canadian! He is Alfred Schaefer!



Alfred Schaefer: OK, it’s my greatest pleasure and honour to be here today to speak to you at the London Forum. The focus of my speech will be how weaponised words are being used in a psychological warfare against us. OK….


You can see why the knock on the door did not surprise me.


I just wanted to get as much information out before they would come to steal all of my equipment.


OK, back to the fundamentals of the psychological warfare that has turned us into mindless suicidal zombies actually worshipping those who have done this to us. Their basic strategy to accomplish this, is the “framing of an idea, and giving this idea a clear label.


For example, the image of a brutal monster that wants to conquer the world has been “framed with the label “Nazi”, and this has been projected onto the German people. This image has been created by Hollywood movies and everything else under jewish control.


The brutal monster that actually does want to conquer and rule the world, is, in fact, the jew! This process has led to a total inversion of the truth. The good guys become the bad guys, and the bad guys become the good guys. This narrative, or program, has been hard wired into peoples brains, worldwide, through the jewish control over all of the media, as well as all of our state institutions, including the schools.


As these lies become entrenched in our consciousness, laws are passed to punish any deviation, or dissent, from this “party line.



In this case we know that the jewish intent was the actual extermination of the European people, starting with the Germans, who were the heart of Europe.


The jews themselves planned this and wrote about it, so it can not be denied.


Theodore Kaufmann’s book titled, “Germany must Perish, or B’nai Brith member, Louis Nizer, and his book, “What to do with Germany are only two examples of this.



In this book he suggested to replace the German people, or to simply exterminate them.


Or, Dr. Ernest Hooten, we wanted to “breed the desire for war out of the Germans. Using the jewish method of reversing everything, he “projected the Jewish desire for war onto the innocent German’s.


Instead of reading these books in our schools, we are indoctrinated with the poisonous lies about the imaginary “Holocaust of the poor jews. If we dare to question this wild jewish fantasy they call the “Holocaust”, the thought police will pounce on us and try to make our life miserable.


They did steal all of my computers and storage devices.


It would be hard to think of a more blatant example of “framing and “projecting than what we have had to endure all of lives with this so called “Holocaust.


They could do this to the European people in general, and to the German people specifically, because these people were completely traumatised and weak after the massive death and destruction of what we call World War I and II. These World Wars, we now know, were engineered by jews, from start to finish.


Now, in 2016 the jews are getting nervous, because the long planned World War III, designed to finish us off, may have been derailed with the awakening of the people to their machinations.


That summarises the concept of “framing and “projecting in order to invert the truth, or turn it upside down.


Once populations have been conditioned to believe these monstrous lies, they need to be discouraged from questioning or investigating these stories. For doing this, they practice, “Ritual Defamation.


After uploading the video, “Sorry Mom, I was Wrong About the Holocaust, and returning to Canada, my sister, Monika, suffered an attack of “ritual defamation.


Here are a few minutes of her speech that she gave in Toronto, to explain how she experienced this.





Monika: If I was an unknown entity, someone who perhaps hung around at drinking establishments all day long, somehow I don’t think too many people would have made a fuss about my views on anything, not even on the Holocaust.



But, in my case, because of that community fame, because I have been a very public figure, it seems to be especially important for the enemy to bring me down swiftly and ferociously and absolutely.



They have to make an example of me. They have instill fear in anyone who dares to show any curiosity in the issue.




They have to isolate me, by condemning those who come to my defence, even if they only defend my right to have an opinion, however offensive it might be to them.



They have to cement the barrier into the brain that prevents rational thought.




They have to reinforce the trigger response that has been engineered into our brains to never question the holocaust. They have to shun and shame and ostracise me from the community.




I was still in Germany, at my brothers place in Bavaria, when the messages started coming into my email and on Facebook, and by phone. Many of those comments on face book were public.






For example, “Monika Schaefer is not welcome in Jasper.



Old friends with whom I have played music together for years, they were the first to terminate our friendship. There was plenty of hate mail coming my way, from known and unknown people.



