Morgoth’s Review – Fishing For White Pills, Feb 2019 — TRANSCRIPT


[In this video, Morgoth, who runs the blog, Morgoth’s Review,  talks about the recent suicide of a long time acquaintance, offering his advice on how to prevent the long slide into depression and misery that especially young Whites males can suffer from in this increasingly hostile environment, where Whites are demonized by the hostile power that rules over us, behind the curtain.


This power, Organized jewry, is engaged in a long term psychological warfare against Whites in general, but particularly White males, driving many into self-destructive life styles, and in extreme cases, suicide.


One simple solution, Morgoth suggests, is to develop a hobby that gets you out of the home and back into nature, such as the age-old relaxing activity of fishing. In other words, to rework an old saying:


All work and no play can make Jack a suicidal boy.







Morgoth’s Review


Fishing for White Pills


Feb, 2019




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Published on Feb 15, 2019


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Hello there folks. So, I’ve got a couple of days off work. Thought I’d do a bit of fishing. And the reason why I’ve taken a couple of days off work is, because somebody I’ve known for a very long time has committed suicide.


This is probably gonna be lower quality than normal, because I’m using a phone.


But, once again, it’s the issue of White men who just can’t cope with what the modern world has to offer, and they end up killing themselves, just to get out of it. And it’s not the first time either. I had a couple of pints with a friend and we added it all up, and between the two of us, we could name eight to ten people who were old friends, or associates, who have decided that they just didn’t want to go on.


And this is an absolute huge problem and it doesn’t get anywhere the attention it deserves. And then it’s even bigger problem for people who are in dissident rightist circles. And I’ve actually been asked a lot of times in private by people, … I’m told:


I’m red pilled and I’m sick of it all! I’m totally depressed!


And my response to that, and I’m not a psychologist, I’m just an ordinary Joe Shmoe, but my response to that was:


Get yourself a dog, and get yourself a fishing rod. And get out of the house, basically. Get out of the house and do something!


And I put my money where my mouth was, and actually make a video. But on the subject here, like I said, it’ll be a bit rough around the edges..


Because what I’ve noticed is the trend with these men who’ve killed themselves, there is a definite trend there. And it is that there’s a lot rattling around in a house, or a flat by themselves. They’re not going anywhere, they never get out, and they just sort of sink into this abyss of despair! And it seems glib, and sort of a cliche to tell people:


Get out the house and do something!


But especially if you’re involved in this extremely sort of depressing era of politics! And if you’re on social media and all you see, day in and day out, are headlines of rapes, and terror attacks, and demographics, and all of the rest of it, it’s gonna get on top of you eventually.


And what I find about fishing is that you’re out of the loop. Completely out of the loop! What you’re doing is forming a psychological foundation to fall back on! And because it’s a whole sort of, … You have to learn how to spool the rod. You’re gonna have to learn how to put bait on hooks. I’m using a big, heavy, 30 gram lure here. I might get a cod, I doubt there’s anything in there. The bloody Spanish have nicked them all, because of EU quotas.


But the point is, to break that cycle! And yeah, I mean, it’s an absolutely beautiful day! What a beautiful day to be outdoors today! And for all these people, these lads are just sitting there, just stewing in the misery! And God knows, I understand it! I’ve been there myself, as well.


But the first thing you have to do is get your foundations right. And these people, when I look back at them all, all had that wrong. And they were all just sitting in the house depressed, not doing anything. And then you will expect the world to sort of fall into their hands. And, of course, the world hates White men! We know that!



I mean, the first act of defiance a White man can have against this system, is to have a happy life! Is to actually enjoy yourself! And once you’ve got that as a foundation, you can then move on. Maybe that hot chick, that you’ve had your eye on for a while, then, you can try and chat her up. Spare her a few lines, and it goes on from there. Then you can start to have a look about the world of politics.


But you have to get the foundations right! The foundations to know what it is that makes you happy. And first of all, to look for something that makes you happy and content! And then, you can go off, and you can say:


Right! What’s next? I’ve got that basic thing taken care of!


Because sitting around, sort of stewing in misery in an apartment or a house by yourself, is what all of these men have in common!


I mean, I’ll do a video at some point when I’m back home, sitting comfortably on the computer. And we can get into the wider sort of philosophical ramifications of all of this. And how we got here, and everything like that. But for now, I think I just wanted to say:


Well, look at this! Get these things happy first. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!


Get the foundations right, lads. First things, first! Know what it is that makes you happy. Get that sorted!


Because, at the end of the day, it doesn’t take much. Everything that I’ve got, the fishing rod, and all the clothes I’m wearing, … Christ! Even the dog! It’s worth less than a hundred and fifty quid! You don’t need loads of money, you don’t need loads a materialistic junk, to find some sort of fulfilling thing! Maybe it’s walking in the hills! I don’t know. This is my thing. I’m not really into lifting weights, or anything like that, I think it’s stupid! I’m not gonna pay somebody to lift things up when I do it the whole week! [chuckling].


But! We have to deal with this, we have to get on top of this. And I think it has to be the spiritual problems of the modern world, are what’s doing this to so many White men. But the problem is, I think, when you’re in these dissident right type circles, and you see all these arguments, and all these ideas, at least you’ve got a frame of reference to understand it. To at least understand why it is you’re depressed. Most of these ones that I know, they weren’t even very political. And so the modern world tells them they should be happy and they’re not! And they don’t understand why! And they think it’s them!


They go to the doctor’s and then the doctor just pumps them full of drugs! As an individual they are the problem. And it’s the other way around! It’s the modern world that’s the problem. We know that, you see. But the ideology, the way of the world that we have, we know that. And we have to find a way to get it across the these other men, because it’s going to be more men who kill themselves!


And I think it starts for us, just getting the basics right, really. Just finding out what it is that makes you happy. Get out of the house, get a dog, get a fishing rod.


Look at this! Absolutely beautiful out there!


All right. Take care everybody, and I’ll see you later.













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