Patriotic Weekly Review with The Iconoclast – Apr 29, 2020 — Transcript

[In Patriotic Weekly Review number 51, Mark Collett and No White Guilt (Jason) chat with The Iconoclast (Dan) about current events and the nationalist movement. Overshadowed though, by a scandal involving Millennial Woes and his conduct with a woman, that has caused him to become unwelcome in the Patriotic Alternative movement.



Patriotic Weekly Review

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Apr 29, 2020



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Mar 29, 2020


First published at 21:07 UTC on April 29th, 2020.


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Episode 51 of Patriotic Weekly Review with special guest The Iconoclast as well as regular contributors No White Guilt and Dr Patrick Slattery.

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Mark Collett: Hello everybody. And welcome to Patriotic Weekly Review episode number 51. We are here tonight with Dan the Iconoclast, and as always with our regular co-host Jason, No White Guilt. Now we are live on both YouTube and Radio Albion. Radio Albion is run by my good friend Sven Longshanks and you can check Radio Albion out for a range of different nationalist content 24/7. So if you are starved of good material to watch, or listen to, Radio Albion dot com is a great source of that material.


You can contribute to the show either financially, or by asking questions over on Entropy. The Entropy link is in the description of the show it is on Twitter is on Telegram and it is in the live chat. Now that is the way to ask questions. It is also the way to send donations. All donations are read out on the show and the best questions, the most voted questions are asked to the panel, or to the relevant person. Because Entropy runs as a meritocracy questions are voted on those that have voted up are asked. And the best questions and all superchats are read out every single week. If you want to contribute in other ways please use Bitcoin.


Now last week as many of you will be aware it was our anniversary show 50th anniversary we had the wonderful Dr. DD [David Duke] on! I’m not going to say his real name, because when you say his name the stream disappears! And as many of you will have realized last week we were probably the only stream I’ve ever seen to be put into limited state midstream without a single racial slur, or swear word being used. Now we muddled on through and we had record numbers on Entropy. We had record numbers of people chatting on Entropy. And it was a good show if any was a great show. Many people have written to me and said it was the best we’ve ever done. So thank you for those who did.


And if you want to see that show along with the full back catalogue they are all on BitChute. All of these shows moved to BitChute within 12 hours of being posted on YouTube. That’s very important, because that’s where my fallback catalog is.


And due to pressure I have now set up my own DLive accounts I am able to stream on DLive. And in the future not today, but in the future, I will be streaming to both YouTube, Radio Albion, and DLive, all at the same time. This will enable more people to watch and to watch free of any censorship, or hiccups with the stream, which I’m sure is completely “Cohencidental”, but happen rather regularly here on YouTube.


But if we ever had a great guest to follow up DD with, it is, of course, the Iconoclast! Who we will be introducing very soon.


Now many people in the chat are going to want me to talk about the “big issue”! And I’m not going to dodge talking about the big issue. I’m not gonna run away from talking about the big issue. And the big issue is, of course, the conduct and status of Colin Robertson, aka, Millennial Woes.


Now this is a very, very difficult issue to discuss. But it’s something we need to be very, very honest about. But I don’t want to keep repeating myself on this, or for anyone to miss this. So I am going to introduce Jason and Dan now, before we get on to this. So the chats filled up, and no one misses this, because I’m sure many people are going to be here for this.


So that’s a bit of a downer to start the show on something like this, but it needs to be discussed and we’re certainly not going to be running from it. We’re certainly not going to be brushing it under the carpet. And I’m certainly not going to be hiding from this particular issue!


But we’ll start with you my friend Jason. What have you up to this week? Who’s on Tap, and how have you been?


No White Guilt: I am always remarkable! I’m always doing well. Especially when serving White well being and being able to get shoulder to shoulder with the likes of you gentleman, Iconoclast, of course, the great Mark Collett, and all of the heroes in the live chat right now. I’ve already seen a slew of magnificent people. And we’re going to have a great show one way, or another.


And we’re going to have a great show on Tap, probably on Saturday. Don’t know exactly who’s gonna be on there yet. But if you’re looking for a great episode of Tap you can find it over on the gardening channel where Mark Collett appeared. And they immediately [05:01] gave a strike, you know, Mark’s talking about. All you gotta do is show up good bring DD, … I almost said it! [loud laughter] bring a certain name onto the show, and I think Mr Collett has achieved that that level of, shall we say, fame for us, infamy for the anti-White’s. Because he showed up, we didn’t do, or say anything to warrant any sort of strike. And yet immediately before the video had even processed the wonderful “lazy Susans” at YouTube sent me a message to tell me:


You’ve got a strike! And you’re not allowed to stream anymore! You’re not allowed!


So we are going to muddle through that. And we have a number of sources, and I’ll be posting those sources today. But a big welcome to Iconoclast! Great to see you brother and looking forward to the show today.


Mark Collett: Well it kind of seems fitting but for a show of this magnitude we have a guest of this magnitude. Dan the Iconoclast is Britain’s biggest ethno-nationalism YouTuber. He is a man that produces content which does the unbelievable, the unthinkable, it straddles the gap between intellectual ethnic nationalism and normies! His content reaches tens and tens of thousands of people. His channel has hundreds of thousands of subscribers. And, because of that he has been under relentless attack by the system. This is the greatest badge of honor and his impact on this movement has been huge! He’s red pilled hundreds of thousands. He has brought many, many people to streams like this and we all thank him.


He also an incredible magazine called the Iconoclast Magazine, because he realizes that the online world is one where we can disappear from. But the written word published in traditional fashion is much harder to squash. Harder to produce, but harder to squash! His work straddles multiple genres. He discusses multiple topics. And despite the relentless attacks against him he never ever bows his head.


He isn’t somebody that I have been in personal contact with for a huge amount of time. But the time I have been in contact with I’ve enjoyed every minute of it. And I’m proud to be able to call him a friend, and welcome into the show for the second time. This was going to be all about you tonight Dan! This was going to be all about YouTube censorship of your channel and your thoughts on the future of free speech.


But obviously we have another huge elephant in the room that we need to address. But before we do that please introduce yourself. Tell us where we can find you, how we can contribute your excellent work, and a little bit about your wonderful magazine.


Iconoclast: Well, thank you Mark. Nice to be here again. Hello to you as well Jason. And it’s been a while boys! Hello to everyone in the chart as well. Hope you’re having a wonderful night. You gave me a great intro on the previous PWR that I appeared on as well Mark, so I thank you twice for two great intros! You’re making me blush as I said, at the time on that stream as well.


I’m doing well mate. You can find all of my stuff at my YouTube channel for now, the Iconoclast. All of my links are usually posted in the description box with all my videos. BitChute and what-have-you, Telegram. And I’m doing well, glad to be here. I’ve just had a nice fat ribeye steak, which was cooked to perfection, if I do say so myself! And I’m ready to go, full of protein! So let’s get this show on the road, boys!




Mark Collett: That’s the best way to be my friend.


So, I was actually going to start with a joking intro today. I had a full joking intro written help for you. It was going to be far more humorous. But unfortunately the humor is somewhat being sucked out of us.


And we do have to discuss the big topic. Which is Millennial Woes, aka, Colin Robertson. Many of you will have seen Colin’s statement that was published sometime yesterday evening about his withdrawal from the nationalist movement. Some people will be talking about what this is in relation to and some people will have seen an awful amount of salacious gossip on Twitter, on other social networks, on Telegram. People will be wondering what is true, what is not. I have not seen it all. I do not know the truth of it all. I think few do.


And, at this point, rumor and fact, are becoming intertwined. People are speculating. And that is not for me to do. It is not for me to turn this show into EastEnders nationalism, and start speculating on different topics.


However, people who are extremely disingenuous are trying to solely link this entire mess with Patriotic Alternative. And my first thoughts on this are very clear. Colin Robertson’s involvement in the nationalist movement, long predates Patriotic Alternative, as do many of the allegations about him that are surfacing on social networks. Colin Robertson has indeed spoken as a guest speaker at two Patriotic Alternative conferences. However, he was never an official of the group. He was never considered to be an official of the group, or offered a role as an official of the group. Colin Robertson worked with Patriotic Alternative as a guest speaker, and promoted Patriotic Alternative in that capacity.


And I want to make this very clear. That is not something, which is out of the ordinary. Colin Robertson also spoke at Generation Identity meetings. He spoke at Traditional Britain, Group meetings. He spoke on the continent at Scandza Forums, at the Awakening Conference, and Erkenbrand. He also spoke over in America at Richard Spencer’s NPI event, and at Jared Taylor’s American Renaissance events. So to try and categorize him as just PA, as if he was only Patriotic Alternative, is something that people who are trying to attack myself, Laura and our organization are trying to do. That is completely and utterly false!


Colin has also been erroneously linked with myself and Laura, when our links are no greater than his links with numerous other people. Again Colin has been active in this movement for six years. And he has been linked with everyone. From Mike Enoch, Richard Spencer, and Greg Johnson, right through to Lauren Southern, Faith Goldy, and Sargon of Akkad, and Count Dankula. People who are not part of this movement. He is streamed with all of those mentioned, some of them regularly, and has been invited on their streams. He has also been involved with people like Brittany Pettibone and Martin Selma. And admittedly he was linked with myself and Laura Towler. But to try and categorize him as being solely linked with myself and Laura Towler to score political points, is absolutely erroneous!


What is happening here is a problem for our movement as a whole. Which Patriotic Alternative is part of but it is not simply a Patriotic Alternative problem. And to characterize it as such is absolutely false! And is being done by some as a form of personal attack. And I’m not gonna let that fly! We must discuss what’s happened, but we must be absolutely honest and absolutely forthright!


Now, there are numerous allegations that have been leveled at Colin. And one of those allegations relates to a woman who attended the last Patriotic Alternative conference. And he met at the Patriotic Alternative conference. However, again it is very, very important to point out that his first contact with her was not there, but online before the conference. It was not that he met her there. Again, this is being erroneously reported for reasons of point-scoring.


Now as all of you will know at Patriotic Alternative it is our only wish for our conferences and events to be absolutely safe and enjoyable experiences for all attendees, regardless of their age sex, or any other characteristic. And we will never compromise on that. And that is why we have taken the following actions.


Collin Robertson will no longer be invited to speak at Patriotic Alternative events. And he will no longer be welcome at Patriotic Alternative events in any capacity. We are taking all allegations made against him with a great deal of care. We’re taking them very, very seriously! And we have spoken to the girl in question, that has been mentioned. People who are saying that she is in some way underage, or that she has been groomed again, that is complete nonsense, absolute nonsense! But since this matter has come to light we have been in constant contact with her. We have fully supported her. And we [15:02] have taken great lengths to listen to her and to view the other allegations being made by different women.


And as, you know, recently I became a father myself to a little girl. And that has only increased my resolve in making sure that the women in Britain in our wider society are safe, but women at our events and our movement are always afforded the full respect that they deserve. And I’m not ever compromise on that!