There were some threats to my well-being. I would say, maybe there some serious threats. And some weird messages regarding violin lessons, someone inquiring about violin lessons for her daughter, but saying, “Oh, is this you in the video…..?” And then, when I said, “Yes that’s me.







Then a terrible scathing response from her. But, I am quite sure that was an agent doing that. I don’t think it was a genuine violin student’s mother. It was meant to scare and intimidate me.

The first concrete action against me was the cancelation of my “Canada Day performance.



I was being made to feel that I was the criminal. That I had done something terribly wrong, like maybe that I was responsible for the “Holocaust”!




I kept reminding myself that I was just telling the truth as I have come to understand it.



But, I can also tell you, the sky did not fall that day! I came home, I walked home, my house was still there, you know, … it was great!





Monika is certainly stronger than most people. She does not let these attacks break her spirit. The setbacks that she has suffered are very temporary indeed. The reversal is already visible now, only a few months later, in 2016. She is admired around the world for her courage to speak the truth.


Professor Tony Hall who was with her in Germany when we made her video, has also been on the receiving end of ritual defamation of the most criminal nature. The jews broke all the laws regarding free speech and tenure, by using their power to terminate his employment at the University of Lethbridge, simply for his part in the video, “Why do you support open debate on the Holocaust? 


Here a few seconds of this video:





Tony Hall: We’re living in a time of huge “Hate speech. Hate speech directed towards Germans, collectively, generically. No real ability to consider Germany’s place in the world outside of this particular way that National Socialism has been interpreted.



So we need open debate on the “Holocaust”, for sure! Open debate on all subjects. Open debate, especially on subjects of such crucial central importance to our public policy. To our global interactions.



Send us your video answering the question, “Why do you support open debate on the holocaust?” to:



I’m professor of globalisation studies and liberal education at a Canadian university in Alberta. And I want to address the need for open debate on the “Holocaust”, indeed, open debate on all subjects.



We are the, Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust. Join us at



He did have a tenured position at the University of Lethbridge, and in contravention of our basic values of free speech and the concept of tenure, the Jews who control Canada, felt so threatened by this simple request for open debate on their imaginary holocaust that they had him fired without warning and without pay.


This is now the mandatory new religion in Canada. It is the “holy holocaust. The Jews have manoeuvred themselves into a very unenviable position. Any jew, or any jew helper, who is still playing this insidious game against humanity, now in 2016, will soon have the opportunity to explain their own bizarre behaviour, to their neighbours and the general public, as these are all non-believers, and [to have them] understanding the nature of their planed genocide against us.


There is no shame for admitting for to having behaved like a conditioned and programmed laboratory rat.


In fact, not long ago, I was one myself. I can prove it.


[Part 2]


This is my confession.


Here are a few seconds of my first video that I uploaded in May 2014. I had gone though a traumatising awakening, but was not yet completely clean. I was still using some of the labels that described the false images that had been planted in our brains. One label is used for the jew to hide behind. The other is used to define any opposition to what the jew is doing.



These labels make it almost impossible, to get to the root of our problem.


From my first video title:


9/11 Gatekeepers and Controlled Opposition”

Released: 30 May 2014



Alfred Schaefer Chats with Noam Chomsky — Linguistics professor (gatekeeper extraordinaire)



Instead of lying to college students you should explain to them what difference is between a Zionist and a jew. To be anti-Zionist is no more anti-Semitic than it is to be anti-German because one doesn’t like Nazis.



Is it any better to proclaim that one is a Zionist than to proclaim one is a Nazi?



To my friends at the BND, NSA, CIA, etc., please forward the links herein to all your friends, colleagues, superiors, and children. Each and every one of us will eventually be judged by these two questions:



Question number one: When did you become informed about what really happened on 9/11?

Question number two: What did you do with this knowledge?




Alfred Schaefer.



In that video I was using labels that had very little to do with reality. At that time, my own thinking was still very compartmentalised and contaminated by the lies that we had been fed all of our lives, about the German people and the reasons for World War II.


I still believed some of the utter nonsense that was hard wired into our brains about those “evil Nazis and their murderous plans to dominate the world.


I was still too timid to name the jew, so I used the relatively safe label of “Zionism and that was the mask behind which the jew likes to hide, much as the jew used to hide behind the mask of communism.


