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[Morgoth gives his take on the protests at the US Capitol, the Big Tech clampdown on the internet for dissident speech, Covid, etc.





Morgoth’s Review


Winter is Here


Jan 9, 2021




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Published on Jan 9, 2021


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Hello there again there folks. On I’ve been sitting around for the last week or so watching events to play out in America and and every time that I made some notes and jotted down some ideas to make a video and give some thoughts on it, I found that I was already behind the cycle, and that a whole new load of drama and crisis had unfolded, and I had to pretty much scrap it and start over again. And this has been going on for the last 10 days or something.


So I thought I would just switch the microphone on and do something which is more or less just a podcast. I’ve got a few notes written down. Because what we’re seeing is historic and it same a shame to let it go unremarked upon.


I think this is a once in a lifetime crisis, or happening, as they say now in internet parlance. And in that parlance how long that is going to last, we don’t know because I’m speaking here and Donald Trump is being banned from Twitter and the big Tech is pretty much going completely berserk! It remind me of that bit in the end of the crap Game of Thrones, when Daenerys just burns down King’s Landing.

And I think in the wider context, just to sort of zoom the lens out, what I think is that there’s a lot of layers to this. I will say as well I’m going to keep this video stripped down and basic as possible because I’m going to put it on BitChute, because I don’t trust YouTube at all, at the moment. And I know that BitChute servers and processing systems are probably are going to be overwhelmed. So I’m going to keep I the just as basic as I can.


I think what we are seeing is the end of a cycle of populism. But it also goes on much further than that. And some plans that the elites are bringing in which relates to things like Covid and what some people are calling “The Great Reset” which is a restructuring of the West. Like I actually think that is what happening here.


But if we can just start in the immediate here and now. At the base level what we are seeing with Trump, the MAGA movement and the sort of conspiracy Qanon stuff which is what populism descends into. This populist cycle that began in 2015, 2016. It began then mainly with its energizing core, I would say, as the Alt-Right.


There was a White nationalist component to it. And it was quite clear what the demands of that were. And you can see that back then. It was less conspiratorial but they would talk about White genocide, demographics. They were talking about power, the jews had, and whether jews were actually explicitly endorsing policies and ideas that were against White pops across the world. And they wanted all of this out in the open and discussed.


The alt-right was bringing up ideas about whether or not White people should have the Right to have their own nations. So there was a clear list of demands there. And of course on the one hand you also had like a Corollary in Europe with Brexit and some populism popping up on the continent of Europe as well. Which they are like in a better shape I think.


Especially in the Anglo world it’s blown itself out and this is it. So the populist cycle which ran from more or less 2015, which was a backlash against political correctness, mass immigrant, and this kind of thing. That is what energized it at its core. Is now being put down! Like ended permanently by the lib elite class in America, across the West. All of the leaders came out and condemned Trump again and again recently. And then with big Tech as well.


So this is the kind of paradigm we are in. But then beyond all of that you’ve got Covid, and you’ve got the vaccine. And once again you can see this restructuring of the West, I think is what’s coming in. It’s to say that nothing is going to go back as it was.


But if we can just go back to 2015 what I thought the way that the populism itself changed was as I just noted there, at least in the early phases you had a clear list of demands, which were never addressed. The population replacement, the mass immigration, it all carried on regardless, no matter how many mass rapes there were. No matter how many terrorist attacks, no matter how much White flight, people left their areas. People weren’t happy about it. It happened regardless, to the degree where the Western elites appeared psychotic. But at least in that phase that is all you had to deal with!




And so this gave rise to Trump as a kind of avatar, or figurehead. And it turned out well enough as not really much change. And I know there’s a lot of discussion about that and his own relationship with Israel. But then when we get towards the end of it you see that in the middle the Tech censorship which everybody’s complaining about right now which ended Donald Trump on Twitter, and basically all of the people around him are being purged. It seems like everybody everywhere is being run off the internet by big Tech.


We can see that the hammer fell first on the alt-right. So that there was that particularly sort of edgy component the oligarchs wanted rid of first. And then as we see that Trump’s presidency advanced we see the arrival of the Qanon, the more conspiratorial mindset, which of course ended with some just crazy talking points entering into the discourse.