There are many things said about other movements other political parties. And one of those things that is said is that the leaders of those movements, or the people who take responsibility, often refuse to take responsibility at times like this. They often refuse to take any responsibility. They attempt to cover things up. They attempt to silence victims. And they attempt to do what I would say was the wrong thing. And we’ve seen that in all walks of British life. We’ve seen that in politics, in social services, we’ve seen it from the police, we’ve seen it from local councils, we’ve seen from the BBC!


We will not be doing that! We intend to set a new, very high, standard of conduct, both in our personal lives, our public lives, and professionally! And we know that words are not enough. Actions are what counts. And if there’s one positive thing to come out of all of this, and I want to make this clear for once and for all, we will never tolerate anti-social behavior at our events from anyone connected to our movement, in any way! And that is our promise! And we will stick to that! And we will endeavour to maintain that high standard!


Our events have clear rules, clear conduct. And I want to clear codes of conduct. I want to make it very clear none of the allegations being made relate to anything that happened at any of our events. And those stating so erroneously, are doing so to score points! And they are people who are largely a faceless group on the internet that do not want to reveal who they are. And ironically often of the people saying the most cringeworthy and disgusting thing about women.


I think I’m obviously going to pass this to Jason and Dan to see if they want to say anything, but I hope that Patriotic Alternative will be followed by other groups in the movement, as a wider movement, by taking this principled stand on this issue. And I will obviously be open to questions about this particular topic.


I am NOT gonna hide from this. I haven’t hid from this in any way. I’ve come out this evening, I have opened the show with this very serious topic. I have tackled it head-on, and I will continue to tackle issues, or this particular issue in that manner, in an open and honest way. So I hope people appreciate that and I hope people will see through any lies being spread and I hope we can, after we discuss this topic, we can move on and discuss other important issues that are in the news cycle.




Jason is there anything that you have to say.


No White Guilt: Yes, regrettably. This is a it’s hard to put words to and I have to say I’m really hurt by the entire event, because Woes meant quite a bit time I think, certainly to Jared and I, since we met each other through Millennial. And a lot of people have been brought together by way of Millennial and the work that Millennial Woes has done.


And I think it’s important to focus on that as human beings we have weaknesses. We do terrible things sometimes we do wonderful things sometimes. And certainly when Woes was serving White well-being in a way that accorded with my morality he was doing something wonderful. And people come to White well-being they come to the service of our people and they [20:01] are looking for particularly when they come to go free, they’re looking for healing. They know that we are a movement of redemption. They know that failings and frailties and a past is going to be understood. And that will stumble on the way toward the mountains peak. But, of course, we say that you when you stumble you have to get back up and you have to continue moving toward that mountains peak.


Now there are certain things certainly that you can do and that can negate, nullify, the lead we give a person to improve and to reclaim their life and to redeem who and what they are. Because these first of all they we give that lead, we give that that room for improvement, because anti-Whiteism has made a mess of our lives as individuals. We come into this world, a world that is wrecked by anti-Whiteism, we are poisoned by mean pathogens. Many of us don’t know how to act like a man, how to act like a woman, how to act in society. A society that doesn’t know how to act.


And we’re seeing now with shut downs, the lock downs, people are fighting, people are getting arrested for just being home with the people they supposedly love. There’s an anticipation that there’s going to be a record number of divorces after the lock downs are finished, as opposed to a baby boom. Which would have happened at earlier periods in our peoples history, because the anti-White’s had not been able to destroy as much of our civilization, as much of our characters, as much of who we are, and what we believe we are supposed to aspire to be.


So we have all been damaged and we all do wrong. And yet there are some things that are unacceptable. And that is harming others. We have people who come to White well being, who come to go free, who are very vulnerable themselves. And they have, as I say, like even the predators they’re poisoned with mean pathogens. Some of them come with never knowing who their father, or mother was, or from physical emotional, or sexual abuse in their lives. We even have folks who have come over from making pornographic movies. Their lives weren’t perfect before they got into pornographic movies, as though that made anything any better.


And so it is with a great deal of empathy, empathy, for Woes that, I say that after these events he, without question, has to go. And he has to go from the community.


He’s chosen with these actions to put himself ahead of the rest of us. To open us to tarnishing by anti-White’s the same sort of salacious allegations that are made against every victim of anti-Whiteism. Now with some measure of evidence, or reportage. And my heart goes out to anyone who has been victimized. I think really all of us have been, but certainly the ones, or one who has been victimized in this event.


And I want to reiterate that the actions that Mark Collett is taking, the actions that Patriotic Alternative is taking, these actions are indicative these are the fruits of the kind of morality, the kind of character, the kind of virtue that we exemplify. Even when it is most painful to do so. It is not an easy thing to hear and to learn that someone that you’re friends with, that someone that has, as I say, so much, so many of us came together, because of the work of Woes, is to whatever degree responsible for some sort of victimization. It’s a very painful thing!


So I want you all to really try to, … And in all of those that you hear who were passing around disgusting rumors about these sorts of things, that mature men and women sat down when the test was put upon them and they passed that test. They did the right thing!


So, my hat’s off to Patriotic Alternative, and to Mark Collett, a real demonstration of what it is to be a leader in a time when there are very difficult challenges.


And I want to reassure everyone that this is always going to be the way we behave in the White positive sphere, at least this part of it. That we are not going to allow someone, no matter how popular, no matter how liked, as is the case in the Republicans and then the Democrats and all of these major parties across the West, we are not going to allow someone to prey upon vulnerable people. Young men, young women, people of any age, people who are vulnerable, because of any sort of circumstance in their life, we are not going to permit that at any point!


We are always going to protect the vulnerable in our community. And this is the evidence that even when it is a most painful thing to do, that we will do the right thing. Now I’ll pass it back.


Mark Collett: Well, thank you. Dan do you have any thoughts on this? Obviously you are aware of the situation. Would you like to add anything?


Iconoclast: I wouldn’t like to talk about Colin himself, because I don’t feel like it’s necessary now after all of that. I would like to talk about you though Mark. Because, I don’t think people realize in the comments section, or just in and around this scene, the amount of work in the amount of pressure that is put on you in this movement.


And I just want to say that for everybody who is who is watching, that Mark Collett is a decent man an honest man, and he handles these things with the utmost care. And I wouldn’t wish anyone, I mean, I really wouldn’t want my worst enemy to have to deal with the pressure that Mark Collett has to face in this movement on a daily basis! It’s really unbelievable at times! And I think I’ll just leave it at that.


I agree with what you say Mark and just well done to you for handling all of this and coming out and hitting it straight on really. Because you can’t let these things rumble under the surface and allow rumors and speculation to pick up speed and snowball into something that that is completely inaccurate.


So, well done for tackling this head-on and I think everyone appreciates the honesty. And that’s all I’ve got to say on this matter.


Mark Collett: Thank you, both of you, for your thoughts. And thank you Dan for such such kind words. I know that what’s happening now will be confusing to some in the chat. And other people will feel to a large degree hurt. People will feel upset. Some people will feel confused.


But I want to conclude this now. And I want people to understand that we deal with these things in the way we do, for the good of the movement, and to ensure that we are better than other movements. And so that we don’t end up slipping into a state where we become the things we hate. Because if we were to do that, if we were to become the things we hate, we would not only fail ourselves, we’d not only fail the wider movement, but we would also fail our people. And I strongly believe that this movement — not just Patriotic Alternative — but the wider nationalist movement is the only salvation for our people. And we cannot allow that to be destroyed, or be tainted.


So, you know, thank you for listening and let us move on to different topics. And as I said, if people have questions they can, of course, ask them through Entropy. They can, of course, ask them later in the show and we will address any further concerns, and be as candid as we are allowed to be.


So, without further ado, let us move on to the big news that is in the news cycle. And we will start by asking Dan. Have you ever cured anyone from Coronavirus by injecting them with disinfectant, or exposing them to high strength UV lights?


Iconoclast: No I haven’t! Is the answer to that question. You referring to Trump here in his press conference. The thing is, the problem with Trump right, I call him a “smart dumb person”, because obviously you’ve got to have a bit about you to get to where he is in life. But, you know, give him a microphone and sometimes you can just, … I mean, can someone please shut him up sometimes! , you know what I mean? I thought it was embarrassing. I couldn’t [30:02] help but laugh to be honest at that press conference. It did make me chuckle quite a bit. Maybe that’s bad, I don’t know.


But here’s the thing I mean, this coronavirus situation, it’s just spiraling out of control. And I’ve tried to actively disengage from the entire topic really because, you know what it’s like, you come online and some corner of the Internet saying this about it. Another corner is saying another thing. And I’m just sitting here in the middle thinking:


Well I don’t really know what to think about this!


I wrote an article for my magazine lately and I said, you know, sometimes I do fall victim to some wild conspiracy theories. Not that I believe them full-on. But they are attractive, and they are alluring and seductive at times.


And I don’t really know what to think about this entire thing… I don’t think it’s the apocalypse, but at the same time.. I don’t think it’s just the flu either. I think there’s a lot of problems going on.


This police state that we’re walking into. There’s a lot of fears about that especially with the actions of the police using drones to spy on dog walkers!


And I don’t know if you have read about this new act that think it’s been debated in Parliament, or talked about in British Parliament’s about “forced vaccinations”? I don’t know what that’s about! I don’t know if that’s true, or not! I saw it circulating on Telegram yesterday in various groups I’m involved with.


But the entire situation is so confusing that I genuinely don’t know what to think Mark! And I don’t know where we’re going. But I think a lot of people share a similar sentiment with me. That I don’t think things will ever get back to “normal”, quote, unquote. Whatever that entails is beyond me. But I think there’s a lot of problems coming our way especially with economics. For example, I think we’re moving towards digital currencies and the phasing out of cash, paper cash. That has big implications for a whole wide range of things.


I am aware I’m rambling, but yes, the Trump conference was very humorous I have to say! It was something I enjoyed laughing at this week, in otherwise quite a dour week! But yeah there you go. That’s my unfiltered thoughts for you.


Mark Collett: Well I’m pleased you brought up money, because money is something that obviously everybody wishes to acquire, they need in order to pay their mortgages, their bills, put food on the table.


What do you make of recent allegations that have started circling that the government is potentially going to levy every family in the UK and take a degree of their wealth? It’s gonna be called a national levy, in order to pay for the fallout of Covid 19. How do you think that would be received if it does happen? Could you see them ever doing it?


People like Peter Hitchens are talking about it. This isn’t something that is being just discussed by somebody like Alex Jones, who’s talking about people at Bohemian Grove coming up with it, or FEMA camps! This is actually been discussed by mainstream journalists. And they’re saying that this national I every will tax every family, a large portion of their savings, or even add to their mortgages in order to allow the government to recoup money needed to carry on bailing the country out!


Iconoclast: Yeah it’s very concerning. I think I read that yesterday on Telegram.. I don’t think that’ll go down very well.