I never knew until quite recently, that “communism was as much a jewish construct as “Zionism is today.


I also used the label “Nazi, which is a meaningless word that has been seared onto our brains as being something exceptionally evil.


But what is it really, the word “Nazi”? The jews wanted to exterminate the German people.



They hated the German people, because the German people had seen through the jewish lies and machinations! Anybody who understands the jewish lies, becomes a threat to them, and must be exterminated!


That is why the jews proclaim in their teachings, that, “The best of the goyim deserve to be killed”. That way, whoever figures them out, gets killed. Of course in the end this process leads to everybody getting killed. At that time it was Germany’s turn to get exterminated by the jews. The jews have doing this for thousands of years. They know how to do this. It is a long process, and we see it unfolding today.


They have now expanded their target from Germans, to all European peoples. Lets see how they apply these labels to those who have seen through their pathetic lies.


Evalion, a world famous, exceptionally intelligent and brave Canadian woman, is now under attack from this cowardly parasite.




Here, a recent broadcast from the jewish media:



Announcer (male): Local teenager going viral for some very racist rants. She has thousands of followers on line, and was recently questioned by Canadian authorities on her way back from Germany. Christina Stephens has more from our newsroom. Christina, …



Announcer (female): Well Alan, she is a GTA (Greater Toronto Area) teenager and she’s becoming know as one of the first female neo-Nazi YouTuber’s, and she just turned 19 on Friday. An investigation is underway after she was stopped when returning to Canada from her recent trip.


She believes the authorities stopped her because someone alerted them to her You-Tube video’s. Video’s most people would find offensive, at minimum.



Evalion: Happy birthday Adolf Hitler, happy birthday to you, …


I know what some of you guys are thinking right now, …



You’re going like, ‘Oh my God, how can this girl celebrate Hitler’s birthday, Hitler’s so evil, …!


Interviewer (female): That’s just one of dozens of video’s posted by Veronica Bourchard, a GTA teenager, who’s You-Tube rants are getting more and more attention. She posts video’s on things like “How to Identify a jew.


She uses racial slurs, she wants a White only Canada, and explains what she describes as “Racial Science”. You-Tube keeps shutting down her video’s, but then they’re just reposted by other supporters.





Last week when Bourchard was returning to Canada from Germany, she says she was detained, and that Canada border services agents went though her personal journals then seized both the notebooks and her laptop. She said they told her, she was being investigated for “hate crimes”. Bourchard argues she should be able to say what she wants to, as a matter of freedom of speech. She explains some of her thinking in that lengthy interview with us.



Evalion: Everyone should stay with their own. That’s fantastic. And this brings back the mixed race question, if you are mixed you don’t have your own group. You will be rejected by the people who only let in Italians, you will be rejected by the groups that only let in blacks. Because we’re different. We have evolved in different places and different environments, at different times, different rates. We are very different. And that’s OK. It shouldn’t be a tabu.



Interviewer: Ahead, after 6:00 o’clock, we have a reaction from one of the things she targets, and bit more about who she is, where she grew up, and what could possibly have made her have such extreme views, at such a young age. Back to you guys …



[The “Extreme Views come from unplugging herself from the “Extreme Lies”]



Evalion: However, in the meantime, if you want truth right now, I encourage you guys to check out these two documentaries.


The Greatest Story Never Told, and “Hellstorm



I have links to these in the description below. If you guys watch these documentaries, or have seen them before, tell me what you think down in the comments. I personally love them and highly recommend them.


Thanks for watching guys, and here is a short video clip to wrap things up:




There we just heard the interviewer using the meaningless word “racist in an attempt to denigrate Evalion. She called it a “Racist Rant. We hear that word constantly these days. “Racist.


What does this word actually mean?


That is the word that is applied to anyone who understands the “Behavioural, Cultural, Physical, or “Intellectual differences between the races.



If you claim, for example, that a pygmy is not suitable for a high-jumping contest, or for running a marathon, then you will qualify as a “racist.


Today, this meaningless word is used as a weapon to prevent us from defending ourselves against the jewish plan to exterminate us.