People will say it’s a psyop, but at the end of the day when you have a look at it what they’re trying to do, at the bottom of it all, at the bottom of all of these theories is this striving to get back to some sort of basic bitch liberal America without, they would say, the satanic elites and the pedo-elites and all of this kind of stuff. Where America has gone off the rails, it has become corrupted.


But the problem is what America was founded on, in my opinion, and many others, it was always heading in this direction. It was always leaning towards basically what is an oligarchy. It begins with the hard working mentality and capitalism, and then lo-and-behold you end up where the entire superstructure of America is in the hands of a financial elite, and it facilitates that all the way along.


So if you are going to reject that, if you are going to say, well it shouldn’t be like it, and you are going to fall back on the founding principles of America to make that point. What you are going to have to do is have a completely new ideology. And what you find in the populist movement as it ended, what it manifested into was again that was encoded into the DNA of populism itself. If you look at populism is, it’s in its title, it’s popular people coming up and taking control of the movement.


And in the case of America and the Right-wing sort of Republican MAGA hat type movement, well the people that stepped up were essentially performers with big audiences. In other words they are popular. But the problem is there wasn’t actually any vision or ideology there except this hearkening back to this sort of previous liberal incarnation of America.


And so what ends up manifesting in that on the one hand this extreme rejection of the status quo, but with nothing to put in it. And at the same time people who are mainly performance artists heading the show. And so this culminates in the storming of the Capital building and then live streaming it for content on YouTube or Dlive, or whatever. Complete with a chat rolling along at the side.


So instead of having a different vision, a different political philosophy that you want to completely change the system, you end up putting on a performance. And this is deeply postmodern in that way. And it’s kind of tragic to see that that is what it culminated in.


You get into Nancy Pelosi’s office and you take a selfie and put on a show for your subs. That in a tragic way in a movement that was born on social media died on so came and it kind of went as far as it could on that medium. And of course I’m doing it right now. But the problem is we are all going to get purged. We are all going to get run off.




I mean leading aside the quibbles about how the populist movement ended, you see something else as well, like the idea of testing the system. The idea that the way the system has been tested over the last five years or so, where in Britain, then it was the Brexit thing which sort of drove a wedge in the globalist project in Europe. Which by the way just didn’t same to make a blind bit of difference.


But then much more seriously in America you actually get Donald Trump into office. Which is supposedly like the most powerful position on earth. And then you come to this realization that actually he can’t actually get much done because of the, … Even if he wanted to, which is debatable. I know people, it doesn’t look like he tried to. That is for the Americans to comment on who are more familiar with the system.


But by and large the “Cathedral” as they call it, the system absorbed it and struck back. And it’s striking back in that what we are witnessing now is like the final act. The permanent and complete destruction of populism, as I say, with Donald Trump himself being purged. Not just from Twitter, but from all kinds of things. And if they can purge the president of America, then they can purge anybody, and they are purging everybody day by the looks of it. We’ve got BitChute, these alt-tech platforms for as long as they last.


I mean, I just don’t really see the point of putting something on YouTube in this climate to be honest. But what we see is this idea of when you attack the system. And the system has been under assault for say five years by the populist movement, you get this impression that could they absorb the pain and the chaos, and I think to a certain degree what’s happened is that it’s become legitimate, the counter narrative of the system’s narrative, let’s say.


The counter narrative, the populist one has become stronger because of it. And it ends up where it can just wipe you out entirely. We are still standing and it’s reached a degree where people are storming the heart of America. I mean we can moan about what happened when they got in there. But the heart of democracy in America was defiled as they say. And so this legitimates them. They can say:


“We’ve had enough. We’ve put up with it long enough. It’s chaos! It’s madness! And it needs to be ended permanently!”


And the big winners in all of this, which is kind of ironic when you think of the so came and revolution is the Tech oligarchs themselves! Because now the politicians of the West now just look so pathetic and weak because they operate under the umbrella of technology, of the technocracy. So now politics in the West has descended into politicians that are chosen by the media because they have got the Right opinions.


So then they get selected for being political correctness, of belonging to the Right minority group, or they’re trannies, or gays, or whatever it is. They say what the system wants to hear. So they get wafted into these positions of power in the political establishment.


But then really they are confronted with all of this anger from the, in America say, 70 odd million people. Half of the voting base of America. And then all they can do is go running to the big Tech giants to shut all of these people up. So there’s a certain point where this is like a constant thorn in everybody days side. And eventually it seems to me what we are seeing now is this drive to just permanently end it!