But what you have to understand about this whole coronavirus crisis is it is putting all of us into debt, essentially! We are all in debt for something that none of us ever envisaged. None of us ever wanted. None of us ever welcomed. And if the government were to try and do that, and I’m not going to put it past them to be truthful with you. I’m not gonna put it past them whatsoever. I would like to think the response would be hostile towards it, because that is just such a breach of people’s individual sovereignty really, and in people’s rights to get ahead in life. And I certainly will not be happy if the government dips their grubby little hand into my bank account. I don’t have much money anyway — for starters — to pay for something that they helped facilitate!


I mean, let’s not forget that the reason why, … Let’s just take it all at face value and say that this virus is a serious thing. You know, let’s not forget that the system of globalization that we all exist under, the system that the government perpetrates, the system that the government props up that has welcomed this virus into our lives! That has accelerated the spread of this virus!


And essentially we’re going to be paying for the government’s mistakes. And for the West’s mistakes as a whole. Because this is a worldview that we unfortunately are slaves to in the West. Globalism is just opening the door for things like this.


And after coronavirus is done, we can’t rest safely and securely in our beds because, you know, 10 years down the line something else is [35:01] going to come along. It’s just the nature of things, unless things change and at the moment, I hate to be pessimistic. But.. I don’t think things are going to change in our favor right now from what I’m seeing.


So yes, so we’ve just been thrown into this debt that we never wanted, we never asked for, and it’s a bad situation. And this comes in with the digital currencies as well, the digital assets that I think are really accelerating behind the scenes. The US government was talking about a digital dollar note, not that long ago. And those conversations are happening quite out front and center and I think people need to be worried about this and I’m very concerned about it as the days go by, I’m getting more and more concerned.


So yeah.. I don’t think that people will take too kindly to that. But on the flip side, you know, people do stand outside their doors and clap the NHS when they’re told to, don’t they? So who knows what the British public will deal with? It’s hard to say. I think it will be a split down the middle 50/50. Maybe some will be like:


Yes, I will help pay for this.


I was speculating on a stream recently that, because of all the news, you know, you’ve seen it around where the corona virus affects the black and ethnic minority community worse than everyone else! And, of course, they’re linking it to inequality and racism. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the government set up an official funding body, or something like that, where the British are taxed money, and the money is put into something like this to help fight diseases in the BAME community, or something like that. I think that is definitely something that can happen.


And, you know, whether this virus is as serious as they’re saying there’s no doubt that the powers that be are definitely going to use the chaos to their advantage. And this is just something, you know, that we’re going to have to fight when it comes along.


Mark Collett: One more question then, because, that’s some very good points you’ve made there, but the Labour Party’s new leader Keir Starmer has already made Doreen Lawrence — the mother of Stephen Lawrence — into a bit of a “cause celeb” again, because she’s being used, or being wheeled out to lead an investigation headed up by the Labour Party into how disproportionately affected black and ethnic minority communities are. Do you see this as something unusual, or is this just another example of how the Labour Party in Britain no longer cares for the White working-class and he’s just completely centered on whichever minority third thinks gonna vote for them next?


Iconoclast: Well I can’t see how that investigation would be in any way bias Mark? [sarc] I mean, it she sounds like the perfect woman for the job doesn’t she. For people that don’t know Stephen Lawrence was a young [black] man who was murdered in the early 90s and who was this, you know, to make a long story short there was this huge racism row within police. And effectively it crippled the police, because now the police are terrified of being accused of being White supremacists, or racist what-have-you [I doubt this very much. I think it’s being used as an excuse to facilitate crime against Whites].


So this is just yet another alarm bell ringing as loudly as humanly possible. But then again. What do you expect from the Labour Party. What do you expect from both parties? You know, it wouldn’t surprise me if the Conservatives did something similar. It doesn’t really matter which party is doing it, they’re both the same and they both share similar outlooks for the future of Britain.


Yeah, it’s just ridiculous! I didn’t actually know this story until we just mentioned it their Mark. But yeah, Stephen Lawrence’s mother, you know, someone defined by quote-unquote “racism” and police brutality and institutional bias. She’s the woman to head up this investigation? I don’t see what could go wrong!


And it’s clearly the Labour Party pandering to their new support base. And why wouldn’t they do this? We’ve seen the graphs of support that the Labour Party get from the BAME community. They overwhelmingly vote for Labour never mind how much the Conservatives try and pander to those groups they still always vote for Labour. So it just seems like another decision down that road.


I mean, you’ve seen Keir Starmer’s frontbench, haven’t you? Bloody David Lammy, Naz Shah.. I mean, it’s the who’s who of superstars from the Labour Party it’s amazing stuff.. I didn’t think they could get any worse after Corbyn, but apparently they can and they are. So yeah, typical stuff from the Labour Party here. They hate the working-class and they hate Britain as far as I’m concerned.


Mark Collett: Well I would pass this over to No White Guilt, but somebody has just sent me a message saying:


Have you seen the video of Tommy Robinson stating that he would wipe out the White race?


I haven’t. I don’t even know if that exists. [I think he’s being sarcastic] But if it does please send it and we’ll play it on the show. But before we potentially watch that explosive video I want to throw this over to Jason. Are there any parallels here about what’s happening in Britain to what’s happening in America? Have there been any special outreaches to minority communities. And. What do you make of the pushback against de Blasio statement today, that even a certain (((ethnic group))) must obey the law?




No White Guilt: Well every now and again you’ll see that. Just to start with the last part of your question, every now and again you’ll see that as sort of a bone that’s thrown. And then they’ll come back and they’ll make amends by throwing themselves into every puddle that any one of these people might come across, so that they have a nice little footbridge over the water! [lol].


It is, there are endlessly — and we said here — that they were going to be endlessly blaming Western kind for this, saying that non-Whites suffering at all is White people’s fault! They suffered more it’s White people’s fault! They got the disease more, it’s White people’s fault! Not, because of anything that they were doing they’re never responsible for anything that happens in their lives.


So we knew this from the very beginning that this was how the anti-White narrative, because this is what we talk about this overarching narrative by which we’re forced to live our lives, by which reality is bent and distorted to fit into the anti-White narrative. We knew that they would do that and that is obviously ends up being the case. Everything that we were talking about before, all of our explanation of what motivates the anti-Whites is what ends up predicting and then satisfying those predictions when they act these ways. When they say these sorts of things.


Now I have to say on the other side of the spectrum, you know, anti-Whites aside, I am just I’m so fed up with this endless talk! Every time the wind blows it’s the same claim about, you know, all of these conspiracy theories that are just, you know, somebody writes a White paper somewhere and they say, for example, that X, Y, or Z, is going to be forced upon us at some point in the future. And then something happens. And then everybody goes off on this tangent of:


Oh this is the time!


Nobody remembers this is such a tired rerun! There’s not gonna be mass force vaccinations! They’re not gonna be dragging you out of your houses to vaccinate you! Stop with these fantasies ladies and gentlemen. Whenever there is a claim — this is an easy way to look at it — whenever there is a claim that is going to victimize the entire population, you can know right now it’s not going to come into fruition! There’s too many victims. Now if they say:


Well we’re going to get rid of the anti-White slurs on YouTube.


That can probably happen, because there are too few of us that are going to get victimized. Too many people are already believing that we are this, you know, threat, or whatever to the stability of society. So they could probably push that kind of a thing through. But saying to the entire population:


We’re going to make all of the entire population do X Y, or Z!


That’s just too many victims! And the sort of victimization that can be done in those cases are these tiny increments of a victimization. Might they tack on a little bit of attacks? Probably. Might they say:


Well all the money we gave away to the Americans when we had this bailout you’re gonna have to pay a back if you’re a regular American in your taxes, but the billionaires and trillionaires they don’t have to pay anything back.


That’ll probably happen. But no, men in Humvees are not gonna pull up in front of your house and drag you out of your house to inject you with some poisons!


And this sort of thing is, the reason why it animates me. First of all is I get bored with the same stupid reruns of these claims every single time the wind blows hard! Every single time people make these videos! And I get tired! It’s just stupid! So it takes us off on these wrong paths so we’re not serving White well being. We’re not getting to our brothers and sisters.


And this is what harms us two ways, and I’m gonna pass it back. It harms us these two ways. We get off on people, too many of us get off on this asinine stuff, instead of waking up our brothers and sisters!


What if we had — and I said this the other day — what if we had 50,000 people going free when this pandemic hit the planet? And then they could go out to all of these rallies that are happening right now, people losing their jobs, losing their way of life, losing their savings, their little savings they do have, that has washed away with the printing of the goddamn currency! And then they’re going to defame these people!


What if we have 50,000 people going free and they could get out in these cities and say to these people in their pickup trucks and everything:


Hey I can tell you why this is happening and it’s not, because lizard people are going to introduce some Martian currency on planet Earth! It has something very real to do with groups of people that victimized us, because they’re anti-Whites! And you should start thinking about yourself as a community if you’re gonna survive as an individual!


There’s that! There is that, instead of it all of this asininity! But then the other fact is that, when you go out and you say this stupid garbage to folks, you’ve burned your credibility for all time! Nobody’s going to listen to you when you’ve told them for the tenth time that you’re gonna be dragged out of your house and given injections in your neck by government workers, because the wind has blown hard this time!


Get real and stop damaging the reputation! And this goes, I mean, my anger goes with what we’re talking about earlier. Stop damaging the reputation of the community so that we can start saving our race before it is too late!




Mark Collett: Well, thank you for that. And we are going to move on now. Because recently I have been the subject of many attacks. And I have been disavowed by any people in my time. In fact, I think I’ve lost count of those who have indeed disavowed me over my time in the movement. People have disavowed me for a variety of reasons, apparently.


I go too far to the right and sometimes say spicy things about books I’ve read. I sometimes go too far to the Left and have people on my channel who certain people classify as degenerate. So it’s kind of a weird thing. I’m pulled in numerous directions I’m often attacked and disavowed for doing the very opposite things.


So it’s kind of hard to walk a line when you’re being attacked for going one way then you go the other way and get attacked for going that way too. It’s almost like a balancing act. And yes I have recently been disavowed by a stupid kangaroo! A kangaroo that I wiped the floor with, in a debate on the kill stream. And he’s never forgiven me and he’s still licking his wounds.


But one person here tonight who is almost the nice guy of nationalism is Dan, and I never ever thought anybody would ever disavow Dan. I never thought anyone would disavow Dan. But recently Dan came out with a comment so extreme, so over the top that the disavowal from Anne Marie Waters of For Britain came in rather swiftly!


Now Dan’s heretical comment according to Anne Marie Waters from For Britain was that Dan doesn’t believe that Rishi Sunak, or Priti Patel, should be Prime Minister, because they aren’t of indigenous stock. And he believes that people who run the country should be of the people. People who represent the people should be of the people! And he has been admonished for this! How do you feel about being publicly disavowed? I was gonna say by the lovely Anne Marie Waters, but that would be a lie! [loud laughter]


Iconoclast: Well, guilty as charged! Im sorry to everyone who abandoned me, who disavowed me, because of that Rishi Sunak comment. I will be making many more similar comments in the future, sorry to say to you.