Most people are now familiar with the jew Barbara Learner Spectre’s famous admission, in coded language, that the jews will now exterminate the European peoples. Here just as a reminder.



I think there is a resurgence of anti-Semitism, because at this point in time, Europe has not yet leaned how to be multi-cultural. And I think we are going to be part of the throes of that transformation, which must take place. ‘Which Must Take Place’. Europe is not going to be the monolithic, ahh, ahhh, societies that they once were in the last century. Jews are going to be at the center of that. ‘Jews are going to be at the center of that.’


Its a huge transformation for Europe to make, they are now going into a multicultural mode, and jews will be resented because of our leading role. But without that leading role, and without that transformation, Europe will not survive, …


Voiceover: What we’ve got to realise, is that there is war going on right now, with people being killed between the White Christian West and the jewish led coloured hordes of the earth, who are rising to slaughter and murder White people under the banners of communism.


We have to exterminate White people off of the face of the planet to solve this problem.



Isn’t that amazing? She [Spectre] says that without even flinching. Her face doesn’t even turn red.


Earlier in this video, I talked about how Jews “invert everything. I talked about “framing, and “projecting to “invert reality.



This jew has given us a perfect example for this. She claims that Europe will not survive if it does not become multicultural. In typical jewish reversal of facts, what this message actually means, is that Jews will not survive, if the European peoples remain homogenous and understand what has been done to them.



All Jews understand this very well, because they are taught to lie, right from the moment they are born. That does not mean that they all lie, all the time. Here is one that is actually being quite truthful.



It is in the jewish interest, it is in humanities interest that Whites experience a genocide. Until White children are burned alive, White women raped, mutilated, murdered and all White men who have not been slaughtered, watch powerlessly as their people are terrorised; only then will mankind be on a more equal footing, ready to discuss White privilege and the apparent chip on the shoulder that minorities have.

— that’s from Ishamael Levitts, an honest jew.




At this point I want to talk to someone who has been doing excellent work for a number of years, and has understood the importance of getting our people aware, of the racial nature, of what is happening to our societies and peoples.


She has just released an excellent video that deals with the White genocide that is taking place now in South Africa, titled “Between Heaven and Hell, the True Story of Whites in South Africa.



Watching this video helps us to understand where the massive influx of surplus invaders into our White countries is leading to. Without understanding the lies of our own past, it is almost impossible to comprehend the evilness of the agenda that is playing out against us today. My own earlier video’s were supposed to help understand this matrix of lies that we all need to unplug ourselves from.



Sinead, it is my greatest pleasure to have you here in the line with me today.



Sinead: Thank you Alfred, and I am really happy to be part of this dialogue with you. Actually I was just revisiting the video you did on “Brainwashing, the third one, on “Pavlov’s dogs”.



I really like the way that it puts 9-11 into perspective. 9-11 is nothing more than a single link in a long chain that goes back a very long time. I also like how you covered the fake moon landing and Stanley Kubrick’s role in directing what we were told was the moon landing.


A lot of people will ask: “Why would they fake something like this?


They are able to acquire large sums of money, and that money does not go towards actually going to the moon, but just putting on a production in a sound stage, which is not very expensive.


Also during that time we had the assassination of JFK and this moon landing seemed to replace the grief that the country was feeling and replace it with pride.


I find it really interesting too, that even today, in 2016, people still don’t want to question anything like that. They still really believe that we went to the moon and they don’t believe there could be any other possibility.


But I did notice that you were still using the term “brainwashing, when it really isn’t so much brain washing, but more of “brain dirtying”.


Alfred: Yeah, the “brainwashing”, … that’s a very inappropriate word, it sounds so, … so clean and so harmless. Its not harmless. We are learning to use the proper terminology for the proper, ahh, proper ideas, yeah, I’m glad you pointed that out.



Sinead: See, brainwashing sounds kind of good. When somethings dirty you want to then clean it. But really what they have done, is they have taken our original blueprint which was clean, and it worked, and they contaminated it with many different mind viruses, and thus we have the brain dirtying.