And so something that the Neo-Reactionary talks about is the one story state and the two story state. So the one story state is just one narrative. Whereas if we look at the populist narrative which was a sort of a criticism, which wasn’t built on much, because, as I said before, it always stepped back on to the liberal foundations of the system itself. It was within that bubble. But nevertheless there was some criticism then. Some uncomfortable moments.


And eventually I think what’s happened is the progressive side of that, the globalist side of that has decided to just end it! Permanently! And to say that there will just be one story. There will be just one narrative and it’s ours! And the way that you have conducted yourselves over the five years or so, is illegitimate and it’s ran it’s course. It all blew itself apart in paranoid conspiracy theories and all of this.


But then at the same time we have decided to just put you down for good!


So how far are they going to go with it? Because part of the problem which I’ve discovered with the Covid issue last year is one man’s conspiracy is another man’s deeply held belief. And we have actually reached the point in Britain, let’s say, where we have Tony Blair coming out on television and telling people that basically, that unless they get a vaccine they are never going to be able to do anything. You are never going to get anywhere!


They are talking about having “Freedom Passes” where everybody will be traced on your telephone with an a in it. Basically you are going to be completely controlled. So then you have to ask yourself is this then part of their narrative? Is this connected to what we are seeing in America with the death, the killing of American populism? Well, I actually think it is. I actually do think all of these dots line up. And this again is strange because essentially this is conspiracy theory.


What we are seeing is these managerial elites, these technocrats have decided that because especially what they have seen with the populist movement, that it is incoherent and that they have got all the experts. They have got all the institutions, so that makes them right. And so they therefore get to impose their will on everybody!


So when you look at say, people are running off to Parler, and you will notice that Parler will always be just the substitute Twitter. It will always be the copycat Twitter, in the same way that BitChute is probably always going to be just the copycat YouTube. And these are the places that if dissident Right-wingers types, nationalists and populists, if they are lucky they will get to cling onto these platforms.


But it is like not the legitimate one. It is the copy. It is the ripoff! So the system has the real deal. It has the authentic narrative and the authentic institutions, and the authentic platforms. And they’re going to use them. So in a way it has legitimized itself and how it treats the Right-wing, let’s say. I mean people will say:


“We can’t just sit back and allow this to happen. We need to dox ourselves and take to the streets and protest.”


Well the problem is that is exactly what has happened. And every time that happens the system gets stronger for it. The reason why they can say we need to shut all of this down, and the reason why they can de-platform Donald Trump, while he’s still the President is because they can say he’s encouraging people to do just that. And so every time you go out and physically attack the system, the system doesn’t get weaker for it. It gets stronger for it.


And part of the problem with this I think, and this is going to head into the future as well, is that Western people, especially in America, they don’t know what it’s like to first live in a state of complete defeat! Where you are subject to the will of a superior power, a superior force. And secondly, to have a frame of reference on what you do on a day-to-day basis, while you are living in that.


So if you look at the Soviet Union for example you would have people who said one thing in public, especially to officials. You do know who you can trust and who you can’t trust by and large. So you have to keep that in mind.




And they have one face and one way of speaking to some people, officials and whatnot. Or increasingly on so came and and then they would have something else for people in their private life. So you live this dual life. So that is a sort of way to get by in tyranny.


But by and large people aren’t used to it, and so this is where you get this idea of having mass movements, protests which they were allowed because of the assumption that we were living in a free world. And now it’s been decided by the technocrats and by the elites that it will just be ended, permanently. And they aren’t going to have it anymore. So we are in a stage now where the mask is just coming off.


And the question is, how are we going to get through this, and what we do next? Will it be that we just all end up off the internet? Where the internet itself becomes a waste of time? Well there’s not going to be any political action off that because of what I just said. The sooner you set about that you just make the system stronger, and the clampdowns, and the screws will just be turned even tighter. This is going to be a big shock to people.


And as I say the American, what we are seeing in America is just the sharp end of the spear. But you can see the same thing around Europe. We are locked down a year on end now in say Britain. You have got globalists coming out, you have got the army about vaccines. Where you know this isn’t a conspiracy theory is when they are literally coming out on television and saying:


“This is not going to be any going back!”