Yeah, that was a weird one, wasn’t it Mark? Because she spent, … Well first of all, let me backtrack a second, because I know people have been asking people have been asking me about this for last few weeks and I’ve talked about on a few streams. But it’s worth going over again here so it was strange to wake up that that morning and I actually woke up to your message Mark you said something along the lines of:


Lol! You get a mention in this Dan!


And linked me the video and I uh, what’s this and checked it out and it was what it was. But people seem to think that Anne Marie Waters and myself have a deeper relationship than we do, or did.


The truth is I spoke to her a couple of times. I met her once in person to do a video when she was up here in the Northeast campaigning for I think it was a council election, or something like that in Hartlepool not nothing major but one of her team that they messaged me and said, or do you want to come down and interview Anne? Would be good content for you she likes you stuff and I said sure why not.


So I went down there had a decent interview softball questions admittedly, but I wasn’t looking to pick a fight and I knew that I had significant political differences with Anne Marie Waters mainly on the Israel thing. Now I don’t understand why someone claiming to be a British nationalist has to go so hard and heavy on the support for Israel in the manifesto. I don’t understand that I’ve never understood it and I’m glad that PA obviously don’t do that.


But while I was there and I told you this story Mark and you had a laugh about it and it’s interesting now, because she says that she, you know, the only tie that she has to Israel is that she doesn’t hate it. Well maybe that’s true but the thing is when I was there she was helping me move a table around so I could set up my microphone and set up my camera in order to do the interview. And either it was already on the table, or it fell out for a pocket, or bag, or something but this little Israeli flag pin badge fell on the table as we were moving it.


And I didn’t say anything at the time, because I thought well if I bring this up then the interview might not even go ahead, because we’ll get into an argument. So I left it.


So it’s interesting to see how she defended, you know, her Israeli talking points on that recent video. You know, if I said that the only connection I have to Luxembourg is I don’t hate Luxembourg, but yet I was carrying around a Luxembourg flag pin badge, that would be a little weird wouldn’t it? I just thought that was odd. But I left it at the time.


But getting back to your question. Actually, Mark I’ll let you follow up on that, because you wanted me to tell that story and then I’ll come back. So what are your thoughts on that? And then I’ll continue if you want.




Mark Collett: I just think it’s so funny! There are these people and they constantly shill for Israel. Then, when people say you guys are shilling for Israel, they act with such shock and horror, as if the accusation is utterly Baseless! [loud laughter] And then when you meet them they’re almost like cartoon villains aren’t then? They’re “bad guy” card falls out of their front pocket in front of everyone! And to and behold they’re actually a member of the club! It’s almost cartoonish in the way it happens!


But when you told me this it made me laugh so much and I thought it’s just absolutely ridiculous! But the day also after she’d made her attack on you and I, she then appeared on a small stream where every flag in the background it’s just like Israeli flags everywhere! Lolo. And she sat there in the streams like:


I don’t know why people would link me with Israel?


Behind it’s just all this Israeli, … And you are thinking to yourself [loud laughter] they’re just so brazen! They’re so absolutely brazen with it! But I find it almost perfect in a way, because it is so comedic. And as I say that was a fantastic story! But carry on.


Iconoclast: Yeah it sounds almost too good to be true doesn’t it? But for people doubting that story and she might not remember it, or she might deny it. I don’t know but I’m not gonna lie about something like that. I mean, it did happen and it threw me off at the time but I just got on with the job I was there to do. I’d travelled to see her and all that stuff. But putting aside that little thing.


The attack was very strange and I felt a lot of animosity in her voice and it was weird Mark, because she spent most of the video two-thirds of the video attacking you personally in very childish ways. Now I don’t know what history you Anne Marie Waters have if any that’s not really my concern.


Mark Collett: None.


Iconoclast: Okay well that’s there you go. But it seems to me that she was a little bit threatened by Patriotic Alternative. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that her video came out at the same sort of time that other people were making very vocal criticisms of PA and in sticking the boot in, so to speak. I don’t think that’s a coincidence at all.


Not to get conspiratorial here, but yes that when she started moving on to me it took me by surprise, because I thought we had a decent relationship. I haven’t spoken to her since we did that interview and I haven’t spoken to her since this attack. But it just shows the gulf doesn’t it between a group like PA and a group like For Britain. Ethno-nationalists and civic nationalists. There’s a line that they warned cross. And we were pretty honest about what we believed and I was up front and honest enough about Rishi Sunak. And it’s nothing personal against him.. I don’t think he’s a bad guy. I don’t hate the man but he’s a symbol of how far this country has changed.


And the fact that the media are promoting him as a possible contender to be the Prime Minister after Boris Johnson well that just says everything you need to know the man isn’t British he’s not English his parents are Indian he was born in this country but like Enoch Powell said all the way back in the 70s, you know, of English parents gave birth to an English child in China that child isn’t Chinese he’s English. His home is England no one would doubt that it’s his home.


But when it comes to non-Whites somehow that’s not the deal somehow people have a huge problem saying that about them and also she just I want to pull her up on something else she said that Priti Patel as a Home Secretary has done more to curb illegal immigration than anyone else and I have to say that is just outright nonsense!


I mean, how many channel crossings are we having every day? How many immigrants are coming to Britain every year? How many illegal immigrants do we have in Britain now? I mean, it’s off the chart! Just, because she deported like ten Jamaicans a few months ago most of them didn’t get deported, by the way, they were look there were more that got kept here then got deported but, because ten got sent back, or she’s tough no she isn’t none of them are tough it’s all nonsense!


So I mean, she can attack me personally all she wants but at least get your facts right as well for God’s sake! So I mean, it was just a funny situation all around. And Mark I mean, how [55:00] do you feel about these attacks, because like you said they are coming thick and fast and I do feel for you. But I think it’s a positive thing I think it shows that our ideas and our movement is the thing that people want to be a part of it is the threat and it is where people are moving to and I think they’re scared of us, quite frankly.


Mark Collett: I can honestly say this nothing makes me more comfortable and more happy than being attacked by people like Anne Marie Waters! And, in fact, if Anne Marie Waters had the guts and the integrity she claims to have wouldn’t attack me she would debate me. But she will never debate me neither will any of these other Civnats now they’re all running scared talking about how they don’t debate people like me anymore. Why not? Isn’t that what the Left say? Isn’t it the Left that says that no platform no platform for those people on the right and just as she used lots of leftist arguments against me in her attack she is now using leftist rhetoric in order to get out of debating me, because they don’t want any dialog, because they know they get destroyed as soon as we open channels of dialogue.


And it’s important to back up what Dan said here with some actual figures to pan it out Dan was very factual in saying that Priti Patel is the very opposite of what Anne Marie Waters said. Whereas Anne Marie Waters had pretty perturbed and more than any other Home Secretary to reduce immigration.


Priti Patel is the woman who is overseeing fifteen thousand migrants per day flooding into Britain to take British jobs at a time when British unemployment is at a record high! A high that hasn’t been seen for decades and decades!


Priti Patel is not doing and I said this at election time I think people remember me saying this I said that have you seen conservatives and the Labour Party’s the Conservatives are better at marketing multiculturalism and open borders and labor so conservatives say we’re going to have open borders in a way that appeals to people.


We’re not going to have upper limits guys but we are going to have a points-based system and then people like Anne Marie Waters run around saying problems solved and I don’t know why Anne Marie Waters says things like this, because she’s meant to be the leader of a radical political party that wants to overhaul the system. But then she’s standing on the side with her Conservative Party pom-poms doing an awkward little dance and cheering the non-indigenous Home Secretary that he’s breaking all mass immigration records at a time when British workers meet need jobs more than ever! It’s so absurd! It’s so it’s so the wrong way round it’s unbelievable!


And I want to make this clear I am NOT I am not perfect I make mistakes I am a human being and I have said things that some people don’t like. I’ve said things that have been mischaracterized and I’ve said things that admittedly have been foolish and probably I shouldn’t have said.


But I am always clear on one thing we are a radical party that isn’t looking to tweak the way the system works we’re a radical party that wants to destroy the current system and completely replace it and reshape it from the top-down for the benefit of our people. And. I don’t think Anne Marie Waters would ever say that, because, I don’t think that is her goal. If anything she is a gatekeeper and somebody who ultimately props up the Conservative Party.


And anyone here tonight the things the Conservative Party is their friend and that the Conservative Party in any way stands for the interests of the indigenous people just needs to look at the current migration numbers. What do you think Dan?


Iconoclast: Yes I mean, I think you’re right it is just a question of marketing isn’t it, because the Labor Party are very open and honest about what they stand for I mean, they wear it on their sleeves that poster campaigns are full of pro-refugee pro-migrant propaganda the Conservatives hide it better they see, you know, their little pirates here’s the thing you can look at this from two ways right first of all it is terrible what the Conservatives do, because they say one thing they make you think a certain way and then they do completely the opposite against your interests.


But at the same time they are using strong rhetoric that they wouldn’t have considered using years ago so I think that at least on the language front even though they completely betray their own words but at least on the language front our talking points in our concerns are penetrating in some way, because they know they have to say those types of things to get elected. So they must know well they do know that that is the sentiment in the country and across the West at large.




But again treacherous! Treacherous! Treacherous! The massive amount of immigration don’t forget people we’ve had a Conservative government for ten years now I know they were in a coalition for since 2010 but really it was a Conservative government. Since then the immigration to this country has been off the charts it’s been massive! They’re not tough at the border they’re not tough on anything! They’re not tough on crime!


They’ll say that all these things they say that they will be, you know, changing all the way that all the things that labor have done to this country to ruin it but, you know, you can blame Tony Blair and then a New Labour for introducing mass immigration on the scale that we’re seeing now. But you can’t excuse the Tories for continuing it they’ve done nothing to stop it leaving the European Union is all fine and good and I was a lever I supported that, but to think that it’s gonna stop non-European immigration in this country like the Tories allowed you to believe it would then it’s wrong there’s gonna be more of it than ever.


And I think they scrapped their points to base system the other day didn’t they went back on that so I mean, even their campaign pledges that were the front of their campaign oh no will scrapped it now, you know, we’ll just get rid of it, because we don’t actually want to do anything but the party of big business. Big business loves mass immigration they don’t care about us, it’s economy first with them and that’s about it. Yeah that’s what I’ve got to say they are worse than the Labour Party in my opinion.


Mark Collett: Well do you know, who else likes mass immigration.


Iconoclast: Go on. God! All right, let’s listen to this one!

If you could just please send a coin donation to TR News to help us wipe out the White race!


Mark Collett: Did you all hear that?


Iconoclast: Yeah, I’ve seen that before a couple of months ago I think.


Mark Collett: I haven’t seen that, but I find it really funny. And I find it funny for two reasons he’s obviously going to claim he was joking he’s obviously going to claim that this was all one big joke it was a joke. It’s all in good spirits he’s mocking people like us. Well in doing this he’s doing two things.