Alfred: Yes, the toxins of the lies have contaminated our brains and turned us from thinking human beings into zombies. Brainwashing is the harmless sounding word we have been using all these years to Whitewash and prevent us from understanding how disabling and dangerous this condition is.


But like a said before, there is no shame in admitting that you have suffered, or still are suffering from the toxins of the lies. It is these toxins that make you behave like a programmed and conditioned laboratory rat.



I was one myself until very recently, and I will never claim that I am now completely cured. I am always open to examine any evidence that may contradict something that I believe to be true.




Now, in 2016, we are going through a transition in awareness on a global scale. This transition is similar to what happened on a more local level about 500 years ago, after the printing press helped Martin Luther.


Martin Luther unleashed the reformation.



He understood the Jews and their lies, much like Adolf Hitler understood the Jews and their lies.



This time the transition in awareness is on a global scale, resulting in the jew loosing control over all the worlds populations simultaneously.



We are sailing in uncharted waters and need all of our best and brightest people to be in full capacity of their own mind. Programmed laboratory rats will not be of any help!


So, how can, you know, if you are a “programmed and conditioned laboratory rat? Easy!


If you still react to the words designed to trigger a particular response, then you are still suffering from the toxins of the lies that constitute this programming. Here is a list of some of the most powerful of these control words.


Racist, or as our TV host said earlier, “Racist Rant, Anti-SemiteConspiracy Theory, or “Theorist, Nazi, or “Neo Nazi, Holocaust Denier, Extremist, Hitlerite, or “Hate speech,  Right Wing extremist, Non-Inclusive Beliefs, Politically Correct, Truther”, “Tabu Subject”, “Too Controversial a Subject, and on and on we go.



Whenever any of these, or other equally meaningless “control trigger words are used, pay absolutely no attention to them. They are designed to trigger a program that has been skilfully engineered into your brain.


As people around you begin to understand this, you would look like a fool if you still reacted to any of these. That is why Donald Trump will not have much time to come clean on:



the USS-Liberty,

the JFK assassination,

the fake moon landing,

or the imaginary “Holocaust”.



If he subordinates the American people to the interests of the jews, then his presidency will be a very short one indeed. This awakening is unstoppable and irreversible. He needs to purge the enemy within, and he needs to restore law and order, including dealing with all of the illegal invaders who are a real threat to our civilisation. He needs to create a money system that excludes the private jewish bankers.


These are monumental tasks, but the present system is worse than worthless. It is extremely toxic, and the longer we wait to resolve this, the less likely we will be to succeed. The result will be the total collapse of the civilisation we have inherited from our forefathers simply because we failed to recognise the enemy within the gates.


Thank you.






Producer: Alfred Schaefer


Please copy this video and reload it in other locations.


Make sure that none of your friends are still under the spell of the “shrunken heads, soap and “lampshades.


It is NOT OK to believe the old lies anymore.


Those who choose to subordinate themselves to the jewish lies, will have to content themselves with being seen as “programmed conditioned rats.


Thinking Human Beings” make better friends than “Conditioned Laboratory Rats do.












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  1. Konrad says:

    Please know that although you may feel alone now, you are not. You actually nailed it when you said that people are waking up all around the world. This is so true, of course there are still many who will go to their graves as conditioned labrats, yet the wheel is turning and it will not stop.
    i have personally opened the eyes of many to this horrid, toxic world we were born into and what we must do to destroy this chaos and return the natural order of things. Too much to go into here, but let me say you and your sister are showing the courage of lions to stand firm against the forces of chaos and openly call out the jew and their lies that have been thousands of years in the making.
    All the best to you.

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  4. Wotan says:

    Dear Alfred, it took me a few hours to work my way through your eintire presentation. At the end of it the thought occurred to me how beautiful it
    would be if, by heavenly hand, it were possible to stick with non-rermovable super glue Levitt`s comments on the foreheads of all the police officers, who raided
    your house. After all Levitt is even more distinct about Jewish aims than Specter. How did Levitt
    put it again? Genocide the whites, burn their babies and rape their women!
    Dream little Lewitt-Jew, dream, but be sure one day the white man will come to get
    you and sentence you for your stinking hate speech using your own hate laws!

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