And that your going to have to have a pass and that your going to have to have your injection and you won’t be able to go anywhere, you won’t be able to do anything unless you do what we want you to do. And that everything that you do will be traced, and you will be on the internet! This seems to me what is coming in. And people are going to say:


“Oh! I don’t like the black pills!”


Well, like yeah, but it’s still happening. And we are going to have to be realistic about it. Because I think the end of the American populist movement was just them sort of removing a thorn in their side before what they would see as a restructuring of the West. It’s a restructuring as well, leaving aside the sort of satanic pedo-elite kind of takes on this, which I’ve never been particularly impressed with.


Essentially it’s a technocratic utilitarian mindset, where they are going to say, basically it’s an approach where everybody is just a unit and you need this. And you only need these amounts of freedoms. And we are going to take this and that away from you, for the greater good. They tried to do it with the environment, but it doesn’t same to work, and so now it’s about Covid. And that is what it is!




And it’s an update on how we live in the West.


So just to get back on the subject of online censorship as well, there’s two different sort of approaches to this, two different takes that I can in kind of Right-wing circles. And there is one of them which is that what the system really wants, a process of normalization. And under that there would be some sort of relaxation. We are in the eye of the storm at the moment, the transfer of power, the end of the populist movement, and Trump.


So that would say afterwards, when you let the dust settle, and Biden gets in. Basically they’re going to be hegemonic, and they are going to calm down a bit. They’re not going to be that bothered because they have got power. And so there is nothing really for them to fear.


If anything they might have to check out the radical Left, the Left flank. People giving them Marxist critiques of neo-liberalism and this kind of thing. That is going to be more of a problem than the Right, who will just be completely powerless. But in my opinion we already were powerless, but all right, I can at least understand that they would then bring in this:


“We will all sit back and watch Star Wars content forever, and whatever the next 20 Marvel movies! And we will have our one hour allotted walk per day. And that is it! That is your life! And you will be allowed some relative amount of freedom on the internet. Maybe the odd edgy post here and there.”


Well, I don’t actually buy that.


The other side of that is that they’ll just go full bore and utterly crush any kind of Right-wing political incorrect talking head!


And I actually think for the foreseeable future that is what they are going to do, because the system, … They don’t want to settle down. There is something else happening, which is wider and across all of the West. Which is what people are calling “The Great Reset”.


So they don’t want to go into this mode of normalization, because there are to many other things going on. And people speaking their minds, and being allowed to speak their minds freely, is a threat to that.


So you see that they are now applying the same logic, which is always that it is in the public good! So it’s in the public good. If you’re, like Dave Cullen, and you’re making videos going out to hundreds of thousands of people about how the Covid, the scamdemic and all this kind of thing, yeah, your going to be in for the chop! I would say. And they are going to use the exact same reasoning that they use for what they are doing now to Trump. And that’s because you are a danger to the public good!


So even within that, it isn’t so much that you’re critical of the system, like in a standard tyranny. It isn’t that your critical of the Party, let’s say, or the ideology. It’s that when you are put under tyranny in the West, it’s because your opinions are a threat to the “public good”. You are putting other peoples lives in danger, and so you have to be shut down.


So I don’t see that going away any time soon. And so my advice here, is to keep your head down! And let’s see how far the censorship goes on the internet.


I’m going to be on BitChute, obviously. We have noticed before that some of these Alt-light figures are probably going to disappear off the face of the earth. And some of them that were involved in the American movement are going to go to jail.


So, maybe we can weather this storm, but it is going to be dark days ahead. And there’s no point in pretending otherwise.


I always get irritated when people say:


“Oh we don’t like the black pill.”


Because I think it’s kind of childish way of looking at the world. It isn’t all “Happy, happy, times!”. And I think it relates to Westerners have been in a very soft and decadent civilization for a long time. As I said earlier, they are not used to tyranny. They don’t know what it is to lose, to be defeated, and crushed!


Even what we have seen so far, isn’t nearly as bad as it can get, and that it has been for most of humanity. I’ve got quite a pessimistic view of humanity. Did people think that Western free liberal democracy was going to last forever, until the sun burned out? It wasn’t. It was going to end, and it could very well be that it’s going to end officially, and unapologetically, in 2021.


All of the dominoes are there. All of the pieces are set on the board.


So, I would say, keep your head down. And we will see how it goes.





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