Firstly he is did eyeing the truth he’s denying the real threat that faces our people he’s denying our replacement and our genocide. And secondly he’s doing something that he wouldn’t tolerate, said, or done about any other person. Now if I put on a peaked cap from a certain period of history started strutting around speaking in an accent from a foreign country, a foreign accent, and joking about the extermination of another group, Tommy wouldn’t be laughing! Because that wouldn’t be a joke! That would be hate speech.


In fact, Allison Shabloz a woman who came to our conference made jokes made humorous satirical songs about certain aspects of history, certain historical narratives and she was taken to court for that. And isn’t it again telling and she was found guilty mind, you know, she served time in jail for that. Disgusting!


But isn’t it amazing that these people actually underlined our points they actually prove our points it is absolutely acceptable to joke about the replacement of White people demographic change it’s absolutely acceptable to joke about the White race dying out when in some countries like South Africa that is very real where farm attacks, anti-White racist attacks violent genocide takes place on a regular basis.


But joking about all of that is absolutely acceptable and Tommy thinks it’s hilarious but I can guarantee if anyone on this panel, or anyone else for that matter joked even joked about anything like that to do with another ethnic group he would be carrying around the begging bowl banging the drum asking for donations and calling for people’s free speech to be restricted.


And that’s another thing isn’t it I’ve often said free speech is a one-way street if you mock Christians it’s acceptable. But if you mock other religious groups off to jail. If you mock wines acceptable if you mock other ethnicities off to jail! And I’ve often said that you mock straight people acceptable, if you mock other sexualities off to jail! And I’ve often said this is practiced by the establishment groups like the BBC run shows like Jerry Springer the opera mocking people of indigenous descent mocking Jesus blaspheming in terrible ways and it’s on TV.


But these establishment groups would never mock other religions they would never mock other cultures they would never make jokes at other ethnicities. And that’s an establishment thing and there you see Tommy Robinson doing what is very much an establishment thing. And when he does things like this when he acts in this manner he thinks he’s being clever.


But he’s not actually clever at all, because all he’s doing is showing us just how much in sync with the establishment he is. Just like when he calls us racists. Just like when he wanted to make “Shalom[documentary about a jew] just like when he does many, many other things that are just subtle tells that he’s not actually a radical he’s not actually against the system but he’s actually part of the system.


And so happy to use their narrative when it suits him and so unhappy to actually say anything of a radical nature especially if the thing that people want him to say is about the defense of the indigenous people. Do anyone else have any commentary on that before we move on to the superchats?


No White Guilt: I’ll just very briefly say that everything you said was absolutely on point about the totality of it! His character the way that the system operates relative to these things. And the other thing I want to say when it comes to Waters is that in human society there are going to be individuals who strive for power who strive for wealth, etc., the regime rewards those entities and organizations with positive press, with finances with advise.


Those entities and organizations individuals that benefit them that secure their power that is why somebody like these controlled opposition’s that’s how they come into existence they end up then getting advice and they end up changing positions, because those behind the scenes with the wealth, is able, they are able, to manipulate what they think. The one paying the piper calls the tune and remember.


The cure to this the remedy to this when it comes to even all of us here and everyone serving White well being the remedy is whether it is a Donald Trump, or Mark Collett. If these individuals are doing and most pointedly doing not really just saying but doing something that serves White well being well then we like them. And if they are doing something that serves White ill-being then we despise them!


That is what matters the spirit of the West and our recapturing of our destiny not human beings. So when the moment Anne Marie Waters you can see how this formula immediately saves us from going wrong it immediately saves our population our brothers and sisters from going the wrong direction if she said well we’re going to restrict this immigration, because we are X, Y, Z, run down the list and then they don’t do that, in fact, they do like Dan was saying that they said well we’re gonna get rid of ten and then they didn’t even do that.


Trump said he was going to get rid of all X number the media went crazy and then it would find out that that X number was tiny and then you find out no they actually didn’t give it if anybody it was like seven of the worst gang members in the country is all that got rid of so then, you know. And this is how the formula works and just imagine if we could get it to all of our brothers and sisters then, you know, this person is serving White ill-being now we despise them let’s get on to the great questions from the financial gifts that people are giving.


Mark Collett: Dan you have anything to add to Tommy’s nonsense before we do that?


Iconoclast: Well just one little thing here’s a thing with Tommy Robinson, Anne Marie Waters people like that especially Tommy Robinson. I’m not gonna deny that he’s done good work in the past right I’m just not, because I used to follow him like a lot of people in the chat tonight I would imagine we all go through that journey.


But here’s the thing. Every time I see him on a stream these days he’s just talk and shop about his court cases and I’ve never once heard a solution from him about the thing that he cares about the most which is Islam and the Muslim population in Britain.


Maybe I’ve missed a few but I would like to know what Tommy Robinson’s solutions are to solve the Muslim issue in Britain? Because if we can go by the responses that you and people like you and I have received Mark on the issue of repatriation, for example, then it doesn’t look like they’re willing to even go for that.


So I mean, what’s the goal here? To convince the millions of Muslims in Britain to let go and abandon everything that makes them who they are? Everything that they care about and adopt some baseless, hollow, British values? You know, that nobody can even define, by the way.


What’s the goal here? What’s the plan? And as soon as you ask that very simple question of these people and you realize that they’ve got nothing, then you go searching for solutions yourself, which is why we’re all here tonight. So that’s all I would like to say about that issue right there.




Mark Collett: Okay let’s do some of these chats. And some of these chats are relating to the Colin Robertson, aka, Millennial Woes issue. Vodkar gave 3 US dollars and said:


Can we have a statement on the Colin Robertson situation please?


I don’t know if people are aware of this. But there are very, very iffy photos going around the internet that Colin sent to somebody that purportedly show parts of his body. Those are not parts of his body! They are actually just they are a joke. That is not him. He was winding somebody up. So I’ve got to say that does not constitute a genuine case against him. So people are now muddying the waters and there are numerous things floating about that one I believe is absolutely false! I think he would verify that.:


JP gave ten dollars and says:


“Love the show! Keep doing God’s work.


Thank you very much. JC Stalin gave ten US dollars and said:


Hail Mark, Jason, and the Iconoclast! They will not silence us!


Thank you. Picking Gaz1972 gave five pounds:


Contribution for your great work.


Thank you very much. Celtic Advocate gave three pounds. Thank you very much. And this is for Dan:


I watched my first Iconoclast video right after my first and hopefully last trip to Birmingham in 2018. Instant red pill! If any of you could choose a Civnat to debate who would it be and why?


We’ll start with you Dan


Iconoclast: Well I think the thing would have to be Anne Marie Waters, at this point, wouldn’t it? I mean, I don’t have any beef with anyone else really. No one else has called me out to my knowledge. And I certainly don’t get involved in this sort of stuff too often.


But yeah, it will be her because, you know, we do have prior together, and she did call me out. And I guess that’s the way to go. And I guess just to, in relation to that guy’s comment there about Birmingham. I think a lot of people are red pilled through personal experience. And it’s not through watching YouTube videos, or reading a book. I mean, they help, of course, they help people along.


But I mean, I’ve mentioned this lots of times. When I went to Paris, when I was a younger man and saw the demographic situation of Paris, and just felt this overall feeling of dread and sadness and loss! That’s what really pushed me towards where I am now. So yeah, I sympathize with the guy. And I’m glad that he’s found this scene and I hope he’s always doing well.


Mark Collett: Jason if you could debate anyone who would it be?


No White Guilt: Any abstractionist! We’re talking about abstractions, I will happily debate, or humiliate any single one that would like to step forward. Because there are a few things that are more entertaining for me than watching an abstractionist coil themselves up into many knots, and begin to cry profusely! What other questions do we have brother?


Mark Collett: We haven’t heard who I would debate yet! If I was debating anyone, I think I’ll choose Tommy Robinson. Maybe, because he’s the biggest of those on the Civnat scene. So I think I’d like to take on the biggest! But he’s also possibly one of the least intelligent. So, it would almost be like the biggest fight ever, but also the easiest! You would get a double bonus wouldn’t you? You’d get the most [word unclear] but I wouldn’t have too much to [word unclear] during the night. So it would almost be like facing the champ, but also being carried at the same time. Quite an interesting play off there.


No White Guilt: He would be the anti-final boss! That you would have to [word unclear]


Mark Collett: Yeah be like the final boss of Zelda. But then far weaker than the first enemy and be like, what? He’s weaker than a regular slime? This is absurd! I could have done him with my wooden sword! This is ridiculous! Yeah, I think it would bea, … It would be somewhat of an anticlimactic event in terms of an intellectual workout! But nonetheless, very much amusing for everyone in the chat today.


Grant Holtz gave three US dollars.:


Can you respond to Devon Tracey hit piece. Probably sit down with him on a stream. He’s a good content maker.


Devon Tracey, he’s all upset with me, because naughty, naughty, Ethan Ralph, invited me on the kill stream and slyly set us up for a debate without either was knowing. Devon got all upset, because I spanked him, when I debated him about a certain historical occurrence. And has never let go of the fact since then. I can’t believe, years later he’s still sore about it. But, you know, some people just can’t let go of anything.


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Hi Mark. I hope you enjoy my impressions of a PWR episode that was sent to you last week on Telegram. Thanks for everything you do. I’m looking forward to attending the next PA conference. Last one was fantastic!


Yes Ryan, I did enjoy it! Multiple people sent me your impression of me. I just didn’t realize I was so slow and annoying when I spoke. So I’m gonna try to do some vocal coaching to escape these mockeries of me that seems to be going around Telegram.




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Cryptocurrency system using body activity data Microsoft Paint and who slash 2020 slash zero six zero six zero six human body activated associate activity associate with the tasks provided by a user may be used in mining a process of cryptocurrency.


Well, thank you for that people are free to investigate that. Sirup it gave five pounds. Thank you very much. And he said:


The anime avatars on Twitter want to know if Mark will be playing Final Fantasy 7 remake, or if you’ll disavow it for being too modern?


Well I’m gonna ruin everyone’s night tonight. I never played the original Final Fantasy this 7 I don’t like JRPGs particularly they’re too slow. I much prefer action RPGs and things that you actually need a little bit of a reaction speed and timing for however I do have the switch conversion of Final Fantasy 7 and Final Fantasy 7 built into the PlayStation Classic Mini which I got boxed and knew for $29.99. And although is a bit of a disappointment at that price you can’t say no. And I did load it with a hundred extra games. So I was very happy with it.


But I still haven’t played Final Fantasy 7 on it, so I don’t know. But modern remakes especially that one remake I certainly wouldn’t be playing but it’s any half again. So I certainly wouldn’t be buying a remake that left out the whole second part of the story. That would be rather annoying if I was going to be playing any remake I would be playing Resident Evil 3 remake. However, although I got a free copy the CD key still hasn’t been delivered so, rather annoyed about that.


JC Stalin gave 10 US dollars and said:


We must be professional and aboveboard in all things if we are to grow.


Agreed. Thank you very much.


Cincin commander gave five pounds:


Is the animosity and malice directly towards PA in yourself borne of jealousy purely, because PA could achieve something they have never even come close to achieving and done it in the right way?


Oh okay let’s we can all discuss this. But I think a lot of the jealousy and malice towards PA is twofold. I think. Firstly, we’re building something that threatens people. We’re building something that’s genuinely radical and smart and professional. And that threatens people.


But we threaten people in another way. We threaten people in another way. And it’s not what you think. People often say you’re threatening them Mark, because people fear they’ll lose donations to you. People fear that they’ll lose their money supplies, because people donate to PA instead. And that’s actually false, because we don’t have a donation button on our website. So you can’t donate to us.


But they fear that more than they fear us taking their donations. Let me explain. There are many groups out there who want to charge you for everything and I mean, everything! They want to charge you a quarter of a million for a documentary! They want to charge you a hundred and fifty thousand for court costs! They want to charge you too and a half three, four, five thousand for a new website! They want to charge you huge amounts of money for monthly running costs! We don’t! And that scares them more than if we were grifting.


You see if we were grifting as well it would annoy them that we would potentially take some of their donations. But we would still be keeping up the facade that the grift was necessary. We would still be keeping up the lie that hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds were needed to make hour-long documentaries that go on YouTube. That hundreds and hundreds of thousands of pounds were needed for court costs which aren’t even necessary.


But the fact we don’t ask for donations annoys them even more. The fact we’re doing this for free the fact we can produce the best documentary nationalisms ever produced “We Were Never Asked” and do it for nothing. Well a fraction of the cost to any of these other documentaries have been made for scares them.


Because if we can produce “We Were Never Asked” for less than 500 pounds and a little bit of hard work, but they’re saying they need quarter-of-a-million, that hurts them a lot more! Because it doesn’t just take a little bit of the grift away from them, it proves without a shadow of a doubt that the grift is, in fact, a grift! And that it’s all just a show and it’s a scam!


And that’s why they really hate us, because we’re doing what they do, we’re doing it better, and we’re doing it without rinsing people with constant donation, begging letters, constant scams, constant huge fundraising drives, for things that shouldn’t cost that. And I think that’s why they fear is. Why do you think they fear us Dan?


Iconoclast: I think you raise a good point they’re actually. I look at this from more of a community standpoint, because you look at For Britain, for example, and there’s no real community there. I don’t know of any real [80:01] YouTube channels that are affiliated with For Britain that kind of sing their praises and promote them.


Yet you look at I mean, other than that guy he’s not YouTube channel but the guy that wrote that article for the For Britain website something Campbell I can remember his name, you know, an article which was ridiculous where at the bottom he said that maybe For Britain should expose Patriotic Alternative to organisations like Hope Not Hate to show that they are the real fascists and we aren’t as bad as they say we are! You know, this pathetic capitulation this:


Please don’t say nasty things about us anymore see we’re the good guys?


Other than people like that I don’t see a community around that party. Completely opposite in the PA movement, because we have well you can count how many channels and people are involved with PA.


I’ve been very public about my support for you guys, and Dangerfield, On the Offensive, all these other guys that I hung around with Morgoth. We’ve got a lot of people and there is a genuine community here. And you hold conferences people get together they meet each other in real life. They go out for dinner. They go on camping trips. That’s the whole thing.


And I think it is this idea of authenticity that they don’t like, because they can’t really project that, they can’t replicate that. And that’s a very dangerous thing and it makes us stronger. That’s what I think that’s the way I look at it.


No White Guilt: I’ll just jump in there Mark. Yeah the when these people are come out the person who was super chatting is absolutely correct. This is a matter of Revelation and you all this is what we can learn a lot about an individual by what they say and what they do, more so than even what they are adducing, in what they are saying. So when somebody steps forward and they say well PA, X, Y, Z, all these negative things about PA we can then look at what that criticism is and what the objective of the criticism is.


What the outcome of the criticism would be if it were effective and then correctly conclude what the person who is making the criticism is after. And that is what we can learn about individuals who make such criticisms and deduce such things of Patriotic Alternative, at least, at this point, in history.


And that is that these individuals are making these criticisms, because they don’t put the well-being of our people first. They put the well-being of themselves first. These people are revealing that they are egoists. If they see a current that is growing and in achieving for our people they would support that even if they were running something perhaps that they say let’s say they’re right, or wrong, or whatever it might be they think would work better for our people, they would still nonetheless support something that was healthful that was salubrious for our people and that was succeeding and growing they would still support that, because their objective would be the same as the objective of that entity.


When they criticize in this way they’re revealing to you that they are just miscreants, that they are opportunists that their criticisms are spurious.


And we should look for this and I’ll pass it right back to Mark for the next fantastic question, or statement.


We should look and be ready for these Unholy Confederations of those who are abstractionists, of those who are ostensibly with us for White well-being and those who are notably anti-White, because those individuals, those egoists, those miscreants, will unite themselves quite readily with anti-Whites to take down those who are actually serving White well being. Back to your brother.


Mark Collett: The next chat is Jim Tomonomari gave 10 US dollars and said:


White people are going to be a plurality, not a minority in 2045. There will be no racial majority in the US. Same thing for Canada. Did you hear Noah Smith from Bloomberg saying that the borders can be closed, because enough people are inside the US already and a White plurality future is sealed?


I didn’t hear him say that. I have to look it up. I don’t know if you guys have heard that, but I’ve got a slightly different. I think you’ve said it’s a plurality but I believe that if no group is above 50% then they’re all minorities. The same with the government. You can have, you need a majority in parliament to form a government. But if there is no actual majority party that holds 50 percent then you have a government made up of a minority coalition. So I believe that Whites will be a minority.


But there’ll be one of several minorities and they just won’t be a majority, or one group that forms a majority. However, if you looked at the non-White population, the non-White population is often London together and would be seen as a majority in itself. But I haven’t seen Noah Smith saying that.


But I can imagine that many people many anti-Whites in the US [85:00] would be very happy wouldn’t really care about closing the borders, once White people were a minority, because their jobs being done. Have you guys heard anything about this?


Iconoclast: No I’ll let Jason take this, because I haven’t.


No White Guilt: I haven’t. But I’ll just add as an addendum to what you just said that for the commenter is this. That never break down the other peoples of man into separate groups.


That (((one group))) that has no power, is very small, except they have all the power in the world. They break the world down into two groups. Their group and everyone else. That is exactly the way that we need to behave, because that is the most intelligent way to behave for the well-being of your community. So, once we fall to a number that is below the totality of the non-Whites, then indeed we are the minority. I pass it back.


Mark Collett: Okay the next superchat is from Shenzhen come anima gave five pounds. Thank you very much:


Rico did nineteen repayment tax the UK we us should toss up how much that comes to and then send that bill to the People’s Republic of China, HMRC isn’t getting a penny off me this wasn’t our fault!


I agree.


Blunderbuss gave 25 US dollars and said:


Could you cheer me up by ripping on the alt light for a minute?


I think we’ve done that for more than a minute. Thank you for the very generous donation, but we probably spent at least half the show doing that.




Mark Collett: Joey Joe gave five pounds and said:


Can you please tell us what the allegations are without dancing around the topic, so we know what’s true and what’s a rumor? The people deserve to know who they’re supporting and funding. Thank you.


Well several people in the chat and some people have messaged me saying that I’ve danced around the allegations. The specific allegation relating to the lady that I spoke of earlier was an allegation of a severe, sexual impropriety. And I have been presented with evidence that is clear-cut! I have been presented with evidence that is clear-cut! That evidence was also being presented to Laura Towler. It is also being presented to Dionne Muller. Both Laura and Dionne, independently of me, came to the same conclusion about that evidence.


Since then both Dan, and Jason, have also been privy to some of this evidence. This isn’t something that we have taken lightly. I know people in the chat, and I know people in the wider community have loyalty to Millennial Woes. But this is not a matter of something that has been taken lightly. This is a matter that has been taken with the utmost seriousness. And there has been a wealth of evidence around this particular case that has been reviewed by numerous people. And a decision was not made by one person, nor was it made lightly!


And people are saying:


Did anybody speak to Colin about this?


Yes! People have done. This hasn’t been made in isolation. This is something that has been looked at by multiple people, not just myself. And anybody that thinks that this is some overblown thing, or a witch-hunt, I can assure you it was taken, … Every decision and every action in this case has been dealt with, in the most professional way possible. And dealt with a level of seriousness that I have never really seen before in this movement.


And we have attempted to have been as open and transparent as possible, as I have been all night. Nothing has been hidden. And after reviewing that evidence, we came to our conclusions. And yesterday, Millennial Woes published his statement about his future. And that is, as I said, we then have followed that up by saying that he wouldn’t have been invited any further to our events.


And I think that is being as candid as I can be, because I also have to take into account the person who has made the allegations. I have to take into account the people who have reviewed the evidence. And I have to be as honest with you as I can, without doing something that might get anyone who essentially is completely innocent, but has reviewed this evidence, into a position that they don’t want to be in. So, it’s very, very awkward. But I think I’ve answered that.


If any wants to add anything to this, either of you two, please feel free.


Iconoclast: No I would just repeat what I said earlier. I think you’ve made the decision, you’ve seen the evidence. It’s, you know, it’s up to you really. And you wouldn’t take this decision lightly. It’s not a knee-jerk, right? But that’s all I’m gonna say. I don’t really get involved an interpersonal, …


Mark Collett: If anyone that’s saying:


Please make the evidence, please put the evidence out here!


There’s no evidence, there’s no this, there’s no that.”


It is not down to me to make that evidence public. That is not down to me! That is down to the individual involved, and it is also down to that individual whether this information ever goes to the police, or if a police complaint is made.


No White Guilt: Let me just say, there are also some legal issues. So we need to keep in mind that there could potentially be legal issues and there’s certain things that you’re not actually convicted of a crime in Western civilization, until you are convicted of the crime. We can very easily condemn behavior. And there was no light decision here, and so we can decide who, what kind of behavior is acceptable, what kind of behavior is desirable. And then what kind of individuals whether, you know, engaging in behavior, or not, we are going to have around in our community. And legal issues are a serious consideration.


And anyone who’s saying, demanding evidence, or something, they’re not giving I guess, … You know, supposedly these people are concerned about Woes and his welfare, and his well-being.


Well if you are concerned about these things ostensibly, then you most certainly don’t want more coming out into the community, to the public, so that this could be used potentially against whether right, or wrong, whether real, or farce, could be used against him. To destroy his character. To be used against him by anti-Whites in their media. To be used against him potentially, a rumor stirred up environment, to be used against him in a court of law.


If he is going to ever be charged for anything, then the right thing in that scenario is to have an impartial jury, an impartial community, to make that decision. And you would not be serving his interests by demanding some sort of impartiality by the release of the information. So that’s what I would say for that.


Mark Collett: Yes thank you. We’ll move on.




Gintama Minari gave twenty US dollars:


The people organizations behind mass migration in the West Matt Katz Noah Smith migration policy institute to pushing for it in Asia. Mass migration isn’t popular anywhere. Just look at the anti-migrant riots in South Africa last year and capitalists are behind it. They have names and videos of their hands, because they.


Agreed. Thank you for generous donation.


The Thin Red Line gave $5 and said:


Good show as usual. I hope the allegations about Woes are false.


I think we’ve covered that now to some degree. And as I said, if people are unhappy with anything I’ve said it was not a decision made by me alone. And it was not a decision made based on allegations but based on a wealth of evidence. And that is something people must remember.


David Marcus gave 20 US dollars:


Full sail.


Thank you very much:


Full sail up and let the wind from our peoples enemies perilous as we speed ahead.


Thank you.


Mina Foe gave five pounds and gave a thumbs up. Thank you very much.


Vodka gave three US dollars and said:


Mark I know you covered most of the Woes situation, but does it end here, or is he going to face legal action? I don’t know exactly what he’s accused of doing, or accused of doing just asking.


Whether any of the allegations levelled at him are followed with legal action is up to the individuals who have made the allegations. And as I say, in the weeks and months ahead, I’m sure more information will come out. But it is not my job, or my right, to press ahead with any of that when people may be pursuing legal matters over this. It is very, it is serious, I can say that though. It is serious.
Becky Key gave three US dollars:


Mark what is your favorite Zelda game?


I love Ocarina of Time! I have three favorite Zelda game I love. A link to the past on the Super Nintendo. I absolutely adore Ocarina of Time. But I also really like Breath of the Wild. So there’s a bit of diversity! Three very different games. Three Zelda games, but all magnificent and possibly one the only times you’ll hear me praising Kurt.


Serina JB gave five pounds:


In the u.s Mayor de Blasio made specific reference [95:01] to the Jayish community to obey the distancing rule. I noticed the individualist Dave Rubin immediately jumped in to defend his own people. Do they not see his hypocrisy?


Well, we know they don’t! The thing is, it is amazing isn’t it that this has happened, because we sort of briefly mentioned it earlier on the show and Dave Rubin is one of those really interesting people who is one of (((them))). And obviously we’ve seen all over the Western world that minority communities have absolutely been allowed to violate many of these curfews, or quarantines.


And we also see that when it comes to migration, migrants flooding into countries haven’t been subject to screening health checks, or any forms of restrictions. So this is again another hypocrisy. But just as when we see other hypocrises — what we see is certain hypocrisy that favor certain groups. And then what you were and here is Dave Rubin’s tweet for saying this. Dave Rubin said:


You’re an awful human being and for the record, I was ahead of the curve on it also my sister and her family just moved out of what was once the greatest city in the world Mazel Tov.


And he says:


I want to be precise with my language here, de Blasio is a lunatic!


So for simply saying that a certain community must must obey the law people are screaming Nazi! Makes you wonder what books de Blasio has been reading. [loud laughter] But again of ticket oh there anyone else have takes on that?


Iconoclast: Well I just on the subject of minority groups ignoring the social distancing. There’s a reason why I think it was 25 percent of UK deaths are from the Muslim community. It’s no surprise there. They have large families big households, they pray in large groups I mean, it’s just and you see videos online of them walking down the street in huge groups as well and it’s yeah de Blasio I haven’t seen this tweet but he’s pointing out a fact, because I did see that video from New York and it’s undeniable. And it’s just well if that makes him an anti-semite then what can’t you say, what can you say, rather?


Mark Collett: I think you commented on this earlier Jason. So we’ll move on swiftly.


Grant Holt gave three Dollars and said:


I like Dangerfield but it’s difficult to take in seriously for Cambodia. He’s whoring for superchats. He needs to come home to be deemed credible.


You see, this is its a really interesting thing, because I get one group of people who were sort of Dangerfield fans saying:


Dangerfield don’t like Mark! He’s too far right!


And then I get another group of people who say:


Oh Mark! You shouldn’t like Dangerfield. It’s not credible!


And I am torn in two directions and for the credit, for the record, I really like Chris. I get on with him and I realize he’s had a interesting past. But we were a movement of redemption and I believed that Chris has a great future ahead of him. And I believe that nationalism has played an important part in him turning his life around. And I wish him all the best and hope to work with him in the future.


Claire gave 20 pounds. Thank you very much and said:


Great stream!


Thank you.


Supernova 808 gave three pounds:


Keep up the good work!


And Vodka gave three US dollars and said:


Mark after reading the chat people asking for the evidence. Is her word, versus his word, or if there was more evidence? Last question.


There is more evidence. It is not just a matter of two people’s words. It is not just a matter of one person giving evidence and another person giving evidence. There is concrete evidence that can be viewed and has been viewed by numerous people! I’m making that clear. This is not a witch hunt! Nor would I carry out a witch hunt.


And this is a very sensitive issue, and I’m trying to deal with it in the most professional and open way possible.


Now onto the questions. Bartley Walsh:


No question. Can the people who keep making statements about Woes despite having no clue about the evidence that was brought to Mark’s stop making huge claims about the situation.


Thank you for that.


Connor Chick Meister said:


With April seeing record high numbers of illegal immigrants crossing the channel, are the anti-White globalist using the lockdown to quietly move in more third-world migrants behind our backs?


What do you think Dan?


Iconoclast: . I don’t think they would need to do it behind our backs, because they do it in front of us all the time! I mean, it’s not like it’s a secret operation is it? It’s not kept undercover it’s there for everyone to see. So I’m just gonna say no things that continuing on is normal! We’re just outside that’s near it so that’s all I’m gonna say about that.


No White Guilt: This is why we love dan! That was fantastic. Go ahead Mark.


Mark Collett: The next question is from Super-Happy Pam. I think that’s how it’s [100:00] pronounced is it Russian, or acrylic alphabet in there so I can’t pronounce it. I probably got it wrong and my apologies but thank you for the question. He says:


What are the chances of the Woes situations [word unclear] if so will there be any chance of recovery after this for his reputation, or will it be tarnished after this?


We all make decisions, and sometimes we make the wrong decisions. And even the best people and the people you look up to make bad decisions. And I think anyone who sat with Colin would agree that he’s made some very bad decisions. We have talked about one specific allegation tonight, but numerous other allegations, numerous other photographs, numerous other evidence relating to different things has surfaced. And will continue to surface. Which I don’t wish to see. I don’t wish to see a man’s life ripped to pieces! I don’t wish to see especially I wouldn’t wish to say any innocent man to be torn down. But we make decisions in life and sometimes we make the wrong decision. And as I said, I’m sure people who speak to him will understand. And we have talked about this quite, …


No White Guilt: I just, I have to add one one simple thing Mark. This thing is really important. And that is this. That we saw no evidence that would require us to go to law enforcement on behalf of the victimized person. So there are different bars for convicting a person in a court of law and society punishing that individual, and separating from an individual, because of the conduct of that individual.


And I will make this as saliently clear as possible. No child was harmed for which we would most certainly, immediately, go to law enforcement! There would be no hesitation! There would be there would be no consultation! We wouldn’t look at each other and say:


Should we XYZ?


Immediately we would phone the law enforcement and protect that child! End of that rumor going around!


Mark Collett: Let’s be clear! I must be absolutely clear! The allegation was not a rape, and it wasn’t of any impropriety with people who are underage. That is clear, you know, this isn’t a witch hunt. And I don’t want any rumors to spread out. That’s terrible! That’s terrible!


I know this is a good question. I would like to just discuss this a little bit with Dan and I’d also like to offer a bit of apology to anyone that I’ve upset with this. Slamarly says:


Hi guys addressing the elephant in the room, how do we address optics, issue of progress as a movement, if there are references to topics, events, books, that the Left and center will rip apart?


This is based on me, because I gave a recommend. I was trying to recommend that people read certain books. On one hand I do apologize, because I shouldn’t have said that. If it’s caused you embarrassment, then that was not my intention! I certainly say things to provoke a reaction. And I certainly say things to provoke people into reading books and to looking into things that the mainstream frown upon.


And I am very, very serious with my underlying message that you need to look out side of the box that the establishment has created for you. There are books like “My Awakening”. There are books like “The Secret Behind Communism”. There are books like “The Culture of Critique, or many books that Greg Johnson has written that are all banned now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble and all other major book publishers.


Now when I said read a certain book which I’m not going to mention again I wasn’t doing it to embarrass, or to enrage but I was doing this, because I genuinely believed that as a movement if we constrain ourselves within certain boxes created for us by the establishment, by the center right, by the Civnats we will never grow we will never understand the true nature of the struggle that we’re engaged in.


For example, if I say to you when people say. What do you say we should all read and I say oh “The Strange Death of Europe” by Douglas Murray! And then when you read it and you go to Douglas Murray he says:


Oh yes. But there’s no conspiracy. There’s no White genocide. These people are conspiracy theorists!


If I say to you go and read Locke, or go and read the basis, books about the fundamental basis of capitalism, or classic liberalism, that’s all well inside the establishments playpen. That’s inside the dichotomy laid out for you on the table.


And what I try to do and sometimes I get this wrong is to say things that will provoke people to go outside of what is acceptable to read books that will [105:00] genuinely make you think. Try reading Arthur Kemp’s “March of the Titans”. That is another controversial book history of the White race. It’s magnificent.


Try reading “The Secret Behind Communism”. I gave a copy of that to James Goddard.


Try reading Greg Johnson’s books. They are very good books.


And as I said, I do believe we have to tread carefully in some times I put my foot in my mouth and can get a little bit too exuberant. But whatever I say I am going to be called certain things. And sometimes I think well if I’m going to be called all those things then I should at least be allowed a little leeway to promote books, or ideas, or themes, that are outside of the mainstream. That I believe people may take some insight, or knowledge from. Because, and this is a very difficult path to walk but as I’ve said I made people uncomfortable by pushing things like that maybe I took it too far. And that wasn’t my intention.


And on a serious note if people asked them what other books, or what other authors I would look towards promoting, JR Tolkien. Read the Lord of the Rings. I used to love Roald Dahl as a child. And he’s somebody who’s been accused of all kinds of ills! Read the complete works of Shakespeare. I’m not saying [word unclear] read “The Fall of Western Man”, but when I say read Shakespeare, I don’t mean read Shakespeare, because I’m trying to be edgy. I mean, read Shakespeare, because some of the greatest films that we all adore are so heavily influenced by plots and themes written hundreds of years ago by William Shakespeare. It’s quite unreal.


But yes if people don’t want to be challenged, then I’m sorry that I challenged you in this way. If people think I’ve given a massive optics boost to our enemy, then I apologize.


However, I think they would have called me the “n” word regardless of my comment. And one thing I’ll say is a guy that has attacked me about this, I believe, is Sargon of Akkad. Now Sargon of Akkad used the other “n” word. And one thing you won’t get me doing, one thing I’ll never do, I sometimes make mistakes, but when I suggest reading a book, or suggest investigating something I suggest those things on an intellectual level, because I want you to learn something, I want to push people outside the boundaries set by the establishment.


I will never use racial slurs like Sargon did for cheap laughs! I will never pin my colors to a stupid joke, or do something to be ironical to curry favor on some edgy Americans stream. If I say something I do it with the best intent and I’m trying to make a serious point. And if I made that serious point in a clumsy manner and I have upset you in any way that was not my intention.


And after speaking to others I realize I did that. Chris Dangerfield spoke to me. Dan spoke to me, and several other people spoke to me and I realized that I certainly didn’t do something they intended to do. And whilst I intended to create genuine debate and a bit of insightful commentary maybe that was what happened. Dan you’ve admonished me for this, feel free to do so publicly now.


Iconoclast: Well you and I had a long phone conversation last week didn’t we? Where we ironed a lot of this stuff out. And, you know, like I said at the beginning of this stream Mark to everyone in the chat and to everyone watching, you are in a very difficult position. You are getting as you said, dragged in every direction there is to be dragged in. And yeah I mean, here’s the thing this movement is a big movement. It’s got lots of people in from lots of different stripes. And some people are interested in various topics and other people are more interested in policy proposals and things like that.


Me personally I was looking at it from not particularly as a threat from the mainstream media, because everyone knows they’re going to attack us no matter what. They’re gonna call us every name under the sun.


And Mark the term you used to me over the phone is, you’re gonna act like a “lightning rod” for this criticism and these insults from the media. So that’s not what people were concerned about. It was just the concern of trying to get new people on board, people who are concerned about the direction of the country, people who are disillusioned with politics who are politically homeless. And we want to make a welcoming atmosphere for those people to join. And then, you know, over time they will find their own way they’ll find their footing like everyone in this movement does. That’s where it came from.


I don’t see it as any sort of infighting, or any sort of big deal anymore really [110:01]. In fact, Mark, since we had our conversation last week over the phone I have come around to your perspective a lot more. And I think we’re not going to see eye to eye on it completely, but do respect the level of authenticity and honesty that we’re trying to get out here in this movement.


And people can take it, or leave it, as far as I’m concerned. I’m here. I support PA! I support you, and I’m not going anywhere. So if people can take my recommendation for anything then that will be it. And they’re my general thoughts on the matter.


Mark Collett: Well, thank you for the kind words. And I’ve got to say as well, I have been placed in a position of responsibility, and a position of authority. And I thank everyone who’s placed their trust in me. But I do also know that I do have baggage.


And I know that one day, undoubtedly, somebody will come along who is better than me at all the things that I’m good and doesn’t have the baggage I have. And when that person does come along, you know, I will welcome them. And I will look forward to watching them take the movement to heights that I wasn’t able to.


And I’m not here to hold on to something, or hold something back. I’m here to be that guy who takes the flag. I’m here to be at the front and take all of the firepower that our enemies throw at us, because I’m used to it, and I’m thick-skinned! And the attacks that I take on a daily basis from all sides would probably break most people.


But to me it’s almost water off a duck’s back, at this point. But I do that and I aim to shield the movement by doing that. And by doing that I think I draw a lot of criticism away from others. Because while everyone’s shooting me down it means a lot of my friends get to act with almost immunity, because they’re not in the crosshairs! So there always is some method in what people may perceive to be madness.


But we have two superchats here. Roydant give twenty five US dollars. Thank you very much! He said:


There are situations in life where you just need to trust that the leaders of the movement are doing the right thing. This is such a moment. If Mark gives his word on this, it is the truth for me.


Well, thank you very much. But don’t take my word on it. Please, if you need to speak to anyone else contact Dionne Miller, or contact Laur Towler as well.


Altfit gave ten pounds. He said:


A pro-White party has no chance of getting into power in the current UK systems. Invaders continue to expand into White areas. We will see further hardening of attitudes. And later on I envisage racially designated habitation zones. Is this the only chance we could have to preserve our race?


We have every chance to preserve our people. And we have to have a multi-pronged attack at doing so. That means using the electoral process when necessary. It means setting up homeschooling groups. It means civil rights groups. It means legal challenges against anti-White racist legislation.


To make a military analogy, any military that confines itself to one single sphere of warfare, or one single method of attack, will never fail [succeed].


A successful military force has multiple different tactics, multiple different armaments, multiple different forces. They have an army, a navy, and air force. They have Special Forces units. And they do that, because a war isn’t just won in one way. And we are fighting a war for our survival. And part of that battle will no doubt be through the electoral mechanism.


Part of it will be in other ways. Part of it will be cultural. Part of it will be community-based. And I will not write off people doing fitness groups. I won’t write off people doing book clubs. It’s all part of the role.


So why wouldn’t electioneering being as well? And whilst any avenue is open to us, we should use it while it’s open to us! That’s if it’s ever open to us. That is if it is ever open to us, because at the moment they are refusing to allow PA to become a party. Because the system fears us so much, they won’t let us become a party! You know, if we were such a joke, if I was such a joke, and such an outsider, and no one was gonna vote for us, and no one would ever vote for a party with a madman like me in charge, then why won’t they let’s stand in elections? [chuckling] That’s a good question I think!


And final, Uncle Bertie gave 25 US dollars and said:


Thank you Mark for being a man of honour and worthy of my trust.


Thank you very much.


And thank you to everyone who was donated so generously tonight. Which just about brings us, … Oh we’ve got one last question but I’m just answer this quickly. It’s from Its Okay to be a Nashi, said:


Did any of you see see the Simon Harris stream last night with Gavin Boby? He says that Denmark has similar policies to PA, repatriation it hasn’t worked too well. Would you chat to Gavin Boby?


Gavin, we have spoken, you know, we have spoken. I want you on the show. We’re gonna make it happen — Gavin Boby on PWR very soon! Great man! Obviously people have differences in the movement, but ironing out our differences and chatting politely is what we need to do.


So that about brings us the end of show. Do you have any last comments before we give your outro, Dan? Is there anything else you wish to say?


Iconoclast: Well I would just like to say that despite the negative atmosphere perhaps, of today, that it’s always a pleasure to speak to you Mark and Jason. And overall, when I look at this movements, like I said, I do see a movement of authenticity. We’re gonna have our differences within the movement with individuals, of course, we may make mistakes in the future. I mean, that’s just the natural course of things.


This is a new group, we’re trying to do, well we’re trying to do everything aren’t we? We’re trying to bring people together under one banner, under shared goals and targets, for the sort of country that we want to live in. The future we want to leave for our children.


And there’s gonna be conflict along the way. But I see these as positive things, because it’s necessary, isn’t it? We’re gonna get attacked by various people. But again you’ve got a shoulder that! You’ve got to take it on the chin and believe in what you’re doing! And get on with what you’re doing and not be distracted and thrown off course by what other people think of you.


And again, I mean, it’s like you said to me over the phone Mark, this lockdown kind of has people going a bit stir-crazy. People are getting triggered, shall I say, over very minor things. And it’s not healthy for everyone. The sooner this is over the better. And we can get back to doing what we were doing before.


And all I will say is I’m very optimistic about this movement, despite the little differences that we all have. And I can’t wait to see where we go in the future. And again thank you for having me on Mark. I hope to do it again with you very soon.


Mark Collett: Thank you very much would you like to give it just a shout-out quickly for your YouTube channel and everything, before you go?


Iconoclast: Oh yeah, I mean, just search for Iconoclast on YouTube you’ll be able to find it. And then all my links under my videos. And I would suggest that you sign up to Telegram and follow me there, because I’m having so much fun on that damn thing! It’s a great social media platform. It’s my go to platform now, so you’ll find the link to that under my videos. And I’ll see you there.


Mark Collett: Thank you. We have one last superchat from Jim Timonary, three US dollars. Thank you:


Jason the rest of humanity don’t think in binary terms like that. Even the most supremacist people on earth, don’t view all goyim as the same. They view Whites needing to be made stateless. I think they…


I think that he’s saying that they think we need to be made stateless. Sorry that’s, … I think it’s a typo there. But thank you very much for the super chat. And Jason, give yourself a little outro my friend. Tell us who’s on tap and when it starts.


No White Guilt: Well Tap, we’re not sure who’s on yet. But it’s gonna be somebody totally amazing. I can assure you. And it’ll be on Saturday I think, perhaps on Friday. We’ll see though. And I hope to see you all there. I do want to say that just on the back of Dan’s words here that there’s a flip side to what happened these past few days, that came to light and what we had to address. And that flip side is something that although the lesson, and lessons in life are often learned this way, they are most difficult. Sometimes they are extraordinarily painful.


And for everyone involved there’s a lesson for Woes, there’s a lesson for us. There’s a lesson for those at the leadership and PA.


And I think ladies and gentlemen we can say that beyond a shadow of a doubt, that fate tested us in this, and that we passed that test.


I want to thank Dan for his great service to White will being. And if we can let’s get him a round of raucous emojis, applauds, and all! Thank you very much for your service to White well my dear friend! And I will pass it back to Mark.


Mark Collett: Thank you by much. So thank you to Dan. Thank you to Jason, as always. And tonight if you want more nationalism which I’m sure you do, we have a great stream with Unwashed. I believe he’s on Dlive. And I’ve got DLive channel so look me up there too! He is on with Calamity tonight, at 9 p.m.


So if you want more nationalism, scoot over there now! Get your bums over there, because he’s starting very soon.


I would like to thank everybody who has donated so generously. Very, very kind. And if anyone wants to donate after the show please do so via Bitcoin. You can find the address in the description of the show.


I would like to say I’ll be back on Friday with Laura Towler. We will be doing a special stream about positive plans and other positive initiatives that we are starting with PA. That is to be a positive stream. It is to focus on [120:01] positive things. And it is to basically draw a line under many of the events we’ve discussed tonight, and move forward in a positive way, because that is what we need to do.


We have discussed everything we need to tonight. And I don’t wish to revisit this again!


So thank you for bearing with me and thank you for discussing this with me at length.


Finally, before we wrap up, I do want to say thank you to everyone who has been here, and everyone who was listened, and everyone who’s taken the time to support the movement. And I do think this has been a difficult time for our people.


There’s been a lot of interesting developments since this lockdown started. And this lockdown hasn’t helped people, hasn’t helped their mental state.


But we will get through this! We will come out the other side. We will start organizing as soon as we do. And we will become far, far stronger. And we will build a real life network. And that will be happening as soon as this lockdown ends.


That just leaves me to say thank you again Dan. Thank you again Jason. Thank you to everyone who donated and, of course, thank you to everyone who’s tuned in. This community is the reason that people like myself, Jason, and Dan, are here. The strength we gained from this community is immense. I love you all! Thank you so much for the support. Stay safe! I hope you have a wonderful evening, and I will see you on Friday.


Thank you very much. Good night and head over to see Unwashed on DLive with Calamity. Thank you.










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